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K+-Na+ exchange at cellular membranes, intracellular compartmentation of cations, and salt tolerance

Salinity tolerance in plants strategies for crop improvement: 37-66

K+-Na+ exchange at cellular membranes, intracellular compartmentation of cations, and salt tolerance

The processes and mechanisms of univalent cation selectivity and their implications for salt tolerance are reviewed.

Accession: 001398555

Related references

Yeo, A.R., 1981: Salt tolerance in the halophyte Suaeda maritima L. Dum.: intracellular compartmentation of ions. The exchange of sodium and potassium ions from root and leaf material of the halophyte Suaeda maritima was studied using efflux, or compartmental, analysis. Sodium ions were exchanged much more slowly (c. times) from the vacuoles of leaf cells of...

Muhling, K.H.; Lauchli, A., 2003: Interaction of NaCl and Cd stress on compartmentation pattern of cations, antioxidant enzymes and proteins in leaves of two wheat genotypes differing in salt tolerance. Physiological mechanisms of salinity-Cd interactions were investigated in inter- and intracellular leaf compartments of salt-tolerant wheat x Lophopyrum elongatum (Host) A. Love (syn. Agropyron elongatum) amphiploid and its salt-sensitive wheat pa...

Yeo A.R., 1981: Salt tolerance in the halophyte suaeda maritima intra cellular compartmentation of ions. The time-course of exchange of Na and K ions from root and leaf material of the halophyte S. maritima was followed and the data analyzed according to the phenomenology of efflux, or compartmental, analysis. Na ions were exchanged much more slowly...

Pritchard, J.B.; Miller, D.S., 1996: Intracellular compartmentation of organic anions and cations during renal secretion. Although plasma membrane events mediating organic anion and cation secretion have been intensively investigated, intracellular events associated with transcellular fluxes of secreted solutes have received much less attention. Recent data obtained...

Muhling, K.; Lauchli, A., 2002: Effect of salt stress on growth and cation compartmentation in leaves of two plant species differing in salt tolerance. Salinity can cause toxic symptoms, especially in mature leaves after long-term exposure. Thus, Na(+) accumulation in leaves could be responsible for salt toxicity. The infiltration-centrifugation technique was employed for the isolation of apoplas...

Yagi, T.; Nishi, T., 1993: Regulation of intracellular osmotic pressure and changes in intracellular proteins during the initial stages of salt stress in Zygosaccharomyces strains exhibiting differences in salt-tolerance. The accumulation of glycerol and inorganic ions and changes in intracellular proteins in a salt-tolerant yeast, Zygosaccharomyces rouxii, and in a salt-sensitive derivative were examined for 3 h after initiation of salt stress by a high concentrat...

Wieneke, J.; Lauchli, A., 1980: Effects of salt stress on distribution of Na+ and some other cations in two soybean varieties differing in salt tolerance. In the course of investigations on the effect of salinity on mineral ion transport in soyabean cv. Lee and Jackson (more salt susceptible) the distribution of Na, Ca, K and Mg ions was studied. Low salinity (7.5 mM NaCl) did not cause differences...

Vyas, P.V.; Ray, P.; Trivedi, G.S.; Adhikary, S.K.; Rangarajan, R., 2005: Studies on exchange equilibria of cations between cation-exchange membranes and electrolytic solutions. The variations of the selectivity coefficient K(A)(B) between Na(+)-H(+), Na(+)-K(+), and Na(+)-Cu(2+) systems and the separation factor alpha(A)(B) between Na(+)-Cu(2+) and K(+)-Cu(2+) systems in cation-exchange membranes as functions of loading...

Binzel, M.L.; Hess, F.D.; Bressan, R.A.; Hasegawa, P.M., 1988: Intracellular compartmentation of ions in salt adapted tobacco cells. Na(+) and Cl(-) are the principal solutes utilized for osmotic adjustment in cells of Nicotiana tabacum L. var Wisconsin 38 (tobacco) adapted to NaCl, accumulating to levels of 472 and 386 millimolar, respectively, in cells adapted to 428 millimol...

Chetelat, R.; Wu, L., 1983: Salt tolerance and organ ion compartmentation in Agrostis stolonifera. Differences in tolerance, particularly when measured by root elongation, were found among several clones from a seashore population grown in solution with 0, 100 and 200 mM added NaCl. Leaf sheaths had higher ion concentrations than leaf blades, p...