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Relations between aerobic heterotrophic, nitrate reducing, denitrifying and nitrogen fixing bacteria, nitrogenase activity, soil moisture and nitrogen fertilization in soil and rhizosphere of field-grown wheat and barley

Jagnow, G.

New trends in soil biology: 225-235


Accession: 001446416

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The average proportions of denitrifiers within the total nitrate-reducing populations were 24, 34 and 73% and those of nitrate reducers within the total bacteria were 12, 39 and 42% for non-rhizosphere soil and rhizosphere soil of 0 N and 120 kg N wheat plants, respectively. Some positive correlations existed between soil moisture and nitrate-reducing and denitrifying bacteria. Maximal denitrifying populations were reached in the rhizosphere of flowering, N-fertilized plants after heavy rain.

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