Somatic hybridization between Nicotiana rustica and N. tabacum: development of tobacco breeding strains with disease resistance and elevated nicotine content

Pandeya, R.S.; Douglas, G.C.; Keller, W.A.; Setterfield, G.; Patrick, Z.A.

Zeitschrift fur Pflanzenzuchtung 96(4): 346-352


Accession: 001462294

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Somatic hybrids derived by fusing protoplasts from chlorophyll-deficient N. rustica var. chlorotica and an albino mutant of N. tabacum were backcrossed to N. tabacum cultivars for 3 generations and evaluated in the field. Nicotine content of freeze-dried leaf samples ranged from 0.9 to 3.9% in the BC3 (vs. 0.32-0.54% in the original mutant parents and 0.8% in cv. Delgold). Of 41 BC3 genotypes, 8 were immune, 19 highly resistant and 8 resistant to Peronospora tabacina, a trait not known to be present in any of the lines involved in their development. Selfed progenies of 16 P. tabacina-resistant BC3 lines were highly resistant to Thielaviopsis basicola.