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Parasite fauna and diseases of fish at the Sartlan Lake Fisheries

Sbornik Nauchnykh Trudov Gosudarstvennogo Nauchno Issledovatel' skogo Instituta Ozernogo i Rechnogo Rybnogo Khozyaistva Bolezni i parazity ryb vodoemov Zapadnoi Sibiri (226): 70-76

Parasite fauna and diseases of fish at the Sartlan Lake Fisheries

Lake Sartlan fisheries USSR, stocked with carp and imported Coregonidae, occupies 246 ha of artificial ponds and 490 ha of the natural lake. 22 species of parasites (10 protozoa, 13 helminths, one leech and 2 crustaceans) are listed for the carp and 7 for the Corogonidae. Ichthyophthirius multifiliis, Posthodiplostomum cuticola and Pomphorynchus laevis cause disease in carp whilst coregonid fry is affected by diplostomiasis.

Accession: 001424398

Related references

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