Factors affecting the productivity of Austrian pine (Pinus nigra ssp. nigricans var. austriaca) in the southern Alps, France

Timbal, J.; Turrel, M.; Ducrey, M.

Annales des Sciences Forestieres 42(3): 265-281


ISSN/ISBN: 0003-4312
Accession: 001365482

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Using floristic, ecological and dendrometric data collected from 111 plots of Austrian pine in SE France, a multivariate analysis was used to study the relationships between these 3 types of variable. High altitudes were associated with deep soils and high productivity, more in beech communities than Scots pine communities. The relationships between productivity on the one hand and bioclimatic and ecological factors on the other were studied by multiple regression. A large proportion of the variation is explained by physical characteristics of the soil. Bioclimatic factors, in particular corrected altitude, showed that at high altitude macroclimatic factors were the most important, while at low altitude site and edaphic factors were the limiting factors.