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Principal pests and diseases of mango - Mangifera indica L. - in the State of Sao Paulo and updated control methods

Yamashiro, T.; Myazaki, I.

Biologico 51(2): 41-50


Accession: 001436682

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Notes are given on the arthropod pests and diseases (including those caused by fungi) that attack mango in Brazil. The information includes the nature of the damage caused, and in some cases, the characteristics by which the causal agent can be recognized and measures that can be applied for control. The main pests listed are the chrysomelid Sternocolaspis quatuordecimcostata, the tephritids Anastrepha spp. and Ceratitis capitata, the mite Eriophyes mangiferae and the scolytid Hypocryphalus mangiferae, which is considered to be the vector of the fungus Ceratocystis fimbriata that causes die-back.