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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 1448

Chapter 1448 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Breslau, N. A.; Zerwekh, J. E., 1986: Relationship of estrogen and pregnancy to calcium homeostasis in pseudohypoparathyroidism

Sparrow, D.; Borkan, G. A.; Gerzof, S. G.; Wisniewski, C.; Silbert, C. K., 1986: Relationship of fat distribution to glucose tolerance. Results of computed tomography in male participants of the Normative Aging Study

Friedman, M. I.; Ramirez, I., 1985: Relationship of fat metabolism to food intake

Watne A.L., 1985: Relationship of fecal steroid concentration with the fecal bulk and steroid output

Cau, A.; Manconi, P., 1984: Relationship of feeding, reproductive cycle and bathymetric distribution in Conger conger

Schneeberger, M.; Hagger, C., 1986: Relationship of fertility parameters with lactation yield in cows of various crossbreeding levels

McClanahan, R. J., 1984: Relationship of flights of European corn borer (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae) to temperature accumulations at Harrow, Ontario

Lynch, RE.; Monson, WG.; Wiseman, BR.; Burton, GW.; Gaines, TP., 1986: Relationship of forage quality to developmental parameters of the fall armyworm (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae)

Kailides, D. S.; Paniera, S.; Hatzenikolaou, K., 1984: Relationship of forest fires to temperature, wind and air humidity in Attica (Greece)

Whipps, J. M.; Roderick, H. W.; Clifford, B. C.; Lewis, D. H., 1985: Relationship of fungal chemical markers to normal and benodanil-affected growth and development of Puccinia hordei in leaves of barley

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Section 2, Chapter 1448, Accession 001447012

Section 2, Chapter 1448, Accession 001447013

Emery R.S., 1986: Relationship of hepatic lipidosis to health and performance in dairy cattle

Section 2, Chapter 1448, Accession 001447015

Adams C.E., 1985: Relationship of hormonally induced developmental changes in preovulatory follicles of the rabbit

Estes, K. S., 1983: Relationship of hypothalamic catecholamine alterations and reproductive function in aging female rats

Deswysen, A. G.; Ellis, W. C.; Pond, K. R., 1986: Relationship of ingestive and ruminating behaviours to rumen digestibility and voluntary intake

Manspeaker, J. E.; Robl, M. G.; Edwards, G. H., 1986: Relationship of intracellular mineral levels in uterine tissue and ovulation in the bovine

Rogowski, A. S.; Richie, E. B., 1984: Relationship of laboratory and field determined hydraulic conductivity in compacted clay soils

Richards, K. W., 1984: Relationship of leafcutter bee cell productivity to alfalfa seed yield

Ahmed, M.; Wahid, A., 1984: Relationship of leafhopper infestation on okra at Karachi

Sieber, M.; Averdunk, G.; Bogner, H.; Kalm, E., 1986: Relationship of lifetime productivity with conformation traits for German Fleckvieh cows in Bavaria

Sawant, D. M.; Capoor, S. P., 1983: Relationship of lima bean mosaic virus with its aphid vectors

Izawa N., 1985: Relationship of mandibular and gut movements induced by chlordimeform

Gunnison D.; Chen, R. L.; Brannon, J. M., 1983: Relationship of materials in flooded soils and sediments to the water quality of reservoirs - I. Oxygen consumption rates

Macapinlac M.P., 1984: Relationship of maternal and infant iron stores as measured by serum ferritin

Eferakeya, A. E.; Imasuen, J. E., 1986: Relationship of menopause to serum cholesterol and arterial blood pressure in some Nigerian women

Ronda, R.; Perez Beato, O.; Granado, A., 1984: Relationship of milk proteins with quantitative measurements in superscript 3/4 Holstein-Friesian-1/4 zebu cows

Grega, T.; Szarek, J., 1985: Relationship of milking rate and teat dimensions to cell count in milk

Schultz L.H., 1986: Relationship of milking rate to somatic cell count

Greub, L. J.; Collins, M.; Carlson, S. K.; Casler, M. D., 1986: Relationship of morphological characteristics to forage quality in quackgrass

Morris, J. R.; Sims, C. A.; Bourque, J. E.; Oakes, J. L., 1984: Relationship of must pH and acidity to the level of soluble solids in six French-American hybrid grapes

Clark, D. H.; Lamb, R. C., 1986: Relationship of near infrared reflectance spectra to dry matter digestibility

Lester, G. E.; Bruton, B. D., 1986: Relationship of netted muskmelon fruit water loss to postharvest storage life

Section 2, Chapter 1448, Accession 001447040

Okulicz, W. C.; Fournier, D. J.; Esber, H.; Fredrickson, T. N., 1985: Relationship of oestrogen and progesterone and their oviductal receptors in laying and non-laying 5-year-old hens

Gurung, B. S.; Taylor, C. M., 1984: Relationship of part lactation yield with total yield in Kankrej cattle

Siciliano Jones, J.; Murphy, M. R., 1986: Relationship of particle size to true and functional specific gravity of various feedstuffs

Schalk, J. M.; Peterson, J.; Jones, A.; Dukes, P. D., 1985: Relationship of periderm thickness and dry weight per unit area to insect resistance in sweet potato

Bridges, JR.; Moser, JC., 1986: Relationship of phoretic mites (Acari: Tarsonemidae) to the bluestaining fungus, Ceratocystis minor, in trees infested by southern pine beetle (Coleoptera: Scolytidae)

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Section 2, Chapter 1448, Accession 001447047

Section 2, Chapter 1448, Accession 001447048

Section 2, Chapter 1448, Accession 001447050

Sangwan, M. L.; Anand, G. R., 1985: Relationship of plasma immunoglobulin levels with incidence of diseases and mortality in crossbred calves

Mersmann, H. J.; MacNeil, M. D., 1985: Relationship of plasma lipid concentrations to fat deposition in pigs

Marguerat C., 1985: Relationship of production traits and egg composition to feed consumption and the genetic variability of efficiency in laying hens

Johnson, L.; Bowen, F. W, Jr; Abbasi, S.; Herrmann, N.; Weston, M.; Sacks, L.; Porat, R.; Stahl, G.; Peckham, G.; Delivoria Papadopoulos, M.; Quinn, G.; Schaffer, D., 1985: Relationship of prolonged pharmacologic serum levels of vitamin E to incidence of sepsis and necrotizing enterocolitis in infants with birth weight 1,500 grams or less

Allen, L. R.; Long, P., 1986: Relationship of recreation participation barriers to employment status and life cycle stage

Batra, T. R.; Lee, A. J.; McAllister, A. J., 1986: Relationship of reproduction traits, body weight and milk yield in dairy cattle

Estell, R. E, I. I.; Galyean, M. L., 1985: Relationship of rumen fluid dilution rate to rumen fermentation and dietary characteristics of beef steers

Milus, E. A.; Line, R. F., 1985: Relationship of rust intensity, infection type, latent period, and lesion length to inheritance of a durable type of stripe rust resistance

Anderson, D. L.; Dean, J. L., 1986: Relationship of rust severity and plant nutrients in sugarcane

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Section 2, Chapter 1448, Accession 001447065

Section 2, Chapter 1448, Accession 001447067

Section 2, Chapter 1448, Accession 001447068

Section 2, Chapter 1448, Accession 001447069

Nickling, W. G.; FitzSimons, J. G., 1985: Relationship of soil type and agricultural systems to wind erosion in southwestern Ontario

Papadopoulou Androulidake, N. H.; Gitse, S. G., 1981: Relationship of soil zinc removed by two extractants to zinc uptake by maize

Batra, T. R., 1985: Relationship of somatic cell concentration with daily milk yield in dairy cows

Dill C.W., 1986: Relationship of somatic cell count and total sulfhydryls in milk

Pastrnkova, M.; Rysanek, D., 1984: Relationship of somatic cell counts in bulk tank samples to the prevalence of bovine mastitis in large herds

Section 2, Chapter 1448, Accession 001447075

Esechie, H. A., 1985: Relationship of stalk morphology and chemical composition to lodging resistance in maize (Zea mays L.) in a rainforest zone

Mahmood Ahmad; Gill, I. A., 1984: Relationship of stem density with seed size and weight in four potato cultivars (Solanum tuberosum L.)

Arteca, R. N.; Bachman, J. M.; Yopp, J. H.; Mandava, N. B., 1985: Relationship of steroidal structure to ethylene production by etiolated mung bean segments

Marickar, Y. M. F.; Rose, G. A., 1985: Relationship of stone growth and urinary biochemistry in long-term follow-up of stone patients with idiopathic hypercalciuria

Bennett, G. L.; Clarke, J. N.; Rattray, P. V.; MacLean, K. S., 1984: Relationship of subcutaneous fat depth and weight changes induced by stocking rate in 4 lines of lambs

Sarkar M.C., 1985: Relationship of supply parameter and cumulative release of phosphorus with its uptake by rice and wheat

Section 2, Chapter 1448, Accession 001447082

Grega, T.; Szarek, J., 1985: Relationship of teat canal size to milkability and udder health in 3 breeds

Section 2, Chapter 1448, Accession 001447085

Fernandez, M. H.; Perez Beato, O., 1985: Relationship of the Hb, Tf and amylase genotypes with total lactation milk yield in superscript 3/4 zebu-1/4 Holstein-Friesian cows

Jaskowski, J. M., 1986: Relationship of the blood mineral content before and after parturition to fertility in cows

Takeda, J.; Senda, M., 1984: Relationship of the electrophysiological property of tobacco cultured cells to their regeneration ability

Pecsi, M.; Zentay, T.; Gerei, L.; Remenyi, M., 1984: Relationship of the geomorphological position, genetic, physical, chemical and mineralogical features of sand soils with their fertility

Section 2, Chapter 1448, Accession 001447090

Wolfe, D.; Chin, C. K.; Eck, P., 1986: Relationship of the pH of medium to growth of 'Bluecrop' highbush blueberry in vitro

Blum, C. B.; Dell, R. B.; Palmer, R. H.; Ramakrishnan, R.; Seplowitz, A. H.; Goodman, D. S., 1985: Relationship of the parameters of body cholesterol metabolism with plasma levels of HDL cholesterol and the major HDL apoproteins

Zaidi, A. A.; Singh, B. P.; Srivastava, K. M., 1984: Relationship of the periwinkle chlorotic stunt virus with its aphid vector Aphis gossypii Glov

Ferrigno, F., 1984: Relationship of tidal marsh values to major objectives, standards and accomplishments of open marsh water management

Section 2, Chapter 1448, Accession 001447095

Brender, E. V., 1986: Relationship of total height and merchantable height to d.b.h. and site index in natural even-aged stands of loblolly pine in the Lower Piedmont

Krishnakumari, P. R., 1983: Relationship of total tillers to effective tillers in some medium duration rice varieties

Ustdal, K. M.; Bakir, A.; Altuntas, A.; Erturan, M., 1982: Relationship of transferrin and milk protein types with milk fat and milk yield in Brown Mountain and Holstein dairy cows at the Cifteler and Karacabey breeding stations

Ling, G. V.; Cullen, J. M.; Kennedy, P. C.; Ruby, A. L.; Brooks, D. L., 1985: Relationship of upper and lower urinary tract infection and bacterial invasion of uroepithelium to antibody-coated bacteria test results in female dogs

Herbert,. Jr.;, 1985: Relationship of vegetarianism to child growth in South India

Marcos Filho, J.; Pescarin, H. M. C.; Komatsu, Y. H.; Demetrio, C. G. B.; Fancelli, A. L., 1984: Relationship of vigour tests in soyabean seeds to seedling emergence in the field

Hustead, V. A.; Gutcher, G. R.; Anderson, S. A.; Zachman, R. D., 1984: Relationship of vitamin A (retinol) status to lung disease in the preterm infant

Swift, M. E.; Shultz, T. D., 1986: Relationship of vitamins B-6 and B-12 to homocysteine levels: risk for coronary heart disease

Section 2, Chapter 1448, Accession 001447106

Kingsley, P. C.; Scriber, J. M.; Harvey, R. G., 1986: Relationship of weed density with leafhopper populations in alfalfa, Wisconsin

Brlansky, R. H.; Timmer, L. W.; Lee, R. F.; Graham, J. H., 1984: Relationship of xylem plugging to reduced water uptake and symptom development in citrus trees with blight and blightlike declines

Horvath, E. H.; Post, D. F.; Kelsey, J. B., 1984: Relationships among Landsat digital data and the properties of Arizona rangeland

Fox, R. H.; Piekielek, W. P., 1984: Relationships among anaerobically mineralized nitrogen, chemical indexes, and nitrogen availability to corn

Gabris, J.; Mattova, J., 1985: Relationships among biochemical constituents of blood in cows with different milk yields

Campbell, L. G.; Kern, J. J., 1983: Relationships among components of yield and quality of sugarbeets

Section 2, Chapter 1448, Accession 001447113

Talavera, F.; Park, C. S.; Williams, G. L., 1985: Relationships among dietary lipid intake, serum cholesterol and ovarian function in Holstein heifers

Gibb, J. B., 1985: Relationships among feeder cattle characteristics and subsequent production traits

Lebengarts, Ya Z., 1984: Relationships among genotype, nutrition and immunity in livestock

Kolb F.L., 1986: Relationships among grain quality indicators in oats

LeDrew, H. D.; Daynard, T. B.; Muldoon, J. F., 1984: Relationships among hybrid maturity, environment, dry matter yield and moisture content of whole-plant corn

Day, G. E.; Paulsen, G. M.; Sears, R. G., 1985: Relationships among important traits in the nitrogen economy of winter wheat

Hirschman, E. C.; Pieros, A, Jr, 1985: Relationships among indicators of success in Broadway plays and motion pictures

Section 2, Chapter 1448, Accession 001447124

Singh, B. B.; Shrivastava, M. K.; Lalchand, 1985: Relationships among leaf chlorophyll, bean yield and other characters in field grown soybean cultivars

Fallahi, E.; Richardson, D. G.; Westwood, M. N.; Chaplin, M. H., 1985: Relationships among mineral nutrition, ethylene and post-harvest physiology in apples on six rootstocks

Skredleta, V.; Nasinec, V.; Sindelar, L.; Gaudinova, A.; Lisa, L., 1984: Relationships among nitrogenase activity, dihydrogen evolution and root-nodule respiration in peas (Pisum sativum L.)

Cope, J. T., 1984: Relationships among rates of N, P, and K, soil test values, leaf analysis and yield of cotton at 6 locations

Linhart, Y. B.; Mitton, J. B., 1985: Relationships among reproduction, growth rates, and protein heterozygosity in ponderosa pine

Doornenbal, H.; Tong, A. K. W.; Sather, A. P., 1986: Relationships among serum characteristics and performance and carcass traits in growing pigs

Sharpley, A. N.; Jones, C. A.; Gray, C., 1984: Relationships among soil P test values for soils of differing pedogenesis

Reed, J. D., 1986: Relationships among soluble phenolics, insoluble proanthocyanidins and fiber in East African browse species

Renshaw, E. M.; Fairchild, T. P.; Moore, J. J., 1984: Relationships among somatic cell counts, bulk milk tank bacteria counts and clinical mastitis

Ahmed, N. S.; Helal, F. R.; Asker, A. A.; Hofi, A. A.; Haggag, S., 1984: Relationships among some constituents and properties of ewe's milk

Doormaal, B. J. van; Burnside, E. B., 1986: Relationships among subjective milking speed, production, and conformation in Canadian Holsteins

Rogers, G. W.; McDaniel, B. T.; Dentine, M. R.; Johnson, L. P., 1986: Relationships among survival rates, Predicted Differences for yield and linear type traits

Bassiri, A.; Kheradnam, M.; Mostafavi, M. R., 1983: Relationships among the seed yield from small and large plots in common beans

Cropper, J. P., 1984: Relationships among tree-ring width chronologies from Alaska and the Yukon

Batra, T. R.; McAllister, A. J., 1984: Relationships among udder measurements, milking speed, milk yield and CMT scores in young dairy cows

Hollis, B. W.; Pittard, W. B, I I. I.; Reinhardt, T. A., 1986: Relationships among vitamin D, 25-hydroxyvitamin D, and vitamin D-binding protein concentrations in the plasma and milk of human subjects

Bennett, J. M.; Boote, K. J.; Hammond, L. C., 1984: Relationships among water potential components, relative water content, and stomatal resistance of field-grown peanut leaves

Nelsen, T. C.; Short, R. E.; Urick, J. J.; Reynolds, W. L., 1986: Relationships among weights and calving performance of heifers in a herd of unselected cattle

Oduardo M., 1985: Relationships among yield and its components in two alfalfa varieties

Krucek, Z., 1986: Relationships and components of the social development of agriculture and the food industry

Nijs, A. P. M. den; Visser, D. L., 1985: Relationships between African species of the genus Cucumis L. estimated by the production, vigour and fertility of F1 hybrids

Schlentner, R. E.; Cleve, K. van, 1985: Relationships between CO2 evolution from soil, substrate temperature, and substrate moisture in four mature forest types in interior Alaska

Baer, G. R.; Schrader, L. E., 1985: Relationships between CO2 exchange rates and activities of pyruvate,Pi dikinase and ribulose bisphosphate carboxylase, chlorophyll concentration, and cell volume in maize leaves

Schapendonk, A. H. C. M., 1985: Relationships between CO2, light and temperature

Schaarschmidt, H., 1985: Relationships between Carya Nutt. and Platycarya Sieb. & Zucc. (Juglandaceae) and the natural divisions of the family

Booth, R. G.; Usher, M. B., 1985: Relationships between Collembola and their environment in a maritime Antarctic moss-turf habitat

Valtonen, T. E., 1983: Relationships between Corynosoma semerme and C. strumosum (Acanthocephala) and their paratenic fish hosts in the Bothnian Bay, Baltic Sea

Recke, H.; Nemeth, K., 1985: Relationships between EUF-N fractions, N uptake and quality of sugar beet in deep loess soils of Southern Lower Saxony

Chernov, Yu V.; Prodeus, T. V.; Gordeeva, L. M., 1984: Relationships between Entamoeba histolytica and bacteria. The possible inclusion of bacterial membranes into the membrane of the trophozoite of E. histolytica

Baum, B. R.; Bailey, L. G., 1985: Relationships between Hordeum bulbosum L. subsp. bulbosum and H. bulbosum subsp. nodosum comb. et stat. nov

Shaw, H. J.; Foxcroft, G. R., 1985: Relationships between LH, FSH and prolactin secretion and reproductive activity in the weaned sow

Kilen, T. C., 1986: Relationships between Rps2 and other genes controlling resistance to Phytophthora rot in soybean

Porchet Hennere, E.; Collyn D' Hooghe, M.; Sadak, A.; Frontier, S., 1985: Relationships between a coccidia, Besnoitia jellisoni, and its host cell in vitro, studied by microcinematography

Schwenke, W., 1985: Relationships between animal pests and tree diseases

Yamamura, R.; Nakano, H., 1985: Relationships between annual water losses and annual precipitation and altitude in forested watershed

Lozano, C. M.; Bodega, J. L.; Dios, M. A. de; Bedogni, R.; Colombo, I., 1984: Relationships between apical developmental stages and morphological characteristics of wheat plants

Shrivastava, M. B., 1982: Relationships between available water capacity of forest soils and the height growth of Norway spruce (Picea abies Karst.) in Hesse (FRG)

Wood, J. D.; Whelehan, O. P.; Fortin, A.; Chambers, J., 1985: Relationships between backfat thickness and body composition in sows

Fortin, A.; Elliot, J. I., 1985: Relationships between backfat thickness and chemical composition of the body and components of swine

Lynch, A. M.; Witter, J. A., 1985: Relationships between balsam fir mortality caused by the spruce budworm and stand, site, and soil variables in Michigan's Upper Peninsula

Randles, J. W.; Barnett, O. W., 1984: Relationships between bean yellow mosaic virus isolates from Australia and the USA

Usagawa, T.; Kawashima, R., 1984: Relationships between bloat score and ruminal characteristics in sheep

Ax R.L., 1985: Relationships between bovine follicular fluid glycosaminoglycans and steroids

Cue, R. I.; Hayes, J. F.; Monardes, H. G., 1986: Relationships between calving ease and type traits

Tsuchiya, H.; Kinoshita, O., 1984: Relationships between canopy structure and yield in rice plants. II. Long and short-culmed cultivars grown in single and mixed cropping at three planting density levels in three cropping seasons

Tsuchiya, H.; Kinoshita, O., 1985: Relationships between canopy structure and yield in rice plants. III. Direct sowing culture of lowland rice at five plant densities and two nitrogen levels on well-drained paddy soil

Hobbs, S. L. A., 1986: Relationships between carbon dioxide exchange rate, photosynthetic area and biomass in pea

Schirvel, C.; Hanset, R., 1986: Relationships between carcass composition and the grading system used in pig selection in Belgium. 1. Pietrain pigs

Wallace J.D., 1985: Relationships between cattle forage intake and fecal physical characteristics

Donchenko, A. S.; Donchenko, V. N.; Mandro, N. A.; Seredin, V. A., 1986: Relationships between cellular and humoral immunity in cattle sensitized with various mycobacteria

Yano, K., 1986: Relationships between chemical structure of phenylalkynes and their antifeeding activity for larvae of a cabbage butterfly

Zeeman, P. J. L.; Fourie, A. J., 1984: Relationships between climatic factors and the diet selected by ruminants on Karoo veld

Theiler, R.; Muller, H., 1986: Relationships between climatic factors and the incidence of stalk necrosis in Riesling X Sylvaner

Shinohara, I.; Kurose, S.; Harada, I., 1985: Relationships between cobalt and vitamin B12 in soil and forage crops

Coffey M.T., 1984: Relationships between composition and cellular uptake of lipoproteins from normal and hyperlipemic swine

Gaborcik, N., 1986: Relationships between concentrations of chlorophyll and nitrogenous substances in some forage grass species

Klostermeyer, H.; Wolfschoon Pombo, A. F.; Graml, R.; Buchberger, J., 1986: Relationships between concentrations of individual components and so-called anomalies of the freezing point of milk

Perring, TM.; Holtzer, TO.; Toole, JL.; Norman, JM., 1986: Relationships between corn-canopy microenvironments and Banks grass mite (Acari: Tetranychidae) abundance

Section 2, Chapter 1448, Accession 001447192

Abdul Jabbar, A. S.; Lugg, D. G.; Sammis, T. W.; Gay, L. W., 1985: Relationships between crop water stress index and alfalfa yield and evapotranspiration

Veelen, I. M. S. van; Bakker, J. C., 1985: Relationships between cultural methods and the incidence of fruit shrinkage cracks

Haussling, M.; Romheld, V.; Marschner, H., 1985: Relationships between degree of chlorosis, iron content and leaf growth of grapevines at different localities

Kusunoki, M.; Ichitani, T., 1984: Relationships between density of Pythium butleri oospores and infection of cucumber seedlings

Laskiewicz J., 1986: Relationships between duodenal motility and pancreatic secretion in fasted and fed dogs

Roche M., 1986: Relationships between electromyographic ileal and colonic motility patterns in cats during fasting and feeding

Blasco Lamenca, M.; Muzquiz, M.; Aser, C. G.; Guillen, A. M.; Marin, A. M., 1978: Relationships between elements and chemical components of lupin (Lupinus mutabilis) in Peru, with emphasis on proteins, oils and alkaloids

Honing, Y. van der; Steg, A., 1984: Relationships between energy values of feedstuffs predicted with thirteen feed evaluation systems for dairy cows

Pollak, L. M.; Gardner, C. O.; Parkhurst, A. M., 1984: Relationships between enzyme marker loci and morphological traits in two mass selected maize populations

Section 2, Chapter 1448, Accession 001447202

Section 2, Chapter 1448, Accession 001447204

Rosch, H., 1984: Relationships between fertility traits and milk yield in the German Simmental population served by the Meggle AI Centre

Kastner, B., 1984: Relationships between field emergence, seed spacing, plant number and distribution of sugarbeet and conclusions on spacing

Perry, D. H.; Lenz, M.; Watson, J. A. L., 1985: Relationships between fire, fungal rots and termite damage in Australian forest trees

Bulinska Radomska, Z.; Lester, R. N., 1985: Relationships between five species of Lolium (Poaceae)

Millet, E., 1986: Relationships between floret size and grain weight in aneuploid lines of homoeologous group-5 chromosomes of common wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) cv. Chinese Spring

Linhart, Y. B., 1984: Relationships between genetic constitution and host preference in the dwarf mistletoe Arceuthobium vaginatum

McClung, A. M., 1985: Relationships between glume color and gluten strength and plant height and yield in durum wheat (Triticum turgidum L. var. durum)

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Radosevich S.R., 1985: Relationships between growth and competitiveness of four annual weeds

Section 2, Chapter 1448, Accession 001447221

Carter, R. E.; Miller, I. M.; Klinka, K., 1986: Relationships between growth form and stand density in immature Douglas-fir

Berg R.T., 1984: Relationships between growth parameters and scrotal circumference in young beef bulls

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Spotts R.A., 1986: Relationships between inoculum concentrations of three decay fungi and pear fruit decay

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Lochmiller, RL.; Hellgren, EC.; Grant, WE., 1985: Relationships between internal morphology and body mass in the developing, nursling collared peccary, Tayassu tajacu (Tayassuidae)

Section 2, Chapter 1448, Accession 001447242

Credland, PF.; Dick, KM.; Wright, AW., 1986: Relationships between larval density, adult size and egg production in the cowpea seed beetle, Callosobruchus maculatus

Reich, P. B., 1984: Relationships between leaf age, irradiance, leaf conductance, CO2 exchange, and water use efficiency in hybrid poplar

Neilsen, G. H.; Yorston, J.; Lierop, W. van; Hoyt, P. B., 1985: Relationships between leaf and soil boron and boron toxicity of peaches in British Columbia

Section 2, Chapter 1448, Accession 001447246

Vertovec, J. H., 1985: Relationships between levels of stress and leisure satisfaction

Braun, Oh; Sandkuhler, H., 1985: Relationships between lysozyme concentration of human milk, bacteriologic content, and weight gain of premature infants

Elin R.J., 1985: Relationships between magnesium and protein concentrations in serum

Gaubert, C. M.; Carriero, R.; Shyamala, G., 1986: Relationships between mammary estrogen receptor and estrogenic sensitivity. Molecular properties of cytoplasmic receptor and its binding to deoxyribonucleic acid

Hervouet, J. P.; Laveissiere, C., 1983: Relationships between man - habitat - Glossina - their consequences on the development of sleeping sickness in the forest areas of the Ivory Coast

Custodio, A. A., 1984: Relationships between measures of feed efficiency and transmitting ability for milk of Holstein cows

Anonymous, 1981: Relationships between milk production and price variations in the EC

Ng Kwai Hang K.F., 1986: Relationships between milk protein polymorphisms and cheese yielding capacity

Section 2, Chapter 1448, Accession 001447258

Minchin, F. R.; Minguez, M. I.; Sheehy, J. E.; Witty, J. F.; Skot, L., 1986: Relationships between nitrate and oxygen supply in symbiotic nitrogen fixation by white clover

Rodriguez A, J.; Sherman, W. B., 1985: Relationships between parental, seed, and seedling chilling requirement in peach and nectarine

Price, S. C.; Kahler, A. L.; Hallauer, A. R.; Charmley, P.; Giegel, D. A., 1986: Relationships between performance and multilocus heterozygosity at enzyme loci in single-cross hybrids of maize

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Section 2, Chapter 1448, Accession 001447945

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