Studies on fertilization for tea plants growing in the fields on volcanic ash soil. II. Effects of animal manure on soil chemical properties and growth of tea plants

Watabe, N.; Omori, S.

Bulletin of the Kanagawa Horticultural Experiment Station 30: 72-80


Accession: 001468587

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In field trials, the application of 10 t/10 a of composted cattle manure or 2 t or less of dried poultry manure had no effect on the growth of tea plants, the yield of green leaves or the leaf quality. The pH of the soil and concentration of mineral nutrients rose in proportion to the amount of fertilizer applied. The application of > 5 t cattle manure or 2 t poultry manure appeared to be excessive, and appropriate rates would be 2 t composted cattle manure or somewhat less than 1 t dried poultry manure per 10-are tea plantation.