Nitrogen behavior in tropical wetland rice soils. 1. Nitrogen-supplying capacities

Kai, H.; Masayna, W.; Yamada, Y.

Fertilizer Research 5(3): 259-271


Accession: 001416798

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Laboratory incubation under waterlogged conditions of 21 tropical wetland rice soils showed that the mineralizable soil N varied greatly among the soils. Nitrogen mineralized during the 16-wk incubation period ranged from 21 to 41 kg N ha -1 in control soils, but was greater in air-dried (33-292 kg N ha-1) and oven-dried (48-365 kg N ha-1) soils. The main source of mineralized N was the amino acid and amino sugar fractions. N uptake by rice in pot experiments was positively correlated with the N mineralized during incubation of air-dried soils, and with the total soil N. The latter is proposed as an index of the nitrogen-supplying capacity of tropical wetland rice soils.