Evaluation of sulfometuron methyl for weed control in Christmas tree plantings

Ahrens, J.F.

Proceedings 39th annual meeting of the Northeastern Weed Science Society: 249-253


Accession: 001362315

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In field trials in South Windsor, Connecticut in 1984, 0.09, 0.19 or 0.38 lb sulfometuron-methyl/acre alone or 0.09 lb + 2 lb simazine/acre was applied over Abies balsamea planted in Sept. 1983 and Pinus strobus and Picea pungens planted in April 1983. Although sufometuron-methyl gave pre-em. and post-em. control of several annual and perennial weeds, all rates with or without a surfactant caused injury to the 3 conifer spp. when applied before or after bud break. It was therefore not recommended for use in Christmas tree stands.