Manufacture of half cream soft cheese. I. Standardization of raw buffaloes milk using skim milk powder. Compositional quality and curd properties

Ewais, S.M.; Hefnawy, S.A.; Moneib, A.

Agricultural Research Review 60(6): 167-179


Accession: 001405245

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Buffaloes' milk for manufacture of a half-cream soft cheese was standardized by addition of reconstituted dried skim milk (1:5) at 15-60% or by direct addition of dried skim milk at 5-20 parts to 100 parts liquid milk. Chemical composition (TS, fat content, titratable acidity) of the milk mixtures and curd properties and composition were determined. Effects of salting at different rates on cheese yield and curd composition were also studied. Standardization by direct addition of dried skim milk (15-20%) to buffaloes' raw milk appeared best, as it produced a half-cream soft cheese of high yield and acceptable organoleptic properties.