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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 1386

Chapter 1386 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

O'Daly, J.A.; Cabrera, Z., 1986:
Immunization of hamsters with TLCK-killed parasites induces protection against Leishmania infection

Polanco, R.; Carrero, R.; Redondo, M.; Vrtiak, O.J.; Kapitancik, B., 1983:
Immunization of horses between 7 and 10 months of age with an inactivated vaccine against eastern equine encephalomyelitis (EEE). II. Dynamics of neutralizing and HI antibodies

Poppel, M., 1984:
Immunization of pheasants against Newcastle disease

Kaleta, E.F.; Polten, B.M.; Schmeer, N.; Meister, J.A., 1985:
Immunization of pigeons against paramyxovirus-1 infection with live adsorbed or inactivated emulsion vaccines

Mijatov, L.; Savold, F.; Milic, L.; Sajti, G.; Katrinka, M.; Budincevic, I., 1984:
Immunization of pigeons against salmonellosis with a formaldehyde vaccine

Stewart, T.B.; Southern, L.L.; Gibson, R.B.; Simmons, L.A., 1984:
Immunization of pigs against Ascaris suum by sequential experimental infections terminated with fenbendazole during larval migration

Vannier, P., 1986:
Immunization of pork pigs against Aujeszky's disease with two oil adjuvant vaccines, with reference to local reactions

Gaumont, R.; Trap, D.; Dhennin, L., 1984:
Immunization of primiparous goats against experimental Brucella melitensis infection. Comparison of Rev. 1 and H38 vaccines

Long, G.Y.; Liang, H.Z.; Liu, J.S., 1986:
Immunization of rabbits against pasteurellosis

el-Ridi, A.M.; Nasr, N.T.; Abou-Shady, O.M.; Hamadto, H.A.; Aboul-Magd, L.A.; el-Hayawan, I.A., 1985:
Immunization of rats against Trypanosoma lewisi infection

Newman, S.G.; Majnarich, J.J., 1985:
Immunization of salmonids against furunculosis

Pestka J.J.; Liu M T.; Knudson B.K.; Hogberg M.G., 1985:
Immunization of swine for production of antibody against zearalenone

Thiriart, C.; Iokem, A.; Costy, F.; Schwers, A.; Brochier, B.; D.M.urichy, A.; Peharpe, D.; Pastoret, P.P., 1985:
Immunization of young foxes against rabies: interaction between vaccination and natural infection

Xue, X.L.; Lin, L.H.; Song, H.; Zhong, L.Y.; Xiao, Q.F.; Tang, Q.J., 1986:
Immunization test of lentogenic strain D10 of Newcastle disease virus, adapted to duck embryos

Mehle, J.; Martinjak, M.; Bole, V.; Kosorok, S.; Sabec, D.; Lazar, P., 1986:
Immunization trial to protect weaned piglets against Escherichia infection

Balla, L., 1986:
Immunization trials in geese and ducks with a vaccine strain of duck plague (duck enteritis) virus passaged in goose embryos

Hassan Badr Hassan Ali, 1985:
Immunization trials in mice with Ovivac (ovine adenovirus) vaccine

Silberstein, D.S.; Despommier, D.D., 1985 :
Immunization with purified antigens protects mice from lethal infection with Trichinella spiralis

Price, J.I., 1985:
Immunizing Canada geese against avian cholera

Andral, B.; Coz, J. le; Louzis, C.; Dayon, J.F.; Florent, J.M.; Laisney, M.J.; Toquin, D.; Ropars, M.C.; Metz, M.H., 1984:
Immunizing turkey poults against haemorrhagic enteritis aviadenovirus

Kazakov, N.A.; Mutuzkina, Z.P., 1983:
Immuno-biological properties of blood and lymph node cells from carriers of Theileria annulata

Suzuki, M.; Ookawa, Y.; Suzuki, K.; Suzuki, S., 1985:
Immuno-chemotherapy of mycosis - experimental approach

Novikov, V.K.; Davranov, K.S.; Vakhabov, A.K.; Bobkova, A.F.; Atabekov, I.G., 1984:
Immuno-diagnosis of maize dwarf mosaic virus

Hoedemaker, M.; Held, T., 1985:
Immuno-enzyme test for progesterone on cow's milk and blood serum, performed with microtitre plates or test strips, and not requiring preliminary extraction

Robertson, J.G.; Wells, B.; Brewin, N.J.; Williams, M.A., 1985:
Immuno-gold localization of cellular constituents in the legume-Rhizobium symbiosis

Greding, N., 1985:
Immuno-histological test for Aleutian disease virus, using monoclonal antibody and immunofluorescence

Devonshire, A.L.; Moores, G.D., 1984:
Immunoassay of carboxylesterase activity for identifying insecticide resistant Myzus persicae

Silver, A.; Dawnay, A.; Landon, J.; Cattell, W.R., 1986:
Immunoassays for low concentrations of albumin in urine

Kipnis, T.L.; Minoprio, P.M.; Luquetti, A.O.; Rassi, A.; Dias da Silva, W., 1983:
Immunobiological study of Trypanosoma cruzi stocks isolated from patients in the acute phase of Chagas' disease. I. Principal parameters of the infection produced in mice

Genta, R.M., 1984:
Immunobiology of strongyloidiasis

Partanen, P.; Turunen, H.J.; Paasivuo, R.T.; Leinikki, P.O., 1984:
Immunoblot analysis of Toxoplasma gondii antigens by human immunoglobulins G, M, and A antibodies at different stages of infection

Gavrilyuk, I.P.; Burenin, V.I., 1983:
Immunochemical analysis of wild beet species which are closely related to cultivated beet

Nikolaev, A.A.; Anshakova, N.I., 1985:
Immunochemical and physico-chemical characteristics of human lactoferrin

Tokita, F.; Otani, H., 1983:
Immunochemical aspects of bovine milk proteins

Gaudreault, P.R.; Tyson, H.; Fieldes, M.A., 1986:
Immunochemical characteristics of isoperoxidases from two environmentally-induced flax genotrophs (Linum usitatissimum L.)

Thaveechai, N.; Schaad, N.W., 1986:
Immunochemical characterization of a subspecies-specific antigenic determinant of a membrane protein extract of Xanthomonas campestris pv. campestris

Hristova Koleva, N.D., 1985:
Immunochemical characterization of lactoferrin obtained from human milk by the affinity-chromatography method

Levy, D.; Hoang Xuan, M.; Leveziel, H.; Zilber, M.T.; Parodi, A.L., 1983:
Immunochemical characterization of major histocompatibility antigens in bovine cattle

Robin, P.; Streit, L.; Campbell, W.H.; Harper, J.E., 1985:
Immunochemical Characterization of Nitrate Reductase Forms from Wild-Type (cv Williams) and nr(1) Mutant Soybean

Akuzawa, R.; Ito, O.; Kamata, S.I.; Yokoyama, K., 1985:
Immunochemical differences between low- and ordinary-temperature-active proteinases from Streptococcus lactis

Ito, O.; Akuzawa, R.; Kamata, S.I., 1984:
Immunochemical differences between two types of catalase from cream

Barry, R.A.; McKinley, M.P.; Braunfeld, M.B.; DeArmond, S.J.; Prusiner, S.B., 1985:
Immunochemical identification of amyloid plaques containing scrapie prion filaments.

Bandi, Z.L.; Schoen, I.; Bee, D.E., 1985:
Immunochemical methods for measurement of transferrin in serum: effects of analytical errors and inappropriate reference intervals on diagnostic utility

Kanamaru, Y.; Kuzuya, Y.; Tanahashi, T., 1983:
Immunochemical properties of bovine immunoglobulin G subclasses (IgG1 and IgG2)

Chu, F.S., 1984:
Immunochemical studies on mycotoxins

Fox, PC.; Atkinson, HJ., 1985:
Immunochemical studies on pathotypes of the potato cyst nematodes, Globodera rostochiensis and G. pallida

E.S.ouny, F.; Alexandrescu, V., 1984:
Immunochemical study and the influence of some effectors on soluble ribonuclease in maize

Kontusaari, S.I.; Vuokila, P.T.; Forsén, R.I., 1985:
Immunochemical study of triton X-100-soluble surface components of slime-forming, encapsulated Streptococcus cremoris from the fermented milk product viili

Anonymous, 1985:
Immunochemistry of viruses. The basis for serodiagnosis and vaccines

Rolim, E.; Zuliani, A.; Rasslan, S.; Scheinberg, M.A., 1984:
Immunocompetence in malnutrition. 1. Correlation between nutritional parameters and the immune response

Zuliani, A.; Rolim, E.; Rasslan, S.; Scheinberg, M.A., 1984:
Immunocompetence in malnutrition. 2. Mechanisms responsible for the immunodeficiency

Nishimura, M.; Yamaguchi, J.; Mori, H.; Akazawa, T.; Yokota, S., 1986:
Immunocytochemical Analysis Shows that Glyoxysomes Are Directly Transformed to Leaf Peroxisomes during Greening of Pumpkin Cotyledons

Kruip, T.A.; Vullings, H.G.; Schams, D.; Jonis, J.; Klarenbeek, A., 1985:
Immunocytochemical demonstration of oxytocin in bovine ovarian tissues

Tougard, C.; Louvard, D.; Picart, R.; Tixier Vidal, A., 1985:
Immunocytochemical identification of membrane compartments involved in secretory process and endocytosis in prolactin cells

Magnol, J.P.; A.S.ati, T.; Delsol, G., 1985:
Immunocytochemical labelling of canine carcinoma cytokeratins

Fujino, T.; Hirata, M.; Ishii, Y.; Tsutsumi, H., 1985:
Immunocytochemical localization of gut-associated circulating anodic antigen in Schistosoma japonicum

Tewarson, N.C., 1982:
Immunocytochemical localization of host (Apis mellifera) proteins in growing oocytes of a hemophagous mite (Varroa jacobsoni) by the unlabeled antibody-enzyme (PAP) method

Sawyer, H.R.; Moeller, C.L.; Kozlowski, G.P., 1986:
Immunocytochemical localization of neurophysin and oxytocin in ovine corpora lutea

Ali, S.M.; McMurtry, J.P.; Bagnell, C.A.; Bryant-Greenwood, G.D., 1986:
Immunocytochemical localization of relaxin in corpora lutea of sows throughout the estrous cycle

Mikami, S.; Taniguchi, K.; Ishikawa, T., 1985:
Immunocytochemical localization of the pancreatic islet cells in the Japanese quail, Coturnix coturnix japonica

Yanchev, I., 1985:
Immunocytochemical studies of leukaemia cell-associated antigen in cattle with lymphoid leukaemia

Arnal, C.; Gallego, M.; Badiola, J.J.; Bascuas, J.A., 1985:
Immunocytochemical study of the S, L and gastrin cells in jejunum and ileum of normal sheep and sheep with paratuberculosis

Arnal, C.; Gallego, M.; Badiola, J.J.; Bascuas, J.A., 1986:
Immunocytochemistry of endocrine cell types EC, D and I in jejunum and ileum of healthy sheep and sheep with paratuberculosis

McClure, J.J.; Addison, J.D.; Miller, R.I., 1985:
Immunodeficiency manifested by oral candidiasis and bacterial septicemia in foals

Scott, P.A.; Farrell, J.P., 1983:
Immunodepression in BALB/c mice infected with Leishmania tropica

Shishkov, V.P.; Gevondyan, V.S., 1985:
Immunodepressive effect of bovine leukemia virus

Verstegen, J.; Fellmann, D.; Beckers, J.F., 1985:
Immunodetection of bovine chorionic somatomammotrophin (bCS)

Lim, P.K.C.; Mak, J.W.; Yong, H.S.; Dhaliwal, S.S., 1984:
Immunodiagnosis of Brugian filariasis: comparative efficiency of the indirect fluorescent antibody test and the enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay

Van Knapen, F.; Van der Lugt, G.; Franchimont, J.H., 1984:
Immunodiagnosis of Taenia saginata cysticercosis

Urquhart, G.M., 1984:
Immunodiagnosis of bovine cysticercosis

Hillyer, G.V.; Sanchez, Z.; de Leon, D., 1985:
Immunodiagnosis of bovine fascioliasis by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay and immunoprecipitation methods

Knobloch, J.; Delgado, E., 1985:
Immunodiagnosis of cysticercosis: standardization of ELISA and its application to field conditions

Onet, E.; Slavcovici, N.; Onet, V., 1984:
Immunodiagnosis of equine infectious anaemia

Petrovskii, V.V.; Malyshev, S.N.; Semina, L.Y., 1983:
Immunodiagnosis of equine piroplasmosis

Leancu, M.; Stan, S.; Stana, G., 1984:
Immunodiagnosis of hydatidosis

Lautenslager, J.P.; Slocombe, J.O., 1984:
Immunodiagnosis of occult heartworm

Lysenko, A.Y.; Ponomareva, A.M.; Postnikova, T.F., 1982:
Immunodiagnosis of opisthorchiasis

Jackson, J.A., 1986:
Immunodiagnosis of systemic mycoses in animals: a review

Frangulyan, K.Sh, 1985:
Immunodiagnosis of the leukosis-sarcoma complex in poultry

Draper, C.C.; Lillywhite, J.E., 1984:
Immunodiagnosis of tropical parasitic infections

Guillen Llera, J.L.; Aguila de la Puente, C.; Cuellar del Hoyo, C., 1985:
Immunodiagnosis of visceral larva migrans by ELISA

Lilly, T.J.; Kautter, D.A.; Lynt, R.K.; Solomon, H.M., 1984:
Immunodiffusion detection of Clostridium botulinum colonies

Mendoza, L.; Kaufman, L.; Standard, P.G., 1986:
Immunodiffusion test for diagnosing and monitoring pythiosis in horses

Heidrich, H.G.; Matzner, M.; Miettinen Baumann, A.; Strych, W., 1986:
Immunoelectron microscopy shows that the 80 000-dalton antigen of Plasmodium falciparum merozoites is localized in the surface coat

Purkayastha, R.P.; Chakraborty, B.N., 1983:
Immunoelectrophoretic analysis of plant antigens in relation to biosynthesis of phytoalexin and disease resistance of soybean

Skacel, P.; John, C., 1985:
Immunoelectrophoretic analysis of the antigenic structure of Toxoplasma gondii

Ceci, L.; Petazzi, F., 1983:
Immunoelectrophoretic aspects of canine leishmaniasis

Ceci, L.; Petazzi, F.; Guidi, G.; Corazza, M., 1985:
Immunoelectrophoretic changes in dogs with leishmaniasis

Bauer, F., 1984:
Immunoelectrophoretic detection of non-meat proteins in meat products. I. Counterimmunoelectrophoresis of milk, soya, egg and whey proteins

Kumazawa, H.; Moriki, T., 1986:
Immunoenzymatic demonstration of a presumptive prolactin-like substance in Hymenolepis nana

Hofirek, B.; Granatova, M.; Horin, P.; Madr, V.; Pleva, V., 1986:
Immunoenzyme detection of bovine oncovirus

Ershov, V.S.; Naumycheva, M.I.; Mikhailov, P.N., 1983:
Immunoenzymic analysis and its uses in parasitology

Yamamoto, R.; Kimura, S.; Hattori, S.; Matsuura, A.; Hayakawa, T., 1985:
Immunoenzymometric assay for insulin involving column chromatography and insulin immobilized on Sepharose

Janolino, V.G.; Swaisgood, H.E., 1984:
Immunofixation electrofocusing of skim milk membranes

Lucas, M.H.; Westcott, D.G.; Edwards, S.; Newman, R.H.; Swallow, C., 1986:
Immunofluorescence and cell culture techniques in the diagnosis of viral infection of aborted bovine fetuses

Bostandzhieva, R.; Mitov, B.; Kharalambiev, K.E., 1985:
Immunofluorescence applied to the diagnosis of respiratory syncytial virus infection in calves

Yang Zhaoxin; Jiang Meirong; Chen Shuren; L.J.aquan; Jiang Baoling, 1984:
Immunofluorescence circumoval precipitin test in the diagnosis of Schistosoma japonicum infection

Zlotowicz, C.; Graebert, A.; Ebner, D.; Heider, G., 1986:
Immunofluorescence technique for diagnosing avian leukosis by using the system of defined antigen substrate spheres

Gunenkov, V.V.; Sharabrin, O.I.; Koromyslov, I.G., 1985:
Immunofluorescence technique for the diagnosis of coronavirus infection in cattle

Toshkov, I.; Kirev, T., 1985:
Immunofluorescent and electron microscopic studies of pancreatic neoplastic endocrine cell proliferations in guinea fowls infected with oncovirus strain Pts-56

Mitov, B.; Kharalambiev, K.E.; Bostandzhieva, R.; Tsvetkov, P.; Petkova, K., 1984:
Immunofluorescent diagnosis of rota-, corona- and pestivirus infections in calves

Winder, N.C.; von Fellenberg, R., 1986:
Immunofluorescent evaluation of the lower respiratory tract of healthy horses and of horses with chronic bronchiolitis

Umoh, J.U.; Ezeokoli, C.D.; Okoh, A.E., 1985:
Immunofluorescent staining of trypsinized formalin-fixed brain smears for rabies antigen: results compared with those obtained by standard methods for 221 suspect animal cases in Nigeria

Stepanova, N.I.; Gorbatov, V.A.; Burba, G.L., 1983:
Immunogenesis in bovine theileriosis

Ladiges, W.C.; Deeg, H.J.; Raff, R.F.; Storb, R., 1985:
Immunogenetic aspects of a canine breeding colony

Tikhonov, V.N.; Gorelov, I.G.; Bobovich, V.E., 1985:
Immunogenetic characters of some types of wild pig from Europe, Asia, Africa and America

Dubrovskaya, R.; Starodumov, I.; Kostryukova, L.; Bragina, N., 1986:
Immunogenetic markers and the working ability of horses

Vsyakikh, A.S.; Bakhmutova, T.V., 1984:
Immunogenetic markers in cattle breeding

Cureu, I.; Granciu, I., 1984:
Immunogenetic studies of populations of black pied and red pied Friesian cattle

Serdyuk, G.N., 1985:
Immunogenetics in pig breeding

Levine, R.A., 1985:
Immunogenetics of resistance to the African trypanosomes

Zuev, V.V.; Khvuan, M.V.; Anan' ev, O.P., 1983:
Immunogenic and protective activity of Besnoitia and its antigens

Lelie, P.N.; Reesink, H.W.; de Jong-van Manen, S.T.; Dees, P.J.; Reerink-Brongers, E.E., 1984:
Immunogenicity and safety of a plasma-derived heat-inactivated hepatitis B vaccine (CLB). Studies in volunteers at a low risk of infection with hepatitis B virus

Mazija, H.; Nemarnik, ; Bidin, Z.; Cajevec, S., 1984:
Immunogenicity of Gumbokal, an inactivated oil vaccine against infectious bursal disease

Knezevic, N.; Bodiroga, J.; Maljkovic, M.; Tuvedzic, B., 1984:
Immunogenicity of Rabicel rabies vaccine in sheep

Belobab, V.I.; Ivanov, N.P.; Zadorozhnyi, I.F.; Klimenko, V.A.; Kashkinbaev, K.A.; Sarsenov, M., 1985:
Immunogenicity of Brucella melitensis strain Rev. 1 vaccine

Sabara, M.; Barrington, A.; Babiuk, L.A., 1985:
Immunogenicity of a bovine rotavirus glycoprotein fragment

Kryukov, N.N.; Zudilina, Z.F.; Vecherkin, A.S., 1983:
Immunogenicity of a combined vaccine against bovine parainfluenza-3 virus and IBR virus

Binta, M.G.; Mugera, G.; Mushi, E.Z., 1985:
Immunogenicity of a larval extract from Rhipicephalus appendiculatus in rabbits

Antonov, P., 1986:
Immunogenicity of an adsorbed rabies vaccine after storage

Frolov, V.S.; Belousova, R.V., 1985:
Immunogenicity of an inactivated bovine adenovirus vaccine

Yurov, K.P.; Poloz, D.D.; Sansyzbaev, A.R., 1983:
Immunogenicity of inactivated equine rhinopneumonitis virus

H.Y.xun; L.H.u, S.Y.; Hsu, H.F.; Clarke, W.R., 1984:
Immunogenicity of secretions of the acetabular glands of Schistosoma mansoni cercariae

Sharma, S.; Gwadz, R.W.; Schlesinger, D.H.; Godson, G.N., 1986:
Immunogenicity of the repetitive and nonrepetitive peptide regions of the divergent CS protein of Plasmodium knowlesi

Olivier, G.; Evelyn, TPT.; Lallier, R., 1985:
Immunogenicity of vaccines from a virulent and an avirulent strain of Aeromonas salmonicida

Blankert, J.J.; Paul, L.C.; Es, L.A. van, 1985:
Immunogenicity of various organs and genetic control of the response to a non-major histocompatibility complex endothelial antigen in the rat

Castro, M.; Lucidi, V.; Colistro, F.; Papadatou, B.; Sabetta, G.; Ferretti, F.; Giardini, O.; Martufi, A., 1984:
Immunoglobin (IgA, IgG, IgM) serum values in 82 coeliac patients

Ronayne de Ferrer, P.A.; Slobodianik, N.H.; López, N.; Sambucetti, M.E.; Sanahuja, J.C., 1984:
Immunoglobulin A level in human milk from mothers delivering preterm

Martín, U.O.; Afchain, D.; Cesbron, J.Y.; Arias, E.; Capron, A., 1986:
Immunoglobulin E and Chagas' disease

Zaremba, W.; Grunert, E.; Heuwieser, W.; Schiffner Mehrens, H., 1985:
Immunoglobulin absorption in calves after administration of colostrum by stomach tube or by drinking

Burton, J.H.; Hosein, A.A.; McMillan, I.; Grieve, D.G.; Wilkie, B.N., 1984:
Immunoglobulin absorption in calves as influenced by dietary protein intakes of their dams

Schiffner Mehrens, H., 1984:
Immunoglobulin absorption in calves without or with neonatal acidosis, with particular reference to method of giving colostrum (voluntary intake/tube feeding)

Prabhakar, P.; Singhi, S.; Sharma, A.; James, O., 1985:
Immunoglobulin and C3 levels in maternal and cord blood in Jamaica

Yamada, T.; Tomoda, I.; Usui, K., 1984:
Immunoglobulin compositions of the feline body fluids

Shearer, J.K.; Brenneman, J.S.; Tran, T.Q., 1985:
Immunoglobulin concentration of first milking colostrum

Gerhards, H., 1986:
Immunoglobulin deficiency in newborn foals. Detection and treatment

Anonymous, 1986:
Immunoglobulin genes

Muhammad K.; Ajmal M.; Ashfaque M.; Anjum A.D., 1985:
Immunoglobulin levels in buffaloes at different ages

Fukumoto, T.; Brandon, M.R., 1985:
Immunoglobulin metabolism in the sheep foetus

Kanamaru, Y., 1986:
Immunoglobulin molecules in bovine colostrum

Prostyakov, A., 1986:
Immunoglobulin preparation for administration to newly hatched chicks, ducklings, goslings and poults

Petursson, G.; Douglas, B.M.; Lutley, R., 1985:
Immunoglobulin subclass distribution and restriction of antibody response in visna

Gupta, S.; Sabharwal, U.; Chugh, T.D.; Mams, M.D., 1984:
Immunoglobulins & parasitic density in malaria (a short communication)

Rangel Nunez, J., 1984 :
Immunoglobulins in calves consuming different amounts of colostrum under two conditions of management

Agalbato, M.G.; Ferrara, D.; Zangara, D.; Natoli, D., 1985:
Immunoglobulins in children with recurrent respiratory infections and in healthy children in Sicily

Bratanov, K.T.; Hristova Koleva, M.D., 1984:
Immunoglobulins in human colostrum and milk

Stepanova, Z.V.; Leshchenko, G.M., 1985:
Immunoglobulins of the blood serum of chronic candidosis patients

el-Gindy, M.S.; Arafa, M.S.; Maklad, M.K.; Ismail, M.M.; el-Ridi, A.M.; Atia, M.M.; el-Gamal, R.L., 1985:
Immunoglobulins versus faecal egg counts in S. mansoniasis

Kon, Y.; Hashimoto, Y.; Kitagawa, H.; Kudo, N.; Murakami, K., 1986:
Immunohistochemical demonstration of juxtaglomerular cells in the kidneys of domestic mammals and fowls

Rakich, P.M.; Prasse, K.W.; Lukert, P.D.; Cornelius, L.M., 1986:
Immunohistochemical detection of canine adenovirus in paraffin sections of liver

Perry, R.A.; Mulvogue, H.M.; McMillen, I.C.; Robinson, P.M., 1985:
Immunohistochemical localization of ACTH in the adult and fetal sheep pituitary

Morii, S.; Tsubura, A.; Komai, Y.; Shikata, N.; Izumi, H., 1983:
Immunohistochemical localizations of alpha-lactalbumin in human breast lesions in relation to secretory activity

Abarca, J.; Aboud Pirak, E.; Otte Slachmuylder, C.; Schneider, Y.J.; Trouet, A., 1985:
Immunohistochemical reaction of three monoclonal antibodies to human milk fat globule membrane with human normal and tumoral tissues

Sandusky, G.E.; Carlton, W.W.; Wightman, K.A., 1985:
Immunohistochemical staining for S100 protein in the diagnosis of canine amelanotic melanoma

Eichenbaum, J.D.; Lavach, J.D.; Gould, D.H.; Severin, G.A.; Paulsen, M.E.; Jones, R.L., 1986:
Immunohistochemical staining patterns of canine eyes affected with chronic superficial keratitis

E.S.erry, M.E.; Taha, M.M.; Mahed, A.G., 1984:
Immunohistochemical studies on experimental coccidiosis in chickens

Ceccamea, A.; Carlei, F.; Bonamico, M.; Mingazzini, P., 1984:
Immunohistochemical study of intestinal mucosa in coeliac disease. GIP and gastrin cells before, during and after diet treatment. Preliminary results

Bruhlmann-Papazyan, M.; Garcia-Segura, L.M.; Pizzolato, G.P.; Norman, A.W.; Orci, L., 1984:
Immunohistochemically detectable vitamin D-dependent calcium-binding protein is reduced in cerebellum of diabetic subjects

Moskowitz, L.B.; Ganjei, P.; Ziegels-Weissman, J.; Cleary, T.J.; Penneys, N.S.; Nadji, M., 1986:
Immunohistologic identification of fungi in systemic and cutaneous mycoses

Widders, P.R.; Stokes, C.R.; David, J.S.; Bourne, F.J., 1985:
Immunohistological studies of the local immune system in the reproductive tract of the mare

Chaouat, G.; Kolb, J.P.; Kiger, N.; Stanislawski, M.; Wegmann, T.G., 1985:
Immunologic consequences of vaccination against abortion in mice

Ramirez, I.; van Eys, J.; Carr, D.; Coody, D.; Carter-George, P.; Washington, J.; Richie, E.; Taylor, G., 1985:
Immunologic evaluation in the nutritional assessment of children with cancer

Chen, M.G.; Wang, M.J.; Fu, S.; Yang, J.S.; Song, T.C.; Wang, J.P.; Cheng, Z.G.; Tao, C.G.; Liu, B.L., 1983:
Immunologic function in schistosomiasis japonica patients before and after treatment

Goidl, E.A.; Ramstedt, U.; Jones, T.C., 1983:
Immunologic lesions during Toxoplasma gondii infection

Goldblum, R.M.; Garza, C.; Schanler, R.J.; Goldman, A.S., 1985:
Immunologic outcomes of feeding human milk to very low birthweight infants

Blecha, F.; Pollmann, D.S.; Nichols, D.A., 1985:
Immunologic reactions of pigs regrouped at or near weaning

Kume, K.; Nakai, T., 1986:
Immunologic relationships among Haemophilus pleuropneumoniae strains of serovar 1 to 5 in guinea pigs

Stott, J.L.; Barber, T.L.; Osburn, B.I., 1985:
Immunologic response of sheep to inactivated and virulent bluetongue virus

Kuttler, K.L.; Zaugg, J.L.; Johnson, L.W., 1984:
Immunologic significance of different Anaplasma marginale isolates

Sadykov, A.S.; Akhunov, A.; Safarova, V.S.; Abdurashidova, N.A.; Chernetskaya, I.I., 1982:
Immunologic study of venom of spiders of the Lathrodectus genus

Li, B.X., 1985:
Immunologic test with Trypanosoma evansi irradiated by 60Co gamma -rays

Gelev, I.; Dimitrov, K.; Tomova, A., 1986:
Immunological activity of blood serum from cattle with chronic mycotoxicosis, J.A.; Azocar, J., 1984:
Immunological alterations in Chagas' disease

Kraev, V.G.; Didenko, L.F.; Parkhomenko, N.I., 1984:
Immunological analysis of proteins in m RNP isolated from Datura leaves infected by potato virus X

Kanchurin, A.K.; Vaitsekauskaite, R.L.; Berzhets, V.M., 1985:
Immunological and acarological study of mites

Lederman, L.; Singhal, M.C.; Besmer, P.; Zuckerman, E.E.; Hardy, W.D.; Snyder, H.W., 1985:
Immunological and biochemical characterization of HZ2 feline sarcoma virus and Abelson murine leukaemia virus translation products

Reddington, J.J., 1985:
Immunological and biochemical studies of fascioliasis in goats and cattle

Reiimikulyev, B.R., 1985:
Immunological and electrophysiological factors in rubromycosis patients of an advanced age

Schoch, G., 1986:
Immunological and ethological aspects of breast feeding

Muzychin, S.I.; Letetskii, V.A.; Shimko, V.V., 1985:
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Immunological aspects of fascioliasis in sheep

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Immunological aspects of sperm selection and transport

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Immunological assay of oestrone sulphate for pregnancy diagnosis in the cow

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Immunological assessment of cross reactions between a Fasciola hepatica antigen and other bovine gastrointestinal helminths

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Immunological characteristics of foreign potato varieties under the conditions of Murmansk province

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Immunological characteristics of wild pear species

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Immunological characterization of proteins of guinea-pig milk-fat-globule membrane

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Immunological characters and genetic control of the H-Y antigen

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Immunological comparisons of nitrate reductases of different plant species using monoclonal antibodies

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Immunological considerations on breast vs. formula feeding

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Immunological detection of toasted full-fat soya flour or beans in nut nougat cream

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Immunological determination of cows' milk addition in ewes' milk cheeses

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Immunological determination of phosphoenolpyruvate carboxylase and the large and small subunits of ribulose 1,5-bisphosphate carboxylase in leaves of the c(4) plant pearl millet

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Immunological diagnosis of systemic candidiasis by counterimmunoelectrophoresis and quantitative immunofluorescence using purified antigens

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Immunological evidence for the presence of ribulose bisphosphate carboxylase in guard cell chloroplasts

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Immunological identification of avian monomeric and polymeric immunoglobulin M and immunoglobulin A after fractionation on sodium dodecylsulfate pore gradient polyacrylamide gels

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Immunological method for studying pancreas pathology in cattle

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Immunological methods of early pregnancy diagnosis in cows

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Immunological principles in leishmaniasis

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Immunological properties of wheat under the interaction of the pathosystems of Sitobion avenae F., Rhopalosiphum padi L. and Puccinia triticina Erikss

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Immunological reaction in carp with bothriocephaliasis and after antigenic stimulation

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Immunological reactivity of chickens following the stress of handling

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Immunological reactivity of newborn calves

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Immunological response of chickens to eastern equine encephalomyelitis virus

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Immunological response of ducks to an avirulent Pasteurella multocida vaccine in the drinking water

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Immunological response to T. vaginalis infection

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Immunological response to food

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Immunological responsiveness of lambs kept under intensive conditions

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Immunological studies of different Trichinella species. II. Characterization of antigens by two-dimensional immunoelectrophoresis

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Immunological studies on the cervical mucus of the normal and repeat breeder cows and buffaloes and its relation to the problem of infertility

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Immunological studies on the cross-binding and cross-reconstruction of maize and spinach coupling factors CF1

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Immunological studies on the diagnosis of Oestrus ovis infestation

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Immunological studies on visceral leishmaniasis

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Immunologically mediated behavioral reactions to foods

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Immunology and prophylaxis associated with the use of a Mycoplasma gallisepticum bacterin in chickens

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Immunology of malaria

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Immunology of parasitic infections

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Immunology of pouch young marsupials. I. Levels of immunoglobulin transferrin and albumin in the blood and milk of euros and wallaroos (hill kangaroos: Macropus robustus, marsupialia)

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Immunology of reproduction of livestock

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Immunology of the sheep

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Immunomodulation by novel antimalarial chemotherapeutic agents

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Immunomodulation in fowl cholera

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Immunomodulation in weanling swine with dietary selenium

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Immunomodulation of experimental malaria by MDP

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Immunomodulators in the treatment of peritonitis in burned and malnourished animals

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Immunomodulatory effects of Coxiella burnetii

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Immunomorphologic and morphometric changes in pulmonary lymph nodes of sheep with progressive pneumonia

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Immunomorphological changes in parasitic diseases of wild animals

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Immunomorphological changes in the lungs of pigs immunized with aerosols of Listeria monocytogenes strain AUF

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Immunopathological aspects of American trypanosomiasis: the role of immune complexes in the pathogenesis of the disease

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Immunopathological aspects of trypanosomal meningoencephalitis in vervet monkeys after relapse following BerenilReg. treatment

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Immunopathology of the spleen in visceral leishmaniasis

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Immunoperoxidase plaque staining for the detection of pseudorabies virus

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Immunoperoxidase reaction in diagnosis of rabies

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Immunoperoxidase study of adenovirus pneumonia in dogs

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Immunoperoxidase technique for determing the numbers of B lymphocytes bearing receptors for IgM in bovine blood

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Immunoperoxidase techniques for tumour diagnosis and their application in veterinary science

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Immunophysiological activity of supramammary lymph nodes of the ewe during the very early phase of staphylococcal mastitis

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Immunophysiological control of phyto-oestrogen toxicity

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Immunopotentiating effect of Corynebacterium parvum in Marek's disease infected chickens

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Immunoproliferative findings in the lymphatic tissue of horses experimentally infected with equine infectious anaemia virus

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Immunoprophylaxis against kala-azar

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Immunoprophylaxis against kala-azar: effect of immunization with different doses of EH, and HS strains of L. donovani on challenge with the homologous HS and mouse adopted MS strains

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Immunoprophylaxis against malaria

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Immunoprophylaxis for poultry coccidiosis

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Immunoprophylaxis in BALB/c mice: a model for development of protection against primary and secondary infection with Leishmania major

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Immunoprophylaxis of coccidiosis in chicks

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Immunoprophylaxis of coli diarrhoea in newly-weaned piglets

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Immunoprophylaxis of leptospirosis on large complexes for pigs

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Immunoprophylaxis of malaria: characterization of a protective surface antigen

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Immunoprophylaxis of porcine parvovirus infection

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Immunoprophylaxis of salmonellosis in calves

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Immunoprophylaxis of salmonellosis in pigeons. I. Preliminary laboratory experiments

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Immunoprophylaxis of streptococcal and staphylococcal mastitis in cows

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Immunoprotection in Chagas' disease

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Immunoradiometric assay to measure the in vitro penetration of sporozoites of malaria parasites into hepatoma cells

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Immunoreactive LHRH in chronic starved rats

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Immunoreactive gastric inhibitory polypeptide and K cell hyperplasia in obese hyperglycaemic (ob/ob) mice fed high fat and high carbohydrate cafeteria diets

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Immunoreactive gastric inhibitory polypeptide response to a meal during the first eighteen months after diagnosis of type 1 (insulin dependent) diabetes mellitus

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Immunoreactive prolactin in breast milk and plasma of women with hyperprolactinemia, galactorrhea and menstrual dysfunction

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Immunoreactive substance P and LH-RH content in median eminence and pituitary gland during proestrus, oestrus, lactation and after anterior hypothalamic deafferentation

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Immunoregulation and the induction and expression of host-protective immune responses to parasites

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Immunoregulation in farmer's lung disease. Correlation between the surface phenotype and functional evaluations at pulmonary level

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Immunoregulatory T cells in acute toxoplasmosis

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Immunosorbence with conjugated enzymes

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Immunosorbent electron microscopy of dianthoviruses and their pseudorecombinants

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Immunostimulant effect of zinc sulphate on the immune response of sheep and rabbits to foot rot vaccine

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Immunostimulant role of zinc sulphate on specific antibody production in sheep immunized against foot rot with a polyvalent vaccine

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Immunostimulatory effect of levamisole and phenothiazine on the immunity of sheep vaccinated with a clostridial vaccine

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Immunosuppression and its mechanism in chickens with Marek's disease (MD) lymphoma and chicks with transplanted lymphoma cell lines

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Immunosuppression associated with ovine foetal skin extracts

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Immunosuppression in experimental visceral leishmaniasis

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Immunosuppressive disease in poultry

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Immunosuppressive drugs and chemical toxic factors in commercial poultry

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Immunosuppressive effect of an Australian strain of bursal disease virus

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Immunosuppressive effect of bovine leukosis virus

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Immunosuppressive effect of bovine seminal plasma and follicular fluid on bovine lymphocytes and complement-levels during the estrous cycle

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Immunosuppressive effect of intestinal parasitosis on the immune response of sheep to listeriosis vaccine

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Immunosuppressive effects of virulent strain of hemorrhagic enteritis virus in turkeys vaccinated against Newcastle disease

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Immunosuppressive properties of equine rhinopneumonitis virus

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Immunosuppressive proteins in the serum from the dog with squamous cell carcinoma

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Immunosuppressive substances in sexual organ fluids of cattle

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Immunotherapy of enzootic bovine leukosis: T lymphocyte clones specific for cells infected with bovine oncovirus

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Immunotherapy of ocular squamous-cell carcinoma in cattle using a mycobacterial biologic

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Immunoturbidimetric assay for alpha 1-acid glycoprotein in serum with a centrifugal analyzer

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Impact and control of docks in grassland

Oswald, A.K., 1985:
Impact and control of thistles in grassland

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Impact and potential of parasites

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Impact blasters for peanut pod maturity determination

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Impact damage to soybean seed

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Impact monitoring of agricultural development projects: a comment; a rejoinder

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Impact of Acyrthosiphon kondoi (Homoptera: Aphididae) on alfalfa: field and greenhouse studies

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Impact of Colorado potato beetle and potato flea beetle on potato yield in Manitoba

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Impact of Erynia phytonomi (Zygomycetes: Entomophthorales), a fungal pathogen, on alfalfa weevil, Hypera postica (Gyllenhal) (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) populations in Missouri

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Impact of Five Year Plans on the productivity of dryland cereals in Western Rajasthan

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Impact of Gambusia affinis wintering at Mendota Wildlife Area

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Impact of Ghod Irrigation Project on employment of female agricultural labour

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Impact of Helmacid and environmental temperature on egg production and feed consumption in adult fowls

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Impact of Indian explosive limited programme on farm economy (with special reference to Banguri village of Shamshabad Block of Agra District)

Anonymous, 1986:
Impact of Indo-British fertiliser education project in agricultural production: a case study in Mazgayen village, Jorhat district, Assam

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Impact of Kentucky's travel advertising

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Impact of Mediterranean fruit fly malathion bait spray on honey bees

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Impact of SFDA Programme on the resource use and resource productivity of the small farmers

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Impact of SO2 exposure on the response of Agropyron smithii to defoliation

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Impact of Soil Taxonomy on the National Cooperative Soil Survey of the United States (1965-1981)

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Impact of Title III funded feeding program on nutrient intake and blood profiles of elderly in Mississippi

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Impact of a crop on drainage water yield

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Impact of a more intensive pest infestation level on cotton production: Texas High Plains

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Impact of age on weight goals

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Impact of agricultural drainage wells on groundwater quality

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Impact of agricultural engineering on wheat production: a case study

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Impact of agricultural markets on income distribution

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Impact of agricultural modernisation on rural labour market of Bangladesh

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Impact of agricultural modernization on labour use pattern in Punjab with special reference to women labour

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Impact of agricultural subsidies and procurement prices on production and income distribution in India

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Impact of agriculture on groundwater in Ireland

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Impact of airborne metal contamination on a deciduous woodland system

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Impact of alternative cotton insect management strategies on producer income in Mississippi

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Impact of an export subsidy on the domestic cotton industry

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Impact of annosus root rot minimal 22 years after planting pines on root rot infested sites

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Impact of anthracnose on yield of eight alfalfa cultivars in Wisconsin, 1983

Anonymous, 1986:
Impact of bankruptcies on Danish farm structure

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Impact of biotechnology on nutritional quality of food plants

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Impact of cattle-breeding complexes on the pollution of groundwater

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Impact of changes in cropping pattern on farm income - a temporal and spatial analysis

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Impact of check dams on steep mountain channels in northeastern Taiwan

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Impact of chemical weed control on wheat production under rainfed conditions

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Impact of chemically contaminated sewage sludge on the collard arthropod community

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Impact of climatic variation on biomass accumulation in the boreal forest zone: selected references

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Impact of clonal selection on the production of disease free nucleus seed potatoes

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Impact of competing vegetation on yield of the southern pines

Minton, N.A., 1986:
Impact of conservation tillage on nematode populations

Sharma, V.K., 1984:
Impact of container size on the evaluation of varietal resistance in wheat to Sitophilus oryzae (Linn.)

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Impact of cost-share programs on private reforestation investment

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Impact of credit on the cropping pattern in the irrigated area of Karnataka - a case study of Malaprabha Command Area

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Impact of dairy cooperatives in selected areas of Banaskantha district, Gujarat

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Impact of dairy cooperatives on production, consumption and marketed surplus of milk in western Uttar Pradesh

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Impact of dairy development programme: summary of observations

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Impact of defoliation caused by the spruce budworm on volume growth in three fir stands

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Impact of development programme on fertility: a study of two rural Bangladesh villages

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Impact of diethylcarbamazine treatment of selective microfilaria carriers and filarial cases under rural filaria control project in Valsad district, Gujarat

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Impact of different factors governing rice production in India - an appraisal from 1955 to 1982

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Impact of digestion and absorption in the weaning period on infant feeding practices

Satheesh, A.V.; Sharma, B.M.; Sharma, V.K., 1985:
Impact of diversification and liberal credit policy on income and employment of non-viable farmers in Pithapuram block of East Godavari district (A.P.)

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Impact of diversification on income, employment and credit needs of small farmers in Punjab

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Impact of domestic policy on comparative advantage of agriculture in the South

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Impact of drinker design on litter condition and downgrading

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Impact of early season use of selected insecticides on cotton arthropod populations and yield

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Impact of ecological changes on Anopheles vectors of malaria in some countries of Southeast Asia

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Impact of education on some backward communities of West Bengal. Study based on West Dinajpur

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Impact of electronics in materials handling and processing

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Impact of environmental stress on the performance of sheep with different mature sizes and milk production potentials

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Impact of erosion on land productivity and water quality in the United States

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Impact of farm prices on farm economy

Choudhary, M.A., 1985:
Impact of farm technology and energy on developing agriculture

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Impact of feeding by Lepidoptera larvae on the production of highbush blueberry in the Lower Fraser Valley, British Columbia

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Impact of feeding by alfalfa weevil larvae (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) and pea aphid (Homoptera: Aphididae) on yield and quality of first and second cuttings of alfalfa

Zalom, F.G.; Wilson, L.T.; Hoffmann, M.P., 1986:
Impact of feeding by tomato fruitworm, Heliothis zea (Boddie) (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae), and beet armyworm, Spodoptera exigua (Hubner) (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae), on processing tomato fruit quality

Raman, K.; Sanjayan, K.P.; Suresh, G., 1984:
Impact of feeding injury of Cyrtopeltis tenuis Reut. (Hemiptera: Miridae) on some biochemical changes in Lycopersicon esculentum Mill. (Solanaceae)

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Impact of feller bunchers and plantation spacing on thinning

Courtney, C.H.; Sundlof, S.F.; Lane, T.J., 1985:
Impact of filariasis on the racing greyhound

Wang Chunhe, 1983:
Impact of freeze-thaw of swamp on agricultural production in the Sanjiang Plain of China

Moore, K.E., 1984:
Impact of fusiform rust on loblolly pine plantations

Nelson, G.C.; Agcaoili, M., 1983:
Impact of government policies on Philippine sugar

Sunny, P.J.; Jain, D.C.; Rao, C.K., 1984:
Impact of health education on voluntary participation in anti-larval measures

Robinson, G., 1984:
Impact of heavy fuel oil and natural gas prices on the value of biomass delivered to British Columbia pulp mills

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Impact of helminthiasis on livestock industry: a brief review

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Impact of high speed boating on midge (Diptera: Chironomidae) populations in Silver Lakes, California

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Impact of high-yielding varieties on employment potential of female labour - a study in Akola district (Maharashtra)

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Impact of horse flies (Diptera: Tabanidae) on beef cattle

Kelkar, G., 1985:
Impact of household contract system on women in rural China

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Impact of impaired visibility on visitor enjoyment of the Grand Canyon. A test of an ordered logit utility model

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Impact of imported fire ant on lone star tick mortality in open and canopied pasture habitats of east central Texas

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Impact of industrialization of the small-sized town of Jubail, Saudi Arabia

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Impact of industry structure, intensity of production and resource constraints on research breeding objectives

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Impact of input prices on level of their use and productivity in agriculture

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Impact of insecticide applications at various alfalfa growth stages on potato leafhopper (Homoptera: Cicadellidae) abundance and crop damage

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Impact of intensive extension education on the adoption of scientific dairy farming by landless rural families around Karnal (Haryana)

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Impact of intensive forest management practices on the bulk density of lower coastal plain and piedmont soils

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Impact of intensive harvesting on nutrient budgets of boreal forest stands

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Impact of intensive management on phosphorus cycling in Eucalyptus grandis plantations in the savannah region, Minas Gerais, Brazil

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Impact of irrigation on farmers' acreage response to price. Case of Andhra Pradesh

Moorti, T.V.; Vashist, G.D.; Guleria, J.S., 1984:
Impact of irrigation on incomes and resource productivity on lift irrigated farms in H.P. (a study of command area of Thural lift irrigation scheme, block Bhawarna, Dist. Kangra)

Dutcher, J.D., 1985:
Impact of late season aphid control on pecan tree vigor parameters

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Impact of macroeconomic policy on future farm financial conditions

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Impact of market access on agricultural productivity in India

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Impact of mass trapping of Heliothis armigera and Spodoptera litura from cotton with sex pheromones

Anonymous, 1985:
Impact of mechanisation on small fishermen: analysis and case studies

Kherde, R.L.; Subramanian, R., 1986:
Impact of milk marketing through dairy cooperatives

Anonymous, 1985:
Impact of milk quotas

Anonymous, 1985:
Impact of minor irrigation on small and marginal farmers in Hazaribagh district (Bihar)

Qasem, M.A., 1984:
Impact of modern rice varieties in the Chiyabi Pilot Irrigation Scheme, Southern Province, Zambia

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Impact of natural enemies on the blackmargined pecan aphid, Monellia caryella (Homoptera: Aphidae)

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Impact of new staphylococcal species descriptions on mastitis research

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Impact of niacin and length of incubation on protein synthesis, soluble to total protein ratio and fermentative activity of ruminal microorganisms

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Impact of nutrition orientation to health guides on nutrition component of health guide scheme

Norton R.A.; Sillman D.Y., 1985:
Impact of oily waste application on the mite community of an arable soil

Hossain M.A.; Kumar A.; Ganguli N.G., 1986:
Impact of opioid administration on the compositional changes in milk and body tissues of lactating rabbits

Kasaju, P.; Manandhar, T.B., 1985:
Impact of parents' literacy on school enrolments and retention of children: the case of Nepal

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Impact of physiological research on the productivity of tropical and subtropical fruit trees

Hough, Wa, 1981:
Impact of prescribed fire on understory and forest floor nutrients

Naik, D.; Patnaik, S.C., 1984:
Impact of price changes on area, output and productivity of potato in Orissa

Pal, A.; Mazumder, N.R., 1985:
Impact of prices on area fluctuations of tobacco in West Bengal

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Impact of rainfall on the performance of SD 95481

Hathaway, D.O.; Tamaki, G.; Moffitt, H.R.; Burditt, A.K.J., 1985:
Impact of removal of males with sex-pheromone-baited traps on suppression of the peach-twig borer, Anarsia lineatella (Zeller)

Gowe, R.S., 1983:
Impact of research on future dairy production

Mendoza, Z.C., 1983:
Impact of rice price policy on food consumption and human nutrition at the village level

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Impact of rural development programme on rural women in Bhiwani district of Haryana

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Impact of rural electrification and infrastructure on agricultural changes, 1966-1980

Letey, J., 1984:
Impact of salinity on the development of soil science

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Impact of scouting information on pesticide application decisions: cotton in the San Joaquin Valley of California and lygus hesperus (Knight)

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Impact of seednut selection on heritability, genotypic and phenotypic correlations in arecanut

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Impact of selective use of the synthetic pyrethroid fenvalerate on apple pests and natural enemies in large-orchard trials

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Impact of six insecticide-based arthropod pest management strategies on pecan yield, quality, and return bloom under four irrigation/soil-fertility regimes

Giriappa, S., 1984:
Impact of social forestry and biogas plants in India

Rosado May, F.J.; Garcia Espinosa, R.; Gliessman, S.R., 1985:
Impact of soilborne plant pathogens on bean (Phaseolus vulgaris) cultivation in soil with different management practices in Chontalpa, Tabasco

Bhatia, M.S., 1984:
Impact of state agencies on the marketing of cotton in India

Balaraman, K.; Hoti, S.L., 1984:
Impact of storage period & temperature on the larvicidal activity of bacterial pesticide formulations

Sankhayan, P.L.; Singh, I.P., 1985:
Impact of surface and lift irrigation systems on the cropping pattern, income distribution and economic efficiency in the Punjab

Noga, G.J.; Bukovac, M.J., 1986:
Impact of surfactants on fruit quality of 'Schattenmorelle' sour cherries and 'Golden Delicious' apples

Harl, N.E., 1984:
Impact of tax policy on American agriculture

Balishter ; Chauhan, T.R., 1983:
Impact of technological change on factor shares in farm income

Ray, A.K.; Rangarao, I.V.; Attari, B.R., 1985:
Impact of technological changes on economic status of female labour

Bishnoi O.P.; Singh G.; Rao V.U., 1985 :
Impact of temperature and photoperiod on the growth rate of leaves of wheat and winter maize

Mallick, S.C., 1985:
Impact of tenancy legislation on agricultural productivity in Orissa

Bratusch-Marrain, P.R.; Waldhäusl, W.K., 1985:
Impact of the "early peak" of insulin secretion on glucose utilization in man

Chessman, B.C., 1986:
Impact of the 1983 wildfires on river water quality in East Gippsland, Victoria

Gelardi, R.C., 1982:
Impact of the Infant Formula Act on quality control

Miller, V.; Swaney, S.; Deinard, A., 1985:
Impact of the WIC program on the iron status of infants

Collins, RD.; Grafius, E., 1986:
Impact of the egg parasitoid, Anaphes sordidatus (Hymenoptera: Mymaridae), on the carrot weevil (Coleoptera: Curculionidae)

Heffernan, W.D.; Heffernan, J.B., 1986:
Impact of the farm crisis on rural families and communities

Miura, T.; Takahashi, RM.; Wilder, WH., 1984:
Impact of the mosquitofish (Gambusia affinis) on a rice field ecosystem when used as a mosquito control agent

Lacaz, C. da S., 1986:
Impact of the mycoses in Brazil

Dixon, J.M.S., 1986:
Impact of the mycoses in Canada and strategies for their control

Albornoz, M.B. de, 1986:
Impact of the mycoses in Venezuela and strategies for their control

Sone, K., 1986:
Impact of the pine needle gall midge, Thecodiplosis japonensis Uchida et Inouye (Diptera: Cecidomyiidae) on the growth of pine trees

Silva, J.G. da, 1986:
Impact of the private and public sectors on the development of agricultural technology in Brazil

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Impact of the timing of sprays on the incidence of bollworms and yield of seed cotton

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Impact of tourism on town revenues and public service costs in selected Delaware communities

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Impact of tracked and rubber-tired tractors on a forest soil

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Impact of tractor thinning operations on soils and tree roots in a karri forest, Western Australia

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Impact of trade and macroeconomic policies on agricultural growth: the South American experience

Lajo Lazo, M., 1982:
Impact of transnational agroindustry on the development of food and agriculture

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Impact of trap design and placement when monitoring for bandedwinged whitefly and the sweetpotato whitefly (Homoptera: Aleyrodidae)

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Impact of two myrmecine ants (Acromyrmex landolti and Solenopsis geminata) on the development of pastures in Guiana

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Impact of urbanisation on capital formation in agriculture - a micro level study in Ranchi, Bihar

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Impact of various schemes on village economy

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Impact of vegetation control on loblolly pine yield

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Impact of vitamin A supplementation on childhood mortality. A randomised controlled community trial

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Impact of water relations of vertisols on irrigation in Sudan (field studies on Gezira clays)

Mittal, J.P., 1985:
Impact of water stress on goat production under Indian arid zone

Kenchaiah, K., 1983:
Impact of weed control on yield and quality of sugarcane (Saccharum officinarum Linn.). grown in association with pulses as intercrops

Heitefuss, R., 1986:
Impact of weeds and weed control measures on criteria other than yields

Wicks, G.A.; Ramsel, R.E.; Nordquist, P.T.; Schmidt, J.W.; Challaiah, 1986 :
Impact of wheat cultivars on establishment and suppression of summer annual weeds

Burden, R.J., 1984:
Impact on groundwater of irrigated meatworks effluent

Jones, B.L.; Barry, P.J., 1986:
Impacts of Production Credit Association capitalization policies on borrowers' costs

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Impacts of agricultural microprojects on rural development. Lessons from two projects in the Zambezi Valley

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Impacts of available policy options on consumer welfare

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Impacts of budget restraint in United States' national parks and monuments

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Impacts of domestic tourism on host population: the evolution of a model

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Impacts of electric pricing structure on farm load management

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Impacts of farm policies and technology on the economic viability of Texas South High Plains cotton farmers

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Impacts of forest sector growth in Bruce County, Otago: a case study

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Impacts of grazing intensity and grazing systems on vegetation composition and production

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Impacts of grazing intensity and specialized grazing systems on livestock response

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Impacts of grazing intensity and specialized grazing systems on the use and value of rangeland: summary and recommendations

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Impacts of grazing intensity and specialized grazing systems on watershed characteristics and responses

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Impacts of grazing on wetlands and riparian habitat

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Impacts of grazing on wetlands and riparian habitat: a review of our knowledge

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Impacts of increased demand for fuelwood on other forest product markets

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Impacts of rate of hexazinone application on survival and growth of the loblolly pine

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Impacts of recreational activities on alpine vegetation in western North America

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Impacts on forest uses and values

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Impaired clotting ability of milk in dairy cows in the north of Scotland

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Impaired collagen maturity in the skin of vitamin B2 or B6 deficient rats

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Impaired fetal growth: definition and clinical diagnosis

Seeds, J.W., 1984:
Impaired fetal growth: ultrasonic evaluation and clinical management

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Impaired lipid clearance in patients with previous acute pancreatitis

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Impaired mitogen responses in lambs with white muscle disease

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Impaired nitrogen fraction and glutamine synthesis in methionine sulfoximine sensitive (MSs) mutants of Rhizobium phaseoli

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Impaired pancreatic polypeptide response to insulin hypoglycemia in obese subjects

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Impaired parathyroid hormone-stimulated adenosine 3',5'-monophosphate release by isolated perfused bones obtained from vitamin D-deficient rats

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Impaired suppressor activity in children affected by coeliac disease

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Impairment of lipid emulsion metabolism associated with carnitine insufficiency in premature infants

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Impairment of primary expulsion of Echinostoma revolutum in mice concurrently infected with Schistosoma mansoni

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Impairment of pulmonary homeostatic and antimicrobial defence mechanisms by infectious bovine rhinotracheitis and parainfluenza-3 virus infections

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Impairment of sympathetic pulmonary vasoconstriction by 3-methylindole in cattle

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Impedance of the tissues in grape vine and its frost resistance

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Impediments to change: is there an alternative farm policy?

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Impedometric changes in the vaginal tissue of cows in relation to reproductive events

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Imperata cylindrica in the highlands of northern Thailand: its productivity and status as a weed

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Imperatives of energy crisis of Indian agriculture. Proceedings, Seminar on rural energy: problem of crisis, 23rd-24th January 1985

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Imperfect transmission of policy prices

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Imperfections in our current knowledge of insect biology as related to their response to controlled atmospheres

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Imperfectly competitive equilibria in international commodity markets

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Impermanent initials of the shoot apex and diplontic selection in a juniper chimera

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Impermeable coatings from asphaltic paste concrete

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Implant trials with fattening beef cattle at Greenmount

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Implantation and injection of systemics to suppress seed and cone insects in Douglas fir in Montana

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Implantation blockage in the mouse by changes in the environment or pheromones. Prevention by prolactin and thioproperazine

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Implantation of intraocular silicone prostheses in dogs

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Implanting young bulls with zeranol from birth to four slaughter ages: I. Live measurements, behavior, masculinity and carcass characteristics

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Implanting young bulls with zeranol from birth to four slaughter ages: II. Carcass quality, palatability and muscle-collagen characteristics

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Implanting young bulls with zeranol from birth to four slaughter ages: III. Growth performance and endocrine aspects

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Implement design for lowland rice-based cropping systems

Godwin, R.J., 1985:
Implement/soil interactions: the effect of implement geometry on soil disturbance

Higgs, P.J., 1985:
Implementation of Adams' typical year for the agricultural sector in the ORANI 1977-78 data base

Panda, R.K., 1985:
Implementation of IRDP programme in Orissa

Kidd, F.A.; Miller, D.L., 1984:
Implementation of a regional herbicide data base

Lewer, R.P., 1984:
Implementation of a sire referencing scheme for Merino sheep in Western Australia

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Implementation of a urea-based NPK granulation plant in Malaysia

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Implementation of breeding programs in pigs at industry level - a scientist's view

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Implementation of farm management information systems. Proceedings of the 9th symposium of the European Association of Agricultural Economists (EAAE), November 4th-6th, 1985, Copenhagen, Denmark

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Implementation of fiber optics in advanced agriculture and farming robots

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Implementation of food distribution policies: a case study in south India

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Implementation of mechanization to small rice farms in Thailand

Anonymous, 1984:
Implementation of milk quotas in the German Federal Republic

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Implementation of price policies in developing countries

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Implementation of selection programs

Nicholas, F.W., 1984:
Implementation of selection programs at the herd level in dairy cattle

McPhee, C.P., 1984:
Implementation of selection programs in pigs at herd level - a scientist's viewpoint

Garnock, J.M., 1984:
Implementation of selection programs within the beef industry - a producer's viewpoint

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Implementation of selection schemes

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Implementation of urban fishing programs

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Implementation of wood gasifiers and their use within the project 'solar village Indonesia'

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Implementation policies and strategies for agricultural non-point pollution

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Implementing Ontarios Guidelines for using municipal sewage sludge in agriculture

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Implementing a program for biological control of water hyacinth, Eichhornia crassipes

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Implementing agricultural development policy in Kenya

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Implementing an agricultural mechanization computer aided instruction curriculum

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Implementing control of harvesting operations in north Queensland rainforests

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Implementing decentralization policies and programmes: a case study on RAPTI integrated rural development programme (Nepal)

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Implementing educational change: a critical review of the literature

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Implementing land use policy: a case study of the Conondale Range area

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Implementing public health policies in rural Thailand

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Implementing recreation integration: specific issues and practical solutions

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Implementing regional parks: the experience of Central Scotland. In: Regional parks for the West Midlands

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Implementing selection programs to concurrently improve wool production growth-rate, and lamb-rearing ability in Merinos

Stepanov, A.I., 1984:
Implementing the agricultural policy of the Soviet Communist Party

Olayide, S.O., 1984:
Implementing the national Green Revolution

Delabraze, P., 1983:
Implements adapted for chemical weed control applications in forests

Anonymous, 1985:
Implements for optimum seedbed preparation

Bussanich, M.N.; Rootman, J., 1985:
Implicating toxoplasmosis as the cause of ocular lesions

Bang, Y.H., 1985:
Implication in the control of malaria vectors with insecticides in tropical countries of South-East Asia Region. Part II - Consequences of insecticide use

Cameron, J.B., 1985:
Implications for my farming

Savell, K., 1986:
Implications for therapeutic recreation leisure-efficacy: theory and therapy programming

Williams, T.M., 1985:
Implications of a natural experiment in the developed world for research on television in the developing world

Barber, T.L.; Collisson, E.W., 1983:
Implications of a new bluetongue serotype for the U.S. livestock industry

Edwards, R.A., 1985:
Implications of agriculture's changing structure on the future of implement dealers

Peterson, E.W.F., 1986:
Implications of alternative methods for determining agricultural price and income supports

Mulcahy, D.L.; Mulcahy, G.B., 1983:
Implications of an alternative to the classical interpretation of gametophytic self-incompatibility

Moreira, I., 1983:
Implications of apical dominance of rhizomes in weed control

Keast, A., 1985:
Implications of chemosensory feeding in catfishes: an analysis of the diets of Ictalurus nebulosus and I. natalis

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Implications of complete watershed soil moisture measurements to hydrologic modeling

Modak, S., 1984:
Implications of diverse motives on farming

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Implications of electronic marketing for agriculture. (5 papers) In: Proceedings AAEA annual meeting, Ithaca, New York, 5-8 August 1984

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Implications of elemental characteristics of humic substances

Stier, J.C., 1985:
Implications of factor substitution, economies of scale, and technological change for the cost of production in the United States pulp and paper industry

Routhier, J.G., 1982:
Implications of full-tree harvesting for biomass recovery

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