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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 1389

Chapter 1389 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Slusher S.H., 1985: Inclusions in equine cytologic specimens

Fahrnberger, A., 1983: Income analyses and their influence on agricultural policy in Austria

Islam, N.; Asadullah, A., 1984: Income analysis in the cropping system research site of the Dhaka-Narayanganj-Demura Project, 1983

Karunaratne, G.; Wagstaff, H., 1985: Income and employment from dairy development

Tiwari, S. C., 1984: Income and investment behaviour of vegetable and cereal growing farms - a comparative study

Peters, E., 1984: Income compensation through value added tax

Karbuczky, I.; Gergely, R., 1983: Income derived by individual economic branches from tourism in the Balaton region, Hungary

Anonymous, 1985: Income disparities in agriculture in the Community

Kocher, J. E., 1984: Income distribution and fertility

Henrichsmeyer, W.; Alsmoller, J.; Bauer, S.; Bauersachs, F.; Wolf, W., 1985: Income effects of reductions in cereal prices

Kreienhoop, S., 1985: Income elasticities of the demand for fruit

Krizan, K., 1983: Income elasticity of expenditure for vegetables, fruit, meat and milk in Zagreb in 1968 and 1978

Mayoux, L. C., 1986: Income generation for women in West Bengal

Hansen, C., 1986: Income in Danish horticulture - with a forecast for 1986

Babinszky, M., 1985: Income incentives in the large scale management of cattle

Ercelawn, A., 1984: Income inequality in rural Pakistan: a study of sample villages

Mehmet, O., 1983: Income instability and perverse labour supply response on the cooperative plantation

Offutt, S. E.; Lins, D. A., 1985: Income insurance for U.S. commodity producers: program issues and design alternatives

Le Jeanic, F., 1986: Income of sheep farmers, calculated from FADN of 1979-83

Bhatnagar D.S., 1986: Income over feed costs in five different genetic groups of crossbred cows

Praet, P.; Panagopoulos, P., 1984: Income parity, the level and variability of agricultural prices. A critical examination

Cordts, W., 1985: Income reserves in milk production - an empirical analysis

Fujimoto, A., 1983: Income sharing among Malay peasants: a study of land tenure and rice production

Bills, N. L., 1986: Income tax concessions and investments in soil conservation practices

Anonymous, 1986: Income tax reform and agriculture: a symposium

Mueller, E., 1984: Income, aspirations, and fertility in rural areas of less developed countries

Balishter ; Chauhan, T. R., 1981: Income, savings and investment of small farmers - a micro cross sectional analysis

Nettancourt, D. de, 1984: Incompatibility

Wricke, G., 1984: Incompatibility and hybrid breeding in rye

Moser, M.; Sakanari, J.; Wellings, S.; Lindstrom, K., 1984: Incompatibility between San Francisco striped bass, Morone saxatilis (Walbaum), and the metacestode, Lacistorhynchus tenuis (Beneden, 1858)

Leidl, B. E.; Anderson, N. O., 1986: Incompatibility hermeneutics: the determination of cutoff values

Sastri, D. C., 1984: Incompatibility in angiosperms: significance in crop improvement

Hayward, M. D.; Fearon, C. H. F.; Lawrence, M. J., 1985: Incompatibility in autotetraploid Lolium

Misra, KK., 1986: Incompatibility of mutated population of Trypanosoma evansi in sympatric condition

Slodicak, M., 1980: Incompatibility of scion and rootstock in Douglas fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii)

Mione, T., 1985: Incompatibility phenomena in amphidiploid species of Brassica

Vithanage, V., 1986: Incompatibility relationships among some mandarin cultivars

Larsen, K., 1983: Incompatibility, pseudo-compatibility and preferential fertilization in Beta vulgaris L

Pandey, K. K., 1986: Incompatibility, transformation, and genetic manipulation using solanaceous plants

Section 2, Chapter 1389, Accession 001388040

Section 2, Chapter 1389, Accession 001388042

Section 2, Chapter 1389, Accession 001388043

Barber, E. M.; Ogilvie, J. R., 1984: Incomplete mixing in ventilated airspaces. Part II. Scale model study

Section 2, Chapter 1389, Accession 001388045

Pasour, E. C, Jr , 1986: Inconsistencies in U.S. farm policies: implications for change

Visser, F. R.; Gurnsey, C., 1986: Inconsistent differences between neutral detergent fiber and total dietary fiber and total dietary fiber values of fruits and vegetables

Burkhart, H. E.; Walton, S. B., 1985: Incorporating crown ratio into taper equations for loblolly pine trees

Harou P.A., 1986: Incorporating feedback mechanisms into forestry decision making

Hamilton, W. T. et al., 1986: Incorporating precipitation-induced variation in annual forage production into economic analyses of range improvement practices

Mccamley, Fp; Kliebenstein, Jb, 1985: Incorporating risk considerations into the estimation of demand for diesel fuel by crop producers

Schjonning P., 1984: Incorporation and burning of straw in relation to aggregates in soil

Lopez-Revilla, R.; Gomez-Dominguez, R., 1985: Incorporation and toxicity of 32P-orthophosphate and occurrence of polyphosphate in Entamoeba trophozoites

McMaster, J. D.; Jenkinson, D. M.; Noble, R. C.; Elder, H. Y., 1985: Incorporation in vitro of 14C fatty acids into bovine sebaceous gland and dermal lipids

Skurikhin, V. N.; Aliev, A. A.; Nagdaliev, F. A., 1983: Incorporation in vitro of -and acetic acid into steroid fractions of rumen contents of heifers

Section 2, Chapter 1389, Accession 001388058

Nasrallah, M. E.; Doney, R. D.; Nasrallah, J. B., 1984: Incorporation of 14C-leucine into S-glycoproteins of Brassica oleracea

Lyubimova, N. V.; Verulidze, G. R., 1984: Incorporation of 14C-leucine into plasmalemma proteins of potato tubers

Dekhtyarev, P. Yu, 1984: Incorporation of 14C-leucine into the soluble proteins of germinating wheat seedlings as influenced by stem rust infection

Agrawal, P. K.; Fock, H. P., 1985: Incorporation of 14CO2 into carbohydrates in the developing kernels of triticale (X Triticosecale Wittmack) in relation to kernel shrivelling

Ekfalck, A.; Funkquist, B.; Jones, B.; Obel, N., 1985: Incorporation of 35S-cystine in tissue fragments from the matrix of the bovine claw and effect on incorporation rate of adding blood serum and some serum fractions

Section 2, Chapter 1389, Accession 001388064

Ekfalck, A.; Funkquist, B.; Jones, B.; Obel, N., 1985: Incorporation of L-75Se-cystine in tissue fragments from the matrix of the hoof and the claw-a tool for studying the pathogenesis of laminitis?

Dugger, W. M.; Palmer, R. L., 1986: Incorporation of UDPglucose into cell wall glucans and lipids by intact cotton fibers

Yousef, A. E.; Marth, E. H., 1983: Incorporation of acetate into aflatoxin by resting cultures of Aspergillus parasiticus in the presence of antifungal agents

Chigvinadze, T. D.; Khachidze, O. T.; Zardiashvili, T. G., 1982: Incorporation of leucine into the protein fractions of the grain in normal maize and its high-lysine counterpart

Ceoloni, C., 1985: Incorporation of a mildew resistance gene derived from Triticum longissimum into common wheat through crossing-over between homoeologous chromosomes

Rafaeloff, R.; Tricot, Y. M.; Nome, F.; Tundo, P.; Fendler, J. H., 1985: Incorporation of a recyclable surface-active electron donor in synthetic vesicles: application to photosensitized hydrogen formation by vesicle-stabilized Rh-coated colloidal CdS particles

Kumashiro, T.; Kubo, T.; Komari, T., 1985: Incorporation of dominant genes for disease resistance into Bright Yellow 4

Section 2, Chapter 1389, Accession 001388073

Section 2, Chapter 1389, Accession 001388074

Kuz' min, A. N.; Maslov, A. I., 1985: Incorporation of labelled carbon into pea leaf proteins at various levels of photorespiration

Brewin, N. J.; Bradley, D. J.; Wood, E. A.; Wells, B.; Larkin, A. P.; Galfre, G.; Butcher, G. W., 1985: Incorporation of lipopolysaccharide antigens from Rhizobium bacteroids into the peribacteroid membrane of pea root nodules

Ikura, K.; Okumura, K.; Yoshikawa, M.; Sasaki, R.; Chiba, H., 1985: Incorporation of lysyldipeptides into food protein by transglutaminase

Mohan, L.; Reddy, C. V.; Rao, P. V., 1984: Incorporation of niger (Guizotia abyssinica) oilcake in broiler diets

Grbic Galic D., 1986: Incorporation of oxygen from water into toluene and benzene during anaerobic fermentative transformation

Jansen, M.; Waller, A.; Verbiest, J.; Landschoot, R. C. Van; Rosmalen, G. M. Van, 1984: Incorporation of phosphoric acid in calcium sulfate hemihydrate from a phosphoric acid process

Sharma, A.; Basu, S. B., 1986: Incorporation of profit variables for the maximisation of genetic gain

Carpita, N. C., 1986: Incorporation of proline and aromatic amino acids into cell walls of maize coleoptiles

Kulkarni, S.; Murthy, M. K. R., 1985: Incorporation of safflower oil to improve rheological characteristics of whipped buffalo cream butter

Pande, P. C.; Varade, P. B.; Misra, B. K.; Singh, S. P., 1985: Incorporation of sucrose -C14 in different lipid fractions of developing cereal endosperm

Nonhebel, H. M.; Milborrow, B. V., 1986: Incorporation of superscript 2H from superscript 2H2O into ABA in tomato shoots: evidence for a large pool of precursors

Takabe, K.; Fujita, M.; Harada, H.; Saiki, H., 1984: Incorporation of the label from 14C-glucose into cell-wall components during the maturation of Cryptomeria tracheids

Kulikov, V. I.; Kashkin, K. P.; Dranovskaya, E. A., 1985: Incorporation of the protective antigen of Brucella abortus into liposomes, and the immunogenicity of liposomes containing antigen

Banerji A., 1985: Incorporation of trans fatty acids into submandibular salivary gland lipids

Section 2, Chapter 1389, Accession 001388093

Kreuzer, M.; Kirchgessner, M., 1985: Incorrect protein nutrition and its after-effects on the performance of dairy cows

Story, JM.; Nowierski, RM., 1984: Increase and dispersal of Urophora affinis (Diptera: Tephritidae) on spotted knapweed in western Montana

Neumann, D.; Neumann, U., 1986: Increase and stabilization of yields from black currant plantations

Dhandar, D. G., 1985: Increase cashew production adopting vegetative propagation

Maurice, C. G.; Crang, R. E., 1986: Increase in Pinus strobus needle transectional areas in response to acid misting

Schroder, J. H.; Otten, I. S., 1985: Increase in aggressiveness of male mice carrying a reciprocal translocation, T(10,13), in the heterozygous state

Imai, K.; Coleman, D. F.; Yanagisawa, T., 1985: Increase in atmospheric partial pressure of carbon dioxide and growth and yield of rice

Antonucci W.T., 1985: Increase in bulk starter capacity using multiple batching

Cortes Ortega, D., 1985: Increase in colour in fruits of apple cultivars Gringa and Red Delicious

Kastanek, O., 1985: Increase in durability of plough blades

Ching, R. K. H.; Sweeney, D. J.; Fredlund, D. G., 1984: Increase in factor of safety due to soil suction for two Hong Kong slopes

Iwahori, S.; Tominaga, S., 1986: Increase in first-flush flowering of 'Meiwa' kumquat, Fortunella crassifolia Swingle, trees by paclobutrazol

Section 2, Chapter 1389, Accession 001388108

Igarashi, Y., 1983: Increase in gamma -casein content in bovine milk stored at low temperature

Gonzalez Morejon, A. A.; Ojito, M. C.; Castellanos Morales, E., 1985: Increase in in vitro root formation in plantlets from tissue culture of an interspecific hybrid sugarcane

Narain, P.; Jain, J. P.; Jain, R. K., 1984: Increase in inbreeding coefficient in a progeny-testing programme

Colombo, J.; Ellendorff, F., 1985: Increase in intramammary pressure following stimulation of fetal brain tissue transplants in lactating rats

Section 2, Chapter 1389, Accession 001388113

Wakafuji, Y.; Hokao, R.; Amao, H.; Takahashi, K. W.; Imamichi, T., 1984: Increase in litter size and decrease in post-implantation losses of foetuses observed in an SPF colony of Wistar-Imamichi rats

Malhi, S. S.; Nyborg, M., 1986: Increase in mineral N in soils during winter and loss of mineral N during early spring in north-central Alberta

Nakai, H.; Saito, M., 1985: Increase in mutagenic efficiency of thermal neutrons through boron enrichment in rice seed

Wallace, J. M.; McNeilly, A. S., 1985: Increase in ovulation rate after treatment of ewes with bovine follicular fluid in the luteal phase of the oestrous cycle

Poppy, W.; Ulrich, A., 1984: Increase in performance and improvement of ride comfort of self-propelled construction machinery by reducing pitch and vertical vibration

Levin, F. I.; Divachenko, V. S.; Belozerov, S. M., 1985: Increase in productivity of sod-podzol soils upon introduction of intercropping

Maric, A.; Masirevic, S.; Jerkovic, Z., 1984: Increase in resistance of Cercospora beticola to benomyl and first occurrence of strains tolerant of fentin acetate in Vojvodini

Balashova, I. T.; Verderevskaya, T. D.; Kintya, P. K., 1986: Increase in ribonuclease activity in tomato leaves under the action of purpureagitoside as a defence of plants to tobacco mosaic virus

Nielsen, M. V., 1985: Increase in shell length as a measure of production and ingestion of Mytilus edulis L

Armas Portela, R.; Hazen, M. J.; Stockert, J. C., 1985: Increase in sister-chromatid exchanges in BrdU-substituted chromosomes of Allium cepa induced by the combined effect of pyronin Y and green light

Russell L.D., 1986: Increase in the concentration of major boar sperm surface proteins during maturation in the epididymis

Egorov, N., 1985: Increase in the effectiveness of using mixed feeds for rearing hybrid 'Medeo' ducks

Gavrilenko, V. F.; Zhigalova, T. V.; Bassarskaya, E. M., 1983: Increase in the energy efficiency of the photosynthetic apparatus in the course of breeding high-yielding forms of wheat

Kawai, Y.; Yamamoto, Y., 1986: Increase in the formation and nitrogen fixation of soybean nodules by vesicular-arbuscular mycorrhiza

Trail, P. A.; Yang, T. J.; Cameron, J. A., 1984: Increase in the haemolytic complement activity of dogs affected with cyclic haematopoiesis

Leka, I., 1985: Increase in the nutritional value of maize grain in some Rozafa lines and hybrids during germination

Lazareni, A.; Zela, F.; Sterkeshi, F., 1985: Increase in yield and quality of oriental tobacco through irradiation of seed before sowing

Derridj, S.; Fiala, V.; Jolivet, E., 1986: Increase of European corn borer (Ostrinia nubilalis) oviposition induced by a treatment of maize plants with maleic hydrazide: role of leaf carbohydrate content

Section 2, Chapter 1389, Accession 001388135

Liakos, L. G.; Nastes, A. S.; Tsioubaras, K. N., 1981: Increase of forage production by resowing and fertilizer application to mountain ranges at Pertuli, central Greece

Balla, L., 1985: Increase of genetic variability by intraspecific hybridization

Bernasconi, P.; Jolles, P.; Pilet, P. E., 1986: Increase of lysozyme and chitinase in Rubus calli caused by infection and some polymers

Tolgyesi, G.; Varga, J.; Schmidt, R., 1983: Increase of manganese content of cocksfoot (Dactylis glomerata) by fertilization

Shearer, G.; Bryan, B. A.; Kohl, D. H., 1984: Increase of natural 15N enrichment of soybean nodules with mean nodule mass

Section 2, Chapter 1389, Accession 001388141

Madrigal Sesma, M. J.; Martinez Fernandez, A. R., 1985: Increase of the susceptibility of albino mice to the pathogenic effects of a strain of Acanthamoeba polyphaga due to the immunosuppressive action of niridazole

Section 2, Chapter 1389, Accession 001388144

Barabas, Z., 1985: Increase of variability by mutation

Testar, X.; Llobera, M.; Herrera, E., 1985: Increase with starvation in the pregnant rat of the liver lipoprotein lipase activity

Misra, A.; Mathur, P. S., 1985: Increase your production from sugarcane ratoon

McKee, G. W.; Knievel, D. P., 1984: Increased 'rate of grain fill' crucial for high oat yields

Hofstetter, A; Schutz, Y; Jequier, E; Wahren, J., 1986: Increased 24-hour energy expenditure in cigarette smokers

Flier, J.; Lokesh, B. R.; Kinsella, J. E., 1985: Increased 5' nucleotidase activity in plasma membranes from rat liver following ingestion of fish oil

Section 2, Chapter 1389, Accession 001388153

O' Shea, T.; Al Obaidi, S. A. R.; Bindon, B. M.; Hillard, M. A.; Findlay, J. K., 1984: Increased FSH in Merino ewes immunized with an inhibin-enriched fraction from bovine follicular fluid

Jolley, V. D.; Brown, J. C.; Davis, T. D.; Walser, R. H., 1986: Increased Fe-efficiency in soybeans through plant breeding related to increased response to Fe-deficiency stress. I. Iron stress response

Jolley, V. D.; Brown, J. C.; Davis, T. D.; Walser, R. H., 1986: Increased Fe-efficiency in soybeans through plant breeding related to increased response to Fe-deficiency stress. II. Mineral nutrition

Concannon, P. W.; Whaley, S.; Anderson, S. P., 1986: Increased LH pulse frequency associated with termination of anestrus during the ovarian cycle of the dog

McCormick, R. A.; Nelson, D. W.; Sutton, A. L.; Huber, D. M., 1984: Increased N efficiency from nitrapyrin added to liquid swine manure used as a fertilizer for corn

Yeh, T. F.; Lilien, L. D.; Leu, S. T.; Pildes, R. S., 1984: Increased O2 consumption and energy loss in premature infants following medical care procedures

Mullet J.E., 1986: Increased abscisic acid biosynthesis during plant dehydration requires transcription

Section 2, Chapter 1389, Accession 001388161

Kalous, J.; Stradal, M.; Volaufova, E., 1985: Increased accumulation of chromium in tissues of chickens fed on feed mixtures supplemented with hide wastes

Sun A.Y., 1984: Increased acidic phospholipids in rat brain membranes after chronic ethanol administration

Goff, W. L.; Wagner, G. G.; Craig, T. M., 1984: Increased activity of bovine ADCC effector cells during acute Babesia bovis infection

Pankova, T. G.; Igonina, T. M.; Chekhonadskikh, T. V.; Salganik, R. I.; Rabinovich, S. A.; Maksakovskaya, E. V., 1983: Increased activity of microsomal monoxygenases in a chloroquine-resistant strain of the malarial parasite - a probable cause of drug resistance

Section 2, Chapter 1389, Accession 001388166

Section 2, Chapter 1389, Accession 001388168

Ivanov, D. P.; Seregin, V. V.; Filiptsov, G. T.; Morozov, M. N.; Kutuzov, L. S., 1984: Increased amounts of trace elements in diets for sows kept in large industrial complexes

Chan, A. C.; Fragiskos, B.; Douglas, C. E.; Choy, P. C., 1985: Increased arachidonate incorporation in perfused heart phospholipids from vitamin E-deficient rats

Vuoristo, M.; Miettinen, T. A., 1985: Increased biliary lipid secretion in celiac disease

Rossignol, PA.; Ribeiro, JMC.; Spielman, A., 1986: Increased biting rate and reduced fertility in sporozoite-infected mosquitoes

Fransson, G. B.; Agarwal, K. N.; Gebre Medhin, M.; Hambraeus, L., 1985: Increased breast milk iron in severe maternal anemia: physiological trapping or leakage?

Section 2, Chapter 1389, Accession 001388178

Pavlov, M. E., 1983: Increased concentration of butyric acid in rumen contents of cows as a factor in ketosis

Aviram M., 1984: Increased concentration of high density lipoprotein in plasma and decreased platelet aggregation in primary biliary cirrhosis

Linnerud A.C., 1985: Increased concentration of sodium chloride on milk production of cows fed low fiber diets

Section 2, Chapter 1389, Accession 001388183

Von Der Hardt H., 1985: Increased concentrations of milk antibodies in recurrent pulmonary aspiration in infants and young children

Joshua, D. C.; Bhatia, C. R., 1983: Increased cotyledonary cell size in induced large seed mutants in three grain legumes

Johnson L., 1985: Increased daily sperm production in the breeding season of stallions is explained by an elevated population of spermatogonia

Walker A.M., 1986: Increased dietary leucine changes the rhythm of prolactin secretion

Playne M.J., 1984: Increased digestibility of bagasse by pretreatment with alkalis and steam explosion

Cohen, H.; Sabbagh, I.; Guillaumot, P.; Bertrand, J., 1985: Increased dopaminergic inhibition of prolactin in the hypoprolactinaemic IPL nude rat

Wittsell, L. E., 1983: Increased dosages of cyanazine herbicide applied early preplant for weed control in corn

Lange, W.; Feuerhake, K., 1984: Increased effectiveness of enriched neem seed extracts by the synergist piperonyl butoxide under laboratory conditions

Sommerburg, H., 1985: Increased efficiency by optimum arrangement of tractor and tillage implement, with the plough taken as an example

Zlatarev, S. T.; Cassou, B., 1984: Increased efficiency of A.I. of sheep in large-scale sheep farms

Bircher J., 1985: Increased ethanol consumption and blood ethanol levels in rats with portacaval shunts

Fogarty, N. M., 1984: Increased ewe production: 200% lambs

Porzig, E., 1984: Increased feeding frequency at a dairy unit

Haumont S., 1986: Increased follicular heterogeneity in experimental colloid goiter produced by refeeding iodine excess after thyroid hyperplasia

MacDonald, J. M.; Weimer, S. A., 1985: Increased foreign investment in U.S. food industries

Section 2, Chapter 1389, Accession 001388203

Medina J.M., 1985: Increased gluconeogenesis in the rat at term gestation

Hans, A. S.; Lingumbwanga, E. S., 1985: Increased growth rate of Uapaca kirkiana Muell.-Arg. by X-rays and gamma rays

Anonymous, 1985: Increased imports of timber to Italy

Kozianowski, A., 1984: Increased intensity of production of herbivorous fish to improve utilization of natural resources

Section 2, Chapter 1389, Accession 001388214

Section 2, Chapter 1389, Accession 001388215

Cox, R. I., 1984: Increased lambing percentages in sheep using a controlled active immunization against steroids

Sjolund, K.; Nobin, A., 1985: Increased levels of plasma 5-hydroxytryptamine in patients with coeliac disease

Section 2, Chapter 1389, Accession 001388221

Section 2, Chapter 1389, Accession 001388223

Section 2, Chapter 1389, Accession 001388224

France, RL., 1985: Increased microsporidian parasitism of the crayfish Orconectes virilis in an experimentally acidified lake

Spencer, G. S. G.; Garssen, G. J.; Welling, A. M. A. W., 1985: Increased milk production by goats following immunisation

Apelbaum, A.; Vinkler, C.; Sfakiotakis, E.; Dilley, D. R., 1984: Increased mitochondrial DNA and RNA polymerase activity in ethylene-treated potato tubers

Wang, X. G.; Pang, B. L., 1984: Increased mutation rate in 60Co gamma -irradiated hybrid grains of rice

Favre, J. S. la; Eaglesham, A. R. J., 1984: Increased nodulation of non-nodulating (rj1 rj1) soybeans by high dose inoculaton

Veiga, J. P. R.; Kimachi, T.; Lima Filho, E. C.; Junqueira, L. F, Jr, 1985: Increased osmotic sensitivity for antidiuretic response in chronic Chagas' disease

O' Shea, T.; Al Obaidi, S. A. R.; Hillard, M. A.; Bindon, B. M.; Cummins, L. J.; Findlay, J. K., 1984: Increased ovulation rate in Merino ewes and advancement of puberty in Merino lambs immunized with a preparation enriched in inhibin

Fitzgerald, J. A.; Ruggles, A. J.; Hansel, W., 1985: Increased ovulation rate of adult ewes treated with anti-bovine LH antiserum during the normal breeding season

Bulow, V. v; Rudolph, R.; Fuchs, B., 1986: Increased pathogenicity of the avian infectious anaemia agent as a result of simultaneous infection with Marek's disease, bursal disease or reticuloendotheliosis viruses

Vavrina, C. S.; Glaze, N. C.; Phatak, S. C.; Mullinix, B. G, Jr, 1983: Increased photosynthetic capacity of metribuzin-treated tomatoes

Moorman, G. W., 1986: Increased plant mortality caused by Pythium root rot of poinsettia associated with high fertilization rates

Sampson, Hugh-A; Jolie, Patricia, L., 1984: Increased plasma histamine concentrations after food challenges in children with atopic dermatitis

Fuhrman, B; Brook, Jg; Aviram, M., 1986: Increased platelet aggregation during alimentary hyperlipemia in normal and hypertriglyceridemic subjects

Braun, S.; Fluckiger, W., 1984: Increased population of the aphid Aphis pomi at a motorway: part 1 - field evaluation

Braun, S.; Fluckiger, W., 1985: Increased population of the aphid Aphis pomi at a motorway: part 3 - the effect of exhaust gases

Hartmann, S., 1985: Increased prevalence of Varroa jacobsoni in bees in the Stuttgart area between 1983 and 1984

Wittkowski, G.; Orban, S., 1984: Increased prevalence of abortions, premature birth and neonatal calf losses in a dairy herd-a consequence of bovine diarrhoea virus infection?

Palmero, Ha; Caero, Tf; Iosa, Dj; Bas, J., 1982: Increased prevalence of cholelithiasis in chronic Chagas disease

Meza Arcos, M. L., 1985: Increased productivity in ewes by means of reducing the lambing interval at the Sheep Breeding Extension Centre

McGill, J., 1986: Increased professionalism in the field of leisure and disabled persons: what will it mean?

Boiko, I. I.; Sabirov, A. Kh; Meshcheryakova, I. P.; Duborezov, V. M., 1984: Increased quality, and efficiency of utilization, of feeds

Iotsyus, G.; Myashkene, E., 1984: Increased quantity of grass and grass meal in diets for broilers

Hagelberg, M.; Mathisen, B.; Sandkvist, A., 1984: Increased rate of biogas production from piggery waste by heat treatment

Section 2, Chapter 1389, Accession 001388252

Section 2, Chapter 1389, Accession 001388253

Kimmig, P.; Muhling, A., 1985: Increased risk of infection with alveolar hydatids for people living in the endemic region Schwabische Alb

Sommer, Alfred; Katz, Joanne; Tarwotjo, Ignatius, 1984: Increased risk of respiratory disease and diarrhea in children with preexisting mild vitamin A deficiency

Kocich, J.; Tuleja, S.; Sevcikova, J., 1986: Increased rust protection of agricultural machinery

Section 2, Chapter 1389, Accession 001388258

Goodwin, P. H.; Banttari, E. E., 1984: Increased sensitivity of ELISA for potato viruses S, X, and Y by polystyrene pretreatments, additives, and a modified assay procedure

Booth, J. M., 1985: Increased sensitivity of test for antibiotic residues in milk.

Baker, S. S.; Cohen, H. J., 1984: Increased sensitivity to H2O2 in glutathione peroxidase-deficient rat granulocytes

Golder, TK.; Otieno, LH.; Patel, NY.; Onyango, P., 1984: Increased sensitivity to a natural pyrethrum extract of Trypanosoma-infected Glossina morsitans

Danon, Y. L.; Harari, Z., 1985: Increased serum IgE levels in cutaneous leishmaniasis

Davis S.L., 1985: Increased serum prolactin levels mediate the suppressive effects of ectopic pituitary grafts on copulatory behavior in male rats

Thomas J.C., 1985: Increased soil water retention by mixing horizons of shallow sandy soils

Ludens F.C., 1986: Increased solids intake and feeding frequency for calves in hutches during cold weather

Dierichs, H., 1985: Increased sowing rates in rows adjoining tramlines?

Wong S.S., 1985: Increased stability of galactosyltransferase on immobilization

Mustardy, L. A., 1984: Increased stacking capacity by modified thylakoid surfaces

Reddy, M. V.; Kannaiyan, J.; Nene, Y. L., 1984: Increased susceptibility of sterility mosaic infected pigeonpeas to powdery mildew

Moore, K. J.; Cook, R. J., 1984: Increased take-all of wheat with direct drilling in the Pacific Northwest

Nevell, W.; Wainwright, M., 1986: Increased toxicity of cadmium to Trichoderma harzianum due to a presence of a soil pseudomonad

Knoll Kohler E., 1986: Increased transcription activity in isolated liver nucleoli of rats after protein starvation

Section 2, Chapter 1389, Accession 001388280

Buwalda, J. G.; Stribley, D. P.; Tinker, P. B., 1983: Increased uptake of anions by plants with vesicular-arbuscular mycorrhizas

Kennedy T.G., 1986: Increased uterine vascular permeability at the time of embryonic attachment in the pig

Struve, I.; Weber, A.; Luttge, U.; Ball, E.; Smith, J. A. C., 1985: Increased vacuolar ATPase activity correlated with CAM induction in Mesembryanthemum crystallinum and Kalanchoe blossfeldiana cv. Tom Thumb

Thomas P.E., 1986: Increased value of resistance to infection if used in integrated pest management control of tomato curly top

Thornton D.H., 1985: Increased virulence of an infectious bursal disease live virus vaccine after passage in chicks

Rohde K., 1985: Increased viviparity of marine parasites at high latitudes

Section 2, Chapter 1389, Accession 001388287

Beer, E., 1985: Increased yields in winter rye with growth regulators

Grivaux, M.; Pieron, R.; Lancastre, F.; Beneteau, B.; Baumann, F. C., 1986: Increases in angiotensin-converting enzyme levels in schistosomiasis

LaMorte, W. W.; Booker, M. L.; Scott, T. E.; Williams, L. F, Jr, 1985: Increases in gallbladder prostaglandin synthesis before the formation of cholesterol gallstones

Section 2, Chapter 1389, Accession 001388292

Kargopol' tsev, L. N.; Kargopol' tseva, N. M., 1985: Increasing Fusarium resistance in flax varieties

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