Slaughter weight effect on production performances and carcass composition of Italian Friesian young bulls

Russo, V.; Bosi, P.

35th Annual Meeting of the EAAP, The Hague, Netherlands, 6-9 August 1984 Vol 2 Summaries Study Commissions Cattle, sheep and goats, pigs, horses (Paper C5.P5): 2


Accession: 001460537

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52 Italian Friesian (IF) bulls were slaughtered at 210 kg live weight, and 4 groups, each of 11 IF bulls, were slaughtered at 460, 500, 540 and 580 kg. Daily carcass gain was not significantly affected by slaughter weight. Feed conversion efficiency decreased as slaughter weight increased. For the last 4 slaughter weight groups, dressing percentage averaged 60.6, 60.0, 61.4 and 62.4 resp. (P < 0.01). The percentages of hindquarter, bone and 1st-quality cuts decreased as slaughter weight increased, the percentage of fat trim increased, and the percentage of saleable meat did not change.