Fattening slaughter trial of 18-month-old Simmental cross F1, Brown Swiss cross F1 and native breed cattle

Chen, T.L.; Yan, J.B.; Abudulaxi ; Wei, M.Z.; Li, B.Q.; Jiang, Y.L.

Chinese Journal of Animal Science Zhonggue Xumu Zazhi 1: 29-31


Accession: 001366602

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From 18 months old 15 Simmental F1, Brown Swiss X F1 and native breed cattle were fattened for 93 days. The daily gain and feed conversion rate of Simmental cross F1 and Brown Swiss cross F1 were 897 +or- 181 g and 144.3%, 941 +or- 183 g and 139.7% while that of the native breed were 768 +or- 102 g and 100%, respectively. At slaughter, carcass fat, dressing percentage, meat percentage, lean:bone ratio and meat quality were in the order of: Simmental cross F1 > Brown Swiss cross F1 > native breed cattle.