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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 1387

Chapter 1387 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Zwatz, B., 1986:
Importance of maize diseases in Austria with special consideration of varietal resistance

Lakshmanan, K.K.; Rajendran, J.; Ravignanam, T., 1984:
Importance of mangroves - raw material function and role in environment

Purroy Unanua, A.; Martin Diaz, J.L.; Jurado Garcia, J.J.; Garcia Rodriguez, J.L., 1984:
Importance of manual stripping of milk in Churro ewes. Relationship between total yield and amount of strippings

Palgrave, D.A., 1985:
Importance of measuring physical properties in fluid fertilizers

Corte, G.; Mendonca, A. de, 1985:
Importance of meristem culture for rapid propagation of grape clones free of virus

Hambraeus, L., 1985:
Importance of milk proteins in human nutrition: physiological aspects

Tracz, H., 1980:
Importance of millipedes (Diplopoda) in the decomposition of organic remains in the forest environment

Paulino, V.T., 1984:
Importance of mineral nutrition in the efficiency of symbiotic nitrogen fixation by forage legumes in cerrado soil in Sao Paulo State

Mellerowicz, E.; Bonnet Masimbert, M., 1986:
Importance of moisture content of Douglas fir pollen used in controlled crosses

Welker, L.A., 1986:
Importance of monitoring acid development in Swiss-style yoghurt

Harvey, R.G.; Binning, L.K., 1984:
Importance of mourning doves in the spread of wild proso millet

Agarunova, Y.S.; Suteeva, T.G.; Novosil' tsev, G.I.; Gamburg, L.Y., 1985:
Importance of mycological examination for prevention of secondary candidosis in patients with various endocrine disorders

Gianinazzi Pearson, V., 1982:
Importance of mycorrhizas in nutrition and physiology of plants

Thurston, J.R.; Richard, J.L.; Reden, W.M., 1986:
Importance of mycotoxins as suppressors of immunity

Youyou, A.; Durand, G.; Pascal, G.; Dumont, O.; Piciotti, M.; Bourre, J.M., 1985:
Importance of n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids in the nervous system: a nutritional deficiency in linolenic acid (18:3 n-3) causes serious anomalies in the fatty acid composition of the brain cells and organelles, the speed of recovery of which is extremely slow

Slocombe, R.F.; Malark, J.; Ingersoll, R.; Derksen, F.J.; Robinson, N.E., 1985:
Importance of neutrophils in the pathogenesis of acute pneumonic pasteurellosis in calves

May, S.A.; Wyn Jones, G.; Peremans, K.Y., 1986:
Importance of oblique views in radiography of the equine limb

Kienholz, M.; Glockner, G.; Heidemann, S., 1986 :
Importance of oestradiol-17 beta for fertility in mares

David M.B.; Schindler S.C.; Mitchell M.J.; Strick J.E., 1983:
Importance of organic and inorganic sulfur to mineralization processes in a forest soil

Mitchell, M.J.; David, M.B.; Morgan, C.R., 1983:
Importance of organic sulfur constituents of forest soils and the role of the soil macrofauna in affecting sulfur flux and transformation

Valle, A., 1980:
Importance of percentage of black coat colour in Holstein-Friesians on adaptation. 1. Growth to 18 months

Valle, A.; Velazquez, J., 1980:
Importance of percentage of black coat colour in Holstein-Friesians on adaptation. 2. Grazing behaviour

Torok, I.; Farkas, B., 1986:
Importance of phagocytes and the T-lymphocyte system in the defence against Candida albicans infections (a review)

Gangwar, P.C., 1985:
Importance of photoperiod and wallowing in buffalo production

Ehlers, W., 1982:
Importance of physical properties of the soil for plant growth under modern agriculture

Archer, T.L.; Bynum, E.D.J.; Peterson, G.C., 1986:
Importance of plant senescence on grain sorghum resistance to the Banks grass mite (Acari: Tetranychidae)

Banks, H.J.; Annis, P.C., 1984:
Importance of processes of natural ventilation to fumigation and controlled atmosphere storage

Hilbert, R., 1985:
Importance of provenance research and tree breeding to achieve higher yields in South West Africa/Namibia

Uexkull, H.R. von, 1986:
Importance of quality control of chemical fertilizer in South-East Asian countries

Uexkull, H.R. von, 1984:
Importance of quality control of chemical fertilizer in southeast Asian countries

D.Pisani A.L., 1985:
Importance of rainfall oscillations in agricultural planning

Blechschmidt, J.; Blossfeld, O.; Fritzsching, H.; Engert, P., 1985:
Importance of raw wood quality for groundwood production

Zia, M.S., 1983:
Importance of recommended variety and recommended practices in increasing production of pearl millets (Pennisetum typhoideum)

Rao, N.M., 1985:
Importance of rendering and evaluation of rendered products in animal feed industry. 2

Castro, C.N.; Alves, M.T.; Macedo, V., 1983:
Importance of repeated xenodiagnosis for the evaluation of parasitaemia in the chronic phase of Chagas' disease

Kovacic, H.; Lackovic, M.; Majstorovic, S.; Branezac, N., 1985:
Importance of rooks (Corvus frugilegus) in the occurrence of Mycobacterium avium infection on pig farms

Delatour, C.; Guillaumin, J.J., 1985:
Importance of root and butt rots in temperate regions

Roggendorf, B.; Denzinger, P., 1985:
Importance of rural home economics advisory services within the framework of agricultural services; Development towards innovative advanced training systems in advisory services. An example from Baden-Wurttemberg

Hupp, B.M., 1983:
Importance of seed selection for Christmas tree production

Grey, W.E.; Mathre, D.E.; Hoffmann, J.A.; Powelson, R.L.; Fernandez, J.A., 1986:
Importance of seedborne Tilletia controversa for infection of winter wheat and its relationship to international commerce

Loszner, G., 1986:
Importance of shea butter as a foodstuff and industrial raw material

Legan, S.J.; I'Anson, H.; Fitzgerald, B.P.; Akaydin, M.S., 1985:
Importance of short luteal phases in the endocrine mechanism controlling initiation of estrous cycles in anestrous ewes

Goswami, P.C., 1985:
Importance of socio-economic factors and role of incentives in controlling shifting cultivation in northeast India

Bauchhenss, J., 1982:
Importance of soil animals for structure and layer formation

Smika, D.E., 1984:
Importance of soil characteristics on herbicide performance

Veeresh, G.K., 1985:
Importance of soil insect pests in relation to sorghum production

Aru, A., 1983:
Importance of soil studies for land use planning in suburban areas

Zaklukiewicz, K., 1983:
Importance of some factors in obtainment of potato plant meristems free from PVS and PVM

Surbrook, T.C.; Reese, N.D., 1985:
Importance of source elimination and adherence to the National Electrical Code

Vaissaire, J.; Plateau, E.; Laroche, M.; Mirial, G., 1985:
Importance of streptococci in reproductive disorders of the mare

Comerford, N.B.; Kidder, G.; Mollitor, A.V., 1984:
Importance of subsoil fertility to forest and non-forest plant nutrition

Tandon, H.L.S., 1985:
Importance of sulphur in Indian agriculture

Tabatabai, M.A., 1984:
Importance of sulphur in crop production

Kassem, N.E.B., 1983:
Importance of summer pruning for producing quality rootstock cuttings

Ricordeau, G.; Poivey, J.P.; Bodin, L.; Barillet, F.; Roussely, M., 1986:
Importance of testicular measurements of young males tested on individual performance for improvement of their daughters' prolificacy: application to the selection scheme on Lacaune milking breed

Labougle, J.M.; Paiva, M.R.S. de, 1983:
Importance of the Mexican Highlands as a secondary dispersal centre of insects

Lemaire, F.; Dartigues, A., 1984:
Importance of the NO3-N/NH4-N ratio in the nutrient solution for the production of cuttings by pelargonium mother plants

Tarasashvili, K.M.; Gvamicheva, N.E.; Kezeli, T.A.; Beridze, A.G., 1982:
Importance of the ascorbic acid/glutathione system in the frost resistance of grapevine

Kappel' , V. (Kappel, W); Tsiger, G. (Zieger, H), 1984:
Importance of the divergence of interchanged testers for successful international collaboration in breeding hybrid maize. I. Main principles and results obtained

Kappel' , V. (Kappel, W); Tsiger, G. (Zieger, H), 1984:
Importance of the divergence of interchanged testers for successful international collaboration in breeding hybrid maize. II. Methods of evaluating divergence

Walker, J.P.; Fujimura, M.; Sakamoto, T.; Greeley, G.H.; Townsend, C.M.; Thompson, J.C., 1985:
Importance of the ileum in neurotensin released by fat

Sebanek, J.; Prochazka, S., 1985:
Importance of the integration of plant physiology in practice

Devriese, L., 1986:
Importance of the intestinal bacterial flora of poultry. I. Salmonella and Campylobacter infections. II. Effects on intestinal function and artificial modification of the gut flora

Grun, E., 1984:
Importance of the lactoperoxidase-thiocyanate-peroxide system of milk for maintaining udder health and calf health

Hasselbach, W.; Dickler, E., 1984:
Importance of the leaf-roller Pandemis heparana Den. & Schiff. (Lep., Tortr.) in apple orchards. Biology - damage - control.

Koch, H.J.; Gerber, J., 1985:
Importance of the mountain ash as a cultivated fruit species

Podar, C.; Moldovan, M.; Stef, L., 1985:
Importance of the papilla system of the tongue in the fattening of young cattle

Edwards, A.V., 1986:
Importance of the pattern of neural discharge in alimentary function

Proshin, N.S., 1984:
Importance of the planting stock when establishing Scots pine plantations on felled areas

Schnug, E.; Franck, E. von, 1984:
Importance of the useful silicon effect for intensively cultivated crop plants

Penot, M., 1986:
Importance of the xylem in the nutrition of dodder

Ruiz, T., 1983:
Importance of tropical and subtropical pastures

Parry B.W.; Anderson G.A., 1984:
Importance of uniform cuff application for equine blood pressure measurement

Polanco, R.; Chavez, P.; Aramis, F.; Vrtiak, O.J.; Kapitancik, B., 1983:
Importance of vaccination in controlling eastern equine encephalomyelitis (EEE) in Cuba

Service, M.W., 1982:
Importance of vector ecology in vector disease control in Africa

Little, W.; Sansom, B.F.; Manston, R.; Allen, W.M., 1984:
Importance of water for the health and productivity of the dairy cow

Koeppel, H.D., 1983:
Importance, conservation, and tending of pollarded willows

Kennedy, D.W., 1986:
Importance-performance analysis in marketing and evaluating therapeutic recreation services

Barington, I., 1984:
Important Danish projects

Stuhec, I., 1985:
Important aspects of pig ethology

Vitvitskii, M.A., 1982:
Important character for selection in breeding spring wheat varieties resistant to Oscinella frit

Bedlan, G., 1984:
Important diseases of carrot

Medin, A.; Paparic, A.; Ljubicic, M., 1985:
Important economic characters in some peach and nectarine varieties at the Zadar Agricultural Research Complex

Dimov, Y.; Vangelov, K.; Stoikov, A.; Slanev, S.; Machev, M., 1984:
Important finishing performance and carcass traits of Camborough and Hypor hybrid pigs

Milovankic, M., 1985:
Important fruit characteristics in some sour cherry varieties

Kumar, C.S.K.V.; Anand, S.K., 1984:
Important fungi intercepted on imported seed materials during the year 1982

Rund, R.C., 1984 :
Important happenings at the international technical level

Crane, E.; Walker, P., 1985:
Important honeydew sources and their honeys

Wehmeyer, A.S.; Rose, E.F., 1983:
Important indigenous plants used in the Transkei as food supplements

Patel, R.C.; Vyas, H.N., 1984:
Important insect pests of fodder crops and their control measures

Freire, J.R.J., 1984:
Important limiting factors in soil for the Rhizobium-legume symbiosis

Duda, S., 1981:
Important pests of Scots pine within range of pollution from the Legnica-Gogow copper complex

Vasilenko, I.I., 1984:
Important problems - increasing grain production in strong and durum wheats

Wasserman, D.H.; Lickley, H.L.; Vranic, M., 1985:
Important role of glucagon during exercise in diabetic dogs

McArthur, E.D., 1983:
Important shrubs for wildland plantings, Compositae (Asteraceae)

Schlatter, J.E.; Gerding, V.R., 1984:
Important site factors for Pinus radiata growth in Chile

Roth, W. von; Roth, M. de los A.R. de von, 1986:
Important structural properties of Pinus durangensis Martinez

Chinchev, B., 1984:
Important trend in breeding work

Chiu, S.C.; Chen, B.H., 1985:
Importation and establishment of Tetrastichus brontispae, a parasitoid of the coconut beetle, in Taiwan

Correa, J.E.; Davis, I.; Ferguson, S., 1984:
Importation of NZ bovine frozen embryos to Chile

Tougaard, O., 1984:
Importation of cereal substitutes and their use in animal feedstuffs in the European Community

Pawar, A.D.; Gupta, M., 1984:
Importation of exotic phytophagous insects for the control of water hyacinth weed in India

Harten, A. van; Miranda, A.M.C., 1985:
Importation, rearing, release and recapture of parasites of pests in Cape Verde during the period March 1981-March 1983

Nikiforenko, V.I.; Teplova, E.I.; Sevost' yanov, A.Z.; Shchetinin, A.N., 1983:
Imported bovine babesiosis

Edrissian, G.H.; Shahabi, S.; Pishva, E.; Hajseyed-Javadi, J.; Khaleghian, B.; Ghorbani, M.; Emadi, A.M.; Afshar, A.; Saghari, H., 1986:
Imported cases of chloroquine-resistant falciparum malaria in Iran

Anonymous, 1984:
Imported fire ant (Solenopsis spp.) (Hymenoptera: Formicidae)

Bloom, F.L.; DelMastro, P.R., 1984:
Imported fire ant death. A documented case report

Pividal Grana, J.; Rodriguez Fernandez, T.; Perez Ramos, E.; Ramos Garcia, A.; Galvez Oviedo, M.D., 1984:
Imported intestinal parasitism

Walton, C., 1985:
Imported malaria in Britain

Campbell, H., 1985:
Imported malaria in Britain: survey of British residents travelling to areas in which malaria is endemic

Pinilla Moraza, J.; San Martin Aparicio, M.C.; Ramirez Herrero, M.A.; Ruiz Arzallus, M.V.; Serra Mir, A.; Zubillaga Garmendia, G., 1985:
Imported malaria in Guipuzcoa. Report of 21 cases

Hira, P.R.; Behbehani, K.; A.K.ndari, S., 1985:
Imported malaria in Kuwait

Naji, M.; Omari, M.; E.M.llouki, W.; Agoumi, A.; Benmansour, N.; Baaj, A.; Nejmi, S., 1985:
Imported malaria in Morocco (140 cases)

Jost, S., 1985:
Imported versus domestic wheat

Karacukhov, V.K., 1983:
Imported, exotic diseases encountered in the practices of physicians and parasitologists

Anonymous, 1985:
Imports of blockboard

Anonymous, 1985:
Imports of oak sawn timber

Anonymous, 1985 :
Imports of plywood

Coudert, J., 1985:
Imports of rice into the Middle East market levelling off

Gunkel, K., 1985:
Imports of softwood sawn timber to West Germany

Anonymous, 1985:
Imports of tropical logs

Anonymous, 1985:
Imports of tropical sawn timber

Selden, M., 1983:
Imposed collectivization and the crisis of agrarian development in the socialist states

Harrell Bond, B.E., 1986:
Imposing aid. Emergency assistance to refugees

Curtis, W.R., 1985:
Impoundments on mined mountaintops in eastern Kentucky

Kahn, S.N.; Strony, L.P., 1986:
Imprecision of quantification of serum protein fractions by electrophoresis on cellulose acetate

Curtis, C.F.; Lines, J.D., 1985:
Impregnated fabrics against malaria mosquitoes

Schrader, L., 1985:
Impregnation of Norway spruce sawn timber with fire retardant salts

Rai, R.S.; Lal, P.; Srivastava, P.K., 1985 :
Impregnation of jute bag with insecticides for protecting stored food grains: I. Preliminary studies on the efficacy of some safe organophosphatic insecticides

Rai, R.S.; Lal, P.; Srivastava, P.K., 1985:
Impregnation of jute bags with insecticides for protecting stored food grains: II. Comparative efficacy of some safe organophosphatic insecticides

Jim, C.Y., 1985:
Impregnation of moist and dry unconsolidated clay samples using spurr resin for microstructural studies

Boubals, D., 1985:
Impressions of Chinese viticulture

Cheema, S.S.; Kler, D.S.; Grewal, D.S., 1985:
Improve wheat yields through bi-directional sowing

Frede, E., 1986:
Improved HPLC of triglycerides by special tempering procedures

Vladimirov, I.; Vassiliev, A.; Kenov, P., 1985:
Improved Rhodope cattle

Lie, O.; Syed, M.; Solbu, H., 1986:
Improved agar plate assays of bovine lysozyme and haemolytic complement activity

Zwart, K.B.; Gijzen, H.J.; Vogels, G.D., 1985:
Improved anaerobic conversion of lignocellulosic waste using rumen microorganisms

McKenzie, D.W., 1984:
Improved and new water pumping windmills

Ikeda, S.; Suzuki, T.; Kanoh, T.; Mizoguchi, I., 1985:
Improved and simplified method for the spectrophotometric determination of urinary hydroxyproline

Mainul Hussain, A.A.; Farouk, S.M.; Sarker, N.N., 1985:
Improved animal-drawn moldboard plough utilizing available draft power

Anonymous, 1986:
Improved aphid resistant cowpeas

Jollands, P.; Jollands, P., 1984:
Improved application methods for chemical control of black pod disease (Phytophthora palmivora) in redeveloped cocoa in Papua, New Guinea

Tisler, B., 1984:
Improved application techniques in bush crops to reduce environmental pollution

Rice, RE.; Johnson, TW.; Profita, JC.; Jones, RA., 1984:
Improved attractant for navel orangeworm (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae) egg traps in almonds

Mattila, T.; Sandholm, M., 1985:
Improved bacterial growth in whey as a marker of mastitis

Asinari di San Marzano, C.M.; Binot, R.; Bruyn, M. de; Delafontaine, M.; Fripiat, J.L.; Ibrahim, A.I.; Naveau, H.P.; Nyns, E.J., 1981:
Improved biomethanation to face waste variety and new findings in microbiology or biochemistry, alternative technologies for energy recovery

Panasenko, I.P.; Gospadinova, V.I.; Terpogosov, V.A.; Kislyak, A.A.; Prudnikova, T.N., 1984:
Improved calculation of rice milling yield

Mongiello, A. (USA), 1986:
Improved cheese manufacturing method and apparatus

Anonymous, 1984 :
Improved chulhas (cookstoves). (Special issue)

Bai, Q.Y.; Liu, C.W., 1985:
Improved cleanup for gas chromatographic determination of propiconazole residues in soil, wheat grain, straw, and leaves

Ferguson-Foos, J.; Warren, J.D., 1984:
Improved cleanup for liquid chromatographic analysis and fluorescence detection of aflatoxins M1 and M2 in fluid milk products

Kindstedt P.S.; Kosikowski F.V., 1985:
Improved complexometric determination of calcium in cheese

Rao, A.R.; Rao, K.S., 1984:
Improved conception rate in buffaloes after administration of Receptal

Chee, K.H., 1984:
Improved control of South American leaf blight of Hevea in Brazil

Turner, D.J., 1985:
Improved control of Stellaria media (L.) Vill in leys with Trifolium repens, using bentazone and benazolin with additives

Gibson, R.W.; Cayley, G.R., 1984:
Improved control of potato virus Y by mineral oil plus the pyrethroid cypermethrin applied electrostatically

Frankenhuyzen, A. van, 1986:
Improved control of the holly fly (Phytomyza ilicis)

Lee, Y.C.; Shin, D.B.; Shin, D.W., 1983:
Improved cooking methods for dry beans and their effects on quality of cooked products

Moorhead, K.K.; McLean, E.O., 1985 :
Improved corrective fertilizer recommendations based on two-step alternative usage of soil tests: 4. Studies of field plot samples

Hirsch, P., 1984:
Improved crop plant productivity through genetic manipulation of mycorrhizal fungi?

Traficante, D., 1984:
Improved cryogenic production of ammonia synthesis gas

McClure, S.; Custer, E.; Bessman, J.D., 1985:
Improved detection of early iron deficiency in nonanemic subjects

Ebrecht, A., 1985:
Improved detection of inhibitors in milk. I. Reduction test with Brilliant Black without preliminary diffusion using a new Enterotox test plate

Sutphin, J.E.; Robinson, N.M.; Wilhelmus, K.R.; Osato, M.S., 1986:
Improved detection of oculomycoses using induced fluorescence with Cellufluor

Baboo, B., 1985:
Improved device to prevent buckling of coconut bunches

Parfrey, N.A., 1986:
Improved diagnosis and prognosis of mucormycosis. A clinicopathologic study of 33 cases

Kawaguchi, Y.; Yanagida, N.; Uozumi, T.; Beppu, T., 1986:
Improved direct expression of prochymosin cDNA through changing the SD-ATG codon length

Choudhri, D.; Joshi, H.C., 1985:
Improved disc harrow with solid shaft and casehardened bush bearings

Edfors Lilja, I., 1986 :
Improved disease resistance in pigs by exploitation of genetic variation in immune defences

Axelrod, H.; Mulla, M.S.; Wargo, M.J., 1984:
Improved efficacy of attractant-toxicant baits against Hippelates eye gnats

Nokoe, S.; Kozak, A., 1981:
Improved efficiency in weight scaling operations through post-stratification techniques

Foulger, D.; Jones, M.G., 1986:
Improved efficiency of genotype-dependent regeneration from protoplasts of important potato cultivars

Guri, A.; Izhar, S., 1984:
Improved efficiency of plant regeneration from protoplasts of eggplant Solanum melongena L

Dunn, J.R.; Hirsch, M.; Tobias, R.F., 1984:
Improved energy management in cotton farming

Benson, D.M., 1984:
Improved enumeration of Trichoderma spp. on dilution plates of selective media containing a nonionic surfactant

Hafez,, E.; Zedan, M.H.mmad, H.S.rour, A.; El-Desouky, E.; Gamil, N., 1986:
Improved erythrocyte survival with combined vitamin E and selenium therapy in children with glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency and mild chronic hemolysis

Webster, R.; Nortcliff, S., 1984:
Improved estimate of micro nutrients in hectare plots of the Sonning Series

Makhaev, E.; Kolen' ko, E.; Eskin, G., 1984:
Improved feed mixtures for rearing and finishing pigs

Bird, TG.; Hedin, PA., 1986:
Improved feeding bioassay for the boll weevil (Coleoptera: Curculionidae)

Bodie, E.A.; Schwartz, R.D.; Anderson, T.M. (USA), 1985:
Improved fermentation process

Mcclure T.J.; Eamens G.J.; Healy P.J., 1986:
Improved fertility in dairy cows after treatment with selenium pellets

Hampaiah, R., 1981:
Improved forage forestry systems for semi-arid regions of India with special reference to Bundelkhand region

Kao, K.N.; Saleem, M., 1986:
Improved fusion of mesophyll and cotyledon protoplasts with PEG and high pH-Ca2+ solutions

Terhune, S.J.; Nguyen, N.V.; Baxter, J.A.; Pryde, D.H.; Qureshi, S.A., 1984:
Improved gas chromatographic method for quantitation of deoxynivalenol in wheat, corn, and feed

Harpaz, S.; Schmalbach, E.A., 1986:
Improved growth and health of the Malaysian prawn, Macrobrachium rosenbergii, by addition of fresh leaves to the artificial diet

Strife, C.F.; Quinlan, M.; Mears, K.; Davey, M.L.; Clardy, C., 1986:
Improved growth of three uremic children by nocturnal nasogastric feedings

Dunham, R.A.; Smitherman, R.O., 1985:
Improved growth rate, reproductive performance, and disease resistance of crossbred and selected catfish from AU-M and AU-K lines

Kraatz, D.; Stoutjesdijk, J., 1984:
Improved headworks for reduced sediment intake

Mandel, S.W.; Beers, D.G. (USA), 1985:
Improved heat exchange device for a frozen food product maker

Cunningham, R.L.; Carr, M.E.; Bagby, M.O., 1986:
Improved hemicellulose recovery from wheat straw

Panov, A.A., 1985:
Improved high-moisture grain drying

Clark, E.M.; White, J.F.; Patterson, R.M., 1983:
Improved histochemical techniqued for the detection of Acremonium coenophialum in tall fescue and methods of in vitro culture of the fungus

Owen, R.R., 1985:
Improved in vitro determination of the viability of Taenia saginata embryos

Sowbhagya, C.M.; Ramesh, B.S.; Bhattacharya, K.R., 1984:
Improved indices for dimensional classification of rice

Lowdermilk, M.K., 1985:
Improved irrigation management: why involve farmers?

Sato, W.; Kamata, Y.; Fukuda, M.; Yamauchi, F., 1984:
Improved isolation method and some properties of soybean gamma-conglycinin

Kadyrov, N.T.; Koishubaeva, Z.A., 1985:
Improved larvoscopic diagnosis of strongyle infections

Ashoor, S.H.; Knox, M.J.; Olsen, J.R.; Deger, D.A., 1985:
Improved liquid chromatographic determination of riboflavin in milk and dairy products

Geeson, J., 1984:
Improved long-term storage of winter white cabbage and carrots

Randall, G.W., 1986:
Improved management can alleviate groundwater pollution

Bulygin, Y.E., 1985:
Improved mathematical model for integrated evaluation of ecotypes of woody species

Matalon, M.E.; Sandine, W.E., 1986:
Improved media for differentiation of rods and cocci in yogurt

Krausse, R., 1986:
Improved metering and application of slurry with tankers

Zboralski, U.; Dorn, K., 1985:
Improved method for Processed cheese

Hermanns, W.; Korting, W., 1985:
Improved method for detecting whirling disease (Myxosoma cerebralis infection) in rainbow trout

Yomota, C.; Toyoda, M.; Ito, Y.; Harada, M., 1984:
Improved method for determination of sodium carboxymethylcellulose in foods

Gardiner M A.; Peace D.M., 1986:
Improved method for extraction of filth from cheese

Vandeweerd, V., 1986:
Improved method for isolating Trypanosoma congolense from mice

George, G.; Brussow, K.P.; Bergfeld, J., 1985 :
Improved method for repetitive low-stress blood sampling in swine

Choi, J.E.; Lee, D.K.; Seo, J.H.; Bae, S.H., 1985:
Improved method for screening rice cultivars with field resistance to bacterial leaf blight

Harbison, G.S.; Griffin, R.G., 1984:
Improved method for the synthesis of phosphatidylcholines

Fokin, V.A., 1985:
Improved method of calculating the true social-economical effectiveness of new logging technology

Miwa, H.; Yamamoto, M., 1986:
Improved method of determination of biologically important C10:0-C22:6 fatty acids as their 2-nitrophenylhydrazides by reversed-phase high-performance liquid chromatography

Os, P. van; Berg, D. v d; Warmenhoven, M., 1985:
Improved method of gerbera raising for rockwool culture

Das, P.; Narain, L.; Dutta, G.P.; Pal, S.; Pal, S.C., 1985:
Improved method of producing amoebic liver abscesses in hamsters for screening of systematically active amoebicides

Mazol' , E.P., 1983:
Improved method of sanitary treatment of milking installations

Shubin, G.S., 1985:
Improved methods for calculating the duration of seasoning of lumber

Seifert K.; Dominok B.; Dominok G.W., 1986:
Improved methods for determination of fluoride in biological materials

Johansson, L., 1986 :
Improved methods for induction of embryogenesis in anther cultures of Solanum tuberosum

Love, S.L.; Rhodes, B.B., 1985:
Improved methods for meristem culture of sweet potatoes

Nilakhe, S.S., 1985:
Improved methods for obtaining spittlebug nymphs and expected yields

Grabovets, A.I., 1983:
Improved methods of evaluating frost resistance and winter hardiness in plants

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Improved methods of greenhouse evaporative cooling

Zavanella, M.; Aureli, P.; Ferrini, A.M., 1986:
Improved microbiological method for the detection of antimicrobial residues in meat

Cohn, S.H.; Vaswani, A.N.; Yasumura, S.; Yuen, K.; Ellis, K.J., 1984:
Improved models for determination of body fat by in vivo neutron activation

Vercellio, A.M. (France), 1984:
Improved moulded plastic tray for ripening cheese

Sokol, R.J.; Guggenheim, M.A.; Iannaccone, S.T.; Barkhaus, P.E.; Miller, C.; Silverman, A.; Balistreri, W.F.; Heubi, J.E., 1985:
Improved neurologic function after long-term correction of vitamin E deficiency in children with chronic cholestasis

Yadav, R.P.; Yadav, D.V.; Khanna, S.S., 1984:
Improved nodulation and nitrogen fixation in berseem with the application of cobalt and phosphorus

Lal, H., 1986:
Improved nomographs for estimating efficiency and capacity of agricultural field operations

Kailasapathy, K.; Perera, P.A.J.; Macneil, J.H., 1985:
Improved nutritional value in wheat bread by fortification with full-fat winged bean flour (Psophocarpus tetragonolobus L.DC)

Santakumari M.; Reddy C.R., 1984:
Improved nutritive value of sorghum fodder with dalapon

Davis, F.M.; Oswalt, T.G.; Ng, S.S., 1985:
Improved oviposition and egg collection system for the fall armyworm (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae)

Jofs, J.E. (Finland), 1985:
Improved packaging material

Lawrie, J.; Gunness, A., 1985:
Improved pasture on mined land at Weipa

Matthew C.; Chu A.C.P.; Korte C.J., 1986:
Improved pasture response to nitrogen applied in winter after application of urea in autumn

Stove, G.C., 1984:
Improved peatland classification using principal components analysis based on synthetic variables: a remote sensing methodology for peat resource surveys in Scotland

Raese, J.T., 1986:
Improved performance of bearing 'Delicious' apple trees with nitrogen and phosphate fertilization in a low-phosphorus soil

Bishop, N.G.; Field, R.J., 1983:
Improved performance of glyphosate in the full season control of perennial ryegrass

Mladenov, I.; Dichosky, N., 1985:
Improved plastics films for agriculture

Inman, J.W.; Greathead, A.S.; Lenker, D.; Agamalian, H.S., 1984:
Improved plow design for soil borne disease control

Batchelar, M.L., 1984:
Improved plywood gussets for timber portal frames

Friestad, H.O.; Brønstad, J.O., 1985:
Improved polarographic method for determination of glyphosate herbicide in crops, soil, and water

Hochstadt, J., 1985:
Improved pollination P.E.I. honey bees

Ojha, T.P., 1984:
Improved post-harvest technology to maximize yield and minimize quantitative and qualitative losses

Britsch L.; Grisebach H., 1985:
Improved preparation and assay of chalcone synthase

Yang, R.T.; Cen, P.L., 1986:
Improved pressure swing adsorption processes for gas separation: by heat exchange between adsorbers and by high-heat-capacity inert additives

Bietz, J.A.; Cobb, L.A., 1985:
Improved procedures for rapid wheat varietal identification by reversed-phase high-performance liquid chromatography of gliadin

Fuderer, A., 1984:
Improved process and apparatus for the production of ammonia

Snidaro, M., 1985:
Improved production methods as a means of improving results with barley

Gupta, R., 1984:
Improved production methods for opium poppy

Howard, B., 1984:
Improved production of summer-budded ornamental trees

Newell, A., 1986:
Improved production with new plastics and fabrics

Spellerberg, B., 1985:
Improved propagation of difficult-to-root deciduous shrubs. I. Influence of the climate on composition and further growth of rooted cuttings

Spellerberg, B., 1986:
Improved propagation of difficult-to-root deciduous shrubs. II. Planting date and treatments promoting shoot growth performance and subsequent overwintering of rooted cuttings

Pathak, P.; Mitranda, S.M.; E.S.aify, S.A., 1985:
Improved rainfed farming for semiarid tropics - implications for soil and water conservation

Robinson, S.P., 1986:
Improved rates of CO2-fixation by intact chloroplasts isolated in media with KCl as the osmoticum

Muller, B., 1986:
Improved raw material utilization in dairies on the basis of interplant comparison and linear programming

Elsey, KD.; McFadden, TL.; Cuthbert, RB., 1984:
Improved rearing system for pickleworm and melonworm (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae)

Lepage, G.; Roy, C.C., 1984:
Improved recovery of fatty acid through direct transesterification without prior extraction or purification

Young I.M.; Anderson D.B., 1986:
Improved reproductive performance from dairy cows treated with dinoprost tromethamine soon after calving

Khush, G.S., 1985:
Improved rice varieties in retrospect and prospect

Lee, T.S.; Bacchi, O.O., 1984:
Improved rooting of differentiated shoots from sugarcane callus tissue

Aumont, G.; Tressol, J.C., 1986:
Improved routine method for the determination of total iodine in urine and milk

Zolty, A., 1986:
Improved seeds in Africa

Holtzclaw K.M.; Sposito G.; Rhoades J.D., 1986:
Improved selective dissolution method for determining calcite and dolomite in soils

Aufy, S.; Kilvington, S.; Mann, P.G.; Warhurst, D.C., 1986:
Improved selective isolation of Naegleria fowleri from the environment

Gould, W.D.; Hagedorn, C.; Bardinelli, T.R.; Sablotowicz, R.M., 1986:
Improved selective media for enumeration and recovery of fluorescent pseudomonads from soil

Wentzel, D., 1986:
Improved small stock production - collaboration between scientist and producer

Stuart, D.A.; Strickland, S.G.; Nichol, J.W.; McCall, C.M., 1984:
Improved somatic embryogenesis from cell cultures of alfalfa

Lukola, A.; Sundqvist, C., 1984:
Improved sperm counts in mink males treated with clomiphene citrate

Sherman D.; Shinnar N.; Lelyveld Y.; Kraicer P.F., 1984:
Improved survival of zygotes in superovulated rats following surgical or pharmacological block of ovarian steroid secretion

Carter, E.P.; Barrett, A.D.; Heeley, A.F.; Kuzemko, J.A., 1984:
Improved sweat test method for the diagnosis of cystic fibrosis

Manabe, Y.; Minamikawa, J.I.; Otsubo, J.I.; Tamaki, Y., 1985:
Improved synthesis of 14-methyl-1-octadecene, the sex pheromone of the peach leafminer moth

Golushko, V.; Shkunkova, Yu, 1984:
Improved system of feeding pigs

Singh, T.P., 1985:
Improved technique for chromosome study in some members of Labiatae

Zarling, E.J.; Ruchim, M.A.; Makino, D., 1986:
Improved technique for measuring fecal energy loss in normal and malabsorbing humans

Smith J.D.; Hamilton T.F., 1984:
Improved technique for recovery and measurement of polonium-210 from environmental materials

Melakeberhan, H.; Webster, J.M.; Brooke, R.C., 1984:
Improved techniques for measuring the CO2 exchange rate of Meloidogyne infected bean plants

Parrott, WL.; Mulrooney, JE.; Jenkins, JN.; McCarty, J.C.; Jr., 1986:
Improved techniques for production of tobacco budworm (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) eggs

Blomquist, G.; Palmgren, U.; Ström, G., 1984:
Improved techniques for sampling airborne fungal particles in highly contaminated environments

Stevens, Y., 1985:
Improved technologies for rural women: problems and prospects in Sierra Leone

Randhawa, K.S., 1984:
Improved technology for higher pea seed production

Romanenko, V.N.; Seleznev, V.A.; Andreeva, T.V.; Mikhailenko, L.K., 1983:
Improved technology for potato starch manufacture

Gupta, B.K.; Sinha, A.K.; Das, B.C., 1986:
Improved technology for sericulture in West Bengal

Umrani N.K.; Patil C.B., 1985:
Improved technology in bajra production under different environmental situations

Rao, K.A., 1984:
Improved tobacco varieties

Stayner, R.M., 1985:
Improved tractor and machine performance from better ride

Gary, NE.; Lorenzen, K., 1984:
Improved trap to recover dead and abnormal honey bees (Hymenoptera: Apidae) from hives

Phair, W.E.; Ellmore, G.S., 1984:
Improved trunk injection for control of Dutch elm disease

Wang, Y.S.; Hershman, J.M.; Pekary, A.E., 1985:
Improved ultrafiltration method for simultaneous measurement of free thyroxin and free triiodothyronine in serum

Yazaki, Y., 1985:
Improved ultrafiltration of extracts from Pinus radiata bark

Zehler, H., 1983:
Improved utilization of the land and forest resource - examples from the 'Dubener Heide' State Forest Enterprise

Barabas, J., 1985:
Improved utilization of whey for feeding purposes

Nayar, G.G.; Jos, J.S.; Bai, K.V., 1984:
Improved varieties of cassava and sweet potato

Manjhi, S., 1986:
Improved varieties of soybean

Anonymous, 1984:
Improved village technology for women's activities. A manual for West Africa

Graph, S.; Herzlinger, G.; Kleifeld, Y.; Bargutti, A., 1985:
Improved weed control in corn

Thibodeaux, D.P., 1984:
Improved wet method for measuring microdust in cotton

Baldwin, S.; Geller, H.; Dutt, G.; Ravindranath, N.H., 1985:
Improved woodburning cookstoves: signs of success

Wallin, A.; Welander, M., 1985 :
Improved yield of apple leaf protoplasts from in vitro cultured shoots by using very young leaves and adding L-methionine to the shoot medium

Yang, P.Y.; Chou, C.Y.; Wong, Y.T.; Dwyer, M.A., 1985:
Improved-anaerobic treatment of highly concentrated and diluted swine wastewater in the tropics

Knight, W.E., 1985:
Improvement and culture of Trifolium species for Mississippi

Randle, W.M.; Davis, D.W.; Groth, J.V., 1984:
Improvement and genetic control of partial resistance in sweet corn to corn leaf rust

Hawk, H.W.; Cooper, B.S., 1984:
Improvement by ergonovine of sperm transport, fertilization and pregnancy rates in ewes in natural or prostaglandin-induced estrus

Krishnappa, H.P., 1982:
Improvement fellings and regeneration of hardwood in deciduous forests - Sargod method

Thulke, H.G., 1984:
Improvement in breeding progress for wool production through using earlier performance information

Christensson, K., 1985:
Improvement in butter consistency by addition of rape cake supplement to concentrated fodder

Loevinsohn B.P.; Loevinsohn M.E., 1986:
Improvement in coverage of primary health care in a developing country through use of food incentives

Kretschmer, M., 1985:
Improvement in field germination of onions using an artificial dispersion agent

Hendriks, A.G.M.; Janse, J., 1985:
Improvement in flavour required in tomato

Ricci, M.; Pozio, E.; Gramiccia, M.; Gradoni, L., 1981:
Improvement in hygienic and socio-economic conditions and changes in human intestinal parasitism. A representative case: Rofrano. Part I. The current state of human intestinal parasitisim in Rofrano

Sen, H.S.; Bandyopadhyay, A.K., 1984:
Improvement in leaching efficiency of a silty clay loam soil through application of sand

Poonia, J.S.; Singh, B.; Balaine, D.S., 1986:
Improvement in preweaning body weights and fleece quality in crossbred lambs: a note

Zimovets' , V.N.; Moskovko, I.M., 1985:
Improvement in purchase prices and the profitability of farm production

Torok, E.; Vamos, E.; Gati, G.; Keszthelyi, K., 1984:
Improvement in the combustion technological efficiency and corrosion of crop dryers using ash-free additives

Murga Carazo, J., 1984:
Improvement in the commercial quality of the Limonera pear

Murga Carazo, J., 1984:
Improvement in the commercial quality of the Spanish almond

Ramazanov, V.T., 1984:
Improvement in the control of hydatidosis on sheep farms in Kazakhstan

Luczynski, M., 1984:
Improvement in the efficiency of stocking lakes with larvae of Coregonus albula L. by delaying hatching

Dendrinos, P.; Dewan, S.; Thorpe, J.P., 1984:
Improvement in the feeding efficiency of larval, post larval and juvenile Dover sole (Solea solea L.) by the use of staining to improve the visibility of Artemia used as food

Gelder, A. de; Reijnders, M.A.C., 1985:
Improvement in the range of gerberas is difficult to achieve

Ryabko, V.M.; Gorlov, A.I.; Geidt, M.I.; Solov' ev, I.V.; Krylova, L.F.; Gerasimenko, T.G., 1986:
Improvement in the selection of superior genotypes in pig breeding

Waddington, S.R.; Ransom, J.K.; Osmanzai, M.; Saunders, D.A., 1986:
Improvement in the yield potential of bread wheat adapted to northwest Mexico

Ching Chen; Lu, C.C.; Chan, I.P.; Lin, T.C.; Chou, K.T.; Lai, J.S.; Wu, K.T.; Chang, T.G.; Li, C.L.; Lin, S.T.; Chen, K.N., 1985:
Improvement in vaccine production and its field application for the control of Colibacillosis in swine

Efimenko, M.Ya, 1986:
Improvement of Black Pied cattle

Kole, C. (Chittranjan Kole), 1985:
Improvement of Cymbopogon winterianus Jowitt through mutagenesis

Burkat, V.P.; Khavruk, A.F., 1986:
Improvement of Simmental cattle

Nawar, A.A., 1985:
Improvement of a composite variety of maize by recurrent selection method based on general combination ability

Chak"rov, R., 1985:
Improvement of a degraded sown pasture by undersowing legumes

Hakim, L.; Azam, M.A.; Miah, A.J.; Mansur, M.A., 1985:
Improvement of a local rice cultivar through induced mutation

Kuritsyn, Y.D.; Sokolov, D.I., 1984:
Improvement of a measuring device for milk reception

Anonymous, 1984:
Improvement of agricultural research management in Cameroon

Semenova, T.A., 1985:
Improvement of ammonia production catalysts - the basis of intensification of large ammonia plants

Brabenec, V., 1984:
Improvement of an objective classification of farms using aggregated criteria of evaluation

Parent, R.; Alogninouwa, T., 1984:
Improvement of animal productivity in the tropics. Systematic treatment of pregnant cows with ivermectin in the months before calving

Ninkovski, I.; Jankovic, D.; Petrovic, D., 1984:
Improvement of apple quality by chemical thinning of fruits in Golden Delicious orchards

Wu, M.C.; Chen, S.Y.; Yeh, T.P.; Hsieh, T.C., 1985:
Improvement of baby pig performance and sow productivity by fractional early weaning

Astrup H.N., 1985:
Improvement of bacon quality of pigs after addition of hydrogenated marine animal oil to feed

Matsukawa, T.; Wada, Y., 1983:
Improvement of beef cattle by nucleus breeding system

Romita, A.; Gigli, S.; Borghese, A.; Malossini, F.; Pilla, A.M.; Celso, P.M. di, 1985:
Improvement of beef performances in dairy herd by crossbreeding

Pilley, O.; Allaume, P.; Allain, D., 1986:
Improvement of black mink fecundity by using a nutritional supplement

Krivitzky, A.; Gibelin, B.; Delzant, G., 1986:
Improvement of blood glucose in obese diabetics receiving weekday nutritional care in hospital

Scholtyssek, S.; Swierczewska, E.; Szymkiewicz, M., 1985:
Improvement of broiler rations with domestic Polish feed components. (First report: reduced protein and replacement of corn)

Scholtyssek, S.; Landfried, K.E.; Swierczewska, E., 1986:
Improvement of broiler rations with domestic Polish feed components. 2. The feeding value of triticale for broilers

Jabur, H.A.; A.F.yadh, M.H., 1984:
Improvement of buffalo milk cheese ripening by the utilization of dry sweet whey. I. Organoleptic evaluation

Jabur, H.A.; A.F.yadh, M.H., 1985:
Improvement of buffalo milk cheese ripening by the utilization of dry sweet whey. II. Composition and pH

Jabur, H.A.; A.F.yadh, M.H., 1986:
Improvement of buffalo milk cheese ripening by the utilization of dry sweet whey. III. Rate of protein hydrolysis

Fernandez, H.A.; Cisale, H.; Aisen, E.G., 1985:
Improvement of bull semen by means of Sephadex filtration

Temisan, V.; Augustini, C.; Scheper, J., 1986:
Improvement of carcass quality in cattle. 1. Possibilities and limits

Temisan, V.; Augustini, C.; Scheper, J., 1986:
Improvement of carcass quality in cattle. 2. Production and technical measures

Shakoor, A.; Njuguna, G.M.; Kiarie, A.W.; Waite, B.H., 1984:
Improvement of cassava for dry areas of Kenya and control of CMD through resistant varieties

Hamissa, F.A.; Ismaell, A.A., 1984:
Improvement of cellulase production by Trichoderma viride 253

Tsay, H.S., 1986:
Improvement of cereal crops through anther culture

Hubert, M., 1983:
Improvement of coppice by intensive reservations of standards

Shakoor, A.; Ngugi, E.C.K.; Muthoka, M.S.; Kamau, J.W., 1984:
Improvement of cowpea varieties for dry areas in Kenya

Iskakbaev, B.B., 1986:
Improvement of cows of the Aulie-Ata breed

Golosov, V.A., 1985:
Improvement of designs for dairy farms

Anonymous, 1985:
Improvement of development data and of methods of analysis and monitoring

Syed, M.; Nesse, L.L.; Lie, O., 1986:
Improvement of disease resistance in domestic livestock by means of modern biotechnology

Anonymous, 1982:
Improvement of drying techniques in the dairy industry

Songailene, A.; Varlakene, I.; Shuopite, O., 1985:
Improvement of fattening and carcass characters in Lithuanian White pigs by using boars of lean-type breeds

Palmer, E., 1984:
Improvement of fecundity in horses

Summermatter, P.; Gaillard, C., 1986:
Improvement of fertility by means of keeping a record of oestrus

Forster, M., 1982:
Improvement of fertility monitoring by means of chromosome analysis

Ishihata, K.; Hayashi, M.; Ikeda, M., 1984:
Improvement of fruit set and fruit quality by artificial pollination in purple passion fruit, Passiflora edulis Sims

Taylor A.G.; Kenny T.J., 1985:
Improvement of germinated seed quality by density separation

Herdovics, M., 1984:
Improvement of grain drying units

Bozzini, A.; Iannelli, P., 1985:
Improvement of grain sorghum for southern Italy

Totev, T.; Kostov, K.; Dontschev, P.; Kojev, K.; Stefanov, D.; Tankov, K., 1983:
Improvement of grassland management in Bulgaria

Verma, S.N.P.; Yadava, H.S., 1986:
Improvement of greengram through interspecific hybridization

Sarig, S.; Okon, Y.; Blum, A., 1985:
Improvement of growth and yield of non-irrigated Sorghum bicolor by Azospirillum inoculation

Kertesz, Z., 1984:
Improvement of harvest index

Georgiev, T.M., 1984:
Improvement of harvest yield in maize

Aoyagi, M.; Suganuma, K.; Nagao, K., 1983:
Improvement of heat efficiency in a solar greenhouse with an underground heat storage system

Palmer, C.R., 1984:
Improvement of herd fertility with Buserelin: a brief overview and experiences in South Africa

Kurmangaliev, S.G.; Frezorger, A.D.; Gotvig, A.N.; Shcherbinin, S.V., 1984:
Improvement of hermetic nature of paper packs used in milk production

Guerrero, J.L.; Perez, R.; Lopez, O., 1984:
Improvement of housing conditions in piglet rearing pens. Various types of cover in piglet shelters

Shintani, H., 1985:
Improvement of ion chromatography with ultraviolet photometric detection and comparison with conductivity detection for the determination of serum cations

Anonymous, 1985:
Improvement of knowledge, understanding and control of bovine fertility. Conference organised by the French Buiatric Society, Paris, 17-18 October 1985. Volumes 1 and 2

Fewson, D., 1983:
Improvement of meat production in cattle - performance testing and breeding

Neuschafer, W., 1983:
Improvement of meat production in pigs - carcass grading and value of product

Kalm, E., 1983:
Improvement of meat production in pigs - performance testing and crossbreeding

Wassmuth, R., 1983:
Improvement of meat production in sheep

Hartl, M., 1983:
Improvement of meat quality in cattle - grading and marketing of the product

Horvath, I.; Niebel, E.; Muller, E.; Fewson, D., 1984:
Improvement of meat quality in the pig by breeding. 2. Phenotypic relations between meat quality characters in the German Landrace

Caprio, S.; Ray, T.K.; Boden, G.; Reichard, G.A.J.; Shuman, C.R.; Smith, R.H.; Mozzoli, M.A.; Dayal, V.K.; Hoeldtke, R.D.; Owen, O.E., 1984:
Improvement of metabolic control in diabetic patients during mebendazole administration: preliminary studies

Murashkin, N.V.; Murashkin, A.N., 1986:
Improvement of methods for economic evaluation of new logging technology and its introduction

Dunkley, W.L., 1983:
Improvement of milk quality

Viorel, M.; Ghinea, E., 1982:
Improvement of milk utilization and product quality in manufacture of fresh cheese from cows' milk by coprecipitation of casein and whey proteins

Ulaby, F.T.; Dobson, M.C.; Brunfeldt, D.R., 1983:
Improvement of moisture estimation accuracy of vegetation-covered soil by combined active/passive microwave remote sensing

Roik, N.V.; Mandzii, S.A., 1984:
Improvement of monogerm varieties

Newbould P., 1985:
Improvement of native grassland in the uplands

Mahadevappa, M.; Ikehashi, H.; Coffman, W.R.; Swamy, S.K., 1983:
Improvement of native rices for earliness through induced mutagenesis

Gonzalez, A.; Juan, R.; Perez, P., 1983:
Improvement of natural pastures by introduction of Guinea grass cv. Likoni and use of minimum tillage

Siebald S.E.; Matzner K.M.; Becker M.F., 1983:
Improvement of natural pastures of the central Llanos of the X Region

Avendano R.J.; Ovalle M.C., 1984:
Improvement of natural subhumid mediterranean pasture through fertilizer application and time of grazing

Nicks B.; Canart B.; Dechamps P., 1986:
Improvement of natural ventilation in a calf house

Van' kovich, N.G., 1984:
Improvement of new maize populations

Chyun, J.H.; Griminger, P., 1984:
Improvement of nitrogen retention by arginine and glycine supplementation and its relation to collagen synthesis in traumatized mature and aged rats

Gheorghe, V.; Parvan, C.; Manea, M.; Stanciu, V.; Calinescu, S.; Wolcovici, M., 1985:
Improvement of nutritive and dietary value of melted cheeses for children by correcting the calcium:phosphorus ratio

Partida B.E.; Jimenez D.A.; Martinez R.L.; Shimada, A.S., 1984:
Improvement of nutritive value of maize stover for lambs by addition of ammonium hydroxide or urea

Olsen, E., 1985:
Improvement of old leys in upland regions in eastern Norway

Sherman, W.B.; Lyrene, P.M., 1983:
Improvement of peach rootstock resistant to root-knot nematodes

Kellner, E.; Krauss, M.; Breazu, I.; Kovacs, A.; Ittu, M.; Schitea, M.; Serbanescu, E., 1984:
Improvement of perennial grasses for forage in Romania

Dishler, V.Y.; Rashal' , I.D., 1983:
Improvement of plant breeding methods in the genetics laboratory of the Biology Institute of the Latvian Academy of Sciences

Tashliev, A.O.; Tokgaev, T.; Myartseva, S.N., 1984:
Improvement of plant protection against pests - an important reserve in the realization of the food production programme of the USSR

Niyibizi, A., .:
Improvement of potato cultivation at PAK Gasenyi-Mwendo

Paquot, M.; Thonart, P.; Foucart, M.; Desmons, P.; Mottet, A., 1984:
Improvement of pretreatments and technologies for enzymatic hydrolysis of cellulose from industrial and agricultural refuse and comparison with acidic hydrolysis

Lisenkov, A.A., 1985 :
Improvement of production and breeding characters in Kholmogor cattle

Gjedrem, T., 1985:
Improvement of productivity through breeding schemes

Hadjichristodoulou, A.; Della, A.; Eggum, B.O., 1984:
Improvement of protein content and yield in barley by mutation breeding in a semi-arid area

Bugarski, ; Handzic, R., 1986:
Improvement of protein utilization in the nutrition of ruminants

Aoki, S., 1984:
Improvement of quality of green tea by deep-pruning and root-pruning

Morgante, A.; Fossati, G.; Ciusa, W.; Curti, E., 1984:
Improvement of quality of polished rice

Imaizumi, E.; Devendra, C., 1984:
Improvement of raising method of dairy calves in Malaysia. 1. Utilization of local agricultural products and by-products as energy sources for calf starter rations

Bengtsson L., 1985:
Improvement of rapeseed meal quality through breeding for high protein content

Dzhaparidze, T.; Milyukov, A., 1984:
Improvement of red breeds of cattle

Gabina, D.; Valls Ortiz, M., 1985:
Improvement of reproductive performances in Rasa Aragonesa. Present results in selection and crossbreeding experiments

Hu, C.H., 1986:
Improvement of rice cultivars in California

Sinha, T.S., 1983:
Improvement of rice varieties in coastal saline soils

Prosperi, J.M.; Soussana, J.F., 1984:
Improvement of rough grazings of garrigue lands by oversowing: first results

Itokawa, N.; Kawasaki, K., 1984:
Improvement of safety of monorail type transport vehicle. I Running away of monorail, truck and its safety stop in the range of low speeds

Erk, G.; Lutkemeier, H.; Thomas, H., 1985:
Improvement of socialist farm management requires evaluation of its effectiveness

Bichard, M., 1986:
Improvement of sow productivity by means of breeding. Ways and means

Garcia R.M., 1983:
Improvement of straw for animal feed

Bogunovic, M.; Katusic Razem, B.; Ivekovic, V., 1986:
Improvement of strawberry storability by ionizing radiation

Delgado, I.; Faci, R.; Munoz, F., 1985:
Improvement of stubble turnip (Brassica campestris L. var. rapa Thell.) under irrigated conditions. Effect of sowing rate, sowing date and level of nitrogen fertilization

Ystaas, J., 1985:
Improvement of sweet cherry varieties grown in Norway

Ye, C.; Dong, X., 1984:
Improvement of t.l.c. identification of hyoscine and hyoscyamine in flowers of Datura metel

Ito, S.; Watanabe, K.; Saigo, T.; Nakano, T., 1983:
Improvement of tea quality by the management of wet leaves. I. Development and field trial of an experimental machine for removing water adhering to tea leaves

Ochieng, R.S.; Onyango, F.O.; Bungu, M.D.O., 1985:
Improvement of techniques for mass-culture of Chilo partellus (Swinhoe)

Polak, J.; Pivalova, J.; Svec, F.; Zurkova, E., 1985:
Improvement of the Czechoslovak latex suspension for the diagnosis of plant viruses

Ariturk, E.; Akcapnar, H.; Aydogan, M., 1985:
Improvement of the Karayaka sheep breed by means of purebreeding and crossbreeding

Tanzer, A.; Comaniciu, D., 1984:
Improvement of the Transylvanian Merino through crossbreeding with Australian Merino rams

Kotikova, G.S.; Shumakova, A.A., 1983:
Improvement of the assortment of fungicides

Chosson, J.; Dupuy, P., 1983:
Improvement of the cellulolytic activity of a natural population of aerobic bacteria

Sushkov, V.I.; Selin, E.N.; Troshina, S.N.; Leibe, R.L.; Budman, Z.A.; Brodskii, A.A.; Konyukhova, E.B.; Chagina, Z.V.; Kryukov, G.V., 1984:
Improvement of the equipment layout of ammophos production from concentrated phosphoric acid

Gast, D.; Puls, J., 1985:
Improvement of the ethylene glycol water system for the component separation of lignocelluloses

Schauermann, J., 1983:
Improvement of the extraction method for terrestrial Enchytraeidae

Mao, D.M., 1985:
Improvement of the fertility of red sandy soil

Bauer, M., 1985:
Improvement of the flow situation for honeybee colonies in arable fields

Hirai, Y.; Legacion, D.M., 1985:
Improvement of the mass rearing techniques for the Asiatic corn borer, Ostrinia furnacalis (Guenee), in the Philippines

Eremina, V.I.; Sokolova, G.M.; Kuvshinova, L.I.; Kuznetsov, E.S., 1982:
Improvement of the method for quantitative enumeration of spores of mesophilic bacteria in natural rennet cheeses

Kolotovskiy, V.V., 1985:
Improvement of the oxygen regime of excessively wet sod-podzolic soils

Martinovic, L.; Muckenhausen, E.; Schroder, D., 1982:
Improvement of the physical properties of three soil types by deep loosening by mechanical and pneumatic means

Sakuratani T., 1984:
Improvement of the probe for measuring water flow rate in intact plants with the stem heat balance method

Frisch, J.E.; Vercoe, J.E., 1984:
Improvement of the productivity of the swamp buffalo of S.E. Asia

Stroeva, I.A.; Nasedkina, G.A.; Shekhurina, T.A., 1983:
Improvement of the range of microbiological preparations for plant protection in the USSR and perspectives for their further development

Anonymous, 1983 :
Improvement of the range of plant protection compounds and methods of using them in the most important agricultural crops. (According to the results of state testing of pesticides and methods of using them over the period 1961-1981)

Ristevski, B.; Kolecevski, P.; Krstevski, J., 1986:
Improvement of the rapid production technique for peach transplants

Pierik, R.L.M.; Sprenkels, P.A., 1984:
Improvement of the rooting of gerbera in vitro by NAA

Stolyarov, D.P.; Maslakov, E.L., 1984:
Improvement of the technique of growing planting stock in the north-west of the RSFSR

Kim, S.; Ayre, M., 1984:
Improvement of the traditional Korean straw cutter

Kovalenko, I.V.; Gvasaliya, V.P., 1986:
Improvement of the vegetative propagation technique for the tea cultivar Kolkhida

Mohri M.; Matsushita S., 1984:
Improvement of water absorption of soybean protein by treatment with bromelain

Petrasovits, I., 1985:
Improvement of water use by some crop plants

Yamashita, T., 1984:
Improvement of weak foundation of paddy fields by subsurface drainage system - field studies in the Muda Irrigation Project Area

Graph, S.; Kleifeld, Y.; Bucsbaum, H.; Blumenfeld, T.; Bargutti, A.; Gogenheim, Y., 1985:
Improvement of weed control in alfalfa

Johnson, V.A.; Mattern, P.J.; Peterson, C.J.; Kuhr, S.L., 1985:
Improvement of wheat protein by traditional breeding and genetic techniques

Koichubaev, S.A.; Betembaeva, M.M., 1985:
Improvement of wool quality in contemporary finewool and semifinewool breeds and breed groups

Gutierrez G.G.; Figueroa R.M.; Soto O.P., 1983:
Improvement systems for natural pastures in the Andean foothills (VIII Region)

Johnson, D.G., 1985:
Improvement, albeit modest, expected for world food supplies

Schroder, D., 1984:
Improvement, recultivation and evaluation of the new soils in the gravel working areas of Auen

Lemoine, J., 1985:
Improvements and problems encountered as a result of the introduction of material free from degeneration diseases in apple and pear orchards

Simpson, S.E.; Taylor, A.L.; Esser, R.P., 1984:
Improvements in a disposal system for nematology laboratory waste

Randall, J.M., 1986:
Improvements in animal welfare. Paper presented at annual convention of UK Institution of Agricultural Engineers, Pressures for change generate engineering opportunities, 13 May 1986

Norris, D.; Boyce, W., 1985:
Improvements in cheese manufacture

Fil' chakova, N.N., 1986:
Improvements in cooling treatment and storage of milk products

Astrup, H.N., 1984:
Improvements in flavour of milk with rapeseed products

Urbanski, B., 1986:
Improvements in health and safety at work in agriculture, forestry and the food economy

Golob, P., 1984:
Improvements in maize storage for the smallholder farmer

Snow, R., 1985:
Improvements in methods for the germination of orchid seeds

Stebbins, M.T.A., 1985:
Improvements in or relating to beverages

Spencer, T.L.; Patterson, R.M., 1986:
Improvements in or relating to enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay

Anonymous, 1984:
Improvements in or relating to methods of making teat cups and/or teat cups

Keen, A.R., 1986:
Improvements in or relating to methods of removing compounds

Scott, F.R.T.; Smallbone, R.C., 1984:
Improvements in partitioning between livestock cubicles

Paschold, P.J., 1986:
Improvements in production make the cultivation of broccoli more interesting

Vann, A.R.; Makepeace, A.E.; Shergill, Z., 1985:
Improvements in radial incremental growth of Pinus sylvestris in the industrial Pennines

Kadman, A., 1985:
Improvements in the airlayering propagation method for lychee and macadamia trees

Barnes, G.; Lavrik, P., 1986:
Improvements in the efficacy of microbial control agents

Gollyaka, I., 1985:
Improvements in the evaluation of the quality of work and production in dairy farming

Bongaerts, G.P.A.; Bruggeman Ogle, K.M.; Mouton, R.P., 1985:
Improvements in the microtitre GM1 ganglioside enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for Escherichia coli heat-labile enterotoxin

Tait, J.A.R., 1985:
Improvements in the packaging of a block of cheese or other soft product

Zahlaus, A., 1986:
Improvements in the processing of curd

Hur, K.C., 1984:
Improvements in the quality of raw milk

Pepperman, A.B.J.; Blanchard, E.J., 1985:
Improvements in the synthesis of strigol and its analogs

Radkov, P.; Mitranov, L., 1983:
Improvements in the technique of sexual hybridization in French bean

Weigelt, H.; Gohlich, H., 1985:
Improvements in tractor dynamics by various means of suspension systems

Park, Y.H.; Joo, Y.S.; Kang, S.W.; Park, J.M., 1985:
Improvements of bovine mastitis control

Sauvesty, A.; Gendron, G.; Chalifour, F.P., 1986:
Improvements of nitrate reductase extraction and in vitro measurement of its activity in oat leaves

Golich, H.; Weigelt, H., 1985:
Improvements of the drivers comfort and safety by various means of vibration reduction

Ranjith, H.M.P.; Thoo, Y.C., 1986:
Improvements relating to the heat treatment of fresh liquid milk products

Shankara, R.; Ananthachar, T.K.; Narasimha, H.V.; Krishna Murty, H.; Desikachar, H.S.R., 1984:
Improvements to the traditional edge-runner process for rice flake production

McDade, W.D.J.; Schoenike, R.E., 1985:
Improving Christmas tree freshness

Halim, M.; Hilleman, D., 1984:
Improving Egypt's irrigation system in the old lands: findings of the Egypt water use and management project; final report

Rzabaev, S., 1985:
Improving Jabe horses

Lisenkov, A.; Ibakov, A., 1984:
Improving Kholmogor cattle

Pitchappan, T.C.; Nagarajan, M., 1985:
Improving NPK fertiliser quality control with automated analysis

Shostak, B.A., 1984:
Improving Red Steppe cattle by crossbreeding with other domestic breeds in the USSR

Lewis, D.; McDonald, T.A., 1984:
Improving U.S. farmland

Khalimulin, G.A.; Kipkaev, G.D.; Koksharova, Z.A., 1984:
Improving Ural Black Pied cattle using Holstein-Friesian bulls

Gurgand, J., 1985:
Improving a water-raising system by doubling the lifting rate of the delu

Obrazovskii, A.T., 1985:
Improving accounting in agriculture

Mangialardi, G.J.Jr, 1985:
Improving accuracy of lint cleaner efficiency measurements

Midmore, D.J.; Mendoza, H.A., 1984:
Improving adaptation of the potato (Solanum spp.) to hot climates - some physiological considerations

King, J.M.; Sayers, A.R.; Chara, P.; Leeuw, P.N. de; Peacock, C.P., 1985:
Improving aerial counts of Maasai livestock

Lourenco, J. da S., 1985:
Improving agriculture in areas of small farms

Brown, J.G., 1986:
Improving agroindustries in the Third World. Lessons from the Bank's projects, 1972-83

Allaire, F.R.; Smith, S.P.; Shook, G.E.; Johnson, L.P., 1985:
Improving an aggregate phenotype in replacements by selecting their sires conditioned on dam phenotypes

Slavova, I. (Slavova, Y); Zakhariev, A. (Zahariev, A); Ivanova, G., 1982:
Improving and applying a method for the vegetative propagation of sugarbeet and in vitro conditions

Avramidi, A., 1984:
Improving aspirators

Mathiasen, R.L., 1984:
Improving assessment of dwarf mistletoe infection in southwestern ponderosa pine stands

Chambers, R., 1984:
Improving canal irrigation management: no need to wait

McNally, P.S.; Barnes, M.M., 1984:
Improving codling moth trap catches

Baskin, M.F.I.I., 1984:
Improving cotton yields with green manure crops and rotations

Andre, B.; Verschraege, L., 1983:
Improving cotton, Gossypium hirsutum L., by interspecific hybridization: using the species G. areysianum (Defl.) Hutch

Kochkarev, V.V.; Petrova, T.A.; Gladkova, T.E., 1986:
Improving credit regulations for enterprises in the agroindustrial sector

Shiviah, M.; Santhanam, M.L.; Naidu, N.Y.; Jena, A.C., 1985:
Improving delivery systems for rural development - sponsored by the Planning Commission, Government of India

Mahadevan, P., 1984:
Improving domestic buffalo production in Asia

Adams, R.L.; Thompson, J.F., 1985:
Improving drying uniformity in concurrent flow tunnel dehydrators

Chernykh, A.I., 1984:
Improving dual-purpose breeds of cattle used at intensive farms

Inoue, Y., 1984:
Improving earliness in an improved maize population by mass selection

Lancaster, D.M.; Mulkey, B.; Johnson, C.E.; Porter, W.C., 1986:
Improving early yields of cantaloupes

Ten, K.A., 1986:
Improving economic accounting under conditions of high risk farming

Khyayal, E.P., 1986:
Improving economic relations within the agroindustrial sector

Yastrebova, O.K., 1984:
Improving economic stability in the development of agriculture

Fowler V.R., 1984:
Improving efficiency in pig production

Warsop, P.; Reeve, D.; Rigglesford, D., 1984:
Improving efficiency in recreation management; Motivating your staff; Employment relations

Drury, D.; Thiessen, R.B., 1986:
Improving efficiency of production in beef cattle

Csepely Knorr, A., 1985:
Improving efficiency on livestock farms

Hoy, M.A., 1985:
Improving establishment of arthropod natural enemies

Clout, M.N., 1984:
Improving exotic forests for native birds

Scholtz, M.M.; Roux, C.Z., 1984:
Improving fertility by emulating natural selection

Thimonier, J.; Chemineau, P.; Gauthier, D., 1984:
Improving fertility of ruminants in tropical areas - a reality

Krogt, T.M. van der, 1985:
Improving flower production is the first requirement for more profitable growing

Bucklin, L.P., 1986:
Improving food retailing in less developed Asian countries

Kirkpatrick, C.H., 1985:
Improving food security in developing countries: a role for the IMF

Lertrat, K., 1985:
Improving fruit yield in two pickling cucumber populations for a once-over mechanical harvesting system

Kanarev, F.; Kuzovlez, A., 1985:
Improving grain harvesting technology

Rao, A.S.; Randhir Singh, 1986:
Improving grain quality by genetic engineering: some biochemical considerations

Nettevich, E.D.; Berkutova, N.S.; Knyaz' kov, V.V.; Pogorelova, L.G., 1985:
Improving grain quality in spring wheat variety Rodina

Poi, S.C.; Kabi, M.C., 1983:
Improving groundnut production under rainfed conditions by inoculating seed with appropriate strains of Rhizobium

Trice, A.D.; Layman, W.H., 1984:
Improving guest surveys

Mal' gin, M.A., 1985:
Improving hay meadows with iodine as a prophylactic measure against iodine deficiency in animals

Ducker, M.J.; Haggett, R.A., 1985:
Improving herd fertility - aids to oestrus detection

Ducker, M.J.; Haggett, R.A., 1985:
Improving herd fertility - making the most of current facts

Ducker, M.J.; Haggett, R.A., 1985:
Improving herd fertility - pregnancy rate

Loper, G.M.; Thorp, R.W.; Berdel, R., 1985:
Improving honey bee pollination efficiency in almonds

Guiragossian, V.; Mihm, J.A., 1985:
Improving host-plant resistance to fall armyworm and sugarcane borer in sorghum

Gill, D.S., 1984:
Improving human resources of peasant agriculture through extension: some problems

Anonymous, 1985:
Improving labour organization and remuneration in CMEA member countries' agricultural sectors

Hajieva, V., 1985:
Improving labour organization and salaries in land improvement schemes

Saalwaechter, G., 1985:
Improving life's quality through commercial recreation

Sukhatme, P.V., 1982:
Improving living conditions in villages - interview with the press

Admin, E.I., 1984:
Improving machine milking of cows

Marquette, J., 1985:
Improving maize cultivation: from research to development. An example from the plateaux region of Togo

Ruebush, T.K.I.I.; Godoy Bonilla, H.A.; Klein, R.E., 1985:
Improving malaria detection by volunteer workers

Polishchuk, A.N.; Bondarenko, V.I.; Usenko, S.I., 1984:
Improving management of labour collectives in agriculture

Anonymous, 1982:
Improving management, planning, production and work organization in the dairy industry

Mims, S.D.; Sullivan, G., 1984:
Improving market coordination in the catfish industry in West Alabama

Oludimu, O., 1985 :
Improving marketing performance in developing areas through cooperatives, marketing research and training

Filatov, A.; Simolkin, L.; Sidorov, E., 1984:
Improving meat production of pigs

Scortescu, G.; Meleghi, E.; Cunicer, L.; Resul, R., 1982:
Improving methods for production of Telemea cheese from buffaloes' milk

Muntyanu, S.K.; Verderevskaya, T.D., 1984:
Improving methods of establishing initial material for breeding virus-resistant pea varieties

Antonyuk, V.S.; Bezlyudnikov, L.G.; Il' inskaya, T.P.; Zhukovskaya, L.N., 1982:
Improving methods of freezing boar semen

Kiliyanchuk, V.I.; Guzun, N.I., 1982:
Improving methods of inducing mutations using physical mutagens

Vlek, P.L.G.; Fillery, I.R.P., 1985:
Improving nitrogen efficiency in wetland rice soils

Nutman, P.S., 1984:
Improving nitrogen fixation in legumes by plant breeding; the relevance of host selection experiments in red clover (Trifolium pratense L.) and subterranean clover (T. subterraneum L.)

Berg, A., 1985:
Improving nutrition: the Bank's experience

Myung, K.H.; Kim, Y.S.; Sun, S.S., 1986:
Improving nutritive value of peanut straw by NaOH treatment

Kahlon S.S.; Das S.K., 1985 :
Improving nutritive value of rice straw through fungal fermentation

Foulkes, J.A., 1986:
Improving oestrus detection through milk progesterone testing

Vigouroux, A.; Berger, J.F.; Bussi, C., 1984:
Improving peach tree resistance to bacterial dieback by increasing tree water or calcium supply or by calcium amendment of soils where the disease occurs

Greek, R.D., 1984:
Improving phenoxy herbicide application

Walker, D.A.; Sivak, M.N., 1986:
Improving photosynthesis by genetic means

Wolbern, D., 1985:
Improving physical ripening (aging) of cream by measuring fat crystallization

Anonymous, 1985:
Improving piglet survival

Paskar' , P., 1985:
Improving planned management of the agroindustrial sector

Zhivopistsev, E.N.; Bol' shina, N.P.; Obukhov, S.G., 1984:
Improving plant irradiation installations

Ross, W.M., 1986:
Improving plants for tolerance to iron deficiency and other mineral nutrition problems; breeding and genetic points of view

Coward, E.W.Jr, 1984:
Improving policies and programs for the development of small-scale irrigation systems

Groch, L.; Pivnik, L.; Pana, K.; Nejezchleb, J., 1986:
Improving post-mortem diagnosis of cryptosporidiosis in calves

Glushkov, N., 1985:
Improving pricing within the agroindustrial sector

Fleischer, J.; Arnal, S., 1985:
Improving production and supply performance while striving to meet objectives

Amelin, A.G., 1984:
Improving production of sulfuric acid from sulfur

Whitcomb, C.E., 1984:
Improving productivity in container nursery stock

Munro, J.M.M.; Maxwell, J., 1984:
Improving productivity in the hills and uplands

Blumenfeld, A., 1986:
Improving productivity of Triumph persimmon

Anonymous, 1984:
Improving productivity through microelectronics

Anonymous, 1984:
Improving productivity through microelectronics, held November 21, 1983, Senator Motor Hotel, Timmins, Ontario

Anonymous, 1984:
Improving productivity through microelectronics, held November 23, 1983, Howard Johnson's Motor Lodge, Moncton, New Brunswick

Burgazova, I., 1984:
Improving protein content and quality in barley

Stopperich, G., 1984:
Improving provisions for holidays. The setting up, tasks and success of the 'Ideas Exchange' of the Bavarian tourism association

Seleznev, V.A.; Kurochitskii, C.K.; Romanenko, V.N., 1984:
Improving pulping of potatoes

Crisp, P.; Gray, A.R.; James, H.; Ives, S.J.; Angell, S.M., 1985:
Improving purple sprouting broccoli by breeding

Loshkareva, N.A., 1985:
Improving reading techniques in the USSR

Pearson, C.A.; Brieger, W.R.; Ramakrishna, J.; Kale, O.O.; Adeniyi, J.D., 1985:
Improving recognition of onchocerciasis - 1: nonclassical symptoms

Yaremenko, B.I., 1986:
Improving reproduction of sows on large farms

Clamot, G., 1985:
Improving resistance of oats to the cereal cyst nematode (Heterodera avenae Woll.) and the stem nematode (Ditylenchus dipsaci (Kuhn) Fil.) in Belgium

Castillo Munoz, A., 1983:
Improving rice by the use of the induction of mutations. II. Estimation of the heritability coefficient of different yield components

Roik, N.V.; Krasovskii, E.V.; Otochko, K.P.; Negovskii, N.A., 1983:
Improving root shape

Bhupinder Singh, 1985:
Improving ruminant nutrition in Andaman and Nicobar islands

Loy, B., 1985:
Improving seed yields in hull-less seeded strains of Cucurbita pepo pumpkins

Kushal Singh; Chahal, B.S.; Mann, S.S., 1984:
Improving sex ratio in sweet lime by Planofix and Ethrel

Helsel, Z.R.; Helsel, D.G.; Minor, H.C.; Keppenne, V.; Gebhardt, M., 1985:
Improving soybean germination and growth in cold, wet soils

Kaplan, I.G.; Stepuk, L.Y.; Kol' ga, D.F.; Chueshkova, G.P.; Barabanov, V.V., 1985:
Improving spinning-disc fertilizer distributors

Zhuk, A.F., 1983:
Improving subsoiler efficiency

Sorokin, N.D.; Molokov, V.A., 1985:
Improving survival rate in larch plantations in the steppe regions of Khakasia

Baltakmens, R., 1984:
Improving the Latvian horse

Berezovskii, H., 1984:
Improving the accuracy of performance testing of boars

Francl, L.J., 1986:
Improving the accuracy of sampling field plots for plant-parasitic nematodes

Antonyuk, V., 1984:
Improving the affectiveness of artificial insemination

Zinoviev, L., 1984 :
Improving the artistic/aesthetic effect of forests

Misra B.K.; Singh S.P.; Varade P.B.; Singh R.; Sikka K.C., 1984:
Improving the biological value of guar meal by detoxification

Kettlewell, P.; Davies, P.; Gooding, M., 1986:
Improving the breadmaking quality - protein content

Kalinchik, M.V., 1985:
Improving the calculation of full labour costs in agriculture

Gil' man, Z.D.; Matrokhina, L.M.; Rabkevich, E.T.; Kislyakov, V.I., 1986:
Improving the carcass characters of pigs

Svankulov, B.A., 1985:
Improving the choice of sires

Kydd, J., 1982:
Improving the classification of rural populations for planning purposes: a report on a cluster analysis of an agro-economic sample survey in the area of the Phalombe Rural Development Project, Malawi

Avramenko, I.D.; Bogomolov, A.P., 1985:
Improving the condition of the stands in the Krasnoe oak forest

Saunders, G.R., 1985:
Improving the cost effectiveness of timber packs for mines in the Republic of South Africa

Dons, J.J.M.; Bouwer, R., 1986:
Improving the culture of cucumber protoplasts by using an agarose-disc procedure

Aleksandrovich, K.M., 1985:
Improving the degree of extraction of KCl in the beneficiation of potassium ores

Gee Clough, D., 1983:
Improving the design and utilisation of field machinery in Asia

Kosova, O.N.; Ustinov, S.G.; Tolstova, G.M., 1984:
Improving the digestibility in cows of a ligno-carbohydrate complex in diets containing hydrolysed wood sugar

Han, I.K.; Garrett, W.N., 1986:
Improving the dry matter digestibility and voluntary intake of low quality roughages by various treatments: a review

Solev' ev, I.; Krylova, L.; Mikhailova, M.; Leont' eva, V.; Topikha, V.; Sorokina, V., 1984:
Improving the early maturity of pigs

Onishchenko, A.; Tipko, A., 1984:
Improving the economic mechanism for sales of farm production

Borchenko, N., 1986:
Improving the economic mechanism for the agroindustrial sector

Bondarenko, L.; Petrikov, A., 1985:
Improving the economic mechanism for the development of social infrastructure in the countryside

Vedernikov, R.A.; Kononenko, A.F.; Konovalova, T.N.; Matusevich, V.A., 1986:
Improving the economic mechanism of the agroindustrial sector within the current economic experiment

Nikonov, A.A., 1985:
Improving the economics of the agroindustrial sector under conditions of intensification

Shtogrin, N.A., 1986:
Improving the effective utilization of birch stands

Kramer, W.; Wolter, G.; Lange, N., 1984:
Improving the effectiveness of Wonuk (atrazine) against Echinochloa crus-galli by addition of Biphagittol or CKB 1320

Hoare, P.W.C., 1984:
Improving the effectiveness of agricultural development: a case study from North Thailand

Fitzgerald, G.R.; Welter, M.W.; Welter, C.J., 1986:
Improving the efficacy of oral TGE vaccination

Mel' nik, R.A.; Borodin, V.I.; Puzankov, A.G.; Evdokimenko, I.I.; Pavlichenko, V.N., 1985:
Improving the efficiency of anaerobic treatment of slurry

Volkind, I.L.; Lisovskaya, Z.P., 1983:
Improving the efficiency of bulk stores for vegetables by improving their thermal characteristics

Morrison, J., 1984:
Improving the efficiency of grassland production

Cochran, M.J.; Robison, L.J.; Lodwick, W., 1985:
Improving the efficiency of stochastic dominance techniques using convex set stochastic dominance

Sourell, H.; Ayik, M., 1985:
Improving the energy efficiency of overhead irrigation installations

Maiboroda, N.N., 1985:
Improving the evaluation of bulls for breeding

Kot, M.M., 1986:
Improving the evaluation of cows for milk yield

Hammond, E.G.; Fehr, W.R., 1984:
Improving the fatty acid composition of soybean oil

Nijs, A.P.M. den; Visser, D.L., 1984:
Improving the fertility of tetraploid cucumbers

Gascho G.J., 1986:
Improving the fertilizer efficiency of urea ammonium nitrate solutions by adding other nutrients

Semenov, V.N., 1986:
Improving the financial and credit arrangements in the agroindustrial sector

Dunin, V.F., 1985:
Improving the food resource for deer

Pawlica, R., 1985:
Improving the function of the working elements of grain driers

Levinina, F.M.; Dobrunov, G.M.; Tedder, Y.R., 1983:
Improving the hygienic conditions of work in sawmilling

Legate, P., 1985:
Improving the image

Koslow, N. et al., 1985:
Improving the industrialized production of vegetables

Anonymous, 1986:
Improving the industry's image

Faulkner D.B.; Llamas G.L.; Ward J.K.; Klopfenstein T.J., 1985:
Improving the intake and nutritive value of wheat straw for beef cows

Anonymous, 1985:
Improving the location of agriculture and the processing industry

Anonymous, 1985:
Improving the management mechanism in agroindustrial associations

Smolenski, Z., 1985:
Improving the management of agriculture in Poland

Zalevskii, L.; Kononov, N., 1985:
Improving the management of farms

Schpakowskij, W., 1985:
Improving the management of labour

Ismagulov, V.D.; Khusainov, M.I., 1986:
Improving the management structure of a collective farm

Mgeladze, G.D., 1985:
Improving the management structure of the Georgian agroindustrial complex

Krasnov, S.E.; Lipatova, L.N., 1985:
Improving the manufacturing efficiency of milk products for infants

Muiladze, T.Sh, 1984:
Improving the meat production of cattle in Georgia

Klemin, V.P.; Nemgirov, V.B.; Borisova, M.I., 1984:
Improving the meat production of pigs by crossing with German Landrace boars

Volkov, A.S., 1984:
Improving the method of artificial insemination in sheep

Mel' nikova, T.M., 1985:
Improving the methods for determining the sowing quality of Solanum laciniatum seeds

Guttormsen, G., 1984:
Improving the microclimate with plastic

Shatskaya, R.M.; Pal' tikhina, R.I., 1984:
Improving the nitrogen metabolism of plants for increasing their resistance to pollution

Sevenhuysen, Gustaaf, P., 1985:
Improving the nutritional impact of extension services in rural Africa

Gupta, V.K.; Prasad, K.S.; Bakshi, M.P.S.; Langar, P.N., 1986:
Improving the nutritive value of groundnut shells through fungal cultivation

Mikami, N.; Yamazaki, A.; Kobayashi, R.; Tobino, T., 1985:
Improving the nutritive value of wheat straw by ammonia treatment. Effect of different treatments in stacks on its chemical composition, digestibility and intake

Welch, B.L., 1983:
Improving the nutritive value of winter range forage

Pchelkin, Y.N., 1985:
Improving the operational and energy indices of recuperative heat exchangers

Petkov, P., 1985:
Improving the organization of payment by results for contract work in agriculture

Adekenov, M.A., 1985:
Improving the performance of Kargalin sheep

Wallis, E., 1984:
Improving the pigeonpea

Vacaru Opris, I.; Taraboanta, G.; Pamfilie, I.; Holtea, V.; Vacaru Opris, M.; Grecu, L.; Dobrin, N.; Popescu, I., 1982:
Improving the pigmentation of the carcass of meat chickens

Juna, V.; Mezera, J., 1985:
Improving the plan system and planning methods of the agroindustrial complex and the agricultural and food production complex

Konstantinova, V., 1985:
Improving the planning of capital investments in a period of rapid agricultural intensification

Zhang, L.; Chui, S.F.; Zhang, X.G., 1985:
Improving the potency of Clostridium botulinum type C vaccine: dialysis cultivation

Zhang, L.; Cui, S.F.; Zhang, X.G.; Cheng, Y.; Hu, G.Z., 1985:
Improving the potency of Clostridium botulinum type C vaccine: immunogenicity and safety

Okhapkin, A.; Ratgauz, M., 1985:
Improving the price mechanism in agriculture

Clark, M.M.; Spencer, C.A.; Galef, B.G., 1986:
Improving the productivity of breeding colonies of Mongolian gerbils (Meriones unguiculatus)

Passialis, C., 1986:
Improving the properties of particleboards by impregnation with a toluene-based polystyrene solution

Azarov, V.I.; Kazakova, I.M.; Makarenko, V.K.; Rodionov, V.A., 1983:
Improving the properties of polyurethane foamed plastics

Klassen, P.V.; Kononov, A.V.; Serebryanaya, R.M.; Montvilene, A.N.; Shomin, I.P.; Ivanov, V.P.; Sutyagin, I.S., 1984:
Improving the quality of WPA and producing ammophos of superior quality using hydrolysis sulfuric acid

Kralova, A., 1985:
Improving the quality of cheese manufactured in the USSR

Postnikova, M.V.; Butko, Y.G., 1984:
Improving the quality of groundwood pulp from screening wastes

Radaeva, I.A., 1980:
Improving the quality of preserved milk products

Kornilov, V.G.; Tumasyan, L.A.; Davydenko, V.A.; Drozdova, T.N., 1983:
Improving the range of chemical preparations and methods of applying them on greenhouse crops

Smirnova, A.A.; Tarasova, L.A.; Kirillova, M.N., 1983:
Improving the range of insecticides and acaricides

Bernstein, Z., 1983:
Improving the regularity of bud burst in regions with mild winters

Herian, K.; Kontova, M., 1985:
Improving the renneting and acidifying capacity of milk for cheese manufacture

Patience, P.A.; Alderson, P.G., 1984:
Improving the rooting of Syringa vulgaris cuttings by etiolation

Kofranek, A.M.; Cockshull, K.E., 1985:
Improving the spray formation of pompon cultivars with gibberellic acid and intercalated long days

Denance, M., 1984:
Improving the stability of door leaves. Overview. Study CTB R364

Salatenko, V.N.; Dobryanskaya, L.F., 1981:
Improving the stand density of castor plants from the varietal point of view

Tittel, C., 1984:
Improving the storability of seeds by chemical treatment

Chen, W.L.; Lee, E.L.; Wu, H.C., 1984:
Improving the storage quality of spiced and semi-dried beancurds

Dumitrescu, M.; Resul, R.; Ghinea, E.; Cristian, L.; Ille, A.M., 1982:
Improving the structure of ice cream during storage, and development of new processing formulas

Frisch, J.E.; Vercoe, J.E., 1985:
Improving the swamp buffalo of Southeast Asia

Tsvetkov, D.; Atanasov, K.; Obretenchev, D., 1984:
Improving the technology for disinfesting empty stores and silos

Golyshev, N.A., 1985:
Improving the technology of freezing boar semen

Fomin, A.I.; Slyusareva, T.N.; Pash' yan, T.A., 1982:
Improving the technology of rearing broilers in cages

Moroz, L.G.; Shapiev, I.S.; Korban, N.V., 1986:
Improving the thawing technology of frozen boar semen

Krdzalic, P.; Milcic, D.; Danicic, O.; Vujovic, M.; Ostric, M.; Nikolic, L.; Rasic, D.; Mladenovic, V., 1983:
Improving the treatment of mastitis and physiological oedema of the udder in cows

Lyubushko, N.I.; Glamazdina, L.S.; Zaitsev, I.I., 1985:
Improving the twin-disc coulter for uniform seed placement

Greenberg, J.; Goldschmidt, E.E.; Schechter, S.; Monselise, S.P.; Galili, D., 1985:
Improving the uptake of gibberellic acid (GA3) by citrus fruit and leaves

Keil, M., 1984:
Improving the use characteristics of traditional wooden windows

Rodin, A.Z.; Sigaev, M.P.; Tananakin, E.I., 1985:
Improving the use of agricultural land

Anonymous, 1984:
Improving the value of human resources for jobs in tourism

Smirnov, K.V.; Nikitenko, S.S.; Zamanidi, P.K., 1985:
Improving the varietal assortment of table grape in the western foothills zone of the Krasnodar region

Fonkin, V.F.; Gerasimov, V.V., 1984:
Improving the working life and stability of band-saw blades

Korobitsyn, V.M., 1985:
Improving threshing efficiency

Marshall, D.; McKyes, E.; Raghavan, G.S.V., 1984:
Improving tractive efficiency on 4WD tractors by modifying rolling radius

Conradie, W.J., 1983:
Improving vine cultivation in acid soil by liming and choice of rootstock

Petersen, M.E., 1985:
Improving voluntary registration through location and design of trail registration stations

Vaisbekker, A.A.; Lyampert, G.P.; Nikitina, G.Y., 1985:
Improving water intake from open channels

Walker, W.R., 1983:
Improving water management practices on surface irrigated lands: the role of modeling

Bergmann, H.; Eckert, H., 1984:
Improving water utilization in cereals and sugarbeet by application of active substances

Shad, R.A., 1986:
Improving weed management in wetland rice

Leitch, J.A.; Scott, D.F., 1984:
Improving wetland policy through amelioration of adverse effects on local economies

Soderholm, L.H., 1985:
Improving wind-system performance

Azad, N., 1985:
Improving working conditions for rural women through creation of alternative employment options: the cases of the working women's forum - Dindugal dairy women's project and Adirain Pattinam fisherwomen's project

Eyoh, N., 1985:
Improvisation and traditional African theatre

Shyamsunder, S., 1980:
Improvised mist chambers and collapsible pots

Sutton, B.C., 1986:
Improvizations on conidial themes

Makarenko, V.L.; Shalygina, A.M.; Babkin, A.F., 1984:
Impulse NMR method for study of the crystallization of milk fat and its fractions

Catinot, R., 1984:
In French-speaking Africa, the future of the tropical forest will depend on the rural communities. The forest cannot be dissociated from its natural environment and its inhabitants

Monteiro, A.A., 1984:
In Portugal, protected cultivation of vegetables in the Algarve

Kaluza, K.; Fuhrmann, M.; Hahn, M.; Regensburger, B.; Hennecke, H., 1983:
In Rhizobium japonicum the nitrogenase genes nifH and nifDK are separated

Woollen, A., 1984:
In UK, spray cream no bomb

Anonymous, 1984:
In cheese analogs, the flavor can make a world of difference

Fumagalli, G.; Zanini, A., 1985:
In cow anterior pituitary, growth hormone and prolactin can be packed in separate granules of the same cell

Dawson, A., 1985:
In defence of food aid: some answers to its critics

Palmer, A.L.; Humphries, M.R., 1984:
In field tractor operation - a model to optimise work rate and fuel consumption

Leitch, J., 1986:
In isolation

Nobile, R., 1985:
In memoriam Dra. Consuelo Briz de Negroni (died 4.10.85)

Yachida, S.; Kuwahara, E.; Iritani, Y.; Hayashi, Y., 1986:
In ovo interference of embryo non-lethal avian infectious bronchitis viruses (IBV) with velogenic Newcastle disease virus and embryo adapted IBV

Vik Mo, L.; Lindberg, J.E., 1985:
In sacco degradability of protein (N) and dry matter in samples of individual feeds or combinations; tested with diets medium or high in protein

Srisang, K., 1985:
In search of a liberating discovery (1): Prologue to a theology of tourism

Chambers, R., 1981:
In search of a water revolution: Questions for canal irrigation management in the 1980's

Meissner, F., 1986:
In search of appropriate marketing technology for the less developed countries

McAvoy, L.H.; Dustin, D.L., 1983:
In search of balance: a no-rescue wilderness proposal

Busnardo, C.A.; Gonzaga, J.V.; Foelkel, C.E.B.; Vesz, B.V., 1983:
In search of ideal quality of eucalypt wood for producing pulp. (2). Interrelationships between the properties of trees and their woods

Busnardo, C.A.; Gonzaga, J.V.; Foelkel, C.E.B.; Dias, C.; Menochelli, S., 1983:
In search of ideal quality of eucalypt wood for producing pulp. (3). Importance of height of sample in determining average basic density of the tree

Shirokov, A.I.; Bogachkov, V.I.; Maslenkova, L.I.; P' yankova, N.I., 1983:
In search of immune varieties of oats

Matovu, J., 1985:
In search of mass communication strategies to facilitate national unity in Uganda

King, C.A.; Nightingale, M.; Collins, R.F.; Haas, T.; Marker, C., 1986:
In search of quality

Adam, Brother, 1985:
In search of the best strains of bees

Wilkinson, K.P., 1986:
In search of the community in the changing countryside

Evans, J., 1986:
In search of the meaning of play

Anonymous, 1984:
In search of the perfect chip

Williams, D.R.; Kopf, R.C., 1985:
In search of the primitive-urban continuum. The dimensional structure of outdoor recreation settings

Huynh, N. van; Decleire, M., 1985:
In situ activation of beta -galactosidase of Kluyveromyces bulgaricus resting cells by sodium and potassium phosphates and chlorides

Foster, R.C.; Martin, J.K., 1981:
In situ analysis of soil components of biological origin

Ingram, G.B. (Consultant), 1984:
In situ conservation of genetic resources of plants: the scientific and technical basis

Prescott Allen, R.; Prescott Allen, C., 1984:
In situ conservation of wild plant genetic resources: a status review and action plan

Thomas, G.V.; Shantaram, M.V., 1984:
In situ cultivation and incorporation of green manure legumes in coconut basins. An approach to improve soil fertility and microbial activity

Davey, A., 1982:
In situ determination of nitrogen fixation in Antarctica using a high sensitivity portable gas chromatograph

Carneiro C.; E., 1985:
In situ determination of the slope of the calibration curve of a neutron probe using a volumetric technique

Jones, A.J.; Wagenet, R.J., 1984:
In situ estimation of hydraulic conductivity using simplified methods

Zambon, J.J.; Huber, P.S.; Meyer, A.E.; Slots, J.; Fornalik, M.S.; Baier, R.E., 1984:
In situ identification of bacterial species in marine microfouling films by using an immunofluorescence technique

Foster, R.C., 1985:
In situ localization of organic matter in soils

Martin, C.R.; Aldis, D.F.; Lee, R.S., 1985:
In situ measurement of grain dust particle size distribution and concentration

Fisher, D.B., 1985:
In situ measurement of plant water potentials by equilibration with microdroplets of polyethylene glycol 8000

Strickland T.C.; Fitzgerald J.W.; Swank W.T., 1986:
In situ measurements of sulfate incorporation into forest floor and soil organic matter

Svensson B.H.; Rosswall T., 1984:
In situ methane production from acid peat in plant communities with different moisture regimes in a subarctic mire

MacKown, C.T.; Sanford, D.A. van, 1986:
In situ nitrate assimilation in winter wheat: peduncle injection with nitrogen-15-nitrate at anthesis

Vessey, J.K.; Patriquin, D.G., 1984:
In situ nitrogen fixation by white clover in mixed swards in Nova Scotia

Dam, B.; Enckevort, W.J.P. van, 1984:
In situ observation of surface phenomena on 100 and 101 potassium dihydrogen phosphate crystals

Nocek, J.E.; Kohn, R.; English, J.E., 1986:
In situ particle size reduction of alfalfa and timothy segregated into four particle categories

Carlson Gunnoe N.E.; Law C.B.; Bissonnette G.K., 1983:
In situ persistence of indicator bacteria in streams polluted with acid mine drainage

Katerji, N.; Daudet, F.A., 1986:
In situ study of the water and photosynthetic functions of a lyre-trained grapevine

Albright L.D.; Seginer I.; Marsh L.S.; Oko A., 1985:
In situ thermal calibration of unventilated greenhouses

Koloszar, J., 1983:
In support of Slavonian oak

Anonymous, 1985:
In the Americas

Hrenko, P., 1984:
In the captain's museum, Zebegeny

Keri, G.; Horvath, A.; Nikolics, K.; Teplan, I., 1985:
In the central role of GnRH in the regulation of reproductive functions: mechanism of action and practical results

Clay, E.J., 1986:
In the fading shadow of Africa's food crisis: European food aid reform

Struckmeyer, T., 1984:
In the orchard prunings densification and collection system

Riess, S.A., 1985:
In the ring and out: professional boxing in New York, 1896-1920

Black, A., 1985:
In this corner of the pinhead

Belak S.; Rusvai M., 1986:
In utero adenoviral infection of sheep

Joo, H.S.; Dee, S.A.; Molitor, T.W.; Thacker, B.J., 1984:
In utero infection of swine fetuses with infectious bovine rhinotracheitis virus (bovine herpesvirus-1)

Mulvihill, S.J.; Albert, A.; Synn, A.; Fonkalsrud, E.W., 1985:
In utero supplemental fetal feeding in an animal model: effects on fetal growth and development

Ueda, H.; Kambegawa, A.; Nagahama, Y., 1984:
In vitro 11-ketotestosterone and 17 alpha ,20 beta -dihydroxy-4-pregnen-3-one production by testicular fragments and isolated sperm of rainbow trout, Salmo gairdneri

Marino, G., 1986:
In vitro 6-benzylaminopurine uptake in two Japanese plums

Nakamura, Y., 1985:
In vitro absorption of inorganic phosphate and other electrolytes in the carp intestine

Tablada, L.M., 1985:
In vitro action of peracetic acid on different microorganisms. V. Pasteurella multocida

Aizono, Y.; Matsuo, N.; Yoshida, Y.; Funatsu, G.; Funatsu, M.; Kobayashi, M., 1986:
In vitro action of prothoracicotropic hormone on RNA-synthesis in the prothoracic gland of the silkworm, Bombyx mori

Gebhart, C.J.; Ward, G.E.; Kurtz, H.J., 1985:
In vitro activities of 47 antimicrobial agents against three Campylobacter spp. from pigs

Sanders, G.E.; Pallett, K.E., 1986:
In vitro activity and binding characteristics of the hydroxybenzonitriles in chloroplasts isolated from Matricaria inodora and Viola arvensis

Hudson, A.T.; Pether, M.J.; Randall, A.W.; Fry, M.; Latter, V.S.; McHardy, N., 1986:
In vitro activity of 2-cycloalkyl-3-hydroxy-1,4-naphthoquinones against Theileria, Eimeria and Plasmodium species

Goudard, M.; Buffard, Y.; Ferrari, H.; Regli, P., 1986:
In vitro activity of a new antifungal agent derived from naftifine, terbinafine (SF 86-327)

Osisanya, J.O.S., 1986:
In vitro activity of a substituted phenanthroline on Entamoeba histolytica

Fu, S.; Björkman, A.; Wåhlin, B.; Ofori-Adjei, D.; Ericsson, O.; Sjöqvist, F., 1986:
In vitro activity of chloroquine, the two enantiomers of chloroquine, desethylchloroquine and pyronaridine against Plasmodium falciparum

Zaror, L.; Pinedo, M.; Otth, L., 1983:
In vitro activity of ketoconazole against dermatophytes

Zaror, L.; Otth, L., 1984:
In vitro activity of naftifine on dermatophytes

Regli, P.; Ferrari, H.; Buffard, Y.; Goudard, M.; Gallucci, V., 1985:
In vitro activity of naftifine, a new antifungal agent, against dermatophytes

Irving, S.N., 1984:
In vitro activity of pyrethroids

Cury, A.E., 1986:
In vitro activity of some antiseptic drugs against Candida

Gardner, G.; Pilgram, K.H.; Brown, L.J.; Bozarth, G.A., 1986:
In vitro activity of sorghum-selective fluorophenyl urea herbicides

Borowy, N.K.; Fink, E.; Hirumi, H., 1985:
In vitro activity of the trypanocidal diamidine DAPI on animal-infective Trypanosoma brucei brucei

Goodwin, R.F., 1985 :
In vitro activity of tiamulin against porcine mycoplasmas

Macura, A.B.; Grobarczyk, L., 1985:
In vitro adherence of Candida albicans to buccal mucosa cells of insulin-dependent diabetic patients

Haahtela, K.; Korhonen, T.K., 1985:
In vitro adhesion of n(2)-fixing enteric bacteria to roots of grasses and cereals

Lin, K.W.; Schaefer, D.M.; Ladisch, M.R.; Patterson, J.A.; Noller, C.H., 1986:
In vitro anaerobic fermentation of alkali-treated corn stover by rumen microbes

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In vitro analysis of the tomato-Fusarium oxysporum system and selection experiments

Turner, N.D.; Schelling, G.T.; May, B.J.; Greene, L.W.; Byers, F.M., 1985:
In vitro and in situ digestibility of various hays after chemical treatment

Medoff, G.; Brajtburg, J.; Kobayashi, G.S.; Schlessinger, D.; Little, J.R., 1985:
In vitro and in vivo action of amphotericin B

Faergemann, J., 1984:
In vitro and in vivo activities of ketoconazole and itraconazole against Pityrosporum orbiculare

Ojo, M.O.; Kasali, O.B.; Bamgboye, D.A., 1984:
In vitro and in vivo activities of tiamulin against caprine mycoplasmas

Vogel, K.P.; Britton, R.; Gorz, H.J.; Haskins, F.A., 1984:
In vitro and in vivo analyses of hays of switchgrass strains selected for high and low in vitro dry matter digestibility

Gordee, R.S.; Zeckner, D.J.; Ellis, L.F.; Thakkar, A.L.; Howard, L.C., 1984:
In vitro and in vivo anti-Candida activity and toxicology of LY121019

Fandeur, T.; Moretti, C.; Polonsky, J., 1985:
In vitro and in vivo assessement of the antimalarial activity of sergeolide

Gaunt, S.J., 1985:
In vitro and in vivo cultured mouse preimplantation embryos differ in their display of a teratocarcinoma cell surface antigen: possible binding of an oviduct factor

Takeda, T.; Elsden, R.P.; Squires, E.L., 1984:
In vitro and in vivo development of frozen-thawed equine embryos

Rana, K.S.; Gupta, V.K., 1983:
In vitro and in vivo efficacy of systemic and protectant fungicides against Phytophthora cactorum

Guéant, J.L.; Djalali, M.; Aouadj, R.; Gaucher, P.; Monin, B.; Nicolas, J.P., 1986:
In vitro and in vivo evidences that the malabsorption of cobalamin is related to its binding on haptocorrin (R binder) in chronic pancreatitis

Chadee, K.; Meerovitch, E.; Moreau, F., 1985:
In vitro and in vivo interaction between trophozoites of Entamoeba histolytica and gerbil lymphoid cells

Daie, J.; Watts, M.; Aloni, B.; Wyse, R.E., 1986:
In vitro and in vivo modification of sugar transport and translocation in celery by phytohormones

Dawood, M.K.; Sadik, E.A., 1985:
In vitro and in vivo production of oxalic acid by Sclerotium cepivorum

Kimoto, T., 1986 :
In vitro and in vivo properties of the virus causing natural canine distemper encephalitis

Veluthambi, K.; Poovaiah, B.W.; Poovaiah, B.W., 1986:
In vitro and in vivo protein phosphorylation in Avena sativa L. coleoptiles: effects of Ca2+, calmodulin antagonists, and auxin

Zirkin, B.R.; Soucek, D.A.; Chang, T.S.K.; Perreault, S.D., 1985:
In vitro and in vivo studies of mammalian sperm nuclear decondensation

Filchev, A.; Trifonov, S., 1985:
In vitro and in vivo studies of the cell-associated cytotoxicity of splenic lymphocytes towards cells of transplantable hepatoma induced in chicks by Mc-29 virus

Prandi, A.; Gaiani, R., 1984:
In vitro and in vivo studies of the steroidogenic activity of the goat mammary gland in late pregnancy

Ohmann, H.B.; Babiuk, L.A., 1985:
In vitro and systemic effects of recombinant bovine interferons on natural cell-mediated cytotoxicity in healthy and bovine herpesvirus-1-infected cattle

Naeczynska, A.; Cegielska, T., 1985:
In vitro anther culture and the establishment of haploid plants of swede rape (Brassica napus)

Lu, C.F., 1985:
In vitro antibacterial activity of combinations of various antibacterial agents on Edwardsiella tarda

Nielsen, P.G., 1984:
In vitro antifungal effect of metronidazole on pityrosporum ovale

Nouws, J.F.; Vree, T.B.; Hekster, Y.A., 1985:
In vitro antimicrobial activity of hydroxy and N4-acetyl sulphonamide metabolites

Mishra, P.; Chauhan, C.S., 1983:
In vitro antimicrobial activity of the essential oil of Luvanga scandens Roxb

Vinayak V.K.; Dhar U.; Sethi R.K., 1986:
In vitro antimicrobial effects of furazolidone and metronidazole

Hammerschlag, F.A., 1984:
In vitro approaches to disease resistance

Collins, G.B.; Taylor, N.L.; DeVerna, J.W., 1984:
In vitro approaches to interspecific hybridization and chromosome manipulation in crop plants

Holmberg, K., 1986:
In vitro assessment of antifungal drug resistance

Hogerzeil, H.V.; Hogewoning, A.A.; Doorn, J.W. van; Wernsdorfer, W.H.; Kaay, H.J. van der, 1985:
In vitro assessment of sensitivity of Plasmodium falciparum to chloroquine and mefloquine in Ghana

Munoz, C.E.; Lyrene, P.M., 1985:
In vitro attempts to overcome the cross-incompatibility between Vaccinium corymbosum L. and V. elliottii Chapm

Kukimura, H.; Yatou, O., 1984:
In vitro breeding in medicinal plants

Guiderdoni, E., 1985:
In vitro cell and protoplast culture of sugarcane (Saccharum sp.)

Carr, S.B.; McGilliard, M.L., 1986:
In vitro cell wall and dry matter digestion rates of rations and milk production

Racchi, M.L.; Sparvoli, F.; Gavazzi, G., 1986:
In vitro characterization of 54-1 and 56-1 mutants

Janardhan Reddy, P.; Vaidyanath, K., 1986:
In vitro characterization of salt stress effects and the selection of salt tolerant plants in rice (Oryza sativa L.)

Milovanov, V.K.; Subbotin, A.D., 1986:
In vitro chemical separation of the blastomeres of 2-cell mammalian zygotes

Arora, S.K.; Sehgal, S., 1984:
In vitro chemotherapeutic responses of Leishmania mexicana promastigotes and amastigotes

Kapur, M.P.; Sharma, A.; Singh, R.P., 1984:
In vitro chemotherapeutic sensitivity of microorganisms isolated from clinical cases of mastitis in cows, buffaloes and goats in Hissar area of Haryana state

Herbst, J.M.; Taylor, L.A.; Joubert, S.M., 1985:
In vitro chloroquine-resistant Plasmodium falciparum malaria in the Natal/Kwazulu area

Camous, S.; Heyman, Y.; Menezo, Y., 1984:
In vitro cleavage of cow embryos and further survival assessment in vivo

Bennici, A., 1985:
In vitro clonal multiplication of chicory (Cichorium intybus L.)

Paily, J.; D.S.uza, L., 1986:
In vitro clonal propagation of Lagerstroemia flos-reginae Retz

Griga, M.; Tejklova, E.; Novak, F.J.; Kubalakova, M., 1986:
In vitro clonal propagation of Pisum sativum L

Le, C.L., 1985:
In vitro clonal propagation of apple (Malus domestica Borkh., cultivar Gravenstein)

Goldy, R.G.; Lyrene, P.M., 1984:
In vitro colchicine treatment of 4x blueberries, Vaccinium sp

Gray, D.J.; Amerson, H.V., 1985:
In vitro colonization and resistance of loblolly pine embryos infected with fusiform rust fungus

Berg R.J.; Egger E.L., 1986:
In vitro comparison of the three loop pulley and locking loop suture patterns for repair of canine weightbearing tendons and collateral ligaments

Lindow, S.E., 1986:
In vitro construction of biological control agents

Zweygarth, E.; Röttcher, D., 1986:
In vitro cultivation of African stocks of Trypanosoma (Trypanozoon) brucei evansi

Franke, E.D.; Weinstein, P.P., 1984:
In vitro cultivation of Dipetalonema viteae third-stage larvae: evaluation of culture media, serum, and other supplements

Meyer, E.A.; Radulescu, S., 1984:
In vitro cultivation of Giardia trophozoites

Miyagami, T.; Waki, S., 1985:
In vitro cultivation of Plasmodium falciparum under aerobic atmosphere in a CO2 incubator

Smith, J.W.; Bartlett, M.S., 1984:
In vitro cultivation of Pneumocystis

Hajdú, E.; Matskási, I., 1984:
In vitro cultivation of Trypanoplasma strains isolated from pike and leech (preliminary report)

Brun, R.; Grootenhuis, J.G.; Kunz, C.; Schönenberger, M., 1984:
In vitro cultivation of Trypanosoma (T.) brucei bloodstream forms using cell lines and sera from African wild Bovidae

Ross, C.A.; Gray, M.A.; Taylor, A.M.; Luckins, A.G., 1985:
In vitro cultivation of Trypanosoma congolense: establishment of infective mammalian forms in continuous culture after isolation from the blood of infected mice

Gray, M.A.; Ross, C.A.; Taylor, A.M.; Tetley, L.; Luckins, A.G., 1985:
In vitro cultivation of Trypanosoma congolense: the production of infective forms from metacyclic trypanosomes cultured on bovine endothelial cell monolayers

Gray, M.A.; Ross, C.A.; Taylor, A.M.; Luckins, A.G., 1984:
In vitro cultivation of Trypanosoma congolense: the production of infective metacyclic trypanosomes in cultures initiated from cloned stocks

Busse, G., 1986:
In vitro cultivation of Vicia faba and induction of morphogenesis

Mhando, PJ.; Yanagi, T.; Nakazawa, S.; Fukuma, T.; Kanbara, H., 1986:
In vitro cultivation of bloodstream forms of Trypanosoma brucei gambiense with fibroblasts from various organs of mouse

Subramanian, G.; Ray, D.; Naithani, R.C., 1986:
In vitro culture and attenuation of macroschizonts of Theileria annulata (Dschunkowsky and Luhs, 1904) and in vivo use as vaccine

Larkin, P.J., 1985:
In vitro culture and cereal breeding

Voelkel, S.A., 1985:
In vitro culture and non-surgical transfer of micromanipulated bovine embryos

Spiegel Roy, P.; Sahar, N.; Baron, J.; Lavi, U., 1985:
In vitro culture and plant formation from grape cultivars with abortive ovules and seeds

Reist, A., 1985:
In vitro culture in rose nurseries. First results from using in vitro plants for cut flower production

Reist, A., 1985:
In vitro culture in rose nurseries: is this an alternative to propagation by cuttings or grafting of varieties?

Orczyk, W.; Malepszy, S., 1985:
In vitro culture of Cucumis sativus L. V. Stabilizing effect of glycine on leaf protoplasts

Smyth, J.D., 1985:
In vitro culture of Echinococcus spp

Meyer, H.J.; Staden, J. van, 1986:
In vitro culture of Geigeria aspera Harv

Lupotto, E., 1985:
In vitro culture of Medicago sativa and Zea mays - perspectives for genetic manipulation

Lewis-Hughes, PH.; Howell, MJ., 1984:
In vitro culture of Plasmodium yoelii blood stages

Melilan, G.; Ojeda, R.M., 1985:
In vitro culture of Puccinia melanocephala Syd., causal agent of sugar cane rust disease

Chen, Y.Z.; He, X.D.; Jaing, P.Y.; Wang, C.M., 1985:
In vitro culture of Rhododendron simsii

Damasco, D.P.; Barba, R.C., 1985:
In vitro culture of Saba banana (Musa balbisiana cv. Saba (BBB))

Chowdhury, N.; Korenaga, M.; Mimori, T.; Tada, I., 1985:
In vitro culture of Strongyloides ratti larvae

Strand, MR.; Vinson, SB., 1985:
In vitro culture of Trichogramma pretiosum on an artificial medium

Gobel, E.; Brown, P.T.H.; Lorz, H., 1986:
In vitro culture of Zea mays L. and analyses of regenerated plants

Chung, K.S.; Rho, H.C., 1984:
In vitro culture of blastomere separated from mouse embryo

Litvak, A.I.; Kuz' menko, A.P., 1982:
In vitro culture of cells, tissues and organs in grape (a review)

Bah, A.B., 1986:
In vitro culture of coconut zygotic embryos

Zhang, Z.M.; Davies, F.T.J., 1986:
In vitro culture of crape myrtle

Imamaliev, A.I.; Uzilevskaya, N.I., 1982:
In vitro culture of different cotton varieties

Khan, M.A.; Khalil, M.S.; A.K.htani, M.S., 1983 :
In vitro culture of different tissues of date palm (Phoenix dactylifera L.) offshoot

Merwe, J.V. van der; Irsigler, U.M.; Milander, C. de; Snyman, E.; Prince, M. von, 1984:
In vitro culture of early mouse embryos

Zdruikovskaya Rikhter, A.I., 1983:
In vitro culture of excised embryos and ovules of Cerasus avium (L.) Moench

Nel, M., 1985:
In vitro culture of excised ginger roots

Passos, I.R. da S.; Sondahl, M.R.; Ribeiro, I.J.A.; Terra, M.M.; Pires, E.J.P., 1985:
In vitro culture of grapevine meristems. I. BA concentrations in the primary medium

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