Protein content and amino acid composition of the grain in induced compact-eared and sphaerococcoid mutants of bread wheat

Sal' nikova, T.V.; Bobrova, A.V.; Dosmailova, O.I.; Amel' kina, N.F.; Ketova, T.A.; Valeeva, T.M.; Degtyareva, S.S.; Zazimko, V.V.

Genetika, USSR 21(5): 828-838


Accession: 001440509

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Most of the 13 compact-eared and 11 sphaerococcoid mutants induced in Belotserkovskaya 198 with N-nitroso-N-alkylureas and N-nitroso-N-dialkylureas had a lower protein content than the source variety. Forms with a fairly high protein content were more frequent among the sphaerococcoids. Two compact-eared and four sphaerococcoid mutants with a protein content 2-5% higher than in the source variety were selected. Protein content was positively correlated with 1000-grain weight in the compact-eared forms but negatively in the sphaerococcoids. The sphaerococcoids were inferior in essential amino acid composition to the compact-eared mutants, among which 4 were selected with a fairly high lysine content, 3 with a high tryptophan content and one with a high methionine content. Two sphaerococcoids were selected for tryptophan content and one for methionine content. One of each type of mutant had stable values for flour quality characters over the 4 years of the study.