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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 1375

Chapter 1375 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Macdonald-Brown, A.J., 1986:
General practitioner prescribing of total parenteral nutrition at home

Klocek, A., 1981:
General principles of economic analysis for the rehabilitation of low-yield stands

Petrovskaya, V.G.; Shul' man, E.S.; Gordeeva, L.M., 1984:
General principles of interactions in the host-parasite system, and the problems of associated bacterial and parasitic diseases

Minarik, R., 1985:
General principles of salting cheese

Grigarick, A.A., 1984:
General problems with rice invertebrate pests and their control in the United States

Anonymous, 1983:
General processing equipment in the dairy industry

Zuidema, F.C., 1985:
General report on global, regional, local water balances and long term forecasts

Anonymous, 1984:
General report on the Montpellier seminar of September 12-16, 1983

Adema, W., 1984:
General report on the future role of the agricultural machinery industry in developing countries

Beven, K.J.; O.C.nnell, P.E., 1985:
General report on water balance computation techniques

Narayanikutty, U.; George, K.C.; Lype, S., 1984:
General selection index for the improvement of poultry

Wang, H.P.; Li, Z.J.; He, M.G., 1983:
General situation of vegetation and its rational utilization in Laoshan forest area of Tianlin, Guangxi

Anonymous, 1985:
General small animal surgery

Ruffo, C.K.; Mtui, E.M., 1981:
General trends in the flowering and fruiting of tree species in Lushoto Arboretum - Tanzania. I - Observations on 56 Eucalyptus species

Dimeny, I., 1984:
General trends of technical progress in agriculture and horticulture

Halman, Z.J., 1985:
General work and work division on dairy farms

Rahman, K.M.; Chowdhury, T.A.; Nahar, N.; Huq, J.A., 1984:
General yeast infection in Bangladeshi women using contraceptives

Laer, G. von; Buttner, D.W., 1984:
Generalised and localised onchocerciasis in North Yemen

Siemer, E.G., 1984:
Generalities about meadow fertilization

Smiryaev, A.V.; Gavrilets, S.Y., 1984:
Generalization of data from experiments carried out in poorly characterized environments to compare genotypes. III. Approaches to comparison on the basis of a combination of characters

Blanchard, J.L.; Baskin, G.B.; Watson, E.A., 1986:
Generalized amyloidosis in rhesus monkeys

Font, D.E.coubet, E.; Macola Olano, S.; Rodriguez Gonzalez, D., 1983:
Generalized chromomycosis due to Fonsecaea compacta

Pfau, O.; Busetti, E.T.; Soccol, V.T.; Ruis, M.C.E., 1984:
Generalized cysticercosis in pigs in south west Paranaense

Gromov, M.A.; Koroleva, E.I., 1984:
Generalized formula for calculating the specific heat of milk products

Campbell, K.L.; McLaughlin, S.A.; Reynolds, H.A., 1986:
Generalized leukoderma and poliosis following uveitis in a dog

Hildebrand, P.E.; Martinez, E.; Ortiz, R., 1985:
Generalized organization of FSR/E regions and field teams

Bestetti, G.; Zwahlen, R., 1985:
Generalized parvovirus infection with inclusion-body myocarditis in two kittens

Dakkak, A.; Ouhelli, H., 1986:
Generalized sarcoptic mange in the goat: therapeutic value of ivermectin (Ivomec N.D.)

Noomhorm, A.; Verma, L.R., 1986:
Generalized single-layer rice drying models

Baumgartner, J.; Graf, B.; Zahner, P.; Genini, M.; Gutierrez, A.P., 1986:
Generalizing a population model for simulating Golden Delicious apple tree growth and development

Yu, F.T.S.; Petersen, G.W., 1986:
Generating false-color composites with a white-light optical processor

Collins, V., 1986:
Generating income in recreational facilities and clubs

Daniels, W.L.; Amos, D.F., 1985:
Generating productive topsoil substitutes from hard rock overburden in the southern appalachians

Cuppels, D.A., 1986:
Generation and Characterization of Tn5 Insertion Mutations in Pseudomonas syringae pv. tomato

Khadka, S.S.; Dhital, S.P., 1985:
Generation and utilization of information for the planning and management of I.R.D.P. in Nepal

Simioni, V.M., 1984:
Generation interval and comparisons between different methods of adjusting for weaning weight in Caracu cattle

George, K.C., 1983:
Generation matrix method of studying inbreeding systems. 1

Patil, R.C.; Thombre, M.V., 1985:
Generation mean analysis for fibre yield and its components in three intervarietal crosses of Hibiscus cannabinus (L.)

Rask, L.; Gustafsson, K.; Larhammar, D.; Ronne, H.; Peterson, P.A., 1985:
Generation of class II antigen polymorphism

Greyson, R.I.; Dunlop, J.D., 1986:
Generation of embryoids from primary and secondary anther cultures

Kubler, H.; Wang, Y.R.; Barkalow, D., 1985:
Generation of heat in wood between 80 and 130 degrees C

Krohn, K.; Ashorn, R.; Helle, M., 1985:
Generation of monoclonal antibodies to human milk-fat globule membrane antigens, with special reference to a precipitable secretory product of breast and ovarian carcinomas

Aver' yanov, A.A., 1985:
Generation of superoxide radicals by intact pea roots

Chhikara, B.S.; Balaine, D.S.; Chopra, S.C.; Saini, R.S., 1986:
Generation-wise comparison of means for various traits of selected and controlled populations

Laurow, Z., 1983:
Generator charcoal from field retorts

Morrison, Rm, 1984:
Generic advertising of farm products

Willing, R.P.; Eisenberg, A.; Mascarenhas, J.P., 1984:
Genes active during pollen development and the construction of cloned cDNA libraries to messenger RNAs from pollen

Nelson, D.W.; Honda, B.M., 1985:
Genes coding for 5S ribosomal RNA of the nematode Caenorhabditis elegans

Mayo, K.E.; Evans, R.M.; Rosenfeld, G.M., 1986:
Genes encoding mammalian neuroendocrine peptides: strategies toward their identification and analysis

Kemp, D.J.; Coppel, R.L.; Stahl, H.D.; Bianco, A.E.; Corcoran, L.M.; McIntyre, P.; Langford, C.J.; Favaloro, J.M.; Crewther, P.E.; Brown, G.V.; Mitchell, G.F.; Culvenor, J.G.; Anders, R.F., 1986:
Genes for antigens of Plasmodium falciparum

Bevan, M.W.; Barker, R.; Goldsbrough, A.P.; Jefferson, R.; Jarvis, M., 1986:
Genes for proteins in potato tubers

Stamova, L.; Yordanov, M.; Stamova, S., 1984:
Genes for resistance to Cladosporium fulvum Cke (Fulvia fulva) in Solanum pennellii Corell

Fraser, R.S.S., 1986:
Genes for resistance to plant viruses

Sawhney, R.N.; Goel, L.B.; Mathur, H.C., 1983:
Genes for resistance to wheat stem rust in India

Weydert, A.; Daubas, P.; Lazaridis, I.; Barton, P.; Garner, I.; Leader, D.P.; Bonhomme, F.; Catalan, J.; Simon, D.; Guenet, J.L.; Gros, F.; Buckingham, M.E., 1985:
Genes for skeletal muscle myosin heavy chains are clustered and are not located on the same mouse chromosome as a cardiac myosin heavy chain gene

Evans, B.A.; Richards, R.I., 1985:
Genes for the alpha and gamma subunits of mouse nerve growth factor are contiguous

Laster, S.M., 1985:
Genes of the rabbit VH subgroup III

Baker, P.J.; Bailey, D.W.; Fauntleroy, M.B.; Stashak, P.W.; Caldes, G.; Prescott, B., 1985:
Genes on different chromosomes influence the antibody response to bacterial antigens

Morris, R.O., 1986:
Genes specifying auxin and cytokinin biosynthesis in phytopathogens

Walliker, D., 1986:
Genes, vaccines and variation in malaria

Shoji, S., 1985:
Genesis and properties of non-allophanic Andisols in Japan

Weber, J., 1981:
Genesis and properties of soils derived from serpentinites in Lower Silesia, III. Physico-chemical properties

Zezschwitz, E. von, 1983:
Genesis of Buntplastosols in Schwalenberger Morth, Lippe

Limbird, A., 1985:
Genesis of soils affected by discrete volcanic ash inclusions, Alberta, Canada

Martin de Vidales, J.L.; Casas, J.; Hoyos, M.A.; Jimenez Ballesta, R., 1981:
Genesis of soils developed on Mio-pliocene limestones in the region of Alcarria (province of Cuenca)

Barahona Fernandez, E.; Santos Frances, F., 1981:
Genesis of soils of the Montiel-Alcaraz-Bienservida (Ciudad Real-Albacete) sector, Spain

Anishin, P.A., 1984:
Genesis of the northern spruce forests

Fain, P.R.; Goldgar, D.E., 1985:
Genetic Analysis Workshop III: a biological model

Ott, J., 1985:
Genetic Analysis Workshop III: combining two-point analyses under the constraints of a linear map and a constant female/male distance ratio

Sherman, S.L.; Morton, N.E., 1985:
Genetic Analysis Workshop III: construction of genetic maps using two-point lod tables

Bishop, D.T.; Cannon, L.A.; Hasstedt, S.J.; Skolnick, M.H., 1985:
Genetic Analysis Workshop III: multilocus linkage analysis using PAP

Aston, C.E.; Wilson, S.R., 1985:
Genetic Analysis Workshop III: multipoint linkage analysis

Price, R.A.; Kramer, P.L.; Pakstis, A.J.; Kidd, K.K., 1985:
Genetic Analysis Workshop III: sampling considerations and assumptions in gene mapping

Elston, R.C.; Keats, B.J.B., 1985:
Genetic Analysis Workshop III: sib pair analyses to determine linkage groups and to order loci

Risch, N., 1985:
Genetic Analysis Workshop III: simple methods for accurate gene mapping with multipoint data

MacCluer, J.W.; Falk, C.T.; Wagener, D.K., 1985:
Genetic Analysis Workshop III: summary

Spence, M.A.; Marazita, M.L.; Hodge, S.E., 1985:
Genetic Analysis Workshop III: two-point analysis of multipoint data

Cox, N.J.; Suarez, B.K., 1985:
Genetic Analysis Workshop III: two-point linkage analysis on pedigrees, nuclear families, and sibships

Donald, J.; Sturt, E.; Der, G.; McCusker, K., 1985:
Genetic Analysis Workshop III: use of multidimensional scaling in chromosome mapping

Hudson, A.; Carpenter, R.; Coen, E.S., 1986:
Genetic activation of the transposable element Tam 2 in Antirrhinum majus

Pathak, N.N.; Nema, D.P., 1985:
Genetic advance in land-races of wheat

Wassimi, N.N., 1986:
Genetic analyses of cooking time, nutritional, and culinary quality in dry beans (Phaseolus vulgaris L.)

Barbato, G.F., 1984:
Genetic analyses of food consumption in growth selected lines of chickens

Gupta, V.P.; Sidhu, P.S., 1984:
Genetic analyses of green fodder quality in pearl millet

Maan, S.S., 1985:
Genetic analyses of male-fertility restoration in wheat. II. Isolation, penetrance, and expressivity of Rf genes

Barlow, R.; Piper, L.R., 1985:
Genetic analyses of nematode egg counts in Hereford and crossbred Hereford cattle in the subtropics of New South Wales

Makino, T., 1986:
Genetic analysis and utilization of reciprocal translocations induced by irradiation for plant breeding

Singh, H.B.; Dharampal Singh; Sethi, G.S., 1984:
Genetic analysis for protein content in barley

Lei, J.C.; Yiu, N.S.; Zhun, X.P., 1984:
Genetic analysis in breeding maintainer lines of wild abortive-type male sterility in rice

O'Brien, S.J., 1986:
Genetic analysis in mammals: past, present, and future

Batta, R.K.; Sidhu, P.S.; Verma, M.M., 1986:
Genetic analysis in pigeonpea - I. Triple test cross study in F2 population

Szarejko, I.; Mauszynski, M., 1984:
Genetic analysis of 3 spring barley dwarf mutants

Akhtar, K.; Sakai, R.K., 1985:
Genetic analysis of a linkage group III mutant in Anopeheles stephensi

Ukai, Y., 1984:
Genetic analysis of a mutant resistant to barley yellow mosaic virus

Britto Molina, R., 1986:
Genetic analysis of adaptation in wheat: influence of genes controlling vernalization response

Blankenhorn, E.P.; Wax, J.S.; Matthai, R.; Potter, M., 1985:
Genetic analysis of alphafetoprotein levels in BALB/c sublines

Pal, S.S.; Khehra, A.S.; Dhillon, B.S., 1986:
Genetic analysis of and selection advance in a maize population

Ng, T.J.; Miller, A.N., 1986:
Genetic analysis of anthracnose resistance in tomato

Edwards, M.C.; Timian, R.G., 1986:
Genetic analysis of barley stripe mosaic virus

Malik, R.C.; Stephenson, S.K., 1985:
Genetic analysis of between line differences for growth, carcass composition and feed efficiency in mice

Kumar Suresh, A.; Reddy, T.P.; Reddy, G.M., 1985:
Genetic analysis of certain in vitro and in vivo parameters in pigeonpea (Cajanus cajan L.)

Datta, D.; Siddiq, E.A., 1983:
Genetic analysis of cold tolerance at seedling phase in rice

Velikovsky, V.; Machan, F., 1986:
Genetic analysis of components of grain yield in rye by means of a single array of crosses

Khristova, P.; Khristov, K., 1984:
Genetic analysis of components of productivity and yield in intergeneric and interline maize hybrids

Riska, B.; Rutledge, J.J.; Atchley, W.R., 1985:
Genetic analysis of crossfostering data with sire and dam records

Rao, N.G.P.; Tripathi, D.P.; Rana, B.S., 1984:
Genetic analysis of cytoplasmic systems in sorghum

Albrecht, R.; Luhe, H.; Luhe, W.; Wurl, G., 1984:
Genetic analysis of diallel crosses between fertility restorers in bread wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) with cytoplasm of T. timopheevi Zhuk

Silva, M. de A.; Euclydes, R.F.; Soares, P.R.; Fonseca, J.B., 1984:
Genetic analysis of economic characters in light laying hens

Gaziyants, S.M.; Zhalilov, O.Z., 1983:
Genetic analysis of economically useful characters in cotton varieties and lines

Agatsuma, T.; Habe, S., 1986:
Genetic analysis of electrophoretic variants of leucylglycylglycine aminopeptidase in Paragonimus ohirai

Foster, G.G.; Vogt, W.G.; Woodburn, T.L., 1985:
Genetic analysis of field trials of sex-linked translocation strains for genetic control of the Australian sheep blowfly Lucilia cuprina (Wiedemann)

Manga, V.K.; Sidhu, B.S., 1984:
Genetic analysis of fodder yield in oats

Rao, P.V.; Chhonkar, V.S., 1984:
Genetic analysis of fruit weight and dry matter content in chilli

Metakovsky, E.V.; Novoselskaya, A.Y.; Sozinov, A.A., 1984:
Genetic analysis of gliadin components in winter wheat using two-dimensional polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis

Bebyakin, V.M.; Martynov, S.P. (Martinov, S.P., 1983:
Genetic analysis of grain quality characters in Triticum durum

Dabholkar, A.R.; Lal, G.S.; Mishra, R.C., 1984:
Genetic analysis of grain size and other characteristics of sorghum

Patil, R.C.; Thombre, M.V., 1986:
Genetic analysis of grain yield and its components in sorghum

Nijaguna, C., 1985:
Genetic analysis of harvest index and other yield attributes in three crosses of rice (Oryza sativa L.)

Bainiwal, C.R.; Karwasra, R.R.; Jatasra, D.S., 1985:
Genetic analysis of heading and maturity in barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) in a range of environments

Esparza Martinez, J.H., 1984:
Genetic analysis of heading date and other characters in barley (Hordeum vulgare L.)

Shinde, V.K.; Joshi, P., 1985:
Genetic analysis of height and maturity in tropical grain sorghum

Duesing, J., 1983:
Genetic analysis of herbicide resistance

Martinez-Zapater, J.M.; Oliver, J.L., 1984:
Genetic Analysis of Isozyme Loci in Tetraploid Potatoes ( SOLANUM TUBEROSUM L.)

Larsson, H.E.B., 1985:
Genetic analysis of laxatum barley mutants

Wu, X.K.; Xu, Y.K.; Zhang, F.Q., 1984:
Genetic analysis of leaf angle in wheat

Ju, S.T.; Selsing, E.; Huang, M.C.; Kelly, K.; Dorf, M.E., 1986:
Genetic analysis of low lambda 1 chain production in mice

Olds Clarke, P., 1984:
Genetic analysis of mammalian spermatogenesis: use of the t complex in the mouse in studies of spermatogenesis and sperm function

Kuzina, Z.; Novy, J., 1985:
Genetic analysis of milk production of Slovakian Pinzgau cattle and their crossbreds with Ayrshire

Bolla, P.; Caroli, A.; Ceriotti, G., 1983:
Genetic analysis of milk proteins in the Rendena breed

Gogoi, P.K.; Johar, K.S.; Singh, A., 1985:
Genetic analysis of milk yield in Murrah buffaloes

John, S. (Sverup John); Nair, V.G. (Gopinathan Nair, V), 1983:
Genetic analysis of multicapsuled character in sesame

Waterston, R.H.; Francis, G.R., 1985:
Genetic analysis of muscle development in Caenorhabditis elegans

Greenspan, R.J.; O'Brien, M.C., 1986:
Genetic analysis of mutations at the fused locus in the mouse

Scott, J.G.; Shono, T.; Georghiou, G.P., 1984:
Genetic analysis of permethrin resistance in the house fly, Musca domestica L

Satija, D.R.; Thukral, S.K., 1985:
Genetic analysis of phytic acid content in pearl millet

Shevardnadze, G.A., 1984:
Genetic analysis of prolificacy in maize in a diallel cross system

Khristov, K.; Khristova, P., 1984:
Genetic analysis of protein content in intergeneric and interline maize hybrids

Lee, J.D.; Chang, K.Y., 1984:
Genetic analysis of quantitative characters in F2 populations of Korean local and oriental tobacco varieties (Nicotiana tabacum L.)

Vozda, J., 1984:
Genetic analysis of quantitative characters in hybrid populations

Abdulamonov, K.; Nigmatullin, F.G., 1984:
Genetic analysis of quantitative characters in spring barley

Mo, H.D.; Hu, X.H.; Lo, Y.Q., 1986:
Genetic analysis of quantitative characters of maize. II. The characteristics of high-yielding genotypes in hybrid maize populations

Lebedeva, T.V., 1982:
Genetic analysis of resistance to Erysiphe graminis in introgressive lines of bread wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)

Sivasubramanian, V.; Khush, G.S., 1983:
Genetic analysis of resistance to bacterial blight in 27 varieties of rice

Galal, A.A.; Omar, F.M.E.; Ismail, A.A.; E.S.ir, F.A., 1985:
Genetic analysis of resistance to late wilt disease in single crosses of maize

Krivchenko, V.I.; Bakhareva, Z.A., 1984:
Genetic analysis of resistance to loose smut in spring wheat

Kikuchi, F.; Itakura, N.; Ikehashi, H.; Yokoo, M.; Nakane, A.; Maruyama, K., 1985:
Genetic analysis of semidwarfism in high-yielding rice varieties in Japan

Tompkins, L., 1984:
Genetic analysis of sex appeal in Drosophila

Biradar, S.G.; Borikar, S.T., 1985:
Genetic analysis of shootfly resistance in relation to growth stages in Sorghum

Biradar, S.G.; Borikar, S.T.; Chundurwar, R.D., 1984:
Genetic analysis of shootfly resistance in sorghum

Mehta, A.; Patel, G.J.; Jaisani, B.G., 1985:
Genetic analysis of some agro-morphological traits of Nicotiana tabacum L

Singh, B.; Chopra, S.S.; Arora, C.L., 1984:
Genetic analysis of some economic traits in Russian Merino sheep

Sajjad Hussain Mirza; Manzoor Ahmad Khan, 1984:
Genetic analysis of some fibre characters in intraspecific diallel crosses of cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.)

Cheema, N.M.; Khan, M.A., 1984:
Genetic analysis of some plant characters in mungbean (Vigna radiata L. Wilczek)

Batta, R.K., 1983:
Genetic analysis of some quantitative characters in pigeonpea (Cajan cajan (L.) Millsp.)

Singh, M.; Singh, T.H.; Chahal, G.S., 1985:
Genetic analysis of some seed quality characters in upland cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.)

Yang, R.; Wang, N.; Lian, K.; Chen, Q., 1985:
Genetic analysis of some traits in two crosses of rice

Mahmoud, A.A.; Abd, E.S.yyed, S.M.; E.A.hry, M.M.; Abd, E.R.heem, A.A.; Ismail, M.A., 1984:
Genetic analysis of some yield characters and protein content in field beans

Gaj, M.; Mauszynski, M., 1985:
Genetic analysis of spike characters of barley mutants

Narendra Kulkarni; Shinde, V.K., 1985:
Genetic analysis of striga resistance in sorghum: stability of yield and its components with and under striga stress

Nagabasaiah, K.H.M., 1985:
Genetic analysis of ten quantitative characters in F2 generation of a seven-parent diallel set in sorghum (Sorghum bicolor (Linn.) Moench.)

Baresh, I. (Bares, I); Churiova, S. (Curiova, S), 1983:
Genetic analysis of the Czechoslovak winter wheat Chlumecka 12

Wise, R.P., 1984:
Genetic analysis of the Ml-a locus in barley conditioning reaction to Erysiphe graminis f. sp. hordei

Huang, Y.C., 1985:
Genetic analysis of the behavior of a multiple gene loss induced by a transposon in maize

Maksudov, Z.Yu, 1985:
Genetic analysis of the components of fibre yield in ecologically distant and related cotton varieties

Tsai, K.H., 1985:
Genetic analysis of the intensifier gene m-Ef which enhances early flowering in rice

Chen, X.J.; Tian, J.B.; Yan, K.Q.; Zhang, Y.P.; Chang, L.Y.; Wu, G.L.; Shi, Y.S., 1983:
Genetic analysis of the main agronomic characteristics of Malus pumila

Bodine, D.M.I V., 1985:
Genetic analysis of the mammalian erythrocyte membrane skeleton

Gu, M.H.; Pan, X.B.; Li, X., 1986:
Genetic analysis of the pedigrees of improved cultivars of indica rice in South China

Luo, K.; Huang, S.Y.; Wang, G.P.; Wan, W.J., 1985:
Genetic analysis of the resistance of the rice cultivars Zhenlong 13 and Zhaiyeqing 8 to Pyricularia oryzae

Akhtar, K.; Sakai, R.K., 1985:
Genetic analysis of three new eye colour mutations in the mosquito, Anopheles stephensi

Vaidya, P.K.; Pandya, B.P.; Gautam, P.L., 1983:
Genetic analysis of yield and its components in kabuli gram

Sheriff, N.M.; Subramanian, A., 1983:
Genetic analysis of yield and yield components in redgram (Cajanus cajan (L.) Millsp.)

Meunier, J.; Sangare, A.; Saint, J.P. le; Bonnot, F., 1984:
Genetic analysis of yield characters in some hybrids of coconut (Cocos nucifera L.)

Rychtarik, J., 1985:
Genetic analysis of yield components in the winter wheat Kosutka

MacCluer, J.W.; Falk, C.T.; Spielman, R.S.; Wagener, D.K., 1984:
Genetic analysis workshop II: summary

Rutger, J.N., 1984:
Genetic and agronomic evaluation of induced semidwarf mutants of rice

Fernandez, M.H., 1985:
Genetic and biochemical polymorphism in two types of crossbreds forming the Taino breed in Cuba

Clouse, S.D., 1985:
Genetic and biochemical studies on Alternaria stem canker of tomato

Anonymous, 1985:
Genetic and biophysical methods in plant protection

Skiebe, K.; Schreiber, H., 1985:
Genetic and breeding aspects of crossing triticale and rye

Rigin, B.V., 1984:
Genetic and breeding aspects of earliness in bread wheat

Nielsen, M.T.; Collins, G.B., 1985:
Genetic and cultural practice influences of nitrate accumulation and distribution in burley tobacco

Kuspira, J.; Bhambhani, R.N.; Shimada, T., 1985:
Genetic and cytogenetic analyses of the A genome of Triticum monococcum. I. Cytology, breeding behaviour, fertility, and morphology of induced autotetraploids

Benzion, G., 1985:
Genetic and cytogenetic analysis of maize tissue cultures: a cell line pedigree analysis

Deng, H.D., 1985:
Genetic and cytogenetic studies of hybrid rice in China

Lockett, T.J., 1985:
Genetic and developmental constraints on genetic engineering in animals

Juriloff, D.M.; Sulik, K.K.; Roderick, T.H.; Hogan, B.K., 1985:
Genetic and developmental studies of a new mouse mutation that produces otocephaly

Fukui, K., 1985:
Genetic and developmental studies of the chlorophyll mutant striata in rice (Oryza sativa L.)

Valarini, M.J., 1981:
Genetic and ecological features in Rhizobium species

Strandberg, E., 1984:
Genetic and economic effects of some breeding programs considering mastitis in dairy cattle

Lee, T.W.; Kim, N.S., 1985:
Genetic and economic optimization of dairy cattle breeding under Korean conditions

Grasselli, A., 1983:
Genetic and economic parameters of embryo transfer as a method of selection

Strandberg, E.; Shook, G.E., 1985:
Genetic and economic response to selection indexes which include mastitis

DeNise, R.S.; Brinks, J.S., 1985:
Genetic and environmental aspects of the growth curve parameters in beef cows

Unander, D.W., 1984:
Genetic and environmental components of soybean (Glycine max (L.) Merr.) germination under cool temperature conditions

Fadlalla, A.S., 1985:
Genetic and environmental components of variance in the oil content of jojoba (Simmondsia chinensis (Link), Schn.) and its correlation with morphological traits

Matthews, P.; Arthur, E., 1985:
Genetic and environmental components of variation in protein content of peas

Adebambo, O.A., 1986:
Genetic and environmental effect on litter productiviy of exotic and indigenous pure and crossbred pigs in Nigeria

Kim, J.S.; Lee, C.K.; Shin, T.C.; Cho, Y.Y.; Chee, S.H.; Park, Y.I., 1984:
Genetic and environmental effects on 1st and 2nd lactation milk yield from Holstein-Friesian cows

Hearnshaw, H.; Morris, C.A., 1984:
Genetic and environmental effects on a temperament score in beef cattle

Willeke, H.; Metges, C.; Oster, A., 1984:
Genetic and environmental effects on age at 1st oestrus in Pietrain gilts

Azevedo, P.C.N. de, 1984:
Genetic and environmental effects on body weights in the nucleus herd of Tabapua cattle at Agua Milagrosa

Martins Filho, R., 1983:
Genetic and environmental effects on lactation length in Caracu cows

Morris, S.C.; Petermann, J.B., 1985:
Genetic and environmental effects on levels of glycoalkaloids in cultivars of potato (Solanum tuberosum L.)

Badran, A.E., 1985:
Genetic and environmental effects on mastitis disease in Egyptian cow and buffalo

Steen, H.A.M. van der, 1986:
Genetic and environmental effects on milk consumption and growth during the suckling period in pigs

Pfahler, P.L.; Barnett, R.D.; Luke, H.H., 1985:
Genetic and environmental effects on rye grain production in Florida

E.A.in, F.M.; Simerl, N.A.; Wilcox, C.J., 1986:
Genetic and environmental effects upon reproductive performance of Holstein crossbreds in the Sudan

Bowran, D.G.; Blacklow, W.M.; Boyd, W.J.R., 1984:
Genetic and environmental factors affected the response of wheat cultivars to chlorsulfuron

E.K.schab, S.; Kallweit, E., 1983:
Genetic and environmental factors affecting carcass traits of lambs

Gupta, R.N.; Singh, N.P., 1983:
Genetic and environmental factors affecting fleece weight in Bikaneri sheep

Nobre, P.R.C.; Milagres, J.C.; Silva, M. de A. e; Garcia, J.A., 1984:
Genetic and environmental factors affecting lactation length in the dairy herd at the Federal University of Vicosa, Minas Gerais State

Nobre, P.R.C.; Milagres, J.C.; Ludwig, A.; Fonseca, F.A., 1984:
Genetic and environmental factors affecting length of calving intervals and age at first calving in the dairy herd at the Federal University of Vicosa, Minas Gerais State

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Genetic control of immunity to helminth infections

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Genetic control of murine listeriosis expressed in the macrophage response

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Genetic control of parasites

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Genetic control of photoperiod sensitivity in bread wheat lines with intervarietal chromosome substitution

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Genetic control of potassium nutrition in grapevine

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Genetic control of programmed cell death in the nematode C. elegans

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Genetic control of prolificacy in animals

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Genetic control of quantitative characters in maize. II. 1000-grain weight

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Genetic control of reproduction from conception to birth in nonruminants

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Genetic control of reproduction in non-ruminants

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Genetic control of some qualitative morphological and biochemical characters and the location of three genetic factors on chromosomes 1 and 5 of barley Hordeum vulgare L

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Genetic control of sorghum midge resistance in sorghum

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Genetic control of the biosynthesis of terpenoids in mint. I. Study of the genotypes of some species and forms of mint in respect of genes controlling synthesis of the main components of the essential oil

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Genetic control of the early infection stages in barley mutants resistant to powdery mildew

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Genetic control of the immune response in mice to a Plasmodium falciparum sporozoite vaccine. Widespread nonresponsiveness to single malaria T epitope in highly repetitive vaccine

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Genetic control of the macrophage inflammatory response elicited in a subcutaneous site

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Genetic control of the murine immune response to cholera toxin

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Genetic control of the oil content in Thymus vulgaris L. : a case of polymorphism in a biosynthetic chain

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Genetic control of triosephosphate isomerase isoenzymes in wheat and rye

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Genetic control of wheat-rye chromosome pairing

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Genetic control of wood density and shrinkage in three oak species (Quercus petraea, Quercus robur and Quercus rubra)

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Genetic controls over activities of tyrosinase and dopachrome conversion factor in murine melanocytes

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Genetic correlations and multi-trait selection

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Genetic correlations for ducks maintained in Czechoslovakia

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Genetic correlations of pig performance and sow productivity traits

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Genetic covariance among life-history components: the effect of novel environments

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Genetic damage is not produced by normal cryopreservation procedures involving either glycerol or dimethyl sulfoxide: a cautionary note, however, on possible effects of dimethyl sulfoxide

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Genetic damage, mutation, and the evolution of sex

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Genetic determination of liver-specific enzymes and their reliability for predicting milk yield of cows

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Migal' , N.D., 1986:
Genetic determination of sex in hemp. II. Sexual mutations and the general theory of genotypic control of sex in hemp

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Genetic determination of some characters relating to wool production in a population of Corriedale sheep

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Genetic determination of some quantitative characters of winter wheat

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Genetic determination of the number of pods on the central and lateral racemes of blue lupin

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Genetic development of Sheeplan as New Zealand's national sheep recording scheme

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Genetic differences between hatchability on total egg and fertile egg-set basis

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Genetic differences between substrains of the inbred mouse strain 101 and designation of a new strain 102

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Genetic differences between the Chinese and European races of common carp : 5. Differential adaptation to manure and artificial feeds

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Genetic differences between the Chinese and European races of the common carp, Cyprinus carpio L. IV. Effects of sexual maturation on growth patterns

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Genetic differences between two substrains of the inbred 101 mouse strain

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Genetic differences for spring floral bud development among sour cherry cultivars

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Genetic differences in blood groups of Dnepropetrovsk pigs

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Genetic differences in feathering in laying hens and their correlations with production traits

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Genetic differences in suckering of cherry hybrids (Prunus X spp.)

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Genetic differences in the length of root hairs in white clover and their effect on phosphorus uptake

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Genetic differentiation and its bearing on migration in North American populations of the corn leaf aphid, Rhopalosiphum maidis (Fitch) (Homoptera: Aphididae)

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Genetic differentiation in geographical populations of the pacific oyster (Crassostrea gigas) around Japan

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Genetic differentiation of the genera Toxocara and Neoascaris

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Genetic differentiation of transposable elements under mutation and unbiased gene conversion

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Genetic diseases and inherited faults of goats

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Genetic disequilibria between the alpha S1-, beta -, kappa -casein and the beta -lactoglobulin loci of Bavarian Brown and Bavarian Simmental cattle

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Genetic disorders affecting reproduction and periparturient care

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Genetic divergence among some maintainer and restorer lines in relation to hybrid breeding in rice (Oryza sativa L.)

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Genetic divergence in pea

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Genetic divergence in wheat

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Genetic diversity in horses inferred from distribution of hemotypes. I. Analysis of similarity among 14 populations of 10 breeds using generalized Mahalanobis distance (Dsuperscript 2)

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Genetic diversity of mid-western oat germplasm

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Genetic diversity of the cytoplasm in Triticum and Aegilops X. The hexaploid triticale as an effective tester for plasma type distinction

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Genetic diversity of the cytoplasm in Triticum and Aegilops. XI. The SDS gel electrophoretic patterns of chloroplast proteins prepared from the alloplasmic common wheat lines

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Genetic diversity of the parasitoid Aphidius ervi on the pea aphid, Acyrthosiphon pisum in Czechoslovakia (Hymenoptera, Aphidiidae; Homoptera, Aphididae)

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Genetic dwarfs in progeny from crossing apple cultivars and possibilities of using them

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Genetic effects of NMU on Nicotiana rustica (L.)

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Genetic engineering in fish

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Genetic engineering of Lactobacillus

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Genetic engineering of animals

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Genetic engineering of animals. An agricultural perspective

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Genetic engineering of genes controlling seed quality

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Genetic engineering of milk-clotting enzymes

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Genetic engineering of plants and microorganisms important for agriculture

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Genetic engineering to improve resistance to viral diseases of poultry: a model for application to livestock improvement

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Genetic engineering with lactobacteria

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Genetic engineering with meiotic mutants

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Genetic engineering: new possibilities in modern plant protection

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Genetic error and genome design

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Genetic evaluation and utilization (GEU) program. Insect resistance

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Genetic evaluation of French Trotters on their earnings

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Genetic evaluation of plant type variants for desirable physiological attributes and their use in the study of the physiological basis of yield in rice

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Genetic evaluation of swine for growth rate and backfat thickness

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Genetic evidence for an osmoregulatory function of glycinebetaine accumulation in barley

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Genetic factors affecting cold resistance in relation to neonatal lamb survival

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Genetic factors controlling feed efficiency in dairy cows

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Genetic factors determining plasticity in flax genotrophs

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Genetic factors for resistance to diseases in some horticultural Solanaceae, Cucurbitaceae and Leguminosae

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Genetic flux in plants

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Genetic formula for coat colour in standard Italian cattle breeds

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Genetic gain for some agronomical and physiological characters in F5 lines issued from crosses between tetraploid wheats

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Genetic gains in milk yield through progeny testing of buffalo bulls

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Genetic heterogeneity of Prunus divaricata Led. populations in respect of seed isoperoxidases

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Genetic heterozygosity and growth rate in Mytilus edulis

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Genetic history of Romanian Nonius horses

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Genetic hitchhiking: a new factor in evolution?

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Genetic identification of trout strains

Anonymous, 1983:
Genetic improvement

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Genetic improvement and inbreeding effects in culture of beneficial arthropods

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Genetic improvement and progeny testing

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Genetic improvement by embryo transfer within an open selection nucleus in dairy cattle

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Genetic improvement for milk and meat production in the tropics

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Genetic improvement in dairy cattle

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Genetic improvement in mastitis resistance through selection against somatic cell count

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Genetic improvement of Australian Angora goats

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Genetic improvement of Populus trichocarpa for short-rotation coppice culture

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Genetic improvement of Quadrato d'Asti Capsicum for resistance to Phytophthora capsici Leonian. Preliminary results

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Genetic improvement of agronomic and technological properties of high-lysine maize

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Genetic improvement of arthropod natural enemies through selection, hybridization or genetic engineering techniques

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Genetic improvement of buffalo for draught purposes

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Genetic improvement of casein

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Genetic improvement of coconut palm

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Genetic improvement of cypress for resistance to canker

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Genetic improvement of dairy cattle

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Genetic improvement of dairy performance of Black Pied cattle in Leningrad region

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Genetic improvement of drought survival ability in Phalaris aquatica L

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Genetic improvement of faba beans for increased yield and yield stability

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Genetic improvement of farm animals

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Genetic improvement of grain protein crops - achievements and prospects

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Genetic improvement of insect pathogens: emphasis on the use of baculoviruses

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Genetic improvement of litter size in pigs

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Genetic improvement of milk composition in ewes. The example of the Lacaune breed

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Genetic improvement of small ruminants in Southern Africa

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Genetic improvement of soybean from populations developed by alternative recurrent selection strategies

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Genetic improvement of the Texel in France

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Genetic improvement of the efficiency of lean growth in a pig herd

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Genetic improvement of willow for energy forestry in Sweden

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Genetic incompatibility in Citrus crops

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Genetic influence of predictability of testis function of rams

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Genetic influences on embryonic mortality and malpositions of meat-type chickens

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Genetic information on flesh firmness and the characteristics of selected clones of Japanese pear. Results of the fifth Japanese pear breeding programme

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Genetic information on inbred strains

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Genetic instability at the shrunken and waxy loci in the o2-m(r)-Bg strain of maize

Orton, T.J., 1985:
Genetic instability during embryogenic cloning of celery

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Genetic instability in protoclones of potato (Solanum tuberosum L. cv. 'Bintje'): new types of variation after vegetative propagation

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Genetic interaction between non-MHC T- and B-cell alloantigens in response to Rous sarcomas in chickens

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Genetic interactions between wheat and rye genomes in triticale : 1. Cytological results

Jung, C.; Lelley, T., 1985:
Genetic interactions between wheat and rye genomes in triticale : 2. Morphological and yield characters

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Genetic introgression from compatible wild species into cultivated groundnut

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Genetic investigations on osteochondrosis in the horse

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Genetic investigations on seed dormancy in barley

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Genetic linkage between malathion and dieldrin resistance in Anopheles arabiensis

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Genetic linkage of a leucine aminopeptidase locus with the Kunitz trypsin inhibitor locus in soybeans

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Genetic linkage of endogenous viral loci with the B (MHC) and C histocompatibility loci in chickens

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Genetic linkage relationships of equine plasminogen (PLG) with 23 loci

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Genetic linkages in muskmelon

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Genetic load in Japanese quail

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