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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 1467

Chapter 1467 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Anonymous, 1985:
Static caravan sites: evaluation. A study of the development of and expenditure on static camping sites in the Netherlands

Schubert, F.H.; Burke, K.A., 1982:
Static feed water electrolysis for large scale hydrogen generation

Bruce, D.M., 1984:
Static pressure regain in bulk crop stores

Cimpoia, I.; Curtu, I.; Sperchez, F.; Lox, A., 1983:
Static rigidity of wood milling machines

Podlesak, K. et al., 1984:
Static-dynamic load in milking by machine

Anonymous, 1986:
Statisitics for sport and leisure, SPRIG seminar No. 1. held at the University of Birmingham, 14th May, 1986

Koren, V.I., 1984:
Statistical adaptation algorithm in continuous short-range runoff forecasts

Sekita, N., 1985:
Statistical analyses of pheromone trap catches of the summer fruit tortrix Adoxophyes orana fasciata Walsingham (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae) in apple orchards

Amano, K., 1985:
Statistical analyses of the influence of meteorological factors on flight activity of female tabanids

Hara, N.; Sakata, K.; Nagai, M.; Fujita, Y.; Hashimoto, T.; Yanagawa, H., 1984:
Statistical analyses on the pattern of food consumption and digestive-tract cancers in Japan

Kim, J.K.; Chang, J.K.; Lee, B.K., 1984:
Statistical analysis for relationship between gas chromatographic profiles of Korean ordinary soya sauce and sensory evaluation

Ohta, K.; Shimada, K.; Washio, S., 1985:
Statistical analysis of climatic effects on the degree of fungus development of rice blast estimated by the leaf sheath inoculation technique (2)

Thurmond, M.B., 1984:
Statistical analysis of component fatigue data under mean and alternating loads

Wilson, S.R.; Oakeshott, J.G., 1985:
Statistical analysis of data from gene frequency perturbation experiments

Solov' yev, I.N., 1986:
Statistical analysis of data on the soil moisture regime

Negi, S.S., 1985:
Statistical analysis of environmental parameters in the miscellaneous broad-leaved forests of lower Sirmour hills, H.P

Nakadai, T., 1984:
Statistical analysis of enzyme patterns in koji in relation to nitrogen utilization in soya sauce and nitrogen in the pressed residue

Jussiaux, M.; Guibert, X.; Marechal, P.; Michalon, D., 1984:
Statistical analysis of fertility at horse breeding establishments

Heinonen R., 1984:
Statistical analysis of fertilization trials on peatlands

Janke Grimm, G.; Fries, R., 1985:
Statistical analysis of repeated sampling for counting total microbes on surfaces

Jansen, J.; Klarenbeek, J.V., 1986:
Statistical analysis of sensory measurements of livestock building odours

Morkoc, F.; Biggar, J.W.; Miller, R.J.; Nielsen, D.R., 1985:
Statistical analysis of sorghum yield: a stochastic approach

Sliwczynska Dura, B., 1983:
Statistical analysis of the epidemiology of leukaemia morbidity in the city of Cracow during 1961-1968

Vijayaraghavakumar ; George, K.C.; Nair, N.K., 1984:
Statistical analysis of the influence of biometric characters on yield in some culinary varieties of banana

Kholodov, V.I.; Kiseleva, M.I., 1985:
Statistical analysis of the influence of different substrates on the population density of macro- and meiobenthos

Kumar, V.R. (Vijaya Raghava Kumar); George, K.C.; Nair, N.K. (Krishnan Nair, N), 1982:
Statistical analysis of the influence of some biometric characters on yield in some culinary varieties of banana

Anonymous, 1984:
Statistical and mathematical methods in population dynamics and pest control. Proceedings of a meeting of the EC experts' group/Parma, 26-28 October 1983

Jonen, H., 1984:
Statistical and population genetic surveys on nitrogen, carbon and hydrogen content of the lenses of female swine at a progeny testing station

Zofagjova, A.; Mistina, T., 1984:
Statistical and subjective evaluation of collective trials

Buongiorno, J.; Young, T., 1984:
Statistical appraisal of timber with an application to the Chequamegon National Forest

Anyoji, H.; Wu, I.P., 1985:
Statistical approach for drip lateral design

Biswas, K.; Sanyal, D.K., 1983:
Statistical aspect of irrigation on mature tea in north-east India: an approach and testing of a hypothesis

Anonymous, 1985:
Statistical bulletin 1984

Anonymous, 1986:
Statistical bulletin 1985

Khan, N.A.; Khan, M.I., 1983:
Statistical bulletin on wheat in Pakistan

Smettem K.R.J.; Collis George N., 1985:
Statistical characterization of soil biopores using a soil peel method

Hudes, ES.; Shoemaker, CA., 1984:
Statistical comparison of spruce budworm (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae) development on balsam fir and on red and black spruce

Smith E.P., 1985:
Statistical comparison of weighted overlap measures

Silver J.; Buckler C.E., 1986:
Statistical considerations for linkage analysis using recombinant inbred strains and backcrosses

Nakadai, T.; Aishima, T., 1983:
Statistical estimation of key enzymes determining the viscosity and filtration rate of soya mash

Perini, M.; Rota, G., 1983:
Statistical evaluation and diagnostic consideration of trichomoniasis and candidosis in vaginal pathology

Kasai, T., 1985:
Statistical evaluation of dermatophytoses and cutaneous candidiasis in Japan

Baldwin, R.E.; Freeman, G.H.; McKee, J.M.T.; Thomas, T.H., 1986:
Statistical evaluation of field and laboratory investigations into applied growth regulator effects: An editorial comment

Munoz-Box, R., 1986:
Statistical evaluation of nutritional, neurochemical and behavioural data: a case study

Wirth, K., 1985:
Statistical evaluation of post mortem records for horses examined at the Hannover Veterinary School between 1933 and 1983

Schmidt, B., 1983:
Statistical evaluation of results of germination trials compiled by the seed committee from seed samples tested for certification in the years 1977, 1978 and 1979

Edmonds, W.J.; Lentner, M., 1986:
Statistical evaluation of the taxonomic composition of three soil map units in Virginia

Fetisov, E.A., 1985:
Statistical methods for quality control of milk products

Byler, R.K.; Anderson, C.R.; Brook, R.C., 1984:
Statistical methods in thin layer drying models

Kotov, V.N.; Terent' eva, N.G., 1985:
Statistical methods of investigation of dynamics of DNA synthesis according to cytophotometric data

Gonzalez, A.M.; Morales, J.L.; Ortega, C.R., 1984:
Statistical model of typical outbreaks of porcine transmissible gastroenteritis

Negley, B.A.; Walker, P.N., 1984:
Statistical modeling of heat transfer from the water layer of a surface heated greenhouse

Aitkin, M.; Longford, N., 1986:
Statistical modelling issues in school effectiveness studies

Ramirez G.C.; Coliqueo M.G.; Figueroa S.H.; Contreras F.D., 1985:
Statistical phytosociological study of the anthropogenic prairies of the Cordillera Pelada, Chile

Feldman R.M.; Curry G.L.; Wehrly T.E., 1984:
Statistical procedure for validating a simple population model

Ansoult M.; D.B.cker L.W.; Declercq M., 1985:
Statistical relationship between apparent dielectric constant and water content in porous media

Galesloot T.E., 1986:
Statistical remarks concerning the limiting dilution test used for the bacteriological testing of milk and milk products

Anonymous, 1985:
Statistical report on the dairy industry in the German Federal Republic and the EEC member states. Calendar year 1984

Anonymous, 1985:
Statistical report. Outlook in the hotel and tourism industries, U.K. trends - 1985

Anonymous, 1985:
Statistical review of Northern Ireland agriculture 1984

Anonymous, 1986:
Statistical review of Northern Ireland agriculture 1985

Anonymous, 1984:
Statistical review of the hotel and catering industry

Anonymous, 1986:
Statistical series from the Institute of Agricultural Economics' data bank. 1. The development of coffee cultivation in Sao Paulo

McIntire, J.; Delgado, C.L., 1985:
Statistical significance of indicators of efficiency and incentives: examples from West African agriculture

Bosch, B.; Heugel, H.; Kihm, G., 1986:
Statistical studies of the relationship between forest damage and radioactivity

Colli, R.; Bianchi, G., 1984:
Statistical study of breast feeding in Upper Brianza on a sample of 982 infants

Anonymous, 1985:
Statistical summary of agricultural production

Ferreira, P.E.; Cordeiro, C.M.T., 1985:
Statistical tests: abuses in horticultural research, T.V.; Hunt, H.W., 1983:
Statistical treatment of VAM infection data

Anonymous, 1986:

Anonymous, 1983:

Freese, F., 1984:
Statistics for land managers. An introduction to sampling methods and statistical analysis for foresters, farmers and environmental biologists

Schone, R.; Ulrich, H., 1985:
Statistics for the veterinary profession in the Federal Republic of Germany as at December 1984

Travis, A.S., 1986:
Statistics for tourism

Fortuner R., 1984:
Statistics in taxonomic descriptions

Rogick, F.A., 1984:
Statistics in the dairy industry. IV

Riordan, T.F., 1986:
Statistics of agricultural co-operatives in the United Kingdom 1984-85

Gilbert, D.G.; Starmer, W.T., 1985:
Statistics of sexual isolation

Anonymous, 1984:
Statistics on Animal Hygiene 1983

Teikari, E., 1985:
Statistics on accidents to farmers engaged in forestry work

Anonymous, 1985:
Statistics on animal hygiene 1984

Best, J.P., 1986:
Statistics on participation in sport

Rowe, N., 1986:
Statistics on sports facility performance

Anonymous, 1984:
Statistics on health resorts, exhibitions, museums and historical monuments.

Schank, S.C.; Smith, R.L., 1984:
Status and evaluation of associative grass-bacteria N2-fixing systems in Florida

Biront, P., 1984:
Status and evolution of Aujeszky's disease in Belgium

Pettit, C.V., 1984:
Status and future of sheep group breeding in South Africa

Subbotina, L.S.; Klebanovskii, V.A.; Prigorodov, V.I., 1983:
Status and future studies of the problem Natunal nidal diseases of man in zones of economical development in Siberia and in the Far East

Allaire, G., 1985:
Status and incomes - the good and the bad sides of liberal agriculture

Than, N.V.; Margaritov, N.M., 1986:
Status and morphometric data of some species of the family Urceolariidae, parasitic on the breeding stock of phytophagous fish in Bulgaria

Berns, H.D.; Pershing, R.L., 1984:
Status and needs of construction and agricultural vehicle industries (material properties for design and analysis procedures)

Tate, R.L., 1984:
Status and operating costs of selected, municipally-owned tree nurseries in the northeast United States

Jarrett, B.R., 1985:
Status and outlook for the fluid fertilizer industry

Carter, K.K.; Simpson, J.D., 1985:
Status and outlook for tree improvement programs in the northeast

Amara, D.S., 1985:
Status and proposals for biological nitrogen fixation research in Sierra Leone

Kohlstock, N., 1985:
Status and prospects of breeding trees for resistance to air pollution, and possibilities for practical application of research results

Kolodin, M.V., 1984:
Status and prospects of desalination in solving the water problem of deserts

Ilyushechkin, Y.P.; Kirillov, A.I.; Zaitbekov, E.D., 1986:
Status and prospects of research into avian protozoal diseases

Singh, M., 1985:
Status and thrusts of education for agriculture in India

Jayaram, N., 1985:
Status aspirations of elite students

Luschen, G., 1984:
Status crystallization, social class, integration and sport

Kirnowardoyo, S., 1985:
Status of Anopheles malaria vectors in Indonesia

Steward, K.K., 1984:
Status of Hydrilla in the Potomac River

Raheja, A.K., 1981:
Status of Ootheca mutabilis as a pest of cowpea in northern Nigeria

Bonner, M.; Botts, T.; McBreen, J.; Mezzina, A.; Salzano, F.; Yang, C., 1982:
Status of advanced electrolytic hydrogen production in the United States and abroad

Hoffmann, H.K.F., 1985:
Status of agricultural education and challenges for international agencies

Muhammad Saleh Soomro; Sheruddin B.B.khari, 1985:
Status of agricultural machinery manufacturing in Sind, Pakistan

Roy, K.C., 1984:
Status of agricultural mechanization in Bangladesh

Singh, C.P.; Verma, S.R.; Tandon, S.K., 1984:
Status of agricultural mechanization in India

Anonymous, 1985:
Status of agricultural mechanization in the Islamic Republic of Iran

McGuire, P.E., 1984 :
Status of an attempt to transfer the barley yellow dwarf virus resistance gene Yd2 of barley to hexaploid wheat

Alvisi, F.; Giacomini, C., 1985:
Status of and prospects for European consumption of the main types of fresh fruit

Naik, M.K.; Hiremath, P.C.; Hegde, R.K.; Hiremath, S.V., 1984:
Status of anthracnose of betelvine (Piper betle Linn.) caused by Colletotrichum gloeosporioides (Penz.) Penz. and Sacc. in Karnataka

Towers, B., 1983:
Status of beech bark disease in Pennsylvania

Lachance, D., 1983:
Status of beech bark disease in the Province of Quebec

Kigatiira, K.I.; Wamurwa, J.M., 1983:
Status of beekeeping in Kenya

Xiao, G.G., 1983:
Status of biological control of agricultural and forest insects in Australia

Muniappan, R.; Viraktamath, C.A., 1986:
Status of biological control of the weed, Lantana camara in India

Frame, A.D.; Bendezu, P.; Shoup, R.E.; Torres, C., 1984:
Status of bovine fascioliasis in Puerto Rico as determined by slaughterhouse studies

Badyal, J.M.; Kar, P.L., 1984:
Status of calcium, magnesium and sulphur in the foliage of plum cv. Santa Rosa (Prunus salicina Lindl.) in Himachal Pradesh

Joshi, H.C.; Jakhmola, R.C.; Kamra, D.N., 1985 :
Status of dung utilization in India and its prospects

Assuzu, C., 1984:
Status of educational media in the Federal Government Secondary School system in Nigeria: an assessment with guidelines for an in-service training program

Dingal, A.G., 1986:
Status of food reserve in planted sett in relation to fertilizer application in ubi

Nargund, V.B.; Kulkarni, S.; Hegde, R.K., 1983:
Status of foot rot of wheat caused by Sclerotium rolfsii Sacc. in Karnataka

Anonymous, 1983:
Status of harvest mechanization of horticultural crops

Eiland, B.R.; Hellwig, R.E.; Monroe, G.E., 1985:
Status of harvesting, handling, and storing biomass crops

Gillaspie, A.G.J.; Mock, R.G.; Hearon, S.S., 1984:
Status of identification of sugarcane mosaic virus strains worldwide

Raina, V.K.; Rao, C.K.; Ahmad, M.B., 1985:
Status of lymphatic filariasis transmission in Srinagar and Baramulla towns - Jammu and Kashmir State

Khoon, C.C., 1985:
Status of malaria vectors in Malaysia

Bray, D.R.; Natzke, R.P., 1986:
Status of mastitis and milking equipment performance in Florida

Ammon, R.L., 1982:
Status of materials evaluation for sulfuric acid vaporization and decomposition applications

Anjaneyulu, A.S.R.; Lakshmanan, V.; Rao, V.K., 1985:
Status of meat and milk production from Indian goats

Goyal, M.R.; Rivera Negron, F.R.; Ravalo, E.J.; Otero Davila, R.; Allison, W.F., 1985:
Status of mechanization on hilly farmlands of Puerto Rico

Baqueiro Cardenas, E., 1984:
Status of molluscan aquaculture on the Pacific coast of Mexico

Kempen, H.M.; Belluomini, P., 1985:
Status of nightshade (Solanum spp.) control research for San Joaquin Valley growers

Attia Othman Aquiteen, 1985:
Status of plant genetic resources in the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya

Maqbool, M.A.; Ghaffar, A., 1986:
Status of plant nematology in Pakistan

Das, P.K., 1985:
Status of production and trade of cashew in India

Weisgerber, H.; Kechel, H.G.; Schulzke, R., 1985:
Status of progeny testing, breeding for resistance, and vegetative propagation in Hesse

Verma, R.S.; Kumar, R.; Yadav, R.L., 1984:
Status of research on inter-cropping with sugarcane

Liana, A.; Proszynska, M., 1984:
Status of research on the fauna of the Swietokrzyska Mts

Barwal, R.N., 1985:
Status of soil inhabiting insect-pests of crops

Anonymous, 1984:
Status of technology for the production of edible grade rice bran oil

Hosker, R.L., 1983:
Status of the State-Federal tuberculosis eradication program fiscal year 1983

Gill, M.; Allen, E., 1985:
Status of the U.S. ethanol market

Whaley, T.; Yudow, B.; Remick, R.; Pangborn, J.; Sammells, A., 1982:
Status of the cadmium thermoelectrochemical hydrogen cycle

Davis, R.E., 1984:
Status of the identities of spiroplasmas infecting corn in the USA

Shul' man, E.S., 1982:
Status of the most common helminthiases in western Europe and the USA

Kobenek, T.V., 1981:
Status of the study of orb weaver spiders of the family Araneidae of the fauna of the Ukraine

Williamson, DL.; Vargas, RI.; Harris, EJ., 1985:
Status of three pestiferous fruit fly (Diptera: Tephritidae) populations on Kauai following Hurricane Iwa

Szymani, R., 1986:
Status report on the technology of saws

Pagee R.J., 1982 :
Status report on the use of the Universal Soil Loss Equation by the Bureau of Land Management

Johnson, B.G., 1983:
Status report-1983. Cooperative State-Federal brucellosis eradication program

Frye, G.H., 1984:
Status report-1984 Cooperative State-Federal brucellosis eradication program

Sawyer, R.T.; Runey, M.W. (C.C.airman), 1979:
Status report: Platyhelminthes, Aschelminthes, and Annelida

Bernado, F.A., 1985:
Status, constraints, and challenges of education at agricultural colleges and universities

Liegel, H., 1984:
Status, growth, and development of unthinned Honduras pine plantations in Puerto Rico

Anonymous, 1984:
Statute of the Self Help Association for Farmers (VdgB). Agreed at the VII central delegates conference in Schwerin

Anonymous, 1985:
Stay of execution

International Air Transport Association, 1986:
Staying ahead of the terrorist

Sklar, F.; Ames, R.G., 1985:
Staying alive: street tree survival in the inner city

Philip J.R., 1985:
Steady absorption from spheroidal cavities

Anonymous, 1986:
Steady expansion of West German onion market

Shakya Shri Krishna; Singh Sita Ram, 1986:
Steady groundwater flow from constant head recharge wells in semi-confined aquifers

Weir, G.J., 1986:
Steady infiltration from large shallow ponds

Philip J.R., 1984:
Steady infiltration from spherical cavities

Brandyk T.; Wesseling J.G., 1985:
Steady state capillary rise in some soil profiles

Wheatcraft, S.W.; Winterberg, F., 1985:
Steady state flow passing through a cylinder of permeability different from the surrounding medium

Wesseling, J.G.; Brandyk, T., 1984:
Steady state infiltration and capillary rise in high bog peat-soil

Parlange, J.Y.; Hogarth, W.L., 1985:
Steady state infiltration: consequences of alpha dependent on moisture content

Voetberg, G.; Stewart, C.R., 1984:
Steady state proline levels in salt-shocked barley leaves

Waechter, R.T.; Philip, J.R., 1985:
Steady two- and three-dimensional flows in unsaturated soil: the scattering analog

Raz, J., 1984 :
Steam and electricity cogeneration by incineration of cotton stalks in a dump grate fibrous fuel boiler

Sattar, M.A., 1981:
Steam bending properties of twenty Bangladeshi timbers

Light, R.S., 1984:
Steam conservation and management in oilseed processing plants

Singh, S.K.; Walawender, W.P.; Fan, L.T.; Geyer, W.A., 1986:
Steam gasification of cottonwood (branches) in a fluidized bed

Flanigan, V.J.; Punyakumleard, A.; Sitton, O.C., 1984:
Steam gasification of wood by indirect fired internal heating

Causse, M.; Cibier, D.; Binet, F., 1983:
Steam in the food and agricultural industry. Technological awakening: the multiple jet boiler

Ventura, R.F.; Rusig, O., 1984:
Steam injection for pasteurizing cheese milk. VII

Graf, J.; Hofstetter, M., 1985:
Steam peeler

Bhat, G.S.; Murthy, M.K.R., 1982:
Steam volatile monocarbonyls of milks and cultured skim milks of the cow and buffalo

Geimer, R.L., 1985:
Steam-injection pressing of isocyanate-bonded aspen flakeboards. Latitudes and limitations

Nilsson, O.; Martinsson, K., 1984:
Steatorrhoea in piglets with special reference to coccidial infections

Chung, N.K., 1985:
Steel industry wastes

Leach R.M.Jr, 1985:
Steel making slag as a source of dietary calcium for the laying hen

Rensburg, B.W.J. van; Cillie, C. du T.; Ebersohn, W., 1984:
Steel reinforced timber structural elements

Turnbull, J.E.; Thompson, J.A.; Quaile, A.T., 1986:
Steel roof diaphragms for wind bracing in agricultural buildings

Pressouyre, G.M.; Zmudzinski, C., 1982:
Steels for use in hydrogen environments : examples of hydrogen embrittlement parameters

Ott, A., 1984:
Steep slopes: grass for mowing or pasture

Ott, A., 1985:
Steep slopes: grass for mowing or pasture?

Dymond, J.R.; Hicks, D.L., 1986:
Steepland erosion measured from historical aerial photographs

Burns, J.C.; Harvey, R.W., 1986:
Steer performance and productivity of 'Kenhy' fescue and persistence of fescues in the central Appalachians

Burns, J.C.; Mochrie, R.D.; Timothy, D.H., 1984:
Steer performance from two perennial Pennisetum species, switchgrass, and a fescue-'Coastal' Bermudagrass system

Song, C.; Chen, L.S., 1985:
Steering-kinematic analysis of the articular vehicle

Stuart, E.; Hansson, R., 1983:
Steering-wheel vibrations of agricultural tractors

Moller, J.D.; Rasmussen, H., 1984:
Stegmata in Orchidales: character state distribution and polarity

Nagel, J.; Athari, S., 1982:
Stem analysis and its application

Zarnovican, R., 1985:
Stem analysis: a method which should be rediscovered

Fensom, D.S.; Thompson, R.G.; Alexander, K.G., 1984:
Stem anoxia temporarily interrupts translocation of 11C-photosynthate in sunflower

Theiler, R., 1986:
Stem atrophy - forecast of incidence and control in 1986

Duit, N.; Kundu, D.K., 1984:
Stem borer incidence in paddy and its effect on yield and yield components

Chieng, C.Y., 1985:
Stem borer infestation on hybrid rice

Ivashchenko, V.G.; Sokolov, V.M., 1984:
Stem brittleness in maize and ways of improving methods of testing hybrids

Whitney, N.G.; Bowers, G.R.J., 1985:
Stem canker of soybean in Texas

Fraser, D.; Davison, E.M., 1985:
Stem cankers of Eucalyptus saligna in Western Australia

Epstein, C.J.; Hofmeister, B.G.; Yee, D.; Smith, S.A.; Philip, R.; Cox, D.R.; Epstein, L.B., 1985:
Stem cell deficiencies and thymic abnormalities in fetal mouse trisomy 16

Tate, R.L., 1986:
Stem decay in street trees in New Jersey and park trees in Central Park, New York

Wardlaw, T.J.; Palzer, C., 1985:
Stem diseases in nursery seedlings caused by Phytophthora cactorum, P. citricola and Pythium anandrum

Montagna, R.G.; Barbosa, O.; Brasil, M.A.M.; Veiga, R.A. de A.; Toledo Filho, D.V. de, 1979:
Stem dry weight, wood density and fibre dimensions in Pinus caribaea var. hondurensis

Miller, D.G.; Muehlbauer, F.J., 1984:
Stem excision as a means of simulating hail injury on 'Alaska' peas

Lecharny, A.; Schwall, M.; Wagner, E., 1985:
Stem Extension Rate in Light-Grown Plants : Effects of Photo- and Thermoperiodic Treatments on the Endogenous Circadian Rhythm in Chenopodium rubrum

Chroust, L., 1980:
Stem form and crown size in the tending of Norway spruce stands in relation to damage by wind and snow

Vanclay, J.K., 1982:
Stem form and volume of slash pine thinnings in south east Queensland

Gartel, W., 1985 :
Stem grooving (stem pitting, legno riccio)-like symptoms in vines of cv. Kerner in Germany

Chumakovskii, N.N., 1986:
Stem height and drought resistance in wheat in relation to abscisic acid and ethylene content in leaves

Datta, S.K.; Konar, D.; De, S.K.; Banerjee, P.K., 1985:
Stem injury in deep water rice as a guide for determining stem borer SB infestation at different growth stages

Diaz, N.; Miksch, G.; Miksch, A., 1985:
Stem morphology and yield of some field tomato varieties in Cuba

Caponigro, V.; Piro, F., 1983:
Stem necrosis in Burley tobacco

German, E.V.; Sagitov, A.O., 1983:
Stem nematodes of Kazakhstan

Anonymous, 1983:
Stem nematodes of agricultural crops and their control. (Papers of a symposium held at Voronezh, 27-29 September 1983.)

Zelikov, E.K.; Balbaeva, Z.A., 1983:
Stem nematodes of the genus Ditylenchus in Kazakhstan

Subba Rao, N.S.; Yatazawa, M., 1984:
Stem nodules

Thomas, K.I.; Wall, R.E., 1986:
Stem pitting and annual ring discoloration in yellow birch

Maxais, L.J.; Kotze, J.M., 1985:
Stem pitting of grapefruit

Delord, J.M., 1984:
Stem profiles

Nemeth, J., 1986:
Stem rot symptoms on Dieffenbachia caused by Erwinia chrysanthemi pv. dieffenbachiae

Bruniard, J.M.; Luduena, P.M., 1985:
Stem rot, growth and yield of sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.)

McVey, D.V.; Hamilton, K., 1985:
Stem rust resistance gene from Triumph 64 identified in four other winter wheats

Knoebel, B.R.; Burkhart, H.E.; Beck, D.E., 1984:
Stem volume and taper functions for yellow-poplar in the southern Appalachians

Eriksson, G.; Ilstedt, B., 1986:
Stem volume of intra- and interprovenance families of Picea abies (L.) Karst

Sachsse, H.; Supraptono, B.; Melchior, G.H., 1984:
Stem wood of the hybrid-aspen family '19/51' ('Holsatia') on two sites

Moore, D.; Clements, RO., 1984:
Stem-borer larval infestation of ryegrass swards under rotationally grazed and cut conditions

Moore, D.; Clements, R.O., 1985:
Stem-boring Diptera in perennial ryegrass in relation to fertiliser. II. The effect of varying the timing of fertiliser application

Ploey, J. de, 1984:
Stemflow and colluviation: modeling and implications

Bakker, J.C.; Vooren, J. van de, 1985:
Stemfruit thinning of greenhouse cucumber

Nwosu, A.C.; Igben, M.S., 1986:
Stemming the tide of rural-urban migration in Nigeria: social versus economic considerations

Chaurasia, R.K.; Bhale, M.S.; Nayak, M.L., 1984:
Stemonitis nigrescens Rex., a new record on Piper betle L. in Madhya Pradesh, India

Mahmood, T.; Aslam, M., 1984:
Stemphylium blight of carrot

Uchino H.; Kanzawa K.; U.T., 1986:
Stemphylium leaf spot of sugar beet

Woodside, A.G.; Jacobs, L.W., 1985:
Step two in benefit segmentation: learning the benefits realized by major travel markets

Taga, T.; Akimoto, N.; Ibuka, T., 1984:
Stephadiamine, a new skeletal alkaloid from Stephania japonica: the first example of a C-norhasubanan alkaloid

Mitra, K.; Manna, B.; Chatterjee, A., 1984:
Stephanofilarial dermatitis at the base of the horn and on the poll region of cattle in the saline belt of West bengal (India) and its treatment

Nooruddin, M.; Hoque, H.F., 1985:
Stephanofilariasis in cattle

Donovan, L.; Morash, S., 1985:
Stepping stones: a co-operative program by the Nova Scotia Hospital and the City of Dartmouth Parks and Recreation Department

Kurono, H., 1985:
Steps to Moncut, a new systemic fungicide

Ceh, M.; Stropnik, C.; Leskovar, S., 1985:
Stepwise elution analysis of electrodialysed fractions of maize-, sorghum-, potato- and wheat starch

Mukherjee, R.K.; Dey (Pathak), G., 1985:
Stepwise hydration of soybean seed to prevent soaking injury and loss of viability during storage

Holtl, W., 1984:
Stepwise reclamation - a drainage system which can be put into effect and followed to completion by the farmer

Kulkarni, B.S.; Acharya, H.S., 1986:
Stepwise regression approach for estimating sorghum-weather relationship

Hoffmann, M.; Buscher, G.; Friedhoff, KT., 1984:
Stercorarian trypanosomes from deer (Cervidae) in Germany

Hoffmann, M., 1984:
Stercorarian trypanosomes in deer in the German Federal Republic

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Steward Giles

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Stimulating sales using peoples' enthusiasm for collecting

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Stimulation of activity of DNA-polymerase in unfertilized eggs of the silkworm

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Stimulation of fertiliser consumption to achieve targetted agricultural production

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Stimulation of glucose uptake in skeletal muscle using bolus or continuous insulin delivery

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Stimulation of glutathione synthesis in photorespiring plants by catalase inhibitors

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Stimulation of growth by means of integration of growth hormone genes in mice

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Stimulation of growth hormone secretion in dwarf chickens by thyrotrophin-releasing hormone (TRH) or human pancreatic growth-hormone-releasing factor (hpGRF)

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Stimulation of growth of coleoptile segments resulting from short-term stress

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Stimulation of growth of tobacco vegetative organs by Agrostemin

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Stimulation of hatching and counting of larvae as an alternative to counting eggs in the estimation of the density of a cyst nematode population

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Stimulation of hepatic polyamine metabolism following intraperitoneal injection of some dietary oils

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Stimulation of hypothalamic LHRH levels and release by gonadal steroids

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Stimulation of immunity response through Baptisia tinctoria constituents

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Stimulation of industrial development through modern management of food distribution

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Stimulation of lateral branch development in tree fruit nursery stock with GA4+7 + BA

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Stimulation of libido in bucks during seasonal periods of sexual inactivity

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Stimulation of lipogenesis in bovine adipose tissue by insulin and insulin-like growth factor

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Stimulation of methanogenesis by slurries of saltmarsh sediment after the addition of molybdate to inhibit sulphate-reducing bacteria

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Stimulation of Nodulation in the Clover-Rhizobium trifolii 0403 System by Penicillin and Mecillinam

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Stimulation of oestrus and ovulation in sows with PMSG

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Stimulation of ovarian activity in the pony mare during winter anoestrus

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Stimulation of photosynthesis by 2% oxygen at low temperatures is restored by phosphate

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Stimulation of photosynthesis in uninfected leaves of rust-infected leeks

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Stimulation of plant growth in pumpkin by ozone

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Stimulation of progesterone production by adrenocorticotropic hormone and prostaglandin E2 in rat luteal cells

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Stimulation of progressor and regressor chicken leukocytes with Con A, PHA-P, and Rous sarcoma tumor antigens

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Stimulation of prolactin release by ethanol administered in preovulatory periods

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Stimulation of prolactin secretion by oestradiol in the rat is associated with increased hypothalamic release of thyrotrophin-releasing hormone

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Stimulation of protein synthesis in barley ears with linuron

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Stimulation of reproductive function in arctic foxes

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Stimulation of reproductive function of sows

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Stimulation of respiration and nitrogenase in bacteroids of Siratro (Macroptilium atropurpureum) by plant nodule cytosol

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Stimulation of rooting in cuttings of new grapevine cultivars

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Stimulation of rooting of grapevine grafts

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Stimulation of seasonally anovulatory pony mares with repeated low doses of hCG

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Stimulation of the motive activity of aggregations of insects

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Stimulation of the ovary in cattle for the production of embryos

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Stimulation of tissue plasminogen activator production from epithelial cell lines

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Stimulation of vitellogenin synthesis in the male of Rhodnius prolixus (Stal) by a juvenile hormone analogue

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Stimulation, the mechanical load on teats and udder health with intermittent positive pressure pulsation

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Stimulative and mutagenic effect of gamma irradiation after treatment of the seeds of Salvia sclarea

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Stimulatory effect of calcitonin on fatty acid synthesis in the liver of fed rats

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Stimulatory effect of follicle-stimulating hormone on rat Leydig cells. A morphometric and ultrastructural study

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Stimulatory effect of vitamin A on T and B lymphocytes in swine experimentally infected with Ascaris suum

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Stimulus range influences intensity and hedonic ratings of flavour

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Sting like a bee! The ionophoric properties of melittin

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Stirring and blending fans in swine buildings

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Stochastic models of fluid flow in heterogeneous media

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Stochastic phenology model for the western spruce budworm (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae)

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Stoke National Garden Festival

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Stoke National Garden Festival '86

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Stomatic hydroregulatory plant antitranspirants

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Stoned untreated olive cake. Studies on feeding it to lambs

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Stop termite attacks on buildings

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Stop the decline in dairy product consumption

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Stop the distillation of fruit. Recommence destruction?

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Stopping fire blight requires knowing its symptoms and acting promptly

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Storage has a negative influence on the vase life of Allium and Eremurus

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Storage insects of basic food grains in Honduras

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Storage management using distributed processing

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Storage of Elstar and Jonagold

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Storage of Gloster and Karmijn

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Storage of Habrobracon

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Storage of apples in polyethylene containers (II)

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Storage of barley for pigs

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Storage of broccoli pollen in liquid nitrogen

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Storage of cassava (Manihot esculenta Crantz) pollen by lyophilization and various humidity and temperature treatments

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Storage of cereals

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Storage of chips from larchwood sawmill wastes

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Storage of chunk wood and fuel chips in bins

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Storage of cut flowers

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Storage of cut snapdragon flowers

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Storage of dieffenbachia sprayed with BA

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Storage of fodder beet in clamps and buildings

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Storage of freeze-dried kefir

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Storage of frozen mammalian ova and their subsequent development

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Storage of germination-accelerating treated Pinus tabulaeformis seed by regulating the oxygen content in room air

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Storage of grain in earth-covered bunkers

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Storage of heavy metals in organs of limnic and terrestric invertebrates and their effects on the cellular level

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Storage of horseradish under various humidity conditions. I. Changes in external quality and respiration rate

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Storage of horseradish under various humidity conditions. II. Changes of constituents

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Storage of leeks

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Storage of lemons: a comparison between types of wrapping at different temperatures. I

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Storage of lyophilized dermatophyte cultures

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Storage of malting barley (C.V. Clipper) in a nitrogen atmosphere

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Storage of moist maize grains

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Storage of partially after-ripened and dried mazzard (Prunus avium L.) seeds

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Storage of pelleted sugarbeet seeds

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Storage of pig embryos in the ligated rabbit oviduct and its effect on the viability after re-transfer to synchronized gilts

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Storage of poinsettia cuttings

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Storage of pollen grains in organic solvents: effect of organic solvents on membrane permeability

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Storage of potato pollen at extremely low temperatures

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Storage of potato pollen under ultralow temperatures

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Storage of potatoes

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Storage of potatoes with reduced energy consumption

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Storage of protein in plant seeds

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Storage of rice wine in large vessels

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Storage of rootstock cuttings pre budding

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Storage of salmonid gametes and embryos

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Storage of seed material in production plants

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Storage of seed of Mojave desert shrubs

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Storage of soya bean (Glycine max L. Merrill) seeds in the tropics

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Storage of soyabean seed treated with fungicides

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Storage of strawberry planting material in the Crimea

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Storage of table grape varieties in a controlled gaseous environment

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Storage of tropical fruits: the plantain. Preliminary studies

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Storage of unrooted coniferous cuttings

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Storage pest menace - how to combat? Role of grain protectants in its perspective

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Storage pests and diseases

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Storage practices for yam in Nigeria

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Storage problems of Amjhore pyrites

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Storage problems with chicory

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Storage procedures, low oxygen, and low carbon dioxide atmospheres on storage quality of 'Golden Delicious' and 'Delicious' apples

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Storage products and tissue interaction in the ovule of Pinus sylvestris L

Pavlenkova, T.P., 1985:
Storage properties of sandwich butter

Turley, R.H.; Ching, T.M., 1986:
Storage protein accumulation in 'Scio' barley seed as affected by late foliar applications of nitrogen

Matveeva, L.S., 1984:
Storage quality in watermelon fruits

Janse, J.; Maaswinkel, R., 1986:
Storage quality of lettuce can clearly be influenced

Vimala, V.; Pushpamma, P., 1983:
Storage quality of pulses stored in three agro climatic regions of Andhra Pradesh-1-quantitative changes

Vimala, V.; Pushpamma, P., 1983:
Storage quality of pulses stored in three agroclimatic regions of Andhra Pradesh. Part II-Viability changes

Vimala, V.; Pushpamma, P., 1983:
Storage quality of pulses stored in three agroclimatic regions of Andhra Pradesh. Part III-Carbohydrate changes

Lyapikhova, A.A., 1983:
Storage quality of the fruit of hybrid apple seedlings of different ripening date

Sharma, M.P.; Roy, A.N., 1984:
Storage rot in seed rhizome of turmeric (Curcuma longa L.) and its control

Gindrat, D., 1984:
Storage rot of potato. I. Symptoms and mycoflora

Gindrat, D., 1984:
Storage rot of potato. II. Lesions development in relation to the parasitic species and temperature. Control measures

Rich, C.N.; Gilliland, S.E., 1985:
Storage stability in refrigerated milk of cells of Lactobacillus acidophilus grown at different pH levels

Butchaiah, G.; Subba Rao, M.V.; Madhusudan, P.; Rao, B.U., 1984:
Storage stability of foot and mouth disease vaccines

Onayemi O.; Bruemmer J.H., 1984:
Storage stability of grapefruit syrups

Blincoe, C.; Marble, D.W., 1985:
Storage stability of some bovine plasma enzymes

Gandhi, A.; Nenwani, M.; Ali, N., 1985:
Storage studies on full fat soyflour

Klaushofer, H.; Schiesser, E., 1984:
Storage suitability of Jerusalem artichoke tubers. 1. Equipment and methods

Argy, G., 1984:
Storage tank for cryogenic liquefied gases such in particular as hydrogen

Sive, A.; Resnizky, D., 1984:
Storage under low oxygen conditions, a milestone in controlled atmosphere development

Dunn, R.; Wrigley, L., 1985:
Store loyalty for grocery products: an empirical study

Wojciak, J.H.; Bridges, J.T.; Bagley, R.W., 1984:
Stored product insect control with Ro 13-5223

Wilkin, D.R.; Thind, B.B., 1984:
Stored product mites detection and loss assessment in animal feed

Weidner, H., 1985:
Stored products protection at the XVII. International Congress for Entomology 1984

Wehling, R.L.; Wetzel, D.L.; Pedersen, J.R., 1984:
Stored wheat insect infestation related to uric acid as determined by liquid chromatography

Burkholder, W.E., 1984:
Stored-product insect behavior and pheromone studies: keys to successful monitoring and trapping

Berger, H.K.; Hetfleis, M., 1985:
Stored-product protection - pests and their control

Den Outer R.W., 1986:
Storied structure of the secondary phloem

Poskocil, J., 1986:
Storing and handling of liquid manure

Weber, W., 1986:
Storing damp grain can reduce costs

Fredrikson, H., 1985:
Storing fuel chips at small heating installations

Thornqvist, T., 1985:
Storing of forest residues and comminuted fuels from forest residues

Fredrikson, H., 1984:
Storing of fuel chips at small heating plants

Fredrikson, H., 1985:
Storing of fuel chips at smaller heating plants

Anonymous, 1986:
Storing seed potatoes in Peru. In: With our own hands. Research for Third World development: Canada's contribution through the International Development Research Centre 1970-1985

Blashnikov, G.T., 1984:
Storing the graft components of Juglans regia for winter grafting

Saucier, J.R.; Phillips, D.R., 1985:
Storing whole-tree fuelwood chips for maximum energy

Martin Vargas, V., 1985:
Storing, conserving and transporting wheat

Wallesch, W., 1985:
Storm and pollution damage and timber marketing in Rhineland-Palatinate

Blackburn, W.H.; Wood, J.C.; DeHaven, M.G., 1986:
Storm flow and sediment losses from site-prepared forestland in East Texas

Pearce, A.J.; Stewart, M.K.; Sklash, M.G., 1986:
Storm runoff generation in humid headwater catchments. 1. Where does the water come from?

Sklash, M.G.; Stewart, M.K.; Pearce, A.J., 1986:
Storm runoff generation in humid headwater catchments. 2. A case study of hillslope and low-order stream response

Anonymous, 1985:
Storm: a potent new rodenticide

Douglass, J.E.; Lear, D.H. van; Valverde, C., 1983:
Stormflow changes after prescribed burning and clearcutting pine stands in the South Carolina Piedmont

Caceres, A., 1984:
Stoves and kilns - mapping progress over the last decade

Ohtsu, Y.; Gomi, T., 1985:
Strain A of sugarcane mosaic virus isolated from sour grass in Ishigaki Island, Okinawa, Japan

Goodall, C.M.; Lijinsky, W., 1984:
Strain and sex differences in N-nitrosohexamethyleneimine carcinogenesis in NZB, NZC, NZO, and NZY mice

Besedina, V.A., 1984:
Strain composition of tobacco mosaic virus on tomato

Amubode F.O.; Fetuga B.L., 1985:
Strain differences among broiler chickens in the utilization of dietary methionine plus cystine

Kakinuma, M.; Yamamoto, K., 1985:
Strain differences in lung granuloma formation in response to a BCG cell-wall vaccine in mice. Demonstration of two types of low responders

Scott, T.R.; Washburn, K.W., 1985:
Strain differences in serum corticosterone, growth hormone, and thyroxine of young chicks reared in two different brooding temperature environments

Kiuchi, Y.; Ishii, A.; Okura, A.; Suzuki, J., 1984:
Strain differences in the production of mouse interferon

Young, J.P.W., 1985:
Strain diversity of Rhizobium nodulating the pea crop

Latorre, B.A.; Flores, V., 1985:
Strain identification and cross-protection of potato virus Y affecting tobacco in Chile

Baldock, F.C.; Thompson, R.C.A.; Kumaratilake, L.M., 1985:
Strain identification of Echinococcus granulosus in determining origin of infection in a case of human hydatid disease in Australia

Stambuk, M., 1985:
Strain measurements on band saws

Johnston, J.R., 1985:
Strain selection and improvement

Kohlhagen, S.; Behm, CA.; Bryant, C., 1985:
Strain variation in Hymenolepis diminuta: enzyme profiles

Miller, D.R., 1985:
Strain-crossing: a plant breeding method to incorporate multiple pest resistance into alfalfa (Medicago sativa L.) cultivars

Olsen, P.E.; Rice, W.A.; Stemke, G.W.; Page, W.J., 1983:
Strain-specific serological techniques for the identification of Rhizobium meliloti in commercial alfalfa inoculants

Zakharov, A.A.; Kholodov, G.A.; Khalmirzaev, B.K., 1981:
Strains for the commercial cultivation of mushrooms

Mateescu, N.; Tudor, I.; Bica, T., 1986:
Strains of Agaricus bisporus for the range of mushroom varieties cultivated in Romania

Matta, A.; Garibaldi, A., 1984:
Strains of Verticillium dahliae virulent on tomato hybrids with the Ve gene for resistance to race 1 in Italy

Dunphy, G.B.; Chadwick, J.M., 1985:
Strains of protoplasts of Entomophthora egressa in spruce budworm larvae

Motta, R., 1983:
Strains of rats and mice kept at the Centre de Selection et d'Elevage d'Animaux de Laboratoire (CSEAL): overall status and recent introductions

Tu, J.C., 1986:
Strains of tobacco ringspot virus isolated from soybean in southwestern Ontario

Sastry, K.S., 1984:
Strains of tomato leaf curl virus and its perpetuation under field conditions

Lecoq, H.; Pitrat, M., 1984:
Strains of zucchini yellow mosaic virus in muskmelon (Cucumis melo L.)

Barunig P., 1985:
Strand receptors associated with the femoral chordotonal organs of locust legs

Das, A.; Paul, A.K.; Roy, P.; Dasgupta, B., 1983:
Strange breeding habit of Megaselia scalaris (Loew); (Diptera: Phoridae)

Vaissaire, J.; Plateau, E.; Laroche, M.; Mirial, G., 1984:
Strangles. Current situation in France

Alexandre, D.Y., 1984:
Strata in tropical rain-forest at Tai (Ivory Coast)

Schwaninger, M., 1986:
Strategic business management in tourism

Schuh, G.E., 1986:
Strategic issues in international agriculture

Farrell, P.; Trudeau, R.C., 1984:
Strategic management for the coming decade

Skutsch, M.M., 1985:
Strategic management of stove programmes: a 'rational reconstruction' approach

Lombard, J.A., 1985:
Strategic planning - an economic view of the agricultural sector

Jacobs, A.S., 1985:
Strategic planning and adaptations: financing

Majaliwa, K.M., 1983:
Strategic tick and tick borne diseases control

Sievers, G.; Quintana, I., 1983:
Strategic treatment of calves with febantel (Rintal) for the prevention of gastrointestinal strongylidoses

Bliss, D.H.; Svendsen, E.D.; Georgoulakis, I.E.; Grosomanidis, S.; Taylor, F.; Jordan, W.J., 1985:
Strategic use of anthelmintics in working donkeys in Mediterranean climatic conditions

Pinyosorasak, P., 1984 :
Strategies adopted in the Development of Diversified Forest Rehabilitation Project, north-east Thailand

Anonymous, 1984:
Strategies and designs for afforestation, reforestation and tree planting

Obgol' ts, A.A.; Klebanovskii, V.A.; Kileev, A.S.; Golubev, O.A., 1982:
Strategies and first results of diphyllobothriasis control in some settlements of the Taimyr Autonomic Region

Jules, D., 1986:
Strategies and mechanisms for planning and implementing functional literacy programmes in the Caribbean

Pryde, P.R., 1986:
Strategies and problems of wildlife preservation in the USSR

Wickramasekara, P., 1985:
Strategies and programme for raising the productivity of the rural poor in Sri Lanka

Yoon, S.B.; Park, T.K., 1985:
Strategies and programmes for raising the productivity of the poor and the eradication of poverty in Korea

Yerles, M., 1983:
Strategies employed by the directors of both French and Quebec federations for amateur sports

Bichara, A.F.; Baldwin, J., 1984:
Strategies for agricultural development in the Fayoum area, Egypt

Anonymous, 1984:
Strategies for agricultural extension in the third world. Executive summary of the seminar proceedings, 18-20 January 1984, International Agricultural Centre, Wageningen, The Netherlands

Anonymous, 1985:
Strategies for alleviating poverty in rural Aisa

Browning, J.; Barton, M.; Mein, G.A., 1985:
Strategies for antibiotic therapy at drying off

Ratner, S.; Ide, P., 1985:
Strategies for community economic development through natural resource use in northern New York

Loyn, R.H., 1985:
Strategies for conserving wildlife in commercially productive eucalypt forest

Mishra, C.B.P., 1986:
Strategies for control of jute and allied fibre diseases

Marsh, L.S.; Albright, L.D.; Langhans, R.W., 1984:
Strategies for controlling greenhouse thermal screens

Hodges, J., 1985:
Strategies for dairy cattle improvement in developing countries

Bernier, C.C., 1985:
Strategies for disease control in faba bean

Taylor, G.F.I.I.; Soumare, M., 1985:
Strategies for forestry development in the West African Sahel: an overview

Ueda, A.; Resende, P.A.P.; Aramaku, P., .:
Strategies for harrowing the soil before planting and applying herbicides (germination inhibitors) to control weeds

Bhide, S.; Pal, S.P., 1984 :
Strategies for improving economics of fertilizer use

Datta, S.K.De, 1984:
Strategies for improving rice production in eastern India

Brendel, E.K.; Bickel, R.J.; Rose, P.; Bordeaux, K.R.; Jenkins, V., 1985:
Strategies for increasing productivity

Young, D.L.; Landon, J.; Mahama, R., 1984:
Strategies for managing marketing risk for Palouse dry pea and lentil growers

Grigsby, K., 1985:
Strategies for mobilization and participation of volunteers in literacy and post-literacy programmes: the case of Nicaragua

Herd, R., 1985:
Strategies for nematode control in cattle

Sharma, H.C., 1985:
Strategies for pest control in sorghum in India

Oliver, M.F., 1985:
Strategies for preventing and screening for coronary heart disease

Otim Nape, G.W., 1984:
Strategies for root-crop improvement in Uganda

Dewendre, T.O., 1982:
Strategies for rural development since independence: the case of Sri Lanka

Shrestha, S.M., 1985:
Strategies for small farmers marketing improvement in Nepal

Murrell, Kd, 1985:
Strategies for the control of human trichinosis transmitted by pork

Kobayashi, F., 1984:
Strategies for the control of pine wilt disease

Peto, T.E.A.; Gilks, C.F., 1986:
Strategies for the prevention of malaria in travellers: comparison of drug regimens by means of risk-benefit analysis

Michel, J.F., 1985:
Strategies for the use of anthelmintics in livestock and their implications for the development of drug resistance

Cain, G., 1984:
Strategies for using monoclonal antibodies in identifying immunogenic antigens of animal parasites

Singh, R.K., 1984:
Strategies for waste heat recovery in food processing operations

Bauer, G., 1985:
Strategies in parasitoid associations utilizing the same developmental stages of two rose tortricids

Okigbo, B., 1985:
Strategies in research on improved farming systems to facilitate adoption and management by the Nigerian farmer

Wenzel, G., 1985:
Strategies in unconventional breeding for disease resistance

Leopold, M., 1985:
Strategies of multinational firms in the food industry

Anonymous, 1983:
Strategies of plant reproduction. Beltsville symposia in agricultural research, 6

Zweig, D., 1985:
Strategies of policy implementation: policy winds and brigade accounting in rural China, 1968-78

Rau, S.K., 1981:
Strategies of rural development

Scott, C.D., 1985:
Strategies of technical choice in the Peruvian sugar industry, 1955-74

Duso, C.; Girolami, V., 1985:
Strategies of the biological control of tetranychid mites on grapevine

Cock, J.H., 1984:
Strategies of the cassava plant for resisting drought

Heinrich, B., 1984:
Strategies of thermoregulation and foraging in two vespid wasps, Dolichovespula maculata and Vespula vulgaris

Yadava, J.S.; Singh, H.V.; Thakral, S.K., 1985:
Strategies to increased oilseeds production in Haryana - constraints and suggestions

Gindrat, D.; Forrer, H.R., 1985:
Strategies to prevent build-up of resistance to fungicides in cereal crops in Switzerland

Anonymous, 1986:
Strategy and opportunities for tourism development

Gibney, M.J., 1985 :
Strategy and philosophy of dietary intervention

Zucchi, G., 1984:
Strategy for a policy on milk quality

Regupathy, A., 1982:
Strategy for containment of bunchy top disease in hill banana

Martinez, D.; Tealdo, A., 1985:
Strategy for developing food production: a proposal

Anonymous, 1986:
Strategy for growth 1986-1990

Ochs, R., 1985:
Strategy for implementing tree crop nutrient monitoring. Mineral nutrition management. Manure application programming

Deokar, A.B.; Tendulkar, A.V.; Bhapkar, D.G., 1985:
Strategy for increasing the production and productivity of oilseeds in Maharashtra

Dommerholt, J., 1985:
Strategy for integrated information systems for the dairy farm operation

Anonymous, 1984:
Strategy for interpretation in Central Region

Liebig, H.P.; Lederle, E., 1985:
Strategy for modelling plant growth

Ruppin, H., 1984:
Strategy for prevention of fungus diseases. No combination of azoles and polyenes for patients with weakened immune systems!

Shafi, M., 1983:
Strategy for rural development

Anonymous, 1984:
Strategy for setting up French food firms in the USA

Digolo, O.O., 1984:
Strategy for the development of bioenergy policy for a changing rural environment in Eastern Africa

Corpuz, I.T.; Momuat, C.J.S., 1984:
Strategy in solving and preventing sulfur deficiency problem in wetland rice soils

Brunori, A.; Figueroa, A.; Micke, A., 1984:
Strategy of breeding for high grain protein content in Triticum aestivum

Abderrahman, W.; Ukayli, M., 1984:
Strategy of groundwater use in Al-Hassa region of Saudi Arabia

Schaffer, J.D., 1984:
Strategy, organization structure and success in the lodging industry

Mader, D., 1985:
Stratibound construction of nest burrows of the solitary bee Colletes daviesanus (Hymenoptera : Colletidae)

Schulman, M.D.; Garrett, P., 1986:
Stratification and differentiation within smallholder strata: a North Carolina case study

Danielson, R., 1986:
Stratification and germination of western white pine seeds

Roth, I., 1984 :
Stratification of tropical forests as seen in leaf structure

Tarantino, J.W., 1985:
Stratified chromatically distinct sherbet confection and method of making same

Stellingwerf, D.A.; Sann Lwin, 1985:
Stratified sampling compared with two-phase stratified cluster sampling for timber volume estimation

Potts, D.F.; Ryan, K.C.; Zuuring, H.R., 1986:
Stratified sampling for determining duff moisture in mountainous terrain

Malavasi, M. de M.; Stafford, S.G.; Lavender, D.P., 1985:
Stratifying, partially redrying and storing Douglas-fir seeds: effects on growth and physiology during germination

Malavasi, M. de M.; Ching, T.M.; Lavender, D.P., 1986:
Stratifying, partially redrying, and storing Douglas-fir seeds: biochemical responses

Inglis, W.G., 1986:
Stratigramy: biological classifications through spontaneous self-assembly

Dodonov, A.E., 1984:
Stratigraphy and correlation of Upper Pliocene-Quaternary deposits of Central Asia

Finn, S.; Mulqueen, J.; Collins, J.F.; Ryan, T.D.; Finnerty, P., 1984:
Stratigraphy and hydrology of a cutover raised bog in Co. Mayo

Anonymous, 1985:
Straw Research

Wilkinson, M., 1985:
Straw aids. A guide to products available in the United Kingdom

Clegg, J.M.; Larkin, S.B.C.; Noble, D.H.; Radley, R.W., 1985:
Straw as a biomass resource and its acquisition in the United Kingdom

Ponnamperuma, F.N., 1984:
Straw as a source of nutrients for wetland rice

Lynch, J.M.; Harper, S.H.T., 1983:
Straw as a substrate for cooperative nitrogen fixation

Derycke, G.; Vanabelle, B.; Vanbelle, M., 1983:
Straw as an energy feed for cattle

Patschke Ballerstaedt, D., 1985:
Straw as an energy source - procedures and costs

Schmidt, M.; Jorgensen, M.; Moller Madsen, A.; Jensen, H.; Horvath, Z.; Keller, P.; Konggaard, S.P., 1985:
Straw as bedding for dairy cows

Tesic, M.; Martinov, M., 1984:
Straw baling and distribution lines

Moss, S.R., 1985:
Straw burning and its effect on weeds

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