New intergenomic hybrids among some African diploid species of Hibiscus sect. Furcaria

Menzel, M.Y.; Richmond, K.L.; Contolini, C.S.; Huang, P.K.

American Journal of Botany 73(2): 304-309


ISSN/ISBN: 0002-9122
DOI: 10.2307/2444185
Accession: 001415754

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Chromosome pairing was examined at metaphase I in F1 hybrids between H. surattensis (B genome) as female and H. hiernianus, H. mastersianus and H. mechowii. The low level of chromosome association in all 3 hybrids indicated that the male parent of each hybrid contributed a genome meiotically nonhomologous with B. From this, and earlier findings that the genomes of H. mastersianus and H. hiernianus are homologous with each other but not with that of H. mechowii, it is concluded that these 4 diploids encompass 3 different genome groups. Provisional genome designations were assigned as follows: H. hiernianus, Xhie; H. mastersianus, Xmas; H. mechowii, Ymec.