Studies on ad-libitum feeding of complete diets for dairy cows. Ad-libitum feeding of diets containing feeds used in the Tokyo area

Sakata, M.; Okuyama, H.; Kawate, S.; Sekiguchi, H.; Tohata, R.

Bulletin of the Tokyo Metropolitan Livestock Experiment Station 20: 1-19


Accession: 001468175

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From 3 wk before calving and in early lactation 5 Holstein-Friesian cows were given a complete diet containing 75% TDN and 13.4% digestible crude protein (DCP). Before calving the diet was rationed to requirements, after calving the cows were in 2 groups (i) with diet intake as before calving for 2 wk and then increased to voluntary intake by wk 4, or (ii) with diet DM intake increased to 3% of body weight by wk 2 and to voluntary intake by wk 4. When daily milk yield fell below 28 kg (about 91 days after calving) the cows were given a diet with 67% TDN and 10.5% DCP rationed to 110% of DCP requirements. The diets contained hay, rice straw, beet pulp, brewers' grains, soyabean waste and commercial concentrate. Intakes of DM, DCP and TDN were similar to those in a 1980 trial using a diet mainly composed of soyabean byproducts [Special Research Report, Tochigi Prefectural Dairy Research Institute (1982)], but av. daily milk yield, 28.6 kg, was 5.8 kg less, and body weight gain was greater, with cows showing a tendency towards overweight in early lactation.