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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 1440

Chapter 1440 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Gruter, O., 1985: Progeny testing for ease of milking at June 1985

Gruter, O., 1984: Progeny testing for ease-of-milking at July 1984

Gruter, O., 1985: Progeny testing for finishing performance

Chavaz, J., 1984: Progeny testing for meat in 1981/82

Chavaz, J., 1986: Progeny testing for meat: innovations and prospects

Chavaz, J., 1986: Progeny testing for meat: results for 1983/84 and 1984/85

Gruter, O., 1985: Progeny testing for milk yield ; comparison with sample yields at June 1985

Gruter, O., 1986: Progeny testing for milk yield; comparison with sample yields at April 1986

Gruter, O., 1984: Progeny testing for milk yield; comparison with sample yields at July 1984

Gruter, O., 1986: Progeny testing for milk yield; comparison with standard lactations at April 1986

Gruter, O., 1984: Progeny testing for milk yield; comparison with standard lactations at July 1984

Gruter, O., 1985: Progeny testing for milk yield; comparison with standard lactations at June 1985

Oldham, C. M.; Gray, S. J.; Poindron, P., 1984: Progeny testing for the F gene using prepubertal ewe lambs

Lohi, O.; Christensen, K., 1985: Progeny testing in mink

Leukkunen, A., 1984: Progeny testing of A.I. boars on the basis of their daughters' farrowing results

Ruegsegger, A., 1983: Progeny testing on the basis of 100-day yields in 1983

Ruegsegger, A., 1984: Progeny testing on the basis of 100-day yields in 1984

Ruegsegger, A., 1983: Progeny testing results for milk yield, ease of milking and meat yield

Ruegsegger, A., 1985: Progeny testing results for milk yield, ease of milking and meat yield

Narain, P., 1985: Progeny testing with auxiliary traits

Pearce, D. T.; Oldham, C. M.; Gray, S. J., 1986: Progestagens, PMSG and the ram effect after artificial insemination in spring to synchronise non-pregnant ewes

Kyungjin, K., 1985: Progesterone action on hypothalamic LHRH neurons: in vitro and in vivo studies

Section 2, Chapter 1440, Accession 001439022

Diskin, M. G.; Sreenan, J. M., 1986: Progesterone and embryo survival in the cow

Section 2, Chapter 1440, Accession 001439024

Agarwal, S. K.; Shanker, U.; Benjamin, B. R., 1985: Progesterone and estrogen in control of ovarian activity in buffaloes

Section 2, Chapter 1440, Accession 001439026

Section 2, Chapter 1440, Accession 001439027

Section 2, Chapter 1440, Accession 001439028

Inaba, T.; Oka, A.; Koketsu, Y.; Nakama, S.; Imori, T., 1983: Progesterone and oestrogen synthesis by the bovine placenta

Section 2, Chapter 1440, Accession 001439030

Rieger D., 1984: Progesterone and the surge release of gonadotropins in the ewe

Zhao, S. J.; Sun, Y.; Huang, M. Y.; Jiao, S. X.; Tsai, Z. H.; Li, S. K., 1985: Progesterone concentration and ovulation rate from the first to the fifth oestrous periods in Fengjing pigs

Bobylev, I. F.; Garevich, V. A.; Kosikov, A. I.; Gribakina, L. V., 1985: Progesterone concentration in blood serum of mares

Arnstadt, K. I.; Fischer Arnstadt, A. R., 1985: Progesterone determination as a means of monitoring oestrus

Ropstad, E.; Refsdal, A. O., 1985: Progesterone determination in milk, evaluation of methods used for pregnancy diagnosis and detection of ovarian activity

Belluzzi, S.; Leopold, A., 1985: Progesterone in the blood plasma of cows from the 20th to the 24th day of pregnancy

Martyn, P.; Falconer, I. R., 1984: Progesterone inhibition of lipogenic enzyme activities in mammary explants from pseudopregnant rabbits

Section 2, Chapter 1440, Accession 001439041

Section 2, Chapter 1440, Accession 001439042

Illera del Portal, M. J., 1984: Progesterone levels during the course of oestrus synchronization in ewes

Smidt W.J., 1985: Progesterone levels in milk

Takkar, O. P.; Singh, M.; Varman, P. N., 1983: Progesterone levels vis-a-vis anoestrum in buffaloes concurrent with profile during stage of oestrus cycle

Kitzig, M.; Schneider, F.; Rodewald, S.; Blodow, G.; Kanitz, W.; Rehbock, F.; Rommel, P., 1986: Progesterone measurement to select recipients for embryo transfer in cattle

Section 2, Chapter 1440, Accession 001439048

Miller, B. G.; Moore, N. W., 1984: Progesterone priming and early embryo survival in the ewe

Ogawa, K.; Goto, K.; Fukumori, K., 1985: Progesterone production in isolated granulosa cells of the domestic fowl by gonadotrophins

Okulicz, W. C., 1986: Progesterone receptor replenishment during sustained progesterone treatment in the hamster uterus

Section 2, Chapter 1440, Accession 001439056

Section 2, Chapter 1440, Accession 001439057

Bols N.C., 1986: Progesterone secretion by primary cultures of rat luteal cells

Wagner W.C., 1986: Progesterone secretion by the bovine fetoplacental unit and responsiveness of corpora lutea to steroidogenic stimuli at two stages of gestation

Black D.L., 1985: Progesterone synthesis and histology of postpartum bovine corpora lutea

Loizzi R.F., 1985: Progesterone withdrawal stimulates mammary gland tubulin polymerization in pregnant rats

Section 2, Chapter 1440, Accession 001439062

Section 2, Chapter 1440, Accession 001439063

Dieleman, S. J.; Blankenstein, D. M., 1985: Progesterone-synthesizing ability of preovulatory follicles of cows relative to the peak of LH

Whittier, J. C.; Deutscher, G. H.; Clanton, D. C., 1986: Progestin and prostaglandin for estrous synchronization in beef heifers

Smith, J. J.; Capuco, A. V.; Akers, R. M., 1984: Progestin binding in ovine mammary tissue during pregnancy

Sakabe, K.; Seiki, K.; Hanamoto, H.; Ogawa, H., 1984: Progestin receptor fluctuation in ovaries of 4-day cycling rats

Hsueh A.J.W., 1985: Progestin regulation of progesterone biosynthetic enzymes in cultured rat granulosa cells

Sakabe, K.; Seiki, K.; Fujii Hanamoto, H.; Ogawa, H., 1986: Progestin target cells identical with luteotrophs in the anterior pituitary of ovariectomized estrogen-primed rats

So, Y. P.; Idler, D. R.; Truscott, B.; Walsh, J. M., 1985: Progestogens, androgens and their glucuronides in the terminal stages of oocyte maturation in landlocked Atlantic salmon

Fehring, D., 1985: Prognoses for the timber industry residues market

Polyakov, I. Ya; Chenkin, A. F., 1985: Prognosis for 1985

Petterson, H.; Ryden, G., 1986: Prognosis in surgical treatment of sesamoid bone fractures in the horse

Section 2, Chapter 1440, Accession 001439076

Golodetz, C. L., 1985: Prognosis of cows with coliform mastitis

Kurdov, M., 1985: Prognosis of mass multiplication of the lesser cotton worm Laphygma exigua Hb. (Lepidoptera, Noctuidae) in Turkmenia

Kurdov, M., 1986: Prognosis of the dynamics of abundance of the cotton moth Helicoverpa armigera Hbn. (Heliothis armigera Hbn.) in Turkmenistan

Corey M., 1986: Prognostic factors associated with patient survival during nutritional rehabilitation in malnourished children and adolescents with cystic fibrosis

Hurvitz A.I., 1986: Prognostic factors for multiple myeloma in the dog

Kurzman, I. D.; Gilbertson, S. R., 1986: Prognostic factors in canine mammary tumors

Jacobs, M., 1985: Prognostic value and representativeness of lung biopsy samples from horses in relation to chronic obstructive bronchitis

Serur, B.; Frerking, H.; Assmus, G., 1984: Prognostic value of clinical findings and certain laboratory tests in cows with parturient paresis. II

Frerking, H.; Serur, B.; Assmus, G., 1984: Prognostic value of some blood values in calving cows with paralysis. I

Anonymous, 1985: Program Abstracts, 97th Session of the Iowa Academy of Science

Anonymous, 1985: Program and Abstracts of the Spring Meeting, 27 April 1985

Anonymous, 1985: Program and abstracts from the Fifth Annual Congress for Recombinant DNA Research, February 3-6, 1985, San Francisco, California

Anonymous, 1985: Program and abstracts. Eightieth Annual Meeting, June 9-12, 1985. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Anonymous, 1985: Program and abstracts. The American Society of Human Genetics. 36th annual meeting, Westin Hotel Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah, October 9-12, 1985

Case, B. et al., 1984: Program and curriculum trends in sport management

Bell, L., 1985: Program characteristics of semesterized secondary vocational agriculture/agribusiness programs which promote student involvement in supervised occupational experience programs and FFA leadership activities

Anonymous, 1984: Program highlights - beans

Anonymous, 1984: Program highlights - rice

Rosenzweig, M. R., 1986: Program interventions, intrahousehold distribution and the welfare of individuals: modeling household behaviour

Anonymous, 1985: Program issue

Anonymous, 1983: Program, American Dairy Science Association seventy-eighth annual meeting, June 26-29, 1983, University of Wisconsin, Madison, Wisconsin

Anonymous, 1986: Program, Eighty-First Annual Meeting of the American Dairy Science Association

Huntwork, R., 1984: Programing non-crop weed control

Carnegie, E. J., 1984: Programmable controller from an Apple II computer

Gambar, L.; Mihalyi, J.; Magyar, I.; Ruttkay, P.; Szabo, F., 1984: Programmable monitoring equipment for sprayers

Magyar, I.; Mihalyi, J.; Szabo, F., 1984: Programmable system for checking the quality of spraying

Anonymous, 1985: Programme 10/84. Crop protection of stone and soft fruits

Anonymous, 1986: Programme 10/85. Crop protection of stone and soft fruits

Anonymous, 1985: Programme 15/84. Management of pests and diseases of hops

Anonymous, 1986: Programme 15/85. Management of pests and diseases of hops

Anonymous, 1985: Programme 6/84. Integrated management of pests and diseases of apples and pears

Anonymous, 1986: Programme 6/85. Integrated management of pests and diseases of apples and pears

Anonymous, 1985: Programme 7/84. Integrated management of pests and diseases of fruit

Anonymous, unda: Programme for 1984 and report of activities for 1983

Kobayashi, A., 1984: Programme for the control of geohelminthiases in Japan

Guzun, N. I., 1982: Programme of breeding and genetical research in viticulture

Audiot, A.; Langlois, B., 1984: Programme of conservation in the Baudet du Poitou breed

Lima, H., 1982: Programme of genetic improvement in the avocado, Persea americana

Panggabean, S. P., 1983: Programme of rural development and application technology in Indonesia

Lalanne Cassou, B.; Silvain, J. F., 1984: Programme of studies of noctuids: collaboration between I.N.R.A. (Guadeloupe) and O.R.S.T.O.M. (Guiana)

Anonymous, 1984: Programme on Man and the Biosphere (MAB) in Malaysia. Project Area No. 1. Ecological effects of increasing human activities on tropical and subtropical forest ecosystems. Technical Report

Amosov, A. I., 1986: Programme planning of the intensive development of the agroindustrial sector

Johnson, M. H.; McConnell, J.; Blerkom, J. Van, 1984: Programmed development in the mouse embryo

Wijck, J. P. van, 1984: Programmed extension work

Section 2, Chapter 1440, Accession 001439122

Stoimenov, B.; Tontschev, T., 1984: Programmed lighting in broiler production

Endacott, C., 1985: Programmed progress

Goueffon, M., 1984: Programmers and computers for irrigation purposes

Anonymous, 1986: Programmes for diversification and regional specialization in farming in Korea

Section 2, Chapter 1440, Accession 001439127

Brandt, H., 1985: Programmes to secure food supplies in the Sudan-Sahel region: experience, questions and suppositions

Dighe, A., 1985: Programmes with focus on women's involvement: the case of India

Lagattolla, T.; Zupa, P., 1985: Programming 'personalized' diets by computer

Chen, Y. K., 1978: Programming and its use in an automatic analysis procedure for multiband data

Strobell, A. P.; Leblein, J.; Williams, J.; Nippard, M. K.; Carson, V. L., 1985: Programming for all ages

Howe, C. Z.; Carpenter, G. M., 1985: Programming leisure experiences. A cyclical approach

Duttweiler, M. W.; Voiland, M. P., 1984: Programming tomorrow's tourists

Anderson, R. B., 1985: Programs for computer simulation of a crosscut-first furniture rough mill

Harding, J. R., 1985: Programs in action: recreation for the homebound

Lloyd, G. M, Jr, 1984: Programs of the Florida Institute of Phosphate Research

Anonymous, 1985: Progress 84

Anonymous, 1984: Progress Report Summaries 1983, Asian Vegetable Research & Development Center

Anonymous, 1985: Progress Report Summaries, 1984, Asian Vegetable Research and Development Center

Anonymous, 1985: Progress Report, 1983, Asian Vegetable Research and Development Center

Eswaran, H., 1984: Progress Report. Soil Management Support Services, October 1, 1982-September 30, 1984

Neale, W. C.; Edwards, R. M., 1983: Progress and insecurity, class and conflict in rural India

Lyman, J. M., 1984: Progress and planning for germplasm conservation of major food crops

Abo Hegazi, A. M. T., 1984: Progress and problems in breeding for high seed protein through mutations in Vicia faba in Egypt

Senf, G.; Kummer, I. M.; Westphal, B.; Kanther, R., 1985: Progress and problems in mechanical chromosome analysis in plant breeding research

Marciani, G. E., 1984: Progress and problems in the development of southern agriculture

Sorensen, A., 1985: Progress and problems of dairy development in the Asia and Pacific Region

Sorensen, A., 1986: Progress and problems of dairy development in the Asian and Pacific region

Charrier, A., 1986: Progress and prospects in coffee genetic improvement

Schulte, D. D.; Splinter, W. E., 1984: Progress at the Nebraska energy integrated farm

Moncada, L.; Collins, D.; Cordon, O.; Faigen Blum, J., 1985: Progress evaluation of the rural water systems and environmental sanitation project, Peru

Pandey, S.; Diallo, A. O.; Islam, T. M. T.; Deutsch, J., 1986: Progress from selection in eight tropical maize populations using international testing

Walters, M. C. ., 1984: Progress in Russian wheat aphid (Diuraphis noxia Mordw.) research in the Republic of South Africa. Proceedings of a meeting of the Russian Aphid Task Team held at the University of the Orange Free State, Bloemfontein, 5-6 May 1982

Beeley, B. W., 1985: Progress in Turkish agriculture

Anonymous, 1986: Progress in agricultural geography

Raman, K. V.; Redolfi, I., 1984: Progress in biological control of major potato pests

Section 2, Chapter 1440, Accession 001439159

Anonymous, 1982: Progress in biomass conversion. Volume 3

Anonymous, 1983: Progress in biomass conversion. Volume 4

Anonymous, 1984: Progress in biomass conversion. Volume 5

Anonymous, 1983: Progress in botany. Morphology, physiology, genetics, taxonomy, geobotany

Mann, C. E.; Rajaram, S.; Villareal, R. L., 1985: Progress in breeding for Septoria tritici resistance in semidwarf spring wheat at CIMMYT

Michaud, R.; Richard, C.; Gagnon, C., 1984: Progress in breeding for resistance to crown and root rot in alfalfa

Valentine, J., 1984: Progress in breeding winter oats in the U.K

Ricci, M.; Marone, G., 1983: Progress in clinical immunology. The role of chemical mediators and cellular interactions. 14th Symposium of the Collegium Internationale Allergologicum, Sorrento, October 10-14, 1982

Anonymous, 1985: Progress in combating tropical diseases

Toscani, H. A., 1983: Progress in control of submerged aquatic weeds in dams

Pearson, R. C.; Burr, T. J.; Gonsalves, D., 1985: Progress in controlling grape diseases

Brown, G. K.; Burton, C. L.; Schulte, N. L., 1984: Progress in detecting hidden bark damage

Section 2, Chapter 1440, Accession 001439172

Kurstak, I., 1985: Progress in enzyme immunoassays: production of reagents, experimental design, and interpretation

Lawrence, B. M., 1985: Progress in essential oils

Lawrence, B. M., 1986: Progress in essential oils

Weissbach, F.; Zwierz, P. M.; Kuhla, S.; Prym, R.; Heinz, D., 1983: Progress in feed quality determination

Anonymous, 1985: Progress in flavour research 1984. Proceedings of the 4th Weurman Flavour Research Symposium, Dourdan, France, 9-11 May 1984

Sargent, M. J., 1984: Progress in horticultural marketing co-operation in the UK as a reaction to economic adversity

Alcorn, F., 1985: Progress in hybridizing Lycaste

Anonymous, 1984: Progress in land evaluation

Sherman, W. B.; Rodriguez, J.; Miller, E. P., 1984: Progress in low-chill peaches and nectarines from Florida

McGregor, I. A., 1984: Progress in malaria immunology

Saito, Z., 1984: Progress in manufacturing methods for dried milk in relation to quality

Dodd, F. H., 1985: Progress in mastitis control

Briggs, B. A.; McCulloch, S. M., 1983: Progress in micropropagation of woody plants in the United States and western Canada

Yuguchi, H., 1984: Progress in milk products containing viable bifidobacteria

Muller, K.; Vasel, H., 1984: Progress in oat breeding in the German Democratic Republic

Anonymous, 1983: Progress in pesticide biochemistry and toxicology. Volume 3

Raman, K. V., 1984: Progress in pheromone utilization and other novel control practices

Anonymous, 1985: Progress in plant breeding - 1

Anonymous, 1985: Progress in production and utilization of adhesives in the wood industry. Proceedings of the 7th symposium held 30-31 May 1985 in Strazske, Czechoslovakia

Anonymous, 1986: Progress in protozoology. Proceedings of the VII International Congress of Protozoology, Kenyatta International Oncoference Centre, Nairobi, Kenya, 22-29 June 1985

Agric Can Res Branch, 1985: Progress in research 1984

Rose, C. W., 1985: Progress in research on soil erosion processes and a basis for soil conservation practices

Xie, L. H.; Lin, Q. Y., 1984: Progress in research on virus diseases of rice in China

Perez, A. V.; Izjakov, T.; Gonzalez, A., 1985: Progress in rice breeding by hybridization in the Republic of Cuba

Guillot, M., 1986: Progress in rice cultivation. The practice of sowing in pockets

Luciani, J. F., 1985: Progress in selection for dry matter content in cassava plants from open pollination

Reid, W. S.; Compton, B. A.; O' Sullivan, J.; Bouw, W. J., 1984: Progress in single-pass harvesting of cucumbers

Hayashi, H., 1984: Progress in spray drying equipment and manufacturing technology

Coykendall, R. L.; Kauffman, E. E., 1984: Progress in the aquacultural overwintering of mosquitofish: pond configuration and solar greenhouse experimentation

Dung, W. S.; Yang, C. H.; Yang, C. J., 1985: Progress in the biological control of stored product insects

Dodd, F. H., 1985: Progress in the control of bovine mastitis

Turton, J. D., 1985: Progress in the development and exploitation of new breeds of dairy cattle in the tropics

Langdon, C. J.; Siegfried, C. A., 1984: Progress in the development of artificial diets for bivalve filter feeders

Martin, A.; Gonzalez Garcia, J. A.; Serradilla, J. M., 1986: Progress in the diploidisation of a Vicia faba tetraploid

Carrick, M. J.; Pratchett, D., 1985: Progress in the evaluation of cattle genotypes for northwestern Australia

Ullrich, S. E.; Muir, C. E., 1984: Progress in the evaluation, use in breeding, and genetic analysis of semi-dwarf mutants of barley

Konzak, C. F.; Wilson, M. R.; Franks, P. A., 1984: Progress in the evaluation, use in breeding, and genetic analysis of semidwarf mutants of wheat

Mizunuma, T., 1984: Progress in the microbiology of soy sauce making. I

Mizunuma, T., 1984: Progress in the microbiology of soy sauce making. II

Moersamdono ; Wardojo, S., 1984: Progress in the polyethylene sleeving trial to protect cocoa pods from infestation of Acrocercops cramerella Sn

Castellano, M. A.; Martelli, G. P.; Savino, V.; Boscia, D., 1985: Progress in the study of the phloem-limited isometric virus-like particles associated with leafroll-diseased grapevines

Jay, E.; D' Orazio, R., 1984: Progress in the use of controlled atmospheres in actual field situations in the United States

Sachs, H. I., 1985: Progress in the use of polyisocyanate adhesives for particleboard

Kabata Pendias, A., 1984: Progress in trace element research in Poland and neighboring countries

Manguin, J. P., 1984: Progress in tree cultivation: a new way

Mbise, S. R., 1985: Progress in trypanosomiasis control in Tanzania

Lee, M. H.; Radcliffe, E. B.; Lauer, F. I., 1984: Progress in utilization of aphid resistance

Karjalainen, R., 1986: Progress in wheat breeding for genetic protection to Septoria nodorum

Meaney, W. J., 1986: Progress of a mastitis control programme

Nayak P., 1984: Progress of bacterial leaf blight disease in mixed population of resistant and susceptible rice cultivars

Johnson, K. D.; Beitler, J. S.; Finnerty, K. D.; Henson, M. A.; Rupp, R. N.; Stone, J. R., 1983: Progress of crop rotation studies following the use of chlorsulfuron in cereals and reduced tillage fallow in the United States and Canada

Chincilla, C. M.; Martinson, C. A., 1984: Progress of eyespot development on ten maize hybrids

Khan, S. M.; Khatoon, A., 1984: Progress of mushroom cultivation and its prospects as cottage industry in Pakistan

Ahrens, E., 1985: Progress of nitrogen-mineralization in the soil in relation to temperature and time

Buccianti, G.; Bianchi, M. L.; Valenti, G., 1984: Progress of renal osteodystrophy during continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis

Carron, M. P.; Enjalric, F.; Deschamps, A., 1984: Progress of research into in vitro vegetative propagation of Hevea brasiliensis, Mull-Arg, at I.R.C.A

Anonymous, 1982: Progress of research. A. Entomology Division

Doherty, P. C.; Nussenzweig, R., 1985: Progress on Theileria vaccine

DeVaney, J. A., 1985: Progress on control of northern fowl mites on caged laying hens

Hahn, S. K., 1984: Progress on root and tuber improvement at IITA

Whitmore, T. C.; Garton, A.; Steel, J., 1985: Progress on the vegetative propagation of Agathis

Davies, A. C. W., 1983: Progress report

Anonymous, 1985: Progress report 1983

Anonymous, 1984: Progress report for the year 1982/83 of the Stored Products Division

Mohd Noor Ghani, 1984: Progress report on Hevea germplasm of 1981 introduction

Ossi, G. T., 1982: Progress report on Malaria Eradication Programme, Iraq - 1978

Bing, A., 1985: Progress report on controlling mugwort in turfgrass

Rokba, A. M., 1985: Progress report on promising fruit cultivars in Egypt

Boast, M. M., 1985: Progress report on the Sasaby whole stalk harvester

Faris, M. A.; Ta, T. C., 1985: Progress report on the performance of alfalfa germplasms resistant to disease under field conditions at the Ottawa Research Station

Henry, J. E.; Doren, D. M. van, Jr, 1985: Progress report on the use of the Paraplow for conservation tillage

Anonymous, 1984: Progress report summaries 1983

Anonymous, 1985: Progress report summaries 1984

Graper, D. F., 1984: Progress report: effect of soil fungicide, Trichoderma and lighting on production and timing of carnations

Anonymous, 1986: Progress toward a schistosomiasis vaccine

Ignjatovic, J.; Bagust, T., 1985: Progress towards eradication of lymphoid leukosis in Australia

Fauvel, G.; Thiry, M.; Cotton, D., 1984: Progress towards the artificial rearing of Anthocoris nemoralis F

Taylor, W. A., 1983: Progress with an electrostatic device for enhancing the selectivity of herbicides in cereal crops

Perry, R. L., 1985: Progress with cherry rootstocks

Kamvazina, S., 1984: Progress with the establishment of the ticks/and tick-borne disease control centre for east, central and southern Africa (in Malawi)

Mann, G. V., 1982: Progress with the milk factor

Meyer, L., 1985: Progress with the traditional

Wolfe, M. S., 1984: Progress with variety mixtures

Abt, T., 1985: Progress without losing one's soul. An attempt at a comprehensive examination of social problems taking the example of change in rural areas

Mason, C. E., 1986: Progression of knockdown and mortality of honey bees (Hymenoptera: Apidae) sprayed with insecticides mixed with Penncap-M

Section 2, Chapter 1440, Accession 001439272

Wright, J. A.; Brownlie, S., 1985: Progressive ataxia in a Pyrenean mountain dog

Cordy, D. R., 1986: Progressive ataxia of Charolais cattle-an oligodendroglial dysplasia

Griffiths, I. R., 1985: Progressive axonopathy: an inherited neuropathy of Boxer dogs. I. Further studies of the clinical and electrophysiological features

Griffiths, I. R.; McCulloch, M. C.; Abrahams, S., 1985: Progressive axonopathy: an inherited neuropathy of Boxer dogs. II. The nature and distribution of the pathological changes

Section 2, Chapter 1440, Accession 001439278

Hazell, S. L.; Eamens, G. J.; Perry, R. A., 1985: Progressive digital necrosis in the eastern blue-tongued skink, Tiliqua scincoides (Shaw)

McGinnis, M. R., 1986: Progressive disseminated penicilliosis caused by Penicillium marneffei - unfortunate omission

Section 2, Chapter 1440, Accession 001439281

Moshkutelo, I., 1985: Progressive methods of feed preparation

Valentine, B. A.; Cooper, B. J.; Cummings, J. F.; DeLahunta, A., 1986: Progressive muscular dystrophy in a Golden Retriever dog: light microscope and ultrastructural features at 4 and 8 months

Shtaudinger, Ya Ya; Zybin, Ya M., 1984: Progressive norms - a way of increasing labour productivity

Section 2, Chapter 1440, Accession 001439286

Sanders J.A., 1985: Progressive paresis in sheep due to delayed neurotoxicity of triaryl phosphates

Bublot, G., 1984: Progressive renationalization of the Common Agricultural Policy?

Narfstrom, K., 1985: Progressive retinal atrophy in Abyssinian cats

Dietz, H. H., 1986: Progressive retinal atrophy in an Abyssinian cat

Sedova, Z. A., 1986: Progressive storage method

Section 2, Chapter 1440, Accession 001439293

Derkenbaev, S., 1984: Progressive technology of rearing replacement heifers

Kimmel, H. S.; Lucas, G. S., 1984: Project GRADS (Grass Roots Alternative Diploma Study)

Hutchinson, A., 1985: Project PROJIMO: a villager-run rehabilitation programme for disabled children in Western Mexico

Section 2, Chapter 1440, Accession 001439297

Anonymous, 1979: Project Skywater Data Inventory - 1979 HIPLEX Season

Anonymous, 1980: Project Skywater Data Inventory - 1980 HIPLEX Season

Anonymous, 1981: Project Skywater Data Inventory - 1980-81 SCPP Season

Anonymous, 1982: Project Skywater Data Inventory - 1981-82 SCPP Season

Anonymous, 1981: Project Skywater Fiscal Year 1979 Report

Spink, B. D., 1986: Project aims to reawaken Sudan's 'sleeping giant': its livestock industry

Mathur, O. P., 1985: Project analysis for local development

Gratton, C.; Taylor, P., 1986: Project appraisal

Schlapfer, E.; Leuenberger, H.; Kunzi, N., 1985: Project beef cattle: preliminary results of cow slaughterings

Anonymous, 1983: Project biology and control of weeds

Anonymous, 1981: Project data. 1981

Taille, M. de la, 1983: Project evaluation and development policies

Anonymous, 1984: Project evaluation: problems of methodology

Bastard, D., 1986: Project for a mobile robot for automatic lawn mowing

Ceita, J. G. de, 1983: Project for the eradication of malaria in the Democratic Republic of Sao Tome and Principe

Babb, T.; Peters, C. W. et al., 1982: Project identification study of fruit and vegetable production and marketing in the Northwest Frontier Province of Pakistan

Clark, T., 1985: Project monitoring simplified. A step-by-step guide to a computerized management information system

Leenanuruksa, D.; Chantaraprateep, P.; Lohachit, C.; Timpatpong, S.; Prasarnpanich, S.; Vittayanupabyuenyong, K.; Siri, A., 1984: Project of investigation on infertile dairy cattle at DFPO, Muak-lek. 1. Artificial induction of lactation

Anonymous, 1983: Project on methods of establishment, recovery, management and supplementation of pastures

Anonymous, 1984: Project report. Results and policy implications of the cross-national investigation: rethinking infant nutrition policies under changing socio-economic conditions

Anonymous, 1984: Project reports: laboratory and field reports

Cox, D., 1985: Project that sets the seal on a British spas revival

Zavitkovski, J., 1983: Projected and actual biomass production of 2- to 10-year-old intensively cultured Populus 'Tristis No. 1'

Johnston, D. C.; Tieh, P., 1985: Projected and perceived images of tourist destinations in Asia and the Pacific In: Issues in tourism research in the South Pacific. Proceedings of the meeting of the Sub-commission on Tourism in the South West Pacific, Christchurch, 23-25 January, 1983

Bak, K., 1983: Projected biological rehabilitation of sites destroyed by fire in Lubsko forest district

Vandeveer, L. R.; Boucher, R. W.; Huffman, D. C., 1985: Projected cash flows for representative Louisiana farms 1985

Zacharias, T. P.; McManus, B., 1986: Projected costs & returns - rice, soybeans, and milo - southwest Louisiana, 1986

Lavergne, D. R.; Paxton, K. W., 1986: Projected costs and returns - cotton, soybeans, maize, milo and wheat - Red River and Central Areas, Louisiana, 1986

Paxton, K. W.; Zacharias, T. P.; Lavergne, D. R.; McManus, B., 1986: Projected costs and returns - cotton, soybeans, rice, corn, milo and wheat, Northeast Louisiana, 1986

Heagler, A. M.; Chapman, B. A.; Olubobokun, O., 1986: Projected costs and returns - sugarcane - Louisiana, 1986

Taylor, T. G., 1984: Projected costs and returns for Florida vegetables for 1984-85 production season

Boucher, R. W.; Huffman, D. C., 1986: Projected costs and returns for beef cattle, dairy production, swine production, and forage crops in Louisiana, 1986

Cornforth, G.; Taylor, W., 1986: Projected costs and returns for rabbiteye blueberry production in East Texas

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Anonymous, 1984: Proposals for Council Regulations (EEC) - amending Regulation (EEC) No 358/79 on sparkling wines produced in the Community and defined in Item 13 of Annex II to Regulation (EEC) No 337/79 - amending Regulation (EEC) No 338/79 laying down special provisions relating to quality wines produced in specific regions. Amendment pursuant to the second paragraph of Article 149 of the Treaty to the proposal for a Council Regulation laying down general rules for the description and presentation of spa

Anonymous, 1984: Proposals for Council Regulations (EEC) laying down the date for the entry into force of Regulations (EEC) Nos 3284/83 and 3285/83 relating to the fruit and vegetable sector; adjusting, following a change in Community rules applicable in the fruit and vegetables sector, certain detailed rules laid down in the Act of Accession of Greece

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Anonymous, 1986: Proposals for agricultural prices and related measures for 1986/87

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Anonymous, 1984: Proposed legislation for mountain areas

Anonymous, 1984: Proposed major conference and exhibition centres in England. Plans in 1984

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Zivkovic, Z., 1982: Proposed regulations on quality of milk, milk products, rennets and pure cultures

Howell, R., 1986: Proposed standards for NRPA accreditation of travel and tourism curricula

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