Results of a year (1983) of entomological investigations on arbovirus vectors in Madagascar

Fontenille, D.; Mathiot, C.

Archives de l' Institut Pasteur de Madagascar 51(1): 161-202


ISSN/ISBN: 0020-2495
Accession: 001451192

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Detailed results are given of an entomological research project on arboviruses that was conducted in 1983 by the Pasteur Institute of Madagascar, during which 8 regions of the island were surveyed and 20 000 adult mosquitoes and 630 ticks were collected. Lists of mosquito species are given for each region separately, with means of capture, host (when relevant), numbers and time of day; in Andekaleka larval and nymphal habitats are also given. Aedes was the mosquito genus most commonly found, and the ceratopogonid Styloconops spinosifrons [Leptoconops spinosifrons] and 5 species of ticks were the only arthropods other than mosquitoes that were collected.