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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 1459

Chapter 1459 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Benton, W.D., 1985:
Sequence organization of the ribosomal RNA genes of Zea mays

Squire, K.R.; Chuang, R.Y.; Chuang, L.F.; Doi, R.H.; Osburn, B.I., 1986:
Sequence relationships of United States prototype and wild-type bluetongue virus RNA genomes investigated by northern blot hybridization analysis

Clark, A.J.; Ghazal, P.; Bingham, R.W.; Barrett, D.; Bishop, J.O., 1985:
Sequence structures of a mouse major urinary protein gene and pseudogene compared

Gregor, P.D.; Kobrin, B.J.; Milcarek, C.; Morrison, S.L., 1986:
Sequences 3' of immunoglobulin heavy chain genes influence their expression

Kingston, I.B.; Anderson, S., 1986:
Sequences encoding two trypsin inhibitors occur in strikingly similar genomic environments

Saga, Y.; Tung, J.S.; Shen, F.W.; Boyse, E.A., 1986:
Sequences of Ly-5 cDNA: isoform-related diversity of Ly-5 mRNA

de la Cruz, V.F.; Neckelmann, N.; Simpson, L., 1984:
Sequences of six genes and several open reading frames in the kinetoplast maxicircle DNA of Leishmania tarentolae

Boursnell, M.E.; Binns, M.M.; Foulds, I.J.; Brown, T.D., 1985:
Sequences of the nucleocapsid genes from two strains of avian infectious bronchitis virus

Lo, K.V.; Bulley, N.R.; Kwong, E., 1985:
Sequencing aerobic batch reactor treatment of milking parlour wastewater

Boursnell, M.E.; Binns, M.M.; Brown, T.D., 1985:
Sequencing of coronavirus IBV genomic RNA: three open reading frames in the 5' 'unique' region of mRNA D

Zhang, X.H.; Tang, X.H., 1986:
Sequential activation of the biosynthesis of macromolecules in rice embryos during imbibition

Dacheux, J.L.; Paquignon, M.; Lanneau, M., 1984:
Sequential analysis of the epididymal sperm maturation process in the boar

Arnebrant, T.; Nylander, T., 1986:
Sequential and competitive adsorption of beta -lactoglobulin and kappa -casein on metal surfaces

Chow, P.N.P., 1986:
Sequential application of soil-incorporated and post-emergence herbicides for controlling wild oat (Avena fatua L.) and green foxtail (Setaria viridis (L.) Beauv.) in spring wheat

Silva, M.; Gallego, M.; Valcarcel, M., 1986:
Sequential atomic absorption spectrometric determination of nitrate and nitrite in meats by liquid-liquid extraction in a flow-injection system

Nielsen, O.M., 1985:
Sequential changes in circulating total protein and albumin masses after abdominal vascular surgery

Tyagi, K.; Murthy, P.K.; Sen, A.B., 1985:
Sequential changes in the antibody response of Mastomys natalensis consequent to Brugia malayi infection

Lewis-Jones, D.I.; Lewis-Jones, M.S.; Connolly, R.C.; Lloyd, D.C.; West, C.R., 1985:
Sequential changes in the antimicrobial protein concentrations in human milk during lactation and its relevance to banked human milk

Wegmann, P.; Bertschinger, H.U., 1984:
Sequential cytological and bacteriological examination of the secretions from sucked and unsucked mammary glands with and without mastitis

Gustafsson, H.; Larsson, K.; Kindahl, H.; Madej, A., 1986:
Sequential endocrine changes and behaviour during oestrus and metoestrus in repeat breeder and virgin heifers

Cherney J.H.; Volenec J.J.; Nyquist W.E., 1985:
Sequential fiber analysis of forage as influenced by sample weight

Kaiser, C.J.; Cmarik, G.F.; Faulkner, D.B., .:
Sequential grazing of perennial warm season grass pastures in the tall fescue belt

Tomlinson, G., 1985:
Sequential induction of mitochondrial changes during encystment in Acanthamoeba castellanii

Salama, A.E.; Adam, F.A.; E.N.wawy, A.; Abbassy, M.; Abo Salem, M., 1984:
Sequential insecticide treatments for the control of sucking pests with regards to some of their predators

Goto Y.; Kurogi H.; Inaba Y.; Matumoto M., 1986:
Sequential isolation of rotavirus from individual calves

Allan, E.M.; Gibbs, H.A.; Wiseman, A.; Selman, I.E., 1985:
Sequential lesions of experimental bovine pneumonic pasteurellosis

Gossett, K.A.; MacWilliams, P.S.; Cleghorn, B., 1985:
Sequential morphological and quantitative changes in blood and bone marrow neutrophils in dogs with acute inflammation

Matsuda, H.; Nakao, M.; Morita, M.; Tanaka, H., 1984:
Sequential occurrence of IgM and IgG antibodies against egg and adult worm antigens in rabbits infected with Schistosoma japonicum observed by ELISA and changes after treatment with praziquantel

Svendsen, E.K.; Blackburn, T.H., 1986:
Sequential phases in the anaerobic degradation of swine manure

Fairweather, S.E., 1985:
Sequential sampling for assessment of stocking adequacy

Boivin, G.; Vincent, C., 1983:
Sequential sampling for pest control programs

Beaumont, F.; Kauffman, H.F.; Sluiter, H.J.; D.V.ies, K., 1985:
Sequential sampling of fungal air spores inside and outside the homes of mould-sensitive, asthmatic patients: a search for a relationship to obstructive reactions

Zehnder, G.W.; Trumble, J.T., 1985:
Sequential sampling plans with fixed levels of precision for Liriomyza species (Diptera: Agromyzidae) in fresh market tomatoes

Schwan, T.G., 1984:
Sequential sampling to determine the minimum number of host examinations required to provide a reliable flea (Siphonaptera) index

Lerario, A.C.; Wajchenberg, B.L.; el-Andere, W.; Ohnuma, L.Y.; Monaci, J.; Sankowsky, M.; Toledo, I.T.; Souza, E.; Germek, O., 1985:
Sequential studies of glucose tolerance and red blood cell insulin receptors in normal human pregnancy

Hojo Y., 1986:
Sequential study on glutathione peroxidase and selenium contents of human milk

Nogales, R.; Azcon, M.; Gallardo Lara, F., 1985:
Sequential sulphur availability affected by town refuse compost application

Martial, J.; Plourde, V.; Gascon Barre, M., 1985:
Sequestration of superscript 3H-vitamin D3 by the fetal and neonatal rat liver

Yaroslavtsev, G.D.; Kazimirova, R.N., 1984:
Sequoiadendron giganteum in Soviet Central Asia

Lee, C.L., 1982:
Sequoyitol and myo-inositol from the heartwood of Taiwania cryptomerioides

Wilson, C.M., 1986:
Serial analysis of zein by isoelectric focusing and sodium dodecyl sulfate gel electrophoresis

Lockitch, G.; Pendray, M.R.; Godolphin, W.J.; Quigley, G., 1985:
Serial changes in selected serum constituents in low birth weight infants on peripheral parenteral nutrition with different zinc and copper supplements

Calvert, C.C.; Famula, T.R.; Bernier, J.F.; Bradford, G.E., 1985:
Serial composition during growth in mice with a major gene for rapid postweaning growth

Mellen, W.L., 1985:
Serial distribution - proper design and installation

Jeggo, M.H.; Wardley, R.C.; Brownlie, J.; Corteyn, A.H., 1986:
Serial inoculation of sheep with two bluetongue virus types

Allen W.E.; Goddard P.J., 1984:
Serial investigations of early pregnancy in pony mares using real time ultrasound scanning

Innis, S.M.; Frohlich, J.; McLeod, R.; Allardyce, D.B.; Hahn, P., 1985:
Serial measurement of plasma cholesterol and lecithin:cholesterol acyl transferase activity in adults receiving total parenteral nutrition

Goj, T., 1986:
Serial quantitative determination of the alkaloid content of lupin seeds

Hillman, L.S.; Salmons, S.J.; Slatopolsky, E.; McAlister, W.H., 1985:
Serial serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D and mineral homeostasis in very premature infants fed preterm human milk

Simjee A.E.; Patel A.; Gathiram V.; Engelbrecht H.E.; Singh K.; Rooknoodeen F., 1985:
Serial ultrasound in amoebic liver abscess

Joussellin, W., 1986:
Sericulture in the Cevennes: its revival

Ron, A.G., 1985:
Sericulture research programme

Tainturier, D.; Richard, C., 1986:
Series of metritis cases during the breeding season in Breton draught mares caused by Klebsiella pneumoniae capsular type K2, biotype d

Leeuwenberg, A.J.M.; Bisset, N.G., 1985:
Series of revisions of Apocynaceae XV

Anonymous, 1984:
Series testing of slurry pumps

Breddam, K., 1986:
Serine carboxypeptidases. A review

Nosci, C.; Avila, J.L., 1985:
Serine hydroxymethyltransferase activity in Trypanosoma cruzi, Trypanosoma rangeli and American Leishmania spp

Nagy, I.; Makara, G.B.; Horvath, G.; Rappay, G.; Kurcz, M.; Bajusz, S., 1985:
Serine protease inhibitors decrease in vitro prolactin and growth hormone (GH) secretion of rat pituitaries

Chermette, R.; Stambouli, F.; Drouhet, E., 1984:
Serious Aspergillus rhino-sinusitis in dogs. On two cases. Attempt at treatment with ketoconazole

Aloj, B.; Garibaldi, A., 1984:
Serious attacks of Stigmina palmivora (Sacc.) Hughes on Phoenix canariensis Hort. in Campania

Pellegrino, S.; Mozzone, G., 1985:
Serious damage by Agrilus in Piedmontese hazel groves

Holliman, A.; Southgate, P., 1986:
Serious losses in rainbow trout (Salmo gairdneri) associated with hepatocellular ceroidosis

Anonymous, 1986:
Serious problems with antimalarial drugs

Chunge, C.N.; Kimani, R.G.; Gachihi, G.; Mkoji, G.; Kamau, T.; Rashid, J.R., 1985:
Serious side effects of oxamniquine during the treatment of Schistosoma mansoni in Kenya

Bakken, G.; Thorburn, M., 1985:
Seriousness and stability of subclinical mastitis assessed by quarter milk serum albumin

Varma, T.K.; Ahluwalia, S.S.; Malviya, H.C., 1984:
Sero-diagnosis of infection with Cysticercus cellulosae in pigs and taeniasis in man and pups by conglutinating complement absorption test

Sinclair, I.J.; Wassall, D.A., 1986:
Sero-diagnosis of warble fly infections in cattle

Bianchini, C.; Sebastiani, A.; Bile, K.; Aceti, A.; Ilardi, I., 1981:
Sero-epidemiological investigation of an Entamoeba histolytica infection in Somalia

Mansueto, S.; Vitale, G.; Scalise, M.; Tringali, G.; Milano, S.; Mento, C., 1985:
Sero-epidemiological studies on boutonneuse fever in western Sicily. III. antibodies against R.conorii antibodies in human and canine sera from the island of Ustica

Mansueto, S.; Accardo, S.; Milazzo, B.; Vitale, G.; Mento, C.; Tringali, G., 1985:
Sero-epidemiological studies on boutonneuse fever in western Sicily. IX. Antibodies against R.conorii in human and canine sera from Alcamo

Chatterjee, A.; De, B.N.; Bidyanta, J.; Chakraborty, M.; Mondal, P.; Sen, G.P., 1985:
Sero-epidemiological studies on bovine brucellosis in organized herds in West Bengal

Dimitriadis, I.A.; Artavanis, S., 1984:
Sero-epidemiological study of bovine leukaemia virus infection in Greece (Peloponnisos)

Adungo, N.I.; Kamunvi, F., 1983:
Sero-epidemiological study of human intestinal protozoal infections in Kenya: an appraisal review of sero-immunological phenomena in human intestinal protozoal infections

Boon, J.H.; Ploeger, H.W.; Raaymakers, A.J., 1986:
Sero-epidemiological survey of Dictyocaulus viviparus infections in first-season grazing calves in The Netherlands

Perea Remujo, A.; Miranda Garcia, A.; Leon Vizcaino, L.; Carranza Guzman, J.; Hermoso de Mendoza, M., 1984 :
Sero-epidemiological survey of listeriosis in cattle, sheep and goats in Cordoba province

Reynolds, J.P.; Gurria Trevino, F.; Hird, D.W.; Hokama, Y., 1984:
Sero-epidemiological survey of pseudorabies and porcine parvovirus infection in 18 pig herds in the Mexicali Valley

Purohit, V.D.; Chand, P.; Gupta, R.K.P.; Rao, G.S.C.R., 1986:
Sero-incidence of Brucella abortus antibodies among equines

Singh, B.; Msolla, P., 1984:
Sero-prevalence and pathogenesis of Toxoplasma gondii in sheep and goats in tropical regions

Sukumar, M.N.; Babu, T.S., 1986:
Sero-prevalence of egg drop syndrome in poultry in Andhra Pradesh

Bale, J.O.O.; Kwanashie, G., 1984:
Sero-prevalence of brucellosis among horses in northern Nigeria

Ali, A.H.; Zaidan, W.A.; Sharma, V.K., 1985:
Sero-prevalence of brucellosis in horses in Iraq

Ray, D.K.; Sarkar, P., 1984:
Sero-prevalence of infectious bursal disease in poultry around Calcutta

Rahman, H.; Das, S.K.; Boro, B.R., 1984:
Sero-prevalence of porcine brucellosis in Assam

Pifer, L.L., 1985:
Serodiagnosis of Pneumocystis carinii

Mohammed, E.A.E.R.; Wright, E.P.; Abdel Rahman, A.M.; Kolk, A.; Laarman, J.J.; Pondman, K.W., 1986:
Serodiagnosis of Sudanese visceral and mucosal leishmaniasis: comparison of ELISA-immunofluorescence and indirect haemagglutination

Janitschke, K.; D.V.s, A.J.; Bigalke, R.D., 1984:
Serodiagnosis of bovine besnoitiosis by ELISA and immunofluorescence tests

Kimura, Y. et al., 1982:
Serodiagnosis of bovine fascioliasis by immunodiffusion reaction and counterelectrophoresis

Shinoda, T.; Ikeda, R.; Nishikawa, A.; Ohtsuka, M.; Fukazawa, Y., 1985:
Serodiagnosis of cryptococcosis

Tenter, A.M.; Friedhoff, K.T., 1986:
Serodiagnosis of experimental and natural Babesia equi and B. caballi infections

Cox, R.A., 1985:
Serodiagnosis of fungal diseases

Tomasi, J.P.; Barka, N.; Stadtsbaeder, S., 1986:
Serodiagnosis of human G and M immunoglobulins to Toxoplasma gondii by ELISA using whole tachyzoites as antigens: a comparative study with the indirect haemagglutination (IHA) and immunofluorescence (IFA) tests

Bos, H.J.; Beekman, J., 1985:
Serodiagnosis of lungworm infection in calves using ELISA

Doenhoff, M.J.; Dunne, D.W.; Bain, J.; Lillywhite, J.E.; McLaren, M.L., 1985:
Serodiagnosis of mansonian schistosomiasis with CEF6, a cationic antigen fraction of Schistosoma mansoni eggs

Tenter, A.M., 1984:
Serodiagnosis of natural and experimental babesiosis in horses

Glickman, L.T.; Grieve, R.B.; Lauria, S.S.; Jones, D.L., 1985:
Serodiagnosis of ocular toxocariasis: a comparison of two antigens

Ishizaki, H.; Kobayashi, H.; Sawada, M., 1985:
Serodiagnosis of sporotrichosis

Voller, A., 1985:
Serodiagnosis of tropical parasitic diseases with special reference to the standardization of labelled reagent tests

Zweygarth, E.; Sabwa, C.; Rottcher, D., 1984:
Serodiagnosis of trypanosomiasis in dromedary camels using a card agglutination test set (TestrypReg. CATT)

Kagan, I.G., 1984:
Serodiagnosis; skin tests

Lengyel, A., 1984:
Serodiagnostic studies in human cases of suspected toxocariasis

Croft, S.L., 1985:
Serodiagnostic tests for West African trypanosomiasis

Skalka, B.; Svastova, A., 1985:
Serodiagnostics of Corynebacterium (Rhodococcus) equi

Dellers, R.W., 1982:
Seroepidemiologic survey of antibody to bovid herpesvirus 2 in dairy cattle in Virginia

Mardari, A.; Handrache, L.; Perianu, T.; Stoica, E.; Mardri Andronic, V.; Andronic, C., 1981:
Seroepidemiological studies of equine influenza in 1981

McGregor, I.A., 1985:
Seroepidemiological studies of malaria in Gambia, West Africa

Jemni, L.; Faurant, C.; Heyer, F.; Bchir, A.; Braham, M.S.; Ayachi, S.; Djaidane, A.; Bouzakoura, C.; Lapierre, J., 1986:
Seroepidemiological study of toxoplasmosis amongst schoolchildren in Sousse

Fukushi, H.; Ogawa, H.; Minamoto, N.; Hashimoto, A.; Yagami, K.; Tamura, H.; Shimakura, S.; Hirai, K., 1985:
Seroepidemiological surveillance of Chlamydia psittaci in cats and dogs in Japan

Forletta, R., 1984:
Seroepidemiological survey for enzootic bovine leukosis in herds in Pisa, Massa, Lucca and Livorno provinces

Irulegui, I.; Manuel, M.M.; Rey, L., 1984:
Seroepidemiological survey of malaria in the Limpopo River area of Mozambique

Jemni, L.; Faurant, C.; Heyer, F.; Bchir, A.; Braham, M.S.; Ayachi, S.; Djaidane, A.; Bouzakoura, C.; Lapierre, J., 1985:
Seroepidemiological survey of toxoplasmosis in schoolchildren in Sousse

Marrie, T.J.; Van Buren, J.; Fraser, J.; Haldane, E.V.; Faulkner, R.S.; Williams, J.C.; Kwan, C., 1985:
Seroepidemiology of Q fever among domestic animals in Nova Scotia

Hung, T.; Fan, R.L.; Wang, C.A.; Chen, G.M.; Chou, D.N.; Chiang, J.Q.; McCrae, M.A.; Wang, W.Z.; Se, W.Z.; Dan, R.; Mon Hon Ng, 1985:
Seroepidemiology of adult rotavirus.

Muller, I., 1984:
Seroepidemiology of bovine Babesia and Anaplasma infections in Colombia. II. Improved manufacture of antigens for indirect immunofluorescence with Babesia bovis

Bhat, P.; Srinivasa, H., 1984:
Seroepidemiology of malaria in India

Occhipinti, L.; Novak, J.; Yamamoto, R.; West, GBE.; Lam, KM.; Farver, TB., 1986:
Seroepidemiology of marble spleen disease on a large pheasant farm in California

Yogore, M.G.; Lewert, R.M.; Blas, B.L., 1984:
Seroepidemiology of schistosomiasis japonica by ELISA in the Philippines. III. Selective mass chemotherapy with praziquantel in a control program

Baker, J.C.; Ames, T.R.; Werdin, R.E., 1986:
Seroepizootiologic study of bovine respiratory syncytial virus in a beef herd

Baker, J.C.; Ames, T.R.; Markham, R.J., 1986:
Seroepizootiologic study of bovine respiratory syncytial virus in a dairy herd

Jun, M.H.; Park, B.K.; An, S.H.; Kim, Y.H., 1985:
Seroepizootiological study on bovine leucosis in Korea

Chahal, V.P.S.; Verma, V.K.; Sharma, F.K., 1984:
Serogrouping of Rhizobium leguminosarium strains isolated from different soils

Hindmarsh, F.; Fraser, J., 1985:
Serogroups of Bacteroides nodosus isolated from ovine footrot in Britain

Zarnke, R.L.; Dieterich, R.A.; Neiland, K.A.; Ranglack, G., 1983:
Serologic and experimental investigations of contagious ecthyma in Alaska

Bruckner, D.A., 1985:
Serologic and intradermal tests for parasitic infections

LeaMaster, B.R.; Evermann, J.F.; Mueller, G.M.; Prieur, M.K.; Schalie, J. van der, 1984:
Serologic and virologic studies on naturally occurring respiratory syncytial virus and Haemophilus somnus infections in sheep

Yagami, K.; Furukawa, T.; Fukui, M., 1985:
Serologic and virologic surveys on feline herpesvirus and feline calicivirus infections in cats for experimental use

Adair, B.M.; McKillop, E.R.; McFerran, J.B., 1985:
Serologic classification of two ovine adenovirus isolates from the central United States

Azab, M.E.; Safar, E.H.; el-Shenawy, S.F.; Abdel-Ghaffar, F.M.; el-Okby, L., 1986:
Serologic determination of toxoplasmosis in patients with clinical manifestations

Jensen, W.A.; Rose, R.M.; Hammer, S.M.; Karchmer, A.W., 1985:
Serologic diagnosis of focal pneumonia caused by Cryptococcus neoformans

Kobayashi A.; Watanabe N.; Suzuki Y.; Makioka A.; Katakura K.; Hamada A.; Hirai N., 1984:
Serologic diagnosis of toxoplasmic lymphadenitis

Dubey, J.P.; Desmonts, G.; Antunes, F.; McDonald, C., 1985:
Serologic diagnosis of toxoplasmosis in experimentally infected pregnant goats and transplacentally infected kids

Glickman L.T.; Grieve R.B.; Schantz P.M., 1986:
Serologic diagnosis of zoonotic pulmonary dirofilariasis

Dubey, J.P.; Desmonts, G.; McDonald, C.; Walls, K.W., 1985:
Serologic evaluation of cattle inoculated with Toxoplasma gondii: comparison of Sabin-Feldman dye test and other agglutination tests

Cho, S.N.; Collins, M.T.; Reif, J.S., 1984:
Serologic evidence of Legionella infection in horses

Zarnke, R.L.; Calisher, C.H.; Kerschner, J., 1983:
Serologic evidence of arbovirus infections in humans and wild animals in Alaska

Dubey, J.P., 1985:
Serologic prevalence of toxoplasmosis in cattle, sheep, goats, pigs, bison, and elk in Montana

Baker, J.C.; Ames, T.R.; Markham, R.J., 1985:
Serologic studies of bovine respiratory syncytial virus in Minnesota cattle

Fletcher, W.O.; Stallknecht, D.E.; Jenney, E.W., 1985:
Serologic surveillance for vesicular stomatitis virus on Ossabaw Island, Georgia

Hoff, R.; Todd, C.W.; Maguire, J.H.; Piesman, J.; Mott, K.E.; Mota, E.E.; Sleigh, A.; Sherlock, I.A.; Weller, T.H., 1985:
Serologic surveillance of Chagas' disease

Foreyt, W.J.; Evermann, J.F.; Hickman, J., 1986:
Serologic survey for adenovirus infection in wild bears in Washington

Ianconescu, M.; McCapes, R.H.; Bankowski, R.A., 1984:
Serologic survey for hemorrhagic enteritis in California breeder and meat turkeys

Zarnke, R.L., 1983:
Serologic survey for selected microbial pathogens in Alaskan wildlife

Foreyt, W.J.; Evermann, J.F., 1985:
Serologic survey of canine coronavirus in wild coyotes in the western United States, 1972-1982

Clark, C.S.; Linnemann, C.C.; Gartside, P.S.; Phair, J.P.; Blacklow, N.; Zeiss, C.R., 1985:
Serologic survey of rotavirus, Norwalk agent and Prototheca wickerhamii in wastewater workers

Blancou, J., 1983:
Serologic testing of wild roe deer (Capreolus capreolus L.) from the Trois Fontaines forest region of eastern France

Sawata, A.; Kume, K.; Nakai, T., 1984:
Serologic typing of Haemophilus paragallinarum based on serum bactericidal reactions

Camguilhem, R.; Mureau, G.; Nicolas, J.A.; Brocas, J.; Tournut, J., 1986:
Serological O groups and antibiotic sensitivity of Escherichia coli strains isolated in France from recently weaned rabbits with diarrhoea

Polonelli, L.; Morace, G., 1985:
Serological analysis of dermatophyte isolates with monoclonal antibodies produced against Microsporum canis

Koshimizu, K.; Kotani, H.; Yamamoto, K.; Magaribuchi, T.; Harasawa, R.; Ito, M.; Ogata, M., 1984:
Serological analysis of ureaplasmas isolated from various animals

Wooszyn, S.; Uminski, M., 1985:
Serological and allergenic activity of purified and crude trichophytins

S.G.orge, T.D.; Cybinski, D.H.; Murphy, G.M.; Dimmock, C.K., 1984:
Serological and biochemical factors in bovine ephemeral fever

Eweida, M., 1986:
Serological and biological characterisation of isolates of barley yellow dwarf virus in Sweden in 1983

Rao, A.S.; Rao, P.K.; Ramakrishna, K.; Reddy, B.D., 1985:
Serological and clinical evidence of leptospiral infection in horses

Sala, V.; Bertoldini, G.; Cugini, F.P.; Socci, A., 1985:
Serological and cultural studies on bacteria in reproductive diseases of sheep and goats

Thaveechai, N.; Schaad, N.W., 1986:
Serological and electrophoretic analysis of a membrane protein extract of Xanthomonas campestris pv. campestris from Thailand

Baruffa, G.; Alcantara Filho, A., 1985:
Serological and entomological survey of Trypanosoma cruzi infection in the southern region of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

Stefanescu, P.; Granciu, I.; Cureu, I.; Samarineanu, M.; Catana, S.; Dumitrescu, S., 1983:
Serological and genetic relationships of blood group factors in the Romanian Simmental breed

Parra F.A.D.; Rave V.G.; Marino J.O.C., 1982:
Serological and haematological survey of bovine leukosis in the Bogota Savanna

Rao, A.S., 1981:
Serological and immunological studies on leptospirosis in buffaloes.

Rott, P.; Arnaud, M.; Baudin, P., 1986:
Serological and lysotypical variability of Xanthomonas albilineans (Ashby) Dowson, causal agent of sugarcane leaf scald disease

Grimes, J.E., 1984:
Serological and microbiological detection of Chlamydia psittaci infections in psittacine birds

Sasaki, T. et al., 1986:
Serological and microbiological surveys of specific pathogen-free chicken flocks on the Yakumo farm, Kitasato University

Schaal, K.P.; Gatzer, R., 1985:
Serological and numerical phenetic classification of clinically significant fermentative actinomycetes

Chastel, C.; Guiguen, C.; Lay, G. le; Monnat, J.Y.; Hardy, E.; Kerdraon, G.; Beaucournu, J.C., 1985:
Serological arbovirus survey among sea birds and land birds in Brittany

Mierzwa, Z.; Komorowska Jedrys, J., 1984:
Serological characteristics of Erwinia carotovora subsp. atroseptica (Van Hall). Communication

Adegoke, GO.; Ojo, MO.; Adetosoye, AI., 1985:
Serological characteristics of coagulase-positive staphylococci isolated from man and animals

Chen, T.J.; Li, H.J.; Liang, Z.H.; Zeng, M.Z.; Qiu, Y.M.; Wang, Z.M., 1984:
Serological classification of porcine strains of Pasteurella multocida from Guangdong Province. III. Cross immunity between an attenuated vaccine strain (serotype 6:B) and strains of various serotypes of Pasteurella multocida

Nag, N.C.; Chakraborty, G.C., 1985:
Serological classification of staphylococci of bovine udder

Fuchs, E.; Gruntzig, M.; Merker, D., 1985:
Serological comparison of different isolates of apple stem grooving virus and apple chlorotic leaf spot virus

Beczner, L.; Musil, M.; Kowalska, C., 1983:
Serological comparison of pea seed-borne symptomless virus, red clover mottle virus and broad bean stain virus

Stipkovits, L.; Mészáros, J., 1986:
Serological control of SPF and conventional swine herds for Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae infection

Lucius, R.; Well, B.; Diesfeld, H.J., 1984:
Serological cross reactions clarified by a comparison of immunogenic proteins of different filarial species (Onchocerca volvulus, Dipetalonema viteae, Litomosoides carinii)

Cernik, K.; Tumova, B.; Kaminskyj, B.; Rajtar, V., 1985:
Serological demonstration of the prevalence of avian paramyxoviruses in pigeons

Miranda, A.O.; Colman, O.L.R.; Mancebo, O.A.; Monzon, C.M., 1986:
Serological detection of Brucella canis antibodies in dogs and man in western Formosa

Francki, RIB.; Ryan, CC.; Hatta, T.; Rohozinski, J.; Grivell, CJ., 1986:
Serological detection of Fiji disease virus antigens in the planthopper Perkinsiella saccharicida and its inefficient ability to transmit the virus

Anonymous, 1985:
Serological detection of Pseudomonas solanacearum

Forschner, E.; Bunger, I.; Kuttler, D.; Mehrkens, L., 1986:
Serological detection of antibodies to IBR/IPV virus by ELISA applied to blood, single milk and bulk-milk samples. Testing methods for IBR-negative herds, and control by immunization

Rowhani, A.; Mircetich, S.M.; Shepherd, R.J.; Cucuzza, J.D., 1985:
Serological detection of cherry leafroll virus in English walnut trees

Wechmar, M.B. von; Kaufmann, A.; Rybicki, E.P., 1983:
Serological detection of cucumber mosaic virus in South African cereal crops: Seed-borne CMV in barley

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Serological detection of pepper mottle virus in California pepper fields

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Serological detection of potyviruses in infected leaves using immunodiffusion tests with anionic detergents

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Serological detection of two viruses associated with leafroll-diseased grapevines

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Serological diagnosis and monitoring of therapy of piroplasmosis in horses by means of the complement fixation test and immunofluorescence

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Serological diagnosis for swine Cysticercus cellulosae infection in Korea

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Serological diagnosis of African cassava mosaic by immuno-enzymatic method

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Serological diagnosis of Haemophilus (Taylorella) equigenitalis by the rapid slide agglutination and coagglutination methods

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Serological diagnosis of Mycoplasma gallisepticum infection by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay

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Serological diagnosis of Mycoplasma gallisepticum infection with eluates of blood absorbed and dried on filter paper

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Serological diagnosis of Newcastle disease by the haemagglutination inhibition test and ELISA. Kinetics of different classes of vaccinal antibodies

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Serological diagnosis of Salmonella abortusovis infection in sheep. Microtechnique for a serum agglutination test

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Serological diagnosis of Theileria annulata infection in cattle

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Serological diagnosis of bovine abortion due to Mortierella wolfii

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Serological diagnosis of bovine leukosis: results of using precolostral udder secretions to examine cows in the dry period

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Serological diagnosis of human fascioliasis

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Serological diagnosis of human hydatidosis. 235 cases

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Serological Diagnosis Of Human Sparganosis By Means Of Micro-ELISA

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Serological diagnosis of infectious bovine rhinotracheitis

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Serological diagnosis of neoplasms in dogs with a Clostridium butyricum spore preparation

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Serological diagnosis of ovine chlamydiosis by ELISA. Use of a commercial antigen prepared from a Chlamydia trachomatis strain

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Serological diagnosis of toxoplasmosis: comparison of international unit titres obtained by indirect immunofluorescence at final dilution and by ELISA at a single dilution on the basis of a computerized model

Calamel, M., 1984:
Serological diagnosis of veterinary toxoplasmoses. Use of the ELISA test for titration in IU

Achour, A., 1985:
Serological diagnosis of visna maedi in Algeria

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Serological evaluation of broiler and commercial layer flocks for Mycoplasma gallisepticum infection in Upper Egypt

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Serological evaluation of postvaccinal antibodies in adult goats after a reduced dose (5 x 10-4) of Rev. 1 in an endemic brucellosis zone

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Serological evidence for ovine adenovirus antibodies in sheep, goats and bovine in Punjab

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Serological evidence for the occurrence and prevalence of bluetongue among ruminants in Saudi Arabia

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Serological evidence of encephalomyocarditis virus in pigs in ontario

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Serological evidence of infection with Plasmodium and Toxoplasma in blood donors to Ain Shams University Hospital

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Serological evidence of leptospirosis in animals and man.

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Serological evidence of respiratory syncytial virus infection in lambs

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Serological evidence of the course of bovine leukosis virus infection in calves and young cattle

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Serological examinations for brucellosis in ruminants in Syria

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Serological group and antimicrobial drug sensitivity of salmonellae isolated from dogs and cats

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Serological grouping, biochemical properties and drug susceptibility of streptococci isolated from pigs in Japan

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Serological identification for the diagnosis of Xanthomonas campestris pv. pelargonii (Pammel) Dowson and for the selection of infected pelargonium plants

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Serological identification of Streptococcus thermophilus

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Serological identification of aflatoxins potentially producing Aspergillus species

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Serological identification of an Australian adenovirus isolate from sheep

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Serological identification of wireworm and staphylinid predators of the Australian soldier fly (Inopus rubriceps) and wireworm feeding on plant and animal food

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Serological identity of bean angular mosaic and cowpea mild mottle viruses

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Serological incidence of Gumboro disease virus infection in chicken flocks in Cairo district

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Serological incidence of reo-virus infection in chicken flocks

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Serological interrelationship of Leptospira serovar and genus-specific antigens by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay

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Serological investigation of Coxiella burnetii infection in swine in Uruguay

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Serological investigation of chicken Mycoplasma gallisepticum and M. synoviae infections

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Serological investigation of endemic abortion of sheep and goats

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Serological investigations in mycoses. Anti-C. albicans antibodies in hospitalized subjects: a comparison of different methods and critical evaluation of results

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Serological investigations of pig farm staff for ascariasis

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Serological investigations on brucellosis in cattle, sheep and goats in Iran

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Serological investigations on the function of phospholipids in the thylakoid membrane

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Serological investigations on viral infections in sheep on the Tahirova State Breeding Farm

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Serological observations on toxoplasmosis in Zairian Aids patients

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Serological prevalence of chlamydiosis in sheep and goats in Quebec

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Serological prevalence of leptospirosis among horses in France

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Serological properties of some isolates of red clover necrotic mosaic virus from Czechoslovakia, Poland and Sweden

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Serological reactivities of endophytic fungi from tall fescue and perennial ryegrass and of Epichloe typhina

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Serological relationships among the virus strains of tobamovirus group using passive hemagglutination and reverse passive hemagglutination

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Serological relationships and in vitro translation of an antigenically distinct strain of papaya ringspot virus

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Serological response of cattle to inoculation of small quantities of B19 vaccine. Syringe contamination during vaccination against foot and mouth disease

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Serological response of dogs after primary anti-rabies vaccination using vaccines with or without adjuvant

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Serological response of guinea pigs to inactivated 146S antigens of foot and mouth disease virus after single or repeated inoculations

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Serological results after single and double vaccination of young cattle with Bovigrip-plus, a combined vaccine against enzootic bronchopneumonia and IBR

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Serological screening for Echinococcus multilocularis infections with ELISA

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Serological specificity for different phases of embryonic development in Deois flavopicta (Homoptera, Cercopidae).

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Serological studies in calves immunized against some viruses responsible for respiratory infections

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Serological studies in kala-azar and post-kala-azar dermal leishmaniasis

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Serological studies of parainfluenza type 3 virus, bovine adenovirus type 3 and bovine respiratory syncytial virus infection in beef calves

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Serological studies of pigeon serum samples for antibodies to a paramyxovirus isolate and Newcastle disease virus after a previous paramyxovirus infection, or after vaccination with live or dead vaccines

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Serological studies of wild boar for porcine parvovirus

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Serological studies on Chlamydia infection in wild boar

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Serological studies on Chlamydia infection of sheep in Piedmont and the pathological findings

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Serological studies on aborting ewes in Serres prefecture

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Serological studies on avian infectious bronchitis field strains isolated in Italy in 1984-1985

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Serological studies on canine distemper

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Serological studies on heat-stable antigens of Bordetella avium sp. nov

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Serological studies on leptospirosis in livestock and chickens from Grenada and Trinidad

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Serological studies on listeriosis in fowls

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Serological studies on polyhedron protein and virions from the nuclear polyhedrosis viruses (NPV) of the cotton bollworm, Heliothis armigera

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Serological studies on rabies vaccination of dogs in Switzerland

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Serological studies on the occurrence of Yersinia enterocolitica in wild boar

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Serological studies on the occurrence of leptospiral antibodies in horses

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Serological study for chlamydiosis and Q fever in sheep and goat flocks with abortions

Corboz, L., 1983:
Serological study of Haemophilus somnus isolates from various organs of cattle

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Serological study of bagassosis by ELISA. Comparison with immunoelectrodiffusion

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Serological study of caprine lentivirus arthritis by gel immunodiffusion and ELISA: comparison of the results with clinical observations

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Serological study of equine infectious anaemia with the immunodiffusion test in Buenos Aires Province

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Serological study of selected disease antibodies in Arkansas--furbearer trappers, a high risk group

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Serological study of the incidence and prevalence of antibodies to bovine leukemia virus in aged sera

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Serological study of toxoplasmosis after extracorporeal circulation

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Serological study of toxoplasmosis in cattle of Santa Fe Province, Argentina

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Serological study on brucellosis and tularaemia in wild boar

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Serological study on the prevalence of rotavirus infections in racehorses

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Serological surveillance for maedi-visna virus and caprine arthritis-encephalitis virus in Northern Ireland

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Serological surveillance of horse population in Israel: finding of antibodies against equine influenza viruses

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Serological survey for antibodies to abortion-producing agents in zebu in Somalia

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Serological survey for bovine leukosis in zebu in Somalia

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Serological survey for brucellosis in sheep and goats in Guyana

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Serological survey for canine parvovirus in southern Italy

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Serological survey for canine parvovirus infection in the southern part of Aomori Prefecture, Japan

Uchinuno, Y. et al., 1986:
Serological survey for equine influenza in Kumamoto Prefecture in 1984

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Serological survey for infection with bovine adenovirus (types 1, 2 and 3) in Turkey

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Serological survey for influenzavirus type A infection in swine

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Serological survey for leptospirosis among cats in Sao Paulo City, Brazil

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Serological survey for leptospirosis in Danish cattle and pigs

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Serological survey of IBR IPV virus infection in 21 farms in Region Ten of southern Chile

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Serological survey of Listeria monocytogenes infection in cattle of the Ribeirao Preto region, Sao Paulo State, Brazil

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Serological survey of Mycoplasma gallisepticum antibody in four domestic poultry species around Zaria, Nigeria

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Serological survey of Salmonella pullorum antibody in chickens around Zaria, Nigeria

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Serological survey of Salmonella pullorum infection in poultry breeding flocks during 1981

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Serological survey of Toxoplasma gondii infection in cattle and swine slaughtered in Belo Horizonte and attempted isolation from cattle diaphragms

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Serological survey of Toxoplasma gondii infection in cattle slaughtered at Belo Horizonte and attempted isolation from diaphragms

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Serological survey of bovine adenoviruses in Cuba

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Serological survey of bovine anaplasmosis at the University Farm, Morogoro

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Serological survey of bovine brucellosis in Malta

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Serological survey of bovine leptospirosis in the midwest of Buenos Aires province, Argentina

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Serological survey of bovine leukosis in the central area of the Sogamoso Valley in 1982

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Serological survey of bovine toxoplasmosis in eastern Sicily

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Serological survey of brucellosis in horses in the South West of Buenos Aires province

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Serological survey of caprine arthritis-encephalitis in Mexico

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Serological survey of egg drop syndrome '76 infection in poultry in Haryana

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Serological survey of feline viral antibodies in Japan

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Serological survey of horses in Korea for evidence of Getah virus infection

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Serological survey of human and animal sera in an outbreak of encephalitis in Uttar Pradesh

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Serological survey of infectious bovine rhinotracheitis (IBR) in dairy cattle

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Serological survey of infectious bursal disease virus serotypes 1 and 2 in California turkeys

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Serological survey of lentivirus (maedi-visna/caprine arthritis-encephalitis) infection in British goat herds

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Serological survey of leptospiral antibody in dairy and Korean native cattle

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Serological survey of parainfluenza type 3 in sheep in some districts of Boyaca and Cundinamarca

Ozturk, F., 1985:
Serological survey of parainfluenza type 3 virus infection in cattle of the Konya Agricultural Undertaking

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Serological survey of parainfluenza-3 virus, equine influenzavirus and equine herpesvirus type 1 in Thoroughbreds at the Chile racecourse

Fomina, N.V., 1983:
Serological survey of poultry farms for adenovirus infection

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Serological survey of prevalence of antibodies to brucellosis in wild ruminants in Jaen (Spain)

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Serological survey of reproductive diseases of Bali cattle in Sumbawa

Obi, T.U., 1985:
Serological survey of some viral infections in goats in southern Nigeria

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Serological survey of the frequency of antibodies against Escherichia coli K88, K99, 987P and F41 among sows in France

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Serological survey of the incidence of infectious bursal disease serotypes 1 and 2 in chicken and turkey flocks in England

Heil, G., 1986:
Serological survey of the occurrence of caprine arthritis-encephalitis in pedigree goat herds in Baden-Wurttemberg, German Federal Republic

Herbst, W.; Danner, K., 1985:
Serological survey of the occurrence of equine arteritis virus infection in the German Federal Republic

Lobe, G., 1985:
Serological survey of the prevalence of Leptospira antibodies in cattle in the regions of Hannover and Luneburg, Lower Saxony, Federal Republic of Germany

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Serological survey of the prevalence of chlamydiosis in domestic animals in Somalia

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Serological survey of the prevalence of rotavirus infection in cattle in Tuscany (provinces of Lucca, Livorno, Massa Carrara and Pisa)

Romero, C.H.; Rowe, C.A.; Brentano, L.; Flores, R.S., 1985:
Serological survey of transmissible gastroenteritis virus in pig breeding herds in Santa Catarina State

Corradini, L.; Cessi, D., 1984:
Serological survey of wild and domestic animals in the Ferrara province

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Serological survey on bovine leukemia-virus infection in Taiwan

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Serological survey on bovine viral diarrhoea of cattle in Korea

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Serological survey on the occurrence of bovine coronavirus in Switzerland

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Serological surveys of infectious diseases in certain wild mammals in France

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Serological surveys on the occurrence of enzootic bovine leukosis in Switzerland by means of agar gel immunodiffusion and ELISA in blood and milk whey

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Serological testing for bovine and porcine leptospirosis, and the use of indirect immunofluorescence for demonstrating leptospires

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Serological testing of cattle and sheep for brucellosis by a simplified immuno-enzyme technique

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Serological tests for detecting Rift Valley fever viral antibodies in sheep from the Nile Delta

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Serological tests for sleeping sickness: importance of antigen selection

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Serological tests for toxoplasmosis and listeriosis in mothers with malformed children

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Serological tests on beef bulls after immunization against thromboembolic meningoencephalomyelitis (Haemophilus somnus infection)

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Serological titers and clinical observations in equines suspected of being infected with EHV-1

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Serological typing of Haemophilus parasuis

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Serological, biophysical and biochemical investigations of aphid-transmitted viruses of small grains

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Serology and semen culture for the diagnosis of Brucella ovis infection in chronically infected rams

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Serology applied to the differentiation of individuals of Deois flavopicta (Homoptera, Cercopidae).

Beriam, L.O.S., 1985:
Serology as an auxiliary method in testing for plant viruses

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Serology of Haemophilus (Actinobacillus) pleuropneumoniae serotype 5 strains: establishment of subtypes a and b

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Serology of Mycobacterium chelonei isolated from salmonid fish

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Serology of Pneumocystis carinii

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Serology of bovine brucellosis. Non-specific reactions: state of research

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Serology of rice necrosis mosaic virus

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Serology of tuberculosis in red deer

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Seropositivity for Chagas' disease among donors at the blood bank of a paediatric hospital in Santiago

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Seropositivity for Chagas' disease at 12 blood banks

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Seropositivity for Trypanosoma cruzi in four population groups in Oaxaca State

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Seroprevalence of blue-tongue in sheep, cattle and buffaloes in India

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Seroprevalence of bovine sarcocystis in Arkansas

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Seroprevalence of brucellosis in goats and human beings in Bikaner (Rajasctan).

Kapoor, P.K.; Sharma, S.N.; Rao, K.L., 1985:
Seroprevalence of brucellosis in goats and human beings in Bikaner (Rajasthan)

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Seroprevalence of brucellosis in pure breeds in organised farms

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Seroprevalence of canine parvovirus in wild coyotes from Texas, Utah, and Idaho (1972 to 1983)

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Seroprevalence of respiratory syncytial virus in free-ranging bighorn sheep

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Serum proteins of helminth-infected roe deer. Comparison between paper and immunoelectrophoresis

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Service life of Douglas-fir piles: methods for protecting cutoff tops from decay

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Service period in cross-bred cows

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Service-oriented quality control

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Services associated with fodder processing on private farms

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Services within tourism

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Services, cooling and energy installations at Arla, Kallhall

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Servicing the community in the eighties

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Sesquiterpenoid phytoalexin production in wild, tuber-bearing Solanum species

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Session 1: Setting the scene

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Session 2: The trainers' response

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Session 3: Broadening the perspectives

Fraser, K.; Robinson, T., 1984:
Session 5: Reaching forward

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Session I: Mangrove productivity

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Session II. Nutrient export from mangroves

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Session III: Regional experiences in mangrove utilization

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Session IV: Towards sustained yield management of mangroves

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Session V: Towards compatible multiple use of the mangrove ecosystem

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Session of the Balaton Executive Committee

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Session of the National Council of Tourism

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Session-1. Variation and breeding of trees

Anonymous, 1982:
Session-2. Selection practices in forestry

Anonymous, 1982:
Session-3. Propagation of trees

Anonymous, 1982:
Session-4. Improvement of traits other than wood

Anonymous, 1982:
Session-5. Improvement of agroforestry/energy resources

Anonymous, 1982:
Session-6. Tree biology

Anonymous, 1982:
Session-7. Pests and pathogens of trees

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Set-stocked pasture need not fear comparison

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Setting of cement in the presence of Scots pine wood affected by brown stain

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Setting optimal advertising budgets in the Northern Ireland milk market

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Setting out and shading determine kalanchoe quality

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Setting the control limit in calculation of watering of milk

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Setting the scene

Pyne, P., 1985:
Setting up a co-operative education and training project in Latin America

Anonymous, 1985:
Setting up a franchise

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Setting up a method for surveying the distribution of cowdriosis (heartwater) in the Caribbean

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Setting up a stable fodder base in the sandy deserts of Soviet Middle Asia

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Setting up an enterprise in the wood industry

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Setting up and testing of the OZN-0.9 foliage separator

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Setting up collectives with their own profit and loss accounting

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Setting up grain and seed production of cereals and cereal/legume crops on an industrial basis

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Setting up state agroindustrial empires since independence in Cameroon: a rural development and/or national development policy?

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Setting up young farmers: an intricate problem

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Setting up young people in farming and national agricultural policy

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Settlement and agrarian reform in Brazil

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Seven years' malaria surveillance in Guidong County, Hunan

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Seventeenth Meeting, Arusha (Tanzania) 1981

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Seventeenth annual general meeting of the Scandinavian Society for Immunology and Second Summer School on Monoclonal Antibodies. Abstracts of papers presented

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Seventh conference on spore-bearing plants of Central Asia and Kazakhstan. Abstracts of papers

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Seventh international conference on Soviet and East European agriculture

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Seventh symposium on biotechnology for fuels and chemicals

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Seventy third report covering the two years - 1983-1984

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Anonymous, 1984:
Seventy-sixth annual report 1983-1984

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Several aspects of the effect of leaf area on wheat production

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Several aspects of the formation of dominant trees in Scots pine stands

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Several biometric and fibre arrangement pattern observations on the digital muscles of the Surti buffalo and Kankrej bullock in relation to force exerted by them

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Several technico-economic aspects of microirrigation in Mediterranean agriculture

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Several years of studies on lettuce production in the greenhouse

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Several years' results of a state variety trial growing vegetable pea cultivars Aldina, Apex and Kati

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Several-layer solid timber panel

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Severance compensation for farm

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Severe and complicated malaria. World Health Organization Malaria Action Programme

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Severe control on the planting of vines in the enlarged Community

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Severe cutaneous adverse reactions to sulfadoxine-pyrimethamine in Switzerland

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Severe degenerative cardiomyopathy associated with pancreas disease in Atlantic salmon, Salmo salar L

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Severe depletion in liver glutathione during physical exercise

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Severe outbreak of Monarthropalpus buxi Geoff. (Diptera Cecidomyidae) in the gardens of Aranjuez and El Pardo and methods to control it

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Severe peripheral neuropathy following gastric bypass surgery for morbid obesity

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Severity and frequency of SO2-induced leaf necrosis on seedlings of 57 tree species

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Severity of bacterial spot (Xanthomonas campestris pv. vesicatoria (Doidge) Dye) on leaves and fruit of Florida grown tomato cultivars

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Sewage irrigation in China

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Sewage sludge

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Sewage sludge application linked to increase in eastern tent caterpillar populations (Lepidoptera: Lasiocampidae)

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Sewage sludge hydrolysis and resource development

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Sewage sludge in forests - potential and problems

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Sewage sludge treatment and disposal - the way ahead

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Sewage sludge utilisation on land: recent developments in research on cadmium

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Sex allocation in animals

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