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Measuring implement power requirements from tractor fuel consumption

Sumner, H.R.; Hellwig, R.E.; Monroe, G.E.

Transactions of the ASAE 29(1): 85-89


ISSN/ISBN: 0001-2351
DOI: 10.13031/2013.30107
Accession: 001406501

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A method for estimating implement power requirements from engine fuel consumption was developed. Output measurements of the system during field operation were engine frequency, elapsed time, accumulated fuel consumption, fuel temp. and machine forward velocity. Data from p.t.o. dynamometer tests were used to develop equations to predict p.t.o. power output from engine fuel consumed by a 51-kW and 54-kW tractor. The equations were used to estimate equivalent p.t.o. power requirements of implements from measured fuel consumption in field tests while harvesting peanuts and bermuda grass and baling cotton stalks.

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