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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 1469

Chapter 1469 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Werr, W.; Frommer, W.B.; Maas, C.; Starlinger, P., 1985:
Studies of the shrunken gene on chromosome 9

Mugera, G.M.; Kiptoon, J.C.; Waiyaki, P.G., 1982:
Studies of the toxicity of Gnidia latifolia (Meisn) in cattle

Sondore, Y.; Tukherm, K., 1983:
Studies of the uniformity of lignamon density

Kaminski, J.; Karaszewska, M., 1981:
Studies of the use of pyrethroid insecticides in forest protection

Wu, S.H.; Huang, C.W. (Wong, C.W.; Ou, L.C.; Liu, J.Z., 1985:
Studies of the varietal characteristics of Oryza sativa cultivars. III. Study of grain quality characters

Barton, M.E.; Thomson, R.I., 1984:
Studies of the water balance in a rapidly degrading soil cliff

Greve, U.; Eckstein, D.; Scholz, F.; Schweingruber, F.H., 1985:
Studies of the wood biology of Norway spruce clones with different sensitivities to fumigation with HF

Schone, F.; Ludke, H.; Hennig, A.; Paetzelt, H.; Ludde, K.H.; Jahreis, G., 1986:
Studies of thiocyanate (rhodanide) balance in growing pigs after feeding on rapeseed and potassium thiocyanate, with reference to thyroid hormone status

Shang, B.R.; Xu, S.P.; Wang, Y.Y.; Yu, S.Y., 1985:
Studies of toxicity of Ustilaginoidea virens to pig

Huang, H.; Cao, S.Y.; Sun, S.X.; Qiao, X.S.; Chen, S.F., 1984:
Studies of variation in the critical period of flowerbud differentiation in different apple cultivars in different regions

Scienza, A.; Failla, O.; Romano, F., 1986:
Studies of variety-specific mineral uptake in grapevine

Twardowicz Jakusz, A.; Koniewski, W.; Zielinska, L., 1983:
Studies of virus diseases of celery (Apium graveolens L.) in Poland. Part 1. Peanut stunt virus

Abdullah M.Y.; Ong Kong Seng; Yeoh Bee Ghin, 1984:
Studies of water hyacinth infestation and management in Malaysia

Somashekar, R.K., 1985:
Studies of water pollution of the river Cauvery - physico-chemical characteristics

Obenauf, U.; Roth, R., 1985:
Studies of weed infestation as influenced by sequence of crops and intensification measures in winter rye on a diluvial site

Halasz, T., 1982:
Studies of weed production in Hajdu-Bihar county (preliminary report)

Lange, V., 1982:
Studies of wild currants in the Latvian SSR (Ribes alpinum and Ribes lucidum)

Maeng, D.J., 1984:
Studies of yield and yield components in hybrid winter wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)

Fairweather-Tait, S.J.; Wright, A.J.; Cooke, J.; Franklin, J., 1985:
Studies of zinc metabolism in pregnant and lactating rats

Gilbey, D.J., 1984:
Studies on 2,4-D drift at Geraldton - Western Australia

Brade, W.; Mielenz, N., 1986:
Studies on 2-stage selection of Black Pied Dairy bulls

Zadorozhnyi, A.M.; Zapesochnaya, G.G.; Pervykh, L.N.; Shavlinskii, A.N.; Kovtun, L.S.; Svanidze, N.V., 1986:
Studies on Aerva lanata herbage. I. O-acylglycosides of flavonoids

Telford, S.R.; Jr., 1984:
Studies on African saurian malarias: three Plasmodium species from gekkonid hosts

Anderson, L.A.; Hay, C.A.; Roberts, M.F.; Phillipson, J.D., 1986:
Studies on Ailanthus altissima cell suspension cultures : Precursor feeding of L-[methylene-(14)C]tryptophan and L-tryptophan

Evenhuis, HH.; Kiriak, IG., 1985:
Studies on Alloxystidae (Hymenoptera, Cynipoidea) 8. Cynips minuta Zetterstedt and Xystus minutus Hartig

Vijay, H.M.; Young, N.M.; Jackson, G.E.; White, G.P.; Bernstein, I.L., 1985:
Studies on Alternaria allergens. V. Comparative biochemical and immunological studies of three isolates of Alternaria tenuis cultured on synthetic media

Pruthi, J.S.; Saxena, A.K., 1984:
Studies on Anardana (dried pomegranate seeds)

Ganguli, R.N.; Raychaudhuri, D.N., 1984:
Studies on Aphis craccivora Koch (Aphididae: Homoptera) - a serious pest of legumes in Tripura

Mishurova, S.S.; Akhmedov, I.B.; Malinovskaya, T.A.; Mamedov, D.G., 1984:
Studies on Artemisia caerulescens L. in Apsheron conditions

Shiota, T.; Kurimoto, H.; Haguma, N.; Yoshida, Y., 1983:
Studies on Babesia first found in murines in Japan. (1) Epidemiology and morphology

Mahmoud, S.A.Z.; Moussa, M.; Khader, A.E.; Salem, O.M.; Kebary, K.M., 1984:
Studies on Blue Veined cheese. III. Microbiological quality

Suwarto ; Kimura, E.; Shigeno, S.; Shimada, M.; Aoki, Y., 1985:
Studies on Brugia pahangi in inbred hamsters 3. The susceptibility of CBN hamsters and treatment experiment with diethylcarbamazine

Prakash, D.; Nigam, S.K., 1984:
Studies on Calophyllum apetalum roots

Nukada, K.; Miyake, R.; Nakae, T.; Kataoka, K.; Sueyasu, R., 1984:
Studies on Camembert cheese ripening. I. Changes in chemical composition during ripening of Camembert cheese

Nukada, K.; Nakae, T.; Kataoka, K.; Shigetaka, M., 1985:
Studies on Camembert cheese ripening. II. Changes in the composition of Camembert cheese made from Jersey milk during ripening

Chen, C.Y.; Liu, T.M.E., 1984:
Studies on Cercospora leaf spots of peanut II. The effect of nutritional factors on Cercospora arachidicola Hori

Liu, T.M.E.; Chen, C.Y., 1985:
Studies on Cercospora leaf spots of peanut. III. The effect of nutritional factors on sporulation of Cercospora personata (Berk. & Curt.) Ellis & Everhart

Wiles, M.; Cone, DK., 1985:
Studies on Chilodonella cyprini and C. hexasticha (Protozoa, Ciliata) by scanning electron microscopy

Kosuge, T.; Yokota, M.; Sugiyama, K.; Okamoto, A.; Saito, M.; Yamamoto, T., 1986:
Studies on Chinese medicines used for cancer. III. Cytotoxic constituent against HeLa cells in the fruit of Trapa bispinosa Roxb

Legault, C.; Sellier, P.; Caritez, J.C.; Dando, P.; Gruand, J., 1985:
Studies on Chinese pigs in France. 2. Production of crosses with European breeds

Yian, R.L.; Weng, Y.L., 1983:
Studies on Chrysomyia bezziana Villeneuve and the myiasis it caused (Diptera: Calliphoridae)

Shih, C.C.; Zheng, W.F., 1983:
Studies on Colletotrichum gloeosporioides of olive anthracnose and its control

Khan, N.A.; Huq, F.; Begum, M.; Hussain, B., 1982:
Studies on Coriandrum sativum Linn. I. Chemical investigation of the seed

Pankey, J.W.; Nickerson, S.C.; Boddie, R.L., 1984:
Studies on Corynebacterium bovis and the mammary gland

Tsankov, G.; Mancheva, E., 1986:
Studies on Curculionidae on walnut in Bulgaria, and measures for control

Lee, J.S.; Kwack, B.H.; Lee, B.K.; Chung, J.D., 1984:
Studies on Cymbidium kanran, a native of Korea. I. Rhizome culture in vitro

Wu, Z.Y.; Kan, S.P.; Shen, Y.Z.; Chen, F.Q.; Lu, Z.G.; Jin, T.S.; Liao, K.Q., 1984:
Studies on DDT residual spraying for controlling Anopheles lesteri anthropophagus and Plasmodium falciparum malaria

Murav' eva, D.A.; Nguen Hoang, 1985:
Studies on Dioscorea dissimulans Prain et Burkill of the Vietnam flora as a source of diosgenin

Li, H.K., 1984:
Studies on Entomophthora delphacis Hori - a pathogen of the brown planthopper Nilaparvata lugens

Sakamoto, T.; Kono, I.; Mohri, S., 1985:
Studies on Eurytrema coelomaticum. IV. Comparison between anthelmintic effects of drugs against Eurytrema coelomaticum in vitro and in vivo

Thanassoulopoulos, C.C.; Kitsos, G.T., 1985:
Studies on Fusarium wilt of potatoes. 1. Plant wilt and tuber infection in naturally infected fields

Thanassoulopoulos, C.C.; Kitsos, G.T., 1985:
Studies on Fusarium wilt of potatoes. 2. Leaf, sprout and tuber infection in artificial inoculations

Sosanwo, O., 1984:
Studies on Gmelina arborea. (6) Influence of age on chemical composition and papermaking properties of Nigerian Gmelina arborea wood

Kitabayashi, T.; Saitoh, K.; Kadoi, K.; Omori, T., 1986:
Studies on Ibaraki disease virus: preparation of haemagglutinating antigen by ultrasonic treatment

Ramachandraiah, O.S.; Azeemoddin, G.; Ramayya, D.A.; Rao, S.D.T., 1984:
Studies on Indian essential oils. VI. Oil from sweet orange peel

Chowdhry, P.N., 1983:
Studies on Indian hyphomycetes - VIII, Cylindrocarpon indicum sp. nov

Achari, B.; Bandyopadhyay, S.; Basu, K.; Pakrashi, S.C., 1985:
Studies on Indian medicinal plants, part LXXIX. Synthesis proves the structure of aristolindiquinone

Nikam, P.K.; Kanhekar, L.J., 1984:
Studies on Indian species of Dicamptus Szepligeti (Hymenoptera: Ichneumonidae)

Yamagami, J., 1985:
Studies on Irrigation in Hokkaido Prefecture (IV) - Investigation of field farming with irrigation system

Wu, J.; Jiang, Y.K.; Lo, J.M.; Wu, G.Q.; Xiang, P.L.; Wang, G.Z.; Huang, H.; Hu, H.G.; Shi, C.Y.; Zhao, G.F., 1984:
Studies on Isospora in the lesser panda

Moussa, A.M.; Zein, G.N.; Nofel, A.; Gomaa, E.A., 1984:
Studies on Kariesh cheese in the local markets of Monoufia. II. Bacteriological properties

Wang, J.; Xiong, G.H.; Guan, L.R.; Qu, J.Q., 1985:
Studies on Leishmania gerbilli in China

Yu, S.Q.; Wang, M.Q.; Zhang, R.P.; Cai, T.R.; Shen, Z.X., 1985:
Studies on Lentinus edodes virus diseases I. The occurrence of Lentinus edodes viruses in China

Chen Baoliang, 1985:
Studies on Magnolia coco (Lour.) DC

Tanaka, S., 1984:
Studies on Morulina (Collembola, Neanuridae) from Japan. I. Two new species closely related to Morulina triverrucosa Tanaka

Truscott, R.B.; Finley, G.G., 1985:
Studies on Mycoplasma mycoides subsp. mycoides (LC) in lambs and calves

Alvarez Pellitero, P.; Gonzalez Lanza, C., 1985:
Studies on Myxobolus spp. of Barbus barbus bocagei from the river Esla (Leon, NW Spain)

Singh, R.A.; Rathi, K.S., 1984:
Studies on N needs of potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) in synergistic cropping

Pillonel, C.; Maclachlan, G., 1985:
Studies on N-glycosylation by elongating tissues and membranes from pea stems

Mowat, W.P.; Duncan, G.H.; Clark, R.J., 1984:
Studies on Narcissus viruses

Pina, M.; Graille, J.; Grignac, P.; Lacombe, A.; Quenot, O.; Garnier, P., 1984:
Studies on Oenothera with a high content of gamma-linolenic acid

Datta, M.; Gupta, R.K., 1984:
Studies on P, Ca, Zn and Fe contents in soil and plant tissues as influenced by pressmud and lime

Goff, M.L., 1984:
Studies on Papua New Guinea chiggers (Acari: Trombiculidae). XII. A new species of Gahrliepia from the Long-footed Melomys

Arichi, S.; Kubo, M.; Tani, T.; Nakamura, H.; Motoyoshi, S.; Ishii, K.; Imazu, C.; Seto, Y.; Kadokawa, T.; Nagamoto, N.; Nanba, K.; Nishimura, H., 1985:
Studies on Persicae Semen. II. Pharmacological activity of water soluble components of Persicae Semen

Kennedy, D.M.; Duncan, J.M.; Mayo, M.A., 1984:
Studies on Phytophthora fragariae

Malavolta, V.M.A.; Russomanno, O.M.R.; Amaral, R.E.M.; Chiba, S., 1983:
Studies on Pithomyces chartarum (Berk. & Curt.) M.B. Ellis

Campbell, J.R., 1984:
Studies on Plasmodium falciparum

Yamada, M.; Ikai, T.; Ogino, K.; Matsumoto, Y.; Shiota, T.; Yoshida, Y., 1984:
Studies on Pneumocystis carinii and Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia. VIII. Provocation experiment in rabbits and guinea pigs

Kato, S.; Nakanishi, T.; Takahi, Y.; Nakagami, K., 1985:
Studies on Pythium damping-off of rice seedlings (1) Pythium species associated with damping-off in the early growth stage of rice seedlings in nursery flats

Kato, S.; Nakanishi, T.; Takahi, Y.; Nakagami, K.; Ogawa, M., 1985:
Studies on Pythium damping-off of rice seedlings (2) Pythium species associated with damping-off at the middle and latter growth stages of rice seedlings in nursery flats

Tomanek, M.; Kopecny, V.; Kanka, J., 1986:
Studies on RNA synthesis in early pig embryos

Hsin, S.; Li, C.T.; Lin, L.P., 1985:
Studies on Rhizobium in the acid soils of Taiwan (III). Connection between application of liming and molybdenum on effective nodule formation and yield of soyabean

Singh, R.S.; Prashar, M., 1984:
Studies on Rhizopus rot of peach and its control

Zheng, Q.X.; Kung, T.H.; Tong, D.Q., 1984:
Studies on Robinia mosaic virus I. The purification of virus particles and its biological and biochemical properties

Jones, A.T.; Abou Elnasr, M.A.; Mitchell, M.J.; Mayo, M.A., 1984:
Studies on Rubus viruses

Jung, S.C.; Choi, W.P., 1986:
Studies on Salmonella isolated from cattle

Kubo, M.; Matsuda, H.; Tani, T.; Arichi, S.; Kimura, Y.; Okuda, H., 1985:
Studies on Scutellariae radix. XII. Anti-thrombic actions of various flavonoids from Scutellariae radix

Kimura, Y.; Okuda, H.; Arichi, S., 1985:
Studies on scutellariae radix; XIII. Effects of various flavonoids on arachidonate metabolism in leukocytes

Zhang, J.T.; Liu, C.Y., 1985:
Studies on Siphonaptera from Qinling Mountains, China III. Descriptions of two new species and one subspecies of Leptopsyllidae

Zhang, J.T.; Wu, H.Y.; Liu, Q., 1985:
Studies on Siphonaptera from Qinling Mountains, China IV. Description and discussion on a new subfamily, genus and species of Hystrichopsyllidae

Zhang, J.T.; Liu, C.Y., 1984:
Studies on Siphonaptera from Qinling Mountains, China. II. Descriptions of new species and subspecies of Geusibia (Leptopsyllidae) and a preliminary approach to the systematic evolution of the genus

Zhang, J.T.; Wu, H.Y.; Liu, C.Y., 1984:
Studies on Siphonaptera from Qinling Mountains, central China. I. Descriptions of three new species and subspecies of Hystrichopsyllidae

Muller, C., 1983:
Studies on South American grasses I. 2 new varieties of South American Chloris spp

Darrag, I.E.; Zayed, M.A.; E.M.sallamy, H.M.; E.G.ntiry, S.M., 1982:
Studies on Stemphylium leaf spot of soybean in Egypt

Wang, L.Y., 1984 :
Studies on Sympherobius weisong Yang, a neuropterous predator of the pine scale Matsucoccus massonianae Young et Hu

Shastri, U.V.; Jadhav, K.V.; Pathak, S.V.; Shastri, S.R.; Deshpande, P.D., 1985:
Studies on Theileria sp. from buffalo, Bubalus bubalis, from Maharashtra

Thakur, D.K.; Misra, S.K., 1985:
Studies on Trichophyton verrucosum in cow and buffalo calves

Anez, N.; Velandia, J.; Rodriguez, A.M., 1984:
Studies on Trypanosoma rangeli. VIII. Response to reinfection in two mammals

Yatindra ; Mathur, B.N., 1986:
Studies on Trypanosoma seenghali var nov Sophorae from Puntius sophore (Ham)

Dynowska, M., 1983:
Studies on Typhula Fr. emend. Karst. species in the Olsztyn district. I

Dynowska, M., 1984:
Studies on Typhula species II. Biological properties

Mohan, S.K.; Mehta, Y.R., 1985:
Studies on Xanthomonas campestris pv. undulosa on wheat and triticale in the State of Parana

Li, Y.L.; Wu, D.Y.; Pan, S.L.; Xu, S.L., 1985:
Studies on Yuhua 1, a new winter wheat variety for dry poor land bred by anther culture

Yadav, S.; Singh, P.; Tewari, J.C., 1986:
Studies on Zn deficiency in deciduous species of Kumaun Himalaya I. Effect of Zn on certain foliage characters of Fraxinus micrantha

Mitamura, T.; Ogawa, Y.; Okamoto, K.; Teshima, M.; Kamata, E., 1985:
Studies on Zoysia type grassland. V. The effects of different disturbance methods, on vegetation dominated by Sasa nipponica after clear felling, on the establishment of Zoysia japonica grassland

Mitamura, T.; Ogawa, Y.; Okamoto, K.; Teshima, M.; Agata, W.; Kamata, E., 1985:
Studies on Zoysia type grassland. VI. The effect of fertilizer application on the standing crop and vegetation of Zoysia type grassland

McMurtry, JA.; Badii, MH.; Congdon, BD., 1985:
Studies on a Euseius species complex on avocado in Mexico and Central America, with a description of a new species (Acari: Phytoseiidae)

Sharma, U.; Brillouet, J.M.; Scalbert, A.; Monties, B., 1986:
Studies on a brittle stem mutant of rice, Oryza sativa L.; characterization of lignin fractions, associated phenolic acids and polysaccharides from rice stem

Cheong, S.K.; Kim, S.K.; Kim, Y.K.; Lee, K.W., 1984:
Studies on a carcass grading system in pigs. 4. Carcass grading by weight and backfat thickness

Ellis, T.M.; Robinson, W.F., 1984:
Studies on a control programme for caprine arthritis encephalitis virus infection

Kumar, I.; Sharma, H.L., 1984:
Studies on a cytoplasmic male sterile line of rice

Koremura, N.; Hasegawa, T.; Suzuki, T., 1986:
Studies on a growth stimulating material in onion for rats. 2. Effect on the rat body weight and protein contents in each organ of differences in onion juice concentration

Dwivedi, S.K.; Sharma, M.C., 1986:
Studies on a herbal preparation against scabies in indigenous pigs

Rollet, B., 1984 :
Studies on a high-altitude forest of the Venezuelan Andes: the forest of la Carbonera

Sasaki, Y., 1984:
Studies on a mode of transmission of swine toxoplasmosis

Otagiri, K.; Nosho, Y.; Shinoda, I.; Fukui, H.; Okai, H., 1985:
Studies on a model of bitter peptides including arginine, proline and phenylalanine residues. I. Bitter taste of di- and tripeptides, and bitterness increase of the model peptides by extension of peptide chain

Nosho, Y.; Otagiri, K.; Shinoda, I.; Okai, H., 1985:
Studies on a model of bitter peptides including arginine, proline and phenylalanine residues. II. Bitterness behavior of a tetrapeptide (Arg-Pro-Phe-Phe) and its derivatives

Singh, B.R.; Yadav, M.D.; Dingar, S.M., 1984:
Studies on a mosaic disease of cowpea from Uttar Pradesh

Dola, L.; Ormian, M.; Pawowski, K.; Kaszycka, H., 1982:
Studies on a new Kr6-serum in cattle

Feemers, M., 1986:
Studies on a nuclear polyhedrosis virus from Yponomeuta evonymellus L. (Lep., Yponomeutidae) and its effect on various species of Yponomeuta. 1. Morphology and pathogenesis

Almeida, A.F. de; Bertolani, F.; Nicolielo, N., 1979:
Studies on a population of collared peccary (Tayassu tajacu) in a pine plantation

Juhasz, S., 1983:
Studies on a protease inhibitor secreted by Paramphistomum daubneyi

Abrantes, I.M.O.; Pais, C.S.; Santos, M.S.N.A., 1985:
Studies on a root-knot nematode from tomato in Portugal

Kang, C.W.; Kuo, G.C.; Son, E.R., 1985:
Studies on a screening method for drought tolerance in mungbean. 1. Drought tolerance at the seedling stage in the glasshouse

Mineo, H., 1985:
Studies on a simple method for analysing antioxidants in foods

Mukobata, H.; Nahata, K.; Kusaba, T., 1984:
Studies on a simple technique for evaluation of tulip cultivar resistance to bulb rot caused by Fusarium oxysporum f.sp. tulipae (2) Comparison of disease development among soil-inoculation, bulb-dipping, and bulb-needling methods

Tsuchiya, M.; Kamjde, J.; Akase, A., 1984:
Studies on a small trencher (I). On the trenching characteristics

Kamide, J.; Tsuchiya, M., 1985:
Studies on a small trencher50 (II). The effects of the shape of blades on the cutting resistance

Matsuyama, Y.; Matsukobo, T.; Okamura, K.; Matsumoto, Y.; Awagakubo, M.; Habasaki, M., 1985:
Studies on a track type tea field working machine (I). Body and tea plucker for a track type working machine

Matsuyama, Y.; Okamura, K.; Matsumoto, Y.; Satonaka, K., 1985:
Studies on a track type tea field working machine (II). Pest control machine and herbicide applicator

Matsuyama, Y.; Okamura, K.; Matsumoto, Y.; Satonaka, K., 1985:
Studies on a track type tea field working machine (III). A fertilizer applicator and a cultivating machine

Tewari, R.P.; Singh, S.J., 1985:
Studies on a virus disease of white button mushroom (Agaricus bisporus (Lange) Sing.) in India

Chatterjee, A.; De, B.N.; Bidyanta, J.; Chakraborty, M.; Mondal, P.; Sen, G.P., 1985:
Studies on abnormal termination of pregnancy of cattle and buffaloes in the organised herds in West Bengal

Retamales, J.B.; Bukovac, M.J., 1986:
Studies on abscission of phthalimide-induced parthenocarpic sour cherry fruits

Hashizume, K.; Ikeda, T.; Saio, K., 1984:
Studies on aburaage-making. I. Effects of air content of soy milk on expansion of tofu-gels for aburaage-making

Hashizume, K.; Ikeda, T.; Saio, K., 1984:
Studies on aburaage-making. II. Relationship of SH and S-S exchange reaction to the expansion of tofu gels for aburaage-making

Saxena, O.P.; Pakeeraiah, T.; Lakshmi, P., 1985:
Studies on accelerated ageing in Sesamum

E.G.zzar, H.; Abu E.K.eir, A.; Elhami, M.; Nofal, A., 1981:
Studies on acceleration of manufacturing Domiati cheese. I. The suitable time for adding salt

Elhami, M.; Nofal, A.; E.G.zzar, H.; Abu E.K.eir, A., 1981:
Studies on acceleration of manufacturing Domiati cheese. II. The best time for ladling the curd

Kosuge, T.; Ishida, H.; Ishii, M., 1985:
Studies on active substances in the herbs used for Oketsu (stagnant blood) in Chinese medicine. II. On the anticoagulative principle in Persica Semen

Herrera, J.; Corona, L.; Jaquinet, P., 1982:
Studies on actual evapotranspiration in Bermuda grass cv.Coastcross No.1

Hirada, H.; Katsunori, K.; Kobayashi, N.; Iwai, T.; Nase, T., 1984:
Studies on ad libitum feeding for dairy cows. III. The effect of the protein content of diets for high-yielding cows in early lactation on intake, milk production, weight change, rumen parameters, and blood plasma characteristics

Sakata, M.; Okuyama, H.; Kawate, S.; Sekiguchi, H.; Tohata, R., 1983:
Studies on ad-libitum feeding of complete diets for dairy cows. Ad-libitum feeding of diets containing feeds used in the Tokyo area

Tsai, A.H.; Yeh, C.C., 1985:
Studies on aflatoxin contamination and screening for disease resistance in groundnuts

Shimada, Y.; Tominaga, T.; Kiyosawa, S., 1986:
Studies on agalwood. (Jinko). IV. Correlation between the grading of agalwood on the market and chromone derivatives

Koul, G.L.; Pandey, H.N.; Katpatal, B.G., 1985:
Studies on age at first calving and its relationship with weight and first lactational milk yield in crossbreds

Yumusak, M., 1984:
Studies on agglutination and agar gel diffusion tests for detecting Brucella ovis antibodies in rams

Chen, J.C.; Fu, W.H., 1985:
Studies on agglutination of plant protoplasts by concanavalin A

Chung, K.S.; Lee, S.J., 1985:
Studies on aggregation and culture of mouse embryos in vitro

Sharma, H.L.; Modgal, S.C., 1984:
Studies on agronomic control of soil moisture in upland rainfed rice crop

Dipeolu, O.O., 1983:
Studies on aids to efficient diagnosis of strongyle infection of ruminants in Nigeria and investigations on suitable preservatives for helminth eggs in tropical environment

Fischer, U.; Markan, K., 1985:
Studies on air pollutant loads on the sheltered and windward sides of urban forests using bioindicators

Tsuzuki, E.; Ando, H.; Nishiyama, H., 1984:
Studies on allelopathy among higher plants. II. Effects of root exudates from crops and weeds on the growth of plants of the same or different species

Tsuzuki, E.; Araki, M., 1984:
Studies on allelopathy among higher plants. III. Allelopathic substances from Spergula arvensis L

Tsuzuki, E.; Kawagoe, H., 1984:
Studies on allelopathy among higher plants. IV. On allelopathy in leguminous crops

Yuan, Y.F., 1984:
Studies on amelioration of deteriorated Aneurolepidium chinense grassland by loosening the soil with heavy duty harrows

Nath, B.K.; Chakraborty, A.K., 1985:
Studies on amino acid composition of the seeds of Euryale ferox Salisb

Kovacs, J., 1983:
Studies on aminoacidaemias by the Fixion method

Inoue, T.; Miyake, Y.; Yamanaka, H.; Kawata, K., 1982:
Studies on amniocentesis in cattle

Singh K.V.; Bhatt S.K., 1984:
Studies on amylolytic ability of some plant pathogens

Chauhan, D.S.; Tanwani, S.K.; Pathak, P.N.; Shivdekar, D.S., 1985:
Studies on an alternative method of drying Newcastle disease and fowl pox vaccines using maize starch powder as stabilizer cum base

Gahukar, K.B.; Nariani, T.K., 1982:
Studies on an aphid borne mosaic disease of chilli

Lin, S.T.; Chen, Y.Y., 1984:
Studies on an attenuated haemolytic Streptococcus suis vaccine

Onsey, J.C.; Rossdale, P.D., 1986:
Studies on an experimental model of equine prematurity with particular reference to maternal and foetal readiness for birth

Horiuchi, T.; Hayashi, H., 1984:
Studies on analysis and application of intensive planting techniques in small land agriculture. I. Effect of plant type, sowing date and plant density on growth and yield in maize-kidney bean intercropping

Wu, D.S.; Guan, W.F., 1984:
Studies on analysis of nutrients in paddy rice

Setty, T.K.P.; Nanjappa, H.V., .:
Studies on analysis of root exudates of sorghum and osmotic potential of sorghum and striga

He, L.F., 1984:
Studies on antennal sensilla of Tetrastichus schoenobii Ferriere (Hymenoptera: Eulophidae)

Khan, M.Z.; Verma, S.K.; Khar, S.K.; Gupta, R.C.; Sharma, A.K., 1984:
Studies on antepartum prolapse of vagina in buffaloes. III. Plasma calcium, phosphorus and magnesium concentrations

Kruger, H.U., 1985:
Studies on anther culture in asparagus (Asparagus officinalis L.)

Xu, D.X.; Wang, M.L.; Hu, Q.Y.; Xie, M.Y.; Song, R.D., 1984:
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Studies on market structure of US grain trade and distribution. (Part 2) Pricing system for US grain with special emphasis on basis trade

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Studies on marketing management by egg producers - analysis of 144 egg producers in Gifu Prefecture, Japan; Marketing management of cooperative egg grading and packing centres in Japan - case studies of four egg farmer cooperatives. (2 articles)

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Studies on mass rearing Ostrinia furnacalis Guenee and a marking technique

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Studies on mass transfer and biomass effects in an aqueous two-phase system for design of a continuous extraction process for beta -galactosidase

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Studies on mastitis in buffaloes in Iraq with particular reference to prevalence rates, etiology and diagnosis

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Studies on matter production of rape plants. VI. The effect of dry matter production during the period from the beginning of flowering to maturity on the number of pods in a plant

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Studies on maturity standards of litchi (Litchi chinensis L.) cv. Bombai

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Studies on maturity standards of peach (Prunus persicae Batsch) cv. Flordasun

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Studies on mechanical cultivation of soyabeans in rotational upland fields. III. Influences of sowing time and density, cropping pattern and variety on growth and yield

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Studies on mechanical properties of radish (Raphanus sativus) and green asparagus (Asparagus officinalis)

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Studies on mechanism and control of polyisoprenoid biosynthesis

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Studies on meiosis and sterility in the first and second generations derived from X-ray treated seeds of Linum usitatissimum L

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Studies on melon necrotic spot virus and its vector

Konigk, E., 1983:
Studies on membrane-bound enzymes in protozoal infections

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Studies on meteorological factors affecting physiological functions in cattle

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Studies on meteorological factors on physiological functions in cattle. IV. Synergistic effects of infrared radiation and wind in a hot environment on physiological condition in Holstein steers

Terada, Y.; Terui, S.; Kariya, Y., 1985 :
Studies on meteorological factors on physiological functions in cattle. V. Effects of artificial rain and wind on respiratory rate, rectal temperature, heart rate and surface skin temperatures in Holstein steers

Yu, W.; Hong, Z., 1984:
Studies on methods for selection of dairy sires - application of best linear unbiased prediction to dairy sire evaluation

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Studies on methods of raising hop planting material in nurseries

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Studies on methods of soil cultivation in vineyards in Piedmont

Craiciu, D., 1981:
Studies on methods of testing maize for resistance to Fusarium rot of stalks and ears

Aoki, M.; Takase, S.; Kimura, N.; Kawabuchi, A., 1983:
Studies on methods of top-grafting with Nishimurawase persimmon (Diospyros kaki Linn. f.). Effects of different methods of topworking and interstocks on tree growth and yield

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Studies on metolachlor and CGA-92194 modes of action

Garg, S.R.; Mandokhot, U.V., 1984:
Studies on microbial and chemical profile of some Indian sweetmeats and their significance

Lin, C.J., 1984:
Studies on microbial nitrogen-fixation in rice roots and rice paddies

Higashio, K., 1984:
Studies on microbial rennets - especially on milk-clotting enzyme produced by Mucor racemosus Fres. No. 50

Shivashankar, K., 1985:
Studies on micronutrients in certain grain legumes

Goda, F.F.; Wassef, N.A.; Ibrahim, A.A.; Roushdy, S., 1986:
Studies on microorganisms secured from different organs of slaughtered sheep with special reference to the microbial load in certain muscles

Ke, X.L., 1980:
Studies on microphallid trematodes from China. V. Genus Gynaecotyla, with descriptions of 2 new species

Liu Shengjie; Guo Shiping; Chou Chiyuan, 1984:
Studies on milk substitutes. 10. The role of egg yolk powder on the growth promoting effect of soybean milk substitute 5410

Lim, J.W.; Yu, J.H., 1983:
Studies on milk yield and milk composition of Korean cows. I. The effects of nutritional level on milk yield and milk composition in heifers and cows

Lim, J.W.; Yu, J.H., 1983:
Studies on milk yield and milk composition of Korean cows. II. Variation and interrelationships of milk yield and milk composition

Lim, J.W.; Yu, J.H., 1984:
Studies on milk yield and milk composition of Korean cows. III. Fractionation of whey protein in colostrum and normal milk from Korean heifers and cows by starch gel electrophoresis

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Studies on milk yield and milk composition of Korean cows. IV. Fractionation of whey protein in colostrum and normal milk from Korean heifers and cows by Sephadex gel filtration

Lim, J.W.; Yu, J.H., 1984:
Studies on milk yield and milk composition of Korean cows. V. Analysis of neutral lipids in colostrum and normal milk from Korean cows by thin-layer and gas-liquid chromatography

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Studies on mineral cycling in a deciduous broad-leaved forest at Sanbe Forest of Shimane University (X) Relation between amount of nutrient elements in soil and moisture index

Katagiri, S.; Ishii, H.; Miyake, N.; Sugimoto, K., 1983:
Studies on mineral cycling in a deciduous broadleaved forest at Sanbe University (XI) Difference of seasonal change of leaf fall by tree species

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Studies on mixed application of organic and inorganic fertilizers for increasing crop yield and ameliorating soil

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Studies on moisture conditions during the rice growing season in China

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Studies on monoclonal antibodies against Leishmania donovani Xinjiang strain

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Studies on monoclonal antibodies against Plasmodium falciparum

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Studies on monogeneans and copepods parasitizing the gills of a sparid (Acanthopagrus australis (Gunther)) in northern New South Wales

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Studies on morbidity and mortality in the merlin (Falco columbarius)

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Studies on morphological and cultural characteristics of Ascosphaera apis

Nakasono, K., 1983 :
Studies on morphological and physio-ecological variations of the reniform nematode, Rotylenchulus reniformis Linford and Oliveira, 1940 with an emphasis on differential geographical distribution of amphimictic and parthenogenetic populations in Japan

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Studies on morphometric traits in penaeid prawns for selective breeding programme

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Studies on mortality pattern in chickens as affected by sex, age and month of the year

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Studies on mortality pattern in rabbits

Suneja, S.C.; Dixit, S.N.; Aggarwal, C.K., 1985:
Studies on mortality pattern in white Pekin ducks as affected by sex, age and month of the year

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Studies on motes in cotton. VI: effect of nipping the terminal bud on the occurrence of motes in cotton hybrids

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Studies on mouldy maize toxicosis in pigs

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Studies on mutagenic treatments at the early stages of barley grain germination

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Studies on mutations in peas. The selection, classification and genetical testing of mutants

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Studies on mutations induced by gamma-radiation or ethylmethane sulphonate (EMS) in two soybean cultivars. Part (I): M1-generation

E.S.hhar, K.F.; Zaher, A.M.M.; Harb, R.K., 1984:
Studies on mutations induced by gamma-radiation or ethylmethane sulphonate (EMS) in two soybean cultivars. Part III. M3-generation

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Studies on mycoflora of cereal grains in the southern west region of Saudi Arabia. I. Fungi associated with some cereal grains at post harvest and during storage

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Studies on mycoflora of oilseeds in India: mycoflora in relation to pre- and post-emergence mortality

Chakraborty, S.; Warcup, J.H., 1984:
Studies on mycophagous amoebae

Lakhanpal, T.N.; Kumar, S., 1984:
Studies on mycorrhiza and mycorrhizosphere of Picea smithiana

Acholonu, A.D.W.; Nwobu, R.U.; Obi, M.C., 1983:
Studies on mycoses at Lagos, Nigeria

Pal, M.; Mehrotra, B.S.; Dahiya, S.M., 1985:
Studies on mycotic abortion caused by Aspergillus fumigatus Fresenius

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Studies on mycotoxins in foods. VI. Natural occurrence of aflatoxin M1 in imported and domestic cheese

Zhang, S.R.; Huang, J.J.; Kuang, K.Y.; Lu, S.H.; Shi, S.Y.; Zhang, H.T., 1985:
Studies on mycotoxins of Fusarium tricinctum. Extraction, purification and identification of T-2 toxin

Kanno, A.; Takamatsu, H.; Takano, N., 1984:
Studies on natto. II. Determination of several volatile components produced by Bacillus natto in commercial natto

Yu, H.S.; Ban, S.J., 1984:
Studies on natural and laboratory infections of fungal pathogen, Coelomomyces sp. (Coelomomycetaceae) against Aedes togoi principal vector of filariasis in South Korea.

Horn, H.H., 1985:
Studies on natural ventilation in greenhouses and suggestions for use in ornamental plant production

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Studies on nematode parasites of vertebrates. I. Paraspidodera thapari sp. nov. from a squirrel, Funambulus palmaerum, Linnaeus from Lucknow

Kumar, A.C., 1981:
Studies on nematodes in coffee soils of south India. 5. Descriptions of three new species of Tylenchorhynchus and occurrence of four other tylenchid species

Shishida, Y., 1983:
Studies on nematodes parasitic on woody plants. 2. Genus Xiphinema Cobb, 1913

Takesako, K.; Beppu, T., 1984:
Studies on new antifungal antibiotics, guanidylfungins A and B. I. Taxonomy, fermentation, isolation and characterization

Veidenberg, A., 1985:
Studies on new clonal rootstocks in the nursery

Iwase, H.; Sugiura, S.; Yabe, K.; Sakurai, Y.; Osuga, M., 1983:
Studies on night cooling treatments for tomato seedlings in summer. II. Effects of soil moisture and amount of applied fertilizer

Tuvesson, M.; Simon, M., 1984:
Studies on nitrate fertilizer turnover in clover and grass stands under different environmental conditions

Lu, J.L.; Zhang, Y.H.; Zhang, D.Y.; Tang, Y.W., 1984:
Studies on nitrate reductase IV. Inactivation of nitrate reductase from wheat by NADH

Lin, Z.W.; Wu, S.B.; Zhang, Y.H.; Tang, Y.W., 1984:
Studies on nitrate reductase. VI. Purification and characteristics of nitrate reductase from rice leaves

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