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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 1408

Chapter 1408 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

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Section 2, Chapter 1408, Accession 001407081

Rowland, N. E.; Miceli, M. O.; Malsbury, C. W.; Baile, C. A.; Della Fera, M. A.; Gingerich, R. L.; Caputo, F. A., 1986: Medial hypothalamic lesions in Syrian hamsters: characterization of hyperphagia and weight gain

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Section 2, Chapter 1408, Accession 001407092

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Section 2, Chapter 1408, Accession 001407097

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Section 2, Chapter 1408, Accession 001407110

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Section 2, Chapter 1408, Accession 001407154

Section 2, Chapter 1408, Accession 001407155

Crubile, P., 1984: Medium-span industrial trusses

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Section 2, Chapter 1408, Accession 001407179

Section 2, Chapter 1408, Accession 001407180

Section 2, Chapter 1408, Accession 001407181

Section 2, Chapter 1408, Accession 001407182

Section 2, Chapter 1408, Accession 001407183

Section 2, Chapter 1408, Accession 001407185

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Section 2, Chapter 1408, Accession 001407191

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Section 2, Chapter 1408, Accession 001407197

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Section 2, Chapter 1408, Accession 001407200

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Section 2, Chapter 1408, Accession 001407240

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Section 2, Chapter 1408, Accession 001407253

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Section 2, Chapter 1408, Accession 001407256

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Section 2, Chapter 1408, Accession 001407287

Section 2, Chapter 1408, Accession 001407288

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Section 2, Chapter 1408, Accession 001407290

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Section 2, Chapter 1408, Accession 001407306

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Section 2, Chapter 1408, Accession 001407308

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