Predicting fleece weight on some wool and conformational traits of long-wooled sheep

Mercik, L.; Brzostowski, H.

Roczniki Nauk Rolniczych, B 102(3): 79-90


Accession: 001434332

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Wool samples were obtained at 10 and 22 months of age from 132 and 133 ewes. At 10 months, the best predictors of fleece weight were weight of greasy wool from a 1 cmsuperscript 2 area (0.37) and the multiple correlation of staple length, fibre diameter, wool density and clean wool weight from a 1 cmsuperscript 2 area (0.42). The correlations of fleece weight with body measurements were mostly low, except for heart girth (0.29) and body surface area covered by wool (0.33). At 22 months, the multiple correlation between the traits described above was 0.46. Regressions incorporating some of the measurements which may be useful in predicting fleece and clean wool weights are given.