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Seed progeny studies in alliums II. Male meiosis in the progeny plants of tetraploid Allium tuberosum Rottl. ex Spreng

Gohil, R.N.; Koul, A.K.

Cytologia 48(1): 109-118


ISSN/ISBN: 0011-4545
DOI: 10.1508/cytologia.48.109
Accession: 001456476

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A. tuberosum is an autotetraploid (2n = 4x = 32) which also shows weak desynapsis. Of 50 progeny plants scored, 4 were aneuploids (2 each with 31 and 33 chromosomes). Desynapsis was more frequent in the progeny plants than in the parents. Male sporogenous tissue of the progeny plants was chimeric with cells possessing the tetraploid (31, 32 or 33) or octoploid (62, 64 or 66) chromosome numbers. Meiosis in tetraploid PMCs was abnormal, characterized by the presence of multivalents and univalents at metaphase I and by unequal distribution of chromosomes, presence of chromatin bridges and fragments and chromosome lagging at anaphase.

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