Section 2
Chapter 1,366

Facultative hyperparasitism/predatism on Platygaster oryzae (Cameron) , an egg-larval parasite of the rice gall midge, Orseolia oryzae (Wood-Mason)

Patnaik, N.C.; Satpathy, J.M.

Journal of Entomological Research 8(1): 106-108


ISSN/ISBN: 0378-9519
Accession: 001365799

Field studies in Orissa, India, in 1979-81 showed that the egg-larval parasite Platygaster oryzae and the pupal parasite Neanastatus grallarius acting alone or together had a significant controlling effect on the rice pest Orseolia oryzae. However, N. grallarius often behaved as a facultative hyperparasite of P. oryzae, and larvae of the carabids Casnoidea interstitialis and C. indica also attacked the platygasterid.

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