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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 1388

Chapter 1388 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Yin, F.C.; Wang, L.; Wei, Q.J.; Yu, Q.C., 1985:
In vitro culture of haploid wheat leaf blades

Shuang, Z.F.; Wang, Z.F.; Jiang, C.X.; Zhang, R.X.; Li, C.H.; Li, C.F., 1984:
In vitro culture of hybrid embryos derived from crosses between Aegilops squarrosa and wheat, rye or triticale

Greany, P., 1986:
In vitro culture of hymenopterous larval endoparasitoids

Nagmani, R.; Venketeteswaran, S., 1983:
In vitro culture of hypocotyl and cotyledon segments of Leucaena

Bommineni, V.R.; Greyson, R.I., 1985:
In vitro culture of immature ear shoots

Pareddy, D.R.; Greyson, R.I., 1985:
In vitro culture of immature tassels of an inbred field variety of Zea mays, cv. Oh43

Mellink, J.J.; van den Bovenkamp, W., 1985:
In vitro culture of intramolluscan stages of the avian schistosome Trichobilharzia ocellata

Lupotto, E., 1986:
In vitro culture of isolated somatic embryos of maize (Zea mays L.)

Mallikarjuna, N. (Nalini Mallikarjuna); Sastri, D.C., 1985 :
In vitro culture of ovules and embryos from some incompatible interspecific crosses in the genus Arachis

Wang, J.W.; Sorensen, E.L.; Liang, G.H., 1984:
In vitro culture of pods from annual and perennial Medicago species

Zimmer, K.; Pieper, W., 1985:
In vitro culture of spadix explants of Spathiphyllum

Peros, J.P.; Chagvardieff, P., 1984:
In vitro culture of sugarcane leaf tissues infected by Ustilago scitaminea Syd

Macpherson, CNL.; Smyth, JD., 1985:
In vitro culture of the strobilar stage of Echinococcus granulosus from protoscoleces of human, camel, cattle, sheep and goat origin from Kenya and buffalo origin from India

Stefaniak, B., 1984:
In vitro culture of undifferentiated proembryos of rye

Yang, H.Y.; Zhou, C.; Cai, D.T.; Yan, H.; Wu, Y.; Chen, X.M., 1986:
In vitro culture of unfertilized ovules in Helianthus annuus L

Zhou, C.; Yang, H.Y.; Tian, H.Q.; Liu, Z.L.; Yan, H., 1986:
In vitro culture of unpollinated ovaries in Oryza sativa L

Peron, J.Y., 1986:
In vitro culture, phytotechnical and technological innovations, the basis for the current resurgence of Stachys sieboldii Miq

Lorz, H.; Gobel, E.; Stolarz, A.; Baker, B.; Schell, J., 1985:
In vitro culture, plant regeneration, and genetic manipulation of cereals

Arnolin, R.; Degras, L., 1984:
In vitro culture, results and prospects for food yams

Hay, C.A.; Anderson, L.A.; Roberts, M.F.; Phillipson, J.D., 1986:
In vitro cultures of Cinchona species : Precursor feeding of C. ledgeriana root organ suspension cultures with L-Tryptophan

Petru, E.; Matous, J., 1984:
In vitro cultures of gerbera (Gerbera jamesonii Bolus)

Kromer, K.; Kukuczanka, K., 1985:
In vitro cultures of meristem tips of Canna indica (L.)

Adaskaveg, J.E.; Gilbertson, R.L., 1986:
In vitro decay studies of selective delignification and simultaneous decay by the white rot fungi Ganoderma lucidum and G. tsugae

Snir, I.; Stein, A., 1985:
In vitro detection and elimination of prunus necrotic ring spot virus in sweet cherry (Prunus avium)

Theil, K.W.; Saif, L.J., 1985:
In vitro detection of porcine rotavirus-like virus (group B rotavirus) and its antibody

Salim, R.; Gelderen de Komaid, A.V.n, 1985:
In vitro determination of phagocytic indices of Candida Berkhout species by rat peritoneal macrophages

Primorac, M.; Sekulović, D.; Antonić, S., 1985:
In vitro determination of the spermicidal activity of plant saponins

Chand Wattal; Nancy Malla; Imtiyaz Khan; Agarwal, S.C., 1986:
In vitro development & hatching of Ascaris lumbricoides var. hominis eggs

Dhanju, M.S.; Gill, B.S.; Sidhu, P.S., 1985:
In vitro development of Cajanus X Atylosia hybrids

Fonseca, A.H. da; Faccini, J.L.H., 1985:
In vitro development of Raillietia auris (Leidy) (Acarina: Mesostigmata)

Farrar, R.G.; Klei, T.R., 1985:
In vitro development of Strongylus edentatus to the fourth larval stage with notes on Strongylus vulgaris and Strongylus equinus

Rogan, M.T.; Richards, K.S., 1986:
In vitro development of hydatid cysts from posterior bladders and ruptured brood capsules of equine Echinococcus granulosus

Sirard, M.A.; Lambert, R.D.; Guay, P., 1986:
In vitro development of in vitro fertilized bovine follicular oocytes obtained by laparoscopy

Allen, R.L.; Wright, R.W., 1984:
In vitro development of porcine embryos in coculture with endometrial cell monolayers or culture supernatants

Bunderson, E.D.; Welch, B.L.; Weber, D.J., 1986:
In vitro digestibility of Juniperus osteosperma (Torr.) Little from 17 Utah sites

Krause, W.; Ludwig, E.; Schneider, H., 1984:
In vitro digestibility of original and modified protein isolate from field beans

Moore, K.J.; Lechtenberg, V.L.; Lemenager, R.P.; Patterson, J.A.; Hendrix, K.S., 1985:
In vitro digestion, chemical composition, and fermentation of ammoniated grass and grass-legume silage

Pommier, P.; Lagadic, M.; Argente, G., 1985:
In vitro drug resistance of Escherichia coli and streptococci isolated from mastitic milk

Sharma, J.K.; Joshi, D.V., 1984:
In vitro drug sensitivity of Pasteurella multocida strains isolated from different species of animals

Shah, N.M.; Dholakia, P.M.; Simaria, M.B., 1986:
In vitro drug sensitivity trials against yeasts and molds isolated from bovine udder

Lossick, J.G.; Müller, M.; Gorrell, T.E., 1986:
In vitro drug susceptibility and doses of metronidazole required for cure in cases of refractory vaginal trichomoniasis

Sheehan, W.; Fontenot, J.P.; Blaser, R.E., 1985:
In vitro dry matter digestibility and chemical composition of autumn-accumulated tall fescue, orchardgrass and red clover

Chauhan, T.R.; Tiwana, M.S.; Puri, K.P., 1985:
In vitro dry matter digestibility and fodder yield of guara

Kharazmi, A.; Nielsen, H., 1986:
In vitro effect of Fansimef on human neutrophil and monocyte function

Nonnecke, B.J., 1986:
In vitro effect of Staphylococcus aureus on lymphocyte (Lc) function and viability

Mohapatra, N.K.; Roberts, J.F., 1985:
In vitro effect of aflatoxin B1 on rat liver macrophages (Kuffer cells)

Ranbir Kaur; Sood, M.L., 1985:
In vitro effect of anthelmintics on pentose phosphatase pathway enzymes of Haemonchus contortus (Nematoda: Trichostrongylidae)

Capuco, A.V.; Paape, M.J.; Smith, J.J.; Loeffler, D.A., 1985:
In vitro effect of bacterial toxins on lactating bovine mammary tissue., S.; Seminara, R.; D'Amelio, R.; Pontesilli, O.; Nisini, R., 1983:
In vitro effect of ketoconazole on human neutrophil chemotaxis and Candida albicans killing

Lian, W.N.; Huang, M.Y.; Wang, C.Z., 1986:
In vitro effect of tinidazole on Entamoeba histolytica

Seenappa, D.; Manohar, L., 1983:
In vitro effects of chemicals and disinfectants on the spores of Myxobolus vanivilasae Seenappa and Manohar, 1980 (Myxosporida: Protozoa)

Wada, Y.; Yajima, A.; Suzuki, M.; Greenwald, G., 1984:
In vitro effects of estradiol, testosterone or progesterone on luteal steroidogenesis in the pregnant rat

Fuller, P.; Asbury, A.C., 1986:
In vitro effects of various antibiotics on phagocytosis by equine neutrophils: applications to intrauterine therapy in mares

Kesavan, R., 1984:
In vitro efficacy of certain fungicides against Rhizoctonia solani and Sclerotium rolfsii

Wexler, H.M.; Harris, B.; Carter, W.T.; Finegold, S.M., 1985:
In vitro efficacy of sulbactam combined with ampicillin against anaerobic bacteria

Uralets, L.I., 1984:
In vitro embryo culture in tomato

Khalil, M.S.; Khan, M.A.; A.K.htani, M.S., 1983:
In vitro embryo culture of date palm (Phoenix dactylifera L.)

Chen, Z.G.; Huang, D.L., 1984:
In vitro embryo culture of grape and olive

Atanasov, A.I.; Todorova, L., 1984:
In vitro embryo cultures of intergeneric hybrids between Zea mays and Tripsacum dactyloides

Atanassov, A. (Atanasov, A); Vlakhova, M.; Denchev, P.; Dragoeva, A., 1986:
In vitro embryogenesis and cell selection for alfalfa genetics and breeding

Heile Sudholt, C.; Huetteman, C.A.; Preece, J.E.; Sambeek, J.W. van; Gaffney, G.R., 1986:
In vitro embryonic axis and seedling shoot tip culture of Juglans nigra L

Abate, A., 1980:
In vitro estimation of the energy content of some feeds commonly fed to livestock in Kenya

Desai, S.A.; Patil, S.A., 1982:
In vitro evaluation of different fungicides against Alternaria macrospora Zimm. incitant of leaf spot disease of cotton

Reddy, E.J.S.; Pravindrachary, M.; Reddy, S.M., 1985:
In vitro evaluation of different fungicides in the control of sheath blight of rice caused by Acrocylindrium oryzae Sawada

Patel, V.A.; Gemawat, P.D., 1985:
In vitro evaluation of fungicides against Fusarium oxysporum f. ricini

Sharma, N.D.; Jain, A.C., 1984:
In vitro evaluation of fungicides against some Fusarium spp

Setala J.; Vaatainen H.; Ettala T., 1984:
In vitro evaluation of protein digestibility in the abomasum and small intestine of ruminants

Vidotto, O.; Freire, L.R.; Moco, A.C.; Torres, G.H.; Mitsuka, R.; Tanaka, H.N.; Moriyama, C., 1984:
In vitro evaluation of the action of different acaricides on Rhipicephalus sanguineus.

Van der Auwera, P.; Ceuppens, A.M.; Heymans, C.; Meunier, F., 1986:
In vitro evaluation of various antifungal agents alone and in combination by using an automatic turbidimetric system combined with viable count determinations

Parrish, D.J., 1984:
In vitro evidence for auxin compartmentation

Goodman, A.L., 1984:
In vitro evidence of a role for inhibin in female rabbits

Fried, B.; Stromberg, B.E., 1985:
In vitro excystment of metacercariae of Fascioloides magna (Trematoda)

Lauerman, L.H.; Stringfellow, D.A.; Sparling, P.H.; Kaub, L.M., 1986:
In vitro exposure of preimplantation bovine embryos to vesicular stomatitis virus

Cohen, B.N.; Coleman, T.A.; Schmitt, J.J.; Weissbach, H., 1984:
In vitro expression and characterization of the translation start site of the psbA gene product (QB protein) from higher plants

Bard J.; Bourque D.P.; Hildebrand M.; Zaitlin D., 1985:
In vitro expression of chloroplast genes in lysates of higher plant chloroplasts

Cucuzza, J.; Kao, J.; Kawaguchi, I., 1984:
In vitro expression of disease resistance in alfalfa to Colletotrichum trifolii

Greve T.; Bousquet D.; King W.A.; Betteridge K.J., 1984 :
In vitro fertilization and cleavage of in vivo matured bovine oocytes

Sugawara, S.; Hamano, K.; Miyamoto, A.; Kameyama, K.; Horiuchi, T.; Masaki, J., 1984:
In vitro fertilization and subsequent development of bovine oocytes precultured in synthetic media

Keefer, C.L.; Bennett, K.A.; Brackett, B.G., 1985:
In vitro fertilization in the rabbit after delayed ovum recovery

Sirard, M.A.; Lambert, R.D., 1985:
In vitro fertilization of bovine follicular oocytes obtained by laparoscopy

Lambert, R.D.; Sirard, M.A.; Bernard, C.; Beland, R.; Rioux, J.E.; Leclerc, P.; Menard, D.P.; Bedoya, M., 1986:
In vitro fertilization of bovine oocytes matured in vivo and collected at laparoscopy

Song, H.B.; Iritani, A., 1985:
In vitro fertilization of goat follicular oocytes with epididymal spermatozoa capacitated in a chemically defined medium

Roldan, E.R.S.; Roldan, R.R.; Merani, M.S.; Lawzewitsch, I. von, 1984:
In vitro fertilization of hamster vitelli with bull sperm frozen in pellets

Altamura, M.M.; Pasqua, G.; Monacelli, B., 1986:
In vitro floral morphogenesis in a doubled haploid tobacco

Dickens, C.W.S.; Staden, J. van, 1985:
In vitro flowering and fruiting of soybean explants

Narasimhulu, S.B.; Reddy, G.M., 1984:
In vitro flowering and pod formation from cotyledons of groundnut (Arachis hypogaea L.)

Novak, F.J.; Lucretti, S.; Donini, B.; Afza, R.; Hermelin, T., 1985:
In vitro flowering induction and pod formation in Pisum sativum L

Ohmann, H.B.; Babiuk, I.A., 1984:
In vitro generation of hydrogen peroxide and of superoxide anion by bovine polymorphonuclear neutrophilic granulocytes, blood monocytes, and alveolar monocytes

Kresovich, S.; McGee, R.E.; Wadsworth, S.J., 1985:
In vitro genotypic responses of sweet sorghum to 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid and 4-amino-3,5,6-trichloropicolinic acid

Dhar, A.K., 1983:
In vitro germination and pollen tube growth of belladonna (Atropa belladonna L.)

Luza, J.G.; Polito, V.S., 1985:
In vitro germination and storage of English walnut pollen

Sahar, N.; Spiegel Roy, P., 1984:
In vitro germination of avocado pollen

Pareddy, D.R.; Greyson, R.I.; Walden, D.B., 1985:
In vitro germination of pollen from cultured tassels

Iliev, P., 1984:
In vitro germination of pollen from plum varieties of Prunus domestica L

Druart, P., 1985:
In vitro germplasm preservation technique for fruit trees

Jacob, S.R.; Northcote, D.H., 1985:
In vitro glucan synthesis by membranes of celery petioles: the role of the membrane in determining the type of linkage formed

Filippone, E., 1985:
In vitro growth and differentiation of tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum) tissue on high level of NaCl

Breau, W.C.; Oliver, S.P., 1984:
In vitro growth inhibition of mastitis bacteria by mammary secretion obtained during early involution

Chew, B.P.; Tjoelker, L.W.; Tanaka, T.S., 1985:
In vitro growth inhibition of mastitis causing bacteria by phenolics and metal chelators

Chew, B.P.; Tjoelker, L.W.; Tanaka, T.S.; Dahlquist, S.P., 1985:
In vitro growth inhibition of mastitis-causing Staphylococcus aureus and Streptococcus agalactiae by phenolics and potassium sorbate cultured in bovine milk.

Vincendeau, P.; Guillemain, B.; Daulouede, S.; Ripert, C., 1986:
In vitro growth of Trypanosoma musculi: requirements of cells and serum free culture medium

Todhunter D.A.; Smith K.L.; Schoenberger P.S., 1985:
In vitro growth of mastitis associated streptococci in bovine mammary secretions

Oliver, S.P.; Bushe, T., 1985:
In vitro growth of mastitis pathogens in bovine mammary secretion following different methods of milk cessation

Dutt, K.W.; Eberhart, R.J.; Wilson, R.A., 1986:
In vitro growth of mastitis pathogens in mammary secretions of the dry and peripartum periods

Mushi, E.Z., 1983:
In vitro growth properties of the herpesvirus of bovine malignant catarrhal fever

Schnapp, S.R.; Preece, J.E., 1986:
In vitro growth reduction of tomato and carnation microplants

Heberle-Bors, E., 1985:
In vitro haploid formation from pollen: a critical review

Gupta, M.; Murty, Y.S., 1985:
In vitro hormonal regulation of pollen germination and pollen tube growth in Vicia faba L

Mahapatra, D.; Bajaj, Y.P.S., 1984:
In vitro hybridization in an incompatible cross - Brassica juncea X Brassica hirta

Ojo Amaize, E.A.; Guidry, A.J., 1985:
In vitro immunization of bovine lymphocytes with an encapsulated or a non-encapsulated Smith strain of Staphylococcus aureus: influence of encapsulation on the type of specific cellular response

Woo S C.; K.S.W.; Wong C K., 1985:
In vitro improvement of salt tolerance in a rice cultivar

Avetisov, V.A.; Melik Sarkisov, O.S., 1984:
In vitro induced morphogenesis in the potato cv. Yarntarnyi, L'vovyanka and Povirovets

Marchesi, G.; Maggioni, L., 1985:
In vitro induction of callus from different explants of garlic bulbils (Allium sativum L.)

Bajaj, Y.P.S., 1985:
In vitro induction of genetic variability in groundnut

Li, M.W.; Zhang, B., 1984:
In vitro induction of haploid plantlets from unpollinated ovaries of Coix lacryma-jobi L

Gu, Z.P.; Zheng, G.C., 1984:
In vitro induction of haploid plantlets from unpollinated ovaries of highland barley

Ahuja, M.R., 1984:
In vitro induction of organogenesis in juvenile and mature beech

Chinchilla, M.; Frenkel, J.K., 1984:
In vitro induction of resistance to Toxoplasma by immune mediators in mouse and hamster non-phagocytic cells

Melik Sarkisov, O.S.; Ovchinnikova, V.N., 1986:
In vitro induction of tuber formation in potatoes using cytokinins

Cseplo, A.; Medgyesy, P.; Marton, L., 1986:
In vitro induction, isolation and transfer of chloroplast mutations in Nicotiana

Taylor, M.L.; Rico Galindo, B.; Benitez, M.T.; Diaz Sanchez, G.; Castro, A.M.; Polito Alarcon, G.; Toriello, C., 1984:
In vitro infection by Histoplasma capsulatum in peritoneal macrophages of mice

Nakai, T.; Hirai, K., 1984:
In vitro infection of bursectomized chicken lymphocytes by infectious bursal disease virus

Calnek B.W.; Fahey K.J.; Bagust T.J., 1986:
In vitro infection studies with infectious laryngotracheitis virus

Sigler, C.I.; Leland, P.; Hollingdale, M.R., 1984:
In vitro infectivity of irradiated Plasmodium berghei sporozoites to cultured hepatoma cells

Bottjer, K.P.; Bone, L.W., 1986:
In vitro ingestion by Trichostrongylus colubriformis (Nematoda) in sera, bacteria, and media

Wagner, H.; Wierer, M.; Bauer, R., 1986 :
In vitro inhibition of prostaglandin biosynthesis by essential oils and phenolic compounds

Scheibel, L.W., 1984:
In vitro inhibition of the human malaria parasite by selected lipophilic chelators

Diner, A.M.; Mott, R.L., 1985:
In vitro inoculation of western white pine tissue culture propagules with vegetative hyphae of Cronartium ribicola

Chang, W.M.; Lin, J.K.; Wu, K.C.; Hsiung, K.P., 1985:
In vitro interconversion of aflatoxin B1 and aflatoxicol by rat erythrocytes

Marcotte, G.; Noue, J. de la, 1984:
In vitro intestinal absorption of glycine and L-alanine by rainbow trout, Salmo gairdnerii, Rich

Hauptmann, G.; Schickedanz, F., 1986:
In vitro investigations and microscopic studies on the development of Phoma chrysanthemicola Hollos f.sp. chrysanthemicola, the cause of a collar and root rot of chrysanthemums

Tanaka, K.; Koga, O.; Utsumi, H., 1985:
In vitro investigations of ovulation in the perfused fowl ovary

Flynn, A., 1985:
In vitro levels of copper, magnesium and zinc required for mitogen stimulated T lymphocyte proliferation

Pareddy, D.R.; Greyson, R.I., 1985:
In vitro liquid culture of corn tassels - an update!

Kim, K.; Ramirez, V.D., 1985:
In vitro luteinizing hormone-releasing hormone release from superfused rat hypothalami: site of action of progesterone and effect of estrogen priming

Hirota, T.; Kimoto, K.; Furusho, K., 1982:
In vitro Lymphocyte response to mite antigen in Kawasaki disease (MCLS)

Haverly, A.L.; Pappas, M.G.; Henry, R.R.; Nacy, C.A., 1983:
In vitro macrophage antimicrobial activities and in vivo susceptibility to Leishmania tropica infection

Fried, B.; Vates, T.S., 1984:
In vitro maintenance and tracking of Echinostoma revolutum (Trematoda) adults

Hensleigh, H.C.; Hunter, A.G., 1985:
In vitro maturation of bovine cumulus enclosed primary oocytes and their subsequent in vitro fertilization and cleavage

Fukui Y.; Fukushima M.; Ono H., 1985:
In vitro maturation of bovine oocytes recovered from follicles of various sizes

Pearlman, W.H.; LaMay, E.N.; Peng, L.H.; Pearlman, M.R.; Hass, J.R., 1985:
In vitro metabolism of [3H] corticosterone by mammary glands from lactating rats. Isolation and identification of 21-acyl[3H]corticosterone

Bull, D.L.; Ivie, G.W.; Beier, R.C.; Pryor, N.W., 1986:
In vitro metabolism of a linear furanocoumarin (8-methoxypsoralen, xanthotoxin) by mixed-function oxidases of larvae of black swallowtail butterfly and fall armyworm

Evrard, P.; Maghuin-Rogister, G., 1985:
In vitro metabolism of zeranol: evaluation of covalent binding to microsomal protein

Garner, D.L., 1984:
In vitro methods for estimating fertilizing capacity of sperm cells

Battle, A.; Mele, E., 1984 :
In vitro micropropagation of Ficus elastica

Thentz, M.; Moncousin, C., 1984:
In vitro micropropagation of Platycerium bifurcatum (Cav.) C. Chr

A.M.arri, K.; Arnaud, Y.; Miginiac, E., 1986:
In vitro micropropagation of quince (Cydonia oblonga Mill.)

Grosser, J.W.; Chandler, J.L., 1986:
In vitro multiplication of Swingle citrumelo rootstock with coumarin

Shiroishi, T.; Evans, G.A.; Appella, E.; Ozato, K., 1985:
In vitro mutagenesis of a mouse MHC class I gene for the examination of structure-function relationships

Damhoeri, A.; Hosono, A.; Itoh, T.; Matsuyama, A., 1985:
In vitro mutagenicity tests on capsicum pepper, shallot and nutmeg oleoresins

Sonnino, A.; Ancora, G.; Locardi, C., 1986:
In vitro mutation breeding of potato: use of propagation by microcuttings

Wainwright, H.; Harwood, A.C., 1985:
In vitro organogenesis and plant regeneration of Cyclamen persicum Mill. using seedling tissue

Brar, S.S.; Sandhu, B.S., 1984:
In vitro ovule and embryo culture of Gossypium

Vincenti, L.; Fissore, A.; Tortora, G., 1984:
In vitro penetration test for bovine spermatozoa in polyacrylamide gel: preliminary observations

Michael, K.; Ward, B.S.; Moore, W.M., 1985:
In vitro permeability of the pig placenta in the last third of gestation

Perez-Domínguez, M.; Schultz, L.H.; Shook, G.S., 1982:
In vitro phagocytosis of iodine-labelled mastitis pathogens by blood leukocytes of dairy cows

Fontenla de Petrino, S.E.; Bibas Bonet de Jorrat, M.E.; Sirena, A., 1985:
In vitro phagocytosis of several Candida Berkhout species by murine leukocytes

Simmonds, J., 1985:
In vitro photoinduction of leaf tissue of Streptocarpus nobilis

Horriere, F., 1984:
In vitro physiological approach to classification of Frankia isolates of 'the Alnus group', based on urease, protease and beta -glucosidase activities

Desprez Loustau, M.L., 1986:
In vitro physiology of Melampsora pinitorqua basidiospores. Consequences for understanding the infection process

Williams, W.F.; Gross, T.S., 1986:
In vitro placental steroid synthesis in the late pregnant and peripartum cow

Gobel, E.; Brown, P.T.H.; Lorz, H., 1986:
In vitro plant regeneration and somaclonal variation in the inbred A188

Tripathi, B.K.; Bitaillon, C., 1985:
In vitro plant regeneration of Hedychium roxburghii Blume through rhizome-meristem culture

Singh, S.; Mathur, A., 1985:
In vitro plantlet formation from cotyledons, leaf lamina and midrib of cauliflower

Maroti, M.; Bognar, J., 1984 :
In vitro plantlet formation from inflorescence in cauliflower (Brassica oleracea var. botrytis L.)

Saito, A.; Ide, Y., 1985:
In vitro plantlet regeneration from adventitious buds induced on cuttings of peeled twigs of Japanese white birch

Maisonneuve, B.; Nijs, A.P.M. den, 1984:
In vitro pollen germination and tube growth of tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum Mill.) and its relation with plant growth

Tilton, V.R.; Russell, S.H., 1983:
In vitro pollination and fertilization of soybean Glycine max (L.) Merr. (Leguminosae)

Havel, L.; Novak, F.J., 1983:
In vitro pollination in maize

Jung, W.K., 1985:
In vitro positive controls for histochemical stains of bacteria and fungi

Bajaj, Y.P.S., 1986:
In vitro preservation of genetic resources. Techniques and problems

Reddy, E.J.S.; Reddy, P.C.; Chary, M.P.; Reddy, S.M., 1984:
In vitro production of cellulolytic and pectolytic enzymes by Acrocylindrium oryzae, an incitant of sheath rot of rice

Perry, J.L.W., 1985:
In vitro production of colchiploids and mutants of native Florida diploid Vaccinium species and hybrids and evaluation of 12x V. ashei colchiploids

Bisen, P.S.; Sharma, A.; Agarwal, G.P., 1985:
In vitro production of halo blight inducing toxin by Pseudomonas phaseolicola (Burkh.) Dowson

Panizzi, R.C.; Kimati, H., 1985:
In vitro production of inoculum of Xanthomonas albilineans (Ashby) Dowson, causal agent of sugarcane leaf scald

Roger, M.; Viens, P., 1986:
In vitro production of metacyclic forms of Trypanosoma musculi and their infectivity in CBA mice

Gedek, W., 1985:
In vitro profile of the new mastitis drugs cefacetril, cefoperazone and trimethoprim

Cabrera, V.; Machado, A.J.; Andino, N.; Mateo de Acosta, O., 1985:
In vitro progesterone production of granulosa cells from cattle ovaries at different stages of development

Stoltz, L.P., 1984:
In vitro propagation and growth of hydrangea

Snir, I., 1984:
In vitro propagation of 'Canino' apricot

Wessels, E.; Nel, D.D.; Staden, D.F.A. von, 1984:
In vitro propagation of Actinidia chinensis Pl. cultivar Hayward

Kothari, S.L.; Chandra, N., 1984:
In vitro propagation of African marigold

Richez Dumanois, C.; Braut Boucher, F.; Cosson, L.; Paris, M., 1986:
In vitro propagation of Cannabis sativa. Application to the preservation of selected clones

Chen, Y.Z.; He, X.D.; Jiang, P.Y.; Wang, C.M., 1985:
In vitro propagation of Chrysanthemum leaves

Zandvoort, E.A.; Staritsky, G., 1983:
In vitro propagation of Cinchona ledgeriana L

Hildebrandt, V.; Harney, P.M., 1985:
In vitro propagation of Euonymus fortunei

Schneider Moldrickx, R.; Horn, W., 1984:
In vitro propagation of Kalanchoe blossfeldiana hybrids. I. Shoot regeneration from leaf explants

Schneider Moldrickx, R.; Horn, W., 1985:
In vitro propagation of Kalanchoe blossfeldiana hybrids. II. Callus and suspension cultures

Scaramuzzi, F.;, P.R., 1985:
In vitro propagation of Lantana sellowiana Link et Otto, by repeated subculture of meristems

Starling, R., 1985:
In vitro propagation of Leuchtenbergia principis

Chung, J.D.; Chun, J.K.; Shin, J.A., 1984:
In vitro propagation of Lilium longiflorum through floral organ culture

Damiano, C.; Garibaldi, E.A.; Scrivano, E., 1984:
In vitro propagation of Mammillaria bocasana: preliminary results

Guidugli, R.; Tesi, R., 1983:
In vitro propagation of Nephrolepis exaltata cultivar Teddy Junior

Morini, S.; Concetti, S., 1985:
In vitro propagation of PS B2 peach rootstock

Orlikowska, T.; Machnik, B., 1984:
In vitro propagation of Polish dwarf apple rootstocks

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In vitro propagation of Ranunculus: experimental results

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In vitro propagation of Solanum sarrachoides Sendt

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In vitro propagation of Solanum tuberosum varieties as a method of obtaining virus-free plants

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In vitro propagation of Thunia alba (Wall.) Reichb. f. through flower stalk cuttings

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In vitro propagation of Vitis: the effects of organic substances on shoot multiplication

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In vitro propagation of annona hybrid (Annona squamosa L. X Annona cherimola L.)

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In vitro propagation of canine distemper virus: establishment of persistent infection in Vero cells

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In vitro propagation of caper (Capparis spinosa L.)

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In vitro propagation of cassava (Manihot esculenta Crantz)

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In vitro propagation of cyclamen by the use of etiolated petioles

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In vitro propagation of escarole from leaf explants

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In vitro propagation of florists' cineraria

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In vitro propagation of florists' hydrangea

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In vitro propagation of grapevine

Jay Allemand, C.; Cornu, D., 1986:
In vitro propagation of isolated embryos of walnut (Juglans regia)

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In vitro propagation of jojoba (Simmondsia chinensis (Link), Schneider)

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In vitro propagation of lingonberry

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In vitro propagation of mature and juvenile Douglas fir meristems

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In vitro propagation of new apple genotypes

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In vitro propagation of oil palm (Elaeis guineensis Jac. var. tenera) through somatic embryogenesis in leaf-derived callus

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In vitro propagation of pea by axillary and adventitious bud technique

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In vitro propagation of peach: I. Propagation of 'Lovell' and 'Nemaguard' peach rootstocks

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In vitro propagation of pecan seedlings

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In vitro propagation of periwinkle

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In vitro propagation of roses

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In vitro propagation of selected genotypes of mazzard (Prunus avium L.)

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In vitro propagation of sour cherry cultivars after heat treatment

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In vitro propagation of statice as an aid to breeding

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In vitro propagation of the barley-rye and barley-wheat hybrids

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In vitro propagation of the elephant yam, Amorphophallus campanulatus var. hortensis Backer (Araceae)

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In vitro propagation of three clonal Prunus rootstocks

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In vitro propagation of willows (Salix spp.), European mountain-ash (Sorbus aucuparia L.) and black locust (Robinia pseudoacacia L.)

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In vitro protective effect of bacteria-derived bovine alpha interferon I1 against selected bovine viruses

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In vitro rabbit mammary gland chromatin replication studied by micrococcal nuclease digestion

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In vitro rearing of the northern fowl mite (Acari: Macronyssidae)

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In vitro regeneration from seedling organs of Brassica oleracea var. italica Plenck cv. Green Comet. I. Effect of plant growth regulators

Lazzeri, P.A.; Dunwell, J.M., 1986:
In vitro regeneration from seedling organs of Brassica oleracea var. italica Plenck cv. Green Comet. II. Effect of light conditions and explant size

Phukan, M.K.; Mitra, G.C., 1983:
In vitro regeneration of Albizzia odoratissima Benth., a shade tree for the tea plantation of north-east India

Kumar, P.S.; Subrahmanyam, N.C.; Faris, D.G., 1984:
In vitro regeneration of Cajanus and Atylosia plants

Jha, S.; Sen, S., 1985:
In vitro regeneration of Ruscus hypophyllum L. plants

Bajwa, P.S.; Wakhlu, A.K., 1985:
In vitro regeneration of tetraploid plants from somatic embryos of Papaver somniferum L. (opium poppy)

Quattrocchio, F.; Benvenuto, E.; Tavazza, R.; Cuozzo, C.; Ancora, G., 1985:
In vitro regeneration study in potato hairy root tissues

Lazzeri, P.A., 1985:
In vitro regenerative capabilities of Brassica oleracea var. italica and Beta vulgaris

Mitten, D.H.; Sato, S.J.; Skokut, T.A., 1984:
In vitro regenerative potential of alfalfa germplasm sources

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In vitro regression of naturally occurring alveolar lesions of mouse mammary glands induced by vitamin A

Fouret, Y.; Arnaud, Y.; Larrieu, C., 1985:
In vitro rejuvenation of Sequoia sempervirens. Effect of the number and frequency of subcultures. Search for early indicators of juvenility

Degrugillier, M.E., 1985:
In vitro release of house fly, Musca domestica L. (Diptera: Muscidae), acrosomal material after treatments with secretion of female accessory gland and micropyle cap substance

Abdelgadir, S.E.; Swanson, L.V.; Oldfield, J.E.; Stormshak, F., 1986:
In vitro release of oxytocin from bovine corpora lutea by prostaglandin F2 alpha

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In vitro replication of infectious bursal disease virus in chicken macrophages and established lymphoid cell lines

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In vitro resistance tests of peach hybrids to Meloidogyne incognita (Kofoid & White) Chitwood

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In vitro response of exogenous growth regulators on endogenous IAA induced xylogenesis and regeneration potentiality of timber tree - Dalbergia sissoo Roxb

Litz, R.E., 1984:
In vitro responses of adventitious embryos of two polyembryonic Eugenia species

Aldrufeu, A.; Pages, M.; Messeguer, J.; Mele, E., 1984:
In vitro rhizogenesis of Rosa sp. in different substrates

Adewunmi, C.O.; Odebiyi, O.O., 1985:
In vitro schistosomicidal activity of tetramethylpyrazine from Jatropha podagrica Hook. stem bark

Ling, D.H.; Vidhyaseharan, P.; Borromeo, E.S.; Zapata, F.J.; Mew, T.W., 1985:
In vitro screening of rice germplasm for resistance to brown spot disease using phytotoxin

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In vitro seed germination and developmental morphology of the seedling in Cymbidium ensifolium

Tonelli C., 1985:
In vitro selection and characterization of cereal mutants

Bolik, M.; Foroughi Wehr, B.; Kohler, F.; Schuchmann, R.; Wenzel, G., 1986:
In vitro selection for disease resistance in potato and barley

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In vitro selection for herbicide resistance in Lotus corniculatus

MacLean, N.L.; Grant, W.F., 1985:
In vitro selection for herbicide resistance in birdsfoot trefoil

Kuruvinashetti, M.S., 1986:
In vitro selection for lysine and threonine mutants in barley (Hordeum vulgare L.)

Foroughi Wehr, B.; Stolle, K., 1985:
In vitro selection for resistance exemplified by the system potato/Phytophthora infestans (Mont.) De Bary

MacDonald, M.V.; Ingram, D.S., 1985:
In vitro selection for resistance to Alternaria brassicicola in Brassica napus spp. oleifera (winter oilseed rape) using partially purified culture filtrates

Paul, N.K.; Ghosh, P.D., 1986:
In vitro selection of NaCl tolerant cell cultures in Oryza sativa L

Kishor, P.B.K.; Reddy, G.M., 1984:
In vitro selection of PEG and NaCl resistance in rice

Serrhini, N.; Maraite, H.; Meyer, J.A., 1985:
In vitro selection of Phytophthora citrophthora strains resistant to metalaxyl

Sun, L.H.; She, J.M.; Lu, X.F., 1986:
In vitro selection of Xanthomonas oryzae-resistant mutants in rice. I. Induction of resistant callus and screening regenerated plants

Viseur, J., 1984:
In vitro selection of beet callus tolerant to cercosporin, a fungal toxin extracted from Cercospora beticola Sacc

Schenck, H.; Robbelen, G., 1985:
In vitro selection of herbicide tolerant rapeseed

Marocco, A.; Piana, L.; Fogher, C.; Vaciago, B., 1985:
In vitro selection of maize to enhance association with nitrogen fixing bacteria: preliminary results

Ingram, D.S.; MacDonald, M.V., 1986:
In vitro selection of mutants

Gantotti, B.V.; Kartha, K.K.; Patil, S.S., 1985:
In vitro selection of phaseolotoxin resistant plants using meristem culture of bean (Phaseolus vulgaris)

Crocomo, O.J.; Ochoa Alejo, N.; Machado, I.S.; Murayama, M.Y., 1984:
In vitro selection of sugarcane (Saccharum spp.) variants tolerant to herbicides

Fari, M.; Csillery, G.; Andrasfalvy, A., 1984:
In vitro selection procedures for agronomic characters by shoot tip culture of Capsicum

Bashir, M.; Ilyas, M.B., 1984:
In vitro sensitivity of Ascochyta rabiei (Pass.) Lab. mycelium to fungicides at various concentrations

Vasconcelos, M.A.; Rosario, V.E., 1983:
In vitro sensitivity of Plasmodium falciparum strains from the Amazon Basin (Brazil)

Cadahia, E., 1986:
In vitro sensitivity of different strains of Rhizobium to herbicides derived from picolinic acid

Welander, M., 1985:
In vitro shoot and root formation in the apple cultivar Akero

Knopp, E.; Mix, G., 1986:
In vitro shoot and root regeneration from tissue fragments of sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.)

Sreedhar, D.; Mehta, A.R., 1984:
In vitro shoot differentiation from hypocotyledonary and epicotyledonary explants of Phaseolus lunatus Linn

Ashok Ahuja, 1985:
In vitro shoot differentiation in Eucalyptus citriodora Hook.: effect of activated charcoal

Schum, A.; Busold, M., 1985:
In vitro shoot production from inflorescences of Gerbera

Carlisi, J.A.; Torres, K.C., 1986:
In vitro shoot proliferation of camellia 'Purple Dawn'

Korban, S.S.; Skirvin, R.M., 1985:
In vitro shoot regeneration from an intact and a sectioned embryo-axis of apple seeds

Novak, F.J.; Nedbalkova, B.; Binarova, P.; Konecna, D., 1984:
In vitro somatic embryogenesis - a new selection system in alfalfa

Ohnoutkova, L.; Novak, F.J.; Ohnoutka, Z., 1984:
In vitro somatic embryogenesis and plant regeneration of wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)

Litz, R.E., 1984:
In vitro somatic embryogenesis from nucellar callus of monoembryonic mango

Kuck, K.H.; Reisener, H.J., 1985:
In vitro sporulation of race 32 of Puccinia graminis Pers. f.sp. tritici Erikss. & Henn

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In vitro stimulation and inhibition of adrenocorticotropin release by pituitary cells from ovine fetuses and lambs

E.G.zawy, A.; Ford Lloyd, B.V., 1984:
In vitro storage of garlic germplasm using slow growth conditions

Silva, G.H., 1985:
In vitro storage of potato tuber explants and subsequent plant regeneration

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In vitro studies of asexual embryogenesis in Theobroma cacao L

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In vitro studies of spike disease of sandal (Santalum album L.)

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In vitro studies of the effect of propylthiouracil and ronnel on thyroxine-5'-monodeiodinase activity in steers

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In vitro studies on Pinus koraiensis (I) - Establishment and growth of callus

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In vitro studies on feline panleucopaenia virus. Standardisation of haemagglutination-inhibition test for feline panleucopaenia virus antibody

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In vitro studies on genetic effects and viability of maize pollen

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In vitro studies on protein synthesis by the fat body in honeybees

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In vitro studies on the antibacterial effect of Getroxel (carbadox)

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In vitro studies on the biological efficacy of propetamphos against the three-host tick Rhipicephalus sanguineus

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In vitro studies on the breakdown of canine erythrocytes exposed to the onion extract

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In vitro studies on xylogenesis in Citrus fruit vesicles. II. Effect of pH of the nutrient medium on the induction of cytodifferentiation

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In vitro studies with the scrapie agent

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In vitro study of barley leaf blotch: parasite reproduction cycle - host histopathology

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In vitro study of bidirectional glycine transport in porcine small intestine, J.; Andrieu, B.; Hatin, I.; Savel, J.; Coulaud, J.P., 1984:
In vitro study of drug sensitivity of Plasmodium falciparum: assessment of the semi-microtest by superscript 3H-hypoxanthine incorporation

Branchard, M., 1984:
In vitro study of leaf scald: role of toxins of the rhynchosporoside type in pathogenesis

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In vitro study of mitochondrial protein synthesis in cytoplasmic hybrids of Nicotiana tabacum

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In vitro study of polymorphonuclear leukocyte damage to mammary tissues of lactating cows

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In vitro study of the morphological and biochemical events occurring in the ovarian follicle of the rat during the periovulatory period

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In vitro study on the utilization of various carbohydrates by rumen microbes using different nitrogen sources

Casado, N.; Rodriguez-Caabeiro, F.; Hernandez, S., 1986:
In vitro survival of Echinococcus granulosus protoscolices in several media, at +4 degrees C and +37 degrees C

Delgado, A., 1983:
In vitro survival of L3 of intestinal strongyles of cattle

Restrepo, A.; Tabares,, 1984:
In vitro susceptibility of Paracoccidioides brasiliensis yeast form to antifungal agents

Palm, M.E.; Stewart, E.L., 1984:
In vitro synthesis of mycorrhizae between presumed specific and nonspecific Pinus + Suillus combinations

Rohozinski, J.; Francki, R.I.B., 1984:
In vitro synthesis of velvet tobacco mottle virus (VTMoV) specific double-stranded (ds)RNA in leaf extracts

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In vitro systems for studying nitrogen fixation

Middelburg, M.C.G.; Spijk, A.C. van, 1986:
In vitro techniques for assessing genetic variability

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In vitro techniques for germplasm storage

Anonymous, 1985:
In vitro techniques. Propagation and long term storage

Butenko, R.G., 1983:
In vitro technology in agriculture

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In vitro test for the control of Sclerotinia sclerotiorum

Coomans, A.; Vanderhaeghen, R., 1985:
In vitro testing toxicities

Aalders, A.J.G.; Pieters, R., 1985:
In vitro testing with 2,3,5 triphenyl tetrazolium chloride (TTC) of Orobanche crenata seed metabolism

Mosella Ch, L.; Ascui M.L., 1985:
In vitro tissue culture as a tool for plant research and propagation. I. Use of apical meristems for citrus micropropagation

Mosella Ch, L.; Fernandez M.R., 1985:
In vitro tissue culture as a tool for plant research and propagation. II. In vitro culture of pink garlic (Allium sativum L.)

Mosella Ch, L.; Iligaray A.R., 1985:
In vitro tissue culture as a tool for plant research and propagation. III. Responses of pawpaw (Carica pubescens, Lenne et Koch) to in vitro culture

Torne, J.M.; Berville, A., 1986:
In vitro tissue culture of maize carrying T cytoplasma, with a view to obtaining resistance to methomyl

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In vitro tissue culture technique of cauliflower in the breeding programme

Mukai, M.K., 1985:
In vitro tomato fruit culture method for post-harvest studies

Sharma, R.P.; Yoneyama, M., 1984:
In vitro toxicity evaluation

Ridgway, A.A.; Swift, R.A.; Kung, H.J.; Fujita, D.J., 1985:
In vitro transcription analysis of the viral promoter involved in c-myc activation in chicken B lymphomas: detection and mapping of two RNA initiation sites within the reticuloendotheliosis virus long terminal repeat

Elsken, L.A.; Nonnecke, B.J., 1986:
In vitro transformation of lymphocytes from blood and milk of cows with subclinical paratuberculosis

Mi, J.J.; Zhou, H., 1986:
In vitro transformation of protoplasts from soybean by Agrobacterium tumefaciens T37

Hurley, W.L., 1985:
In vitro translation of bovine mammary ribonucleic acid: identification of beta -lactoglobulin precursor protein

Avila Rincon, M.J.; Collmer, C.W.; Kaper, J.M., 1986:
In vitro translation of cucumoviral satellites I. Purification and nucleotide sequence of cucumber mosaic virus-associated RNA 5 from cucumber mosaic virus strain S

Avila Rincon, M.J.; Collmer, C.W.; Kaper, J.M., 1986:
In vitro translation of cucumoviral satellites. II. CARNA 5 from cucumber mosaic virus strain S and SP6 transcripts of cloned (S)CARNA 5 cDNA produce electrophoretically comigrating protein products

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In vitro translation of mRNA from Toxocara canis larvae

Patil, S.D.; Prakash, K.; Hegde, S.N., 1985:
In vitro transport characteristics of D-glucose in the pigeon intestine: effect of metal ions and metabolic inhibitors

Grasso, S., 1984:
In vitro trials of some fungicides against Phomopsis citri

Ghosh M.; Ridha M.T.; Dukelow W.R., 1982:
In vitro uptake of estradiol and progesterone in the hamster uterus relative to the time of embryo transfer and stage of development

Connell, S.A.; Heale, J.B., 1986:
In vitro use of Verticillium alboatrum culture filtrates to select for disease resistance in regenerating callus cultures of hop (Humulus lupulus L.)

Saraswat, B.L.; Sengar, O.P.S., 1986:
In vitro utilization of proteins by incorporating molasses, urea and cobalt in the ration of ruminants

Dumanois, C.; Godin, B.; Bigot, C., 1984:
In vitro vegetative propagation of Gardenia jasminoides Ellis

Dhawan, V.; Bhojwani, S.S., 1985:
In vitro vegetative propagation of Leucaena leucocephala (Lam.) de Wit

Zok, S., 1986:
In vitro vegetative propagation of cultivated coffee by meristem and apex culture

Watanabe, Y.; Okada, Y., 1986:
In vitro viral RNA synthesis by a subcellular fraction of TMV-inoculated tobacco protoplasts

Yamaguchi, H.; Uchida, K., 1984:
In vivo activity of bifonazole in guinea pigs: its characteristic features and comparison with clotrimazole

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In vivo and in vitro antitumor activity of yogurt and multi-cultured buttermilk

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In vivo and in vitro assessment of antinutritional factors in peanut and soy

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In vivo and in vitro digestibility of high energy sorghum silages at parent and ratoon harvests

Harmon, R.J.; Shuster, D.E.; Hatfield, D.D., 1985:
In vivo and in vitro effects of anti-inflammatory agents in the bovine

Matsumura, M.; Yamanoi, A.; Yamamoto, S.; Mori, H.; Saito, S., 1985:
In vivo and in vitro effects of cholecystokinin octapeptide on the release of prolactin in rats

Guelfi J.F.; Courdouhji M.K.; Alvinerie M.; Toutain P.L., 1985:
In vivo and in vitro effects of three glucocorticoids on blood leukocyte chemotaxis in the dog

DiSorbo, D.M.; Wagner, R.; Nathanson, L., 1985:
In vivo and in vitro inhibition of B16 melanoma growth by vitamin B6

Mosca, P.; Bonazzi, P.; Novelli, G.; Jezequel, A.M.; Orlandi, F., 1985:
In vivo and in vitro inhibition of hepatic microsomal drug metabolism by ketoconazole

Brun, R.; Jenni, L., 1984:
In vivo and in vitro production of Trypanosoma b. gambiense

Paiva, M., 1985:
In vivo and in vitro production of alkaloids in Theobroma cacao L

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In vivo and in vitro sensitivity to 4-aminoquinolines of Plasmodium falciparum in Madagascar. Results of two years of study

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In vivo and in vitro studies of GABAergic inhibition of prolactin biosynthesis

Raymond, K.H.; Davidson, K.K.; McKinney, T.D., 1985:
In vivo and in vitro studies of urinary concentrating ability in potassium-depleted rabbits

Bjorkman, A.; Willcox, M., 1986:
In vivo and in vitro susceptibility of Plasmodium falciparum to sulphadoxine/pyrimethamine in Liberia, West Africa

Shilaskar, D.V.; Parasar, G.C., 1985:
In vivo and kymographic studies on Psoralea corylifolia and Piper betle against avian Ascaridia galli

Shields, R.G.; Mahan, D.C.; Byers, F.M., 1984:
In vivo body composition estimation in nongravid and reproducing first-litter sows with deuterium oxide

Schamhardt, H.C.; Hartman, W.; Lammertink, J.L., 1985:
In vivo bone strain in the equine tibia before and after transection of the peroneus tertius muscle

Didion, B.A.; Graves, C.N., 1986:
In vivo capacitation and acrosome reaction of bovine sperm in estrous and diestrous cows

Hawkins, C.D.B.; Lister, G.R., 1985:
In vivo chlorophyll fluorescence as a possible indicator of the dormancy stage in Douglas-fir seedlings

Neequaye, J.; Coene, J.; Taelman, H.; Wéry, M.; Greenberg, A.E.; Minns, G.; Patchen, L.; Miller, K., 1986:
In vivo chloroquine-resistant falciparum malaria in Western Africa

Navari Izzo, F.; Izzo, R., 1984:
In vivo conversion of sitosterol and sitosterol to stigmasterol in barley seedlings

Shimoda, K.; Maejima, K.; Terakado, N., 1985:
In vivo conversion of transferable plasmid into R plasmid in the intestine of gnotobiotic mice

Minson, D.J.; Bray, R.A., 1985:
In vivo digestibility and voluntary intake by sheep of five lines of Cenchrus ciliaris selected on the basis of in vitro digestibility

Andrade, J.B. de; Andrade, P. de, 1982:
In vivo digestibility of pearl millet (Pennisetum americanum (L.) K. Schum.) silage

Garciarena, D.A.; Verde, S.C. de; Cocimano, M.; Ovejero, F.; Marco, O. di; Saint Miqueu, E.; Colombo, I., 1984:
In vivo digestibility of wheatgrass. Prediction by faecal index method

Anonymous, 1984:
In vivo digestion of yogurt lactose by yogurt lactase

Hasan, R.; Khan, AM., 1985:
In vivo effect of different sulpha drugs on the mycetomal symbionts of Sitophilus granarius L

Górski, J.; Namiot, Z.; Krotkiewski, M.; Falkowska, K., 1984:
In vivo effect of insulin on the glycogen content in different skeletal muscles of the rat

Brevard P.B.; Anderton L.G.; Magee A.C., 1985:
In vivo effects of retinoids on the histological changes in colorectal tissue

Rehben, E., 1982:
In vivo estimation of body composition in beef. A short review of different techniques used routinely in France to estimate beef carcass characteristics

Anonymous, 1982:
In vivo estimation of body composition in beef. Report on a CEC Workshop held in Copenhagen 15-16 December 1981

Chilliard, Y.; Robelin, J.; Remond, B., 1984:
In vivo estimation of body lipid mobilization and reconstitution in dairy cattle

Satoh, S.; Esashi, Y., 1984:
In vivo formation of 1-malonylaminocyclopropane-1-carboxylic acid and its relationship to ethylene production in cocklebur seed segments: a tracer study with 1-amino-2-ethylcyclopropane-1-carboxylic acid

Durand, D.; Bauchart, D.; Levaivre, J., 1984:
In vivo hepatic balance of lipids and glucose in the calf; effect of sorbitol intake

de Lederkremer, R.M.; Zingales, B.; Confalonieri, A.N.; Couto, A.S.; Martin, N.F.; Colli, W., 1985:
In vivo incorporation of palmitic acid and galactose in glycolipids of Trypanosoma cruzi epimastigotes

Knapp, H.R.; Reilly, I.A.; Alessandrini, P.; FitzGerald, G.A., 1986:
In vivo indexes of platelet and vascular function during fish-oil administration in patients with atherosclerosis

Tsuchiya, T.; Tanaka, A., 1985:
In vivo inhibition of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) synthesis associated with thiabendazole-induced teratogenesis in mice and rats

Slocum, R.D.; Galston, A.W.; Galston, A.W., 1985:
In vivo inhibition of polyamine biosynthesis and growth in tobacco ovary tissues

Kraegen, E.W.; James, D.E.; Storlien, L.H.; Burleigh, K.M.; Chisholm, D.J., 1986:
In vivo insulin resistance in individual peripheral tissues of the high fat fed rat: assessment by euglycaemic clamp plus deoxyglucose administration

Wolffram, S.; Ardüser, F.; Scharrer, E., 1985:
In vivo intestinal absorption of selenate and selenite by rats

Peeters, J.P.; Griffiths, A.J.F.; Wilkes, G., 1985:
In vivo karyotypic modifications following spontaneous cell fusion in maize (Zea mays L.)

Prager, R.; Wallace, P.; Olefsky, J.M., 1986:
In vivo kinetics and insulin action on peripheral glucose disposal and hepatic glucose output in normal and obese subjects

Saadoun A.; Leclercq B., 1986:
In vivo lipogenesis in genetically fat and lean chickens of various ages

Millikan, W.J.; Henderson, J.M.; Galloway, J.R.; Warren, W.D.; Matthews, D.E.; McGhee, A.; Kutner, M.H., 1985:
In vivo measurement of leucine metabolism with stable isotopes in normal subjects and in those with cirrhosis fed conventional and branched-chain amino acid-enriched diets

Vitting, C.; Harmeyer, J., 1986:
In vivo measurement of mucociliary clearance in dogs and rabbits

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In vivo metabolic changes as studied longitudinally after ventromedial hypothalamic lesions

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In vivo metabolism of T-2 toxin, a trichothecene mycotoxin. On the formation of depoxydation products

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In vivo microscopy of schistosomiasis. IV. The dynamics of the host-parasite responses to Schistosoma mansoni in the hypodermal tissues as observed in transparent chambers in two susceptible hosts during primary and challenge infections

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In vivo milk digestion in the calf abomasum. II. Milk and whey proteolysis

Yvon, M.; Pélissier, J.P.; Guilloteau, P.; Toullec, R., 1985:
In vivo milk digestion in the calf abomasum. III. Amino acid compositions of the digesta leaving the abomasum

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In vivo natural abundance 13C NMR studies of the carbohydrate storage in ectomycorrhizal fungi

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In vivo priming of mouse CTL precursors directed to product of a newly defined minor H-42 locus is under a novel control of class II MHC gene

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In vivo proteolytic activity of the mammary gland. Contribution to the origin of secretory component, beta 2-microglobulin and bovine-associated mucoprotein (BAMP) in cows milk

Karosi, E.; Warner, P.V.; Williamson, D.L.; Gregory, D.J.; Isangya, A., 1983:
In vivo rearing of Glossina morsitans morsitans Westw. in Tanzania (Diptera: Glossinidae): III. Acquisition and development of host animals

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In vivo studies of hypoglycemia and lactic acidosis in endotoxic shock

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In vivo studies of intestinal carnitine absorption in rats

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In vivo studies on the microbicidal activity of antiseptics on the flora of the oropharyngeal cavity

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In vivo study of actinomycete endophytes of Alnus incana from soils in different climatic regions

Carruthers, RI.; Feng, Z.; Robson, DS.; Roberts, DW., 1985:
In vivo temperature-dependent development of Beauveria bassiana (Deuteromycotina: Hyphomycetes) mycosis of the European corn borer, Ostrinia nubilalis (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae)

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In vivo transfer of delayed hypersensitivity to Trypanosoma cruzi antigens with polysomal immune RNA

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In vivo trial of different antifungal agents by intradermal injection of C. albicans into guinea pigs

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In vivo uptake of haemolymph from a female sterile mutant into wild-type ovaries of Drosophila melanogaster

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In vivo zinc transport by rat small intestine after extensive small bowel resection

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In which direction is Swiss cattle breeding going? Ten themes on the future of Swiss cattle breeding

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In winter rye: weed control according to economic thresholds

Tinus, R.W., 1986:
In-bed herbaceous windbarrier produced more ponderosa pine seedlings

Versavel, P.A.; Britton, M.G., 1984:
In-bin bulk density of grain

Cheigh, H.S.; Muhlbauer, W.; Rhim, J.W.; Shin, M.G., 1985:
In-bin drying of paddy with ambient air: influence of drying parameters on drying time, energy requirements and quality

Anonymous, 1986:
In-car entertainment

Harrell, M., 1984:
In-field sprayer evaluation with portable computers and user-friendly, interpretive software

Siegfried, BD.; Fatzinger, CW.; Wilkinson, RC.; Nation, JL., 1986:
In-flight responses of the black turpentine beetle (Coleoptera: Scolytidae) to individual monoterpenes, turpentine, and paraquat-treated slash pines

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In-grade bending strength of radiata pine

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In-ground barriers and hydraulic measures

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In-ground storage of white potato: a preliminary assessment

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In-line monitoring of milk at the dairy

Mirza, M.A.; Shaikh, A.L., 1984:
In-ovulo embryo culture of some incompatible species hybrids of Gossypium

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In-place cleaning under different conditions of operation and extent of automation

Thomson, J.S., 1986:
In-service results in extension: getting results into action

Anonymous, 1985:
In-service teacher education

Malone, V.M., 1984:
In-service training and staff development

Charmes, J.; Conde, J.; Salome, B., 1985:
In-service training in Tunisia

Lian, M.J.; Bowen, M.L.; Egger, K., 1985:
In-service training in therapeutic recreation for persons with severe handicaps

Bortei Doku, E., 1985:
In-service training of extension staff: a successful Ghanaian experience

Seginer, I.; Kantz, D., 1986:
In-situ determination of transfer coefficients for heat and water vapour in a small greenhouse

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In-situ mechanical properties of water hyacinth

Swennen, R.; Wilson, G.F., 1984:
In-situ mulch production for plantain

Sanning, D.E., 1985:
In-situ treatment

Hösel, W.; Berlin, J.; Hanzlik, T.N.; Conn, E.E., 1985:
In-vitro biosynthesis of 1-(4'-hydroxyphenyl)-2-nitroethane and production of cyanogenic compounds in osmotically stressed cell suspension cultures of Eschscholtzia californica Cham

Saber, M.A.; Wu, G., 1985:
In-vitro catabolism of L-histidine by adult Schistosoma mansoni

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In-vitro culture of Dioscorea rotundata embryos

Smith, J.E.; Meis, J.F.G.M.; Ponnudurai, T.; Verhave, J.P.; Moshage, H.J., 1984:
In-vitro culture of exoerythrocytic form of Plasmodium falciparum in adult human hepatocytes

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In-vitro culture of hamster epididymal epithelium and induction of sperm motility

Moore, H.D.M.; Hartman, T.D., 1986:
In-vitro development of the fertilizing ability of hamster epididymal spermatozoa after co-culture

Obaseiki-Ebor, E.E.; Afonya, T.C., 1984:
In-vitro evaluation of the anticandidiasis activity of honey distillate (HY-1) compared with that of some antimycotic agents

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In-vitro killing of Candida species by murine immunoeffectors and its relationship to the experimental pathogenicity

Acheampong, E.; Henshaw, G.G., 1984:
In-vitro methods for cocoyam improvement

Sonnino, A.; Ancora, G.; Locardi, C., 1984:
In-vitro mutation breeding of potato

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In-vitro sensitivity of Ascosphaera apis to chemotherapeutic agents

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In-vitro sensitivity of P. multocida isolated from chickens and ducks to various chemotherapeutic agents

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In-vitro sensitivity of mycoplasmas and associated bacteria isolated from chickens and turkeys and ducks at the area of Upper Egypt

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In-vitro studies on the efficacy of certain fungicides against Drechslera oryzae (Breda de Haan) Subram and Jain of brown spot disease of rice

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In-vivo activity of the LH-releasing hormone pulse generator in castrated and intact male rats

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In-vivo immune responses of breast- and bottle-fed infants to tetanus toxoid antigen and to normal gut flora

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In-vivo kinetics of a monoclonal antibody to canine parvovirus

McMinn, J.W.; Stubbs, J., 1985:
In-woods drying of eucalypts in southern Florida

Shree, M.P.; Luke, P., 1983:
Inability of Exserohilum turcicum (Pass.) Leo. et Sug., to survive as a saprophyte in soil in situ

Nunamaker, R.A.; Harvey, A.J.; Wilson, W.T., 1984:
Inability of honey bee colonies to rear queens following exposure to fenthion

McGrath, J.; Solter, D., 1984:
Inability of mouse blastomere nuclei transferred to enucleated zygotes to support development in vitro

Peggs, A.; Bowen, H., 1984:
Inability to detect organo-silicon compounds in Equisetum and Thuja

Steiss, J.E.; Braund, K.G.; Clark, E.G., 1985:
Inability to experimentally produce a polyneuropathy in dogs given chronic oral low level lead

Price, E.O.; Katz, L.S.; Moberg, G.P.; Wallach, S.J., 1986:
Inability to predict sexual and aggressive behaviors by plasma concentrations of testosterone and luteinizing hormone in Hereford bulls

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Inaccurate values for direct bilirubin with some commonly used direct bilirubin procedures

Fillman, D.A.; Sterling, W.L., 1985:
Inaction levels for the red imported fire ant, Solenopsis invicta (Hym.: Formicidae): a predator of the boll weevil, Anthonomus grandis (Col.: Curculionidae)

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Inactivated tissue culture rabies vaccine with three years immunogenicity in dogs and cats

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Inactivated vaccine against Aujeszky's disease

Burdarov, I.; Savova Burdarova, S., 1985:
Inactivated vaccine for the immunoprophylaxis of listeriosis in sheep

Satoh, S.; Esashi, Y., 1986:
Inactivation of 1-aminocyclopropane-1-carboxylic acid synthase of etiolated mung bean hypocotyl segments by its substrate, S-adenosyl-L-methionine

Yoshizaki T., 1985:
Inactivation of 3 strains of tobacco mosaic virus by chlorine

Geissler, H.; Weingarten, M.; Hafez, H.M., 1986:
Inactivation of Aspergillus fumigatus

Konietzko, M.; Reuter, H., 1986:
Inactivation of Bacillus stearothermophilus during UHT-treatment of whole milk

Wickramanayake, G.B.; Rubin, A.J.; Sproul, O.J., 1984:
Inactivation of Giardia lamblia cysts with ozone

Severin, B.F., 1985:
Inactivation of Naegleria and Giardia cysts in water by ozonation

Carrington, E.G.; Harman, S.A.; Pike, E.B., 1982:
Inactivation of Salmonella during anaerobic digestion of sewage sludge

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Inactivation of a nuclear polyhedrosis virus on cotton by the substances produced by the cotton leaf surface glands

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Inactivation of bile-salt-stimulated human milk esterase: effect of storage and heat

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Inactivation of citrus tristeza virus by gamma ray irradiation

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Inactivation of codling moth granulosis viruses by ultraviolet radiation and temperature

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Inactivation of delta-endotoxin of Bacillus thuringiensis by plant extracts.

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Inactivation of mushroom tyrosinase by hydrogen peroxide

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Inactivation of nuclear polyhedrosis virus (Baculovirus subgroup A) by monochromatic UV radiation

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Inactivation of pathogenic microorganisms in liquid manure by microwave treatment

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Inactivation of rice bran enzyme. Relationships between the process parameters and peroxidase activity

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Inactivation of the causal agents of anthropophilic and zoophilic trichophytosis by polynuclear leucocytes

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Inactivation of the scrapie agent by ultraviolet irradiation in the presence of chlorpromazine

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Inactivation, purification and stability of 146S antigens of foot and mouth disease virus for use as reagents in the complement fixation test

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Inadequacies of sow lactation: survival of the fittest

Gusmão, L., 1986:
Inadequacy of blocking in cultivar yield trials

Pandey, K.R., 1984:
Inadequacy of germling ooze test in detecting Xanthomonas campestris pv. oryzae in rice seeds

Onyezili, N.; Ejezie, G.; Enwonwo, C., 1986:
Inadequacy of plasma thyroxine-binding prealbumin as index of protein malnutrition

Rao, G.A.; Larkin, E.C., 1985:
Inadequate intake by growing rats of essential nutrients from liquid diets used for chronic alcohol consumption

Markus, M.B., 1984:
Inadvertent suppression of malarial parasitaemia in relation to diagnosis

Enzmann, P.J.; Konrad, M., 1985:
Inapparent infections of brown trout with VHS-virus

Jaeger, P. de, 1985:
Inappropriate wages for farming subcontractors

Mamaev, Y.L.; Parukhin, A.M., 1984:
Inbjumia gonostomae n.g., n.sp., a parasite of deep sea fishes in the Indian Ocean

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Inbred and wild mice carry identical deletions in their E alpha MHC genes

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Inbred lines as genetic resources of chickens

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Inbred maize lines for the production of early synthetics by polycrosses

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Inbred maize lines resistant to European corn borer

Anonymous, 1986:
Inbred strains of mice

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Inbred strains of mice in the domestic collection: characters and uses

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Inbred sweetcorn lines suitable for mechanical harvesting

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Inbreeding and coancestry of freestone peach cultivars of the eastern United States and implications for peach germplasm improvement

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Inbreeding and combining ability in maize lines of different origin

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Inbreeding and effective population size in sixteen control populations of mice of different origins

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Inbreeding and hybridizing cyst nematodes on pruned soybeans in petri plates

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Inbreeding and relationship within the national Danish draughthorse - the Jutland breed

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Inbreeding and selection in animals

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Inbreeding and the evolution of altruism under kin selection: effects on relatedness and group structure

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Inbreeding as a method of testing in dog breeding

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Inbreeding coefficients of breeding lines in sweet potato

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Inbreeding considerations in a REM sleep model for rat swimming activity

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Inbreeding depression and heterosis in lucerne

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Inbreeding depression in Brazilian populations of maize (Zea mays L.)

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Inbreeding depression in chromosome behaviour of the garden cress (Lepidium sativum L.)

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Inbreeding depression in pearl millet composites

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Inbreeding effects in safflower (Carthamus tinctorius L.)

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Inbreeding effects on pre-weaning growth traits in sheep

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Inbreeding in Ayrshire cattle

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Inbreeding in fighting bulls

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Inbreeding of Black Pied cattle

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Inbreeding studies in garden cress

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Inbreeding under selection from related families

Burrows, P.M., 1984:
Inbreeding under selection from unrelated families

Davidson, R.K., 1985:
Incapacitating effects of schistosomiasis mansoni on the productivity of sugar-cane cutters in Northeastern Brazil

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Incapacity for anaerobic growth in xylose-fermenting yeasts

Yovich J.V.; Stashak T.S.; Bertone A.L., 1985:
Incarceration of small intestine through rents in the gastrosplenic ligament in the horse

Bougon, M.; Protais, J.; L.H.spitalier, R., 1982:
Incarsoy extruded soyabean in the feeding of chickens

Subbarao, K., 1985:
Incentive policies and India's agricultural development: some aspects of regional and social equity

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Incentive travel in Europe: survey of a rapidly growing market

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Incentive travel in the USA. Review of the market and the suppliers

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Incentives for corn production in Taiwan, R.O.C

Gregerson, H.M., 1984:
Incentives for forestation: a comparative assessment

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Incentives for good final results in the agroindustrial sector

Sidorova, M.I., 1986:
Incentives for labour in the rural sphere of the agroindustrial sector

Olaloku, E.A., 1984:
Incentives for private sector participation in livestock production in Nigeria

Pedchenko, E.V., 1984:
Incentives to encourage self-financing and efficiency in agroindustrial combinats

Gusmanov, U.G., 1984:
Incentives to improve the end results of labour in agriculture

Foss, J.E.; Moormann, F.R.; Rieger, S., 1983:

Delgado Calvo Flores, R.; Barahona, E.; Huertas, F.; Linares, J., 1982:
Inceptisols of the upper basin of the Dilar river (Sierra Nevada)

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Incest avoidance and bonding between siblings in gerbils

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Incidence and aetiology of clinical mastitis in a large-capacity cowshed

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Incidence and chemical control of bark-eating caterpillar, Indarbela quadrinotata Walker on plum trees

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Incidence and development of Pseudomonas syringae pv. syringae on tomato transplants in Georgia

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Incidence and diagnostic aspects of Cryptococcosis in Chandigarh (India) during the period 1970-1980

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Incidence and distribution of Bruchidius obscurus Arora (Bruchidae: Coleoptera)

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Incidence and distribution of Pythium, Phytophthora and Fusarium ssp. in recirculating nutrient film hydroponic systems

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Incidence and distribution of bovine cysticercosis in Corrientes Province

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Incidence and distribution of insecticide-resistant strains of Myzus persicae (Sulzer) (Hemiptera: Aphididae) in England and Wales in 1980-84

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Incidence and distribution of species of Bruchidius attacking Albizzia spp. (Bruchidae: Coleoptera)

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Incidence and distribution of virus diseases of tomato in Havana province

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Incidence and duration of breast-feeding in a health maintenance organization population

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Incidence and duration of lactose malabsorption in children hospitalized with acute enteritis: Study in a well-nourished urban population

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Incidence and economic losses of leg injuries in fattening pigs

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Incidence and etiology of cutaneous Myiasis in domestic animals at Hissar

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Incidence and expression of cymbidium mosaic virus in Dendrobium hybrids

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Incidence and factors affecting endoparasitism in goats in Serdang, West Malaysia

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Incidence and gross pathology of fascioliasis in sheep and goats slaughtered at Karachi abattoir, Pakistan

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Incidence and impact of fusiform rust vary with silviculture in slash pine plantations

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Incidence and importance of candidiasis in dermatomycoses - treatment with ketoconazole

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Incidence and intensity of Onchocerca fasciata Railliet and Henry, 1910 in local camels in Saudi Arabia

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Incidence and isolation of three new Bacteroides spp. from abscesses in pigs

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Incidence and morphology of Buxtonella sulcata from cattle in Chonnam area

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Incidence and pathology of bovine onchocerciasis

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Incidence and pathology of hepatic disorders in cattle

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Incidence and pathology of lungs and livers affected with hydatidosis in sheep

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Incidence and pathology of pituitary lesions in bovines

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Incidence and predictive factors associated with farm accidents in Ohio

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Incidence and prevalence of hydatidosis in cattle, buffaloes, sheep and goats in Andhra Pradesh, with particular reference to different Agro-Climatic conditions

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Incidence and prevention of summer mastitis

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Incidence and prophylaxis of anaemia in industrial pig farming

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Incidence and reaction of pearl millet cultivars to various diseases under rainfed conditions

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Incidence and relative abundance of different species of spotted bollworms on okra at Ludhiana, Punjab

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Incidence and severity of comandra rust on lodgepole pine in Northwestern Wyoming

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Incidence and severity of downy mildew of buckwheat in Manitoba in 1979 and 1980

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Incidence and toxicology of deoxynivalenol as an emerging mycotoxin problem

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Incidence and treatment of ovarian cysts in cattle. Results obtained in a large dairy herd

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Incidence and treatment of ovarian dystrophy in cows

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Incidence and type of clinical mastitis associated with high and low somatic cell count dairy herds

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Incidence and types of pulmonary affections in sheep and goats of Ludhiana (Punjab)

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Incidence and typing of Clostridium perfringens in animals slaughtered at upper Egypt

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Incidence of soft-nose on mangoes in the Canary Islands

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Incidence of unsuspected tinea pedis

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Incidence of (Aphis sacchari Zent) in relation to sorghum plant characters

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Incidence of Acinetobacter spp. and other gram-negative, oxidase-negative bacteria in fresh and spoiled ground beef

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Incidence of Alternaria leaf blight of sesame in Karnataka

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Incidence of Argas (Persicargas) persicus in poultry

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Incidence of Athalia proxima Klug on species and varieties of Brassica

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Incidence of Bacillus popilliae in Ligyrus subtropicus and Cyclocephala parallela (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae) in Florida sugarcane fields

Moura, J.I.L., 1985:
Incidence of Calyptocephala brevicornis (Boheman, 1850) (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae, Cassidinae) in plantations of oil palm (Elaeis guineensis) in the Municipality of Porto Platon, Territorio Federal do Amapa

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Incidence of Campylobacter jejuni in relation to quality of raw milk

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Incidence of Campylobacter jejuni/coli on pork carcasses in the northeast Georgia area

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Incidence of Cercospora capsici in areas of Capsicum annuum production in Cuba

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Incidence of Cercospora sojina Hara in soyabean cultivars

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Incidence of Chilo partellus (Swinhoe) on maize and jowar in Punjab

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Incidence of Chilo zacconius Bleszynski on some rice varieties in relation to plant characters

Rintelen, J., 1985:
Incidence of Fusarium on stored fodder cereals harvested in 1982-1984 in Bavaria

Gedek, B.; Bauer, J.; Enders, C.; Gareis, M., 1985:
Incidence of Fusarium toxins in feed for pigs and their detection in blood serum, urine and faeces after oral application

Kang, S.W.; Cho, D.J.; Lee, Y.S., 1985:
Incidence of Fusarium wilt of sesame (Sesamum indicum L.) in relation to air temperature

Singh, J.; Sidhu, AS.; Kooner, BS., 1985:
Incidence of Heliothis armigera (Hubner) in relation to phenology of chickpeas

Bechu Singh; Kaul, B.K.; Bandyopadhyaya, A.K., 1985:
Incidence of Heliothis armigera Hubner on potato crop in Kangra Valley of Himachal Pradesh

Wanjala, F.M.E.; Kinuthia, M.W.; Mwangi, S.N.; Dooso, B.S., 1986:
Incidence of Icerya pattersoni Newst in Kenya

Rao, D.V.; Rao, K.R.G., 1983:
Incidence of Klebsiella in foods and water

Sharma, R.P.; Onkar Singh, 1984:
Incidence of Melanagromyza obtusa (Mall.) (Diptera: Agromyzidae) on summer okra at Rewa, Madhya Pradesh

Mihailovic, M.; Radetic, P.; Vukovic, I., 1985:
Incidence of PSE muscle in selenium-deficient pigs

Riffle, J.W.; Myatt, A.K.; Davis, R.L., 1985:
Incidence of Phellinus robineae in black locust plantings in Oklahoma

Verma, T.D.; Dogra, G.S., 1984:
Incidence of Phycodes radiata Ochr. (Glyphipterygidae: Lepidoptera) on Ficus species in Solan area of Himachal Pradesh

Padhi, B.C.; Misra, S.C.; Panda, D.N., 1986:
Incidence of Prosthogonimus infection in desi fowl

Jaffee, B.A.; Powell, C.A.; Derr, M.A., 1986:
Incidence of Prunus necrotic ringspot virus in some Pennsylvania peach orchards and nurseries

Jagtap, A.B.; Ghule, B.D.; Deokar, A.B., 1985:
Incidence of Pyrilla perpusilla on ratoon sorghum and sugarcane

Shalaby, N.; Bassiouni, A.A.; Yoossef, Y.I., 1981:
Incidence of Salmonella and Arizona infections in poultry in Gharbia province

Moitra, A.K.; Saxena, S.P., 1984:
Incidence of Salmonella serotypes in poultry

Neweigy, N.A.; E.H.seiny, T.M.; E.F.uly, M.Z.; E.M.ngy, T.M., 1984:
Incidence of Salmonella sp., Staphylococcus aureus, Streptococcus faecalis and Escherichia coli in chicken carcasses in Egypt

Detiffe, H.; Maraite, H.; Meyer, J.A., 1984:
Incidence of Typhula incarnata Lasch ex Fries infection on the yield of winter barley plants

Vasavada, P.C.; Larkin, L., 1985:
Incidence of Yersinia enterocolitica in relation to quality of milk

Boissin-Agasse, L.; Boissin, J., 1985:
Incidence of a circadian cycle of photosensitivity in the regulation of the annual testis cycle in the mink: a short-day mammal

Abbott, W.G.; Tasman-Jones, C., 1985:
Incidence of acquired primary hypolactasia in three New Zealand racial groups

Nayar, M.; Chandra, M.; Chitraratha, K.; Kumari Das, S.; Rai Chowdhary, G., 1985:
Incidence of actinomycetes infection in women using intrauterine contraceptive devices

Patel, D.C.; Dave, J.M.; Sannabhadti, S.S., 1984:
Incidence of aerobic sporing bacteria in buffalo raw and pasteurized milk

Balasubramanian, T., 1985:
Incidence of aflatoxin B1 in animal feeds

Bajmoczy, E.; Fazekas, B.; Tanyi, J., 1984:
Incidence of an epidemic disease with abscess formation in sheep (Morel disease) in Hungary.

Murguido, C.; Beltran, C., 1983:
Incidence of and damage by the leafhopper (Empoasca sp.) (Homoptera: Cicadellidae) and other pests in six bean varieties

Thompson, N.E.; Gomez-Lucia, E.; Bergdoll, M.S., 1986:
Incidence of antibodies reactive with toxic shock syndrome toxin 1 in bovine milk

Joshi, M.V.; Bhagwat, S.S., 1986:
Incidence of aortic lesions in slaughtered bullocks

Moreti, A.C. de C.; Ramiro, Z.A.; Junquetti, M.I. de G.; Cacao, C.C.; Cacao, M.A.; Buzolin Filho, R., 1984:
Incidence of aphids (Homoptera - Aphididae) in wheat crops in the agricultural region of Marilia, Sao Paulo State

Welsh, P.C.; Sizemore, R.K., 1985:
Incidence of bacteremia in stressed and unstressed populations of the blue crab, Callinectes sapidus

Guerreiro, J.; Ribeiro, S.; Carvalho, E.M.; Badaro, R.; Rocha, H., 1985:
Incidence of bacterial infection in patients with visceral leishmaniasis

Nehru, C.R.; Jayarathnam, K.; Pillai, P.N.R., 1983:
Incidence of bark-feeding caterpillar Aetherastis circulata Myer on rubber (Hevea brasiliensis Muell. Arg.)

Peressini, S.; Coceano, P.G., 1986:
Incidence of barley yellow dwarf virus infections on barley and wheat in relation to the sowing date and locality

Edmunds G.F.; Alstad D.N., 1985:
Incidence of basal needle necrosis of pines in relation to environmental factors

Ajayi, O.A., 1985:
Incidence of biochemical riboflavin deficiency in Nigerian pregnant women

Bandyopadhyay, S.; Chattopadhyay, S.B., 1985:
Incidence of black-rot of cabbage and cauliflower under different conditions of infection

Tapia, M., 1984:
Incidence of breast blisters in broilers reared in cages or on the floor

Alam, M.S., 1984:
Incidence of brown planthopper BPH and white fly in Nigeria

Zaghloul, A.H.; Kamel, Y.Y., 1985:
Incidence of brucellosis among farm animals in Assiut governorate

Mishra, K.C., 1982:
Incidence of brucellosis in milk shed areas of Sikkim: a preliminary report

Ghosh, S.S.; Verma, P.C., 1985:
Incidence of brucellosis in sheep and goat in Nagaland

Sanyal, P.K.; Ruprah, N.S.; Chhabra, M.B., 1985:
Incidence of bubaline coccidia at Hisar, Haryana

Buriro S.N.; Mughal F.A.; Wagan M.P.; Abbassi T.A.; Bhutto M.N., 1985:
Incidence of cestodes in poultry

Chalmers, W.S., 1984:
Incidence of chlamydial antibodies in commercial duck flocks

Pinheiro, L.E.L.; Ferrari, I.; Lobo, R.B.; Almeida I.L. , Jr, 1984:
Incidence of chromosome aberrations in Bos taurus cattle

Sever, J.L.; Ellenberg, J.H.; Ley, A.; Edmonds, D., 1985:
Incidence of clinical infections in a defined population of pregnant women

Wilesmith, J.W.; Francis, P.G.; Wilson, C.D., 1986:
Incidence of clinical mastitis in a cohort of British dairy herds

Morse, D.; DeLorenzo, M.A.; Natzke, R.P.; Bray, D.R., 1985:
Incidence of clinical mastitis treatment in a subtropical environment.

Aboul Khier, F.A.; E.B.ssiony, T.; E.R.b, H.G., 1985:
Incidence of coliform organisms in raw milk in Sohag City

Kulmanov, M.E., 1982:
Incidence of contamination of maize grain by aflatoxins in some regions of Kazakhstan

Burdaspal, P.A.; Legarda, J.M.; Pinilla, I., 1982:
Incidence of contamination of milk by aflatoxin M1

Mohamed, S.M.; Ghoneim, N.H., 1984:
Incidence of corynebacteria in raw milk

Haque, M.F.; Rajendra Prasad; Jha, D.K., 1985:
Incidence of cowpea mosaic virus in Chotanagpur of Bihar state of India

Jacobs, P.H., 1986:
Incidence of dermatophyte infection

Sato, Y.; Koseki, S.; Takahashi, S., 1984:
Incidence of dermatophytoses in a colony of mentally and physically handicapped people

Adeoye, G.O.; Fashuyi, S.A., 1986:
Incidence of dicrocoeliasis in cattle slaughtered in Lagos metropolis, Nigeria

Mukhopadhyay, S.; Bandopadhyay, B., 1984:
Incidence of different strains of rice tungro virus in West Bengal

Garza, J.L. de la; Vargas, R.D.; Rosales, G.; Moreno, E.D., 1985:
Incidence of diseases on sorghum experimental material in Marin, N.L. and Rio Bravo, Tamps

Sreeramulu, P., 1986:
Incidence of duck plague in Andhra Pradesh

Preisler, J., 1985:
Incidence of ear mites Otodectes cynotis on some carnivores in the territory of CSR

Batish, V.K.; Chander, H.; Ranganathan, B., 1984:
Incidence of enterococcal thermonuclease in milk and milk products

Taylor, M.; Catchpole, J., 1986:
Incidence of entropion in lambs from two ewe flocks put to the same rams

Smith, K.L.; Conrad, H.R.; Amiet, B.A.; Todhunter, D.A., 1985:
Incidence of environmental mastitis as influenced by dietary vitamin E and selenium

Galtier, P.; Larrieu, G.; Franc, M., 1985:
Incidence of experimental fascioliasis on hepatic disposition of tetracycline and rafoxanide in rats

Galtier, P.; Alvinerie, M., 1983:
Incidence of experimental ochratoxicosis on hepatic disposition of tetracycline and chloramphenicol in rats

Anand, S.N.; Kalha, C.S.; Gupta, R.S., 1985:
Incidence of false smut on some rice cultivars in Jammu (J&K)

Sharma, M.C.; Pathak, N.N.; Nhi, D.L.; Hung, N.N.; Cue, N.V., 1985:
Incidence of filariasis in Murrah buffaloes with particular reference to haematological changes and chemotherapy

Beckers, H.J., 1985:
Incidence of foodborne disease in the Netherlands: annual summary - 1980

Dass, L.D.; Sahay, P.N.; Khan, A.A.; Deokiouliyr, U.K.; Ehsan, M., 1985:
Incidence of fractures in goats in the hilly terrain of Chhotanagpur

Pakmakumar, K.G.; Jayaprakas, V.; Mathew, A.V.; Kunju, U.M., 1985:
Incidence of fungal infection on the developing eggs of Cyprinus carpio var. communis and use of polythene shreds as egg attachment device

Kumar, S., 1985:
Incidence of fungal spores in the urban environment at Bareilly and other places in Gangetic region of Uttar Pradesh (Northern India). A comparative study

Poulsen, J.T.; Jensen, O.M.; Egholm, M.; Hou Jensen, K., 1985:
Incidence of gastric cancer in the Faroe Islands

Samad, M.A.; Alam, M.M.; Rahman, A., 1985:
Incidence of gastrointestinal parasitic infection in domestic fowls of Bangladesh

Kaikini, A.S.; Fasihuddin, M., 1984:
Incidence of gestational oestrus in Sahiwal and Gir cows

Salibe, A.A.; Tirtawidjaja, S., 1984:
Incidence of greening disease on citrus varieties in Indonesia

Singh, G.P.; Shrivastava, S.M.; Verma, M.C., 1985:
Incidence of haemoprotozoan infections amongst sheep

Mohan Kumar, O.R., 1984 :
Incidence of hookworm disease (Ancylostomiasis) in dogs in Guntur (AP)

Garcia Rodriguez, J.A.; Martin Sanchez, A.M.; Perez Zaballos, M.T., 1985:
Incidence of human intestinal parasites in Salamanca Province

Sharma, N.K.; Kaushik, R.K., 1986:
Incidence of infectious and non-infectious diseases in turkeys

Ahmad J.; Ashfaq M.; Irfan M.; Anwar U.H.q, 1986:
Incidence of infectious bronchitis in poultry

Roose, E., 1984:
Incidence of land clearing on the deterioration of tropical soils

Sharma, N.K.; Damanjeet ; Sharma, S.B., 1984:
Incidence of maize cyst nematode, Heterodera zeae in Himachal Pradesh

Maiti, S.; Sen, C., 1982:
Incidence of major diseases of betel vine in relation to weather

Bell, L.G.; Lowe, J.E., 1986:
Incidence of major injuries, severe colic, and acute laminitis at American Horse Shows Association A- and B-rated shows

White, N.D.G.; Watters, F.L., 1984:
Incidence of malathion resistance in Tribolium castaneum and Cryptolestes ferrugineus populations collected in Canada

Chang, R.W.S.; Richardson, R.; Adams, J.; Hatton, I., 1985:
Incidence of malnutrition among Saudi surgical patients: a preliminary survey

Terzic, L.; Terzic, V., 1983:
Incidence of mass poisoning of honeybees caused by arsenic in fumes from smoke-stacks

Hussain, M.S.; Mazni, A., 1984:
Incidence of mastitis in imported Jersey cows

Elnima, E.I.; Hussein, M.F.; Khalil, A.M.; Elnashar, E., 1985:
Incidence of mastitis in the dairy herd of the College of Agriculture, King Saud University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Choudary, C.; Kotaiah, K.; Rao, M.R.K.M., 1984:
Incidence of melanin free patches in the skin of cattle in Andhra Pradesh

Zaher, MA.; Mohamed, MI.; Abdel-Halim, SM., 1986:
Incidence of mites associated with stored seeds and food products in upper Egypt

Morisse, J.P., 1986:
Incidence of mortality from digestive disorders and enteropathy in rabbits

Naganagoud, A.; Thontadarya, T.S., 1984:
Incidence of natural enemies of Heliothis armigera (Hubner) and Earias spp. on okra used as a trap crop in the management of cotton bollworms

McKenzie, D.W.; Kiddle, M., 1985:
Incidence of natural mutations in the skin of Sturmer Pippin apples

Sexson, W.R., 1984:
Incidence of neonatal hypoglycemia: a matter of definition

Singh, C.S.P.; Singh, B., 1984:
Incidence of oestrus in buffaloes

Kalidas, P.; Agarwal, R.K., 1984:
Incidence of paddy gall midge and the abnormal behaviour of its parasitoids

Raga, J.A.; Carbonell, E.; Raduan, M.A., 1982:
Incidence of parasites in various cetaceans from the Spanish Mediterranean Coast

Bilqees, F.M.; Khan, A., 1985:
Incidence of parasitic infection in fowls of Karachi

Ankersmit, GW.; Bell, C.; Dijkman, H.; Mace, N.; Rietstra, S.; Schroder, J. de Visser, C., 1986:
Incidence of parasitism by Aphidius rhopalosiphi in colour forms of the aphid Sitobion avenae

Ben Hamouda, M.H.; Ben Salah, H., 1984:
Incidence of parasitism by Opius concolor (Szpl) (Hymenoptera, Braconidae) on a replacement host, Ceratitis capitata Wied (Diptera, Trypetidae)

Kumar, A., 1985:
Incidence of parasitism of Diglyphus isaea (Walk.) on Chromatomyia horticola (Gour.) a pest of Pisum sativum in northern India

Gupta, J.S.; Agarwal, S.P.; Dixit, R.B., 1983:
Incidence of pathogenic conidia of Colletotrichum capsici on the surface of chilli

Neelakantan, S.; Balasaraswathi, R.; Balasubramanian, T.; Indirajasmin, G., 1982:
Incidence of patulin in scented supari

Neelakantan, S.; Jasmine, G.I.; Balasaraswathi, R.; Balasubramanian, T., 1984:
Incidence of penicillic acid in apples

Iqbal J.; Hashmi A.S.; Ashfaq M., 1984:
Incidence of penicillin resistant staphylococci

Krishna, L.; Rajya, B.S., 1985:
Incidence of perinatal chlamydiosis in lambs and kids

Marini, L.H.; Salles, L.A.B. de, 1984:
Incidence of pests and injury to peach in the region of Pelotas, RS.

Studdert, V.P., 1985:
Incidence of poisonings in dogs and cats in Melbourne

Ziobrowski, S., 1984:
Incidence of positive tests for toxoplasmosis in schoolchildren

Schwinghamer, M.W.; Scott, G.R., 1984:
Incidence of potato spindle tuber viroid in New South Wales

Jones, R.A.C.; Fuller, N.J., 1984:
Incidence of potato virus V in potato stocks in England and Wales

Kollar, V., 1985:
Incidence of powdery mildew on wheat cultivars in Slovakia in 1975-1979

Baumann, G.; Basak, W., 1986:
Incidence of raspberry bushy dwarf virus in raspberry stands

Singh, R.B.; Sharma, R.D.; Singh, G.B., 1983:
Incidence of repeat breeding in cows and buffaloes

Narinder Singh; Garcha, D.S.; Chauhan, F.S., 1986:
Incidence of reproductive disorders in buffaloes and cows under field conditions

Agarwal, S.K.; Shanker, U.; Mishra, R.R., 1984:
Incidence of retained placenta and its effect on fertility in crossbred cattle

Prasad, S.C.; Chand, P.; Singh, M.P., 1983:
Incidence of rice gall midge in the upland plateau region of Bihar

Subramanian, D.; Jonathan, E.I.; Sathyamoorthy, P.; Sundaram, R.; Velayutham, B., 1984:
Incidence of rice root nematode in Madurai

Cabauatan, P.Q.; Hibino, H., 1984:
Incidence of rice tungro bacilliform RTBV and rice tungro spherical virus RTSV on susceptible rice cultivars

Swanson, T.A.; Howard, R.J.; Flores, G.H.A.; Sumar, S.P., 1984:
Incidence of root rot in pulse crops in southern Alberta, 1978-1983

Johnston, W.S.; Maclachlan, G.K., 1986:
Incidence of rupture of the liver in neonatal lambs in the north of Scotland

Paria, T.K.; Raj, S.K., 1984:
Incidence of rust diseases of groundnut (P. arachidis) in West Bengal. II Epidemiological factors and age of the plant

Fraiser, M.; Koburger, J., 1984:
Incidence of salmonellae in clams, oysters, crabs and mullet

Tikaram, S.M.; Ruprah, N.S., 1986:
Incidence of sarcoptic mange in buffaloes in India

Tikoo, M.L.; Agarwala, R.K., 1985:
Incidence of scab on apple fruit in Kashmir

Gwavava, N.J.; Harrison, D.J.; Gwata, T.F.; Zengeza, C., 1984:
Incidence of schistosomiasis in surgical biopsies: a review of 284 cases

Kaiser, W.J.; Hannan, R.W., 1986:
Incidence of seedborne Ascochyta lentis in lentil germ plasm

Muniyandi, K.; Natarajan, R., 1985:
Incidence of seedling formation in Rhizophora lamarckii Montr. at Pichavaram mangrove, Tamil Nadu, India

Homma, Y.; Terai, T.; Matsuzaki, M., 1986:
Incidence of serum-precipitating antibodies to farmer's lung antigens in Hokkaido

Kruger, W., 1984:
Incidence of smut (Ustilago maydis (DC.) Cda) in maize and its inheritance

Abdul Karim, R.M.; Jassim, B.A.; Naser, N.S., 1985:
Incidence of some chicken lice and ticks in Erbil province

Savino, V.; Boscia, D.; Martelli, G.P., 1985:
Incidence of some graft-transmissible virus-like diseases of grapevines in visually selected and heat-treated stocks from Southern Italy

Joshi, S., 1985:
Incidence of soybean rust in Nepal in 1984

Rao, A.R.; Bane, A., 1985:
Incidence of sperm abnormalities in infertile bulls with testicular degeneration

Montes, I., 1984:
Incidence of spermiostasis and testicular calcification in AI bulls

Kahlon, S.S.; Grover, N.K., 1984:
Incidence of staphylococci in milk products sampled from Ludhiana

Tikoo, M.L., 1985:
Incidence of stem rot fungi (Sclerotium oryzae and S. orzyae var. irregulare) in growing belts of Kashmir

Gholap, M.S.; Chandele, A.G., 1985:
Incidence of sugarcane leaf hopper and parasitization by its natural enemies in western Maharashtra

Hoy, J.W.; Hollier, C.A.; Fontenot, D.B.; Grelen, L.B., 1986:
Incidence of sugarcane smut in Louisiana and its effect on yield

Verma, G.S.; Tomar, S.S.; Tomer, O.S., 1984:
Incidence of supernumerary teats (SNT) and their relationship with some economic traits in Murrah buffaloes

Moreno Millan, M.; Delgado Bermejo, J.V.; Bonilla Vilela, R., 1985:
Incidence of the 1/29 translocation in Andalusian cows with reproductive disorders

Oliveira, C.A.L. de; Donadio, L.C., 1985:
Incidence of the broad mite Polyphagotarsonemus latus (Banks, 1904) (Acari: Tarsonemidae) on Psidium araca Raddi

Villard, J.; Bedrossian, Y.; Regli, P.; Ferrari, H., 1985:
Incidence of the genus Torulopsis in pathology: investigation during one year in the Aubagne distict

Garrido, A.; Beitia, F.; Gruenholz, P., 1985:
Incidence of the growth regulator NNI-750 on the immature stages of Encarsia formosa Gahan and Cales noacki How (Hym.: Aphelinidae)

Malek, M.; McCallister, G., 1984:
Incidence of the leech Helobdella stagnalis on the Colorado River in west central Colorado

Popay, A.I.; Lyttle, L.A.; Edmonds, D.K.; Phung, H.T., 1984 :
Incidence of the nodding thistle receptacle weevil on nodding and slender winged thistles

Correa Ferreira, B.S., 1984:
Incidence of the parasite Eutrichopodopsis nitens Blanchard, 1966 in populations of the green bug, Nezara viridula (Linnaeus, 1758)

Alam, S.S.; Bashir, M.; Qureshi, S.H., 1985:
Incidence of the root-knot nematode, Meloidogyne incognita on chickpea in Pakistan

Saini, S.S., 1985:
Incidence of thrips on different varieties of wheat during 1977 in Punjab

Bruce, V.R.; Stack, M.E.; Mislivec, P.B., 1984:
Incidence of toxic Alternaria species in small grains from the USA

Mislivec, P.-B.B.uce, V.-R.G.bson, R., 1983:
Incidence of toxigenic and other molds in green coffee beans

Plaza, G.; Lastra, R.; Martinez, J.E., 1984:
Incidence of tristeza virus in citrus trees in Venezuela

Tiwanna, M.S.; Bhalaru, S.S.; Bhullar, M.S., 1985:
Incidence of twinning in buffaloes

Gilberte, L.; Pierre, G., 1985:
Incidence of two oral mycotoxicosis on liver drug metabolizing activities in the rat

Eliot, B.W., 1984:
Incidence of vaginal candidosis in pregnancy and the patient's understanding of antenatal investigations

Omer, E.F.E.; Ali, M.H.; E.N.eem, H.A.; Erwa, H.H., 1983 :
Incidence of vaginal trichomoniasis among patients presenting with vaginal discharge in Khartoum (Sudan)

Srivastava, A.K.; Patil, V.K.; More, B.K., 1985:
Incidence of various disorders in local, Angora and cross-bred goats

Rahumathulla P.S.; Rajasundaram R.C.; Gajendran K., 1986:
Incidence of various reproductive disorders among cattle and buffaloes

Blanco Sanchez, N.; Lastres Gonzalez, N.; Bencomo, I., 1984:
Incidence of virus diseases of bean in Cuba

Rosado May, F.J.; Garcia Espinosa, R., 1985:
Incidence of web blight (Thanatephorus cucumeris) on bean (Phaseolus vulgaris) as a result of soil management

Hopkins, A.; Peel, S., 1985:
Incidence of weeds in permanent grassland

Tiessen, M., 1983:
Incidence of wrongly attributed parentage in cattle breeding and its effect on breeding value estimation

Kaup, R., 1983:
Incidence of wrongly attributed percentage among female progeny of German Black Pied bulls

Siposova, M.; Paulikova, B., 1984:
Incidence of yeast-like microorganisms in female workers from four factories in Bratislava

Mencl, K.; Otcenasek, M., 1984:
Incidence of yeast-like organisms in the respiratory tract revealed during necropsy

Ghosh, M.R.; Mitra, A., 1983 :
Incidence pattern and population composition of Lipaphis erysimi (Kaltenbach) on mustard and radish

Lawler, D.F.; Sjolin, D.W.; Collins, J.E., 1985:
Incidence rates of feline lower urinary tract disease in the United States

Giesel, O.; Kusch, S.; Klein, H., 1986:
Incidence, primary location and metastases of malignant haemangioendothelioma in dogs. Analysis of post moretem data for 1970-1985

Sato, S., 1985:
Incidence, trends and control of Salmonella in food producing animals in Japan

Chang, W.F., 1985:
Incidences and causes of death in piglets and serotypes of Escherichia coli from scouring piglets

Aghomo, H.O.; Adetosoye, A.I., 1985:
Incidences of dermatophytosis and demodicosis in dogs in Ibadan

Hassan, A.A.; E.A.kalany, M.A.; Rashad, S.M., 1984:
Incidenec of lymnaea snails in Fayum Province

Cameron, E.A.; Loerch, C.R.; Mumma, R.O., 1985:
Incidental and indirect exposure to three chemical insecticides used for control of the gypsy moth, Lymantria dispar (L.)

Krishnamurthy, M., 1983:
Incipient motion of cohesive soils

Mago, H.; Chen, C.L.; Wesson, D.E.; Filler, R.M., 1986:
Incisionless gastrostomy for nutritional support

Stein, J.U., 1986:
Including disabled participants. Four goals for recreation management

Yang, C.W.; Nelson, C.H.; McCarl, B.A., 1985:
Including imperfect competition in spatial equilibrium models: a comment; A reply

Slanger, W.D.; Lewis, B.G., 1986:
Including pedigree relationships in beef sire evaluation

Vleck, L.D.Van, 1985:
Including records of daughters of selected bulls in estimation of sire component of variance

Mousa, S.; Bayoumi, A.; Gad, N.; E.D.merdach, M., 1984:
Inclusion body hepatitis complex in chicken at Elwaady-Elgadeed, Egypt

Watanabe, Y. et al., 1984:
Inclusion body hepatitis in laying hens

Reece, R.L.; Pass, D.A., 1986:
Inclusion body pancreatitis in guinea fowl (Numida meleagris)

Basu, S.B., 1983:
Inclusion of a covariate in the least squares model for animal breeding data

Kreider J.L.; Tindall W.C.; Potter G.D., 1985:
Inclusion of bovine serum albumin in semen extenders to enhance maintenance of stallion sperm viability

Ryan, E.W., 1984:
Inclusion of fungicides in peat blocks for control of white rot and club root in transplanted onions and brassicas

Munro, P.A.; Tan, B.K., 1984:
Inclusion of gas in casein and leaf protein precipitate particles and its effect on particle density

Pan' kov, P.; Dogadaeva, I., 1986:
Inclusion of non-protein nitrogen in low-protein diets for meat-type hens

Weller, J.I., 1988:
Inclusion of partial lactations in the genetic analysis of yield traits by differential weighting of records

Schwerdtfeger, G., 1982:
Inclusion of taxa in the horizon symbol for anthropogenic soils

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