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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 1416

Chapter 1416 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Murty K.S.; Pattanaik R.K.; Swain P., 1986:
Net assimilation rate and its related plant characters of high yielding rice varieties

Estes, E.A.; Skroch, W.A.; Konsler, T.R.; Shoemaker, P.B.; Sorensen, K.A., 1985:
Net economic values of eight soil management practices used in stake tomato production

Prudhomme, T.I.; Oechel, W.C.; Hastings, S.J.; Lawrence, W.T., 1984:
Net ecosystem gas exchange at ambient and elevated carbon dioxide concentrations in tussock tundra at Toolik Lake, Alaska: an evaluation of methods and initial results

Birkelo, C.P.; Johnson, D.E.; Ward, G.M., 1985:
Net energy value of ammoniated wheat straw

Hunter, W.P., 1984:
Net farm income related to cost/return factors in a farm business management analysis program

Strauss, C.H.; Blankenhorn, P.R.; Bowersox, T.W.; Grado, S.C., 1984:
Net financial and energy analyses for producing Populus hybrid under four management strategies

Mann, H.J., 1986:
Net income and viability of private forestry enterprises

Reichardt, C., 1982:
Net inorganic nitrogen supply in soil of a beech forest on limestone

Giles, A.K., 1986:
Net margins and all that - an essay in management accounting in agriculture

Hurley, A.K.; Walser, R.H.; Davis, T.D., 1986:
Net photosynthesis and chlorophyll content in silver maple after trunk injection of ferrous sulfate

Jatimliansky, J.R.; Prioul, J.L., 1983:
Net photosynthesis in nodulated soyabeans before and after supply of nitrates

Davis, T.D.; Jolley, V.D.; Walser, R.H.; Brown, J.C.; Blaylock, A.D., 1986:
Net photosynthesis of Fe-efficient and Fe-inefficient soybean cultivars grown under varying iron levels

Hasler, R., 1984:
Net photosynthesis of Pinus mugo under water stress conditions at alpine timberline

Wood, B.W.; Payne, J.A., 1986:
Net photosynthesis of orchard grown pecan leaves reduced by insecticide sprays

Hurley, A.K.; Walser, R.H.; Davis, T.D.; Barney, D.L., 1986:
Net photosynthesis, chlorophyll, and foliar iron in apple trees after injection with ferrous sulfate

Durner, E.F.; Barden, J.A.; Himelrick, D.H., 1985:
Net photosynthesis, growth and development of three photoperiodic types of strawberry as affected by photoperiod

Harmon, D.L.; Britton, R.A.; Prior, R.L.; Stock, R.A., 1985:
Net portal absorption of lactate and volatile fatty acids in steers experiencing glucose-induced acidosis or fed a 70% concentrate diet ad libitum

Iffert, I.; Simon, U., 1985:
Net primary production and turnover of the aboveground plant biomass of a tall oatgrass meadow no longer in use under the influence of an undisturbed succession and with mulching

Revora, H.L., 1984:
Net primary production of a pasture under grazing. II. Interaction between stocking rate and plant DM accumulation

Duvigneaud, P.; Denaeyer, S., 1984:
Net primary productivity and mineral cycling in the main forest types and tree plantations in Belgium

Kindt, E.; Holm, H.; Halvorsen, S.; Lie, S.O., 1985:
Net protein utilization determined by rat bioassay of a protein hydrolysate and a diet for children with phenylketonuria

Gurth, P., 1986:
Net revenue statistics for walnut logs

Romeu, A.; Alemany, M.; Arola, L., 1986:
Net transfer of essential metals from mother to fetus in the second half of pregnancy in the rat

Ackermann, G., 1985:
Net wrapping improves the performance of big balers

Anonymous, 1984:
Netherlands Society for Microbiology, Section for General and Molecular Microbiology and Foundation for Fundamental Biological Research (BION), Section General Microbiology, Joint Meeting. Competition between anaerobic acidogenic bacteria and methanogens

Abstracts., 1985:
Netherlands Society for Parasitology Autumn Meeting 1984

Anonymous, 1984:
Netherlands Society for Parasitology. Spring meeting 1984

Anonymous, 1985:
Netherlands standards for the examination of milk and milk products

Anonymous, 1984:
Netherlands tree nursery marketing plan, 1984

Anonymous, 1985:
Netherlands. Report of the Veterinary Service of the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, and the Veterinary Inspectorate of the Ministry of Public Health for 1980

Downey, N.E.; O.S.ea, J., 1986:
Netobimin efficacy in cattle in Ireland

Lichtenwalner, D.M.; Cameron, B.D., 1986:
Netobimin metabolism in cattle: emphasis on milk residues

Tompsett, A.A., 1985:
Netting new profits

Toledo, J.M.; L.P.n, H.H.; Pizarro, E.A., 1985:
Network approach in pasture research: typical American experience

Huang, B.K., 1985:
Network simulation modeling of greenhouse climate and control

Tennes, B.R., 1985:
Networked microcomputer automatic steering system

Murphy, B.R.; Tennes, B.R.; Clemens, J.R., 1984:
Networked microcomputers for feedback control systems: a case study in automatic steering

Wanmali, S., 1985 :
Networks of distribution of goods and services in rural India: some spatial considerations

Anonymous, 1984:
Neuburg dairy factory - 50 years of ideas for milk

Hallberg, J.W., 1985:
Neural and pulmonary aspects of the porcine stress syndrome

Kalra, S.P., 1985:
Neural circuits involved in the control of LHRH secretion: a model for estrous cycle regulation

Clough, R.W., 1983:
Neural maturation and reproductive development of the female rat: studies on the acute effects of estradiol benzoate

Duffell, S.J., 1986:
Neuraxial oedema of Hereford calves with and without hypomyelinogenesis

Veltjens, C., 1984:
Neurectomy in navicular disease in the horse with reference to type of horse, age and success rate

Fonta, C.; Masson, C., 1985:
Neuro-anatomical organization of the antennal afferent pathway in male and female bumble bees

Jeanrenaud, B., 1986:
Neuro-endocrine disorders in obesity

Ledenev, B.A., 1982:
Neuro-psychic disorders in children and adolescents with positive serological reactions for toxoplasmosis

Agee, HR., 1985:
Neurobiology of the bollworm moth: information flow in the central nervous system

Agee, HR., 1985:
Neurobiology of the bollworm moth: neural elements controlling behavioral responses to pulsed ultrasound

Delgado Rodrigues, R.N., 1984:
Neurocysticercosis associated with hypoparathyroidism and Fahr's disease (?). A case report

Leblanc, R.; Knowles, K.F.; Melanson, D.; MacLean, J.D.; Rouleau, G.; Farmer, J.P., 1986:
Neurocysticercosis: surgical and medical management with praziquantel

Karsch, F.J.; Bittman, E.L.; Foster, D.L.; Goodman, R.L.; Legan, S.J.; Robinson, J.E., 1984:
Neuroendocrine basis of seasonal reproduction

Karsch, F.J., 1984:
Neuroendocrine control of LH secretion during the estrous cycle of sheep

Clarke, I.J., 1984:
Neuroendocrine control of the ovine oestrous cycle

Ellendorff, F., 1982:
Neuroendocrine regulation - a review

Renner, K.J., 1983:
Neuroendocrine regulation of reproduction in the rat

Smale, L.; Nelson, R.J.; Zucker, I., 1985:
Neuroendocrine responsiveness to oestradiol and male urine in neonatally androgenized prairie voles (Microtus ochrogaster)

Isaksson, A.; Sjöstrand, N.O., 1984:
Neurogenic and myogenic responses in isolated smooth muscle of the bovine teat

Marzouk, AS.; Mohamed, FSA.; Khalil, GM., 1985:
Neurohemal-endocrine organs in the camel tick, Hyalomma dromedarii (Acari: Ixodoidea: Ixodidae)

Melnyk, R.B.; Hallonquist, J.D.; Martin, J.M., 1985:
Neurohumoral stimulation of lipogenesis during altered states of energy balance

Tomson, C.R., 1986:
Neuroleptic malignant syndrome associated with inappropriate antidiuresis and psychogenic polydipsia

Villar, H.V.; Ranne, R.D., 1984:
Neurologic deficit following gastric partitioning: possible role of thiamine

Suchy, S.F.; McVoy, J.S.; Wolf, B., 1985:
Neurologic symptoms of biotinidase deficiency: possible explanation

Smith, I.; Leeming, R.J.; Cavanagh, N.P.; Hyland, K., 1986:
Neurological aspects of biopterin metabolism

Thompson, P.D.; Gledhill, R.F.; Quinn, N.P.; Rossor, M.N.; Stanley, P.; Coomes, E.N., 1986:
Neurological complications associated with parenteral treatment: central pontine myelinolysis and Wernicke's encephalopathy

Nosetto, E.O.; Monina, M.I.; Baschar, H.; Gallo, G.G.; Galosi, C.M.; Idiart, J.R.; Gimeno, E.J., 1985:
Neurological syndrome associated; with equine herpesvirus 1

Sharma, D.N.; Krishnamurthy, D.; Nigam, J.M.; Chandna, I.S., 1985:
Neurology of diaphragmatic hernia: a histological study

Anonymous, 1985:
Neurology of the dog and cat

Hildebrand, S.V.; Howitt, G.A.; Arpin, D., 1986:
Neuromuscular and cardiovascular effects of atracurium in ponies anesthetized with halothane

Jones, R.S., 1985:
Neuromuscular blocking action of vecuronium in the dog and its reversal by neostigmine

Ward, SM.; Allen, JM.; McKerr, G., 1986:
Neuromuscular physiology of Grillotia erinaceus metacestodes (Cestoda: Trypanorhyncha) in vitro

Thompson, C.S.; Mettrick, D.F., 1984:
Neuromuscular physiology of Hymenolepis diminuta and H. microstoma (Cestoda)

Escobar, A.; Aruffo, C.; Cruz Sanchez, F.; Cervos Navarro, J., 1985:
Neuropathological findings in neurocysticercosis

Kennedy, S.; Rice, D.A.; Cush, P.F., 1986:
Neuropathology of experimental 3-nitro-4-hydroxyphenylarsonic acid toxicosis in pigs

Alloway, R.; Reynolds, E.H.; Spargo, E.; Russell, G.F., 1985:
Neuropathy and myopathy in two patients with anorexia and bulimia nervosa

Sergeev, S.I.; Mel' nikov, V.I., 1981:
Neuropsychic disturbances in patients with chronic opisthorchiasis

Ghosh, S.K., 1984:
Neuroptera from western peninsular India with new records

Gorkovenko, L.G., 1984:
Neuroregulatory processes in the structural and chemical organization of organs in lambs

Basalingappa, S.; Mugali, R.N.; Tharabai, P.; Awasthi, V.B., 1984:
Neurosecretory material containing cystine and/or cysteine in brain and other neuroendocrine glands, and its possible influence on fecundity of the termite, Odontotermes (assmuthi) obesus Holmgren (Termitidae: Isoptera) an in situ study

Keinke, O.; Wulschke, S.; Ehrlein, H.J., 1986:
Neurotensin slows gastric emptying by a transient inhibition of gastric and a prolonged inhibition of duodenal motility

Anonymous, 1985:
Neurotox '85 - an international symposium on neuropharmacology and pesticide action. Organised by the Society of Chemical Industry on 31 March to 4 April 1985 at the University of Bath

Ehrich, M.; Briles, R.W.; Briles, W.E.; Dunnington, E.A.; Martin, A.; Siegel, P.B.; Gross, W.B., 1986:
Neurotoxicity of triorthotolyl phosphate in chickens of different genotypes in the presence and absence of deoxycorticosterone

Coetzer, J.A.W.; Kellerman, T.S.; Naude, T.W., 1985:
Neurotoxicoses of livestock caused by plants and fungi in southern Africa

Nishimura, K., 1984:
Neurotropism of pathogenic dematiaceous fungi in mice

Pardridge, W.M.; Choi, T.B., 1986:
Neutral amino acid transport at the human blood-brain barrier

Singh, N.B.; Singh, R.G., 1984:
Neutral invertase as a stable parameter for assessing drought tolerance in sugarcane

Lim, J.W., 1984:
Neutral lipids in milk from Korean native goats, and their fatty acid composition

Puzanova, V.Y.; Radbil' , B.A.; Pentegova, V.A., 1984:
Neutral substances of pine oleoresin and gum rosin. 2. The content of monoatomic alcohol fraction

Puzanova, V.Y.; Radbil' , B.A.; Shmidt, E.N.; Pentegova, V.A., 1986:
Neutral substances of pine oleoresin and gum rosin. 3. Composition of the neutral fraction of commercial gum rosins

Ryan, W.S.Jr, 1984:
Neutral sugar analysis of tobacco cell wall fractions

Foster, N.W., 1984:
Neutralization of acid precipitation within a deciduous forest

O.N.ill, P.S.; Weston, C.W.; Clevenger, K.D.; Chang, J.S., 1984:
Neutralization of cooling pond water in phosphoric acid plants

Marcovistz, R.; Galabru, J.; Tsiang, H.; Hovanessian, A.G., 1986:
Neutralization of interferon produced early during rabies virus infection in mice

Korsun, L.L.; Nkodia, E.; Kolyuvamioko, E., 1985:
Neutralization test for Newcastle disease virus in an embryonic goat kidney cell line

Ndwiga, C.A.; Erdman, R.A.; Vandersall, J.H., 1985:
Neutralizing agent type and site of neutralizing agent addition effects on corn silage intake and digestibility in growing heifers

Grundler, G.; Djabakou, K.; Adomefa, K.; Lare, K., 1985:
Neutralizing antibodies as a parameter of trypanotolerance

Jetteur, P.; Gregoire, R.; Antoine, H., 1985:
Neutralizing antibody titres to bovine rotavirus in the colostrum of cows of the Central and Upper Belgian breed in their first and second lactations

Collins, J.K.; Butcher, A.C.; Riegel, C.A.; McGrane, V.; Blair, C.D.; Teramoto, Y.A.; Winston, S., 1984:
Neutralizing determinants defined by monoclonal antibodies on polypeptides specified by bovine herpesvirus 1

Nguyen, T.D.; Bottreau, E.; Bernard, S.; Lantier, I.; Aynaud, J.M., 1986:
Neutralizing secretory IgA and IgG do not inhibit attachment of transmissible gastroenteritis virus

Heydorn, K., 1984:
Neutron activation analysis for clinical trace element research. Volumes I and II

Halvorson, G.A., 1986:
Neutron moisture meter calibration for minespoils containing coal

Luft, G.; Morgenschweis, G., 1981:
Neutron probes for the detection of soil moisture

Gainer, J.H.; Guarnieri, J.; Das, N.K., 1985:
Neutropenia and anemia in the iron deficient baby pig

Suzuki Y., 1986:
Neutrophil chemotactic factor in eel blood plasma

Stickle, J.E.; Kwan, D.K.; Smith, C.W., 1985:
Neutrophil function in the dog: shape change and response to a synthetic tripeptide

Horii, Y.; Ishii, A.; Owhashi, M.; Miyoshi, M.; Usui, M., 1985:
Neutrophilic nodules in the intestinal walls of Japanese monkeys associated with the neutrophil chemotactic activity of larval extracts and secretions of Oesophagostomum aculeatum

Firebrace, J.; Holland, S., 1984:
Never kneel down. Drought, development and liberation in Eritrea

Jones, G.; Titman, W., 1985:
Never too young to start

Peeters, M.C.; Langhe, I.D.; Wijsmans, J.; Langhe, E.D., 1986:
Never-dried cotton fibres as a meaningful expression of maturity

Anonymous, 1984:
New 'crawling' cane grub identified at Bundaberg

Anonymous, 1985:
New 'impulses' in sawn timber seasoning - for energy savings, ease of operation, and improved reliability

Anonymous, 1985:
New 1-gallon plastic container

Anonymous, 1984:
New 1.5-l light-weight glass bottle for fresh milk

Aufort, J.M., 1983:
New ARMEF fellers mounted on a Sambron 430 H

Delpech, B., 1982:
New Abidjanians and their roots; or the ideology of the city dweller-planter

Glinshchikova, F.I., 1980:
New Amur varieties of pear and raspberry

Chilikov, I.; Vasev, V.; Murzova, P., 1984:
New Bulgarian rice cultivars

Chulia, A.J.; Mariotte, A.M., 1985:
New C-glucosylflavones from Gentiana pedicellata

Caltagirone, LE., 1985:
New Copidosomopsis (Hymenoptera: Encyrtidae) from California, with comments on the genus

Becker, F., 1985:
New DLG test specifications

Olsen, B., 1983:
New Danish rules for quality evaluation and quality payment for milk

Anonymous, 1985:
New Davidstow creamery keeps up the quality

Harrington, D., 1986:
New Deal farm policy and Oklahoma populism

Eckert, K.K., 1984:
New England Electric herbicide goal program

Anonymous, 1985:
New Feta cheese plant at Aurich

Klysha, A.I.; Bershak, G.T.; Suvora, A.I., 1984:
New French bean varieties

Loeser, H., 1986:
New Gerbera cultivars at Heidelberg

Hortig, M.A., 1986:
New Gesneriaceae selections from seed

Hansen, R., 1986:
New Hoyer system for large-scale production of ice-cream candy bars

Anonymous, 1985:
New IAC cultivars. Capsicum

Anonymous, 1985:
New IAC cultivars. Groundnut

Anonymous, 1985:
New IAC cultivars. Soyabean

Anonymous, 1985:
New IAC cultivars. Tomato

Anonymous, 1985:
New IAC cultivars. Wheat

Horvath, E., 1985:
New ISV fodder management methods

West, H.W.; Cashman, D.L., 1985:
New Jersey light trap modification to extend bulb life

Cupo, A.F., 1984:
New Jersey public community college professors: a study of the relationships between compensatory and spillover leisure activities and level of job satisfaction

Mikhal' tsova, N.V., 1985:
New Jerusalem artichoke cultivar and Jerusalem artichoke-sunflower hybrid

Luer, C.A.; Escobar R.R., 1985:
New Lepanthes species from Colombia - 12

Luer, C.A.; Hirtz, A.C., 1984:
New Lepanthes species from Ecuador. 1

Luer, C.A.; Hirtz, A.C., 1985:
New Lepanthes species from Ecuador. 2

Astadzhov, N., 1982:
New Leucojum aestivum variety Snezhinka

van den Berg, E., 1984:
New Lobocriconema species from South Africa (Nematoda: Criconematidae)

Hajek, A.E., 1986:
New North American records of European parasitoids (Hymenoptera) of the linden aphid, Eucallipterus tiliae L. (Aphidoidea: Drepanosiphidae)

Wickman, B.E.; Kline, L.N., 1985:
New Pacific Northwest records for the California oakworm

Mitranov, L.; Dekov, D.; Radkov, P., 1985:
New Phaseolus vulgaris variety Astor

Paun, E.; Dumitrescu, A.; Mihalea, A.; Verzea, M., 1985:
New Romanian varieties of medicinal and essential-oil crops, the chief means of assuring the quality and quantity of the crude products of the plants

Kheyr Pour, A.; Pernes, J., 1985:
New S-allele, S-specific proteins and other data in favour of the oppositional model in the gametophytic system of Nicotiana alata

Raev, R.Ts, 1982:
New Salvia sclarea L. variety Trakiika

Davenport, S.; LeLacheur, B., 1985:
New South Wales rice industry

Anonymous, 1986:
New Spanish consumer panels announce first results

Boisbaudry, P. du, 1984:
New UHT line for the St-Pere dairy at St.-Pere-en-Retz

Anonymous, 1985:
New UHT plant and valves from Holstein and Kappert

Luck, E., 1985:
New US decisions for 1984 on food additives

Henry, TJ., 1984:
New United States records for two Heteroptera: Pellaea stictica (Pentatomidae) and Rhinacloa pallidipes (Miridae)

Starr, G., 1985:
New World salvias for cultivation in southern Arizona

Profous, G.V.; Loeb, R.E., 1986:
New York City woodlands and the Special Natural Area Districts

Becker, R.F., 1982:
New York State kraut cabbage variety yield 1981

Nauta, F., 1984:
New Zealand Forest Service timber bridges

Walsh, S.D., 1982:
New Zealand Land Resource Inventory - dissemination of information

Horner, G., 1985:
New Zealand and the Western Pacific Islands

Kemp, R., 1985:
New Zealand bees disease-free alternative?

MacDiarmid, S.C., 1986:
New Zealand caprine arthritis encephalitis scheme

Firth, R., 1985:
New Zealand farming - its professional farm management

Turner, R.W.; Parker, A.G.H., 1984:
New Zealand group breeding schemes

Green, OR., 1984:
New Zealand host and locality records for an introduced tortricid parasite, Trigonospila brevifacies (Diptera: Tachinidae)

Fenton, R., 1984:
New Zealand's exports of logs and sawntimber to Japan

Howard, R.K., 1982:
New Zealand's legislative background

Anonymous, 1984:
New Standards

Anonymous, 1984:
New standard

Anonymous, 1985:
New standards

Vlakh, M. (Vlach, M); Smochek, Y. (Smocek, J), 1983:
New achievements in genetical and breeding studies in wheat

Vranceanu, A.V.; Stoenescu, F.M.; Pirvu, N.; Iliescu, H., 1984:
New achievements in sunflower breeding

Anonymous, 1985:
New achievements in technologies of cultivation and harvesting of crops ensuring the preservation of natural soil fertility

Joel, D.M.; Liston, A., 1985:
New adventive weeds in Israel

Anonymous, 1983:
New age correction factors for milking tests for goats

Werlhof, C. von, 1983:
New agricultural cooperatives on the basis of sexual polarisation induced by the State: the 'model' collective cooperative 'Cumaripa', Venezuela

Anonymous, 1986:
New agricultural policy and cereals marketing in West Africa: the case of Benin

Refsdal, A.O., 1982:
New aids in monitoring reproductive performance in herds of cattle

Sheppard, W.S.; Berlocher, S.H., 1985:
New allozyme variability in Italian honey bees

Oliveira Filho, A.M., 1984:
New alternatives for Chagas' disease control

Anonymous, 1986:
New ammonia process mimics biological nitrogen fixation

Stasiecki, P.; Diehl, V.; Vlaho, M.; Krueger, G.R.F.; Schaal, K.P., 1985:
New and effective treatment for systemic infection with Nocardia asteroides

Garte, L.; Habben, J., 1986:
New and established carrot cultivars

Habben, J., 1985:
New and established onion varieties

Berg, R.T.; Butterfield, R.M., 1985:
New and improved types of meat animals

Lauterer, P., 1984:
New and interesting records of leafhoppers from Czechoslovakia (Homoptera, Auchenorrhyncha) II

Prance, G.T., 1978:
New and interesting species of Chrysobalanaceae

Bajaj, H.K.; Bhatti, D.S., 1984:
New and known species of pratylenchus filipjev, 1936 (nematoda: pratylenchidae) from haryana, India, with remarks on intraspecific variations

Vinciguerra, M.T., 1986:
New and known species of Tylencholaimus De Man, 1876 (Dorylaimida, Nematoda) from Italian beech forests with a key to the species

Domrow, R., 1986:
New and little known species of Trichonyssus Domrow (Acari: Dermanyssidae)

Sulcs, A.; Sulcs, I., 1984:
New and little known species of the lepidopterous fauna of Latvia. 10th report

Remaudiere, G.; Munoz Viveros, A.L., 1985:
New and little-known aphids from Mexico. 6th note: biology and taxonomy of the genus Muscaphis and a description of M. mexicana, n. sp. (Homoptera, Aphididae)

Cauwenbergh, G., 1984:
New and promising developments in antifungal therapy

Cauwenbergh, G., 1986:
New and prospective developments in antifungal drugs

Papchenkov, V.G., 1985:
New and rare plant species for autonomous republics of the middle Volga region

Borgarenko, L.F., 1984:
New and rare species of bird nematodes in Tajikistan

Renner, K.; Grundmann, B., 1984:
New and rare species of the Westphalian beetle fauna III

Kozhevnikov, A.E.; Gorshkov, M.Y., 1984:
New and rare species of vascular plants of the flora of Kamchatka peninsula

Macdonald, A.B., 1986:
New and recommended plants from British Columbia

Anonymous, 1985:
New and recommended plants issue

Anonymous, 1985 :
New animal disease outbreaks reported to the OIE. Statistics 1984. Volume 54

Bekirov, R.E.; Dzhumaev, Z.D.; Pulatov, G.S., 1984:
New anthelmintics against cestode infections in carnivores

Koch, H., 1985:
New antimalarial vaccine

Peters, W., 1984:
New antimalarials under development

Cutsem, J. van; Janssen, P.A.J., 1985:
New antimycotics: activity in vitro and in vivo

Schuster, G.; Vassilev, G.N., 1985:
New antiphytoviral alkyl-alkyl- and alkyl-aryl- substituted thioureas and their suitability for increasing the antiphytoviral activity of 2,4-dioxohexahydro-1,3,5-triazine

Streissle, G.; Paessens, A.; Oediger, H., 1985:
New antiviral compounds

Pramanik, D.R.; Raychaudhuri, D., 1984:
New aphid-parasitoids (Hymenoptera: Aphidiidae) from Nagaland, northeast India

Turbin, N.V.; Fedorov, A.K.; Remizov, Y.V., 1982:
New apparatus for illumination

Husistein, A.; Gremminger, U., 1986:
New apple cultivars - pruning and training

Lobanov, G.A., 1984:
New apple cultivars selected by the All-Union Scientific Research Institute for Fruit Growing I.V. Michurina

Lovelidge, B., 1985:
New apples with the stamp of quality

Gottrup, O., 1984:
New application technique for Roundup

Moser, E., 1985:
New application techniques in orchard and vineyard spraying

Tack, P.E., 1984:
New applications of OSB technology

Lauren, D.R.; Henzell, R.F.; Wrenn, N.R.; Thomson, N.A., 1984:
New approach and chemicals for grass grub adult control

Nikolaenko, N.V.; Balkov, I.Y.; Lishchitovich, L.I.; Gutnik, A.M.; Makoveeva, N.P., 1985:
New approach in the methodology of ecological trials

E.Husseini, M.M., 1980:
New approach to control the cotton leaf-worm, Spodoptera littoralis (Boisd.) by Bacillus thuringiensis Berl. in clover fields

Heuer, B.; Plaut, Z., 1985:
New approach to reduce sugar content of cotton fibres and its consequence for fibre stickiness

Dishler, V.Y.; Kalinina, S.L., 1986:
New approach to the analysis of phenotypic recombination of quantitative characters in plants

Wit, J.N. de, 1985:
New approach to the functional characterization of whey proteins for use in food products

Rosiers, C.; Verwaerde, F.; Dupas, H.; Bouquelet, S., 1985:
New approach to the metabolism of hydrogenated starch hydrolysate: hydrolysis by the maltase/glucoamylase complex of the rat intestinal mucosa

Bleiholder, H.; Nuyken, W., 1986:
New approaches for the presentation and interpretation of the relationship between weed cover and cereal yield

Jayaraj, S., 1985:
New approaches in the management of insect pests

Anonymous, 1985:
New approaches in water balance computations

Morrison, W.I.; Goddeeris, B.M., 1985:
New approaches to immunization of cattle against Theileria parva

Kusumo, S., 1983:
New approaches to potato production in Indonesia

Gaetini, A.M.; Aloesio, R.; Mossetti, C.; Simone, M. de; Gandini, G.; Grosso, M.; Spalluto, F., 1984:
New approaches to the diagnosis and therapy of hepatic amoebic abscess

Noireau, F.; Gouteux, J.P.; Frezil, J.L., 1986:
New approaches to the epidemiology of Trypanosoma brucei gambiense trypanosomiasis

Nikitina, A.I.; Shmeleva, L.V.; Timofeeva, I.I., 1984:
New approaches to the erradication of foci of potato canker and potato nematode

Sumner, A.T., 1986:
New approaches to the study of chromosome organization

Leak, W.B.; Gottsacker, J.H., 1985 :
New approaches to uneven-aged management in New England

Anonymous, 1985:
New approaches to vaccine development: memorandum from a WHO meeting

Tuza, S., 1984:
New approved vegetable varieties. I

Smykov, V.K.; Isakova, M.D., 1985:
New apricot varieties

Borisov, N.; Antonov, N., 1980:
New apricot variety - Ryakhovska Ksna

Borisov, N., 1980:
New apricot variety - Silistrenska Ksna

Antsiferova, O.N.; Dobrin, L.G.; Prishchepa, A.V., 1984:
New areas for development on silted-up portion of Kelifskii Uzbov

Ivanov, J.M., 1985:
New arguments for the uniform behaviour of wood strength properties

Hussein, A.M.; Ibrahim, A.M.F.; Attia, M.M., 1985:
New aspects in delaying postharvest-ripening of banana

Gottstein, B.; Witassek, F.; Eckert, J., 1986:
New aspects in hydatidosis

Mukunthan, N., 1985:
New aspects in the biology of sugarcane top borer, Scirpophaga (Nivella F.) excerptalis Wlk

Bezanger Beauquesne, L., 1985:
New aspects of common medicinal plants

Liste, H.J.; Steinbrenner, K.; Fischer, W., 1985:
New aspects of designing sugarbeet rotations

Male, O., 1984:
New aspects of ketoconazole therapy

Lung, G.; Moltmann, E., 1984:
New aspects of mechanisms of resistance in cereal species to cereal cyst nematode (Heterodera avenae)

Guesry, P.R.; Secretin, M.C.; Goyens, P., 1986:
New aspects of nutrition of infants of low birth weight

Vulinec, M.; Hahn, V.; Matesic, D., 1985:
New aspects of the aetiopathogenesis of spastic myopathy in foals

Munteanu, I.; Bobes, I.; Munteanu, M.; Timpeanu, I.; Mustea, D., 1980:
New aspects of the evolution of wheat diseases in Transylvania and their integrated control

Horstmann, C., 1984:
New aspects of the subunit structure of Vicia faba legumin

Kries, R. v; Gobel, U., 1986:
New aspects of vitamin K prophylaxis in newborn and older infants

Straatsma, J.P.; Cools, M.H., 1985:
New aubergine cultivars for hothouse culture

Heuser, B., 1985 :
New automation system for feed concentrate factories

Blumenfeld, A.; Elimeleh, M., 1986:
New avocado cultivar Ardith

Blumenfeld, A.; Elimelech, M., 1986:
New avocado cultivars. II. Yulia

Blumenfeld, A.; Elimelech, M., 1986:
New avocado cultivars. III. Pinkerton

Lefler, E.; Stevens, D.A., 1985:
New azole compounds: vibunazole (Bay n7133) and Bay L9139, compared with ketoconazole in the therapy of systemic candidosis and in pharmacokinetic studies, in mice

Patel, P.N.; Singh, D., 1984:
New bacterial blight resistant vegetable cowpeas in India

Leitch, J., 1985:
New ball game

Nocerino, F.; Hernandez, A., 1985:
New base-line of insecticide susceptibility for Rhodnius prolixus

Chater, S., 1986:
New biogas digester for African smallholders

Aubert, B.; Quilici, S., 1983:
New biological equilibrium in populations of psyllids observed in Reunion after the establishment of hymenopterous chalcids

Albrektson, A.; Valinger, E.; Jonsson, C., 1984:
New biomass functions for parameters of Scots pine in southern Norrland

Anonymous, 1985:
New blast resistant cultures of paddy

Kupatt, C.C.; Ilnicki, R.D.; Vitolo, D.B., 1985:
New bleaching herbicides for weed control in white potatoes

Masing, V., 1984:
New bog reserves in the Estonian SSR: their scientific and economic significance

Boguslavskii, R.L., 1982:
New botanical form of hexaploid wheat

Georgiev, S., 1984:
New botanical sphaerococcum varieties in T. aestivum obtained as a result of EMS treatment

Szarejko, I.; Mauszynski, M., 1984:
New brachytic mutant of spring barley variety Aramir

Fischer, J., 1985:
New brand of wall panelling made from Swiss timber

Kapanadze, I.S.; Goguadze, R.S., 1982:
New bud mutations of the Satsuma mandarin

Ressouches, R., 1986:
New camping clientele

Furukawa, H.; Yogo, M.; Ito, C.; Wu, T.S.; Kuoh, C.S., 1985:
New carbazolequinones having dimethylpyran ring system, from Murraya euchrestifolia

Marwaha, K.K.; Siddiqui, K.H.; Sarup, P., 1984:
New carbofuran and carbosulfan formulations to control the maize stalk borer, Chilo partellus (Swinhoe)

Winkler, C.; Wichtl, M., 1986:
New cardenolides from Adonis vernalis

Develoux, M.; Audouin, J.; Lamothe, F.; Vetter, J.M.; Soumana, I.; Cenac, A., 1985:
New cases of hydatid disease in Niger

Georgiev, K.; Mikhailov, L. (Mihailov, L), 1985:
New cases of recombination involving the genes c, sp and B in tomato

Pope, V.J., 1984:
New cheese press system

Kosikowski, F., 1986:
New cheese-making procedures utilizing ultrafiltration

Koinov, G.; Radkov, P., 1981:
New chickpea variety of hybrid origin, Plovdiv 8

Koller, G.L., 1984:
New choices for urban islands

Forni Martins, E.R., 1986:
New chromosome number in the genus Vigna Savi (Leguminosae-Papilionoideae)

Probatova, N.S.; Sokolovskaya, A.P., 1983:
New chromosome numbers of vascular plants from the islands of Peter the Great Bay (Primor'e region)

Thiede, U., 1984:
New claims on socialist economic integration from the intensification of agriculture in member countries of the CMEA

Anonymous, 1986:
New clearing dip complex at Helidon

Ottosen, C.O.; Christensen, O.V., 1985:
New clones of Crossandra infundibuliformis cv. Mona Wallhed

Alavidze, M.G., 1985:
New clones of the lemon Gruzinskii

An, G.; Watson, B.D.; Stachel, S.; Gordon, M.P.; Nester, E.W., 1985:
New cloning vehicles for transformation of higher plants

Sergeev, M.G., 1985:
New collection localities of Orthoptera in Siberia and their possible zoogeographical importance. Part 2

Leger, N.; Pesson, D.; Madulo Leblond, G., 1985:
New collection records in France for Phlebotomus ariasi, P. mascittii and Sergentomyia minuta (Diptera-Phlebotomidae)

Becquer Hernandez, A.; Ferrandiz Puga, R., 1983:
New collections of aphids (Homoptera: Aphidoidea) on plants of economic importance in Cuba

Hammer, K.; Lehmann, C.O., 1985:
New collections of cereal land races in southern Italy and Libya

Katajamaki, U.; Makela, J.; Lohi, O., 1984:
New colour mutations - white raccoon dog and Pastel ferret

Burenin, V.I., 1983:
New combinations and taxa in the genus Beta L

Stroud, H., 1985:
New community developments in the USA: an element of change for selected locations

Krapivini, M., 1986:
New comparable prices for calculating gross agricultural product

Ignace, C.; Coffe, J.P., 1986:
New compositions based on edible fats and processes for preparing them

Xu, H.W.; Wang, L.C., 1985:
New compound insecticide - the study of manufacturing the Jiadison emulsion oil and its application

Weiner, E.; Hanel, A., 1984:
New compressor programme at VEB Anlagenbau Impulsa Elsterwerda

Anonymous, 1983:
New concept for growing market: structured potatoes

Wilson, G.F.; Lal, R., 1986:
New concepts for post-clearing land management in the tropics

Armour, J., 1985:
New concepts in helminth control in cattle

Pain, B.F., 1986:
New concepts in the utilisation of slurry on grassland

Pillay, V.S.; Sasikumaran, S., 1984:
New concepts of crop management in pepper cultivation

Hansel, W.; Dowd, J.P., 1986:
New concepts of the control of corpus luteum function

Gilbert, S.G., 1986:
New concepts of water activity and storage stability

Anonymous, 1984:
New concepts to watch

Szebeni, Z., 1985:
New conditions from 1985 on

Maupetit, P., 1984:
New constituents in olibanum resinoid and essential oil

Zabeltitz, C. von, 1985:
New construction of a plastic film greenhouse

Gorzelak, A.; Mateja, L., 1981:
New containers and production line for raising Scots pine seedlings in a polythene tunnel

Anonymous, 1984:
New contributions to Ilex of the People's Republic of China

Sesan, T., 1986:
New contributions to the study of the biology of Trichothecium roseum Link and Gliocladium roseum Bainier

Paskal' skaya, M.Y.; Kontov, P.I.; Sokolov, V.A., 1982:
New control measures against helminths in sheep

Masumoto, K., 1984:
New coprophagous Lamellicornia from Japan and Formosa (I)

Anonymous, 1983 :
New cottage fries have 'down home' appeal

Zhalilov, O.; Babaev, D.; Osriyan, N., 1982:
New cotton cultivars and their agrotechniques

Zhalilov, O., 1981:
New cotton varieties with high fibre quality

Cheli, R.; Mortellaro, C.M.; Fonda, D., 1985:
New cranio-lateral access for arthrotomy of the shoulder joint in the dog

Gangwar, B.; Jayan, P.K., 1986:
New crop introductions in Andamans

Schneck, H., 1985:
New crosses for increased aspen yields on average sites in the Pleistocene region of East Germany

Cools, M.H.; Straatsma, J.P., 1985:
New cucumber cultivars show promise for hothouse culture

Meshcherov, E.T.; Malychenko, L.P., 1984:
New cucumber forms

Hocking, D.F., 1984:
New cucumber varieties

Ivakin, N.N.; Serdyuk, T.L.; Lyadskaya, V.A.; Marchenko, A.Z., 1982:
New cucumber variety and hybrid for processing

Anonymous, 1982:
New cultivars

Pophristev, V. (Popkhristev, V); Donev, N., 1985:
New cultivars for the Plovdiv tobacco growing region

Gil, M.; Ibizate, J.; Espino, Y.E., 1985:
New cultivars of New Virginia tobacco with commercial possibilities in Cuba

Wijk, C. van, 1985:
New cultivars of conical headed cabbage withstand a winter with eleven degrees of frost satisfactorily!

Anonymous, 1984:
New cultivars of temperate fruits

Anonymous, 1984:
New cultivars registered in the catalogue

Heidemans, C.; Elferink Koster, K.G., 1985:
New cultivars with better yield and quality

Anonymous, 1982:
New cultivars. Castor bean

Anonymous, 1982:
New cultivars. Cotton

Anonymous, 1982:
New cultivars. Lettuce

Anonymous, 1982:
New cultivars. Loquat

Anonymous, 1982:
New cultivars. Maize

Anonymous, 1982:
New cultivars. Panicum maximum

Anonymous, 1982:
New cultivars. Peach

Anonymous, 1982:
New cultivars. Rice

Anonymous, 1982:
New cultivars. Soyabean

Anonymous, 1982:
New cultivars. Sugarcane

Anonymous, 1982:
New cultivars. Sunflower

Anonymous, 1982:
New cultivars. Tomato

Lyon, R.J., 1984:
New cynipid wasps from California (Hymenoptera: Cynipidae)

Sundaresan, N.; Prasad, M.N., 1986:
New cyto-steriles in pearlmillet through genome substitution

Vindys, L., 1985:
New dairy equipment produced in Czechoslovakia

Mann, E.J., 1985:
New dairy products

Riesen, W.; Zbinden, W., 1986:
New damson rootstock St. Julien W 61

Ceapoiu, N., 1984:
New data bearing on the concept of the gene

Poldmaa, P., 1985:
New data on Albugo, Bremia, Phytophthora and Pseudoperonospora species in Estonia

Ornosa Gallego, C., 1985:
New data on Bombus (Kallobombus) soroeensis ancaricus

Mazzone, P.; Viggiani, G., 1985:
New data on Encarsia pergandiella (Howard) (Hym.: Aphelinidae), an exotic parasite introduced into Italy against Trialeurodes vaporariorum (Westw.) (Hom.: Aleyrodidae)

Desroches, R.; Gayraud, P.; Ponteves, B. de, 1984:
New data on cultivated grasslands

Tkhai, T.B., 1983:
New data on distribution of the genus Metapheretima michaelsen sensu Easton, 1979 (Megascolecidae, Oligochaeta) on South Pacific Islands

Kovach, K. (Kovacs, K); Pinter, Y. (Pinter, J), 1984:
New data on early and very early o2 hyrids bred in the framework of trilateral collaboration

Tanne, E., 1985:
New data on grapevine leafroll disease and its agent

Dechkov, Z., 1984:
New data on potential weed infestation in the district of Ruse

Dubatolov, V.V.; Sergeev, M.G., 1984:
New data on skippers of the group of the genera Parnara Moore, Pelopidas Wlk. and Polytremis Mab. (Lepidoptera, Hesperiidae)

Demes, P.; Catar, G.; Nemagova, E., 1981:
New data on some biological properties of Trichomonas vaginalis

Beaucournu, J.C.; Beaucournu Saguez, F.; Guiguen, C., 1985:
New data on the Diptera Pupipara (Hippoboscidae and Streblidae) of the western Mediterranean subregion

Puente G.E.; Perez M.C.; Lopez P.M.J., 1984:
New data on the Leonese flora

Llorente Vigil, G.; Fernandez Gayubo, S.H., 1984:
New data on the Symphyta of Spain (Hym. Symphyta)

Veronesi, F.; Lorenzetti, F., 1982:
New data on the amount of self-fertilization in lucerne

Tsybul' skii, A.I.; Seregina, L.Y.; L' vovich, N.Y., 1984:
New data on the biology of the pteromalid Dibrachys cavus (Hymenoptera, Chalcidoidea)

Rikhter, V.A., 1984:
New data on the comparative morphology of the male genitalia of tachinids (Diptera, Tachinidae)

Cuesta Bandera, C.; Martinez Fernandez, A.R., 1984:
New data on the development of experimental secondary hydatidosis

Kasparsone, Z.V., 1984:
New data on the development of the nematode Capillaria corvorum (Rudolphi, 1819) Travassos, 1915 in Corvus frugilegus

Magnani, G.; Sparacio, I., 1985:
New data on the distribution and biology of some buprestids of Sicily. (Coleoptera Buprestidae)

Narbaev, Z.N.; Sidikov, D.T.; Nikolashina, S.A., 1986:
New data on the distribution of gall nematodes in the Samarkand region

Kirichek, V.S.; Belousov, M.N.; Nikitin, A.S., 1984:
New data on the epidemiology of taeniasis in the extreme north of the USSR (data of investigations made in the Yamalo-Nenets autonomous region)

Namzalov, B.B., 1984:
New data on the flora of the Tuva ASSR

Cuesta Bandera, C.; Martinez Fernandez, A.R., 1984:
New data on the humoral immune response of the host to experimental secondary hydatidosis

Katsitadze, A.G., 1985:
New data on the membrane ultrastructure of Trichophyton rubrum

Kovaleva, A.A.; Zubchenko, A.V., 1984:
New data on the myxosporidian fauna of the northern Atlantic Ocean

Velichko, E.S., 1984:
New data on the nematode fauna of the Ivanovskoe reservoir

Pek, L.V., 1985:
New data on the nomenclature and synonymy of Palaearctic hover-flies (Diptera, Syrphidae)

Pakhomov, M.M., 1983:
New data on the paleogeography of the loess-soil series of Soviet Central Asia

Ricard, A., 1986:
New data on the performance of sport horses: precocity, maternal effects and effects of breed type

Denisova, L.I.; Belousova, M.A., 1984:
New data on the pharmacokinetics of medicinal substances, as exemplified by anthelmintics

Mateias, M.C., 1982:
New data on the species Semiothisa clathrata clathrata L. (Lepidoptera, Geometridae)

Barilo, A.B., 1984:
New data on the systematics of anystids (Acariformes, Prostigmata) of the fauna of Uzbekistan

Sugonyaev, E.S., 1985:
New data on the systematics of chalcids of the genus Trichogramma Westwood (Hymenoptera, Trichogrammatidae)

Dantsig, E.M., 1986:
New data on the systematics of coccids (Homoptera, Coccinea) of the fauna of the USSR

Kolonin, G.V.; Baranov, N.I.; Gorelikov, V.N., 1984:
New data on tick-borne encephalitis in the Primorye Territory

Balint, Z., 1983:
New data to the knowledge of the macrolepidopterous fauna of the Eastern Carpathians (Lepidoptera)

Tamas, V., 1984:
New data towards knowledge of the macrolepidopterous fauna of Jaszbereny and its surroundings (Lepidoptera)

Anonymous, 1986:
New deep-drawing machine for rind-free cheese

Hoskins, C.; McFadyen, S., 1986:
New delivery technologies and the globalisation of the television programming industry: the marketing of Indian films and television programmes in Canada

Sultan, M.S., 1984:
New descriptions of the genus Rotylenchus Filipjev, 1936 (Tylenchida: Hoplolaimidae)

Anonymous, 1985:
New design principles for wooden bridge construction

Bocharov, N.F.; Veselov, N.B.; Barakhtanov, L.V.; Antonets, V.A.; Semenov, V.M.; Soloviev, V.I., 1985:
New designs for highly elastic crawler tracks and prospects for their application in agricultural machines

Petrov, G., 1985:
New designs in milking installations for sheep

D"bov, S. (Dubov, S), 1985:
New dessert peach variety Alekhoi

Badalov, P.P., 1983:
New dessert varieties of Juglans regia for the steppe and forest steppe

Kondarev, M., 1985:
New dessert variety Kondarev

Anonymous, 1985:
New detection weapon: listening for fruit fly larvae

Weischer, B., 1985:
New development in controlling nematode damage

Quiroz Martin, T. et al., 1984:
New development strategies in Costa Rica: agroindustry and the peasantry (Part II: marketing)

Kessler, H.G., 1984:
New developments and trends in dairy technology in 1984

Rapparini, G., 1986:
New developments for chemical weed control in vineyards and orchards

Wertheim, S.J., 1985:
New developments in Dutch apple production

Perry, F.G., 1986:
New developments in animal nutrition

Schonbeck, F., 1985:
New developments in biological and biotechnical plant protection

Shiota, T., 1985:
New developments in cattle breeding in Japan

Pfisterhammer, J.F.R., 1985:
New developments in cattle identification freeze branding (and dehorning) systems

Trouet, A.; Pirson, P.; Masquelier, M.; Baurain, R.; Deprez de Campeneere, D., 1983:
New developments in chemotherapy of protozoal infections: drug-carrier complexes and prodrugs

Tuohino, K., 1984:
New developments in control systems for fixed-cycle presses

Smith, W.W.; Martus, T.; Silverthorn, C., 1984:
New developments in conveying and mixing animal feed

Corso, G., 1985:
New developments in cultivation equipment

Ostrovski, C.M.; Aitken, J.; Free, D., 1984:
New developments in fuel ethanol production by gaseous anhydrous hydrofluoric acid (HF) hydrolysis of hardwood, Populus tremuloides

Vreeke, S., 1985:
New developments in grass seed harvesting

Turner, S.A.; Ingle, R.B., 1985:
New developments in nutrition education

Anonymous, 1985:
New developments in pig production. Proceedings of the Thirteenth Annual Symposium of the Pig Health Society, University College, Dublin, 21st Mar. 1985

Owen, T.R., 1986:
New developments in silage additives

Catt, W.R., 1986:
New developments in silage mechanisation

Matheeussen, L., 1985:
New developments in strawberry growing

Grotz, R., 1985:
New developments in the Ben Galouf oasis (southern Tunisia)

D.Runsheng, 1984:
New developments in the contracting system of united production and the cooperative economy in the countryside

Anonymous, 1985:
New developments in the creation and use of public space. Report of the international seminar held in Durham 20-23 September, 1983

Chinal, P.; Cotonea, Y., 1984:
New developments in the dual pipe reactor process

Budin, K.Z.; Kameraz, A.Y., 1983:
New developments in the interspecific hybridization of potato

Sivak, M.N.; Lea, P.J.; Walker, D.A., 1986:
New developments in the measuring of photosynthesis in vivo: implications for plant genetic engineering

Verdonck, O., 1984:
New developments in the use of graded perlite in horticultural substrates

Marlow, H., 1985:
New developments in weed control in onions (Allium cepa L.)

Peters, E.J.; McKelvey, R.A., 1985:
New device applies herbicides easily and cheaply

Holmberg, K., 1986:
New diagnostic methods in dermatological mycology

Pozdnyakov, S.E., 1985:
New didymozoid species (Trematoda, Didymozoidae) from fish in the north-western Pacific

Sawhney, R.N.; Goel, L.B., 1983:
New differential testers for the classification and characterization of Indian races of the wheat stem rust and leaf rust pathogens for virulence

Certaines, E. de; Robert, S., 1985:
New dimensions in rural planning

Karg, H., 1985:
New dimensions of endocrinology and their importance for animal production

Elsbett, K.; Elsbett, G.; Elsbett, L., 1985:
New direct injection diesel engine development for using vegetable oil as a fuel

Benoit, F.; Ceustermans, N., 1986:
New direct-covering techniques for spring carrots

Benoit, F.; Ceustermans, N., 1985:
New direct-covering technologies for spring leeks

Black, R.G., 1985:
New directions in compositional testing of milk and dairy products

Tickner, V., 1986:
New directions in food marketing policies in less developed countries

Fritzsche, J.; Koch, E.; Muchow, P.; Preuss, H., 1985:
New directions in monitoring and controlling milk production by means of microelectronics

Nam, E.A., 1986:
New discovery of the entomopathogenic fungus Simuliomyces lairdii (Entomophthorales) in the Altai

Folk, G.; Tusnadi, C.K., 1985:
New disease: Sclerotinia wilt of gerbera

Ferguson, M., 1985:
New disease: root rot in soybeans

Hunter, J.S.I.I.I.; Sheppard, D.C.; Fincher, G.T., 1985:
New distribution records for Aleochara notula Erichson (Coleoptera: Staphylinidae, Aleocharinae)

Ruedi, P., 1986:
New diterpenoids from leaf glands of Plectranthus barbatus (Labiatae). The absolute configuration of the 2-hydroxypropyl group in coleon E

Dollhopf, D.J.; Goering, J.D., 1983:
New drilling greases that will not contaminate overburden samples

Rao, U.P., 1983:
New drought resistant rice variety IET 7564

Kovacs, J.; Simon, F.; Romvary, A., 1984:
New drug combination for control of Escherichia infection

Bozdĕch, V.; Kocna, A.; Chválová, M., 1984:
New drugs in the treatment of schistosomiasis

Smykov, V.K.; Isakova, M.D., 1983:
New early ripening apricot varieties

Bellini, E.; Picardi, E.; Giannelli, G., 1986:
New early-maturing pear selections

Grubinger, H., 1986:
New ecological parameters in environmental conservation, especially in alpine regions

Mohan, D., 1985:
New education policy. Promises, promises, promises

Ermolova, E.V., 1982:
New eggplant variety Avrora

Nanda, V.K., 1984:
New electrohydraulic load sensing valve

Anonymous, 1985:
New electronic and pneumatic instruments for the dairy industry

Brazdil, Z.; Jezdinsky, M.; Zacharias, L., 1986:
New elements in the manufacture of tine harrows

Okuno, K.; Yano, M., 1984:
New endosperm mutants modifying starch characteristics of rice, Oryza sativa L

Miles, C.A.; Fursey, G.A.J.; York, R.W.R., 1984:
New equipment for measuring the speed of ultrasound and its application in the estimation of body composition of farm livestock

Bournas, L., 1983:
New equipment for pesticide application

Kanishchev, V.I., 1984:
New equipment in forest fire protection

Anonymous, 1984:
New estimations of fibre

Anonymous, 1984:
New evaporation and drying installation

Tizio, R.; Goleniowski, M., 1985:
New evidence on the gibberellin nature of the 'root factor' which delays tuberization of potato sprout sections cultured in vitro

Grecu, C.; Marosan, V.; Ochesanu, C.; Muresan, F.; Legman, V., 1985:
New experimental data on the implications of the lg genes in maize breeding

Anonymous, 1984:
New experimental equipment for the Technical Institute for Gruyere

Bothur, D.; Schumann, A.; Wehowsky, G., 1983:
New experimental results on machine stimulation of cows during milking; particularly from pipeline installation M623 with intermittent positive-pressure pulsation

Blaxter, K., 1986:
New farm animals

Damptey, N.W., 1985:
New farms along existing main roads: a case study and a pilot project in the Ashanti region, Ghana

Marillai, V., 1985:
New features of cooperation and integration in agricultural co-operatives

Anonymous, 1985:
New feed sources for dairy cattle

Tikhvinskii, S.F.; Dunina, A.N.; Plaksina, G.F., 1984:
New fibre flax cv. Zvezdochka

Lee, B.H., 1985:
New find accordion rachis and its inheritance in barley

Kurbanov, D., 1984:
New findings in the flora of Kyuren Dagh and other low mountain regions of northwestern Kopet Dagh

Kurbanov, D.K., 1985:
New findings in the flora of the Kyurendagh and other low hill regions of northwestern Kopet Dagh

Wienhaus, O.; Blossfeld, O.; Born, M.; Zimmer, J., 1985:
New findings in the production of charcoal and activated carbon from pine slash

Eisenberg, B.A.; Gruber, J.; Horhorysak, J.A., 1984:
New findings in the storage and shipment of unrooted cuttings

Olsuf' ev, N.G., 1984:
New findings in the study of natural foci of tularaemia in the USSR

Babenko, A.S., 1985:
New findings of short-winged beetles (Coleoptera, Staphylinidae) in Siberia

Tkachik, V.P., 1983:
New findings of the Cis-Carpathian flora

Minar, J.; Lobachev, V.S.; Kiefer, M.; Bazardorzh, D., 1985:
New findings of warble flies (Hypodermatidae, Oestridae) of wild animals in Mongolia

Rice, R.E.; Uyemoto, J.K.; Ogawa, J.M.; Pemberton, W.M., 1985:
New findings on pistachio problems

Anonymous, 1984:
New findings on the genetics and agrotechnics of the silkworm and mulberry

Borgersen, B.; Halvorsen, D.E.; Stenlokk, J.A., 1985:
New finds of beetles in the province of Vestfold, Norway

Ossiannilsson, F., 1985:
New finds of coccoids in Sweden

Haack, A.; Tscharntke, T.; Vidal, S., 1984:
New finds of hoverflies from the Haseldorfer Marsh west of Hamburg, with a comparison of capture methods (Diptera: Syrphidae)

Gal' perin, D.M., 1985:
New fittings for securing milk pipelines

Ekim, T.; Ilarslan, R., 1985:
New floristic records from Turkey grid square B5

Osipova, E.V., 1984:
New foci of Bidera avenae infestation in the Saratov and Kuibyshev regions

Paraense, W.L.; Souza, P.E.F.P. de; Braun, R.F., 1984:
New foci of Schistosoma mansoni transmission in Para State

Jackai, L.E.N.; Singh, S.R., 1986:
New foliar insecticides for the control of cowpea pests

Perez Sanchez, R.; Almaguer Roja, L., 1984:
New food-plants of Polyphagotarsonemus latus Banks (Acarina, Tarsonemidae)

Almaguel, L.; Machado, L.R.; Caceres, I., 1984:
New food-plants of the mite Polyphagotarsonemus latus

Sykora, S., 1985:
New forage crop varieties released in 1983

Wacker G.; Netzband K.; Kaltofen H., 1984:
New forage grasses

Martina, C., 1983:
New forage sources rich in cellulose for feeding rabbits

Bertrand, A., 1985:
New forestry policies in rural areas of the Sahel. Land-use and forestry regulations and management of natural forest resources in the countries of the Sudano-Sahelian zone

Walker, J.C.F., 1984:
New forests: new but predetermined opportunities

Almas, R., 1985:
New forms of cooperation in Norwegian agriculture

Tedoradze, V.S., 1984:
New forms of multieared maize

Dixon B.D., 1986:
New formula for the calculation of fat losses in churning

Luck H., 1984:
New freezing point standard for milk

Flood, C.M.; Donnithorne, H.M., 1984:
New from old - central tray service at the Princess Margaret Hospital

Pogosyan, K.S.; Oganesyan, R.O., 1986:
New frost-resistant grape varieties for various cultivation conditions

Sharma, R.B.; Roy, A.N.; Sinha, B.P., 1983:
New fruit rots of kidney bean (Dolichos lablab)

Kito, M., 1984:
New functional properties through modification of food proteins

Kosters, M.J., 1986:
New functions for old cargo and fishing boats

Capron, A.; Ameisen, J.C.; Joseph, M.; Auriault, C.; Tonnel, A.B.; Caen, J., 1985:
New functions for platelets and their pathological implications

Soteros, J.J., 1986:
New fungal disease in Leucospermum

Smith, R.S.; Byrne, A.; Cserjesi, A.J., 1985:
New fungicidal formulations protect Canadian lumber

Taylor, P.J.W., 1986:
New fungicide controls pineapple disease

Engelhard, A.W., 1984:
New fungicides for control of Ascochyta blight of chrysanthemum

Larn Nilsson, J., 1985:
New future for an old breed of cattle

Maekawa, M.; Kita, F., 1985:
New gametophyte genes located in the third linkage group (chromosome 3) of rice

Anonymous, 1985:
New gene symbols

Anonymous, 1986:
New gene symbols

Hancock, DL., 1986:
New genera and species of African Tephritinae (Diptera: Tephritidae), with comments on some currently unplaced or misplaced taxa and on classification

Skiles, DD., 1985 :
New genera and species of elaphidionine Cerambycidae (Coleoptera) from North America and the West Indies

Wiersdorff, D., 1986:
New generation pneumatic ship unloaders

Kullaiswamy, B.Y.; Goud, J.V., 1983:
New genes for awning in sorghum (Sorghum bicolor (L.) Moench)

Naidenova, N.N., 1985:
New genus and species of Peritrichidea (Sessilida) from Black Sea crustaceans

Ipat' eva, G.V.; Pimenova, I.N., 1985:
New genus and species of mermithid - Gubernaculimermis paradoxus n.g., n.sp. (Mermithida, Nematoda)

Anonymous, 1985:
New germplasm resources storage facility at AVRDC

Pasterkamp, H.P., 1985:
New gladiolus cultivars for flowering in a heated greenhouse

Diatloff, G., 1984:
New glyphosate diluent for safer weed wiping

Anonymous, 1986:
New goat farm in Holland

Richter, H.G., 1985:
New grading criteria in the Malaysian Grading Rules

Trubswetter, T., 1985:
New grading rules for sawn timber in Malaysia

Mize, T.W.; Wilde, G., 1986:
New grain sorghum sources of antibiosis to the chinch bug (Heteroptera: Lygaeidae)

Dremlyuk, G.K., 1985:
New grain sorghum variety Saturn

Albrechtsen, R.S.; Dewey, W.G., 1984:
New grain varieties for Utah

Indrasenan, G.; Mammen, M.K., 1983:
New graminaceous weed hosts of Ephelis oryzae Syd. in Wynad

Zhuchenko, E.V., 1985:
New grape cultivars suitable for storage

Cherneva, S.; Zankov, Z.; Stoev, K., 1980:
New grape variety - Ran Khamburgski Misket

Alekseev, E.B. (Alexeev, E.B), 1984:
New grass genera

Appleby, A.P., 1984:
New grass herbicides-how effective and different are they?

Asay, K.H.; Horton, W.H.; Hansen, W.T.I.I., 1985:
New grasses for intermountain rangelands

Poryazov, I., 1984:
New green bean varieties

Avdeev, V.V., 1985:
New gregarine species of the genus Cephaloidophora parasitic in Euphausia superba

Filimonov, P.N.; Dmitrieva, O.M., 1984:
New growth stimulators for tomatoes

Dahmy, S.E.; Bohlmann, F.; Sarg, T.M.; Ateya, A.; Farrag, N., 1985:
New guaianolides from Centaurea aegyptica

Schellenberger, H.; Focke, C.; Braun, I., 1985:
New guideline values on demand costs and efficiency

Markhart, A.H.I.I.I.; Lin, T.Y., 1985:
New hand-operated press for the extraction of tissue sap for the measurement of osmotic potential

Hallgren, E.; Arvidsson, T., 1986:
New herbicides against dicot weeds in spring cereals

Baskakov, Y.A., 1984:
New herbicides and growth regulators

Wallgren, B.; Aamisepp, A., 1986:
New herbicides for control of Apera spica-venti and Alopecurus myosuroides

Hallgren, E.; Arvidsson, T., 1986:
New herbicides for control of dicot weeds in winter cereals - autumn spraying and spring spraying

Aamisepp, A., 1985:
New herbicides for control of dicots in cereals, not undersown

Nir, A.; Raz, A., 1985:
New herbicides for control of perennial weeds at roadsides and in drainage canals

Gjerstad, D.H.; Nelson, L.R., 1983:
New herbicides for herbaceous weed control in pine outplantings

Bhowmik, P.C.; McGlew, E.N., 1985:
New herbicides for preemergence weed control in soybeans

Arvidsson, T., 1986:
New herbicides in potatoes

Junnila, S., 1986:
New herbicides in spring cereals

Sedov, A.A.; Nikolaev, A.D., 1984:
New high-speed method for evaluating the maturity of cotton fibres

Chernyauskas, G.I., 1983:
New high-yielding cultivars of herbage species

Clary, D., 1985:
New holidays: new society?

Salontai, A.; Roman, A.; Felecan, V.; Muntean, L.; Cernea, S., 1985:
New hop (Humulus lupulus L.) cultivars from Romania

Schildbach, R., 1985:
New hop cultivars

Bansal, A.K.; Gupta, P.D., 1984:
New host and locality record for the genus Orientodiscus Srivastava, 1938 (Trematoda: Paramphistomidae)

Agarwala, B.K.; Das, S.; Saha, S., 1983:
New host and prey records of some aphidophagous insects from India

Khan, B.A.; Munir, A.; Haq, I.; Aslam, M., 1985:
New host record of root-knot nematodes Meloidogyne spp. in Pakistan

Klimaszewski, J.; Blume, R.R., 1986:
New host records for Aleochara verna Say and Aleochara notula Erichson (Coleoptera: Staphylinidae, Aleocharinae)

Jervis, M.A., 1986:
New host records for Aphelopus (Hymenoptera: Dryinidae)

Kala, S.P.; Gaur, R.D., 1983:
New host records for Eudarluca caricis from India

Pantone, D.J.; Brown, S.M., 1985:
New host records for Schizomyia macrofila (Felt) (Diptera: Cecidomyiidae)

Rajak, R.C.; Rai, M.K.; Panday, A.K., 1985:
New host records of Cuscuta reflexa

Verma, K.S.; Cheema, S.S.; Bedi, P.S., 1983:
New host records of Isariopsis indica var. zizyphi

Singh, S.P.; Rao, N.S.; Kumar, K.K., 1983:
New host records of bark lice Archipsocus sp. (Archipsocidae: Psocoptera)

Maqbool, M.A.; Hashmi, S., 1984:
New host records of cyst nematodes, Heterodera zeae and H. mothi from Pakistan

Paul, Y.S.; Munjal, R.L., 1982:
New host records of powdery mildews from India

Haseeb, A.; Pandey, R.; Husain, A., 1985:
New host records of the root-knot nematode Meloidogyne javanica

Harvir Singh; Kalra, V.K.; Verma, P.K.; Tomer, P.S., 1984:
New host records of til hawk moth, Acherontia styx Westwood and cotton ash weevil Myllocerus undecempunctatus Desbr. at Hissar

Charles, J.S.; Venkitesan, T.S., 1984:
New hosts of Heterodera oryzicola Rao & Jayaprakash, 1978, in Kerala, India

Maqbool, M.A.; Hashmi, S.; Ghaffar, A., 1985:
New hosts record of root-knot nematodes (Meloidogyne spp.) in Pakistan and identification of physiological races

Foster, J., 1986:
New housing : college makes a simple choice

Dekov, D.; Radkov, P., 1981:
New hybrid French bean variety Dobrudzhanski 5

Nuzhnaya, L.P.; Chalyk, T.S.; Myrza, V.P.; Goncharenko, D.N., 1982:
New hybrid Moldavskii 420MV

Nikulenkova, E.F., 1984:
New hybrid cucumbers from the Netherlands for winter greenhouses

Kolesnikova, A.F.; Ossipov, Y. u V. (Osipov, Y.V.; Kolesnikov, A.I., 1985:
New hybrid rootstock for cherries

Trinkler, Y.G.; Rumyantsev, Y.A., 1985:
New hypothesis of heterosis

Rijbroek, P. van, 1986:
New iceberg lettuce cultivars for better quality

Anonymous, 1984:
New ideas from Perfora at DLG

Smith, A.B., 1984:
New ideas in educational methodology

Pekary, A.E.; Turner, L.F.; Hershman, J.M., 1986:
New immunoenzymatic assay for human thyrotropin compared with two radioimmunoassays

Broekhuizen, J.T.M. van, 1983:
New impressions from Haarweg populetum

Anonymous, 1985:
New improved agricultural machinery

Soest, A.H. van, 1984:
New in human medicine: inoculations and malarial prophylaxis in tourism

Shakhov, N.F., 1982:
New index in the evaluation of grain quality

Anonymous, 1984:
New infection by fire-blight

Budanova, V.I., 1982:
New information in the systematics of the genera Phaseolus L. and Vigna Savi

Monserrat, V.J., 1984:
New information on Iberian coniopterygids (Neur., Plan. Coniopterygidae)

Pointud, A., 1985:
New information on agricultural and land development

Calcedo Ordonez, V., 1984:
New information on the incidence of the Holstein-Friesian strain in the population of Friesians in Spain

Kornienko, A.V.; Makogon, A.M.; Balkov, I.Y.; Orlov, S.D., 1983:
New information on the nature of pollen sterility and fertility in sugarbeet

Robertson, D.S., 1986:
New information on the timing of Mu's mutator activity

Klasz, W., 1985:
New information/EDP systems for the farm

Lumsdon, D.G.; Fraser, A.R.; Russell, J.D.; Livesey, N.T., 1984:
New infrared band assignments for the arsenate ion adsorbed on synthetic goethite ( alpha -FeOOH)

Hartung, A.; Trebst, A., 1985:
New inhibitors of the cytochrome b6/f-complex in ferredoxin catalyzed cyclic photophosphorylation

Anonymous, 1984:
New initiative for combating dental caries in children

Kisida, H.; Hatakoshi, M.; Itaya, N.; Nakayama, I., 1984:
New insect juvenile hormone mimics: thiolcarbamates

Anonymous, 1985:
New insecticidal structures

Anonymous, 1984:
New insecticide found harmless to honey bees

Krcho, I.; Hasek, A., 1985:
New inseminator for sows

Peerbooms, H., 1985:
New insights in the culture of Rapella

Ullal, V.G.; Mutharasan, R.; Grossman, E.D., 1984:
New insights into high solids acid hydrolyis of biomass

Filippetti, A.; Marzano, C.F., 1984:
New interesting mutants in Vicia faba after seed treatment with gamma rays and ethyl-methane-sulphonate

Menzel, M.Y.; Richmond, K.L.; Contolini, C.S.; Huang, P.K., 1986:
New intergenomic hybrids among some African diploid species of Hibiscus sect. Furcaria

Antonin, P.; Fischer, J.K., 1986:
New investigations for improving spraying

Aust, D., 1985:
New investment possibilities in glasshouse horticulture? Lively discussion at the annual meeting of the Rhineland horticultural producers

Ivandija, L., 1985:
New knowledge on the necessity of nickel in ruminant feeding

Cools, M.H., 1985:
New kohlrabi cultivars for the autumn

Styer, B.L.; Bowman, J.K., 1985:
New land clearing equipment in a forest environment

Hawkeswood, TJ., 1985 :
New larval host plants for ten Australian longicorns (Coleoptera, Cerambycidae)

Hawkeswood, T.J., 1985:
New larval host plants for three Australian longicorns (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae)

Burgess, T., 1985:
New laws for post-school education

Bakker, J.J.; Jansen, A.B., 1985:
New lettuce cultivars for spring culture grow more rapidly, but are no better

Stolk, J.H.; Cools, M.H., 1984:
New lettuce cultivars for winter culture with better hearting-up

Rutz, R., .:
New licensing requirements for pest control advisors, commercial applicators in 1985

Probert, G., 1986:
New life for wasteland

Marsden, P.D., 1983:
New light on pentavalent antimonials in the treatment of leishmaniasis

Schouten, S.P., 1985:
New light on the storage of Chinese cabbage

Duchene, F.; Szczepanik, E.; Legg, W., 1985:
New limits on European agriculture. Politics and the Common Agricultural Policy

Vito, M. di; Saccardo, F.; Carella, A.; Gioia, N. la, 1985:
New lines of tomato resistant to root-knot nematodes (Meloidogyne spp.)

Anonymous, 1985:
New linkage, synteny and allelism data

Anonymous, 1986:
New linkage, synteny and allelism data

Kryukova, V.V.; Galkin, F.M., 1980:
New linseed variety Isil'kul'skii

Castineiras, A.; Alvarez, M.E., 1983:
New locality for Prospaltella smithi (Hymenoptera: Aphelinidae)

Brown, D., 1986:
New locust problem

Vasil' chenko, I.T., 1981:
New lucerne species (Medicago L., Fabaceae) from Tajikistan

Ramanauskas, R.P., 1984:
New machines for tending fellings

Menzi, M., 1986:
New maize cultivars from the Swiss variety list

Menzi, M.; Collaud, J.F., 1986:
New maize cultivars in the official Swiss variety list for 1986

Galeev, G.S.; Vozyka, N.S., 1984:
New maize hybrids

Menzi, M.; Collaud, J.F., 1984:
New maize varieties in the 1984 official variety list of Switzerland

Menzi, M.; Lanini, F., 1985:
New maize varieties in the official 1985 variety list in Switzerland

Anonymous, 1985:
New maize varieties. The AGPM-ITCF test bed

Prosin, V.; Uschatschew, I., 1985:
New management bodies for the USSR agroindustrial sector

Herold, E.; Weiss, K., 1985:
New manual for beekeepers

Vestergaard, G., 1986:
New market trends lead to new processing developments

Anonymous, 1986:
New markets for milk protein - a seminar of the Dairy Industry Federation in Munich

Anonymous, 1986:
New marking for Grana Padano

Imagawa, H., 1984:
New marking method by electrical stimulation for studying xylem formation

Conijn, C.G.M., 1983:
New material for controlling Stagonospora in Hippeastrum (amaryllis)

Cunningham, W.A., 1984:
New materials and developments for liquid foam greenhouse insulation and shading

Schwaiger, H., 1985:
New measures for the support of forestry in Bavaria

Bohlmann, F.; Baruah, R.N.; Jakupovic, J., 1985:
New melampolides from Inula germanica

Timofeeva, T.A., 1984:
New members of monocotylids of the genera Monocotyle and Merizocotyle from rays of the South China and Yellow Seas (Monogenea, Monocotylidae)

Plebani, M.; Perobelli, L.; Burlina, A., 1986:
New method ("SPAC ET") for free thyroxin in serum evaluated

Stiglmair Herb, M.T.; Pospischil, A., 1985:
New method for analysis of intestinal enzyme histochemistry. Comparison of healthy and diarrhoeic calves

Lembke, J. (German Federal Republic), 1985:
New method for detecting viruses in pure cultures as well as in foods and 'technological products'

Lipatova, V.A.; Grigorov, N.I., 1982:
New method for determination of citric acid in milk and cheese

Podlucka, M., 1985:
New method for evaluating acidifying capacity of milk by a yoghurt test

Hoshi, Y.; Yamauchi, F., 1983:
New method for gelation of lyophilized soya proteins

Desperrier N.; Baccou J.C.; Sauvaire Y.; Paris Pireyre N., 1984:
New method for in situ measuring of nitrogenase activity by acetylene reduction

Frison, G., 1984:
New method for pruning poplar

Balasubramanya, R.H.; Bhatawdekar, S.P.; Paralikar, K.M., 1985:
New method for reducing the stickiness of cotton

Wolfschoon Pombo, A.F.; Lourenco Neto, J.P. de M., 1985:
New method for standardizing the fat content of the dry matter of Prato cheese

Pelleboer, H.; Schouten, S.P., 1984:
New method for storing Chinese cabbage is a success

Anonymous, 1985:
New method for the conversion of softwood smallwood during first and second thinning operations

Felip, G. de; Orefice, L.; Croci, L.; Toti, L.; Gizzarelli, S., 1985:
New method for the recovery of Yersinia enterocolitica from food

Spiess, B.M., 1986:
New method for treating absolute glaucoma in the dog and cat

Muller, W., 1985:
New method for treating liquid manure (oligolysis). I. Technique and preliminary hygienic results

Kleinviehzuchter, 1984:
New method of calculating a selection index for station testing; new design of result sheets for full-sib testing

Nesterov, Y.S., 1982:
New method of determining the homeostasis of characters in varieties of fruit crops

Martynov, S.P.; Krupnov, V.A.; Gorodetskii, S.M., 1982:
New method of evaluating breeding material

Ibrakhim, M. (Ibrahim, M), 1980:
New method of evaluating the resistance of tobacco to common tobacco mosaic

Savov, P., 1984:
New method of increasing genetic diversity and the efficacy of the breeding process

Ovezmukhammedov, A., 1986:
New method of isolating Leishmania promastigotes from reptiles

Omel' chenko, V.S.; Sadykov, S.S., 1985:
New method of obtaining homozygous progeny in cotton

Rosnadze, G.R., 1985:
New methods and covering materials for citrus frost protection

Silvestri, G.P.; Siviero, P.; Passeri, P.; Dadomo, M., 1985:
New methods for extending the productive period of processing tomatoes

Moga, I.; Craiu, D.; Serbanescu, E.; Fabian, I., 1984:
New methods for lucerne seed production

Hartmann, H.D.; Zengerle, K.H., 1985:
New methods for optimizing irrigation

Givens, D.I., 1986:
New methods for predicting the nutritive value of silage

Drummond, R.O., 1985:
New methods of applying drugs for the control of ectoparasites

Lung Escarmant, B.; Mohammed, C.; Dunez, J., 1985 :
New methods of determination of the European armillarias: immunology and polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis

Muller, S.; Joachim, S.; Buzas, I.; Chochola, J., 1985:
New methods of determining N applications for sugarbeet

Umurzakov, T.U.; Shirinskii, M.A.; Zholshibekov, T., 1984:
New methods of evaluating Karakul rams

Li, A.Ch, 1985:
New methods of isolating parts of the small intestine, of balloonography of its motor activity and of quantitative estimation of chyme in livestock

Culling, W.E.H., 1981:
New methods of measurement of slow particulate transport processes on hillside slopes

Kuliev, G.Y.; Mamedov, R.R., 1984:
New methods of planting grapevine transplants

Chalupa, M., 1982:
New methods of processing excrement

Doboczky, A., 1984:
New methods of whey processing in the USA

Petty, A.C.; Burman, J.F., 1986:
New micro method for deoxyuridine suppression test

Martinez V.R.; Castaneda R.R.F., 1984:
New microorganisms which assist in the degradation of the herbicides atrazine and simazine

Lejeune, M., 1986:
New milk products from the four corners of the hexagon

Delesse, M.; Pautrot, D., 1986:
New milk products from the world

Andres, C., 1983:
New milk replacer joins expanding line of bakery ingredients

Anonymous, 1983:
New milk-tanker technology simplifies milk collection

Gruter, O., 1985:
New minimum requirements for merit dairy bulls

Udink ten Cate, A.J.; Vooren, J. van de, 1984:
New models for greenhouse climate control

Marot, A., 1983:
New morphological details of Miescher's tubes and the cystozoites of sarcosporidia of swine

Arestov, V.P.; Kostrikin, I.A.; Proskurnya, L.I., 1985:
New muscat grape cultivars

Saxton, A.M.; Eisen, E.J.; Johnson, B.H.; Burkhart, J.G., 1985:
New mutation causing jaundice in mice

Houghton, W.J., 1984:
New narcissus and their propagation

Singh S.; Prasad R.; Ishwaran V., 1984:
New nitrogen carriers for rice

Neeteson, J.J.; Wijnen, W.; Zandt, P.A., 1984:
New nitrogen fertilizer recommendations for potatoes

Kohmann, K., 1986:
New nursery equipment

Davydova, N.I., 1984:
New oak hybrids

Heinzle, Y., 1983:
New observations of the effects of chemical weed control on the flora of vineyards

Harvey, R.G.; Kozak, M.E., 1984:
New observations on accelerated degradation of thiocarbamate herbicides

Abivardi, C.; Benz, G., 1984:
New observations on camphor - an old insect repellent - as a relatively safe candidate fumigant against nine insect species

Polge, H., 1984:
New observations on radial checks of Douglas fir

Robaux, P.; Nollet, P., 1985:
New observations on the development of Varroa jacobsoni within a colony (practical consequences)

Nahrstedt, W. et al., 1984:
New occupations for educationalists in the leisure and tourism fields (7 papers)

Srinivasan, S.; Rao, D.V.S., 1984:
New off-season summer hosts of the groundnut leaf miner, Aproaerema modicella Deventer (=Stomopteryx subsecivella Zell.) (Lepidoptera: Gelechiidae) in Andhra Pradesh

Anonymous, 1986:
New oil crop varieties

Stein, W., 1984:
New oil extraction process

Anonymous, 1986:
New oilseed cultivars

Fiori, A., 1983:
New or little known hosts of dryinid Hymenoptera (Hymenoptera, Dryinidae)

Anonymous, 1985:
New orientation for Algeria's forest products industry - the private sector converts to small-scale industrial installations

Kondratenko, M.S., 1985:
New original starters for Bulgarian yoghurt

Anonymous, 1984:
New outbreaks of fire-blight

Villacana Fuentes, H.; Escobar Lujan, M.; Diaz Castorena, G.; Diaz, A., 1984:
New outbreaks of trichinelliasis in the state of Zacatecas

Marennikova, S.S.; Shelukhina, E.M.; Efremova, E.V., 1984:
New outlook on the biology of cowpox virus

Spiridonov, S.E., 1984:
New oxyurid species from the intestine of the diplopod, Rhinocricus sp

Worthington, R.M., 1985:
New partnerships in rural education

Miller, J.D.; Williams, N.D., 1985:
New pathogenic recombinants through selfing and crossing of common stem rust races

Papocsi, L., 1986:
New paths in agricultural research

Ryabova, A.N., 1983:
New peach cultivars in the western steppe zone of the Crimea

Simakina, S.V.; Perepelitsa, A.P.; Aiba, L.Y., 1983:
New peach rootstocks

Mkrtchyan, G.G., 1985:
New peach varieties in the Armenian SSR

Subramanya, R., 1983:
New pepper plant types and their potential in Florida

Wilson, G.C.S., 1985:
New perlite system for tomatoes and cucumbers

Goedseels, V.; Stuyft, E. van der; Buis, H.; Palz, W., 1986:
New perspectives for energy savings in agriculture. Current progress in solar technologies

Hoppers, W., 1985:
New perspectives for rural youth in Zambia

Adams, H.R., 1986:
New perspectives in cardiology: pharmacodynamic classification of antiarrhythmic drugs

Suter, F.; Maserati, R.; Filice, C.; Brunetti, E.; Marchetti, G.; Minoli, L., 1985:
New perspectives in diagnosis and sonographic management of liver and spleen abscesses

Brandao, M.; Laca Buendia, J.P.; Gavilanes, M.L.; Zurlo, M.A.; Cunha, L.H. de S.; Cardoso, C., 1985:
New perspectives on for plants considered to be weeds

Keyes, P.L.; Yuh, K.C.M.; Bill, C.H.I.I.; Gadsby, J.E., 1984:
New perspectives on the endocrine regulation of the rabbit corpus luteum

D.Stasio, L., 1983:
New phenotypes of alpha s-casein in sheep

Howell, JF., 1984:
New pheromone trap for monitoring codling moth (Lepidoptera: Olethreutidae) populations

Kotlyarevsky, I.L.; Alferiev, I.S.; Krasnukhina, A.V.; Pomazov, V.D.; Egorov, N.V., 1984:
New phosphoro-organic collectors for flotation of non-sulphide minerals

Kaspar, P.; Möller, G.; Wahlefeld, A., 1984:
New photometric assay for chymotrypsin in stool

Faretra, F.; Antonacci, E.; Lovino, V.S., 1985:
New plant chemicals to protect grapevine from powdery mildew

Guy, P., 1985:
New plant disease record in Tasmania: poisettia mosaic virus

Anonymous, 1984:
New plant for the production of milk powder

Nickell, L.G., 1985:
New plant growth regulator increases grape size

Malhotra, C.L.; Surendra Singh, 1985:
New plant records for the Punjab

Lookeren Campagne, P. van, 1984:
New planting system and an adopted mechanization for apple orchards

Nelson, C., 1979:
New plants for the flora of Honduras III

Jaeger, P. de, 1985:
New polders to prevent hunger

Popov, P.; Dimitrov, I.; Deneva, T.; Georgiev, S.; Iliev, L., 1981:
New poppy varieties (Papaver somniferum L.)

Brown, I.; Cartwright, S., 1986:
New porcine coronavirus?

Mappes, D.; Hiepko, G., 1984:
New possibilities for controlling root diseases of plantation crops

Noel, A. van, 1985:
New possibilities for field bean production resulting from the breeding work of the Foundation for Plant Breeding

Bagnaresi, U.; Minotta, G., 1981:
New possibilities for intensive forestry in mountain areas

Rosello B.B.; Hidalgo S.C.J.J.; Belmonte S.F., 1985:
New possibilities for irrigated forage production: natural hay production of Bermuda grass cv. Coastcross 1

Giannopolites, K.N., 1983:
New possibilities for post-emergence weed control in seed onions

Devai, G.; Moldovan, J.; Lorincz, G., 1984:
New possibilities in taxonomic research on midges (Diptera: Chironomidae). II. Karyological investigations

Werner, H.; Merks, C., 1984:
New possibilities of detecting Chagas' disease by artificial xenodiagnosis

Aalbersberg, W., 1986:
New possibilities with early cauliflowers

Cole, R.M.; Slack, C.H.; Witt, W.W., 1983:
New postemergence broadleaf control in corn

Ramert, B., 1984:
New postharvest diseases of carrots - Rhizoctonia carotae and Mycocentrospora acerina

Hentig, W.U. von; Hass, I., 1985:
New pot roses - easy to propagate but difficult to retard

Gorbatenko, L.E., 1984:
New potato species

Bukasov, S.M.; Bavyko, N.F., 1982:
New potato species discovered in Peru and adjacent countries

Gehriger, W.; Reust, W.; Winiger, F.A.; Berces, S.; Maag, W., 1985:
New potato varieties for the food industry

Ince, P.J., 1986:
New potential for increased use of hardwoods in kraft linerboard production

Bloch, A.; Bock, A.; Dietz, O.; Litzke, L.F.; Moldenhauer, R., 1986:
New practicable techniques for injection anaesthesia in swine

Marconi, S.; Zappavigna, P., 1985:
New prefabricated systems for agricultural and livestock buildings

Witkowski, W.; Ciesielski, F.; Mrowczynski, M.; Musnicki, C., 1985:
New preparations accelerating maturation and reducing harvesting losses of oil plants

Mikhailov, A.; Ivanova, N., 1985:
New preservative preparations for wood

Maksimenko, N.A., 1983:
New preservatives, fire retardants and combined preparations

Brown, G., 1985:
New pressures on public parks

Strasman, A., 1986:
New problems posed by straw incorporation

Dam, B.C. van, 1985:
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New production and storage facility of the BMI (Bayerische Milchindustrie eG)

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New promising fungicides

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New promising varieties of groundnut

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New protocol established for Mexican fruit fly

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New provisional gene symbols

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New provisional gene symbols

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New provisional gene symbols and changed gene symbols

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New quick-cooking whole-grain foods to be marketed in Australia

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