Measurement of urinary chloride with the Kodak Ektachem 400

Melhem, M.F.; Seltman, H.; Sanghvi, A.

Clinical Chemistry 31(4): 599-600


ISSN/ISBN: 0009-9147
PMID: 3978794
Accession: 001406404

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Urinary chloride can be measured simply, precisely, and accurately with the Ektachem 400 clinical chemistry analyzer. Because the coated film technique used in this instrument requires the presence of a protein matrix, we added a protein-based calibrator to the urine samples to overcome the low protein concentration in these specimens. Its advantages over a coulometric titration method (Astra analyzer) include the extension of the range of linearity to lower concentrations and the absence of interference from prednisone metabolites in urine. A disadvantage is the negative bias interference of allopurinol.