Paper chromatography, a rapid method for the determination of erucic acid content in seeds of swede rape (Brassica napus L. var. oleifera)

Mora, G.S.; Manquian, T.N.

Agro Sur 13(1): 74-76


Accession: 001424236

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Comparison of the results of gas and paper chromatography made it possible to identify the spot on the paper which represents erucic acid and to relate its intensity to the erucic acid content of the source material. In an investigation of seeds from 3 varieties low in erucic acid (less than 1%), 2 with high erucic acid contents (45-50%) and F2 material from high X low crosses, it was possible to distinguish, by the paper technique, single seeds with over 40% erucic acid and those with under 1%. Within the range 1-15%, the indications were difficult to interpret, in part because of confusion with the oleic acid spot, and the gas technique is needed when more precise information is required within this range. Paper chromatography is recommended as a quicker and less laborious approach than gas chromatography in the screening of breeding material for low erucic acid content.