Protein supplementation of silage-based diets for growing and finishing beef cattle

Steen, R.W.J.

Fifty eighth annual report, 1984-1985 Agricultural Research Institute of Northern Ireland: 48-58

Accession: 001440676

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When well-preserved silages were offered in a series of experiments to finishing beef cattle the inclusion of fish meal in a barley supplement did not affect silage intake, animal performance or carcass composition. The inclusion of soyabean in the supplement did not affect silage intake or carcass composition, but it produced a small increase in animal performance in 2 out of 7 comparisons. It is concluded that when finishing beef cattle are offered silage of the type used in these experiments fish meal should not be included in the supplement due to its high price and the lack of response in animal performance. The inclusion of soyabean meal is also unlikely to give an economic response except possibly with cattle which are implanted with hormonal growth promoters and are achieving a high level of performance.