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Meat production of the offspring of Hereford X dairy breed cows mated with Charolais or Hereford bulls

Dunay, A.; Bozo, S.; Deak, M.; Rada, K.; Gombacsi, P.

Allattenyesztes es Takarmanyozas 30(1): 21-29


Accession: 001406620

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Hungarian Pied (HP) bulls were compared with Hereford X (Hereford X Dairy Hungarian Brown) or Charolais X (Hereford X Dairy Hungarian Brown) bulls. For crossbreds sired by Hereford bulls, daily gain and feed conversion during fattening to 470 kg were only marginally inferior to those of HPs, dressing percentage averaged 56.7, bone percentage 15.5, and fat percentage was greater than for HPs or crossbreds sired by Charolais bulls.

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