Induced mutations in an apomictic form of a hybrid between maize and Tripsacum

Yudin, B.F.; Lukina, L.A.

Genetika, USSR 19(9): 1495-1504


Accession: 001388865

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In a study of three generations of six mutants obtained by gamma and X irradiation of grain of a highly apomictic 38-chromosome hybrid between Zea mays and T. dactyloides, the mutants proved to be of the maternal type in the M2 and remained stable in the M3-M4, with the exception of one mutant which showed somatic segregation, leading to the appearance of a new apomictic clone. In some cases mutant seedlings with high chromosome numbers were obtained, including apomicts with a doubled chromosome number and an increased frequency of sexual reproduction, though the 76-chromosome forms maintained a high degree of apomixis.