Results and methods of breeding lucerne for increased seed production

Piskovatskii, Y.M. (Piskovackij, J.M.; Nenarokov, Y.M. (Nenarokov, J.M.; Stepanova, G.V.

Proceedings of the Medicago sativa group of Eucarpia, 27-30 August, 1984, Brno, Czechoslovakia: ; 233-238


Accession: 001451041

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In the course of breeding in the Nonchernozem zone of the USSR, varieties from a number of countries were evaluated for seed production and useful donors were selected. By means of polycrosses and interspecific and intervarietal hybridization, populations were produced giving seed yields of 200-250 kg/ha. These included the synthetic Vega, produced from a polycross of selections from the variety Tuna and hybrid Severnaya Gibridnaya X Gamma.