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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 1373

Chapter 1373 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Mie, A. L., 1984: French agriculture

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Weber, P., 1983: French holidays in winter 1983

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Section 2, Chapter 1373, Accession 001372022

Milojevic, Z., 1985: Frequency and content of coagulase-positive staphylococci in the udder of cows

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Section 2, Chapter 1373, Accession 001372028

Section 2, Chapter 1373, Accession 001372029

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Section 2, Chapter 1373, Accession 001372034

Bebyakin, V. M.; Ishina, G. F.; Stadnik, G. I., 1985: Frequency and stability of high quality grain formation in durum wheat varieties in the Povolzh'e

Thurston R.J., 1986: Frequency and structure of macrophages and abnormal sperm cells in guinea fowl semen

Section 2, Chapter 1373, Accession 001372038

Niyogi, A.; Gupta, A. K.; Naik, M. L.; Agarwal, S. M., 1984: Frequency distribution of caryophyllaeids parasitizing Claris batrachus at Raipur

Section 2, Chapter 1373, Accession 001372042

Tucker, R. J., 1984: Frequency distributions of soil morphological and pH data from field descriptions of cracking clay soils in the Emerald Irrigation Area, Queensland

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Section 2, Chapter 1373, Accession 001372051

Kachura, V. S.; Meleshko, A. A., 1985: Frequency of Robertsonian translocation in cattle in the Ukraine

Pan, Y. B.; Peterson, P. A., 1986: Frequency of Uq element activity

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Huse, K. J., 1983: Frequency of butt rot in stands of Norway spruce in Norway

Section 2, Chapter 1373, Accession 001372060

Schwers, A.; Barrat, J.; Blancou, J.; Maenhoudt, M.; Pastoret, P. P., 1985: Frequency of canine parvovirus and rotavirus infections among foxes in France

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Section 2, Chapter 1373, Accession 001372065

Adzhigitov, F. I.; Kosichenko, L. P.; Popandopulo, P. G.; Gubeladze, D. A.; Dzhemilev, Z. A., 1984: Frequency of chromosomal aberrations in bone marrow of primates and their offspring after the effect of aflatoxin B1

Murray, J. D.; Boland, M. P.; Moran, C., 1986: Frequency of chromosomal abnormalities in embryos from superovulated Merino ewes

Anonymous, 1986: Frequency of cinema visits

Angyan, J.; Jeney, C.; Menyhert, Z.; Varga, A., 1985: Frequency of climatic conditions favourable for maize growing in Hungary

Bondarenko, E. S.; Edel' shtein, E. A., 1982: Frequency of congenital toxoplasmosis on the data of a clinic for premature babies with central nervous system lesions

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Sinkovic, M.; Vuletic, G., 1985: Frequency of honeybee diseases in 1984 compared with 1983 in the region of northern Backa

Section 2, Chapter 1373, Accession 001372077

Singh, C. S. P., 1985: Frequency of kidding, type of birth and birth weight of Saanen kids

Section 2, Chapter 1373, Accession 001372079

Anonymous, 1985: Frequency of mastitis 1983

Wakafuji, Y.; Takakura, M.; Hokao, R.; Tsuemoto, K.; Takahashi, K. W.; Imamichi, T., 1985: Frequency of mating in single male rats and decrease in pregnancy rate and number of implantation sites

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Ungureanu, C.; Grigore, C.; Ionita Ionescu, F.; Constantinescu, L., 1986: Frequency of mycoplasmae in the semen of reproduction bulls

Ungureanu, C.; Grigore, C.; Ionita Ionescu, F.; Constantinescu, L., 1985: Frequency of mycoplasmae in the semen of reproduction bulls

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Serini, G. Bolchi, 1985: Frequency of pollinators in fruit-growing areas of Lombardy

Bolchi Serini, G., 1985: Frequency of pollinators visiting orchards in Lombardy

Erickson R.P., 1985: Frequency of polymorphisms for alleles encoding for liver proteins of domesticated mice

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Ziobrowski, S., 1984: Frequency of positive tests for Toxoplasma in mothers and neonates

Section 2, Chapter 1373, Accession 001372097

Section 2, Chapter 1373, Accession 001372098

Hackl, J. M.; Eder, C.; Koller, J.; Murer, L., 1984: Frequency of reflux and defaecation during the artificial feeding of severely injured patients in intensive care

Section 2, Chapter 1373, Accession 001372100

Section 2, Chapter 1373, Accession 001372101

Blackshaw, R. P., 1984: Frequency of spring barley damage by leatherjackets in Northern Ireland

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Cortes Andrade, E., 1985: Frequency of swine influenzavirus in pneumonic pig lungs in Mexico

Section 2, Chapter 1373, Accession 001372108

Post, R. J., 1984: Frequency of the color variety aureolineatus in the woodlouse

Alvarado Bojorquez, R. A., 1984: Frequency of trichinosis and cysticercosis in pigs slaughtered in Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico (1977-82).

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Section 2, Chapter 1373, Accession 001372156

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Section 2, Chapter 1373, Accession 001372175

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Section 2, Chapter 1373, Accession 001372201

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