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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 1468

Chapter 1468 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Roper, M.M., 1985:
Straw decomposition and nitrogenase activity (C2H2 reduction): effects of soil moisture and temperature

Moss, S.R., 1984:
Straw disposal and its effects on weeds

Christian, D.G.; Smallfield, B.M.; Goss, M.J., 1985:
Straw disposal on heavy clay soils

Moller, E.; Witt, N.; Thellesen, H.Z., 1984:
Straw for fodder. I. Untreated straw

Moller, E.; Witt, N.; Thellesen, H.Z., 1984:
Straw for fodder. II. Addition of sodium hydroxide in a transportable farm installation

Moller, E.; Witt, N.; Thellesen, H.Z., 1985:
Straw for fodder. III. Addition of NaOH to damp straw

Boxem, T., 1982:
Straw in cattle feeding

Luk' yanova, R.F.; Zubkova, S.G., 1984:
Straw in diets for dairy cattle

Davies, D.B., 1985:
Straw incorporation - techniques and problems

Anonymous, 1984:
Straw incorporation - the methods and machines. National Agricultural Conference, 16 February 1984

Sanders, G.B., 1984:
Straw incorporation on heavy land - a picture emerging

Anonymous, 1984:
Straw incorporation on heavy soils. Workshop papers. November 1984

Maler, J., 1986:
Straw processing and mixing lines for the production of feed mixtures

Okhrimenko, V.I.; Lenert, G.Y.; Flakhovskii, G.; Khennig, A., 1984:
Straw processing in East German farms

Kasatov, V.I.; Krupnov, V.A., 1983:
Straw solidity and yield in spring bread wheat

Rumsey, G., 1986:
Straw strength tested and found wanting

Fodgaard, S., 1984:
Straw surplus on regional level - estimated by a model work

Yudin, Yu; Lesnov, P.; Roslyakov, N.; Kuimov, M., 1984:
Straw treated with enzymes and yeast in the feeds for cattle

Anonymous, 1985:
Straw use and disposal

Foster, J., 1984:
Straw v. slurry

Li, J.P., 1984:
Straw, lime and manganese dioxide amendments for iron-toxic rice soils

Biddlestone, A.J.; Gray, K.R.; Cooper, D.J., 1986:
Straw-based techniques for composting

Person Dedryver, F., 1985:
Straw-producing cereals, hosts of Meloidogyne naasi Franklin. II. Behavioural variations of susceptible and resistant varieties grown in France

Foldager, J., 1985:
Straw-rich feed can result in magnesium deficiency in heifers

Wilton, B., 1985:
Straw: burn or incorporate?

Himme, M. van; Stryckers, J.; Bulcke, R., 1984:

Pocharski, W., 1986:
Strawberries - quality of fruits, their storage life and suitability for processing. Part IV. Dukat - a new dual purpose strawberry cultivar

Moras, P., 1986:
Strawberries and raspberries: post-harvest protection techniques

Haynes, R.J.; Carey, P.L.; Goh, K.M., 1985:
Strawberries: Effects of nitrogen and potassium fertilizers

Smale, P.E.; James, R.W.; Barrow, T.H., 1985:
Strawberries: Nutrition

Anonymous, 1985 :

Trajkovski, K.; Nilsson, K., 1984:
Strawberry breeding

Renquist, A.R.; Hughes, H.G., 1985:
Strawberry cultivar evaluation in Colorado: 1982-1984

Strang, J.G.; Archbold, D.D.; Hartman, J.R.; Hendrix, J.W., 1985:
Strawberry cultivar yield response to soil fumigation

Kopylov, V.I.; Pupova, L.N., 1985:
Strawberry cultivars for vertical culture

Anonymous., 1983:
Strawberry cutworm. Amphipoea interoceanica (Smith)

Olson, DP.; Beleau, MH.; Busch, RA.; Roberts, S.; Krieger, RI., 1985:
Strawberry disease in rainbow trout, Salmo gairdneri Richardson

Teliz Ortiz, D.; Mendoza Herrera, A.; Sandoval, J., 1986:
Strawberry diseases in Mexico

Huber, D.J., 1984:
Strawberry fruit softening: The potential roles of polyuronides and hemicelluloses

Sansdrap, A., 1984:
Strawberry grower's bulletin. The use of tepid waste water in strawberry growing

Lemaitre, R.; Sansdrap, A. (Coordinators), 1985:
Strawberry growing

Kopylov, V.I., 1985:
Strawberry growing in protected cultivation

Zurowicz, E.; Warmund, M.R.; Millidan, D.F., 1986:
Strawberry improvement program in Poland

Vaysse, P., 1985:
Strawberry irrigation and fertilization

Marte, M.; Gadani, F.; Savino, V.; Rugini, E., 1986:
Strawberry latent ringspot virus associated with a new disease of olive in Central Italy

Soteros, J.J., 1985:
Strawberry nematode

Yamada, E.; Takakura, S., 1982:
Strawberry nematode, Aphelenchoides fragariae, isolated from a dying leaf of Mid-century hybrid lily in Hokkaido, Japan

Anonymous, 1985:
Strawberry production costs in Aquitaine in 1984

Buth, D.; McKibbon, E.D., 1984:
Strawberry production costs in Ontario, 1982

Luoto, L., 1985:
Strawberry quality: effects of handling, packaging and storage on shelf-life

Archbold, D.D.; Dennis, F.G.J., 1985:
Strawberry receptacle growth and endogenous IAA content as affected by growth regulator application and achene removal

Marfa, O.; Pages, M.; Tio Sauleda, M.; Cunill Prado, C., 1984 :
Strawberry sack culture on steep gradient soil. Evaluation of the substrates and the sack type and position on the slope

Roudeillac, P.; Bardet, A., 1984:
Strawberry soilless culture trial for early and off season production

Rybalov, L.N.; Dymchenko, M.I.; Gnevkovskaya, M.G., 1985:
Strawberry varieties for growing in the south of the Ukraine

Braun J.W.; Grath J.K.L., 1986:
Strawberry vegetative and fruit growth response to paclobutrazol

Lisanyuk, V.G., 1985:
Strawberry yield in relation to pre-planting soil preparation

Tuefel, D., 1983:
Strawdust - an alternative growing medium

Gordon J.C.; Angrick E.J., 1985:
Stray dogs as sentinels for canine parvovirus

Anonymous, 1985:
Stray voltage

Surbrook, T.C.; Reese, N.D., 1985:
Stray voltage sources and identification procedures

Niesioowski, S., 1982:
Stream ecosystems in mountain grassland (West Carpathians). 10. Simuliidae and Empididae (Diptera)

Kownacki, A., 1982:
Stream ecosystems in mountain grassland (West Carpathians). 8. Benthic invertebrates

Hill, A.R., 1981:
Stream phosphorus exports from watersheds with contrasting land uses in southern Ontario

Laudelout, H., 1985:
Stream water chemistry and seasonal soil biological activity

Doty, C.W.; Parsons, J.E.; Skaggs, R.W.; Nassehzadeh Tabrizi, A., 1984:
Stream water level control supplies irrigation water

Doty, C.W.; Parsons, J.E.; Nassehzadeh Tabrizi, A.; Skaggs, R.W.; Badr, A.W., 1984:
Stream water levels affect field water tables and corn yields

Abe, T.; Tani, M., 1985:
Streamflow changes after killing of pine trees by the pine-wood nematode

Hetherington, E.D., 1985:
Streamflow nitrogen loss following forest fertilization in a southern Vancouver Island watershed

Shirmohammadi, A.; Sheridan, J.M.; Knisel, W.G., 1984:
Streamflow partitioning and effect of threshold value

Miller, J.H.; Bace, A.C.J., 1980:
Streamwater contamination after aerial application of a pelletized herbicide

Carter, C.A., 1984:
Street and futures price relationships in Canadian open-market grains

Boddy, F., 1986:
Street life

Jim, C.Y., 1986:
Street trees in high-density urban Hong Kong

River, B.H., 1986:
Strength and durability of alkylresorcinol adhesives from Estonian oil shale kerogen

Schniewind, A.P.; Gammon, B., 1986:
Strength and related properties of Bishop pine II. Properties of juvenile wood from young stems of various provenances

Lee, A.W.C.; Taras, M.A., 1985:
Strength and related properties of Oglethorpe oak

Gerhardt, T.D., 1984:
Strength and stiffness analysis of notched, green oak pallet stringers

Grant, D.J.; Anton, A., 1984:
Strength and stiffness of Australian-grown stress-graded Pinus radiata with cross-sections of 35x150 mm and 35x200 mm

Wolfe, R.W.; Percival, D.H.; Moody, R.C., 1986:
Strength and stiffness of light-frame sloped trusses

Kovacs, Z., 1984:
Strength behaviour of windows and furniture frames

Eberl, M.; Muller, P., 1984:
Strength calculation of agricultural machinery by finite element method

Zurek, W.; Zakrzewski, S., 1984:
Strength of cotton fibres and the degree of development of the secondary wall

Koch, P.; Burke, E.J., 1985:
Strength of fabricated joists with flanges of minimally machined whole or half stems of lodgepole pine

Kufner, M., 1984:
Strength of glued wall elements for prefabricated houses under vertical load

Bul' yanov, D.D.; Stepanov, G.V., 1985:
Strength of immunity in calves immunized simultaneously against pasteurelosis, salmonellosis and ringworm

Zotov, A.A.; Cherkasov, N.Y., 1984:
Strength of joints formed by plastic edge veneers with particleboards

Soltis, L.A.; Mtenga, P.V.A., 1985:
Strength of nailed wood joints subjected to dynamic load

Chu, Y.P., 1983:
Strength of screw joints and screw-withdrawal resistance

Anonymous, 1985:
Strength properties of Douglas fir timber grown in West Germany

Nagoda, L., 1985:
Strength properties of Norway spruce (Picea abies) from Northern Norway tested on timber in structural sizes

Bier, H., 1984:
Strength properties of Pinus radiata plywood at angles to face grain

Cheng, J.S.K.; Mamit, J.D.; Nibu, A.N., 1985:
Strength properties of dipterocarp timbers of Sarawak

Siemon, G.R., 1981:
Strength testing of Caribbean pine

Schaffer, E.L.; Marx, C.H.; Bender, D.A.; Woeste, F.E., 1986:
Strength validation and fire endurance of glued-laminated timber beams

Walford, G.B., 1985:
Strength/density relationships for Pinus caribaea and Pinus elliottii from Fiji

Peng, P., 1986:
Strengthen and reform humanities studies, open up a new vista in humanities education

Anonymous, 1985:
Strengthening agricultural research in Latin America and the Caribbean (Proceedings)

Eusebio, A.N., 1985:
Strengthening carabao research in the Philippines

Anonymous, 1984:
Strengthening developing-country institutions concerned with food and nutrition

Lee, C.Y., 1985:
Strengthening economic efficiency of government food marketing agencies in developing countries

Anonymous, 1981:
Strengthening national agricultural research systems in Asia. A report of discussions by leaders of agricultural research systems in 13 Asian countries, Los Banos, Philippines, March 18 and 19, 1981

Santos, A.F., 1983:
Strengthening project development capabilities at the subnational levels in the Philippines: a perspective of a regional development institution

Liu Shukai, 1985:
Strengthening the comprehensive study of rural economy to open up broad prospects for its development

Anonymous, 1985:
Strengthening women's participation in food and agriculture marketing

Bjotvedt, G.; Weems, C.W.; Foley, K., 1984:
Strenuous exercise may cause health hazards for racing greyhounds

Nuttall, M.J., 1983:
Strepsicrates macropetana Meyrick (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae). Eucalyptus leafroller

Rucker, K., 1985:
Streptocarpus: continual demand

Guise, H.J.; Penny, R.H.; Duthie, A.N., 1985:
Streptococcal meningitis in pigs

Guise, H.J.; Penny, R.H.; Duthie, A.N., 1985:
Streptococcal meningitis in pigs: field trial to compare the effects of two different treatments

Guise, H.J.; Penny, R.H.; Petherick, D.J., 1986:
Streptococcal meningitis in pigs: field trial to study the prophylactic effect of trimethoprim/sulphadiazine medication in feed

Martins, V.M.V.; Riet Correa, F.; Brito, M.A.V.P.; Soncini, R.P.; Brito, J.R.F.; Piffer, I.P.; Orlandi, J.J., 1985:
Streptococcal meningitis of swine in Santa Catarina State

Bragg, R.R.; Broere, J.S.E., 1986:
Streptococcosis in rainbow trout in South Africa

Lu, Y.S.; Tsai, H.J.; Azuma, R.; Sugimoto, C.; Lin, D.F.; Lee, Y.L., 1985:
Streptococcus S and R groups (Streptococcus suis type I and type II) infection in pigs in Taiwan

Devriese, L.A.; Hommez, J.; Kilpper Balz, R.; Schleifer, K.H., 1986:
Streptococcus canis sp. nov.: a species of group G streptococci from animals

Kadymov, R.A.; Dunyamaliev, G.E., 1986:
Streptococcus infection in fowls

Idziak, E.S.; Coallier Ascah, J., 1984:
Streptococcus lactis inhibition of aflatoxin production by Aspergillus flavus

Abaas, S.; Martensson, L., 1986:
Streptococcus suis demonstrated in Swedish pig farms

Menec, M. le; Kobisch, M.; Sanders, P., 1985:
Streptococcus suis infection of pigs in the Cotes-du-Nord region of France. Identification and distribution of serotypes

Maksimova, A.K.; Zadoyana, S.B.; Bannikova, L.A.; Leshina, V.S.; Grebennik, M.M.; Glebova, L.F., 1985:
Streptococcus thermophilus strain 14/2 and a method for preparing a symbiotic starter for tvorog and its use

Shaw, M.; Montali, R.J.; Bush, M., 1984:
Streptococcus zooepidemicus in small carnivorous mammals fed uncooked horsemeat

Killingsworth, C.R.; Eyster, G.E.; Adams, T.; Bartlett, P.C.; Bell, T.G., 1986:
Streptokinase treatment of cats with experimentally induced aortic thrombosis

Matyaev, V.I.; Slushkin, N.V.; Mungin, V.V., 1985:
Streptomyces mycelium for feeding young pigs

Miyadoh, S.; Shomura, T.; Ito, T.; Niida, T., 1983:
Streptomyces sulfonofaciens sp. nov

Gäbel, H.; Bitter-Suermann, H.; Henriksson, C.; Säve-Söderbergh, J.; Lundholm, K.; Brynger, H., 1985:
Streptozotocin diabetes in juvenile pigs. Evaluation of an experimental model

E.H.j, A.J.; Goldspink, D.F.; Tosh, D., 1986:
Streptozotocin-induced diabetes in Sprague-Dawley rats during pregnancy

Kawai, T.; Mohri, T.; Takemura, K.; Shibasaki, T., 1984:
Stress analysis for prolonging tube life

Coubrough, R.I., 1985:
Stress and fertility. A review

Standal, N., 1984:
Stress and meat quality in pigs, and possibilities for selection

Klimmer, F.; Rutenfranz, J., 1983:
Stress and strain associated with work with debarking machines during mechanised logging operations

Orbons, H.G.; Huurdemann, T.L., 1985:
Stress corrosion cracking in syngas heat exchangers

Blanken, J.M., 1984:
Stress corrosion cracking of ammonia storage spheres: survey and panel discussion

Lunde, L., 1984:
Stress corrosion cracking of steels in ammonia: specially vapor-phase cracking

Ogaki, K., 1983:
Stress distribution on rigid wheels

Jeppesen, L.L.; Heller, K.E., 1986:
Stress effects on circulating eosinophil leukocytes, breeding performance, and reproductive success of ranch mink

Pozgaj, A., 1984:
Stress grading of timber

Fell L.R.; Wells R.; Shutt D.A., 1986:
Stress in calves castrated surgically or by the application of rubber rings

Schutt, P., 1984:
Stress is killing the forest

Levy, J., 1984:
Stress management: celebration of life (Hai)

Lauterwasser, E., 1984:
Stress on the environment through tourism

Matteri, R.L.; Watson, J.G.; Moberg, G.P., 1984:
Stress or acute adrenocorticotrophin treatment suppresses LHRH-induced LH release in the ram

Yousef, M.K., 1985:
Stress physiology in livestock. Volume I. Basic principles

Anonymous, 1985:
Stress physiology in livestock. Volume II. Ungulates

Anonymous, 1985:
Stress physiology in livestock. Volume III. Poultry

West, D.W., 1986:
Stress physiology in trees - salinity

Li, L.; Kao, C.H., 1985:
Stress physiology of sweet potatoes. 1. Flooding effects on sweet potatoes

Dimitroff, G., 1982:
Stress relaxation studies on potato tuber behaviour during storage

Anonymous, 1985:
Stress susceptibility and meat quality in pigs. Proceeding of commission on animal management and health and commission on pig production. Joint session, Halkidiki, Greece, 30 Sept.-5 Oct. 1985

Verstegen, J.; Dessy, C.; Fellmann, D., 1984:
Stress susceptibility in relation to alpha-melanotropic cells of the adenohypophysis of swine. Preliminary study

Bouslama, M.; Schapaugh, W.T.J., 1984:
Stress tolerance in soybeans. I. Evaluation of three screening techniques for heat and drought tolerance

Becker, R.; Saunders, R.M., 1983:
Stress tolerant crops from nitrogen fixing trees

Zoglauer, K.; Goring, H., 1982:
Stress-conditioned production of ethylene in segments of wheat coleoptiles

Heinke, F.; Goring, H., 1982:
Stress-conditioned proline accumulation in plants

Anonymous, 1986:
Stress-induced analgesia

Kumar, D.; Suresh, K.; Dey, R.K.; Mishra, B.K., 1986:
Stress-mediated columnaris disease in rohu, Labeo rohita (Hamilton)

Pinon, J., 1986:
Stress-related diseases in plantations

Topel, D.G.; Hallberg, J.W., 1985:
Stress-susceptibility with particular emphasis on carcass quality and health

Wearne, H.M.; Shisler, J.K., 1984:
Stressed versus unstressed oviposition patterns in the saltmarsh mosquito, Aedes sollicitans (Walker) (Diptera: Culicidae)

Troughton, M.J., 1985:
Stresses on land in southwestern Ontario

Timofeev, N.I., 1985:
Stresses on the knives of end-grain millers for profiling logs

Tomatis, S. (Italy), 1984:
Stretching and moulding machine for pasta filata cheese

Whitcomb, C.E., 1985:
Stretching weed control dollars in field nursery stock

Myllyla, L., 1986:
Strict selection. Breeding programme for dairy cattle in Finland

Bhosle, R.H.; Shelke, D.K.; Jadhav, N.S., .:
Striga emergence and grain yield of sorghum as influenced by different graded dose of nitrogen in various sorghum cultivars

Laing, E., 1984:
Striga hermonthica: its adaptations and distribution in Ghana

Hassanali, A., 1984 :
Strigol analogues: synthetic achievements and prospects

Vail, S.L.; Dailey, O.D.J.; Connick, W.J.J.; Pepperman, A.B.J., 1985:
Strigol syntheses and related structure-bioactivity studies

Whitney, R.W.; Roth, L.O., 1985:
String collectors for spray pattern analysis

Jeglum, J.K., 1982:
Strip cutting in shallow-soil upland black spruce near Nipigon, Ontario. II. Regeneration in the first study area

Fleming, R.L.; Crossfield, R.M., 1983:
Strip cutting in shallow-soil upland black spruce near Nipigon, Ontario. III Windfall and mortality in the leave strips: preliminary results

Jeglum, J.K., 1984:
Strip cutting in shallow-soil upland black spruce near Nipigon, Ontario. IV. Seedling-seedbed relationships

Boivin, J.L., 1985:
Strip felling in broad-leaved stands - results after 14 years

Heiligmann, R.B.; Spetich, M.A.; Brown, J.H., 1985:
Strip vs. complete weed control in Christmas tree plantings

Demski, J.W.; Reddy, D.V.R.; Sowell, G.J., 1984:
Stripe disease of groundnuts

Hardison, J.R., 1984:
Stripe rust (Puccinia striiformis) on orchardgrass in Oregon

Wechsler, S.J.; Schultz, C.L.; McAllister, P.E.; Hetrick, F.M., 1984:
Striped bass (Morone saxatilis) can be carriers of infectious pancreatic necrosis virus

Herman, R.L., 1984:
Striped bass fingerling mortality involves multiple factors

Hanauer, K.A.; Lien, R.M.; Meeker, D.B., 1984:
Stripper developed for specialty crops

Wang, J.; Greene, B., 1983:
Stripping analysis of zinc in natural waters utilizing the medium exchange method

van der Waal, BCW., 1985:
Stripping male Clarias gariepinus of semen

Maronek, D.M.; Studebaker, D.; Black, V.; McCloud, T.;, R., 1983:
Stripping vs. nonstripping on rooting of woody ornamental cuttings - grower results

Tenora, F.; Stanek, M., 1985:
Strobilocercosis in an experimental breed of Ondatra zibethica (Rodentia)

Hatano, S.; Minowa, M.; Omura, T.; Nagai, M.; Fujita, T.; Takeuchi, K.; Tsukamoto, M., 1984:
Stroke mortality and proportional expenditure on selected food items in Japanese communities

Gross, W.E., 1985:
Strong brand advertising will increase dairy food sales

Memon, N.A., 1986:
Strong case for indigenous production of farm machinery

Anonymous, 1986:
Strong demand for imported veneer logs in Iran

Atkinson, P., 1985:
Strong minds and weak bodies: sports, gymnastics and the medicalization of women's education

Halbritter, W., 1985:
Stronger incentives for increased performance

Cohen, J.D.; Baldi, B.G.; Bialek, K., 1985:
Strongly acidic auxin indole-3-methanesulfonic Acid: synthesis of [C]indole-3-methanesulfonic Acid and studies of its chromatographic, spectral, and biological properties

Speare, R.; Tinsley, D.J., 1986:
Strongyloides felis: an old worm rediscovered in Australian cats

Rodrigues, H. de O.; Vicente, J.J.; Gomes, D.C., 1985:
Strongyloides ferreirai n.sp. (Nematoda, Rhabdiasoides) parasite of Kerodon ropestris (Wied.) in Brazil

Nikitin, V.F., 1984:
Strongyloides infection in calves

Buzmakova, R.A., 1985:
Strongyloides infection in young animals

Fukase, T.; Chinone, S.; Itagaki, H., 1983:
Strongyloides planiceps (Nematoda; Strongyloididae) from cats in Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan

Dresden, MH.; Rege, AA.; Murrell, KD., 1985:
Strongyloides ransomi: proteolytic enzymes from larvae

Murrell, KD.; Graham, CE.; McGreevy, M., 1983:
Strongyloides ratti and Trichinella spiralis: net charge of epicuticle

van der Woude, F.J.; Kager, P.A.; Weits, J.; van der Jagt, E.J.; Van Son, W.J.; Sloof, M.J.; Tegzess, A.M., 1985:
Strongyloides stercoralis hyperinfection as a consequence of immunosuppressive treatment

Ainley, C.C.; Clarke, D.G.; Timothy, A.R.; Thompson, R.P., 1986:
Strongyloides stercoralis hyperinfection associated with cimetidine in an immunosuppressed patient: diagnosis by endoscopic biopsy

Wachter, R.M.; Burke, A.M.; MacGregor, R.R., 1984:
Strongyloides stercoralis hyperinfection masquerading as cerebral vasculitis

Genta, R.M., 1986:
Strongyloides stercoralis: immunobiological considerations on an unusual worm

Genta, R.M.; Schad, G.A.; Hellman, M.E., 1986:
Strongyloides stercoralis: parasitological, immunological and pathological observations in immunosuppressed dogs

Moyou, S.R.; Kouamouo, J.; Enyong, P.A.; Ripert, C., 1984:
Strongyloidiasis in West Cameroon: clinical, diagnostic and epidemiological study

Giboda, M.; Maloveska, M., 1982:
Strongyloidiasis in eastern Slovakia (Czechoslovakia)

Marconcini, A.; Macchioni, G., 1982:
Strongylus equinus in equine lungs

Micic, G.; Draganovic, B.; uric, G., 1982:
Strontium 90 in milk and fermented milk products

Ehnstrom, B., 1985:
Strophosomus capitatus and Thecodiplosis brachyntera - two insect pests on pine needles

Odzhating, I. (Ichire, O), 1980:
Structural adaptation to the water factor in the leaves of the main mangrove species of Nigeria

Jamal, V., 1985:
Structural adjustment and food security in Uganda

Hulgenhof, E.; Schlegel, R., 1985:
Structural alterations in chromosomes of hexaploid triticale and their effect on cytological and yield characters. II. Experimental data concerning the cytological behaviour of some heterochromatin-deficient triticale lines

Psaras, G.K.; Paragamian, K., 1984:
Structural Alterations in Isolated Endosperms of Lactuca sativa L. Achenes

Hillendahl, W., 1985:
Structural alterations to agricultural buildings

Kolajo, E.F.; Adrian, J.L., 1986:
Structural analysis of farm machinery demand in the United States

Young, R.B.; Moriarity, D.M.; McGee, C.E., 1986:
Structural analysis of myosin genes using recombinant DNA techniques

Conto, F., 1984:
Structural analysis of olive growing in Cilento: results of a field survey

Heidecker, G.; Messing, J., 1986:
Structural analysis of plant genes

Bacic, A.; Moody, S.F.; Clarke, A.E., 1986:
Structural analysis of secreted root slime from maize (Zea mays L.)

Loviscek, M., 1986:
Structural analysis of the Italian agroindustrial complex using influence graphs

Spindler, F., 1985:
Structural analysis of the cattle stock in 1984

Boulet, R.; Godon, P.; Lucas, Y.; Worou, S., 1984:
Structural analysis of the soil mantle and field experiments in French Guiana

Rascio, N.; Casadoro, G.; Ramina, A.; Masia, A., 1985:
Structural and biochemical aspects of peach fruit abscission (Prunus persica L. Batsch)

Gamalei, Y.V.; Voznesenskaya, E.V., 1986:
Structural and biochemical types of C4 plants

Ruben, L.; Strickler, J.E.; Egwuaga, C.; Patton, C.L., 1984:
Structural and biological properties of calmodulin from African trypanosomes

Parameswaran, N.; Stamm, A., 1983:
Structural and chemo-physical changes occurring during carbonization of four tropical hardwoods

Vaughn, K.C., 1985:
Structural and cytochemical characterization of three specialized peroxisome types in soybean

Penhale, P.A.; Wetzel, R.G., 1983:
Structural and functional adaptations of eelgrass (Zostera marina L.) to the anaerobic sediment environment

Singh, J.S.; Yang, H.; Sajise, P.E., 1985:
Structural and functional aspects of Indian and southeast Asian savanna ecosystems

DeMason, D.A.; Sexton, R.; Reid, J.S.G., 1983:
Structural and functional aspects of date palm germination

Ruddle, F.H.; Hart, C.P.; McGinnis, W., 1985:
Structural and functional aspects of the mammalian homeo-box sequences

Goryshina, T.K., 1980:
Structural and functional features of the leaf assimilatory apparatus in plants of a forest-steppe oakwood. I. Leaf plastid apparatus in plants of various forest strata

Thony, B.; Kaluza, K.; Hennecke, H., 1985:
Structural and functional homology between the alpha and beta subunits of the nitrogenase MoFe protein as revealed by sequencing the Rhizobium japonicum nifK gene

Ivanchenko, V.M., 1984:
Structural and functional interregulation in chloroplasts as one of the mechanisms of adaptation of photosynthesis

Lipskaya, G.A., 1984:
Structural and functional organization of a leaf and plant productivity with application of cobalt at various rates

Fahn A., 1986:
Structural and functional properties of trichomes of xeromorphic leaves

Chakalova, E.; Ripke, B.; Khofman, P., 1980:
Structural and functional studies in wheat. II. Functional activity of the first leaf in seedlings of some evolutionary forms of wheat

Koshkina, N.G., 1981:
Structural and histochemical changes in the tissues of Opisthorchis caused by some anthelmintics

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Structural and mechanical chracteristics of sausage and ham products with partial meat replacement

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Structure of aphid populations

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Structure of Cell Wall and Extracellular Mannans from Saccharomyces rouxii and Their Relationship to a High Concentration of NaCl in the Growth Medium

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Structure of cenopopulations of perennial species in Festucetum supinae plant community

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Structure of cereals

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Structure of costs and integration in EC agroindustrial sectors: a comparative analysis

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Structure of distribution of market garden produce between a producing region and the capital: the Ivory Coast example

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Structure of enteric helminth communities in two populations of Eptesicus fuscus (Chiroptera)

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Structure of fruit trees: a mathematical model for the mechanical harvesting

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Structure of glandular hairs and identification of the main components of their secreted material in some species of the Labiatae

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Structure of goat casein micelles

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Structure of horticultural enterprises in the Levante region

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Structure of secondary mediterranean scrub (matorral) in the Sierra Morena and its relationship with environmental gradients

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Structure of secretory immunoglobulins A - their role in mucosal protection

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Structure of some lymphopoietic organs of miniature swine during experimental amyloidosis, with reference to the effects of hydrocortisone and dimethyl sulphoxide

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Structure of stigma and style and their effect on pollen germination, pollen tube growth and fruit set in apple

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Structure of the K0.8(KCl)0.2 liquid mixture

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Structure of the arthropod communities occurring on Microtus arvalis (Pall.) in various habitats. II. The dynamics of mean intensity of infestation of M. arvalis by the most common species of arthropods in areas not having undergone any agrotechnical treatment

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Structure of the body-wall of six species of Plagiorchida

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Structure of the cervix uteri and course of the cervical lumen in the sheep

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Structure of the chloroplast gene for the precursor of the Mr 32 000 photosystem II protein from mustard (Sinapis alba L.)

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Structure of the chromosomal gene for murine interleukin 3

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Structure of the communities of Hemiptera in the undergrowth of deciduous forests

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Structure of the core oligosaccharide from lipopolysaccharide of Erwinia carotovora

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Structure of the cyst wall of Cysticercus fasciolaris through application of the freeze-fracture replication technique

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Structure of the digestive tract of Esox lucius infected and uninfected with Triaenophorus nodulosus (Pallas) (Pseudophyllidea, Triaenophoridae)

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Structure of the fig (Ficus carica L.) tree root system in a brown reddish forest soil in the Bucharest area

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Structure of the male and female reproductive and digestive systems of Rhizoglyphus robini Claparede (Acari, Acaridae)

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Structure of the milk-processing industry in the European Community

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Structure of the musculature of the chicken small intestine

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Structure of the ovipositor of Hylotrupes bajulus (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae)

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Structure of the parasympathetic nucleus of the ninth and tenth cerebral nerves in sheep and goats

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Structure of the principal saponin of Eryngium planum L. roots

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Structure of the protein complex in spring barley grain under given rates of N and different management

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Structure of the radiation field in a forest-steppe oakwood community

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Structure of the root system in first year seedlings of woody plants

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Structure of the skin of cattle during growth and senescence

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Structure of the sucrose synthase gene on chromosome 9 of Zea mays L

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Structure of the testa in some species of Gossypium L

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Structure of the triacyl-sn-glycerols in the plasma and milk of the rat and rabbit

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Structure of the trophozoite and cyst

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Structure of the two related elastase genes expressed in the rat pancreas

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Structure of the variant glycoproteins and surface coat of Trypanosoma brucei

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Structure of the viticulture - wine sector in South Africa

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Structure of vegetable growing in the GFR

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Structure plan for outdoor recreation

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Structure refinements of Pb2+ ion-exchanged apatites by X-ray powder pattern-fitting

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Structure, composition and physical properties of legume starches

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Structure, composition, and distribution of plastid nucleoids in Narcissus pseudonarcissus

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Structure, conduct and performance of cotton marketing system in Tamilnadu - a pilot study

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Structure, conduct and performance of tomato marketing in Coimbatore

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Structure, function and development of serotonin-containing neurons in the leech

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Structure, isolation, and protein composition of the pellicle of Sarcocystis muris cystozoites (Protozoa, Coccidia)

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Structure linkage, and sequence of the two genes encoding the delta and gamma subunits of the nicotinic acetylcholine receptor

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Structure, management and conservation value of the riparian woody plant community

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Structure, viability and germination of saffron pollen

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Structure-activity relationship of herbicides inhibiting ACh-induced contractions in a molluscan smooth muscle

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Structure-activity relationship of some bean phytoalexins and related isoflavonoids

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Structure-activity relationships as inferred from comparative phytotoxicity of stemphyloxins and betaenones

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Structure-activity relationships of oximes and related components as seed safeners

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Structure-activity relationships of oximes as seed safeners

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Structured courses as a strategy for rural development: a case study of the Kenya Farmer Training Centres

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Structured modeling of the anaerobic digestion of biomass particulates

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Structures and electron transfer reactions on the oxidizing side of photosystem II

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Structures and functioning of smallholder farming in Nigeria

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Structures and linkages for involvement of political leadership in the Ethiopian mass-literacy campaign

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Structures caused by repeated freezing and thawing in various loamy sediments: a comparison of active, fossil and experimental data

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Structures for soil and water management on cropland in the south

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Structures of humic substances

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Structures of murrafoline-B and -C, new binary carbazole alkaloids from Murraya euchrestifolia

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Struggle and survival in the northwestern Amazonian region

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Struggle for land of fishermen in Kampung Batu village in Malaysia

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Struggles for control: the social roots of health and healing in modern Africa

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Stubborn disease of citrus

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Stubborn survivors: dissenting essays on peasants and third world development

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Studbook of the black Kladruby horse

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Students learning orientations and adult work: the SLOG project

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Studies concerning possible explanations for the varying response of different phosphorus levels on eggshell quality

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Studies conducted at Fundulea regarding the resistance of maize to attack by the borer Ostrinia nubilalis Hb

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Studies conducted in Sicily on the irrigation and topping of winter melons

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Studies in Begoniaceae II

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Studies in rapid technique for the screening of resistant lines of Fusarium wilt in asparagus

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Studies in sesame: II. Heterosis

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Studies in straw quality using model stacks of chopped, long or baled straw

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Studies in the Thymelaeaceae III. Constituents of Gyrinops walla

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Studies in the growth of Pteridium aquilinum (L.) Kuhn (bracken). 2. Effects of shading and nutrient application

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Studies in the interference between weeds and peas

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Studies in the precipitation needs of agricultural crops on dependence on site and weather as derived from several-year experiments with differentiated water supply

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Studies in the processing, marketing and distribution of commodities. The processing and marketing of sugar: areas for international co-operation

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Studies in the production of phosphorus-containing fertilizers and sulfuric acid

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Studies in the recovery and storage of porcine embryos

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Studies in the toxicity of helenalin, tenulin, and Helenium microcephalum

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Studies in the transformation of U.S. agriculture

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Studies in the use of oxidized feed fats for fattening pigs

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Studies into immunisation of cattle against interdigital necrobacillosis

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Studies into the efficacy of different herbicides for weed control in transplanted rice

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Studies of Central American pines: a revision of the 'Pseudostrobus' group (Pinaceae)

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Studies of Coquillettidia (coquillettidia) crassipes (Vanderwulp, 1881) in relation to transmission of Cardiofilaria nilesi

Scharmann, W.; Reblin, L.; Griem, W., 1986:
Studies of Encephalitozoon cuniculi infection in rabbits

Schonhammer, A.; Fischbeck, G., 1985:
Studies of Heterodera avenae population dynamics in cereal-rich crop rotations and cereal monocultures. I. The development and infection levels during 15 test years

Schonhammer, A.; Fischbeck, G., 1985:
Studies of Heterodera avenae population dynamics in cereal-rich crop rotations and cereal monocultures. II. The antagonistic effect of nematode-antagonistic fungi

Weerakoon, W.L.; Lovett, J.V., 1986:
Studies of Salvia reflexa Hornem. III. Factors controlling germination

Weerakoon, W.L.; Lovett, J.V., 1986:
Studies of Salvia reflexa Hornem. IV. Effects of watering frequency, drought and nutrient supply on growth and development

Weerakoon, W.L.; Lovett, J.V., 1986:
Studies of Salvia reflexa Hornem. V. Competition from crop and pasture species

Pointier, J.P.; Guyard, A.; Theron, A.; Dumoutier, A., 1984:
Studies of a Schistosoma mansoni focus in Martinique (French West Indies)

Klingesorn, P., 1984:
Studies of a specific androgen-binding protein in bovine follicular fluid

Gertsson, C.A., 1985:
Studies of an actinomycete disease on greenhouse cucumber

Saakyan, K.A.; Mirzoyan, M.A.; Petrosyan, R.A., 1986:
Studies of biological deterioration of plasticized perspex (plastic glass)

Uchiyama, M.; Sakai, K., 1985:
Studies of blood pressures in school children in northern Japan

Lin, H., 1985:
Studies of boron fertilizers in Fujian Province

Ermush, N.; Korotkiya, G.; Nechaeva, Z., 1983:
Studies of boron-containing formulations for protecting green veneers during storage

Gudjonsson, H.; Li, B.U.; Shug, A.L.; Olsen, W.A., 1985:
Studies of carnitine metabolism in relation to intestinal absorption

Vishanska, Yu; Petrova, V., 1980:
Studies of chemical composition and correlations between chemical characteristics in some walnut varieties

Sher, B.T., 1985:
Studies of class I genes in the major histocompatibility complex of the BALB/c mouse

Reisman, R.E.; Muller, U.R.; Wypych, J.I.; Lazell, M.I., 1984:
Studies of coexisting honeybee and vespid-venom sensitivity

Chapman, M.A., 1984:
Studies of cold tolerance in maize

Li, T.M.; Yu, X.M.; Wang, H.C., 1986:
Studies of cold treatment at the flowering stage in rice and an evaluation index

Zockoll, C., 1985:
Studies of construction of an early fire warning system for use during drying and storage of dried milk through determination of the CO content of air

Perdok, U.D.; Lamers, J.G., 1985:
Studies of controlled agricultural traffic in the Netherlands

Babovic M.; Matijevic M., 1984:
Studies of cucumber mosaic virus on bean and alfalfa

Bridgen M.P.; Veilleux R.E., 1985:
Studies of de novo flower initiation from thin cell layers of tobacco

Anonymous, 1986:
Studies of developmental rhythm in spring barley

Saralidze, E.G.; Ul' yanov, N.B.; Kaminir, L.B., 1983:
Studies of differentially stained metaphase chromosomes by means of scanning and computer systems

Bowden, J.; Sherlock, P.L.; Digby, P.G.N.; Fox, J.S.; Rhodes, J.A., 1985:
Studies of elemental composition as a biological marker in insects. II. The elemental composition of apterae of Rhopalosiphum padi (L.) and Metopolophium dirhodum (Walker) (Hemiptera: Aphididae) from different soils and host-plants

Bowden, J.; Sherlock, P.L.; Digby, P.G.N., 1985:
Studies of elemental composition as a biological marker in insects. III. Comparison of apterous and alate cereal aphids, especially Rhopalosiphum padi (L.) (Hemiptera: Aphididae), from oats and wheat, and from oats infected with or free from barley yellow dwarf virus

Sherlock, P.L.; Bowden, J.; Digby, P.G.N., 1985:
Studies of elemental composition as a biological marker in insects. IV. The influence of soil type and host-plant on elemental composition of Agrotis segetum (Denis & Schiffermuller) (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae)

Conner, M.E., 1986:
Studies of equine reovirus and rotavirus. I. Isolation, cultivation, and pathogenesis of equine reoviruses. II. Detection, cultivation, serotyping, and vaccination studies of equine rotaviruses

Barrett, D.S., 1986:
Studies of esterase changes in organophosphorus ester-induced delayed neurotoxicity in swine

Takeda, S.; Hoki, M.; Muramatsu, T., 1983:
Studies of eucalyptus oil and its application to spark ignition engines

Mesquida, J., 1983:
Studies of factors involved in the pollination of male-sterile rape and of methods for the production of F1 hybrid seed in different regions of France

Gasper, P.W., 1985:
Studies of feline leukemia virus-induced aplastic anemia

Mazur, T.; Ciecko, Z.; Fotyma, M., 1982:
Studies of fertilizer application to crops grown in rotations on various soil complexes. I. Crop yields

Ciecko, Z.; Mazur, T.; Szykiewicz, E., 1982:
Studies of fertilizer application to crops grown in rotations on various soil complexes. II. The content of total and protein nitrogen in crops

Mazur, T.; Ciecko, Z.; Bieniaszewska, J., 1982:
Studies of fertilizer application to crops grown in rotations on various soil complexes. III. Contents of phosphorus, potassium, magnesium and calcium in crops

Mazur, T.; Ciecko, Z.; Fotyma, M., 1982:
Studies of fertilizer application to crops grown in rotations on various soil complexes. IV. The uptake and balance of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium

Bourdillon, M.F.C.; Cheater, A.P.; Murphree, M.W., 1985:
Studies of fishing on Lake Kariba

Nohrstedt, H.O., 1985:
Studies of forest floor biological activities in an area previously damaged by sulphur dioxide emissions

Law, C.N.; Payne, P.I.; Worland, A.J.; Miller, T.E.; Harris, P.A.; Snape, J.W.; Reader, S.M., 1984:
Studies of genetical variation affecting grain protein type and amount in wheat

Gu, Z.H.; Xu, B.M., 1984:
Studies of germination physiology and vigour

Villiers, Y. de; Laar, A. van, 1986:
Studies of growth and stand structure in plantations of Pinus patula

Gracey, M.H.tchcock, N., 1985:
Studies of growth of Australian infants

Pel' menev, V.K., 1982:
Studies of honey plants in the USSR (1970-1980)

Peters, A.R., 1985:
Studies of hormone patterns during the oestrous cycle of beef cows

Tajiri, J.; Higashi, K.; Morita, M.; Umeda, T.; Sato, T., 1986:
Studies of hypothyroidism in patients with high iodine intake

Mohamed, S.E.A., 1986:
Studies of immunity to Pasteurella multocida

Borkakoty, M.R.; Sahasrabudhe, V.K., 1984:
Studies of immunization of albino mice against Schistosoma incognitum

Bridgen, M.P., 1985:
Studies of in vitro flowering and de novo flowers of Nicotiana tabacum

Ponzoni, R.W., 1985:
Studies of indices used by the Australian Merino Society in ram selection: I. A linear approximation

Ponzoni, R.W., 1985:
Studies of indices used by the Australian Merino Society in ram selection: II. Genetic and economic consequences

Keller, G.; Mendgen, K., 1984:
Studies of infection by powdery mildew in living barley cells in susceptible and resistant combinations

Topaktas, M., 1985:
Studies of interspecific hybrids between Triticum aestivum cv. Bezostaya and Triticum durum cv. Karaklck. I

Marsh, M.N.; Miller, V., 1985:
Studies of intestinal lymphoid tissue. 8. Use of epithelial lymphocyte mitotic indices in differentiating untreated celiac sprue mucosa from other childhood enteropathies

Liu, X.J.; Li, J.Y.; Yang, Y.T., 1986:
Studies of latent infection of mango in Hainan Island

Blackett, P.R.; Lee, D.M.; Donaldson, D.L.; Fesmire, J.D.; Chan, W.Y.; Holcombe, J.H.; Rennert, O.M., 1984:
Studies of lipids, lipoproteins, and apolipoproteins in Menkes' disease

Baly, D.L.; Golub, M.S.; Gershwin, E.; Hurley, L.S., 1984:
Studies of marginal zinc deprivation in rhesus monkeys. 3. Effects on vitamin A metabolism

Golub, M.S.; Gershwin, M.E.; Hurley, L.S.; Hendrickx, A.G.; Saito, W.Y., 1985:
Studies of marginal zinc deprivation in rhesus monkeys: infant behavior

Menendez, N.A.; Petruccelli, M.A.; Risso, M.A.; Piscopo, M.V.; Perfumo, C.J.; Brandetti, E.; Garbi, A.J., 1986:
Studies of maternal antibodies derived from broiler breeders given a combined, absorbed, oil emulsion vaccine against infectious bursal disease and Newcastle disease

Carazo, E.; Constenia, M.A.; Fuentes, G.; Moza, P.N., 1984:
Studies of methamidophos-C-14 in Costa Rican vegetables and soils

Nehra, N.S.; Chitkara, S.D.; Singh, K., 1984:
Studies of morphological characters of some wild forms and cultivated varieties of ber

Bakhtin, A.A., 1981:
Studies of natural regeneration and formation of young Norway spruce stands on burnt areas in Arkhangel'sk province

Li, L.C., 1984:
Studies of new insecticides for the control of the date looper

Hayman, P.B.; Goodgame, D.M.L.; Snook, R.D., 1984:
Studies of nickel absorption in rats using inductively coupled plasma atomic-emission spectrometry and liquid scintillation counting

Fujita, Y.; Okuda, T.; Rikimaru, T.; Ichikawa, M.; Miyatani, S.; Kajiwara, N.M.; Date, C.; Minamide, T.; Koishi, H.; Alpers, M.P., 1986:
Studies of nitrogen balance in male highlanders in Papua New Guinea

Amiro, B.D., 1983:
Studies of ozone flux and leaf temperature in Phaseolus vulgaris L

Han, S.W.; Park, C.S., 1984:
Studies of patterns of nursing, rest and sleep in the lactating sow

Dewsbury, DA., 1985:
Studies of pericopulatory pregnancy blockage and the gestation period in deer mice (Peromyscus maniculatus)

Gniffke, P.A., 1986:
Studies of phenological variation in the common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) as modulated by mean temperature and photoperiod

A.Jabri, M., 1981:
Studies of phosphate adsorption isotherms and response to phosphate fertilization of Kenya soils

Damish, V. (Damisch, W), 1983:
Studies of physiological indices in a high-yielding varietal type of winter wheat and proposals for their utilization in the breeding process

Schoenemann, H.M.I.I., 1985:
Studies of pituitary luteinizing hormone releasing hormone (LHRH) receptors in the cow

Subhadrabandhu, S., 1986:
Studies of plant growth regulator effects on tropical and subtropical tree fruits of Thailand

Sackitey, S.; Robertson, D.S., 1986:
Studies of pollen and somatic instability in Mu-induced waxy mutants

Chomoneva, T.; Zoan Zien Le, 1984:
Studies of protein content and amino acid and mineral composition in rice

Singh, I.D.; Sharma, P.C., 1982:
Studies of radiation breeding in the tea plant

Gurumurthy, S.; Muthukrishnan, P.; Thirumurugan, V.; Kaliappa, R., 1983:
Studies of ratoon in IR 20, Bhavani and Co 42 rice varieties

Troyer, D.L., 1985:
Studies of rectovaginal constriction in Jersey cattle

Malek, M.A.; Rahman, S.; Kamal, M.; Talukder, I., 1985:
Studies of red stripe and top rot diseases on some sugarcane clones

Bopaiah, M.G.; Srivastava, K.C., 1984:
Studies of relationship of soil and leaf nutrient elements in Dashehari mango

Kovalenko, M.P., 1985:
Studies of resin yield and radial increment of Scots pine based on within-tree comparisons

Gedzior, J.; Wachacki, B., 1981:
Studies of resistance during the forced shearing of logs with a flat knife

Smrkovski, L.L.; Buck, R.L.; Alcantara, A.K.; Rodriguez, C.S.; Uylangco, C.V., 1985:
Studies of resistance to chloroquine, quinine, amodiaquine and mefloquine among Philippine strains of Plasmodium falciparum

Johnson, A.E., 1986:
Studies of resistance to northern leaf blight in maize

Prakash, D.; Alam, M.M.; Ashraf, S., 1985:
Studies of rhizosphere mycoflora of tomato in relation to soil amendments

Miller, D.M., 1985:
Studies of Root Function in Zea mays: IV. Effects of Applied Pressure on the Hydraulic Conductivity and Volume Flow through the Excised Root

Miller, D.M., 1985:
Studies of Root Function in Zea mays: III. Xylem Sap Composition at Maximum Root Pressure Provides Evidence of Active Transport into the Xylem and a Measurement of the Reflection Coefficient of the Root

Tian, P.Z., 1984:
Studies of root system ecotypes in soyabean cultivars

Robertson, B.M., 1986:
Studies of rooting pattern, earliness, and seed size and density in Vigna unguiculata (L.) Walp

Raie, M.Y.; Muhammad, D.; Khan, S.A., 1985:
Studies of safflower seed oils

Pan, S.M., 1984:
Studies of salt tolerance in maize, Zea mays L. 1. Screening for salt tolerant lines and determination of acid phosphatase

Capecki, Z., 1982:
Studies of secondary pests of silver fir and their control

Hiura, H.; Murakami, K.; Ohte, K., 1981:
Studies of sediment production on mountain slopes

Niedzielska, B., 1984:
Studies of selected properties of beech wood from Wolinski National Park

Ebers, T.; Deckert, J.; Bischofsberger, W., 1984:
Studies of septic tank percolation systems using lysimeters

Høverstad, T., 1986:
Studies of short-chain fatty acid absorption in man

Steffin, U.; Naumann, S., 1985:
Studies of short-strawed winter rye cultivars on a groundwater-distant D-site

Ortega Obregon, C.A., 1984:
Studies of some isozymes in interspecific hybrids of peach X almond and plum X apricot and their progenitors

Bender, K.; Bissbort, S.; Brdicka, R., 1985:
Studies of some selected protein polymorphisms in inbred and wild rats

McBlain, B.A., 1985:
Studies of soybean maturity genes

Staples, L.D.; Heap, R.B., 1984:
Studies of steroids and proteins in relation to the immunology of pregnancy in the sheep

Dragovic, S.; Panic, Z., 1981:
Studies of sugarbeet grown under irrigation aimed at a more intensive land use

Shaw, J.R.; Dickinson, D.B., 1984:
Studies of sugars and sorbitol in developing corn kernels

Ribeyre, C.; Carette, B.; Manichon, H., 1984:
Studies of sunflower yield production in a small region with differing water availability

Bloss, H.E., 1985:
Studies of symbiotic microflora and their role in the ecology of desert plants

Villwock, G., 1984:
Studies of the Pleistocene polygonal structures in loess deposits of the eastern Harz foreland (in the Wettin-Gerbstedt region) by geo-scientific remote sensing techniques

Seawright, JA.; Benedict, MQ.; Narang, S., 1985:
Studies of the X chromosome of Anopheles albimanus

Clark, D.A.; Garcia, N.J.; Rozell, P.R.; Mosser, E.L., 1984:
Studies of the accuracy of measurements of serum high density lipoprotein cholesterol levels

Sierota, Z., 1982:
Studies of the antagonism of Trichoderma viride towards Heterobasidion annosum in the soil environment

Kums, U.; Kulins, L.; Vitolins, J., 1981:
Studies of the bending of hardwood fibreboards plasticized with ammonia

Sabatini, A.G.; Nanetti, A.; Maurizi, M.; Lercker, G., 1984:
Studies of the botanical origins of honeys using gas chromatographic profiles of their neutral components

Gupta V.K., 1983:
Studies of the comparative response of some kharif crops to zinc application

Arens, R., 1986:
Studies of the competitive behaviour of cultivars of perennial ryegrass (Lolium perenne L.) and cocksfoot (Dactylis glomerata L.) during early development in relation to sowing rate, use and nitrogen application

Bando, H.; Wada, K.; Watanabe, M.; Mori, T.; Amiya, T., 1985 :
Studies of the constituents of Aconitum species. IV. On the components of Aconitum japonicum Thunb

Grinfelde, G.; Celmillers, J., 1981:
Studies of the correlation between dimensions of trees removed during thinning

Burova, M.S.; Kazak, V.G.; Kochetkov, V.N.; Zyrina, T.A., 1984:
Studies of the crystallization of Ca(NO3)2 4H2O from nitric-phosphoric acid solutions in the presence of octadecylamine

Makowski, N.; Stullein, G., 1985:
Studies of the depth of sowing of winter rye

Voluzneva, T.A.; Golubev, A.A., 1982:
Studies of the disease resistance of forms from a lentil (Lens culinaris Medic.) collection

Novitskaya, T.N.; Abzianidze, N.V., 1985:
Studies of the effect of biopreparation Bitoxibacillin on citrus scale insects

Rogozinska, I., 1982:
Studies of the effect of intensive nitrogen fertilization and methods of storage on losses of mass in table potatoes

Rugevitsa, A., 1981:
Studies of the effect of magnesium perchlorate on the process of acetylation of wood

Richter, R.; Liska, I., 1983:
Studies of the effect of nitrogen nutrition on the amino acid content in spring barley

Grabert, D.; Sachse, B., 1985:
Studies of the effect of soil temperature on Heterodera avenae cyst formation on oat roots

Vitanov, M., 1983 :
Studies of the effective pollination period and fertility in plum cultivars (Prunus domestica L.)

Wang, Y.M.; Dai, T.S.; Li, G.S., 1984:
Studies of the effects of rare earths supplied as microelement fertilizer on sugarcane yield and sugar content

Randhawa, K.S.; Sandhu, K.S.; Kaur, G.; Daljit Singh, 1984:
Studies of the evaluation of different genotypes of potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) for yield and mineral contents

Paster, N.; Bartov, I.; Perelman, A., 1985:
Studies of the fungistatic activity of antifungal compounds in mash and pelleted feeds

Leconte, D.; Laissus, R., 1985:
Studies of the growth of Trifolium repens

Hussein, H.S., 1982:
Studies of the haematology of Babesia hylomysci and Babesia microti infections in mice. III. The pathogenesis of the anaemia produced by the parasites

Cruz U.R. de la; Cayon S.G., 1984:
Studies of the herbicide fluridone. I. Selectivity to cotton crop and purple nutsedge (Cyperus rotundus L.) control

Sandler, L.M.; Winearls, C.G.; Fraher, L.J.; Clemens, T.L.; Smith, R.; O'Riordan, J.L., 1984:
Studies of the hypercalcaemia of sarcoidosis: effect of steroids and exogenous vitamin D3 on the circulating concentrations of 1,25-dihydroxy vitamin D3

Miaki, T.; Kudo, I.; Tanaka, S.; Kawamura, O., 1983:
Studies of the improvement in utilization of sorghum silages. 5. Comparative nutritive value of several forage sorghum hybrids harvested for silage

Drinkall, M.J.; Price, T.V., 1986:
Studies of the infection of the winged bean by Synchytrium psophocarpi in Papua New Guinea

Schneider, E., 1984:
Studies of the influence of different humus contents on crop yield on sandy soil

Leitas, A.M., 1982:
Studies of the information load on tractor-operators of logging machines to optimize operating schemes

Riba, G. de Azevedo, JL.; Messias, C.; Dias da Silveira, W.; Tuveson, R., 1985:
Studies of the inheritance of virulence in the entomopathogenic fungus Metarhizium anisopliae

Vos, D.A.; Arnold, W.E., 1984:
Studies of the interaction of tridiphane and cyanazine

Rao, S.P.; Venkateswarlu, B.; Acharyulu, T.L., 1983:
Studies of the interrelationships of sink components governing productivity in rice

Keskkyula, T.; Ozola, L., 1983:
Studies of the long-term strength of wood in animal houses

Paul, S.C.; Mathur, B.N., 1984:
Studies of the malting quality of selected varieties of barley

Kozulin' sh, V.; Kulin' sh, L.; Tukherm, K.; Eks, M., 1983:
Studies of the mechanical properties of 'lignamon' from Alnus incana

Parsons, B.J.; Poat, J.A.; Roberts, P.A., 1984:
Studies of the mechanism of noradrenaline stimulation of fluid absorption by rat jejunum in vitro

Strullu, D.G., 1982:
Studies of the mechanisms of phosphorus accumulation in mycorrhizal fungi

Malavolta, E.; Pauletto, E.A.; Freitas, J.R.; Cavalcanti, L.F.; Liva, M.L.; Fiore, M.F.; Primavesi, O.; Fonseca, S.M.; Cabral, C.P., 1982:
Studies of the mineral nutrition of rice. XVII. Nutrient requirements of the cultivars IAC-164 and IAC-165

Kuka, M., 1983:
Studies of the modification of wood fibres by acetylation to improve the quality of wood fibreboards

Patlai, I.N., 1984:
Studies of the needle anatomy of different climatic forms of Scots pine

McGladdery, S.E., 1985:
Studies of the parasite fauna of Atlantic herring (Clupea harengus L.) from the northwestern Atlantic Ocean

Sherlock, PL., 1985:
Studies of the pathogenicity of a cytoplasmic polyhedrosis virus isolated from Noctua pronuba (L.) (Lepid., Noctuidae)

Tiedemann, A. von, 1985:
Studies of the pathogenicity of the causal agent of white rot (Coniella petrakii Sutt.) on American and European grapevines and on the distribution and importance of the fungus in German wine-producing areas

Matsuoka, S.; Aguillera, M.M., 1985:
Studies of the performance of sugarcane varieties in nematode-infested soils

Martins, E.M.F.; Moraes, W.B.C., 1985:
Studies of the primary infections of coffee plants by Hemileia vastatrix

Markose, V.C.; Amma, C.K.S.; Licy, J.; George, P.J., 1982:
Studies of the progenies of a Hevea mutant

Plant, A.R., 1984 :
Studies of the protein bodies of Lupinus angustifolius

Bowman, C.E., 1985:
Studies of the protein content of individual Pergamasus longicornis (Berlese) (Acari: Mesostigmata: Parasitidae)

Burgess, J.; Lawrence, W., 1985:
Studies of the recovery of tobacco mesophyll protoplasts from an evacuolation treatment

Saroka, J.M.; Combs, G.F., 1986:
Studies of the renal excretion of the hydroxyl analogue of methionine by the chick

Cardozo, H.; Petraccia, C.; Nari, A.; Solari, M.A., 1984:
Studies of the resistance to organophosphorus acaricides in Boophilus microplus in Uruguay. I. Profile of susceptibility in the Mozo strain taken as a susceptible standard

Cardozo, H.; Petraccia, C.; Nari, A.; Solari, M.A., 1984:
Studies of the resistance to organophosphorus acaricides in Boophilus microplus in Uruguay. II. Study of the resistance of a field strain to the organophosphorus acaricides

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