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New interesting mutants in Vicia faba after seed treatment with gamma rays and ethyl-methane-sulphonate

Filippetti, A.; Marzano, C.F.

FABIS Newsletter, Faba Bean Information Service, ICARDA 9: 22-25


Accession: 001415753

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When a total of 33 000 dry S4 seeds of the V. faba var. major Aquadulce and the V. faba var. minor Manfredini were treated with 5000 and 8000 rad gamma rays and 1.2 and 1.7% ethyl methanesulphonate (EMS), the mutational effect of EMS was c. 2-3-fold that of gamma rays in both cultivars. The frequency of albina, xantha, chlorina and chlorotica mutants was 7, 32, 25 and 37%, respectively, of all chlorophyll mutants.

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