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Isotope ratios ( delta 13C and delta D) of nectar in comparison to tissues in C3 and CAM plants

Israel Journal of Botany 34(2-4): 103-112

Isotope ratios ( delta 13C and delta D) of nectar in comparison to tissues in C3 and CAM plants

There was no difference in the 13C/12C ( delta 13C) ratios of the nectar and leaves of the CAM species Kalanchoe daigremontiana, but in the CAM species Sansevieria sp. and Aloe eru and the C3 species Abutilon striatum the nectar was richer than the leaf tissue in 13C. In all species the nectar was also richer than leaf tissue in D (deuterium). K. daigremontiana showed a marked nectar-secretion rhythm with a 4-5 fold greater secretion during the light period than during the dark period.

Accession: 001398154

Related references

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