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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 1374

Chapter 1374 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Buitendag, C.H.; Bronkhorst, C.J., 1986: Further aspects of trunk treatment of citrus with insecticides: phytotoxicity, side effects on incidental pests, and development of application apparatus

Martig, J.; Tschudi, P., 1985: Further cases of cardiomyopathy in cattle

Wixson, B.G.; Gale, N.L.; Davies, B.E., 1984: Further characterization and use of tailings and chat from Missouri's old lead belt as agricultural lime

Goel, A.C.; Rai, A., 1984: Further characterization of FMD virus subtype O6 isolated in India

Calneck, B.W.; Schat, K.A.; Ross, L.J.N.; Shek, W.R.; Chen, C.L.H., 1984: Further characterization of Marek's disease virus-infected lymphocytes. I. In vivo infection

Peterson R.N.; Henry L.; Hunt W.; Saxena N.; Russell L.D., 1985: Further characterization of boar sperm plasma membrane proteins with affinity for the porcine zona pellucida

Norwood, J.M.; Crute, I.R., 1985: Further characterization of field resistance in lettuce to Bremia lactucae (downy mildew)

Jackwood, M.W.; Saif, Y.M.; Moorhead, P.D.; Dearth, R.N., 1985: Further characterization of the agent causing coryza in turkeys

Chang, E.S.; Bruce, M.J.; Prestwich, G.D., 1985: Further characterization of the juvenile hormone binding protein from the cytosol of a Drosophila cell line. Use of a photoaffinity label

Smith T.; Siviter J.W.; Merry R.J., 1985: Further comparisons of energy and protein sources for growing cattle

Anonymous, 1985: Further concentration in French food industry

Jakupovic, J.; Eid, F.; King, R.M., 1986: Further constituents from Baccharis trinervis

Pande, P.C.; Joshi, G.C., 1985: Further contribution to the host range of Opuntia elatior Mill

Viggiani, G., 1984: Further contribution to the knowledge of the male genitalia in the Trichogrammatidae (Hym. Chalcidoidea)

Sali, G.; Sali, A.; Sali, M., 1985: Further contribution to the use of ruminal fluid sampling in cattle husbandry

Heymanowski, K., 1980: Further data on 'forest products' exported from Poland in the 15-16th centuries

Belli, G.; Faoro, F.; Fortusini, A.; Tornaghi, R., 1985: Further data on grapevine leafroll etiology

Majewska, A.C.; Kasprzák, W., 1983: Further data on the epidemiology of giardiasis

Rekasi, J.; Kiss, J.B., 1984: Further data on the knowledge of Mallophaga from birds of the northern Dobrudsha region (Romania). II

Banerjee, S.; Jakupovic, J.; King, R.M., 1986: Further derivatives of beta -ionones from Haplopappus fremontii

Seeger, P., 1985: Further designs for experiments with sugar beet seeds

Moskal, V., 1985: Further development and improvement of Prestice pigs

Penning P.D.; Steel G.L.; Johnson R.H., 1984: Further development and use of an automatic recording system in sheep grazing studies

Tzschupke, W., 1986: Further development of a method to analyse the effectiveness of forest management

Baraev, A.I., 1984: Further development of soil protective farming - the most important task

Erdmann, A., 1985: Further development of thinning technologies for middle-aged Scots pine stands - problems and tendencies

Gaash, D.; Ziv, E.; Sorkin, B.; Cylinder, N.; Ben Ami, Y., 1985: Further developments in chemical thinning of apples on the Golan Heights

Geldard, H.; Dow, G.J.; Kieran, P.J., 1984: Further developments in fecundity immunisation field results

Williams, F.M.; Juliano, S.A., 1985: Further difficulties in the analysis of functional-response experiments and a resolution

Wilson, W.T.; Nunamaker, R.A., 1985: Further distribution of Acarapis woodi in Mexico

Krosny, J., 1984: Further education and training for teachers in agricultural schools

Loupias, P., 1985: Further education: a modifying factor. The example of salaried agricultural workers

Przyjakowski, Z.; Wolff Goabek, D., 1985: Further electrophoretic investigations of the changes in the blood serum protein fractions of germfree and conventional mice infected with single or mixed Trichinella spiralis and T. pseudospiralis larvae

Li, G.M.; Yang, H.Y., 1986: Further embryological studies on in vitro apogamy in Oryza sativa L

Bogliolo, A.R.; Lanham, S.M.; Corredor, A., 1985: Further enzyme polymorphism in Trypanosoma cruzi from Colombia

Hogg, J.T., 1982: Further erosion control practices

Inoue, H.; Mitsuhashi, J., 1985: Further establishment of continuous cell lines from larval fat bodies of the cabbage armyworm, Mamestra brassicae (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae)

Zimmer, J.F.; Todd, S.E., 1985: Further evaluation of bentiromide in the diagnosis of canine exocrine pancreatic insufficiency

Nawrot, J.; Boszyk, E.; Grabarczyk, H.; Drozdz, B.; Daniewski, W.M.; Holub, M., 1983: Further evaluation of feeding deterrency of sesquiterpene lactones to storage pests

Garthwaite, D.G.; Wall, C.; Wardlow, L., 1986: Further evidence for a female sex pheromone in the black currant leaf midge Dasineura tetensi

Alfonso, M.; Parafita, M.A.; Mancebo, M.J.; Marco, J., 1985: Further evidence for effects of ethanol on gonadotrophins and prolactin secretion in female rats

Higuchi, T.; Yoda, K.; Tensho, K., 1984: Further evidence for gaseous CO2 transport in relation to root uptake of CO2 in rice plant

Lattermann, U.; Schindler, H.; Muller, U., 1984: Further evidence for lack of specific receptors for PGE2 in the rat ovary

Anke, M.; Schmidt, A.; Groppel, B.; Kronemann, H., 1983: Further evidence for the essentiality of arsenic

Aravindanath, S.; Bhama Iyer, P.; Sreenivasan, S., 1986: Further evidence for the presence of cellulose I and II in the same cross-section of partially-mercerized cotton fibres

Murray, B.G.; Sieber, V.K.; Jackson, R.C., 1984: Further evidence for the presence of meiotic pairing control genes in Alopecurus L. (Gramineae)

Yamamoto, M.; Kuroiwa, T.; Nishibayashi, S., 1984: Further evidence for the uptake of exogenous DNA into potato leaf cells

Eamus D., 1986: Further evidence in support of an interactive model in stomatal control

Minchin, P.E.H.; Ryan, K.G.; Thorpe, M.R., 1984: Further evidence of apoplastic unloading into the stem of bean: identification of the phloem buffering pool

Phillips, S.; Piggott, J.D.A.; Brunt, A.A., 1986: Further evidence that Dioscorea latent virus is a potexvirus

Tojo, K.; Kato, Y.; Kabayama, Y.; Ohta, H.; Inoue, T.; Imura, H., 1986: Further evidence that central neurotensin inhibits pituitary prolactin secretion by stimulating dopamine release from the hypothalamus

Rosciglione, B.; Castellano, M.A., 1985: Further evidence that mealybugs can transmit grapevine virus A (GVA) to herbaceous hosts

Celani, M.F.; Gilioli, G.; Montanini, V.; Marrama, P., 1985: Further evidence that mid-laser radiations may stimulate Leydig cell steroidogenesis

Weuffen, W.; Blohm, H.; Thurkow, B., 1985: Further experience of the protective use of thiocyanate in industrial calf rearing

F.F. yuan; Zheng Jia shun; Chen Wei qing; Qin Ke shu; Jin Mei ying; Liu Xian; Wang Qing liang; ci, 1984: Further experience with praziquantel in Schistosoma japonicum infection: report of 716 cases

Clay, D.V.; Bailey, J.A., 1985: Further experiments on the control of Epilobium ciliatum with herbicides

Thomke, S., 1984: Further experiments with RSM of a Swedish low-glucosinolate type fed to growing-finishing pigs

Cooke L.R.; Logan C., 1984: Further experiments with foliar fungicide sprays for the control of potato gangrene

Greig, B.J.W., 1986: Further experiments with thiabendazole (TBZ) for control of Dutch elm disease

Hegedus, L.S.; Stermitz, F.R., 1986: Further facts on Phragmipedium besseae

Cossio, F.; Minotta, G., 1985: Further findings on the in vitro culture of embryos isolated from walnut (Juglans regia L.)

Wollenweber, E.; Mann, K., 1985: Further Flavonoids from Orthosiphon spicatus

Toth, L.; Bulyaki, M.; Bujtas, G., 1986: Further flavonoids from Rhinanthus angustifolius Gmel. em. Soo

Sareen, P.K., 1985: Further genetic analysis of the trilobate leaf mutants in mungbean (Vigna radiata var. aureus (L.) Wilczek)

Bohlmann, F.; Zdero, C.; King, R.M.; Robinson, H., 1985: Further Germacranolides from Eupatorium serotinum

Bohlmann, F.; Singh, P.; Jakupovic, J.; Huneck, S., 1985: Further guaianolides from saussurea species

Meyer W.; Goergen S.; Schlesinger C., 1986: Further histochemical aspects of the development of the fetal porcine epidermis

Obretenov, S., 1983: Further improvement in the economic operation of agroindustrial complexes

Strubing, K.H.; Eberhardt, M.; Krupper, H.; Kuhlewind, J., 1984: Further improvement of scientific labour organization. Recommendations of the Socialist Farm Management Institute on the territorial organization of labour in crop and livestock production

Gregor, A.; Hahn, G., 1984: Further improvements in women's working conditions - a priority for management; Our cooperative women are confidenty mastering engineering. (2 articles)

Manly, B.F.J., 1985: Further improvements to a method for analysing stage-frequency data

Lyons, E.T.; Keyes, M.C., 1984: Further indication of viability of larvae of the hookworm (Uncinaria lucasi) for several years in tissues of northern fur seals (Callorhinus ursinus)

Shahla, A.; Tsuchiya, T., 1985: Further information in telotrisomic analysis in barley

Hammer, K.; Perrino, P., 1984: Further information on farro (Triticum monococcum L. and T. dicoccon Schrank) in south Italy

Grosskopf, M., 1985: Further intensification of garden pea production in the plantations of the Agrar-Industrie-Vereinigung Pflanzeanproduktion Oderbruch, Manschnow

Grieve, K.L.; Henwood, J.M.; Kendle, K.E., 1985: Further investigation of the role of progesterone in the control of embryo transport in the mouse

Moir, I.L.; Chrystall, C.J.; Joss, A.W.; Williams, H., 1986: Further investigations of a hydatid focus in North-West Scotland

Kirsch, U., 1986: Further investigations of immunization of pigeons with subunit vaccines against Salmonella typhimurium

Chavadej, S.; Becker, H.; Weberling, F., 1985: Further investigations of valepotriates in the Valerianaceae

Pisanu, S., 1984: Further investigations on infectious agents of gangrenous mastitis and pustulate mammary dermatitis in sheep

Lazary, S.; Gerber, H.; Dubath, M.L.; Tscharner, C. von; Gaillard, C., 1986: Further investigations on the association between equine leucocyte antigens (ELA) and susceptibility to sarcoid in horses

Weber, I.; Stanarius, A.; Kalinina, I., 1986: Further investigations on the serological relation between cucumber leaf spot virus and cucumber fruit streak virus

Hoisington, D., 1986: Further localization of nec4 on chromosome 2S

Whalen, R.H.; Kahler, A.L., 1986: Further mapping of esterase-4

Shifriss, O., 1984: Further notes on the silvery-leaf trait in Cucurbita

Morrison, C.M.; Marryatt, V., 1986: Further observations on Loma morhua Morrison & Sprague, 1981

Manka, K.; Przezborski, A., 1982: Further observations on a disease of Scots pine needles in Poland caused by Sydowia polyspora

Egidius, E.; Soleim, O.; Andersen, K., 1984: Further observations on cold-water vibriosis or Hitra disease (in salmon)

Akusu, M.O.; Oke, B.O., 1983: Further observations on genital besnoitiosis in bulls

Meyer Rochow, V.B.; Ward, D., 1986: Further observations on gum emperor moth caterpillars feeding on the foliage of birch trees

Ben-Dov, Y., 1985: Further observations on scale insects (Homoptera: Coccoidea) of the Middle East

Whyte, R.T.; Stayner, R.M., 1984: Further observations on seats for farm tractors

Kaaya, G.P.; Alemu, P., 1984: Further observations on survival and fertility of Glossina morsitans morsitans maintained on immunized rabbits

Platt, HM., 1985: Further observations on the Ethmolaimidae (Nematoda: Chromadorida)

Badowska Czubik, T.; Ziemnicka, J.; Lipa, J.J., 1984: Further observations on the effectiveness of the antobiotic fumagillin in the control of Nosema carpocapsae Paillot (Protozoa, Microsporida) in two rearings of the codling moth (Laspeyresia pomonella L.)

Hinton, M.; Suleyman, I.O.; Allen, V.; Linton, A.H., 1984: Further observations on the excretion of salmonella in the faeces of calves fed milk substitute

Dutt, A.K.; Prithi Pal, 1982: Further observations on the growth of Leucaena in Jammu

Boasson R.; Shaw M., 1984: Further observations on the growth of flax rust fungus in axenic culture

Zanin, E.; Testi, F.; Rivosecchi, L.; Allegretti, M., 1984: Further observations on the pathogenic effects of Simuliidae (Diptera, Nematocera) on cattle in Trento province

Kirnowardoyo, S.; Yoga, G.P., 1985: Further observations on the susceptibility status of A. aconitus to DDT in Java, Indonesia

Nassar, A.M.; Helaiel, E.E.; Ibrahim, K.A., 1986: Further observations on the ultrastructure of the schistosomal pigment in human liver

Ichijo, S.; Osamu, S.; Taniyama, H.; Ono, T.; Sarashina, K., 1985: Further occurrence of ovine scrapie in Japan

Kouno, I.; Shigematsu, N.; Iwagami, M.; Kawano, N., 1985: Further phloroglucinol derivatives in the fruits of Mallotus japonicus

Button, C.; Mulders, M.S.G., 1984: Further physiopathological features of experimental Homeria glauca (Wood & Evans) N.E.BR. poisoning in Merino sheep

Murthy, M.S.R.; Rao, E.V., 1985: Further phytochemical studies on Tephrosia maxima

Puhan, Z., 1985: Further possibilities in the development of milk desserts

Gajos, Z., 1983: Further progress in the breeding of tobacco resistant to tomato spotted wilt virus, Lycopersicon virus 3

Naqvi, Q.A.; Qureshi, S.; Samad, A.; Mahmood, K., 1985: Further purification and characterization of Sonchus mosaic virus

Palmer, N., 1986: Further recommendations for dietary intakes for use in Australia

Corley, M.F.V., 1986: Further records of Pyralis lienigialis (Zeller) (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae) in Oxfordshire

Loxdale, H.D., 1986: Further records of fleas (Siphonaptera) from birds' nests on Bardsey Island

Thakur, M.L., 1984: Further records of occurrence and incidence of damage by termites of the genus Cryptotermes Banks in India (Isoptera: Kalotermitidae)

Kumar, A.; Gupta, J.P., 1985: Further records of two more drosophilid species (Diptera: Drosophilidae) from Kashmir, India

Drews, M., 1986: Further reductions in quotas, and their consequences for the dairy sector and for individual farms

Cocozza Talia, M., 1985: Further research about the effects of gibberellic acid upon freesia flowering

Intrieri, F.; Zicarelli, L.; Ferrara, A., 1984: Further research into the cheesemaking properties of buffaloes' milk

Proeseler, G.; Richter, K.; Kalinina, I.; Kuhne, T., 1985: Further results from the use of ELISA for detection of beet mild yellowing virus

Zimmermann, G.; Wenisch, K.; Strass, F., 1984: Further results of attempts to combine mildew resistance genes in winter wheat

Paci, M.; Tani, A., 1982: Further results of experiments on chestnut in Chianti

Bounous, G.; Songia, E.; Mazzitelli, M.; Vai, M., 1985: Further results of international highbush blueberry trial in Italy

Miller, W.J.; Hollander, P.J.; Perez de Carillo, I., 1986: Further search for interaction antigens on erythrocytes in selected species hybrids of birds

Sala, V.; Lelli, R.; Turri, F.; Dorigo, L.; Franchi, C.; Turri, F.; Mussoni, L., 1985: Further sero-epidemiological studies on some respiratory diseases of sheep and goats in the Varese region of Italy

Bernoth, E.M.; Bohm, K.H.; Mock, D.; Lehmann, J.; Korting, W., 1985: Further spread of BKD in Germany

Fairweather-Tait, S.J.; Swindell, T.E.; Wright, A.J., 1985: Further studies in rats on the influence of previous iron intake on the estimation of bioavailability of Fe

Baczynski, Z.; Skulmowska Kryszkowska, D.; Matusiewicz, J.; Kozaczynski, W., 1984: Further studies in the 10% antirabies vaccine Rabiesvac

Mahaffey S.M.; Copeland E.M.IIi; Talbert J.L.; Baumgartner T.G.; Sitren H.S., 1985: Further studies of a technique for total parenteral nutrition in the mouse

Dieu, P.; Beckert, M., 1986: Further studies of androgenetic embryo production and plant regeneration from in vitro cultured anthers in maize (Zea mays L.)

Gardiner, P.R.; Thatthi, R.; Gathuo, H.; Nelson, R.; Moloo, S.K., 1986: Further studies of cyclical transmission and antigenic variation of the ILDar 1 serodeme of Trypanosoma vivax

Charles, O.W.; Shenk, J.S., 1986: Further studies of near infrared diffusion reflectance spectroscopy

Hope, A.B.; Matthews, D.B., 1984: Further studies of proton translocations in chloroplasts after single-turnover flashes. II. Proton deposition

Shabi, E.; Koenraadt, H.; Katan, T., 1986: Further studies of the inheritance of benomyl resistance in Venturia pirina isolated from pear orchards in Israel

Polten, B.M.; Kaleta, E.F.; Meister, J.A., 1985: Further studies of vaccines for immunizing pigeons against paramyxovirus 1 infection

Warner, R.B., 1984: Further studies on a population of barley grass, Hordeum leporinum spp. glaucum Steud., tolerant to paraquat

Mifune, K.; Mannen, K.; Minamoto, N.; Arai, Y.T., 1986: Further studies on an improved haemagglutination inhibition test with higher sensitivity for rabies virus antibody

Mahajan, V.M., 1986: Further studies on antimycotic agents

A.J.ff, D.M.A.; Cook, G.T.; Carr, K.E.; Duncan, H.J., 1982: Further studies on bracken morphology in relation to herbicide uptake

Prestidge, R.A.; Badan, D.; Zijpp, S. van der; Lauren, D.R., 1984: Further studies on chemical control of Argentine stem weevil in northern North Island pastures

Krissl, W., 1985: Further studies on cotyledon number in Austrian provenances of Norway spruce

Mikami N.; Sakata S.; Yamada H.; Miyamoto J., 1984: Further studies on degradation of the pyrethroid insecticide fenvalerate in soils

Zheng, S.P.; Wang, Y.L.; Zheng, Y.S., 1984: Further studies on determining seed viability of Cunninghamia lanceolata with TTC

Gerrits, J.P.G., 1985: Further studies on factors in bulk pasteurization and spawn-running

Fanning M.M.; Kazura J.W., 1985: Further studies on genetic variation of hepatosplenic disease and modulation in murine schistosomiasis mansoni

Dalaly, B.K.; Abbo, A., 1985: Further studies on heat resistant proteinases from Pseudomonas fluorescens

Sanjappa, M.; Bhatt, R.P., 1984: Further studies on karyomorphology of the genus Indigofera L. (Fabaceae-Papilionoideae)

Duff, S.R., 1986: Further studies on knee ligament failure in broiler breeding fowls

Singh, R.N., 1984: Further studies on leaf crinkle disease of cowpea

Roca, F.; Savino, V.; Mancini, G.; Lamberti, F.; Moretti, F.; Cotroneo, A., 1986: Further studies on peach rosette diseases in Piedmont

Brown, C.G.; Poyser, N.L., 1985: Further studies on prostaglandin and thromboxane production by the rat uterus during the oestrous cycle

Whelehan O.P.; Gregory N.G., 1985: Further studies on skull shape in relation to carcass fatness in pigs

Wocior, S., 1984: Further studies on sour cherry flower biology

Vermeulen, W.J.J.; Heyns, J., 1985: Further studies on southern African Trichodoridae (Nematoda: Dorylaimida)

Fujino Y.; Ohnishi M.; Ito S., 1985: Further studies on sphingolipids in wheat grain

Hibbs, J.W.; Conrad, H.R., 1984: Further studies on the Ohio high roughage system for raising dairy herd replacements

Lorenzini, R.; Bernardis, F. de; Nanni, A.; Mercantini, R.; Albano, M., 1984: Further studies on the activity of antifungal agents on Malassezia spp

Bertoldini, G.; Brunner, F.; Redaelli, G., 1985: Further studies on the antibiotic sensitivity of streptococci and staphylococci associated with bovine mastitis

Singh, T.; Sinclair, J.B., 1986: Further studies on the colonisation of soybean seeds by Cercospora kikuchii and Phomopsis sp

Seoud, M.B.; E.A.fy, K.A.; Thoma, A.T.; E.D.b, A.A., 1982: Further studies on the control of peg and pod rots of peanuts in Egypt

Kalra, P.S., 1985: Further studies on the effects of testosterone on hypothalamic LH-RH and serum LH levels: castration-induced delayed response

Vadivelu, K.K.; Krishnasamy, V.; Ramaswamy, K.R., 1983: Further studies on the flowering behaviour of the parental lines of CSH-5 and Kovilpatti Tall. sorghum hybrids under Coimbatore conditions

Mark, A.F.; Baylis, G.T.S., 1982: Further studies on the impact of deer on Secretary Island, Fiordland, New Zealand

Horwath, KL.; Duman, JG., 1984: Further studies on the involvement of the circadian system in photoperiodic control of antifreeze protein production in the beetle Dendroides canadensis

Düsing, R.; Scherf, H.; Landsberg, G.; Glänzer, K.; Kramer, H.J., 1984: Further studies on the mechanism of increased blood pressure during dietary linoleic acid deprivation

Maksimovic, M.; Sivcev, I., 1984: Further studies on the numerical increase of natural enemies of the gypsy moth (Lymantria dispar L.) in forests

Grafner, G.; Graubmann, H.D.; Schwartz, K.; Hiepe, T.; Kron, A., 1985: Further studies on the occurrence, epidemiology and control of Eimeria coccidiosis in cattle kept under intensive husbandry

Julini, M., 1983: Further studies on the prevalence of Encephalitozoon infection in rabbits

Ayed, RE.; Saliba, EK., 1985: Further studies on the relationship between Bulinus truncatus from Jordan and Schistosoma haematobium from Egypt

Long, M.; Barton Willis, P.A.; Staskawicz, B.J.; Dahlbeck, D.; Keen, N.T., 1985: Further studies on the relationship between glyceollin accumulation and the resistance of soybean leaves to Pseudomonas syringae pv. glycinea

Carlow, C.K.; Muller, R.; Bianco, A.E., 1986: Further studies on the resistance to Onchocerca microfilariae in CBA mice

Tamaki, Y.; Shirasaki, S.; Kitamura, T., 1984: Further studies on the sex pheromone of the summer fruit tortrix moth, Adoxophyes orana fasciata

Costa e Silva Filho, F.; Elias, C.A.; de Souza, W., 1986: Further studies on the surface charge of various strains of Trichomonas vaginalis and Tritrichomonas foetus

Tang, Z.H.; Li, Y.G., 1984: Further studies on the synergism of malathion and Dipterex to the mosquito (Culex pipiens pallens Coq.)

Costa, G.; Intieri, C., 1985: Further studies on the use of dimethipin for the pre-harvest defoliation of grapevines

Krauss, A.; Giorgis, M.H., 1985: Further studies on tolerance of Ethiopian wheat germplasm to acid soils

Locatelli, A.; Agnes, F.; Sartorelli, P.; Bossi, P.; Tozzi, F.; Dominoni, S., 1985: Further studies on transport stress in cattle

Cairo, G.; Sala, E.; Viotti, A., 1984: Further studies on zein gene structure

Polge, H., 1985: Further study on the effect of fertilizer application on the wood quality of maritime pine (Mimizan experiment)

Ji, F.G.; Deng, J.Y., 1985: Further study on the inheritance of the genic male-sterile wheat of Taigu and the production of the dominant male-sterile octoploid triticale

Frisk Holmberg M.; Bergqvist Y.; Termond E., 1985: Further support for changes in chloroquine disposition and metabolism between a low and a high dose

Crescimanno, F.G.; Pasquale, F. de; Baratta, B.; Somma, V.; Graziano, M. di, 1985: Further tests on the resistance of lemon clones to Deuterophoma tracheiphila

Breay, T., 1985: Further thoughts on soil management and learning to live with the wheel

Krishnaiah, K.; Ramakrishnan, N.; Reddy, P.C., 1984: Further trials on control of Spodoptera litura Fab. by nuclear polyhedrosis virus on black gram and groundnut

Harkar, S.; Razdan, T.K.; Waight, E.S., 1984: Further triterpenoids and 13C NMR spectra of oleanane derivatives from Phytolacca acinosa

Monnier, J., 1984: Further uses of animal draught technology in tropical areas

Anonymous, 1983: Fusarenon X

Salleh, B.; Sulaiman, B., 1984: Fusaria associated with naturally diseased plants in Penang

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Zarzycka, H., 1984: Fusarium diseases of potato in the growing period

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Lenna, P.D.; Favaron, F., 1985: Fusarium infection of gladiolus: the identification of resistant cultivars

Brautigam, S.; Gille, A., 1985: Fusarium lateritium Nees ex Link - an overlooked bark necrosis pathogen on apple

E.Gholl, N.E., 1985: Fusarium lateritium causing needle spots on Torreya taxifolia in Florida

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Cappelli, C.; Tosi, L.; Zazzerini, A., 1986: Fusarium moniliforme and Sclerotium bataticola, causal agents of root and stem rot in sorghum

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Corazza, L., 1984: Fusarium oxysporum (Schlech.) Sn. & H., causal agent of almond dieback

Ito, M.F.; Paradela Filho, O.; Dudienas, C.; Miranda, M.A.C. de, 1985: Fusarium oxysporum Schlecht. and Fusarium semitectum Berk. & Rav., pathogenic species on lupin (Lupinus albus L.) and soyabean (Glycine max L. Merr.)

Gerlagh, M.; Ester, A., 1985: Fusarium oxysporum f.sp. benincasae, a new adaptation of Fusarium oxysporum to a cucurbitaceous crop

E.M.hjoub, M.; Picard, D.L., 1985: Fusarium oxysporum f.sp. melonis Sn. & H. in the vascular system of susceptible or resistant melon plants. Study of relations by scanning electron microscopy

Pandey, R.R.; Dwivedi, R.S., 1985: Fusarium oxysporum f.sp. psidii as a pathogen causing wilt of guava in Varanasi District, India

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