Problems of winter sports concentration for nature conservation; Possible effects of winter Olympic Games on the Berchtesgaden regional system; Ski sports (particularly long distance and deep snow activities) from the point of view of nature conservation; Winter sports and nature conservation

Cernusca, A.; Spandau, L.; Luder, P.; Volk, H.

Jahrbuch fur Naturschutz und Landschaftspflege 38: 33-48; 49-68; p.69; 136-139


Accession: 001437143

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The first three papers look at ecological problems created for mountain environments by the building of ski runs and other facilities. Cernusca's examples are drawn from the Tyrol, Salzburg and the South Tyrol and look particularly at hydrological difficulties and consequent flood and erosion damage. Examination of three possible variants for a 1992 winter Olympics in Berchtesgaden by Spandau is doubtful if it will be possible to maintain the policy of no Olympic village, manageable finance, and no great disturbances of the balance of nature. Luder's paper is summarized and draws attention to damage to young trees, natural flora and fauna due to skiing which is not restricted to runs. The final paper is the report of a working party which examined planning, public information and other measures aimed to reduce future damage to nature from winter sports.