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Get PDF Full Texts from EurekaMag Chapter 1404

Chapter 1404 provides scholary research titles of which PDF Full Texts are available through EurekaMag.

Kettunen, L., 1984:
Long term supply elasticities: a case study for Finland

Alvensleben, R. von; Grundstedt, C., 1985:
Long term trends in the selling prices on GFR producer markets for vegetables

James, T.K.; Mortimer, J.; Rahman, A., 1985:
Long term use of residual herbicides for controlling weeds in blueberries on peat

Gold, A.J.; Loudon, T.; Nurnburger, F.V., 1984:
Long term weather records to assess best management practices

Bauchart, D.; Verite, R.; Remond, B., 1984:
Long-chain fatty acid digestion in lactating cows fed fresh grass from spring to autumn

Barlow, S.M.; Duthie, I.F., 1985:
Long-chain monoenes in the diet

Cockshull, K.E.; Kofranek, A.M., 1985:
Long-day flower initiation by chrysanthemum

Biswas, A.K.; (et al), 1983:
Long-distance water transfer: a Chinese case study and international experiences

Bhat, K.M.; Bhat, K.V.; Dhamodaran, T.K.; Rugmini, P., 1984:
Long-fibred raw material from tropical hardwood: Dillenia pentagyna Roxb

Yakovenko, A.V.; Atals, M.F.; Kuchminskaya, V.R., 1983:
Long-haired foxes at the Madona fur farm

Ono, S., 1983:
Long-lasting nitrogen fertilizer IBDU

Kluthe, R.; Betzler, H.; Vogel, W., 1985:
Long-term analysis of amino acid and protein metabolism after severe multiple injury. 2. Experience with highly concentrated amino acid solutions

Bostedt, H.; Huber, C., 1986:
Long-term analysis of blood samples from cows with postparturient paresis, and data on their fertility

Sionit, N.; Strain, B.R.; Hellmers, H.; Riechers, G.H.; Jaegar, C.H., 1985:
Long-term atmospheric CO2 enrichment affects the growth and development of Liquidambar styraciflua and Pinus taeda seedlings

Torbert, J.L.J.; Burger, J.A., 1984:
Long-term availability of applied phosphorus to loblolly pine on a Piedmont soil

Groning, G., 1984:
Long-term camping. Analysis and planning evaluation of a modern type of leisure accommodation

Nordstedt, R.A.; Baldwin, L.B., 1984:
Long-term changes in anaerobic poultry lagoons with recycle flushing

Schulz, H., 1985:
Long-term changes of the botanical composition of the lawns at the Federal Horticultural Show Ground, Stuttgart

Bonizzi, L.; Guttinger, M.; Clivio, A.; Gliozzi, T.M.; Moras, M.L.; Poli, G., 1985 :
Long-term culture of bovine T-lymphocytes specific for the gp60 antigen of bovine leukosis virus

Ben Jaacov, J.; Poole, R.T.; Conover, C.A., 1985:
Long-term dark storage of Dieffenbachia sprayed with cytokinin

Brcak, J., 1986:
Long-term development of Czechoslovakian agriculture

Uskokovic, B., 1981:
Long-term development prospects of tourism in SR Montenegro

Tennis, P., 1985:
Long-term divergence in body size produced by food size in laboratory populations of Acheta domesticus (Orthoptera: Gryllidae)

Emets, V.M., 1985:
Long-term dynamics of the indicators of variability of polymorphic traits in groups of adults of the ground beetle Pterostichus oblongopunctatus F. (Coleoptera, Carabidae) in recreational and little-visited oak stands

Gariot, P.; Digy, J.P.; Genton, P.; Lambert, D.; Bau, R.M.; Debry, G., 1986:
Long-term effect of bran ingestion on lipid metabolism in healthy man

Dzuvic, A.; Halsband, E.; Romestand, B., 1986:
Long-term effect of cadmium and calcium on the blood picture of trout, with reference to pathological changes in internal organs

Seve, B.; Perez, J.M.; Desmoulin, B., 1985:
Long-term effect of feeding of piglets between 10 and 25 kg liveweight on performance and body composition at slaughter. Interaction with restriction during the growing-finishing period

Hegg, O., 1984:
Long-term effect of fertilizers on some species of the Nardetum on the Schynige Platte above Interlaken

Decazy, B.; Coulibaly, N.; Mossu, G.; Paulin, D., 1985:
Long-term effect of insecticide treatments on pollination conditions and on the yield of cocoa trees in the Ivory Coast

Liebisch, A., 1985:
Long-term effect of insecticide-containing ear tags (permethrin and cypermethrin) for controlling flies and horseflies on cattle at pasture in northern Germany

Hofmann, B., 1984:
Long-term effect of variations in the intensity of primary tillage on soil properties and crop yields

Eastwood, M.A.; Elton, R.A.; Smith, J.H., 1986:
Long-term effect of wholemeal bread on stool weight, transit time, fecal bile acids, fats, and neutral sterols

Takahashi, K., 1985:
Long-term effect of winter desiccation on CO2 gas-exchange and transpiration in Abies sachalinensis Mast. and Picea glehnii Mast. seedlings

Stief, K., 1985:
Long-term effectiveness of remedial measures

Overdieck, D.; Bossemeyer, D., 1985:
Long-term effects of CO2 enrichment on CO2 gas exchange of a model ecosystem

Dekker, J., 1983:
Long-term effects of atrazine, several graminicides and non-selective herbicides on quackgrass

Land Cremer, L.C.N. de la, 1985:
Long-term effects of farm slurries applications in the Netherlands

Papanastases, B.P., 1981:
Long-term effects of fertilizer application on the low elevation grasslands in northern Greece

Koivisto, P.; Miettinen, T.A., 1984:
Long-term effects of ileal bypass on lipoproteins in patients with familial hypercholesterolemia

Platts-Mills, T.A.; Tovey, E.R.; Mitchell, E.B.; Mozarro, H., 1983:
Long-term effects of living in a dust-free room on patients with allergic asthma - reversal of bronchial hyper-reactivity

Tiedemann, A.R.; Klemmedson, J.O., 1986:
Long-term effects of mesquite removal on soil characteristics: I. Nutrients and bulk density

Klemmedson, J.O.; Tiedemann, A.R., 1986:
Long-term effects of mesquite removal on soil characteristics: II. nutrient availability

Burridge, J.C.; Berrow, M.L., 1984:
Long-term effects of metal-contaminated sewage sludges on soils and crops

Williams, A.H., 1984:
Long-term effects of nutrition of ewe lambs in the neonatal period

Elfving, D.C.; Proctor, J.T.A., 1986:
Long-term effects of paclobutrazol (Cultar) on apple tree shoot growth, cropping and fruit-leaf relations

Bielorai, H.; Dasberg, S.; Erner, Y., 1985:
Long-term effects of partial wetting in a citrus orchard

Seve, B., 1984:
Long-term effects of reducing the protein level in a simplified weaning diet. Comparative benefits of incorporating milk powder and supplementing with L-lysine-HCl

Anonymous, 1985:
Long-term effects of sewage sludge and farm slurries applications

Stadelmann, F.X.; Furrer, O.J., 1985:
Long-term effects of sewage sludge and pig slurry applications on micro-biological and chemical soil properties in field experiments

Holt, J.S.; Radosevich, S.R.; Graves, W.L., 1984:
Long-term effects on vegetation of herbicide treatments in chaparral

Ferguson, F.G.; Confer, F.; Pinto, A.; Weber, J.; Stout, T.; Kensinger, M., 1984:
Long-term endotoxin exposure in the sow and neonatal piglet. A model for MMA

Villaume, C.; Beck, B.; Gariot, P.; Desalme, A.; Debry, G., 1984:
Long-term evolution of the effect of bran ingestion on meal-induced glucose and insulin responses in healthy man

Cope, J.T., 1984:
Long-term fertility experiments on cotton, corn, soybeans, sorghum, and peanuts, 1929-1982

Anonymous, 1985:
Long-term fertility studies in agriculture and forestry - present situation and a look into the future

Anonymous, 1979:
Long-term fertility trial (inorganic fertilizers application)

Koskela, I., 1985:
Long-term field experiments on the fertilizer value and soil ameliorating properties of dewatered sludges

Seiffert, M.; Studemann, O.; Honermeier, A., 1985:
Long-term field trial on sprinkler irrigation of sugarbeet on a loamy sand influenced by percolation water

Orlovius, K., 1985 :
Long-term field trial results on the effect of variable soil K contents on yield on heavy soils in Baden-Wurttemberg

Dodson, P.M.; Pacy, P.J.; Cox, E.V., 1985:
Long-term follow-up of the treatment of essential hypertension with a high-fibre, low-fat and low-sodium dietary regimen

Ritson, C.; Fearne, A., 1984:
Long-term goals for the CAP

Pfeil, R., 1984:
Long-term haematological studies on dogs with spontaneous parvovirus infection

Cain, M.D., 1985:
Long-term impact of hardwood control treatments in mature pine stands

Walsh, J.; Vogt, G.; Kinman, R.; Rickabaugh, J., 1984:
Long-term impacts of industrial waste codisposal in landfill simulators

Beck, B.; Villaume, C.; Bau, H.M.; Gariot, P.; Chayvialle, J.A.; Desalme, A.; Debry, G., 1986:
Long-term influence of a wheat-bran supplemented diet on secretion of gastrointestinal hormones and on nutrient absorption in healthy man

Layne, R.E.C.; Tan, C.S., 1984:
Long-term influence of irrigation and tree density on growth, survival, and production of peach

McIvor, M.E.; Cummings, C.C.; Mendeloff, A.I., 1985:
Long-term ingestion of guar gum is not toxic in patients with noninsulin-dependent diabetes mellitus

Uhnak, J.; Veningerova, M.; Madaric, A., 1985:
Long-term investigation of hexachlorobenzene residues in the food chain

Rosenthal, P.; Pesce, M., 1985:
Long-term monitoring of D-lactic acidosis in a child

Snowdon, P.; Waring, H.D., 1984:
Long-term nature of growth responses obtained to fertilizer and weed control applied at planting and their consequences for forest management

Solassol, C.; Joyeux, H., 1985:
Long-term nutritional support at home

Bohn, F.K.; Scholl, H., 1986:
Long-term observation of chronic auricular fibrillation and betasympathicolysis over a 4-year period in a 45-kg dog

Reuter, W.; Voigt, H.; Herrmann, W.; Kohler, H.; Peters, H.J.; Kuklinski, B.; Lindhofer, H.G.; Hanf, S., 1985:
Long-term oil treatment and fat metabolism in peripheral arteriosclerosis

Vainsel, M.; Vertongen, F.; Mozin, M.J.; Gilbert, L.; Maurus, R.; Broyer, M., 1986:
Long-term outcome (6 years) of congenital nephrotic syndrome treated by constant-rate enteral nutrition

Berio, A., 1985:
Long-term personal experience in the use of the serum chromatography method of Scriver et al. to detect aminoacidopathies

Barry, P.J.; Boehlje, M., 1986:
Long-term policies affecting financial markets for agriculture

Klcoglu, C., 1985:
Long-term preservation of frozen embryos

Haunold, A.; Stanwood, P.C., 1985:
Long-term preservation of hop pollen in liquid nitrogen

Jenik, J.; Kvet, J., 1984:
Long-term research in the Trebon biosphere reserve, Czechoslovakia

Kulenkamp, A.Y.; Kozyr, D.I., 1985:
Long-term residual effect of pre-planting deep ploughing on the growth and development of apple trees in the Moscow region

Sirkkomaa, S., 1986:
Long-term response to selection with inbreeding in alternate generations

Chalupa, W.; Vecchiarelli, B.; Schneider, P.; Eggert, R.G., 1986:
Long-term responses of lactating cows to daily injection of recombinant somatotropin

Medin, A., 1985:
Long-term results of Marasca sour cherry production at the Zadar agricultural enterprise

Kurochkina, O.K.; Smotrova, I.A., 1982:
Long-term results of treatment of adult patients with coeliac disease on a gluten-free diet

McRae, G.I.; Roberts, B.B.; Worden, A.C.; Bajka, A.; Vickery, B.H., 1985:
Long-term reversible suppression of oestrus in bitches with nafarelin acetate, a potent LHRH agonist

Gowe, R.S.; Fairfull, R.W., 1986:
Long-term selection for egg production in chickens

Matsmaru, K.; Inayama, M.; Okayasu, T.; Ouchi, T.; Kobayishi, N.; Watanabe, K.; Kamihama, T.; Ishigami, T., 1983:
Long-term stability in the production of fruit-bearing vegetables with summer cultivation of graminaceous crops in greenhouses

Watanabe, S.; Sato, M.; Shiina, T.; Usui, N.; Kato, K., 1986:
Long-term storage and distribution of crop seeds for genetic resources at the Germplasm Seed Storage Center

Nikolova, M., 1986:
Long-term storage and the quality of beech nuts

Leblond, C., 1986:
Long-term storage of Conference pears. II. First experimental programme

Guimarães, M.C.; Castilho, E.A.; Celeste, B.J.; Nakahara, O.S.; Netto, V.A., 1985:
Long-term storage of IgG and IgM on filter paper for use in parasitic disease seroepidemiology surveys

Gariepy, Y.; Raghavan, G.S.V.; Plasse, R.; Theriault, R.; Phan, C.T., 1985:
Long-term storage of cabbage, celery, and leeks under controlled atmosphere

Amma, S. (Anma, S); Watanabe, A., 1985:
Long-term storage of germ plasm of tea (Camellia sinensis (L.) O. Kuntze)

Withers, L.A., 1985:
Long-term storage of in vitro cultures

Hanna, W.W.; Burton, G.W.; Monson, W.G., 1986:
Long-term storage of pearl millet pollen

Utesinov, Z.; Auzbaev, S.A., 1984:
Long-term storage of semen from rams of fat-rumped breeds

Linhart, O., 1984:
Long-term storage of semen of some species of fish. 2. Thawing. (A review)

Stier, D.A., 1985:
Long-term storage of tobacco bales

Madsen, B., 1985:
Long-term strength properties for timber and their unimportance for design

Koetsawang, S.; Boonyaprakob, V.; Suvanichati, S.; Paipeekul, S., 1984:
Long-term study of growth and development of children breast-fed by mothers receiving Depo-Provera (medroxyprogesterone acetate) during lactation

Kratochvil, L.; Mergl, M., 1985:
Long-term study of production of selected milk

Zygraich, N.; Charlier, P.; Florent, G.; Gill, M.A.; Beckenhauer, W.H.; Bartels, R., 1985:
Long-term study on immunogenicity of a combined vaccine for dogs

Bosler, K., 1986:
Long-term success of NaCl hyperinfusion therapy in horses with chronic obstructive bronchitis

Surjoatmodjo, M.; Boyes, T.; Lindsay, D.R.; Mackintosh, J.B.; Oldham, C.M.; Pearce, D.T., 1984:
Long-term suppression of oestrus in cows using a single injection of medroxyprogesterone acetate

Hillebrand, I.; Aubell, R.; Boehme, K.; Bloom, S.R.; Berchtold, P., 1983:
Long-term treatment in diabetics with acarbose, a glucosidase inhibitor: efficacy, tolerability and effect on GI hormones

Baile, C.A.; Della Fera, M.A.; Buonomo, F.C., 1986:
Long-term treatment of cows, sheep and chickens with GRF: effects on plasma GH level and on growth and production

Dalal, R.C.; Mayer, R.J., 1986:
Long-term trends in fertility of soils under continuous cultivation and cereal cropping in southern Queensland. I. Overall changes in soil properties and trends in winter cereal yields

Dalal, R.C.; Mayer, R.J., 1986:
Long-term trends in fertility of soils under continuous cultivation and cereal cropping in southern Queensland. II. Total organic carbon and its rate of loss from the soil profile

Dalal, R.C.; Mayer, R.J., 1986:
Long-term trends in fertility of soils under continuous cultivation and cereal cropping in southern Queensland. III. Distribution and kinetics of soil organic carbon in particle-size fractions

Dalal, R.C.; Mayer, R.J., 1986:
Long-term trends in fertility of soils under continuous cultivation and cereal cropping in southern Queensland. IV. Loss of organic carbon from different density fractions

Schreiber, A., 1984:
Long-term trends in the sawn timber market and their potential effects on the sawmilling and timber industries

Belov, E.A.; Bondarenko, S.G.; Puris, M.F.; Reznik, C.M., 1983:
Long-term trials with mineral fertilizers in vineyards

Folz, S.D.; Henke, C.L.; Kakuk, T.J.; Rector, D.L.; Conder, G.A., 1985:
Long-term use of amitraz in treating chronic generalized demodicosis

Viereck Leslie, A.; Lev Deborah, J., 1983:
Long-term use of frost tubes to monitor the annual freeze-thaw cycle in the active layer

Hinesly, T.D.; Redborg, K.E., 1984:
Long-term use of sewage sludge on agricultural and disturbed lands

Yáñez, E.; Uauy, R.; Zacarías, I.; Barrera, G., 1986:
Long-term validation of 1 g of protein per kilogram body weight from a predominantly vegetable mixed diet to meet the requirements of young adult males

Coull, BC., 1985:
Long-term variability of estuarine meiobenthos: an 11 year study

Raev, I.; Georgiev, N., 1985:
Long-term variations in the growth of Quercus cerris forests in the Strandzha mountains

Ammon, H.U., 1986:
Long-term weed control and costs in maize monoculture

Chandler, C.K.; Chandler, D.A.; Brenneman, G.L., 1986:
Long-term yield of selected blackberry cultivars and selections in southern Ohio

Tsukunaga, S., 1985:
Longdistance insemination with fowl semen by Hiroshima method

Jayaraman, K.S., 1985:
Longer life for thatched roof

Janse, J., 1985:
Longer shelf life through crop pruning

Haack, RA.; Foltz, JL.; Wilkinson, RC., 1984:
Longevity and fecundity of Ips calligraphus (Coleoptera: Scolytidae) in relation to slash pine phloem thickness

Andersson, K.; Hansson, I.; Simonsson, A., 1986:
Longevity and health of pigs and carcass quality - an analysis of the problems

Bariola, L.A., 1984:
Longevity and reproduction of overwintering boll weevils on cotton and alternate hosts

Parihar, S.S.; Rai, P., 1985:
Longevity and seed germination in range grasses

Waldbauer, GP.; Sternburg, JG.; Janzen, DH., 1985:
Longevity and weight loss of free-flying male cecropia moths, Hyalophora cecropia (Lepidoptera: Saturniidae)

Woodard, AE., 1986:
Longevity in the chukar partridge

Narasimham, M.V.; Rao, K.R.; Venkatanarayana, M.; Viswanathanam, P.; Rao, C.K., 1984:
Longevity of W. bancrofti microfilaria

Broadley, R.H.; Butler, D.G., 1983:
Longevity of adult Heliothis armiger (Hubner) (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae)

Young, OP., 1985:
Longevity of adult male Calosoma sayi (Coleoptera: Carabidae) under laboratory conditions

Slovak, M., 1986:
Longevity of adults and fecundity in Exetastes cinctipes Retz. (Hym., Ichneumonidae)

Kocan, K.M.; Holbert, D.; Edwards, W.; Ewing, S.A.; Barron, S.J.; Hair, J.A., 1986:
Longevity of colonies of Anaplasma marginale in midgut epithelial cells of Dermacentor andersoni

Skripnichenko, G.G., 1986:
Longevity of cows of different genotypes as an index of bodily resistance

Nolte, F., 1985:
Longevity of cut Dendrobium from Thailand

Thomas, A.G.; Banting, J.D.; Bowes, G., 1986:
Longevity of green foxtail seeds in a Canadian prairie soil

Punyua, DK., 1985:
Longevity of hungry Rhipicephalus appendiculatus Neumann (Acarina: Ixodidae) under field conditions at Muguga, Kenya

Krishna, A.; Singh, R.A., 1983:
Longevity of teliospores of Neovossia indica causing Karnal bunt of wheat

Eslyn, W.E.; Highley, T.L.; Lombard, F.F., 1985:
Longevity of untreated wood in use above ground

Dharamaraj, G.; Ali, A.M., .:
Longevity of weed seeds in soil stored and bottle stored conditions

Lamberti, F.; Roca, F.; Agostinelli, A., 1985:
Longidoridae (Nematoda, dorylaimida) of Italian Regions. I. Puglia

Roca, F.; Lamberti, F.; Agostinelli, A.; Vinciguerra, M.T., 1986:
Longidorus aetnaeus, a new Longidoridae species from Italy

Dikeman, M.E.; Reddy, G.B.; Arthaud, V.H.; Tuma, H.J.; Koch, R.M.; Mandigo, R.W.; Axe, J.B., 1986:
Longissimus muscle quality, palatability and connective tissue histological characteristics of bulls and steers fed different energy levels and slaughtered at four ages

Pease, D.G.; Anderson, D.F., 1986:
Longitudinal analysis of children's attitudes toward sport team involvement

Barrichelo, L.E.G.; Brito, J.O., 1984:
Longitudinal and radial variations in wood from Eucalyptus grandis

Potapov, O.F., 1984:
Longitudinal and transverse schemes for loading the log conveyor leading to a chipping headrig

Fayle, D.C.F., 1985:
Longitudinal changes in the stem growth layer associated with debudding and branch development in red pine

Skalska-Rakowska, J.M.; Baumgartner, B., 1985:
Longitudinal continuity of the subrhabdomeric cisternae in the photoreceptors of the compound eye of the drone, Apis mellifera

Choudhary, S.P.; Narayan, K.G., 1984:
Longitudinal epidemiologic studies of bovine mastitis in an organised farm

Schulman, A.J.; Lusk, R.; Ettinger, S.J.; Lippincott, C.L., 1986:
Longitudinal myotomy of the acromial head of the deltoid: a modified approach for the surgical treatment of osteochondritis dissecans in the dog

Durnin, J.V.G.A.; McKillop, F.M.; Grant, S.; Fitzgerald, G., 1983:
Longitudinal observations of the food intakes of twenty-one women during pregnancy and lactation

Song, W.O., 1984:
Longitudinal pantothenic acid status of pregnant and lactating women

Bobrovnik, A.I., 1984:
Longitudinal stability of a tractor with rear driving wheels

Felicio, L.S.; Nelson, J.F.; Finch, C.E., 1984:
Longitudinal studies of estrous cyclicity in aging C57BL/6J mice: II. Cessation of cyclicity and the duration of persistent vaginal cornification

Sobradillo, B.; Hernandez, M.; Sanchez, E.; Rincon, J.M.; Narvaiza, J., 1985:
Longitudinal study of growth during the first two years of life

Lekeux, P.; Hajer, R.; Breukink, H.J., 1985:
Longitudinal study of the effects of lungworm infection on bovine pulmonary function

Fleming, M.W.; Dailey, R.A., 1985:
Longitudinal study of the surge of gonadotropins induced by exogenous hormones in prepuberal gilts

Halweg, H.; Traczyk, K.; Walczak, J.; Podsiado, B.; Rudnicka, J.; Lesiak, B.; Krakowka, P.; Pawlicka, L., 1983:
Longterm results of local treatment of single pulmonary aspergillomas with antifungal pastes

Schmitt, H.D.; Sticher, H., 1984:
Longterm trend analysis of heavy metal content and translocation in the soil

Hewstone, M.C.; Granger, Z.D., 1985:
Lonquimay-INIA, a triticale for the southern zone of Chile

Parnell, D.C., 1985:
Look at Claus unit design

Buzzard, S., 1985:
Look, listen and learn: preparing the ground for primary health care

Lagerkvist, G., 1985:
Looking ahead to the 1985 mating season

Reaven, G.M., 1986:
Looking at the world through LDL-cholesterol-colored glasses

Ribeiro, S.W., 1985:
Looking back on agriculture: 1984

Anonymous, 1985:
Looking back: industry history

Clifford, P.; Sudbury, A., 1986:
Looking backwards in time in the Moran model in population genetics

Bingham, S.W., 1983:
Looking for mixtures to fill the gap left by Silvex

Decourtye, L.; Donini, B.; Martin, D., 1982:
Looking for solid mutants through irradiation of egg-cell in Malus hupehensis

Hanks, G.; Jones, S., 1986:
Looking for uniform bulb production

Noort, P.C. van den, 1985:
Looking in the books: a review of the returns from land redistribution in Flanders

Goodyer, G.J., 1985:
Looper caterpillars

Bickel Sandkotter, S., 1984:
Loose and tight binding of adenine nucleotides by membrane-associated chloroplast ATPase

Seubert, T.J., 1985:
Loose housing of 'special fed' veal calves

Aamisepp, A.; Wallgren, B., 1984:
Loose silky-bent Apera spica-venti L. and blackgrass Alopecurus myosuroides Huds. Biology, appearance and control

Bogdan, I.D.; Bogdan, T.Z.; Vasil' ev, R.P., 1984:
Loose-housing for cows in the calving section of dairy farms

Muller Beck, K.G., 1985:
Loosening of compaction in the vegetative layer of turfgrass pitches

He, B.Z.; Yang, D.Q.; Qi, X.W., 1986:
Lophodermium on Korean pine

Lakshmana, A.C.; Sunder, S.S., 1974:
Lophopetalum wightianum Arn. (Family:- Celastraceae)

Corlett, M.; Shoemaker, R.A., 1984:
Lophophacidium dooksii n.sp., a phacidiaceous fungus on needles of white pine

Roy, M.M.; Roy, R.D., 1983:
Lopping studies on Bauhinia purpurea Linn

Andrade, S.N.; Aruta, M.C.; Montealegre, A.J., 1984:
Loquat scab: Spilocaea pyracanthae (Otth.) von Arx

Sawyer, P.; Houghton, P.; Manuel, L., 1985:
Loquats: a literature search

Feiler, S.I., 1985:
Lord Forte's British hotel empire - number 1 after 30 years

Anonymous, 1985:
Lorraine-Lait - the most modern soft cheese installation in the world

Fronsdal, J., 1981:
Lorry transport in steep terrain

Pantuso, V.J., 1984:
Los Angeles, 1984: hot dogs and croissants

Hahn, N.D., 1984:
Losing the land

Dean, J.V.; Biesboer, D.D., 1985:
Loss and uptake of 15N-ammonium in submerged soils of a cattail marsh

Thakore, B.B.L.; Jain, J.P.; Singh, R.B.; Khandelwal, G.L.; Mathur, S., 1983:
Loss due to downy mildew of opium poppy and its reduction by application of fungicides

Sharp, R.E.; Boyer, J.S., 1984:
Loss in chloroplast activity at low leaf water potentials in sunflower: the significance of photoinhibition

Larson, W.E.; Pierce, F.J.; Dowdy, R.H., 1985:
Loss in long-term productivity from soil erosion in the United States

Sticker, H.W., 1985:
Loss in storage in potatoes in relation to storage temperature, cultivar, year and site

Boucsein, L., 1985:
Loss in value of hunting land and its valuation, following mandatory requisition of parts for other uses

Homeida, A.M.; Cooke, R.G., 1985:
Loss of biological and immunological activity of oxytocin from goat plasma on storage

Faugere, M.C.; Arnala, I.O.; Ritz, E.; Malluche, H.H., 1986:
Loss of bone resulting from accumulation of aluminum in bone of patients undergoing dialysis

Stocks, R.J.; Davies, D.P.; Allen, F.; Sewell, D., 1985:
Loss of breast milk nutrients during tube feeding

Prasad, M.; Martin, M.P.L.D.; Davis, T.A., 1986:
Loss of copra due to delayed picking and processing of coconuts in Fiji

Fujio, Y.; Tsuyuki, H.; Sasaki, N., 1985:
Loss of duplicated gene expression in Japanese char, Salvelinus pluvius

Waugh, J.L., 1984:
Loss of fresh versus aged sperm from the reproductive tract of rabbit does by rapid sperm transport and phagocytosis

Burton, G.W., 1985:
Loss of half-sib families in mass selection

Gour, H.N.; Verma, O.P.; Pathak, V.N., 1985:
Loss of ions in pearl millet seeds treated with honeydew of Claviceps fusiformis Lov

Jonsson, L., 1980:
Loss of nutritional value and quality during processing of foods

Baker, T.G.; Attiwill, P.M., 1985:
Loss of organic matter and elements from decomposing litter of Eucalyptus obliqua L'Herit. and Pinus radiata D. Don

Jalees, K., 1985:
Loss of productive soil in India

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Loss of sample weight during long time reactor irradiation of biological materials

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Loss of sensitivity to ACTH of adrenocortical cells isolated from maturing domestic fowl

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Loss of site productivity as a result of logging

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Loss of the ability of Cichorium intybus L. tuberous roots to produce good quality chicons is accompanied by marked metabolic changes

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Loss of the extremely high sensitivity of pelleted sugarbeet seed to excessive moisture at the pre-germination phase

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Loss of tissues in female rats subjected to food restriction during lactation or during both gestation and lactation

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Loss of tree vigor and role of boring insects in red pine stands heavily infested by the pine needle gall midge in Korea

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Loss of water in the adults of Pyrilla perpusilla Wlk. (Lophopidae: Homoptera) treated with insecticides

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Loss of yield and qualtiy of jute fibre due to prevalence of stem rot

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Losses and quality impairment resulting from intermediate field storage of sugarbeet leaves in swathes

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Losses at various stages in silage making

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Losses caused by Digramma infection in Carassius in lake fisheries of the Tyumen region

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Losses caused by exotic insect-pests

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Losses caused by parasitic diseases in animals

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Losses caused by the principal helminthiasis of farm animals during the tenth Quinquennial Plan

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Losses due to bacterial diseases of stored potato tubers

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Losses due to parasites among roe deer in Czechoslovakia in 1972-1981

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Losses due to parasitic diseases in animals in Croatia

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Losses due to smut on growth, yield and juice quality parameters of sugarcane

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Losses due to surface flow, soil erosion and leaching under the effect of different methods of soil utilization

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Losses in yield of cotton due to insects

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Losses occurring during the transition from research to practice

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Losses of carotene during ensiling of wilted red clover

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Losses of nitrate nitrogen in sandy and clayey soils. 1. Leaching of NO3-N to the subsoil; hints to chemical NO3-N reduction; NO3-N losses by artificial drainage

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Losses of nitrate nitrogen in sandy and clayey soils. 2. A qualitative and quantitative approach to the chemical NO3-N reduction in reduced subsoils

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Losses of nitrogen as gaseous ammonia and nitrogen dioxide from sod alluvial sandy loams

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Losses of nitrogen, phosphorus, and sediment in runoff from hill country under different fertiliser and grazing management regimes

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Losses of rice during milling in commercial rice mills of Sri Lanka

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Losses of spermatozoa from the vagina of the ewe

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Losses of water and nutrients in a cacao plantation in southern Bahia, Brazil

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Losses to stored grains by insects in Andamans

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Losses, plant uptake and utilisation of manure nitrogen during a production cycle

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Lotus berthelotii Masf. X L. eremiticus Santos: a new hybrid for Lotus species on the Canary Islands

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Lotus corniculatus selectively aborts fruits resulting from self-pollination

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Louisiana agricultural marketing outlook for 1986

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Louisiana crawfish farming: pond construction

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Louse-borne typhus, 1983-1984

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Lousiness in poultry

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Love flower - an Australian native which has become a weed in nurseries

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Low activity of testosterone 16 alpha hydroxylase in bovine liver microsomes

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Low bioavailability of carbonyl iron in man: studies on iron fortification of wheat flour

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Low birth weight across generations

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Low birth weight babies in relation to nutritional status in primipara

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Low calorie dessert mixes and products prepared therefrom

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Low calorie, low fat fruit-containing yoghurt product and method for making same

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Low content of nitrate reductase in chloroplast-ribosome deficient tissue of the 'iojap' mutant

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Low cost and good quality drip irrigation system

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Low cost grass silage systems for small scale livestock units

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Low cost high pressure hydrogen supply for industrial processes via liquid hydrogen pump system

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Low cost measurement of mechanical joint deformation

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Low cost regeneration technique for Eucalyptus in Kerala

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Low cost soil conservation technology for the hill slopes of Kerala

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Low cost texturized vegetable protein

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Low cost timber housing by public sector agencies

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Low cost village poultry houses under backyard system

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Low cost waste water treatment with water hyacinth

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Low cost weirs for gully stabilization

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Low density in surface immunoglobulin of B-cells early peripheralized and decreased in amount of surface antigen(s) specific for B-cells

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Low dietary zinc intake during pregnancy and lactation of gilts. 2. Effects on offspring

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Low dose choline chloride in cerebellar degeneration

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Low dose tinidazole in the treatment of amoebic liver abscess

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Low energy consumption solar glasshouses

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Low energy/capital manure management systems

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Low fat boosts high sales in Guernsey

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Low fat is a healthy business. A seminar on low fat milk by the National Dairymen's Association

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Low fat spread and process for producing same

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Low flow rates may produce as much plant growth as high ones

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Low ground pressure vehicles

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Low heritability makes breeding against disease more difficult

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Low income farms in changed background conditions

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Low input technology

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Low intensity rainfall with a rotating disk simulator

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Low intensity survey of soils and agricultural potential of part of the geoeconomic region of Brasilia

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Low iron intakes among young women in Britain

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Low levels of pyridoxal 5'-phosphate in patients with cystic fibrosis

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Low levels of zinc in hair and blood, pica, anorexia, and poor growth in Chinese preschool children

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Low load fuel consumption of diesel engines

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Low loose housing for cattle

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Low milk fat syndrome

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Low molecular weight copolymers as depressants in sylvinite ore flotation

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Low molecular weight proteinase inhibitors. I. Extraction and identification of activity from normal and malignant human breast tissues

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Low nutrition of ewes in early pregnancy and the residual effect on the offspring

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Low overhead costs give independent firm competitive edge over national suppliers

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Low plasma cholecystokinin response after ingestion of a test meal in patients with chronic pancreatitis

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Low pressure air jet seed selection for planters

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Low pressure storage of herbaceous cuttings

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Low productivity - the basic reason for falling harvests of resin

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Low rate volume interaction studies with glyphosate and residual herbicides on winter annual weeds in trees and vines

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Low responsiveness of Dipetalonema viteae in the jird to filaricides

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Low risk of mycotoxin production in cheese

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Low sodic solonetzicity of soils

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Low sodium chloride ripened rennet cheeses by ultrafiltration

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Low temperature and its influence on the physiological processes of plant roots

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Low temperature development of winter rye leaves alters the detergent solubilization of thylakoid membranes

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Low temperature effect on rice seedlings

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Low temperature feeding by winter-active spiders

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Low temperature germination of Fraser fir seed

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Low temperature germination of celery seeds for fluid drilling

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Low temperature induced azide-insensitive oxygen uptake in grapefruit flavedo tissue

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Low temperature inhibition of N2 fixation and C and N partitioning in soybean

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Low temperature preservation of Plasmodium spp

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Low temperature storage and stability of Posavec cheese

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Low temperature storage and stability of Trappist cheese

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Low temperature storage of fowl semen

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Low temperature tolerance of soil arthropods - some recent advances

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Low temperature water as a medium for greenhouse heating

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Low temperature winter selection of chrysanthemums for cut flower production

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Low tillage, deep rip improves yield

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Low volume (100-150 litres/ha) pest control with pressure nozzle sprayers

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Low volume acaricide application against mites in intensive apple orchards

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Low volume and ultra-low volume spraying against apple scab

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Low volume application of sugar beet herbicides in Ireland

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Low volume basal application research in the Northeastern United States

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Low volume fungicide application against apple scab, Podosphaera leucotricha (Ell. et Everh.) Salm

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Low volume glyphosate applications in citrus

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Low volume ground application using electrostatics, CDA's and crop oils

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Low volume herbicide applications with rotary nozzles for weed control in soyabeans

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Low volume irrigation and tree wraps for cold protection of young Hamlin orange trees

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Low volume research-inventary of existing possibilties-possibilities of spraying with two fluids

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Low volume spraying of pesticides: soil residues and degree of control

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Low volume spraying. Pest behaviour in relation to chemical deposits

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Low volume sprinkler surface and subsurface distribution uniformity

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Low volumes spraying of herbicides

Anonymous, 1984:
Low-cal ice cream

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Low-calorie, baked snack - 'potato pips'

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Low-cost and efficient fertilizer use technology for rice production

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Low-cost diagonal fence strainer

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Low-cost diets for rearing the Mediterranean fruit fly, Ceratitis capitata (Wied.)

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Low-cost economy hotels yield high profits

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Low-cost livestock housing - reconstruction and new construction, improvements of working procedures in feeding, waste disposal and milking

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Low-cost media: appropriate technology for population communication

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Low-density particleboard with isocyanate adhesive

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Low-fat and whole milk expenditures in the United States

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Low-iodine diet for the production of severe I deficiency in marmosets (Callithrix jacchus jacchus)

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Low-lactose infant food from buffalo milk

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Low-level augmentation of Trichogramma pretiosum and naturally occurring Trichogramma spp. parasitism of Heliothis spp. in cotton in Louisiana

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Low-level radioactive wastes in subsurface soils

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Low-phenylalanine dietetic polypeptides from WPC. I. An enzymatic production process

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Low-pressure water distribution system in irrigation machines

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Low-protein feed mixtures for pigs

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Low-rate aeration of grain. Grain drying and storage. No. 5

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Low-stemmed hazel bushes. Experiments with hazel grafted on Corylus colurna

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Low-temperature bulk feed drying

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Low-temperature fluorescence spectra of Phaseolus vulgaris plastids during development in periodic or continuous light in the presence of the internal fluorescence standard phycocyanin

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Low-temperature induced chlorosis in Japanese rice cultivars

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Low-temperature injury and its relation to ion transport in rice: an overview

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Low-Temperature Production of Urocanic Acid by Spoilage Bacteria Isolated from Mahimahi (Coryphaena hippurus)

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Low-temperature storage as a quarantine treatment for the Caribbean fruit fly (Diptera: Tephritidae) in Florida citrus

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Low-temperature-active intracellular proteinase from dairy lactic acid bacteria

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Low-temperature-induced GA3 sensitivity of wheat. III. Comparison of low temperature effects on alpha -amylase production by aleurone tissue of dwarf and tall wheat

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Low-temperature-induced GA3 sensitivity of wheat. VI. Effect of inhibitors of lipid biosynthesis on alpha -amylase production by dwarf (Rht3) and tall (rht) wheat, and on lipid metabolism of tall wheat aleurone tissue

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Low-trained apple trees on seedling rootstocks

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Low-vibration drivers' seats for industrial vehicles and machinery

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Low-volume application of plant growth regulators: performance and limitations

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Low-volume herbicide spraying with rotary nozzles

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Low-volume inter-stem insecticide application for the control of brown planthopper

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Low-volume small-droplet spraying of fruit orchards

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Low-volume sprays of BA and Promalin increase branching in apple trees

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Lowbush blueberry in Quebec. Cultivation and State involvement

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Lower Casamance (Senegal): an alternative tourism

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Lower beet yields with long term slurry fertilization, higher with a single application

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Lower critical temperatures for housed beef cattle

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Lower inputs and alternatives in agriculture. A backgound paper for the seminar on future issues in rural development

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Lower pressure fractionation of waste gas from ammonia synthesis

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Lower rates of application with additives?

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Lowered maturation rates of bovine follicular oocytes cultured in vitro after one-day storage

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Lowered phagocytosis in the blood of eels exposed to copper

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Lowering heating costs per rose through increased production by use of movable benches

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Lowering the dietary protein level of laying birds at different stages of production in Nigeria

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Lowland-marsh groundwater conditions in southern Pripyat Polesie with reference to Kremennoe marsh

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Lps gene regulation of mucosal immunity and susceptibility to Salmonella infection in mice

Anonymous, 1985:

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Lucerne aphids

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Lucerne for the North

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Lucerne haymaking with ventilation

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Lucerne varieties

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Lucerne variety Nadezhda

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Luchili Irrigation Scheme in Mwanza Region, Tanzania

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Lucy - a new peach variety

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Lugging ability of agricultural tractors

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Lumbar subcutaneous hydatid cyst

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Lumber recovery from ponderosa pine in northern California

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Lumber recovery from ponderosa pine in the Black Hills, South Dakota

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Lumen dwelling protozoa: Entamoeba, trichomonads and Giardia

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Lund - a center for food science and technology

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Luneburg Heath Nature Reserve - threats, protection, and future functions

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Lupins: cultivation and importance in the feeding of ewes

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Lupinus luteus. A species of great agronomic interest

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Lutalyse may improve conception if Glasgow vets are right

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Luteal cell culture as a model for examining progesterone secretion of corpora lutea and cystic corpora lutea in cows

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Lychee varieties

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Lymphocystis cells infected with retrovirus-like particles

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Lysine requirement of pregnant sows

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Lysosomal enzymes in the intestine of the newborn lamb

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MAP and DAP trade

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MCPA in the form of a capsule to eradicate citrus plants (Citrus spp.)

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MDF - wood-based material of the 1980s

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MMB objectives

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Maatug Research Sub-station

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Macdonaldius mackiewiczi n.sp. (Filarioidea: Onchocercidae) from an Indian saw back turtle

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Machine for extracting and cleaning forest tree seeds

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Machine for making ice cream and similar cold products, having a removable ice cream-making vessel

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Machine for making ice-cream and similar cold products, with a removable freezing container

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Machine for moulding curd

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Machine for moulding food products

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Machine for pneumatic ejection of seed and fertilizers

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Machine for producing ice-cream

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Machine for the fabrication, filling, and sealing of packages

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Machine for the processing of packing containers

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Machine for thermizing tvaroh-based products

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Machine for washing or greasing cylindrical shapes of cheese

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Machine harvesting of boysenberries

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Machine harvesting of new raspberry cultivars trained horizontally

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Machine harvesting of strawberries

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Machine hoeing combined with applications of soil-acting herbicides for post-emergence treatment of sugarbeet

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Machine milking of buffaloes

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Machine prices

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Machine vision applications in the food industry

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Machinery for the application of chemical products

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Machinery for the application of herbicides

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Machines and systems for quality silage

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Machines for collecting and processing tree seeds

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Machines for fruit harvesting

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Machines for longitudinal and cross V-grooving

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Machines for primary conversion of smallwood

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Macracanthorhynchiasis in dogs

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Macracanthorhynchus ingens from a child in Texas

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Macro and micro mineral elements in buffalo blood plasma during 90 days postpartum

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Macro and micro nutrient status of soil as influenced by the continuous application of fertilizers in mandarin orchards

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Macro social factors and rural mobilization in Ireland

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Macro- and micro-elements of feed, fodder and agroindustrial byproducts

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Macro- and micronutrient contents in leaves, berries and stalks in relation to shoot location and stem height in the grapevine cultivar Gruner Veltliner

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Macro-level indicators of upland poverty: the case of the delivery of and access to services in upland areas

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Macroeconomic aspects of a multiple occupation farm family

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