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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 1452

Chapter 1452 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Soller, M.; Beckmann, J.S., 1985:
Restriction fragment length polymorphisms and animal genetic improvement

Kashi, Y.; Soller, M.; Hallerman, E.; Beckmann, J.S., 1986:
Restriction fragment length polymorphisms in dairy cattle genetic improvement

Soller M.; Beckmann J.S., 1986:
Restriction fragment length polymorphisms in poultry breeding

Gurevitch, J., 1986:
Restriction of a C3 grass to dry ridges in a semiarid grassland

Chladek, Z., 1983:
Restriction of application losses during aerial spraying

Garrett, S.D., 1982:
Restriction of cellulose-decomposing capacity amongst root-infecting fungi

Wawrzynczak, S.; Kaminski, S.; Winnicka, I.; Skudniewska, L.; Wieczorek, Z., 1984:
Restriction of concentrates for bulls fattened on farm-produced feeds

Schaafsma, G.; Bekker, G.J.P.M. de, 1985:
Restriction of dietary protein for prevention of osteoporosis

Devine, D.V.; Falk, R.J.; Balber, A.E., 1986:
Restriction of the alternative pathway of human complement by intact Trypanosoma brucei subsp. gambiense

Bilash, G.D.; Timoshinova, A.E., 1984:
Restriction of the queen's egg laying and the quality of her progeny

Hambuchen, T., 1985:
Restrictive effects of food legislation on product policy of food manufacturers

Tarte, D.V., 1984:
Restructure of Fiji's sugar industry - what are the benefits?

Arcuri, E.; Pasca, R., 1985:
Restructuring and the development of Italian agriculture 1970-84

Harrison, H., 1984:
Restructuring for improved efficiency in the agribusiness sector of the Irish economy

Marcus, T., 1986:
Restructuring in commercial agriculture in South Africa. Modernising super-exploitation

Tombesi, A., 1986:
Restructuring methods for frost-damaged olive trees

Ionescu, A., 1985:
Restructuring of algal communities in the soil under the influence of herbicides

Hibberd, B.G., 1985:
Restructuring of plantations in Kielder Forest District

Shah, M.G., 1984:
Restructuring of rural development administration

Brugnoli, A., 1984:
Restructuring the agricultural statistics system

Klinefelter, D.A., 1986:
Restructuring the farm business

Oblander, W.; Worth, R.; Konig, E.; Braunger, H.; Schroter, H., 1983:
Result and interpretation of two-year measurements of sulphur dioxide emission on silver fir observation plots in the Black Forest and neighbouring growth areas

Orlovius, K., 1984:
Result of a seven year trial with NK fertilizer treatment on a loess site in Franconia with intensive crop rotation

Bakri, A.H., 1982:
Result of a simple observational trial on the effects of oil palm bunch mulch on yield and general agronomic conditions

Loubser, L.F.B., 1986:
Result of performance testing during the last decade 1975/76 - 1984/85

Miller, J.F.; Middlebrooks, P.B., 1984:
Results - 1983 trials on rights-of-way

Merenyi, I., 1983:
Results achieved to date in development of the Hungarian cattle sector, and directions for further development

Zanin, E.; Costanzi, C.; Allegretti, M., 1984:
Results and experience in controlling infectious diseases of bees in Trento province from 1975 to 1983

Krumbein, G., 1985:
Results and experience in the improvement of yield reliability in outdoor gherkins

Nagy, A., 1986:
Results and experiences after application of the pathozone in Hungary

Petkov, C., 1984:
Results and experiences with reduction of energy consumption in field vegetable production in Bulgaria

Rostel, H.J.; Prinzler, D., 1984:
Results and further possibilities of breeding for resistance to bolting in monogerm sugarbeet

Deland, M.P.B., 1985:
Results and implications of studies involving Brahman cattle in South Australia

Garkavyi, P., 1983:
Results and main trends in barley breeding

Peter, W.; Jenichen, W., 1986:
Results and measures taken for more effective artificial insemination of cattle

Piskovatskii, Y.M. (Piskovackij, J.M.; Nenarokov, Y.M. (Nenarokov, J.M.; Stepanova, G.V., 1984:
Results and methods of breeding lucerne for increased seed production

Logvinenko, V.A.; Prokhozhai, I.D., 1984:
Results and methods of breeding spring barley

Berindei, M.; Mazareanu, I., 1984:
Results and organization of crop rotation on potato producing farms

Ammann, P.; Kropf, W.; Gaillard, C.; Schwander, B., 1984:
Results and possibilities of small flock breeding in Switzerland: a comparison

Peter, W.; Kunze, C., 1985:
Results and potential of using deep-frozen boar semen

Dubrovic, J.A., 1984:
Results and problems in the improvement of energy efficiency in greenhouse units of the USSR

Fischbeck, G., 1984:
Results and problems of breeding for resistance in cereals

Koval' skii, I.D.; Litovchenko, I.F., 1984:
Results and problems of breeding spring barley in Moldavia

Gladenko, V.K.; Gorbukov, M.A., 1982:
Results and prospects for improving lines of White-Russian Koniks

Kalinenko, I.G., 1985:
Results and prospects in breeding short-strawed winter wheat varieties

Khainrikhs, F. (Heinrichs, F), 1983:
Results and prospects in breeding spring barley in the German Democratic Republic

Dremlyuk, G.K., 1984:
Results and prospects in sorghum breeding. Accelerating the breeding process

Oleinik, P.P., 1984:
Results and prospects in sorghum breeding. Breeding early maturing varieties and hybrids

Shepel' , N.A.; Yushchenko, S.I.; Ionova, E.V., 1984:
Results and prospects in sorghum breeding. Utilizing heterosis

Shulyndin, A., 1983:
Results and prospects in triticale breeding

Sedova, Z.A., 1981:
Results and prospects of breeding apple for increased content of ascorbic acid in the fruits

Pustovoit, G.V.; Surovikin, V.N.; Ilatovskii, V.P.; Galkina, N.S., 1982:
Results and prospects of breeding for earliness

Navolotskii, A.V., 1982:
Results and prospects of breeding spring wheat

Dzhakeli, V.E.; Kutubidze, V.V., 1982:
Results and prospects of breeding tea plant in the Georgian SSR

Kalinenko, I.G.; Samofalova, N.E.; Malakhova, N.S., 1982:
Results and prospects of breeding winter turgidum wheat

Bochkovoi, A.D., 1982:
Results and prospects of heterosis breeding in sunflower

Dorofeev, V.F.; Kozhushko, N.N.; Kalinin, N.I., 1985:
Results and prospects of research into the problem of drought resistance at the VIR

Novoselova, A.S.; Piskovatskaya, R.G.; Malashenko, V.S., 1983:
Results and prospects of using the polycross method in clover breeding

Levin, M.J., 1985:
Results and silvicultural consequences of an air pollution damage survey in the private Saxony Forest

Szabo, S.A., 1983:
Results and tasks of research and development in the dairy industry

Ebert, A.; Ehrenfried, F., 1986:
Results and tasks of the crop sector of European members of the CMEA

Zapryanov, S.; Stefanov, T.; Burgazova, I. (Bourgazova, I); Tsankova, D., 1985:
Results and trends in breeding winter forage barley during the period 1980-1984

Weichold, R., 1985:
Results and trends in methodological research into breeding allogamous and autogamous vegetables

Oosting, I.; Dood, J. de, 1985:
Results are cultivar-dependent

Bartoli, P., 1984:
Results by departement of the grubbing up and reconversion premium schemes in viticulture, 1976-82

Salaun, Y., 1985:
Results for 1984

Dagorn, J., 1985:
Results for 1984 for the best and poorest rearing and rearing-finishing farms

Anonymous, 1985:
Results for 1984/85 according to breed type and litter number

Badouard, B.; Dagorn, J.; Dufour, F., 1986:
Results for 1985. 1. Technical management of sow herds

Schellner, H.P., 1985 :
Results from Salmonella studies in 1977-1983

Bohne, K.; Tille, P., 1985:
Results from a determination of the diffusivity of unsaturated soils using Dirksen's method (1975)

Kuhne, G.; Meixner, F., 1984:
Results from a four-year trial on control of contagious ecthyma in a sheep breeding unit on the basis of an annual immunization

Isac, I.; Petre, G.; Tudosescu, O.; Petrascu, I., 1983:
Results from a high density apple orchard in the first 9 years after planting

Fuchs, W.; Wicke, H.J.; Witter, B., 1985:
Results from a large-scale test on the use of the Nan-method for growing malting barley in practice

Svoboda, A.M., 1985:
Results from an ethological study of ornamental woody plants (mixed plants or mixons)

Harig, R., 1986:
Results from cold storage of rhododendron scions

Halverson A.W., 1985:
Results from crude fungal cellulase in a barley diet of rats and from incubated barley

Barth, T.; Kiessling, J.; Walther, A.; Zille, D., 1986:
Results from diagnostic studies with the milk progesterone test in cows with anoestrus after calving

Steinert, P., 1985:
Results from experimental models assessing the role of guide channels in compacted soil layers

Reuss, H.; Kreil, W.; Stitz, K., 1985 :
Results from experiments on the influence of a previous grass crop on re-sown grassland in the uplands

Buraas, T., 1984:
Results from experiments with peas for ripeness in mixtures with oats and barley in Norway

Apostolides, G., 1983:
Results from field experiments for weed control in sugarbeet grown for seed

Rex, M.; Munk, H., 1985:
Results from long-term field trials on the determination of economically optimum rates of phosphate fertilizer for rotationally grazed pastures

Strehler, A., 1985:
Results from research work in heat generation from wood and straw

Jirik, J., 1985:
Results from studies on the problem of line maintenance in early heading cabbage

Chiumenti, R.; Donantoni, L., 1986:
Results from tests of artifical drying of medicinal plants with a conventional gas oil heater and with a heat pump plant

Lagerkvist, G.; Elofson, L.; Gustafsson, H., 1985:
Results from the 1984 mating season

Hof, N.A.A., 1985:
Results from the application of combination cooling are not only positive

Andersen, B.B.; Jensen, J.; Kousgaard, K.; Buchter, L., 1981:
Results from the beef testing stations in 1979-80

Schalitz, G.; Breunig, W.; Klatt, F., 1986:
Results from the experimental station Berge on the use of supplementary irrigation in crop production - a retrospect of 35 years of research work

Munteanu, I.; Rauta, C.; Grigorias, C., 1983:
Results from the interpretation of MSS data from satellites, concerning the soil cover, the agricultural crops and the native vegetation of the south and south east of Romania

Georgiev, C.; Michailov, L.; Popova, D., 1984:
Results from the investigations on genetic parthenocarpy in Bulgaria

Aberg, E., 1984:
Results from the scientific cooperation between Indian and Swedish institutions regarding the use of cruciferous oil crops. Report with emphasis on Swedish investigations 1979-1983

Geordiev, H.; Atanassova, B., 1984:
Results from the use of ps-2 sterile lines with short style in tomato hybrid seed production

Barthel, G.; Metz, G.; Lohn, M., 1986:
Results in the cultivation of zucchini and tuberous fennel at the LPG 1 May Berlin-Wartenberg

Rostel, H.J.; Herzog, K.; Prinzler, D.; Magassy, L.; Hetzer, T.; Virag, J., 1985:
Results obtained from joint GDR-Hungary cooperation for breeding monocarpic sugar beet hybrids

Boissard, P.; Andrieu, B., 1985:
Results obtained from remote sensing of damage to forests using data from aerial photography and satellites from the forests of Lyons and Roumare

Himme, M. van; Stryckers, J.; Bulcke, R., 1984:
Results obtained in the cropping year 1982-1983 by the Centrum voor Onkruidonderzoek

Himme, M. van; Stryckers, J.; Bulcke, R., 1985:
Results obtained in the cropping year 1983-1984 by the Centrum voor Onkruidonderzoek

Himme, M. van; Bulcke, R.; Stryckers, J., 1986:
Results obtained in the cropping year 1984-1985 by the Centrum voor Onkruidonderzoek

Paulian, F. et al, 1980:
Results obtained in the year 1979 both on the study of diseases and pests of field crops and on the possibilities of forecasting and control

Paulian, F. et al., 1981:
Results obtained in the year 1980 within the framework of investigations regarding diseases and pests of field crops

Barbulescu, A. et al., 1984:
Results obtained in the year 1983 in the context of research on diseases and pests of cereals and industrial plants

Ceausescu, I.; Isac, I., 1986:
Results obtained in very-high-density apple orchards in Romania

Werner, O.; Werner, P.; Beyer J.; Schmidt, U.; Reinhold, P., 1985:
Results obtained with Riems Marek's disease virus vaccine containing different amounts of virus in each dose

Boros, V., 1984:
Results obtained with a more stringent system for evaluation of quality of purchased milk in Slovakia

Mayer, H.; Pirker, K., 1985:
Results of 'naturalistic' game management aiming at natural regeneration of stands with tolerable game damage - the example of the Leogang Forest District in Bavaria

Chylarecki, H., 1986:
Results of 100 years of cultivating Douglas fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii (Mirb.) Franco) in Poland

Terrettaz, R.; Carron, R., 1985:
Results of 15 years of trials with raspberries

Skoglund, J.H.; Gandrud, D.E., 1984:
Results of 1983 and 1984 data comparing herbicidal effectiveness of granules, liquids and dry flowables applied dry in corn

Skoglund, J.H.; Gandrud, D.E., 1984:
Results of 1983 and 1984 data comparing herbicidal effectiveness of granules, liquids and dry flowables applied dry in soybeans

Burroughs, F.G.; Hanson, C.L.; Playford, T.J.; Young, C.W., 1983:
Results of 1983 experimental use permit program in Illinois and Indiana using tridiphane for postemergence weed control in corn

Sawinski, A.; Micinski, B., 1983:
Results of 2-year experiments on control of Thrips tabaci Lind. and TSWV virosis with insecticides

Dickens, D.F.; Glover, G.R.; Zutter, B.R., 1983:
Results of 24-year-old Fayette site preparation study

Szymanski, S., 1983:
Results of 30 years of experimentation and application of group planting of oak

Liegel, L.H., 1984:
Results of 5- to 6-yr-old provenance trials of Pinus oocarpa Schiede on eight sites in Puerto Rico

Markes, M., 1984:
Results of Croatian dairies in 1983

Teras, J.; Piekarski, G.; Mertens, T.; Demmer, H., 1983:
Results of ELISA-test in demonstrating T. vaginalis-specific antibodies in rabbit and human sera

Heiss, E., 1985:
Results of German Agricultural Society's (DLG) testing of butter in 1985

Moyer, D.D.; Senesac, A.F.; Sieczka, J.B., 1986:
Results of Long Island hedge bindweed experiments

Trombitas, T., 1981:
Results of Pinus nigra provenance trials in Hungary

Mika, A.; Piatkowski, M., 1986:
Results of a 10-year trial of high-density planting of McIntosh and Macspur apple trees

Maillard, A.; Vez, A., 1984:
Results of a 20-year experiment without organic manures

Kerschberger, M.; Richter, D., 1985:
Results of a 6-year experiment with increasing K levels on a loess chernozem soil in the county of Halle

Chemisov, I.A.; Zheburenok, A.A., 1983:
Results of a biological study of samples of low-growing grasses in the Khibiny region

Rodriguez M.S.; Gonzalez A.A.; Pedraza, A., 1982:
Results of a breeding programme for cassava (Manihot esculenta) in Cuba

Terova, N.; Cifliku, L.; Pellumbi, Z., 1985:
Results of a comparative study of sugarbeet cultivars in the Korce zone

Farkas B.; Simon N., 1984:
Results of a comparative study with an orally and a locally administered antifungal agent in vaginal mycoses

Khristov, A.; Blazhev, V.; Simeonova, L.; Goranova, P., 1984:
Results of a comparative trial on lucerne cultivars. II. Hungarian, French and English cultivars

Keppel, H., 1985:
Results of a comparison between two training systems with different planting distances with young peach trees, with special reference to fruit colour

Prokudin, Y.N., 1982:
Results of a complex biosystematic study of Elytrigia repens (Poaceae)

Merot, P.; Politzar, H.; Tamboura, I.; Cuisance, D., 1984:
Results of a control campaign against river tsetse flies in Burkina using screens impregnated with deltamethrin

Basina, I.G.; Setkova, L.G., 1981:
Results of a cytological study of varieties and forms of plum

Fedin, M.A.; Silis, D.Y.; Shmakova, T.V., 1983:
Results of a diallel analysis of protein content in the grain of winter bread wheat

Boggio, V.; Lestradet, H.; Astier Dumas, M.; Machinot, S.; Suquet, M.; Klepping, J., 1984:
Results of a dietary survey in French children from 3 to 24 months old. Nutrition of French infants

Gati, G.K., 1983:
Results of a field evaluation of resistance to drought in eggplant

Raciti, G.; Sardo, V.; Scuderi, A.; Prima, S. di; Giuffrida, A., 1981:
Results of a four year experiment on the subsurface irrigation of citrus

Halderson, J.L., 1985:
Results of a grain storage study in Idaho

Bergstrom, P.L.; Dijkstra, M., 1984:
Results of a growth rate experiment with young bulls of two genotypes with different mature size and weight

Reynolds, P.E.; MacKay, T.S.; McCormack, M.L.J., 1986:
Results of a hexazinone-mechanical site preparation trial

Boubals, D.; Meriaux, S.; Rollin, H.; Panine, M.; Pottier, J.M.; Lessut, J.; Guiraud, J.L., 1983:
Results of a localized and sprinkler irrigation trial on seven vine cultivars in the South of France

Kundler, P.; Herbrechter, J.; Drechsler, S., 1984:
Results of a long term trial of intensive cereal cropping under conditions of production on sandy soils with a low water table

Schnieder, E., 1986:
Results of a long-term experiment with different K rates and sources

Heine, K.; Wiechen, A., 1984:
Results of a long-term field study on 90Sr transfer

Ollivier, L., 1986:
Results of a long-term selection experiment for lean tissue growth in the pig

Kohler, H.; Voigt, H.; Reuter, W.; Peters, H.J.; Kuklinski, B.; Scheel, H.; Herzfeld, A., 1986:
Results of a long-term study on arteriosclerotic impairment of blood flow treated with polyenoic fatty acids

Kurzmann, P.; Kalthoff, F.; Fischer, P., 1984:
Results of a manuring experiment on Elatior begonia. More consideration should be given to salt sensitivity

Mariani, G.; Monotti, M.; Donatelli, M.; Mercuri, A., 1985 :
Results of a network of 18 experimental fields of grain sorghum

Zaragoza, C.; Sopena, J.M.; Lorente, M.; Ochoa, M.J., 1984:
Results of a network of experiments against wild oat (Avena ludoviciana Dur., A. fatua L.) in the Ebro valley

Nozais, J.P., 1986:
Results of a parasitological study made in 21 villages in the Konkoure Valley (Guinea. Conakry)

Strasman, A., 1986:
Results of a preliminary survey of the benefits of using wider tyres on the drive wheels of tractors

Tsangas, F.T.; Nilova, G.N.; Pak, Z.B., 1984:
Results of a primary evaluation of foreign cereal specimens for resistance to pests and diseases in Uzbekistan

Libek, A., 1985:
Results of a primary variety trial of strawberry at the Polli Experimental Base during 1980-82

Kosykh, S.A., 1982:
Results of a production trial of peach varieties in the Crimean foothills

Korpel, S.; Paule, L., 1984:
Results of a provenance trial with Czech and Polish provenances of silver fir (Abies alba)

Mantinger, H.; Vigl, J., 1985:
Results of a scab-mildew experiment 1984

Kruff, B.; Frahm, K.; Krausslich, H., 1985:
Results of a selection experiment to establish a homozygous halothane negative nucleus of German Landrace breed

Biront, P.; Belot, J., 1985 :
Results of a serological investigation for the presence of swine fever virus in Belgian pig herds

Paluschka, H., 1986:
Results of a strawberry cultivar investigation and a strawberry cultivar trial

Borisenko, V.A.; Lisnichuk, G.N.; Savchuk, E.I., 1985:
Results of a study of bread wheat varieties

Kornienko, E.E., 1984:
Results of a study of disease resistance in sugarbeet varieties and hybrids

Zirakishvili, L.M.; Zenaishvili, O.P., 1982:
Results of a study of phenasal granules for the treatment of taeniasis and hymenolepiasis

Kiselev, I.I.; Dukhanina, I.A., 1983:
Results of a study of resistance to Fusarium in Lupinus luteus varieties

Adamadze, N.Sh, 1985:
Results of a study of self sterility, cross pollination and fertilization in feijoa

Donchev, A.; Tsvetkov, V.; Katerov, K., 1985:
Results of a study of some introduced grapevine varieties

Serzhanov, O.S.; Maslennikova, Z.P.; Kunitskaya, N.T., 1985:
Results of a study of the flea fauna (Siphonaptera) of gerbils of central Asia and Kazakhstan

Konstantinov, S.I.; Grigorashchenko, L.V., 1984:
Results of a study of the resistance of proso millet forms to melanosis

Cobani, H., 1985:
Results of a study on sowing dates for tomatoes in the field for early, midseason or late yields in the coastal zone (1978-1981)

Tanraev, A.D., 1982:
Results of a study on the susceptibility of laboratory animals to cerebral coenuriasis

Ebendorff, W.; Wallstabe, J.; Harstel, R.; Morchen, U.; Kram, K., 1984:
Results of a study on the use of the Impulsa M623 pipeline installation with intermittent positive-pressure pulsation and the MP80 membrane pulsator with prolonged suction phase

Calhoun, D.L.; Roberts, G.D.; Galgiani, J.N.; Bennett, J.E.; Feingold, D.S.; Jorgensen, J.; Kobayashi, G.S.; Shadomy, S., 1986:
Results of a survey of antifungal susceptibility tests in the United States and interlaboratory comparison of broth dilution testing of flucytosine and amphotericin B

Strasman, A., 1986:
Results of a survey of the use of large tonnage agricultural trailers (15-24 tonnes useful load)

Sieberhein, K.; Lehmann, M., 1984:
Results of a survey of weeds in cereals in the Cottbus district

Jong, M.F. de; Bouwkamp, F.T.; Oosterwoud, R.A., 1986:
Results of a three-year field evaluation of a vaccine against atrophic rhinitis

Yehouessi, M., 1984:
Results of a three-year trial on cotton seed disinfection at Bebedjia station (Chad)

Rioni, M.; Restani, R., 1984:
Results of a trial of ivermectin in Charolais and Limousin calves

Matakov, N.; Dabizhev, I.; Asenov, R. (Assenov, R), 1985:
Results of a trial of new introduced potato varieties

San Pedro, M. de; Badosa, R., 1985:
Results of a trial on gerbera cultivation with soil heating

Garcia G.J.J., 1982:
Results of a trial on lucerne cultivars. Period 78-82

Nelson, J.W., 1985:
Results of a twenty year blueberry cultivar trial at Grand Junction, Michigan, USA

Arru, O., 1985:
Results of a variety trial of raspberry

Fontenille, D.; Mathiot, C., 1984:
Results of a year (1983) of entomological investigations on arbovirus vectors in Madagascar

Rutayisire, C., .:
Results of agronomic research on potatoes obtained at PNAP since 1980

Monnich H.T., 1985:
Results of an epidemiological longitudinal study of hearing loss among tractor drivers and operators of agricultural machines

Sijde, H.A. van der, 1984:
Results of an establishment trial with Pinus elliottii on the Transvaal Highveld

Blazek, J.; Paprstein, F., 1985:
Results of an evaluation of early apple cultivars

Hosnedl, V.; Behal, J.; Cinglova, O., 1984:
Results of an evaluation of pea seeds of different origins using individual conductometric tests

Maimistov, V.V., 1983:
Results of an evaluation of the resistance of breeding material under drought conditions artificially produced in a new way

Marsbergen, W. van, 1984:
Results of an evaluation trial with glasshouse roses. Three award-winning cultivars in 1983

Gelder, A. de; Reijnders, M.A.C.; Kalkman, E.C.; Glas, R., 1984:
Results of an evaluation trial. The range of anthuriums is widened

Mironova, T.P.; Sviridova, T.E.; Grib, S.I.; Danilov, A.S., 1984:
Results of an experiment in an artificially controlled climate

Prieto Guijarro, A.; Arevalo Vicente, G.; Jimenez Diaz, L., 1984:
Results of an experiment in feeding Morucho cattle

Heinze, W., 1985:
Results of an experiment on extensive growth of vegetation on roofs

Tukherm, K.; Golovachev, A.; Gladkii, V.; Silichev, Y., 1981:
Results of an experimental study of a single-storey frame saw fitted with an oscillating output device

Denstorf, O.; Heeschen, G.; Kenneweg, H., 1984:
Results of an extensive inventory of forest decline in 1983 with colour infrared aerial photographs in southern Schleswig-Holstein

Heiman, M.M., 1984:
Results of an integrated computer program of fertility and production data from an A.I. cattle population

Madec, F.; Tillon, J.P.; Guilmoto, H.; Menec, M. le, 1985:
Results of an investigation into sudden death of store pigs caused by streptococci of group R

Tsekvava, G.V., 1984:
Results of an investigation of industrial citrus plantations and the selection of mother trees

Backfisch, R., 1985:
Results of an investigation on plant communities developing on topsoil after using a pre-planting/undersowing mixture on sites for tree planting

Marchal, J.L., 1985:
Results of an investigation on the Hymenoptera Symphyta of Hesbaye (Belgium)

Bauer, E.H.; Baggett, J.D.; Wall, S.L.; Thomas, R.W.; Brown, C.E., 1983:
Results of an irrigated lands assessment for water management in California

Sandhar, N.S.; Malhotra, J.P.S., 1985:
Results of an opinion poll on safety features of tractors in India

Riman, K. (Riemann, K); Flamme, V. (Flamme, W), 1983:
Results of analyses of winter rye for quality

Krecek, J., 1982:
Results of animal production in 1981

Vezik, E., 1984:
Results of application of herbicides to potatoes

Roost, H.; Weichelt, U.; Weichelt, K.; Hett, H.; Huhn, U.; Maximowitz, E., 1986:
Results of batch induction of farrowing in 'line 150' sows in a 1000-sow unit

Schulke, B.; Risse, S.; Tegeler, G.; Ronhardt, H., 1984:
Results of biochemical studies on the assessment of sperm quality. (Studies on cyclic adenosine monophosphate (cAMP), calcium ions and degree of damage to bull spermatozoa)

Pruszynski, S.; Siwek, L.; Aumiller, P.; Konopinska, M., 1983:
Results of biological control of spider mites (Tetranychidae) using the predacious mite Phytoseiulus persimilis in production glasshouses of the Naramowice state horticultural farm

Kantor, T.S., 1983:
Results of breeding and genetical work on the production of economically useful varieties from incongruent crosses of Fragaria ananassa Duch. X Fragaria moschata Duch

Raev, R.T.; Boyadzhieva, B.; Tsalbukov, P.; Topalova, V., 1982:
Results of breeding annual fennel (Foeniculum officinale All. var. dulce)

Seifert, H.; Nagel, E., 1986:
Results of breeding experiments on juvenile oesteochondropathy of the skeletal extremities in finishing pigs

Droese, N.; Breitenstein, K.G.; Hanschmann, G.; Baumung, A., 1982:
Results of breeding experiments on the possibility of influencing milk protein yield. III. Milk protein production and its relation with feed utilization

Bauch, W.; Stein, M.; Wolfram, H., 1985:
Results of breeding for good storability in vegetables: onion, carrots and cabbage

Barabash, Z. (Barabas, Z); Shagi, F. (Sagi, F), 1983:
Results of breeding for protein and lysine content in the grain of winter wheat

Yusupov, B.Y.; Karazhanova, L.K.; Kuatbaev, S.K., 1982:
Results of breeding lucerne in the Karakalpak ASSR

Galeev, G.S.; Taova, L.A., 1984:
Results of breeding maize for grain quality

Neubert, R., 1986:
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Results of breeding poplars for resistance

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Results of complex parasitological investigations on small mammals in the Cergov Mountains (Western Carpathians, Czechoslovakia)

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Results of conservative management of osteochondrosis in the horse

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Results of controlled lambings in the ewe

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Results of crossbreeding Pleven Blackhead and North-East Bulgaria Finewool ewes of the Shumen type with Awassi rams. 3. Ultrastructure and mechanical quality of skin of F1 and F2 lambs

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Results of crossing triticale with winter wheat varieties

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Results of cucumber breeding in Yugoslavia

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Results of current research of synthetic and natural fiber erosion control systems

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Results of dairy progeny tests of breeding bulls at the 1983 spring shows

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Results of developing a centrifugal fertilizer spreader

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Results of diagnostic tests on calf diarrhoea of multiple aetiology occurring in the first month of life

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Results of direct measures of the utilization coefficient in fertilizers by isotopic labelling with 32P, 15N and 40K

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Results of early fruit analysis 1985

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Results of essential-oil rose cultivar trials in the Krasnodar region

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Results of evaluating quince varieties for content of nutrients and biologically active substances

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Results of evaluation of mitotic chromosomes of American bison

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Results of evaluation of potato hybrids in relation to a complex of economic indices

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Results of evaluation studies. Not every new gerbera is a good addition to the assortment

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Results of extracting honey from combs

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Results of farming 1980-83

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Results of feeding experiments in the 1986 breeding season

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Results of feeding trials in 1985

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Results of fertilizer application to potato cultivars grown on the tableland of Suceava

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Results of field experiments on pear cultivation in the north of the German Democratic Republic

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Results of field experiments, Ruiru, I: Long term effects of various cultural practices on Coffea arabica L yield and quality in Kenya

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Results of field experiments, Ruiru, II: Effects of inorganic fertilizers and their application methods on Coffea arabica L yields and quality in Kenya

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Results of field tests on eight wood preservatives after twenty years in service

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Results of field trials to control the diamond-back moth, Plutella xylostella L., by application of crude methanol extracts and aqueous suspensions of seed kernels and leaves of neem, Azadirachta indica A. Juss, in Togo

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Results of field trials with different tillage methods in Bulgaria

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Results of five progeny trials on hybrid cocoa in peninsular Malaysia

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Results of five years of research with slow-release fertilizers for turf receiving wear

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Results of formulation comparisons of acifluorfen-sodium (Blazer) in soybean

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Results of fosamine ammonium timing study

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Results of four years of research and experiment on the sex pheromone of Epichoristodes acerbella (Walker)

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Results of frequent lambing in a model experiment at a large intensive farm

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Results of fruit thinning in some apple cultivars in relation to frost damage to wood in 1985

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Results of genetic studies on milk protein during the development of the Black Pied Dairy (SMR) breed. I. Estimation of genetic parameters for different genotype groups in the development of the SMR using half-sib analysis

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Results of genetic studies on milk protein during the development of the Black Pied Dairy (SMR) breed. II. Genetic parameters for the SMR breed from actual results and regression calculations on dam-daughter pairs

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Results of genetic studies on milk protein during the development of the Black Pied Dairy (SMR) breed. III. Construction and testing of selection indices for the breeding experiment on milk protein

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Results of genetic studies on milk protein during the development of the Black Pied Dairy (SMR) breed. IV. Results of a simulation of breeding progress from the breeding experiment on milk protein

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Results of herbicide trials on weed control in beans

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Results of high density apple orchards treated with growth retardants in Spain

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Results of homeplot farming in southwest Transdanubia over the last 10 years

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Results of honeydew flow investigations: on the course of the fir flow 1977-1980 and on the prospects for a fir flow in 1981

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Results of hybridization between Hordeum bulbosum (4x) and H. vulgare (4x)

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Results of hybridizing Aegilops tauschii Coss. with diploid wheat species

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Results of hybridizing short-strawed and tall wheat varieties

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Results of hybridizing triticale with wheat

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Results of initial tests on a fertilizer blender

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Results of inquiries and surveys on the working of the land in vineyards

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Results of inseminating Boer goats with frozen semen

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Results of inseminations in 1985

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Results of intergeneric Fragaria and Potentilla spp. crosses

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Results of international cooperation in sugarbeet breeding

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Results of interspecific competition between soyabean (Glycine max (L.) Merr.) and Rottboellia exaltata Roxb

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Results of investigations on growing different raspberry cultivars

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Results of investigations on new kinds of materials for covering citrus trees

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Results of investigations on the use of grape harvesters in Austrian viticulture

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Results of investigations over four years on the course of ripening of hybrid maize seed and the influence of frost on its germinability

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Results of laboratory tests for winterhardiness of P. avium cultivars and interspecific cherry hybrids (Prunus X spp.)

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Results of large-scale field experiments with sewage sludge as an organic fertilizer for arable soils in different regions of the Netherlands

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Results of laying tests of hybrid fowls

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Results of linseed breeding in Hungary

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Results of long-term meadow experiments on the residual effects of copper sulphate and ammonium molybdate

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Results of long-term storage of carnations in low temperature conditions without water and the use of preservative solutions after storage

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Results of long-term studies for judging the relationships between counts and estimates in mixed weed infestation of cereal crops

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Results of maize breeding in Yugoslavia between 1968 and 1980

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Results of melon growing in Hungary

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Results of microbiological studies of ear swabs from dogs

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Results of micropropagation of subtropical trees and shrubs

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Results of milk fat and protein recording in goats

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Results of milk recording among Swiss Simmentals during the year 1983/84

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Results of milk recording in 1982/83

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Results of milk recording in 1983/84

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Results of milk recording in the Czech Republic in 1982

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Results of milk recording in the Slovak Republic in 1982

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Results of milkability testing of Simmentals

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Results of monitoring early pregnancy in lactating mares through regular measurement of the milk progesterone concentration

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Results of morphological and physiological studies of spring wheat and barley in the Faculty of Genetics, Breeding and Seed Production of Field Crops

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Results of mutant-tests in apple-cultivars under different ecological conditions

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Results of nematological studies on the resistance of oil radish cv. Mator to Heterodera schachtii

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Results of nest box surveys in the Baden-Wurtemberg state forest in 1979-1983

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Results of net blotch (Pyrenophora teres Drechsler) control in spring barley

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Results of new genetical investigations in fruit crops in the period 1960-1980. I. Peaches

Anonymous, 1984:
Results of new genetical investigations in fruit crops in the period 1960-1980. II. Apricots

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Results of official inspection of slaughter animals and meat 1983. German Federal Republic

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Results of official slaughter animal and meat inspection 1982, Federal Republic of Germany

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Results of official slaughter animal and meat inspection 1983.

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Results of official slaughter animal and meat inspection 1984. German Federal Republic.

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Results of ovarian checks following insemination in cows

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Results of overwintering prostrate lemon trees in 1984-85 in the Kolkhida lowlands

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Results of pH determination in cheesemaking

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Results of pea breeding at the Vegetable Research Institute

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Results of performance testing of pigs in the Czech Republic

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Results of pine introductions in the Ukrainian forest steppe east of the Dnepr

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Results of pipe-water cooling at Venlo Experimental Garden. Freesias can be harvested 2 months earlier by soil cooling

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Results of poplar plantation for wastewater utilization in Hungary

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Results of post mortem examination of pigs received during a survey for African swine fever

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Results of practical seepage tests for ventilated storage

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Results of preliminary investigations into the occurrence of fungal diseases in some fodder beet varieties

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Results of primary selection of quince

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Results of production trials of peach in the north Crimean steppe

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Results of progeny testing of bulls

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Results of progesterone studies in recipients in the context of embryo transfer

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Results of prophylactic vaccination of pigs on large complexes

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Results of real time ultrasonic scanning in estimating lean tissue ratios in live pigs

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Results of recent flood fallow experimentation in Guyana

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Results of regional potato variety trials in Bavaria

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Results of regular fertility monitoring in dairy herds - as well as the importance of hormonal induction of ovarian function at the end of the second week post partum

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Results of repeated intraspecific hybridization of Poa pratensis L

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Results of research and selection in the tetraploid winter rye

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Results of research carried out in Romania on modern technological solutions to maintain table grape quality during storage

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Results of research on diseases and pests of cereals, economic crops and fodders in 1984

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Results of research on simultaneous immunization of pigs against foot and mouth disease, swine fever and Aujeszky's disease

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Results of research on the meiobenthos of the continental shelf of the Black Sea

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Results of research work on growing lemons in protected cultivation in the Tbilisi area

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Results of scientific research and production activities at the Nikita Botanic Garden in 1983

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Results of scientific research and production activities at the State Nikita Botanic Garden in 1984

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Results of scientific research in the production of high-yielding soyabean varieties. In Tadzhikistan

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Results of scientific research in the production of high-yielding soyabean varieties. In Uzbekistan

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Results of screening for frost resistance in spring barley

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Results of selecting frost-resistant forms of tea in the foothills of the northern Caucasus

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Results of selection for tolerance to inbreeding in white cabbage lines

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Results of selection of the silkworm strain Mziuri-3, intended for obtaining fibres for special purposes

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Results of serological investigations for antibodies against the viruses of infectious pancreatic necrosis, viral haemorrhagic septicaemia and spring viraemia of carp in Schleswig-Holstein, and their legal consequences

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Results of serological investigations in neurological patients with toxoplasmosis

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Results of serological tests and morphological examination of blood from calves born of cows infected with bovine leukosis virus, and with lymphoid leukosis

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Results of several years research and production experiments with Chinese cabbage grown outdoors

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Results of several years' trials for control of rotbrenner (Pseudopeziza tracheiphila Muller-Thurgau) on grapevine

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Results of sheep AI in 1983-84

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Results of simulation calculations of the harmfulness of a beet fly infestation

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Results of six years of weed control in a vineyard in Venezia

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Results of some anther culture experiments in Asparagus and triticale

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Results of some trials on the preservation of cut carnation flowers

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Results of sprinkling experiments on measurement plots

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Results of storage trials with the pear cultivar Packham's Triumph

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Results of storing some white cabbage varieties and hybrids in clamps and refrigerated spaces

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Results of storing sweet cherries under different conditions

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Results of straw manuring in the German Democratic Republic and Czechoslovakia

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Results of strawberry trials at St. Pieters-Rode. (2) Open ground and perforated plastic 1985

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Results of studies of Globodera populations in the north-western Chernozem zone

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Results of studies of feijoa at the Nikita Botanic Garden

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Results of studies on cherry rootstock-scion compatibility in the nursery

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Results of studies on herbicides in citrus plantations

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Results of studies on high-density peach orchards in the principal French production areas - technical/economical data

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Results of studies on some cultural practices in carrot, parsley and parsnip production in the Sokoc district

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Results of studies on the accumulation of fruit tree prunings in orchards

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Results of studies on the changes in oxygen concentration in the nutrient solution for cucumbers and tomatoes in NFT culture

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Results of studies on the flight of the European corn borer (Ostrinia nubilalis Hbn., Lep., Pyralidae) and its parasites

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Results of studies on the growth and frost resistance of mandarin trees on different forms of trifoliate rootstocks

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Results of studies on the synchronization of growth in the subjects Pisum, Linum and Bryophyllum

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Results of studies on the use of the nitrification inhibitor N-Serve on krasnozem soil under tea

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Results of studies on the use of vegetable oils and alcohols as tractor engine fuel

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Results of studies on vegetative propagation of tea in the Lenkoransk zone

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Results of studies over five years on correlations between weed infestation and winter barley grain yield on hilly loess-loam sites in Central Saxony and hints on weed control

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Results of studying a collection of overwintering varieties and forms of fodder pea

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Results of studying a collection of winter wheat in the forest steppe of the Ukraine

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Results of studying breeding material of spring barley under fairly high fertilizer doses

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Results of studying forms of Medicago sativa and M. varia

Ivashchenko, V.G., 1983:
Results of studying forms of maize resistant to Ustilago maydis on hybridization plots

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Results of studying the histopathological changes in Aspergillus infected eggs and embryos using the PAS and Grocott methods

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Results of studying the root system of bred varieties and populations of tea

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Results of surgical treatment of colic based on cases seen during 1983 at the Munich Equine Clinic

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Results of surgical treatment of complicated pulmonary hydatidosis

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Results of surgical treatment of neurocysticercosis in 69 cases

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Results of sweet sorghum (Sorghum bicolor L. Moench) national trials in Santa Maria, RS - 1982/83

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Results of testing Dimilin against the complex of lepidopterous pests of apple

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Results of testing a class 1.4 tractor with different track widths for the front and rear wheels

Ivanov, G.; Zaharieva, K., 1985:
Results of testing a cocoon-cutting machine

Kiessling, D., 1984:
Results of testing cucumbers (Cucumis sativus L.) for resistance to Didymella bryoniae (Auersw.) Rehm., the cause of black rot in greenhouse cucumbers

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Results of testing growth retardants on apple trees

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Results of testing some fungicides against grey mould on hazelnuts

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Results of tests of the preparation Bac. thuringiensis H-14 strain BTS-393

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Results of tests of ultrafiltration membranes

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Results of tests with different gasifiers for farm use

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Results of tests with miniature carnations

Anonymous, 1984:
Results of the 11th evaluation of pigs produced by selection and crossbreeding schemes

Anonymous, 1986:
Results of the 12th evaluation of finishing performance, carcasses and meat quality of pigs produced by selection and crossbreeding schemes

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Results of the 13th Yamanashi miso and shoyu competition

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Results of the 1961 expedition to Albania of the German Entomological Institute. 97th Contribution. Coleoptera: Buprestidae (1st supplement)

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Results of the 1961 expedition to Albania of the German Entomological Institute. 98th Contribution. Coleoptera: Curculionidae

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Results of the 1980 woodlot protection project with Bacillus thuringiensis kurstaki in New Brunswick

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Results of the 1981/82 survey of horticulture. Structure of vegetable production in the GFR

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Results of the 1983 dryland tillage trials

Anonymous, 1984:
Results of the 1983-84 variety trials

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Results of the 1984 EUP program with AC 222 293 in small grains

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Results of the 1984 EUP program with AC 222,293 in small grains

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Results of the 1984 forest damage inventory in Bavaria

Rost, F., 1985:
Results of the 1984 forest damage inventory in N. Rhine-Westphalia

Wagner, A., 1985:
Results of the 1984 forest damage inventory in Saarland

Gartner, E.J.; Eckstein, K., 1985:
Results of the 1984 forest dieback inventory in Hesse

Streletzki, H.W., 1985:
Results of the 1984 forest dieback inventory in Lower Saxony

Hohne, H.E., 1985:
Results of the 1984 forest dieback inventory in Schleswig-Holstein

Anonymous, 1985:
Results of the 1985 inventory of forest conditions in Austria

Alfonso, R.; Iglesias, J., 1985:
Results of the 8th IRRI International Rice Yield Nursery under dry season conditions in Cuba

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Results of the Douglas fir provenance experiment of 1958 in northwest Germany. Part I. Part II

Heiss, E., 1985:
Results of the German Agricultural Society (DLG) testing of butter in retail packs in 1985

Heiss, E., 1984:
Results of the German Agricultural Society's (DLG) testing of butter in 1984

Heiss, E., 1984:
Results of the German Agricultural Society's (DLG) testing of butter in retail packs in 1984

Baburashvili, E.I.; Nonikashvili, L.V.; Amiranashvili, M.K.; Sikharulidze, K.L., 1984:
Results of the action of imanin on polyhedrosis of the silkworm

Semrau, C.; Diezemann, M.; Drews, M., 1985:
Results of the application of automatic supply equipment for drip irrigation

Vasilev, A.; Navushchanov, S., 1985:
Results of the application of growth regulators (retardants) to winter barley

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Results of the biological control of Aleurothrixus floccosus (Maskell) in citrus orchards of eastern Sicily

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Results of the disease investigations in sugarcane in Venezuela

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Results of the eradication campaign for bovine leukosis in Slovenia

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Results of the examination of peripheral blood smears and helminthological findings in the faeces of cattle in the Samsun and Ordu provinces of Turkey

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Results of the examination of sire groups of young bulls prior to use for breeding, with particular reference to reasons for culling due to lack of fitness for breeding

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Results of the experiments carried out in the Genosar Experimental Station in 1983. Cultivation of tilapia in high densities and with periodic flushing of the pond water

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Results of the first experiments with the new growth regulators

Vranceanu, A.V.; Stoenescu, F.M.; Soare, G., 1984:
Results of the fourth experimental cycle with sunflower cultivars (1982-1983)

Bleicher, H., 1986:
Results of the halothane test on Franconian breeding farms

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Results of the indirect haemagglutination test for the diagnosis of Chagas' disease, using filter paper eluates

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Results of the international spruce provenance trial 1962. Development to age 18

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Results of the introduction of ornamental trees and shrubs in the Belye Nochi Dendropark, Sochi

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Results of the introduction of the Phytophthora prediction model in 1983

Pomaskina, Z.N., 1982:
Results of the investigation of some indicators of the content of the rumen in cows fed hydrolysed sugar

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Results of the main sugarbeet variety trials from 1977 to 1983

Anonymous, 1985:
Results of the mapping of the distribution of 21 species of insects in Finland in 1984

Valder, W.A., 1985:
Results of the organized control of bovine leukosis in the Federal Republic of Germany

Anonymous, 1983:
Results of the pig census at 20 October 1982

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Results of the prediction of replant damage to apples

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Results of the strawberry field trial at St. Pieters-Rode 1984. In the open ground and under perforated plastic

Verlinden, A., 1985:
Results of the strawberry field trial under plastic tunnels in 1985 at St. Pieters-Rode

Dagorn, J., 1985:
Results of the technical management scheme for sow herds in Quebec

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Results of the ten tests of terminal crossbreds in France between 1970 and 1983

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Results of the testing of some agrotechnical strategies for the control of the strawberry stem nematode

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Results of the thirteenth International Winter Wheat Performance Nursery grown in 1981

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Results of the treatment of cattle against gastro-intestinal strongyles

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Results of the use of cereal fungicides in Gadebusch district, Schwerin region

Puente, J., 1983:
Results of the use of the herbicides dalapon and asulam on cultivars of guava in different regions of Cuba

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Results of three years' weed control trials in sunflower crops

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Results of three-year comparative studies on the flowering behaviour of outdoor rose cultivars propagated by cuttings and grafting

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Results of three-year investigations into the development of silky bent grass (Apera spica-venti (L.) P.B.) as influenced by winter cereal stand density

Frohberg, H., 1984:
Results of toxicological studies on praziquantel

Foschi, S.; Grassi, S., 1985:
Results of treatment with Beauveria bassiana (Balsam) Vuill. and with Metarhizium anisopliae (Metch.) Sorok. on Ostrinia nubilalis Hb

Burmucic, R.; Kowatsch, A., 1984:
Results of treatment with a single local application of 500 mg of clotrimazole in vaginal mycoses during pregnancy

Toth, B., 1984:
Results of treatments with ULV preparations in various cultures

Lahiri, A.K., 1983:
Results of trial of some leguminous plants in the Himalayan foothill region of West Bengal

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Results of trials of different means of control against gall nematodes

Jovancev, P., 1984:
Results of trials of new combinations of fungicides in the control of Plasmopara viticola (B. & C.), the pathogen of downy mildew of grapevine

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Results of trials of some preparations against experimental coccidiosis in rabbits

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Results of trials of winter wheat varieties and lines bred at the Podu Iloaie Agricultural Research Station

Scholz, B., 1984:
Results of trials on planting sprouted potatoes

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Results of trials on the vegetative propagation of Herniaria glabra L

Mika, A.; Czynczyk, A.; Cieslak, H.; Jackiewicz, A., 1983:
Results of trials on training sour cherry crowns for mechanical and manual harvesting

Kachel, K.; Roth, D., 1984:
Results of trials over many years of the effect of sprinkler irrigation on winter wheat and spring barley yields on a shallow clay-chernozem soil

Chulak, B.I., 1984:
Results of trials with a mechanical harvester for super-intensive orchards

Ondrej, J., 1985:
Results of trials with a preparation for moss suppression in lawns

Mat' atko, J., 1985:
Results of trials with new liquid fertilizers in hop nutrition

Kaneva, S.; Encheva, A., 1984:
Results of trials with new oriental tobacco cultivars

Perez, K., 1985:
Results of two levels of traps on the catches of aphids, with reference to five species, in a potato crop (Solanum tuberosum) during the years 1979, 1980 and 1981

Forrler, A., 1983:
Results of two year of trials for grass control in sugarbeet and fodder beet

Patti, I., 1985:
Results of two years of aphid catches with suction traps (Rothamsted type) in eastern Sicily

Vender, C.; Querze, R.; Cremaschi, D., 1986:
Results of two years' experimental cultivation in Italy of new French potato varieties and hybrids

Anonymous, 1984:
Results of two years' trials in Emilia-Romagna of tomato varieties for processing

Saliev, A., 1985:
Results of uprading mohair goats

Milic, L.; Sajti, G.; Mijatov, L.; Odri, S.; ermanovic,, 1985:
Results of using Ektanon (diazinon) for controlling sheep scab

Fabbri, A., 1984:
Results of using LDPE film in a greenhouse

Yanev, Sh, 1982:
Results of using chemical and physical mutagens in breeding durum wheat

Khaichenko, L.G., 1982:
Results of using chemical mutagens in breeding wheat

Mayer, J.; Denoulet, W., 1984:
Results of using ear tags impregnated with pyrethroids (permethrin) in the control of tsetse flies

Stocker, H., 1984:
Results of using energy-saving methods in greenhouse vegetable production

Zagorcheva, L.; Poryazov, I., 1983:
Results of using experimental mutagenesis in Phaseolus vulgaris

Dumitrache, I.; Minoiu, N., 1983:
Results of using interstocks in super-dense apple orchards

Vajiala, M.; Ciofu, R.; Sisesti, V.I.; Stoica, R.; Iancu, S., 1983:
Results of using pig manure as a component of the nutrient substrate in the culture of cucumbers on straw bales

Barth, T.; Kiessling, J.; Schone, G.; Kelker, L.; Herzmann, H.; Herzmann, A.; Graeser, K., 1986:
Results of using the milk progesterone test to check the timing of insemination and conception in cows

Demina, T.G., 1980:
Results of varietal trials of apple during 1969-1979

Anonymous, 1985:
Results of variety trials and breeding of fruit crops and vegetatively propagated rootstocks in the Estonian SSR

Vullioud, P.; Huber, W., 1985:
Results of variety trials of fodder beet 1982-1984

Kenk, G.; Thren, M., 1984:
Results of various Douglas fir provenance trials in Baden-Wurtemberg. Part I: the international Douglas fir provenance trial 1958. Part II: trials at Kirchzarten, Aalen/Schwarzach, Steinheim and Heidelberg/Ettenheim/Kandern

Kostov, T.; Tudzarov, T.; Lozanovski, R., 1983:
Results of weed control trials with herbicides in carrots

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Results of wheat and barley selection trials in Syrian Arab Republic

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Results of work on mycology at the City Skin and Venereological Outpatients' Department (1971-1984)

Abugaliev, I.A.; Urazaliev, R.A., 1982:
Results of work, and current problems, of the breeding centre of the Kazakh Research Institute of Agriculture

Lakenberg, E., 1985:
Results of, and conclusions to be drawn from, the 1984 forest dieback inventory in West Berlin

Reichel, A.; Haase, D., 1985:
Results on disease incidence and yields in variety mixtures of spring barley

Schweiger, W.; Gerath, H., 1984:
Results on nutrient use in red clover varieties

Hanrahan, J.P., 1984:
Results on selection for increased litter size and ovulation rate in sheep

Skirde, W., 1985:
Results on soil improvement of seed beds

Knapek, R.; Utracki, T.; Kajfosz, K., 1984:
Results on the residue behaviour of carbendazim

Mantinger, H.; Stainer, R., 1986:
Results with Gala at Laimburg

Boscheri, S.; Mantinger, H., 1986:
Results with growth retardants against codling moth

Roth, R.; Obenauf, U.; Wenland, U., 1984:
Results with winter rye grown in monoculture or in crop rotation

Wenske, S., 1982:
Results, experience, and goals of twenty years of forest stock production in the 'Wilder Mann' nursery at Muncheberg in the Strausberg State Forest Enterprise

Appleton, C.C., 1986:
Resumption of Schistosoma haematobium transmission after drought and subsequent flood

Dutcher, J.D.; Htay, T., 1985:
Resurgence and insecticide resistance problems in pecan aphid management

Bouza, C.; Landin, L.; Diaz Borrego, J.M.; Martin del Yerro, J.L., 1985:
Resurgence of autochthonous malaria in Spain?

Carter, V.; Rybicki, N.B., 1985:
Resurgence of submersed aquatic macrophytes in the tidal Potomac River

Das, S.C., 1984:
Resurgence of tea mosquito bug, Helopeltis theivora Waterh, a serious pest of tea

Andrews, W.H., 1986:
Resuscitation of injured Salmonella spp. and coliforms from foods

Zakhariev, A., 1983:
Resynthesis of sugarbeet on a monogerm basis and the expression of the root colour character

Vrana, J.-A.S.vell, J.; Dill, C.; Smith, G.; Ehlers, J.; Vanderzant, C., 1985:
Retail appearance, odor and microbiological characteristics of pork loin chops packaged in different oxygen-barrier films as affected by loin storage treatment

Schope, M., 1986:
Retail development and sales strategy in the dairy product trade

Hazen, D.D., 1984:
Retail fertilizer marketing in the U.S. Part 1

Anonymous, 1986:
Retail meat prices, purchases and expenditure and farm-retail price spreads

Johnson, R.N., 1985:
Retail price controls in the dairy industry: a political coalition argument

Lewis, G., 1985:
Retail sale of goats' milk: an environmental health officer's viewpoint. The legal, disease risk and microbiological standards for goats' milk

Gros, J.; Santero, T., 1984:
Retail sales of cut flowers

Hirt, R. et al., 1980:
Retaining walls in forest road construction

Moran, P., 1985:
Retaining walls of bunker silos for grass silage: loadings due to consolidating machines with gross weights exceeding 8 tonnes

Fortes, G.R.L., .:
Retardant effect of dimethyl hydrazine succinic acid on branches of apple trees (Malus domestica Borkh) and on the fruit quality of cv Fuji

Fortes, G.R. de L., 1984:
Retardant effect of succinic acid 2,2-dimethylhydrazine on apple (Malus domestica Bork.) cv. Fuji

Mikhailichenko, B.P.; Ryabova, V.E., 1985:
Retardants in seed production of grasses

Anonymous, 1985:
Retardants used in the control of forest fires

McWhorter, D.B.; Nazareth, V.A., 1983:
Retardation of adsorbed chemicals in variably saturated flow

Adriansen, E., 1985:
Retardation of pedicel length with ancymidol, piproctanyl bromide and daminozide in 9 cultivars of spray chrysanthemum

Kawa, L.; Saniewski, M., 1983:
Retardation of senescence and chlorophyll degradation by silver thiosulphate in tulip stems

Adriansen, E., 1984:
Retarding growth of Eustoma - a new pot plant

Roberts, R.F.; Torrey, G.S., 1986:
Retarding growth of psychrotrophic bacteria in refrigerated milk by the addition of carbon dioxide

Sundaram, A., 1985:
Retention and dissipation of herbicide droplets at the biological interface of conifers

Kwock, R.O.; Keen, C.L.; Hegenauer, J.; Saltman, P.; Hurley, L.S.; Lönnerdal, B., 1984:
Retention and distribution of iron added to cow's milk and human milk as various salts and chelates

Naidenov, N.K.; Savov, A.A.; Petkova, M.G., 1984:
Retention and excretion of the organophosphoric preparation of diazinon by sheep

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Retention and release of metals by soils-evaluation of several models

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Retention and transformations of pesticides in relation to nonpoint source pollution from croplands

Weaver G.T.; Khanna P.K.; Beese F., 1985:
Retention and transport of sulfate in a slightly acid forest soil

Kirchgessner, M.; Staudacher, W.; Steinhart, H., 1984:
Retention and utilization of amino acids in early weaned piglets after different amounts and types of protein supply

Kirchgessner, M.; Schwarz, F.J.; Zeitler, M.H., 1984:
Retention and utilization of energy in the carp (Cyprinus carpio L.) with different supplies of protein and energy

Fiedeldey, M.E.; Bader, M.J.; Walton, L.R.; Casada, J.H.; Swetnam, L.D., 1985:
Retention during transport of notched Burley plants on wires

Jorgensen, L., 1984:
Retention in relation to drop velocity, drop size and surface tension

Lidster, P.D.; McRae, K.B.; Johnston, E.M., 1985:
Retention of apple quality in low-oxygen storage followed by standard controlled atmosphere regimens

Laas, F.J.; Forss, D.A.; Godfrey, M.E.R., 1985:
Retention of brodifacoum in sheep tissues and excretion in faeces

Woolliams J.A.; Wiener G.; Woolliams C.; Suttle N.F., 1985:
Retention of copper in the liver of sheep genetically selected for high and low concentrations of copper in plasma

Patil, J.S.; Sinha, A.K.; Chopra, S.C., 1983:
Retention of foetal membranes (placenta) in cattle - incidence and post treatment breeding efficiency

Chassin, P.; Calvet, R., 1985:
Retention of herbicide molecules in soils. Reflections on the role of organic matter

Iopa, I.L.; Shaposhnikov, A.A., 1986:
Retention of nitrogen by straw during treatment of straw stacks with ammonia

Mnkeni, P.N.S.; MacKenzie, A.F., 1985:
Retention of ortho- and polyphosphates in some Quebec soils as affected by added organic residues and calcium carbonate

Verkin, V.A.; Zhuravleva, Y.I., 1984:
Retention of potassium and sodium in young male cattle from diets enriched with vitamin A and E preparations

Staudacher, W.; Kirchgessner, M., 1984:
Retention of protein and fat and utilization of energy in growing rats given PalatinitReg.

Ranhotra, G.S.; Gelroth, J.A.; Novak, F.A.; Bock, M.A.; Matthews, R.H., 1985:
Retention of selected minerals in enriched pasta products during cooking

Onichi, K.; Muramatsu, N.; Matsuhashi, T., 1982:
Retention of the boiling water reconstitutability of freeze-dried mochi (glutinous rice)

Lindberg, J.E., 1985:
Retention time of chromium-labelled feed particles and of water in the gut of sheep given hay and concentrate at maintenance

Ghildyal, B.P., 1984:
Rethinking soil physics research

Kuiper, R.; Breukink, H.J., 1986:
Reticulo-omasal stenosis in the cow: differential diagnosis with respect to pyloric stenosis

Muschenich, M., 1984:
Reticulocytes and erythrocytes in the blood of sheep with experimental, chronic anaemia of different grades of severity

Hoberg, E.P., 1985:
Reticulotaenia n.gen. for Lateriporus australis Jones and Williams, 1967, and Lateriporus mawsoni Prudhoe, 1969 (Cestoda: Dilepididae), from sheathbills, Chionis spp., in Antarctica, with a consideration of infraspecific variation and speciation

Amemiya, T., 1985:
Retinal changes in the selenium deficient rat

Leat, W.M.; Curtis, R.; Millichamp, N.J.; Cox, R.W., 1986:
Retinal function in rats and guinea-pigs reared on diets low in essential fatty acids and supplemented with linoleic or linolenic acids

Walde, I.; Schonbauer, M.; Molzer, B.; Mitterer, T., 1984:
Retinal lipaemia due to lipoprotein lipase deficiency in a dog

Baldinger, J.; Doft, B.H.; Burns, S.A.; Johnson, B., 1986:
Retinal toxicity of amphotericin B in vitrectomised versus non-vitrectomised eyes

Daenen, S.; Vellenga, E.; Dobbenburgh, O.A. van; Halie, M.R., 1986:
Retinoic acid as antileukemic therapy in a patient with acute promyelocytic leukemia with Aspergillus pneumonia

Komura, H.; Wakimoto, H.; Chen, C.F.; Terakawa, N.; Aono, T.; Tanizawa, O.; Matsumoto, K., 1986:
Retinoic acid enhances cell responses to epidermal growth factor in mouse mammary gland in culture

Moon, R.C.; Mehta, R.G.; McCormick, D.L., 1985:
Retinoids and mammary gland differentiation

Jones, D.H., 1984:
Retinoids for skin disorders

Stürchler, D.; Hanck, A.; Weiser, H.; Manz, U.; Weiss, N., 1985:
Retinol deficiency and Dipetalonema viteae infection in the hamster

Sklan, D.; Shalit, I.; Lasebnik, N.; Spirer, Z.; Weisman, Y., 1985:
Retinol transport proteins and concentrations in human amniotic fluid, placenta, and fetal and maternal sera

Helms, R.A.; Dickerson, R.N.; Ebbert, M.L.; Christensen, M.L.; Herrod, H.G., 1986:
Retinol-binding protein and prealbumin: useful measures of protein repletion in critically ill, malnourished infants

Rattin, S., 1985:
Retirement at 60 years old for farmers. Demographic projections up to 1990

Cribier, F., 1984:
Retirement to tourist resorts on the French coast

Kumar, P.K.V.; Balakrishnan, M.M.; Govindarajan, T.S., 1984:
Retithrips syriacus (Mayet) - a new record on coffee from South India

McRae, D.C.; Statham, O.J.; Fleming, J., 1985 :
Retractable lid attachment for box tipplers

Wagner, V.S.Jr, 1986:
Retrofit ammonia plant steam turbines

Danos, R.J., 1986:
Retrofitting ammonium phosphate granulation plants

Hale, C.C.; Josefson, A.J.; Mattick, D.E., 1985:
Retrofitting refrigerated ammonia storage for improved safety and reduced operating costs

Nakazawa F.; Noguchi S.; Takahashi J.; Takada M., 1985:
Retrogradation of gelatinized potato starch studied by differential scanning calorimetry

D.M.n, M.; Ringoir, S.; Lameire, M., 1986:
Retrograde menstruation: an unusual cause of fungal peritonitis in a patient on continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis

Mourot, J.; Bastian, D.; Perrotin, J., 1984:
Retroperitoneal hydatid cysts. A cyst of the psoas. Literature review

Stegemann, H., 1984:
Retrospect on 25 years of cultivar identification by protein patterns and prospects for the future

Newbould, P.J., 1983:
Retrospect: countryside conservation since 1965

Rand, W.M.; Scrimshaw, N.S.; Young, V.R., 1985:
Retrospective analysis of data from five long-term, metabolic balance studies: implications for understanding dietary nitrogen and energy utilization

Stoyanov, T., 1985:
Retrospective analysis of microbial contamination in samples of seminal fluid from breeding bulls

Abaru, D.E.; Liwo, D.A.; Isakina, D.; Okori, E.E., 1984:
Retrospective long-term study of effects of berenil by follow-up of patients treated since 1965

Wallace, C.E.; Marshall, F.N.; Robinson, C., 1982:
Retrospective review of maternal and child health services at the Albert Schweitzer Hospital in rural Haiti

Gaudet, D.A., 1985:
Retrospective study of 128 cases of canine dystocia

Grosdidier, J.; Boissel, P.; Bresler, L.; Nesselar, J.P.; Guirlet, M.N., 1985:
Retrospective study of a series of 62 cases of hydatid cysts of the liver

Essey, M.A.; Smith, P.L.; Searles, W.L., 1983:
Retrospective study of bovine tuberculosis cases found on slaughter surveillance in the United States with particular reference to feedlot cattle of Mexican origin

Thurmond, M.C.; Lapuz, G.R.; Farver, T.B.; Mandac, G.C., 1985:
Retrospective study of four years of carcass condemnation rates for malignant lymphoma in California cows

Kozak, C.A., 1984:
Retroviral and cancer associated loci of the mouse (Mus musculus)

Orosz, C.G.; Zinn, N.E.; Olsen, R.G.; Mathes, L.E., 1985:
Retrovirus-mediated immunosuppression. I. FeLV-UV and specific FeLV proteins alter T lymphocyte behavior by inducing hyporesponsiveness to lymphokines

Salter, D.W.; Smith, E.J.; Hughes, S.H.; Wright, S.E.; Crittenden, L.B., 1986:
Retroviruses as vectors for germ line insertion in the chicken

Sharda, B.D., 1984:
Return mobility and the process of stratification in rural India

Ohtsu, S.; Tsunoda, R.; Kasahara, T.; Ohno, M.; Sasaki, K.; Yanaka, T.; Minato, Y., 1983:
Return of oestrus and fertility after the induction of superovulation with PMSG and PGF2 alpha in dairy heifers

Anonymous, 1984:
Return of skim milk to farms

Pirazzeli, C.; Tosi, T., 1985:
Returns on strawberry production in Verona

Herruzo, A.C., 1985:
Returns to agricultural research: the case of rice breeding in Spain

Rajaraman, I., 1986:
Returns to labour in developing country agriculture: India

Grabowski, R.; Sanchez, O., 1986:
Returns to scale in agriculture: an empirical investigation of Japanese experience

Caraveo Marquez, A., 1985:
Reuse of a progesterone-impregnanted intravaginal device (PRID) for the synchronization of oestrus in zebu (Bos indicus) cattle

Bartone, C.R., 1985:
Reuse of wastewater at the San Juan de Miraflores stabilization ponds: public health, environmental, and socioeconomic implications

Yitayew, M.; Fangmeier, D.D., 1985:
Reuse system design for border irrigation

Rhoades, J.D., 1983:
Reusing saline drainage waters for irrigation: a strategy to reduce salt loading of rivers

Kondrat' ev, M.N.; Samoilenko, T.G., 1985:
Reutilization of nitrogen in maize hybrids of different maturity

Watanabe, K., 1985:
Revaluation of meiotic chromosome configurations in polyploids. I. An introduction to the Jackson-type model

Comandini, E.; Zardi, U.; Lidgate, M.J.; Owen, T.R., 1984:
Revamping ammonia and urea plants: big returns for a small investment

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Revamping existing ammonia plants with a new low-energy process

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Revamping of Namrup fertiliser plant to improve productivity

Anonymous, 1985:
Revamping urea plants

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Revamps increase efficiency

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Revealing concealed genetic variation in the egg laying pattern of the domestic hen

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Revegetation - a concept moulded by 'static aesthetics'?

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Revegetation and silvicultural handling of open-cast mined sites in the Cottbus region

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Revegetation for the control of dust pollution on dumps

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Revegetation of disturbed areas in Redwood National Park, northwestern California

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Revegetation of mined land: influence of topsoil depth and mulching method

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Revegetation of unreclaimed coal strip mines in Oklahoma. II. Plant communities

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Revegetation using coal ash mixtures

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Revenue and risk analysis of soybean pest management options in Virginia

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Revenue management: beginning with the basics

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Reversal of chlorsulfuron-induced inhibition of mitotic entry by isoleucine and valine

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Reversal of insulin resistance in adipose tissue of non-insulin-dependent diabetics by treatment with diet and sulphonylurea

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Reversal of nematode-induced growth retardation in tomato plants by inhibition of ethylene action

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Reversal of pentamidine-induced hypoglycaemia with oral diazoxide

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Reversal of plant tumor formation

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Reversal of postburn immunosuppression by the administration of vitamin A

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Reversal of the effects of aging in soybean seeds

McKelvey, W.A.; Simpson, C.A., 1985:
Reversal of the effects of xylazine and xylazine/ketamine in red deer

Yoshida, S., 1986:
Reverse changes in plasma membrane properties upon deacclimation of mulberry trees (Morus bombycis Koidz.)

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Reverse electrical pacing improves intestinal absorption and transit time

Thelen, J.P.; Froehlich, D.P.; Alcock, R., 1985:
Reverse feed for a large round baler

Mortimer, G.A., 1985:
Reverse osmosis and the food regulations

Barbano, D.M., 1984:
Reverse osmosis concentration of skim milk for Cottage cheese manufacture

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Reverse osmosis investigation - project objectives

Marshall, S.C., 1985:
Reverse osmosis plant operation

Barbano, D.M., 1986:
Reverse osmosis prior to cheese making

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Reverse osmosis: national seminar. Introduction

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Reverse test for IgM antibodies in toxoplasmosis with red cells sensitized to Toxoplasma gondii antigens

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Reverse-flow landfill design for waste chemicals

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Reverse-phase high performance liquid chromatography analytical method for winter wheat variety identification

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Reversed-phase liquid-chromatographic determination of purine compounds in serum applied to studies of hypouricemia

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Reversibility of cytogenetic damage in plant cells with unequal dose fractionation. I. Treatment with nitrogen mustard

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Reversibility of the effects of active immunization against LH-RH

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Reversible adrenal insufficiency induced by ketoconazole

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Reversible hepatotoxicity related to amphotericin B

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Reversible immobilization of cock spermatozoa by temperature

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Reversible inhibition of development and hatching of infective eggs of Ascaris lumbricoides var. hominis

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Reversible photoreduction of flavin with bilirubin II

Breivik, O.; Sjoflot, L., 1985:
Reversible tractor for better working posture and practical utilization

Anonymous, 1984:
Reversing anti-rural development

Earle, E.D.; Gracen, V.E., 1986:
Reversion from S-cytoplasmic male sterility to fertility in plants from maize tissue cultures

Earle, E.D.; Gracen, V.E., 1986:
Reversion from cms-S to fertility in vitro

Faedi, W.; Rosati, P., 1985:
Reversion in spur clones of Delicious and Golden Delicious apple trees

E.S.bae, A.H.; E.D.han, A.A., 1980:
Reversion of resistance in field population of Spodoptera littoralis (Boisd.) in northern part of the Delta in Egypt

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Review - eradication of the melonfly from Shortland Islands, Western Province, Solomon Islands

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Review article. A rural development strategy for Lebowa

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Review article. Clinical pharmacology and therapeutic uses of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs in the horse

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Review article. Nature of the scrapie agent: current status of facts and hypotheses

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Review article. Viral infections in domestic animals as models for studies of viral immunology and pathogenesis

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Review article: Redesigning rural development from a food policy perspective

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Review article: in vitro rearing of Mallophaga

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Review of 170 cases of perineal hernia in dogs between 1978 and 1982

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Review of Corynebacterium (Rhodococcus) equi lung abscesses in foals: pathogenesis, diagnosis and treatment

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Review of Eumyzus Shinji (Homoptera: Aphididae) with descriptions of two new species from the Indian region

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Review of Korean small farm economy with special emphasis on farm size questions including economies of size in paddy production

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Review of Nearctic Apotomis Hubner (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae: Olethreutini)

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Review of Notocotylus species (Trematoda: Notocotylidae) parasitizing rodents in Europe

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Review of Polish literature on free-living nematodes

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Review of Thrips hawaiiensis and revalidation of T. florum (Thysanoptera: Thripidae)

Lethola, L.L., 1985:
Review of Tswana breed of cattle

Ngere, L.O., 1985:
Review of White Fulani in Nigeria

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Review of agricultural research in Tuvalu 1979-1981

Kebede, B., 1985:
Review of breed evaluation work in Ethiopia

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Review of cases of dystocia in mares

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Review of cassava (Manihot esculenta Crantz) in ruminant nutrition. I. Chemical composition, feeding value, toxicity and processing

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Review of chromatographic methods for chloramphenicol residues in milk, eggs, and tissues from food-producing animals

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Review of citrus rootstocks for Texas following the 1983 freeze

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Review of cooperative development in Tanzania as it relates to agriculture

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Review of current and future analytical methods for the determination of mycotoxins

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Review of current practices in management of inherited disorders of amino acid metabolism in Western Europe

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Review of current status of leishmaniasis epidemiology

Anonymous, 1983:
Review of developments in agricultural production and trade in the ECWA region

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Review of diquat use in New Zealand for submerged weed control

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Review of disorders of the adrenal cortex of cats and report of a case of primary insufficiency

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Review of effects of cultural practices on frost hazard

Adeniji, K.O., 1985:
Review of endangered cattle breeds of Africa

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Review of enquiries made to the NPIS concerning Psilocybe mushroom ingestion, 1978-81

Ward, J.R., 1984:
Review of field trials and grower use of metribuzin products in cereal (and other) crops

Anonymous, 1986:
Review of fresh chilled dairy product market

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Review of idiopathic feline vestibular syndrome in 75 cats

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Review of investigations on Ascochyta of field and garden peas

Furga Wegrzycka, H., 1984:
Review of investigations on Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. pisi and F. solani f. sp. pisi

Furga Wegrzycka, H., 1984:
Review of investigations on the fungi Aphanomyces euteiches (Drechs.) and Pythium ultimum (Trow.) which cause root rots in garden and field peas

Anonymous, 1985:
Review of legislation relating to agricultural vehicles

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Review of literature on taro production and marketing in Western Samoa

Vuljanic, B.; Raffaelli, D., 1985:
Review of methods for determining the maturity of cotton fibres

Wery, M., 1984:
Review of methods for diagnosis and treatment

Soothill, C., 1984:
Review of methods of analysis for the prediction of the strength and stiffness properties of plywood

Baumer, D.L., 1985:
Review of milk regulation and court decisions in North Carolina and the southeast

Kuznetsov, V.I.; Tristan, N.I., 1985:
Review of mining moths of the genus Micrurapteryx Spuler (Lepidoptera, Gracillariidae) of the Palaearctic fauna

Grisso, R.D.; Perumpral, J.V., 1985:
Review of models for predicting performance of narrow tillage tool

Fai, C.K., 1985:
Review of neoplastic cases of domestic mammals diagnosed at Universiti Pertanian Malaysia (1979-1984)

Makarkin, V.N., 1985:
Review of neuropterans of the family Hemerobiidae (Neuroptera) of the fauna of the USSR. I. The genera Hemerobius L., Micromus Ramb. and Paramicromus Nakah

O.Sullivan, J.A., 1985:
Review of non-contact proximity transducers for use in a sprayer boom height control system

Bogdanova, E.A., 1982 :
Review of parasitological investigations of farmed whitefish fry

Weghe, H. van den, 1985:
Review of pen designs

Kallweit, E., 1982:
Review of practical use and experimental results of in vivo techniques for the estimation of body composition in beef cattle in the Federal Republic of Germany

Shyam, M., 1984:
Review of practices ad research and development in potato size-grading in India

Chandler, D.R., 1985:
Review of range and pasture research in Botswana

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Review of recent abstracts on leishmaniasis. (January 1982-September 1983)

Taylor, A.E.R., 1984:
Review of recent abstracts on trypanosomiasis

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Review of remote sensing applications in hydrology and water resources management in India

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Review of research carried out on Phaseolus in Zaire, Rwanda and Burundi from 1945 to the present day

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Review of research on Edovum puttleri Grissell, egg parasite of the Colorado potato beetle

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Review of research on insecticide synergists in India - retrospect and prospect

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Review of silvicultural systems for harvesting Eucalyptus delegatensis forests on dolerite plateaux in Tasmania

Feldhofer, S., 1985:
Review of some production and health problems in present-day use of urea for feeding farm animals

Kimenye, D., 1985:
Review of the Boran in Kenya

Kebede, B., 1985:
Review of the Ethiopian Borana breed

Lahlou Kassi, A., 1985:
Review of the Moroccan sheep breeds

Liyanage, A. de S., 1984:
Review of the Plant Pathology Department

Liyanage, A. de S., 1985:
Review of the Plant Pathology Department

Kemenye, D., 1985:
Review of the Sahiwal in Kenya

Sharma, O.P., 1984:
Review of the biochemical effects of Lantana camara toxicity

Whitcomb, W.H., 1984:
Review of the biological control symposium

Jacobs, R.M.; Murtaugh, R.J.; DeHoff, W.D., 1985:
Review of the clinicopathological findings of acute pancreatitis in the dog: use of an experimental model

Grouet, D., 1984:
Review of the current possibilities of control of white rust of Chrysanthemum

Cawdery, M.J.H., 1984:
Review of the economic importance of fascioliasis in sheep and cattle

Sanderson, K.W., 1985:
Review of the effects of ginning practices on cotton fibre and yarn properties and processing performance

Goulston, G.H.; Shearing, S.J., 1985:
Review of the effects of paclobutrazol on ornamental pot plants

Kovar, M.G.; Serdula, M.K.; Marks, J.S.; Fraser, D.W., 1984:
Review of the epidemiologic evidence for an association between infant feeding and infant health

Karapetyan, A.P., 1984:
Review of the fauna of spider beetles of the tribe Ernobiini of the Caucasus (Coleoptera, Ptinidae)

Jairajpuri, M.S.; Ahmad, M., 1982:
Review of the genus Nygellus Thorne, 1932 (Nematoda: Dorylaimida) with comments on its systematic position

Cazzaniga, N.J.; Estebenet, A.L., 1985:
Review of the history of the use of aquatic snails (Ampullariidae) in programmes of biological control

Khubenov, Z.K., 1985:
Review of the hosts of species of the family Tachinidae (Diptera) occurring in Bulgaria

Taylor, H.R., 1985:
Review of the immunologic aspects of onchocerciasis: an introduction

Boever, J.L. de; Brabander, D.L.D.; Buysse, F.X., 1984:
Review of the influence of feeding on the fat content of milk

Krise, W.F.; Meade, J.W., 1986:
Review of the intensive culture of walleye fry

Kanamori, N., 1986:
Review of the irrigation projects financed by the Asian Development Bank

Pare, B.; Bonneau, N.H.; Breton, L., 1986:
Review of the literature and a retrospective study of 36 cases of elbow osteochondrosis in dogs

Thorel, M.F., 1984:
Review of the occurrence of mycobactin dependence among mycobacteria species

Warley, T.K., 1985:
Review of the politics and economics of CAP decision making, and Special features and ongoing reforms of the CAP

Benoit, F.; Ceustermans, N., 1985:
Review of the possibilities for applying temporary direct covering (DC) with perforated plastic to the growing of spring vegetables

Iannelli, P., 1984:
Review of the principal measures for improvement of the agroforestry resources in arid lands

Lipej, Z., 1985:
Review of the rabbit diseases most frequently diagnosed in the last 20 years (1964-1983)

Cayley, G.R.; Etheridge, P.E.; Goodchild, R.E.; Griffiths, D.C.; Hulme, P.J.; Lewthwaite, R.J.; Pye, B.J.; Scott, G.C., 1985:
Review of the relationship between chemical deposits achieved with electrostatically charged rotary atomisers and their biological effects

Leeuwen, W.J. van; Guinee, P.A.M.; Voogd, C.E.; Klingeren, B. van, 1986:
Review of the resistance of Salmonella to antibiotics

Rees, D.P., 1985:
Review of the response of stored product insects to light of various wavelengths, with particular reference to the design and use of light traps for population monitoring

Bougler, J., 1984:
Review of the use of artificial insemination in France

Timberlake, J.; Dionisio, A.C., 1985:
Review of the use of improved pasture species in Mozambique

Anonymous, 1984:
Review of the world wheat situation 1983/84

Currah, L., 1985:
Review of three onion improvement schemes in the tropics

Hornfeldt, C.S.; Borys, D.J., 1985:
Review of veterinary cases received by the Hennepin Poison Center in 1984

Anonymous, 1985:
Review of water and soil conservation research 1982/83

Flinn, D.W.; Fagg, P.C., 1984:
Review of weed control practices in radiata pine plantations in Australia

Anonymous, 1982:
Review of wheat production and experiments in Uruguay

Gulati, N.K.; Suri, R.K., 1985:
Review of work done on Indian essential oils at Forest Research Institute Dehra Dun

Thakur, C.P., 1983:
Review on current status of leishmaniasis: clinical and laboratory diagnosis

E.Hossari, M.A., 1980:
Review on the improvement of Fayoumi fowl with particular reference to a flock at Fayoumi Research Station

Kelling, K.A.; Schulte, E.E., 1986:
Review. DRIS as a part of a routine plant analysis program

Harapiak, J.T.; Beaton, J.D., 1986:
Review. Phosphorus fertilizer considerations for maximum yields in the Great Plains

Bundy, L.G., 1986:
Review. Timing nitrogen applications to maximize fertilizer efficiency and crop response in conventional corn production

Hopwood, D., 1985:
Review: Cell and tissue fixation, 1972-1982

Cushner, H.M.; Adams, N.D., 1985:
Review: renal osteodystrophy - pathogenesis and treatment

Crouch, C.F., 1985:
Review: vaccination against enteric rota and coronaviruses in cattle and pigs: enhancement of lactogenic immunity

Tomlinson, R., 1984:
Review A development framework for Gazankulu, Institute of Development Studies, RAU, 1983.

Hanratty, E.F., 1984:
Review A proposed national development plan for Lebowa, University of Pretoria, 1983.

Lotter, J.C., 1984:
Review Report of the Commission of Inquiry into the economic development of the Republic of Ciskei, 1983.

Verdonck, O., 1984:
Reviewing and evaluation of new materials used as substrates

Shen, D.T.; Gorham, J.R.; Larsen, A.E.; Hansen, M., 1984:
Reviewing the transmission of epizootic catarrhal gastoenteritis

Anonymous, 1984:
Revised accounts by farm type for 1978-83

Hokanson, KEF.; Koenst, WM., 1986:
Revised estimates of growth requirements and lethal temperature limits of juvenile walleyes

Finney P.L.; Andrews L.C., 1986:
Revised microtesting for soft wheat quality evaluation

Gioia, V.G., 1986:
Revised rose name registration system

Turke, G., 1985:
Revised standards for sawn timber seasoning

Tsukamoto, S.; Hayashi, K.; Kaneko, K.; Mitsuhashi, H.; Shiro, M., 1986:
Revised structure of a novel disaccharide, wilforibiose, obtained from the hydrolysate of Cynanchum wilfordii Hemsley glycosides

Ellis, R.H., 1984:
Revised table of seed storage characteristics

Yu, Y.A.; Chen, D.H., 1984:
Revision and description of Anopheles (Cellia) balabacensis Baisas from Yunnan, China

Heppner, J.B., 1982:
Revision of American Thaumatographa, with a new species from Cuba (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae: Chlidanotinae)

Johnson, G.P., 1986:
Revision of Castanea section Balanocastanon (Fagaceae)

Cantrell, BK., 1985:
Revision of Chaetophthalmus Brauer & Bergenstamm and the Australian species of Linnaemya Robineau-Desvoidy (Diptera: Tachinidae)

Wang, P.Y.; Sung, S.M., 1985:
Revision of Chinese coneworms Dioryctria of the sylvestrella group (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae, Phycitinae)

McDonald, FJD., 1986:
Revision of Cosmopepla Stal (Hemiptera: Pentatomidae)

Vercammen Grandjean, P.H.; Kolebinova, M.G., 1985:
Revision of Neotrombicula complex (Acarina, Trombiculidae)

Gagne, RJ., 1986:
Revision of Prodiplosis (Diptera: Cecidomyiidae) with descriptions of three new species

Khalilian, A.; Batchelder, D.G.; Self, K.; Summers, J.D., 1984:
Revision of fuel consumption equations for diesel tractors

Chesunov, A.V., 1984:
Revision of marine free-living nematodes of the family Lauratonematidae

Pang, X.F., 1984:
Revision of some species of Harmonia Mulsant (Coleoptera: Coccinellidae)

McDonald, FJD.; Cassis, G., 1984:
Revision of the Australian Scutelleridae Leach (Hemiptera)

Cantrell, BK., 1985:
Revision of the Australian species of Carcelia Robineau-Desvoidy, with notes on the remaining genera of Australian Carceliini (Diptera: Tachinidae)

Oehlke, J., 1983:
Revision of the European Aulacidae (Hymenoptera - Evanioidea)

Johnson, NF., 1984:
Revision of the Nearctic species of the Trissolcus flavipes group (Hymenoptera: Scelionidae)

O'Brien, CW., 1984:
Revision of the Neotropical weevil genus Philonis (Cryptorhynchinae: Curculionidae: Coleoptera)

Vockeroth, JR., 1986:
Revision of the New World species of Paragus Latreille (Diptera: Syrphidae)

Johnson, NF., 1985:
Revision of the New World species of the thyantae group of Trissolcus (Hymenoptera: Scelionidae)