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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 1395

Chapter 1395 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Section 2, Chapter 1395, Accession 001394000

Bishnoi, S.; Ratnam, B. V., 1983: Interaction between temperature inhibition and seed germination of Lasiurus sindicus Henr

Chaudhury, A. K.; Sanyal, K. K., 1985: Interaction between trading capital and productive capital in agriculture under uncertainty

Adibi S.A., 1984: Interaction between transport of zinc and other solutes in human intestine

Burcha, M. (Burcea, M); Khurduk, N. (Hurduc, N), 1983: Interaction between vegetative biomass and size of grain yield in different genotypes of winter wheat

Bisht, V. S.; Krishna, K. R.; Nene, Y. L., 1985: Interaction between vesicular-arbuscular mycorrhiza and Phytophthora drechsleri f.sp. cajani

Kitagawa, M.; Tashiro, F.; Ueno, Y., 1982: Interaction between zearalenone, an oestrogenic mycotoxin, and the oestrogen receptor of the rat brain

Montgomery, F. R., 1984: Interaction diagrams for design of plywood web box of I beams

Sodhi J.S., 1985: Interaction effect of native soil fertility and fertilizer application on yield of paddy and wheat

Mohamed, N. A.; Farah, M. A.; Fawzy, S. E.; Barakat, M. A., 1981: Interaction effect of salinity in irrigation water and N and P fertilizers on cotton yield

Stratton, G. W., 1985: Interaction effects of mercury-pesticide combinations towards a cyanobacterium

Barkas, Th D., 1981: Interaction effects of sulphur and phosphorus on yield, qualitative condition and nutrient content of bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.)

Abadia, J.; Gomez Guillamon, M. L.; Cuartero, J.; Nuez, F., 1985: Interaction genotype X cultivation method for melon fruit characters

Velez R, A. J.; Garcia A, L. A.; Rozo, M. P. de, 1985: Interaction in vitro between polyphenols of coffee pulp and various proteins

Gerhold, L. S.; Muir, R. M., 1985: Interaction kinetics of IAA and inhibitors in Avena curvature assays

Iliev, L. K.; Karanov, E. N.; Grazer, H., 1985: Interaction of 2',3'-cyclic AMP with cytokinins and cytokinin-like substances in certain physiological cytokinin reactions

Rodriguez Pascual, C.; Hernandez Crespo, M. S., 1985: Interaction of 2,4-D and 2,4,5-T herbicides with Cu-montmorillonite

Wiles, T. L.; Hayward, D. M.; Vedoato, R. A.; White, J. G., unda: Interaction of 2,4-D, diuron and metribuzin with paraquat in weed control in direct-drilled soyabeans (Glycine max (L.) Merr.) in Brazil and in perennial crops in Central America

Crawley, D. K.; Walker, H. L.; Riley, J. A., 1985: Interaction of Alternaria macrospora and Fusarium lateritium on spurred anoda

Plazinski, J.; Rolfe, B. G., 1985: Interaction of Azospirillum and Rhizobium strains leading to inhibition of nodulation

Zimet, A. R.; Albrecht, S. L.; Sinclair, T. R., 1985: Interaction of Bradyrhizobium japonicum isolated from Florida soils with southern soybean cultivars

Winandy, J. E.; Boone, R. S.; Bendtsen, B. A., 1985: Interaction of CCA preservative treatment and redrying: effect on the mechanical properties of southern pine

Rossi Jaume, A.; Goleniowski, M.; Tizio, R., 1986: Interaction of CCC with a foliar nutrient solution on sucrose content in leaves and roots of red beet (Beta vulgaris L.)

Heins, R. D.; Karlsson, M. G.; Erwin, J. E.; Hausbeck, M. K.; Miller, S. H., 1984: Interaction of CO2 and environmental factors on crop responses

Keifer, D. W.; El Nagger, S. F., 1984: Interaction of FMC 57020 with the soil

Taufiqul, A.; Habte, M., 1985: Interaction of Leucaena with Glomus fasciculatum in a typical Oxisol

Patel, H. R.; Vaishnav, M. U.; Dhruj, I. U., 1985: Interaction of Meloidogyne arenaria and Fusarium solani on groundnut

Blanchard, J. L., 1985: Interaction of Ostertagia circumcincta and Haemonchus contortus in sheep

Nikolenko, M. P.; Klechkovskii, Yu E., 1985: Interaction of Phorbia securis Tiensuu and pathogens causing root rots in winter wheat

Duvick, J. P.; Sequeira, L., 1984: Interaction of Pseudomonas solanacearum with suspension-cultured tobacco cells and tobacco leaf cell walls in vitro

Anashchenko, A. V.; Kukosh, M. V., 1985: Interaction of Rf genes in sunflower in the course of fertility restoration

Payne, J. H., 1986: Interaction of Rhizobium japonicum with soybean isolines carrying unique genes which affect nodulation at the Rj1 locus

Provorov, N. A.; Simarov, B. V., 1984: Interaction of Trigonella foenum-graecum plants and nodule bacteria of lucerne

Araujo Jorge, T. C. de; Souza, W. de, 1986: Interaction of Trypanosoma cruzi with macrophages: effect of previous incubation of the parasites or the host cells with lectins

Wilson, E. A.; Robinson, J. F.; LeBoeuf, E. A.; LeBlanc, D. J.; Boyd, F. L., unda: Interaction of UC27867 and Borderland Red with propanil

Section 2, Chapter 1395, Accession 001394050

Dunphy, GB.; Webster, JM., 1984: Interaction of Xenorhabdus nematophilus subsp. nematophilus with the haemolymph of Galleria mellonella

Chandel, A. S.; Saxena, M. C., 1985: Interaction of Zn and other metals in pea (Pisum sativum L.)

Katsumi, M., 1985: Interaction of a brassinosteroid with IAA and GA3 in the elongation of cucumber hypocotyl sections

Surov, G. Ya, 1984: Interaction of a floating solid body with a mechanism

Zhiznevskaya, G. Ya, 1983: Interaction of a legume and nodule bacteria

Section 2, Chapter 1395, Accession 001394058

Kukina, I. M.; Mikulovich, T. P.; Kulaeva, O. N., 1985: Interaction of abscisic acid with cytokinin in controlling the synthesis of plastid and cytoplasmic ribosomal RNA in excised pumpkin cotyledons

Godley, J. L.; Kitchen, L. M., 1984: Interaction of acifluorfen and fluazifop for annual grass control

Section 2, Chapter 1395, Accession 001394063

Section 2, Chapter 1395, Accession 001394064

Brandenburg, R. L., 1985: Interaction of alfalfa plant height and insecticide carrier application rates on beneficial arthropod populations

Baltensperger, D. D.; Quesenberry, K. H.; Horner, E. S.; Dunn, R. A.; Abd Elgawad, M. M. M., 1985: Interaction of alfalfa recurrent phenotypic selection cycles with root-knot nematodes

Verbetskii, V. N.; Sytnikov, A. N.; Semenenko, K. N., 1984: Interaction of alloys of the Mg-Ca-Cu system with hydrogen

Section 2, Chapter 1395, Accession 001394068

Stroynowski, I.; Clark, S.; Henderson, L. A.; Hood, L.; McMillan, M.; Forman, J., 1985: Interaction of alpha 1 with alpha 2 region in class I MHC proteins contributes determinants recognized by antibodies and cytotoxic T cells

Gnarpe, H.; Belsheim, J., 1985: Interaction of antibiotics with granulocytes and lymphocytes

Bastardo, T.; Arcay de Peraza, L.; Tejero, F., 1983: Interaction of avirulent Leishmania species with rat peritoneal macrophages

Vargas, E., 1984: Interaction of biological and chemical treatment in the control of ojo de gallo disease (Mycena citricolor) in coffee

Lawman, M. J. P.; Joiner, S.; Gauntlett, D. R.; Boyle, M. D. P., 1985: Interaction of bovine immunoglobulin gamma 2 (IgG2) with staphylococcal protein A: evidence for IgG2a and IgG2b sub-subclasses in the bovine

Rees, R. S.; Nanney, L. B.; Yates, R. A.; King, L. E, Jr, 1984: Interaction of brown recluse spider venom on cell membranes: the inciting mechanism?

Versavel, P. A.; Britton, M. G., 1986: Interaction of bulk wheat with bin wall configuration in model bins

Tu, J. C., 1986: Interaction of calcium with indole-3-acetic acid and kinetin during the formation of local lesions in bean (Phaseolus vulgaris) by alfalfa mosaic virus

Loft, E. R.; Menke, J. W.; Kie, J. G., 1986: Interaction of cattle and deer on mountain rangeland

Howard, S. W.; Whitesides, R. E., 1984: Interaction of chlorsulfuron with other herbicides

Section 2, Chapter 1395, Accession 001394083

Nepa, G. A. W.; Rhodes, B. B.; Witcher, W., 1985: Interaction of commercial watermelon cultivars with regional isolates of Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. niveum

Altman, D. W.; Stipanovic, R. D.; Mitten, D. M.; Heinstein, P., 1985: Interaction of cotton tissue culture cells and Verticillium dahliae

Leshem, Y. Y., 1984: Interaction of cytokinins with lipid-associated oxy free radicals during senescence: a prospective mode of cytokinin action

Botnarenko, P. M.; Partas, E. K., 1984: Interaction of cytoplasmic factors for male sterility with nuclear genes for fertility restoration in maize lines

Ibragimova, M. Kh, 1983: Interaction of degree of meiotic stability and grain set/ear in hexaploid amphiploids of wheat

Section 2, Chapter 1395, Accession 001394089

Johnson, L. B.; Hoffman, R. A., 1985: Interaction of diet and photoperiod on growth and reproduction in male golden hamsters

Abawi, F. G.; Sullivan, T. W.; Scheideler, S. E., 1985: Interaction of dietary fat with levels of vitamins A and E in broiler chicks

Albrink, Mj; Ullrich, Ih, 1986: Interaction of dietary sucrose and fiber on serum lipids in healthy young men fed high carbohydrate diets

Sleptsova, T. G.; Balashova, N. N., 1984: Interaction of different types of resistance to Phytophthora in tomatoes and their general adaptability to extreme abiotic environmental factors

Pickering W.F., 1986: Interaction of dilute fluoride solutions with hydrous iron oxides

Handa, R.; Bhardwaj, S. S.; Chopra, S. L., 1985: Interaction of dimetan (5,5-dimethyl-4,5-dihydro-3 resorcyl dimethyl carbamate) with some clay minerals

Healy, W. E., 1985: Interaction of environmental conditions and Roundup application

Section 2, Chapter 1395, Accession 001394101

Martinez Campos, A.; Moctezuma, O.; Larrea, F., 1984: Interaction of estrogens with dopamine and calcium in the regulation of prolactin release in vivo

Morant V., 1986: Interaction of factors which influence the extent of lipolysis during milking and storage of raw milk

Kassaby, F. Y., 1985: Interaction of four herbicides with Phytophthora cinnamomi

Takase, K.; Ebner, K. E., 1984: Interaction of galactosyltransferase with alpha -lactalbumin and substrates

Khattak, S. U. K.; Jilani, G., 1985: Interaction of gamma radiation and vacuum for the control of flour beetles

Noveva, S.; Lidanski, T.; Vasileva, R., 1984: Interaction of genes determining some quantitative characters in intervarietal tobacco hybrids. III. Inheritance of leaf width

Gupta, K. R.; Singh, K. P.; Lodhi, G. P.; Dhindsa, K. S., 1985: Interaction of genotype and sowing dates for protein content in pea

Panaiotov, P.; Benkov, B.; Machev, M., 1984: Interaction of genotype with level of nutrition in the fattening performance of crossbred pigs

Zabkiewicz, J. A.; Gaskin, R. E., 1985: Interaction of hexazinone with two soils and three fertilisers

Rifkin, M. R., 1984: Interaction of high density lipoprotein with Trypanosoma brucei: effect of membrane stabilizers

Lee C.Y., 1984: Interaction of honey protein and tannic acid

Prichard, R. K., 1985: Interaction of host physiology and efficacy of antiparasitic drugs

Pozdena, J.; Cech, M., 1983: Interaction of host plant enzymes with alfalfa mosaic virus

Heil, G., 1985: Interaction of housing (cages and floor pens) and strain on egg production tests

Krestynski F., 1985: Interaction of human lactoferrin with the rat liver

Salata, R. A.; Pearson, R. D.; Ravdin, J. I., 1985: Interaction of human leukocytes and Entamoeba histolytica - killing of virulent amebae by the activated macrophage

Mortensen D.A., 1984: Interaction of increasing atmospheric carbon dioxide and soil nitrogen on the carbon balance of tundra microcosms

Section 2, Chapter 1395, Accession 001394123

Merritt, C. R.; Bartlett, B. O.; Wyatt, D. F., 1986: Interaction of ioxynil and mecoprop when applied to Stellaria media (L.) Vill

Chatterjee, C.; Nautiyal, N.; Agarwala, S. C., 1983: Interaction of iron source and nitrogen supply in rice

Ismail, A. S.; Orabi, A. A.; Mashadi, H., 1986: Interaction of iron with both phosphorus and zinc in the nutrition of tomato seedlings grown on an alluvial and a calcareous soil

Bleau G., 1985: Interaction of isolated components from mammalian sperm and egg

Section 2, Chapter 1395, Accession 001394128

Section 2, Chapter 1395, Accession 001394129

Surcel, D.; Anca, Z.; Rimboiu, S.; Abraham, A., 1984: Interaction of lead and cadmium on some immunological values

Bray G.A., 1985: Interaction of light and corticosterone on food intake and brown adipose tissue of the rat

Section 2, Chapter 1395, Accession 001394132

Cunningham, GL.; Shuter, BJ., 1986: Interaction of low pH and starvation on body weight and composition of young-of-year smallmouth bass (Micropterus dolomieui)

Angelis, K.; Veleminsky, J.; Rieger, R.; Heindorff, K., 1986: Interaction of maleic hydrazide or N-methyl-N-nitrosourea with root tip DNA of in vitro cultured Vicia faba embryos

Langford, C. H.; Gamble, D. S.; Underdown, A. W.; Lee, S., 1983: Interaction of metal ions with a well characterized fulvic acid

Lui E.M.K., 1986: Interaction of metallothionein and carbon tetrachloride on the protective effect of zinc on hepatotoxicity

Purkayastha, A.; Mishra, B., 1985: Interaction of methabenzathiazuron with homoionic soil clays. I. Adsorption studies

Purkayastha, A.; Mishra, B., 1985: Interaction of methabenzathiazuron with homoionic soil clays. II. Desorption studies

Lesperance, A. L.; Bohman, V. R.; Oldfield, J. E., 1985: Interaction of molybdenum, sulfate and alfalfa in the bovine

Pyzhenkov, V. I., 1983: Interaction of mutant genes for extreme dwarfing in cucumber

Alekseeva, T. P.; Smirnova, L. A., 1985: Interaction of new winter wheat varieties with races of the brown rust pathogen

Barney, P. E. Jr; Bush, L. P., 1985: Interaction of nitrate and sulfate reduction in tobacco. 1. Influence of availability of nitrate and sulfate

Barney, P. E. Jr; Bush, L. P., 1985: Interaction of nitrate and sulfate reduction in tobacco. 2. Influence of apical meristem removal

Ovcharenko, G. A.; Ivanova, N. N.; Khudyakova, E. M., 1985: Interaction of nitrate reductase from mustard leaves with peroxidase

Waters L.Jr, 1985: Interaction of nitrogen fertility and plant populations on transplanted broccoli and cauliflower yields

Kommedahl, T., 1982: Interaction of nitrogen use and plant disease control

Section 2, Chapter 1395, Accession 001394151

Piedrahita, O.; Ellis, CR.; Bogart, JP., 1985: Interaction of northern and western corn rootworm larvae (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae) in a controlled environment

Section 2, Chapter 1395, Accession 001394153

Valli, C.; Schulthess, H. K.; Asper, R.; Escher, F.; Hacki, W. H., 1986: Interaction of nutrients with antacids: a complication during enteral tube feeding

Thomaskutty, K. G.; Lee, C. M., 1985: Interaction of nutrition and infection: effect of vitamin B12 deficiency on resistance to Trypanosoma lewisi

Jensen, L. S., 1986: Interaction of nutrition with stress of disease

Section 2, Chapter 1395, Accession 001394157

Section 2, Chapter 1395, Accession 001394158

Section 2, Chapter 1395, Accession 001394159

McCool, P. M.; Menge, J. A., 1984: Interaction of ozone and mycorrhizal fungi on tomato as influenced by fungal species and host variety

Paulov, S., 1984: Interaction of pesticides with nontarget animals and ecosystems

Sarkar, A. K.; Dhua, R. S.; Sen, S. K., 1984: Interaction of phenolic compounds with IBA and NAA in the regeneration of roots in water apple (Syzygium javanicum L.) stem cutting

Tayal, M. S.; Sharma, S. M., 1985: Interaction of phenols and indole acetic acid on germination and early seedling growth of Cicer arietinum L

Villagarcia, M.; Franco, J., 1984: Interaction of phosphate fertilizer and cyst nematode infestation (Globodera pallida) in two potato cultivars

Bhatnagar, S. M., 1984: Interaction of physical and chemical mutagens in kabuli chickpeas

Alimukhamedov, S. N.; Shvetsova, L. P.; Pavlova, G. A., 1981: Interaction of physiological and biochemical factors with resistance to Tetranychus urticae in cotton

Kang, H. J.; Park, E. S.; Yoon, S., 1984: Interaction of phytic acid with minerals during meju preparation

Tokhver, A. K.; Myadamyurk, U. V., 1984: Interaction of phytochrome and blue light in the photocontrol of anthocyanin formation in buckwheat seedlings

Rathore, V. S.; Pathak, S. C., 1983: Interaction of planting dates and varieties in pesticidal protection against safflower aphid Uroleucon compositae Theobald

Section 2, Chapter 1395, Accession 001394172

Section 2, Chapter 1395, Accession 001394174

Section 2, Chapter 1395, Accession 001394175

Wilson, E. A.; Robinson, J. F.; LeBoeuf, E. A.; Constantin, B. U.; LeBlanc, D. J., unda: Interaction of potential bird repellents with propanil

Tosh, G. C.; Nayak, R. K.; Patro, G. K., unda: Interaction of pre-emergence herbicides and levels of phosphate on weed control in groundnut

Ferland, L. H.; Rosa, A. A. M.; Kelly, P. A., 1984: Interaction of prolactin (PRL) binding sites with PRL receptor antibodies in rat liver cells in suspension culture: effect of inhibitors of cellular functions

Beede D.K., 1985: Interaction of protein percent with caloric density and protein source for lactating cows

Iliev, L. K.; Karanov, E. N., 1985: Interaction of purine and urea type cytokinins with indolylacetic acid, gibberellic acid and abscisic acid in radish cotyledons

Racagni G., 1986: Interaction of putative endogenous tryptolines with the hypothalamic serotonergic system and prolactin secretion in adult male rats

Anthony, V. M.; Shattock, R. C.; Williamson, B., 1985: Interaction of red raspberry cultivars with isolates of Phragmidium rubi-idaei

Kramer, H. J.; Stinnesbeck, B.; Klautke, G.; Kipnowski, J.; Klingmueller, D.; Glaenzer, K.; Duesing, R., 1985: Interaction of renal prostaglandins with the renin-angiotensin and renal adrenergic nervous systems in healthy subjects during dietary changes in sodium intake

Akin, D. E., 1986: Interaction of ruminal bacteria and fungi with southern forages

Section 2, Chapter 1395, Accession 001394187

Charya, M. A. S.; Reddy, E. J. S.; Reddy, S. M., 1983: Interaction of seed-borne fungi and Rhizobium on nodulation and plant growth of mung (Vigna radiata)

Mills, O. E.; Solms, J., 1984: Interaction of selected flavour compounds with whey proteins

Chopra, P.; Magu, S. P., 1985: Interaction of selected herbicides and city compost on soil respiration and crop yield of maize

Walsh J.B., 1985: Interaction of selection and biased gene conversion in a multigene family

Heggestad, H. E.; Gish, E. H.; Lee, E. H.; Bennett, J. H.; Douglass, L. W., 1985: Interaction of soil moisture stress and ambient ozone on growth and yields of soybeans

Youngman, RR.; Barnes, MM., 1986: Interaction of spider mites (Acari: Tetranychidae) and water stress on gas-exchange rates and water potential of almond leaves

Fawcett, D.; Musoke, A.; Voigt, W., 1984: Interaction of sporozoites of Theileria parva with bovine lymphocytes in vitro. I. Early events after invasion

Andersen, T. M., 1986: Interaction of spring wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) genotypes and Azospirillum brasilense

Rapoport, H. F.; Loomis, R. S., 1985: Interaction of storage root and shoot in grafted sugarbeet and chard

Klimov, S. V., 1985: Interaction of stress factors: increase of the drought effect on plants in the presence of Al3+ in the medium

Klimov, S. V., 1985: Interaction of stress factors: intensification of drought action on plants when Al3+ is present in the medium

Klimov, S. V., 1985: Interaction of stresses: enhancement of the effect of drought on plants in the presence of Al3+ in the medium

Bushuev, N. N.; Kostyuk, A. G.; Kazak, V. G., 1984: Interaction of strontium and calcium sulfates at 800 degrees

Luard, E. J., 1985: Interaction of substrate C:N ratio and osmotic potential on growth and osmoregulation of four filamentous fungi

Hashim, I.; Azaldin, M. Y., 1985: Interaction of sulphur with soil pH and root diseases of Hevea rubber

McKey, D., 1984: Interaction of the ant-plant Leonardoxa africana (Caesalpiniaceae) with its obligate inhabitants in a rainforest in Cameroon

Rao, Y. S.; Prasad, J. S.; Rao, A. V. S., 1984: Interaction of the cyst and root-knot nematodes in roots of rice

Section 2, Chapter 1395, Accession 001394205

Gontarovskii, V. A., 1985: Interaction of the genes Rf1 and Rfvar in the cytoplasm of the Texas type of cytoplasmic male sterility (CMS) in maize

Lopez, D. M.; Pauley, R. J.; Lozzio, B. B., 1985: Interaction of the heterozygous nude gene with the asplenia trait in mammary tumorigenesis

Utkin, A. A.; Klimetenko, T. E.; Potapova, I. V., 1984: Interaction of the impregnating solution with the silica support during production of vanadium catalysts for sulfur dioxide oxidation

Roche, M.; Frelin, C.; Bruneau, P.; Meinard, C., 1985: Interaction of tralomethrin, tralocythrin, and related pyrethroids in Na+ channels of insect and mammalian neuronal cells

Singh, S. N.; Srivastava, S. K., 1984: Interaction of various fungicides and Rhizobium culture in relation to nodulation and yield of soybean

Grandison, G. S.; Cooper, K. M., 1986: Interaction of vesicular-arbuscular mycorrhizae and cultivars of alfalfa susceptible and resistant to Meloidogyne hapla

Sebanek, J.; Vitkova, H.; Klicova, S., 1983: Interaction of water deficiency and the content of endogenous cytokinins in flax seedlings (Linum usitatissimum L.)

Morgan, J. A., 1984: Interaction of water supply and N in wheat

Bhatt, D. C.; Patel, R. B.; Patel, M. P.; Patel, H. C., unda: Interaction of weed management practices with other crop production technology under resource constraints in wheat

Polya, G. M.; Micucci, V., 1985: Interaction of wheat germ Ca2+-dependent protein kinases with calmodulin antagonists and polyamines

Section 2, Chapter 1395, Accession 001394221

Chemeris, M. M.; Mus' ko, N. P.; Chemeris, N. A., 1985: Interaction of wood with trifluoroacetic acid

Tuladhar, K. D. Y.; Subba Rao, N. S., 1985: Interaction of yeasts and some nitrogen fixing bacteria on nodulation of legumes

Miah, S. A.; Shahjahan, A. K. M.; Sharma, N. R.; Shah, A. L.; Bhuiyan, N. I., 1984: Interaction of zinc deficiency and ufra disease on rice in Bangladesh

Lecoq, H.; Pitrat, M., 1984: Interaction of zucchini yellow mosaic virus strains and muskmelon lines

Section 2, Chapter 1395 , Accession 001394226

Leary, R. A., 1985: Interaction theory in forest ecology and management

Sorensen, V. M.; Meggitt, W. F.; Penner, D., 1983: Interaction when using acifluorfen and bentazone in combination for weed control in soybeans

Boyle, M. D. P.; Wallner, W. A.; Mering, G. O. von; Reis, K. J.; Lawman, M. J. P., 1985: Interaction with bacterial Fc receptors with goat immunoglobulins

Hansen, M. K., 1984: Interactions among natural enemies, herbivores, and yield in monocultures and polycultures of corn, bean and squash

Section 2, Chapter 1395, Accession 001394232

Aarssen, L. W., 1983: Interactions and coexistence of species in pasture community evolution

Section 2, Chapter 1395, Accession 001394234

Barea, J. M.; Bonis, A. F.; Olivares, J., 1983: Interactions between Azospirillum and VA mycorrhiza and their effects on growth and nutrition of maize and ryegrass

Menze, H., 1985: Interactions between Azospirillum and VA-mycorrhiza in Gramineae at different soil pH levels

Earl, SL.; Graham, HM., 1984: Interactions between Chelonus insularis Cresson and Telenomus remus Nixon, parasitoids of Spodoptera exigua (Hubner)

Morales, J.; Burandt, C L.; Jr., 1985: Interactions between Cycloneda sanguinea and the brown citrus aphid: adult feeding and larval mortality

Section 2, Chapter 1395, Accession 001394240

Zummo, G. R., 1985: Interactions between Heliothis zea (Boddie) and selected cotton cultivars

Chipev, N.; Vassilev, I. (Vasilev, I); Samnaliev, P. (S"mnaliev, P), 1985: Interactions between Paramphistomum c.f. daubneyi Dinnik, 1962 and Fasciola hepatica L. in successive cross-invasions of Lymnaea (Galba) truncatula

Masur, H., 1984: Interactions between Pneumocystis carinii and phagocytic cells

Rai, R.; Nasar, S. K. T.; Singh, S. J.; Prasad, V., 1985: Interactions between Rhizobium strains and lentil (Lens culinaris Linn.) genotypes under salt stress

Nichols, B. A., 1985: Interactions between Toxoplasma and host phagocytes

Cha J.W., 1986: Interactions between a polyacrylamide and a polysaccharide as soil conditioners when applied simultaneously

Orozco Segovia, A.; Vazquez Yanes, C.; Angel Armella, M.; Correa, N., 1985: Interactions between a population of Artibeus jamaicensis bats and vegetation of the surrounding area at Los Tuxtlas, Veracruz

Evans, D. E.; Johnson, C. E.; Schafer, R. L., 1984: Interactions between adjacent chisels

Lynch, J. M., 1984: Interactions between biological processes, cultivation and soil structure

Cheng, C. H., 1985: Interactions between biotypes of the brown planthopper and rice varieties

Danell, K.; Huss-Danell, K.; Bergstrom, R., 1985: Interactions between browsing moose and two species of birch in Sweden

Tawfik, M. F. S.; El Husseini, M. M.; Awadallah, K. T., 1980: Interactions between certain host larvae and the pyemoted ectoparasite, Pyemotes tritici

Hilliard, RA.; Keeley, LL., 1984: Interactions between dietary nitrogen and simulated autumn conditions on diet consumption and reproductive development in the boll weevil, Anthonomus grandis

Baines, J.; Crittenden, R., 1984: Interactions between disease and malnutrition on the Nembi Plateau, Papua New Guinea

Runger, W.; Patzer, H., 1986: Interactions between duration of main light period and moment of night break on flower formation of chrysanthemum

Section 2, Chapter 1395, Accession 001394261

Mvungi, M., 1984: Interactions between education, culture and communication in Tanzania's socio-economic development: a historical presentation

Horton, P., 1985: Interactions between electron transfer and carbon assimilation

MacRae, J. C.; Lobley, G. E., 1986: Interactions between energy and protein

Read, D. J., 1984: Interactions between ericaceous plants and their competitors with special reference to soil toxicity

Tittle, F. L.; Spencer, M. S., 1986: Interactions between ethylene, CO2 and ABA on GA3-induced amylase synthesis in barley aleurone tissue

Diagne, O.; Le Tacon, F., 1982: Interactions between fertilization, mycorrhiza formation and nodulation in Alnus incana

Oladiran, A. O.; Oso, B. A., 1985: Interactions between fungicides, insecticides and spraying regimes in the control of fungal diseases, insect pests and yield of cowpea Vigna unguiculata (L.) Walp

Singh, K. P.; Tyagi, C. S.; Singh, V. P.; Chaudhary, B. D., 1986: Interactions between genotypes and sowing dates for yield and its components in chickpea

Section 2, Chapter 1395, Accession 001394275

Section 2, Chapter 1395, Accession 001394276

Savoie, P.; Pattey, E.; Dupuis, G., 1984: Interactions between grass maturity and swath width during hay drying

Shribbs, J. M.; Skroch, W. A., 1984: Interactions between groundcovers and Golden Delicious apples

Rotaru, C., 1984: Interactions between harvesting methods and silviculture

Gaede, W.; Kuhnert, M., 1986: Interactions between heavy metals and drugs, with reference to environmental and residue toxicology

Bonfante Fasolo, P., 1982: Interactions between host plant and mycorrhizal fungus: role of cell wall polysaccharides and proteins

Powell, J. M.; Waters Bayer, A., 1985: Interactions between livestock husbandry and cropping in a West African savanna

Dewsbury, DA., 1985: Interactions between males and their sperm during multi-male copulatory episodes of deer mice (Peromyscus maniculatus)

Marchisio, V. F.; Mosca, A. M. L., 1983: Interactions between microfungi of the mycorrhizosphere of Abies alba Mill

Section 2, Chapter 1395, Accession 001394288

Scorer, K. N.; Epel, B. L.; Waisel, Y., 1985: Interactions between mild NaCl stress and red light during lettuce (Lactuca sativa L. cv. Grand Rapids) seed germination

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Section 2, Chapter 1395, Accession 001394291

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