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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 1472

Chapter 1472 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Yokota, K.; Ichinowatari, S.; Ebina, K., 1985:
Studies on toxin of Aspergillus fumigatus. XXIII. On the dissociative condition of Asp-hemolysin into its subunits

Yamamoto, A.; Matsui, T.; Iwai, H.; Ishikawa, K.; Wada, H., 1985:
Studies on trace elements in milk. Low molecular weight chromium compounds

Mathur, O.N.; Roy, N.K., 1982:
Studies on trace minerals in buffaloes' milk. V. Iron

Mathur, O.N.; Roy, N.K., 1982:
Studies on trace minerals in buffaloes' milk. VI. Seasonal variation and correlation for B, Zn, Fe and S

Ishikawa, F.; Kiura, K., 1984:
Studies on tractor safety frame (I). Comparison of overturning tests and pendulum tests

Ishikawa, F.; Miura, K., 1984:
Studies on tractor safety frame (II). Elasto-plastic analysis and dynamic behaviour of frame

Syed, B.; Farhat, A.; Abid, N.I.; Zaheer, K.; Iqbal, Q.J.; Mazar, M., 1984:
Studies on trail pheromone of worker termite Odontotermes obesus (Rambur)

Bosse, O.; Kolk, W.D., 1985:
Studies on trailing tools for soil levelling in spring

Hibino, J.; Mori, T., 1985:
Studies on treatment of tracheobronchopulmonary aspergillosis: clinical, pathological and electron microscopic studies

Gupta, P.C.; Govind, H., 1981:
Studies on trematode parasites of fishes, on four new species of the genus Lecithocladium Luhe, 1901 from marine fishes of Puri coast, Orissa

Aramaki, T.; Abe, T.; Yamashita, J., 1982:
Studies on trial piano-wire blades of bush cutter (IV) - gyroscopic couple

Shah, I.M.; Kodagali, S.B., 1984:
Studies on true anoestrous condition in Surti buffaloes and trials with Prajana for restoration of fertility

Aono S., 1985:
Studies on tryptophan metabolism of histidinemia

Nain, S.P.S.; Chandiramani, N.K.; Kulshreshtha, R.C.; Chugh, S.K., 1985:
Studies on tuberculin and johnin reactors-a preliminary report

Yeh, Y.; Chen, X., 1985:
Studies on twin scale propagation of Chinese Sacred Lily. I. Morphogenesis of bulblets and plantlet development

Easwaramoorthy, S.; Nandagopal, V., 1984:
Studies on two earwig species commonly occurring in the sugarcane ecosystem

Bhatia, J.S.; Ghosal, A.K.; Gupta, A.K.; Sharma, K.B.; Shekhawat, V.S., 1986:
Studies on unilateral parotid secretion in camel (Camelus dromedarius)

Kamal, N.; Srivastava, A.; Setty, B.S., 1984:
Studies on uptake and retention of (superscript 3H) estradiol-17 beta by accessory genital organs of male rat

Mahajan, J.P.; Bisen, D.C.; Rathore, G.S., 1985:
Studies on uptake and utilization of soil and fertilizer phosphorus by gram (Cicer arietinum) as influenced by P levels and fertility status of soil in a vertisol

Khanna, S.K.; Makkar, G.S.; Malik, N.S., 1985:
Studies on uromol prepared with different urea-molasses ratios and boiling time

Anderson, D.M.W.; Bridgeman, M.M.E., 1983:
Studies on uronic acid materials, Part 59: the gum exudate from a cultivar of Leucaena leucocephala (Lam.) de Wit

Jung, K.K.; Choe, Y.K., 1985:
Studies on utilization of satsuma mandarin (Cirtus unshiu MARC) peel as a pigment supplement in livestock feeds. 1. Change of xanthophyll content in satsuma mandarin peel as influenced by drying method and ethoxyquin treatment

Yuguchi, H., 1984:
Studies on utilization of the fish meat hydrolysate for fermented milk products. VII. Correlation of the chemical composition of the fish meat hydrolysate with the stimulatory activity for the growth of lactic acid bacteria and for the decrease of curd tension of fermented milk products

Martin, D.F.; Hewes, K.A., 1984:
Studies on utilization of treated stack gas. II. Growth of waterhyacinths (Eichhornia crassipes) in carbon dioxide-rich atmospheres

Xia, Y.H.; Fu, C.S., 1983:
Studies on variability and strain-separation of Xanthomonas campestris pv. oryzae

Rahman, MF.; Bilgrami, AL.; Jairajpuri, MS., 1986:
Studies on variability in Xiphinema radicicola Goodey, 1936 and Xiphinema brasiliense Lordello, 1951

Petiard, V.; Baubault, C.; Bariaud, A.; Hutin, M.; Courtois, D., 1985 :
Studies on variability of plant tissue cultures for alkaloid production in Catharanthus roseus and Papaver somniferum callus cultures

Battan, K.R.; Chaudhary, B.S., 1984:
Studies on variability, heritability and genetic advance of some quality characters in sugarcane

Krishnaswami, S.; Rai, R.S.V.; Srinivasan, V.M., 1986:
Studies on variance components and heritability in one-parent families of Eucalyptus tereticornis

Imaki, T., 1984:
Studies on variation in the rice variety Nipponbare. II. Outcrossing percentages for Nipponbare

Namai, T.; Yamanaka, S., 1985:
Studies on variation in virulence of rice blast fungus, Pyricularia oryzae Cavara. II. Appearance of variants and change of predominant race during successive inoculation of a variant with wide spectrum of virulence on rice leaves

Zhang, Z.; Huang, C., 1985:
Studies on varietal characteristics in cultivars of Oryza sativa. IV. Study on accumulation, translocation and distribution of dry matter of the rice varieties in the growth and development stages

Yein, C.F., 1983:
Studies on varietal differences in silica content in rice tissues

Lal, S.D.; Seth, J.N.; Danu, N.S., 1984:
Studies on varietal performance of gladiolus in U.P. Hills

Seetharaman, R.; Krishnaiah, N.V.; Rani, N.S.; Kalode, M.B., 1984:
Studies on varietal resistance to brown planthopper in rice

Parashar, K.S.; Prasad, A., 1985:
Studies on various intercropping and management practices on yield attributes, yield and juice quality of first sugarcane ratoon

Goverdhan, M.K.; Modi, G.B.; Gupta, N.P., 1982:
Studies on vector potential of Phlebotomus papatasi to Sicilian virus (genus: Phlebovirus; family: Bunyaviridae)

Kumar, L.; Singh, S.P.; Pahuja, S.S., 1985:
Studies on vegetative reproduction rate of water hyacinth and water chestnut

Thapar, H.S.; Rehill, P.S., 1984:
Studies on vertical distribution of mycorrhiza in soil attrition rate for predicting site quality

Mukerji, K.G.; Ardey, J., 1985:
Studies on vesicular-arbuscular mycorrhiza. 1. Kalanchoe spicata and Eclipta alba

Mansueto, S.; Accardo, S.; Milazzo, B.; Miceli, M.D., 1985:
Studies on visceral leishmaniasis in Western Sicily. VIII. Leishmania donovani antibodies in dogs in Alcamo

Yu, J.H.; Chung, E.Y., 1982:
Studies on volatile carbonyl compounds in Korean yoghurt

Ji, E.S.; Cha, G.J.; Yu, J.H., 1983:
Studies on volatile free fatty acids during ripening of Korean cheese

Molnar, J.; Daru, S.; Fulop, A.; Gedeon, S., 1983:
Studies on washing in of triclopyr into the soil with biotest and analytical method

Iancu, M., 1983:
Studies on water consumption in a high density apple orchard by direct and indirect methods

Sarma, K.S.R.; Rao, K.S., 1984:
Studies on water hyacinth as a source of energy

Giulivo, C.; Ponchia, G.; Osele, F.; Pitacco, A., 1985:
Studies on water relations of grapevine (Vitis vinifera). Effects of sinks on leaf water potential and transpiration in non limiting water conditions

Thamburaj, S.; Sambandamurthi, S.; Chezhiyan, N.; Khader, J.M.A.; Ponnuswami, V., 1984:
Studies on water requirements of Jasminum grandiflorum L

Bhapkar, D.G.; Bangal, D.B., 1986:
Studies on water saving techniques in orchards during summer

Chauhan, C.P.S.; Chauhan, S.P.S., 1984:
Studies on water soluble boron in salt affected soils of semi-arid tract

Lal, M.; Shukla, N.P.; Saxena, D.C., 1984:
Studies on water use and irrigation scheduling in mixed cropping of forages involving different canopy surfaces

Singh, V.P.; Singh, M.; Singh, R.P., 1985:
Studies on water use efficiency of wheat varieties

Iswanto, A.; Abdoellah, S.; Mawardi, S., 1984:
Studies on watering to solve coffee breeding constraints

Prasad, K.; Gautam, R.C.; Mohta, N.K., 1985:
Studies on weed control in arhar and soybean as influenced by planting patterns, intercropping and weed control methods

Harika A.S.; Bains D.S., 1985:
Studies on weed control in maize fodder

Gautam, K.C., .:
Studies on weed control in potatoes

Zahn, K.; Grunert, C.; Sieberhein, K.; Ende, F., 1986:
Studies on weed control with combinations of isoproturon and SYS 67 herbicides in winter barley and winter wheat

Singh, O.P.; Bhan, V.M., .:
Studies on weed emergence pattern in transplanted rice

Bajpai, R.P.; Bisen, C.R.; Tomar, S.S., 1984:
Studies on weed management in soybean under rainfed conditions

Kadian, O.P., 1983:
Studies on weed plants as host range of urdbean leaf crinkle virus

Abdel Hak, T.M.; E.S.erif, N.; Shafik, I.; Bassioni, A.A.; Keddis, S.; E.D.oudi, Y., 1982:
Studies on wheat stem rust virulence and resistance genes in Egypt and neighbouring countries

Chikamune, T., 1984:
Studies on white-feathered and dark-feathered Japanese quail. 3. Heritabilities of the size of the white-feathered area

Hosoyamada, F.; Otsuki, K.; Kawano, M., 1986:
Studies on winter grazing on tall fescue pastures in the south-western region - for the establishment of a technical model for a year-long grazing system, particularly for beef cattle

Ding, J.Y.; Foun, C.C., 1977:
Studies on wood adhesives and wood coating resins (1) The application of epoxy coating and adhesive resins to wooden materials

Yoshimutsu, T.; Kinoshita, N., 1983:
Studies on wood cutting by a NC (numerical control) router. II. Cutting error for the theoretical depth of cut in peripheral milling

Kawada, H.; Shirai, K., 1985:
Studies on wood waste compost IV. The organic matter composition of barks and bark composts

Makhdoomi, A.A.; Gupta, H.K.; Patnayak, B.C.; Gahlot, A.K., 1985:
Studies on wool shedding and regrowth as a result of subabul (Leucaena leucocephala) feeding in sheep

Cheng, G.S.G., 1984:
Studies on xanthine oxidase in cow's milk

Khalid, Q.; Rahman, M.A., 1984:
Studies on xylitol-induced insulin secretion in vitro

Odurukwe, S.O., 1984:
Studies on yam/maize intercropping

Gopalakrishnan, T.R.; Nair, C.S.J.; Salikutty Joseph; Peter, K.V., 1985:
Studies on yield attributes in chilli

Muthiah, N.D.; Ramanathan, G., 1983:
Studies on yield capability of different sorghum varieties at varying levels of N and P

Dhoble, M.V.; Kale, U.V.; Raikhelkar, S.V.; Shelke, V.B.; Khating, E.A., 1985:
Studies on yield performance of bunch and spreading varieties of groundnut under rainfed conditions

Venkateswarlu B.; Rao S.P.; Acharyulu T.L., 1984:
Studies on yield potential and the interrelationships of sink components in rice

Yein B.R.; Rohman A., 1984:
Studies on yield potential of some rice varieties with and without chemical protection and economics of insecticide application

Husain, M.M.; Reddy, D.B., 1985:
Studies on yield response of pearlmillet hybrids to dates of sowing and levels of nitrogen

Maroto, J.V.; Pascual, B., 1984:
Studies on yield responses of tiger nut (Cyperus esculentus L.) to different mineral fertilizer applications

Hong, K.S.; Kim, J.C.; Hong, Y.K.; Ree, D.W., 1985:
Studies on yield stability according to transplanting time and year in the main recommended rice varieties

Burriesci, N.; Valente, S.; Zipelli, C.; Bart, J.C.J., 1984:
Studies on zeolites in agriculture. Effect on crop growth of Prunus persica and Vitis vinifera

Swamy, S.A.N.; Mathur, O.N., 1984:
Studies on zinc content of goat's milk

Kashiwabara, N., 1986:
Studies on zinc deficiency and zinc absorption in animals

Miyamoto, K., 1985:
Studies on zoonoses in Hokkaido. 7. Survey of natural definitive hosts of Metagonimus yokogawai

Saroya, R.A.; Muhammad Saeed; Muhammad Sharif, 1984:
Studies regarding determination of optimum sowing period of B-557 cotton variety under Sahiwal conditions

Jones, R.W.Jr, 1984:
Studies related to genetic salt tolerance in the cucumber, Cucumis sativus L

Kennedy, L.G.; Boland, M.P.; Gordon, I., 1984:
Studies related to twinning in cattle by non-surgical embryo transfer

Gardner, C.A.C., 1984:
Studies relating to aflatoxin production in maize

Sonenshine, D.E.; Taylor, D.; Corrigan, G., 1985:
Studies to evaluate the effectiveness of sex pheromone-impregnated formulations for control of populations of the American dog tick, Dermacentor variabilis (Say) (Acari: Ixodidae)

Raj, M.; Nath, J.; Malik, B.S.; Batra, M.L., 1984:
Studies to evaluate wheat yield in fallow-wheat and bajra-wheat rotations and its response to applied nitrogen

Lee, C.N., 1985:
Studies to examine the role of beta-carotene, gonadotropin releasing hormone and reproductive secretions in bovine reproduction

Raju, K.S.; Rao, G.S., 1984:
Studies to fix up optimum spray intervals against bacterial leaf spot and fruit rot diseases of chilli

Kutas, F.; Neogrady, Z.; Galfi, P.; Szilagyi, M., 1984:
Studies to prevent ruminal parakeratosis in fattening lambs

Pisarev, V.; Carmi, Y.; Shayya, E., 1984:
Studies to test the efficiency of pheromone traps for the moth Ephestia kuehniella

Loser, F.; Wetzel, T.; Ahnert, M., 1985:
Studies towards more effective design in monitoring of virus vectors in seed potato production in the Karl-Marx-Stadt county

Jacquet, J., 1984:
Studies undertaken in 1982 and 1983 by the Association A. Tessier (food microbiology). I. Mycotoxins. II. Milk hygiene and cheese microbiology

Greife, H.A., 1986:
Studies upon the sites of bacterial breakdown of dietary purines within the gastrointestinal tract of the rat

Aranez, A.T., 1983:
Studies using mutagens on plants in the Philippines

Yuan, Z.Y.; Huang, Z.Y.; Li, S.H.; Fang, W.C.; Wang, S.Q.; Cheng, Y.S., 1985:
Studies using radioactive isotopes on high-worked apple trees with cold-resistance and high yield

Gruhn, K.; Hennig, A., 1984:
Studies with 15N-labelled lysine in colostomized laying hens. 4. Incorporation of lysine in the different amino acids of egg yolk and albumen

Gruhn, K.; Hennig, A.; Graf, H., 1984:
Studies with 15N-labelled lysine in colostomized laying hens. 5. Incorporation of 15N in the blood fractions and the gastrointestinal tract

Hennig, A.; Gruhn, K., 1984:
Studies with 15N-labelled lysine in colostomized laying hens. 6. Incorporation of 15N into basic amino acids of liver, kidneys, meat, bone and rest of body, and 15N balance

Doraiswamy, S.; Ramakrishnan, G.; Jayarajan, R., 1984:
Studies with a strain of tomato spotted wilt virus

Turner, D.J.; Tabbush, P.M., 1985:
Studies with alternative glyphosate formulations

Gough, R.E.; Wood, G.W.; Spackman, D., 1986:
Studies with an atypical avian rotavirus from pheasants

Akunda, E.M.W.; Kumar, D., 1980:
Studies with antitranspirants on coffee (Coffea arabica L.)

Keating, B.A.; Wilson, G.L.; Partodidjojo, M.; Evenson, J.P., 1984:
Studies with cassava planting material

Wilcut, J.W.; Truelove, B.; Davis, D.E., 1984:
Studies with cogongrass, johnsongrass and torpedograss

Isensee, E., 1986:
Studies with various machines and working methods

Chauvet, M., 1986:
Study and conservation of new taxa: role of exploration and collection

Bonicelli, B., 1985:
Study and designing of a forestry waste pilot harvester

Jamet, P.; Thoisy, J.C.; Laredo, C., 1985:
Study and model of the kinetics of pesticide adsorption in soil

Zarbaliev, A.G.; Akhmedov, B.M., 1983:
Study and selection of triticale biotypes useful for a number of characters

Walenta, W., 1985:
Study by calculation of the brining phase of cheese production

Quang, B. le; Demes, P.; Valent, M., 1984:
Study by several serological reactions of the antibody response in rabbits immunized with Trichomonas vaginalis

Appriou, M.; Tribouley Duret, J.; Tribouley, J., 1986:
Study by the immunofluorescence reaction of antibodies directed against antigens of the intestinal epithelium of Schistosoma mansoni. III Study of the reactivity of a monoclonal antibody

Occhiuto, F.; Circosta, C.; Costa, R.; Briguglio, F.; Tommasini, A., 1986 :
Study comparing the cardiovascular activity of shoots, leaves and flowers of Crataegus oxyacantha L. II. Effect of extracts and pure isolated active principles on the isolated rabbit heart

Occhiuto, F.; Circosta, C.; Briguglio, F.; Tommasini, A.; Pasquale, A. de, 1986:
Study comparing the cardiovascular activity of young shoots, leaves and flowers of Crataegus oxyacantha L. I. Electrical activity and arterial pressure in the rat

Anonymous, 1982:
Study day on agricultural engineering and agricultural development; Rome, November 19, 1983

Anonymous, 1984:
Study day on process and product innovations in farm machinery, Bologna, November 16, 1984

Olivin, J., 1986:
Study for the location of an industrial oil palm plantation. I

Leo Rhynce, E., 1983:
Study habits and practices of Jamaican sixth-formers preparing for A-level examinations

Dene, I.; Vaikhol' d, R., 1982:
Study in the German Democratic Republic (GDR) of useful breeding material of dwarf French bean, onion, outdoor cucumber and garden pea

Darmaun, D.; Robert, J.J.; Bier, D.M.; Matthews, D.E.; Young, V.R., 1985:
Study in vivo of the metabolism of non-essential amino acids using stable isotopes. Application to alanine, glutamine and glutamate

Dujardin, J.P.; Tibayrenc, M., 1985:
Study of 11 enzymes and precise genetic data for 19 enzyme loci in Triatoma infestans (Hemiptera: Reduviidae)

Wang, H.; Liu, R.Z., 1986:
Study of Cyprinus carpio L. X Hypophthalmichthys molitrix hybrids

Guibordeau, P.; Hequet, E., 1985:
Study of F1 hybrids derived from interspecific crosses between two varieties of Gossypium hirsutum and one variety of Gossypium barbadense

Lalev, Ts, 1985:
Study of Fusarium in durum wheat

Tatarova, N.K., 1982:
Study of Fusarium resistance in different soyabean varieties and the possibility of its early diagnosis

Ovchinnikova, A.M.; Kasitskaya, N.I.; Shumilina, L.F., 1981:
Study of Fusarium resistance in lupin

Vustrak, K. (Wustrack, H); Shigat, G. (Schigat, G), 1985:
Study of Hordeum bulbosum of different origin in relation to its suitability for interspecific hybridization

Huang, S.Y.; Xie, Y.J.; Li, B.S., 1984:
Study of Hypoderma in yak in the Huangcheng area of Gansu Province

Sampaio Silva, M.L.; Vindimian, M.; Wattre, P.; Capron, A., 1985:
Study of IgE antibodies in human Fasciola hepatica infection

Batista, M.A.; Garcia, R.; Guijarro, R., 1984:
Study of K deficiency in artificial medium in sugarcane cultivar C-187-68 in Cuba. II. Effects on plant production and cation nutrition

Nikitina, K.V.; Budanova, V.I.; Stepanova, S.I.; Yaskina, O.S., 1982:
Study of Phaseolus and Lupinus for resistance to bacterial diseases

Jelinek, J.; Brezina, P.; Mathauserova, H.; Cerna, J., 1984:
Study of Propionibacterium shermanii

Babi, A.; Pintureau, B.; Voegele, J., 1984:
Study of Trichogramma dendrolimi (Hym.: Trichogrammatidae), description of a new subspecies

Bhama Iyer, P.; Krishna Iyer, K.R.; Patil, N.B., 1985:
Study of X-ray orientation in never-dried cotton fibres

Balashov, T.N.; Kunichenko, N.A., 1982:
Study of a French bean collection for resistance to bacterial disease

Pellerin, S., 1986:
Study of a chronological series of sugarcane yields in Guadeloupe using a simulated water balance model

Borodin, V.M.; Zaritskii, V.S., 1984:
Study of a closed sprinkling network as a communication channel with Frigate sprinklers in an irrigation control system

Tkachuk, L.P., 1981:
Study of a collection of French beans (Phaseolus L.) of local origin at the Donetsk Botanical Garden of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences

Plotnikova, L.N.; Semenova, L.V., 1982:
Study of a collection of bread wheat in the Altai

Siminel, V.D.; Dushkevich, S.V., 1984:
Study of a collection of forms of triticale in the central zone of Moldavia

Shubina, L.V., 1983:
Study of a collection of garlic for resistance to Ditylenchus dipsaci in Chernozem soils

Veveritsa, E.K., 1984:
Study of a collection of triticale in the central zone of Moldavia

Soubies, F.; Chauvel, A., 1984:
Study of a few soil systems observed in Brazil

Dzhunusova, B.Kh, 1982:
Study of a focus of mermithid infection in terrestrial molluscs in the Zailiiskii Alatau

Ponirovskii, E.N.; Mizgireva, M.F.; Sabitov, E.A.; Mamigonova, R.I.; Annagel' dyev, M., 1985:
Study of a focus of visceral leishmaniasis in south-eastern Turkmen SSR in the period of its reactivation

Lange, W., 1983:
Study of a medieval wood tar from the Bremen cog

Tan, B.S., 1984:
Study of a method which permits observation of gametophyte development in the gynoecium of Phaseolus lunatus L. and an application to the case of an interspecific hybrid

Qian, J.Y., 1984:
Study of a pathogenic yeast isolated from the alimentary tract of rabbits. Isolation and identification

Segalen, P.; Gautheyrou, M.; Guenin, H.; Camacho, E.; Bosch, D.; Cardenas, A., 1983:
Study of a peridotite derived soil in Western Cuba. Physical and chemical aspects

Lipinski, M., 1984:
Study of a prototype of an automatic feeder for loose feed for fish fry

Pahoja, M.H.; Gangde, C.N., 1985:
Study of a segmented paraboloid type solar heat collector

Zhang, L.P.; Li, Q.Z.; Geng, P.; Zhao, D.Y.; Li, R.Z., 1985:
Study of absorption and translocation of N and P in various millet varieties

Costa, C.D.; Schmidt, B.J.; Barros, F.J. de; Tamega, I. das E., 1985:
Study of absorption of fats in infants with tests of serum turbidity and absorption of triglycerides

Woods, G.T., 1986:
Study of addition of live vaccines against bovine respiratory syncytial virus and Pasteurella hemolytica

Varshney, I.P.; Beg, M.F.A., 1982:
Study of aegyptinin A and B saponins from Luffa aegyptiaca Mill. seeds

Chou, C.H., 1982:
Study of allelopathy with Hengchun vegetation

Lavin A.A.; Kogan A.M., 1985:
Study of alternative control methods for annual weeds and Convolvulus arvensis in dryland vineyards

Hernandez Moreno, J.M.; Cubas Garcia, V.; Gonzalez Batista, A.; Fernandez Caldas, E., 1985:
Study of ammonium oxalate reactivity at pH 6.3 (Ro) in different types of soils with variable charge. I

Caffarelli, V.; Vita, G.; Barlattani, M., 1985:
Study of an empirical model based on the sum of day-degrees for forecasting control applications against Lobesia botrana Schiff

Kamide, J.; Tsuchiya, M.; Akase, A., 1981:
Study of an impeller type rice huller. II. The motion of grain and hulling action on the blade of an impeller

Panebianco, A.; L.S.hiavo, A., 1984:
Study of anisakid larvae in marine fish

Haquenne, W.; Detroux, L., 1983:
Study of anti-lodging products in winter wheat

Sarin, K.; Sharma, K., 1983:
Study of antibiosis in wheat varieties-Part 1-correlation of diapause and growth index

Khalilaev, A.N., 1981:
Study of antigenic interrelationships between Toxoplasma and Besnoitia by means of immunodiffusion on agar gel

Bujaki, G., 1984:
Study of aphids causing damage to sunflower in various regions of Hungary in the period 1979-1984

Oleinik, A.A., 1981:
Study of aspects of the formation of the root system in spring barleys of different ecological and geographical origin

Slavchev, G.; Milashki, S.; Gabrovski, T.; Paskaleva, I., 1985:
Study of bactericidal activity of Trozin preparation

Roubik, D.W.; Schmalzel, R.J.; Moreno, E., 1984:
Study of bee botany in Panama: yield and sources of pollen and nectar collected by Apis mellifera and their seasonal and annual patterns

Desprets, A., 1983:
Study of beekeeping potential: realizable improvements

Panin, V.A.; Rybak, D.A., 1982:
Study of beet populations in respect of self fertility

Zejda, J.; Rebickova, M.; Homolka, M., 1985:
Study of behaviour in field roe deer (Capreolus capreolus)

Stulianea Fountoulake, A.; Bisbike Demetriadou, A.; Kakkinou Aneste, D.; Mpathrellos, N.; Papaemmanoule, B.; Spuropoulou, P.N.; Paulakou, B., 1984 :
Study of biochemical characters of Aspergillus isolates from pathological material

Golodriga, P.Y.; Rudyshin, S.D.; Dubovenko, N.P., 1982:
Study of biochemical tests for diagnosing the genetic specificity of grape

V"rbanov, M. (Vurbanov, M), 1985:
Study of biological features and possibilities of evaluating breeding material of sugarbeet (2x, 3x and 4x forms) for some physiological and biochemical indices

Pandey, G.S.; Sharma, R.N.; Chizyuka, H.G.B., 1984:
Study of bovine neoplasms in Zambia

Kelnhofer, F.; Ziesel, D.; Klostermeyer, H., 1984:
Study of butter with cultured cream characteristics

Mramornov, B.S.; Plyasun, G.G., 1981:
Study of carbonyl fractions of aroma of milk products

Frol' tsova, A.E.; Kharchenko, N.M.; Lebedeva, M.N.; Pylev, L.N., 1984:
Study of carcinogenic activity of the Soviet antimalarial preparation, Dabequine, in prolonged administration to animals

Kavuncu, O.; Ciftci, C.Y.; Tekeli, A.S., 1985:
Study of causal relationships between yield and some of its components in ecotypes of Lathyrus sativus, using path analysis

Pal, V.; Mukhopadhyay, A.N., 1984:
Study of cellulolytic and pectolytic enzymes in nine biological forms of Cercospora beticola Sacc

Markov, S.S.; Surova, N.M.; Belyaeva, L.B., 1985:
Study of certain physicochemical properties of manganese, calcium, magnesium, sodium, and potassium nitrates

Hadzi Taskovic Sukalovic, V., 1983:
Study of changes in proteins and amino acids in leaves of normal and opaque-2 genotypes of maize during plant development

Krausko, A., 1982:
Study of changes in yield formation in spring barley under different growing conditions and intensive nitrogen application

Matuz, Y. (Matuz, J); Deveni, K. (Devenyi, K), 1983:
Study of characters of the straw and grain in winter wheats by principal components analysis

Estevez, A.; Arzuaga, J.; Correa, S., 1982:
Study of characters related to yield in potato (Solanum tuberosum L.)

Savel' ev, A.A.; Kuznetsov, E.S., 1982:
Study of cheese cutting after pressing

Portieles, M.; Arteaga, O.; Mojena, A., 1985:
Study of chemical and organic fertilizer application to Pangola grass

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Study of chlorophyllase activity in grape vine

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Study of chopping in an experimental mobile unit for producing briquettes by heating

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Study of chromium toxicity in the first phases of development of spring barley (Hordeum vulgare L.)

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Study of chromosome number as a means of testing varietal purity

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Study of chromosome numbers in the F2 progeny from crossing bread wheat and some of its telocentric lines with perennial wheat

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Study of chromosome numbers in the progeny from crossing Triticum palaeocolchicum Men. with incomplete wheat-Elymus amphidiploid AD90

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Study of citrate-fermenting mesophilic lactobacilli and their influence on quality of Sovetskii cheese

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Study of citrus cultivars. Marsh Seedless grapefruit

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Study of clinical and subclinical cases of bovine mastitis caused by aerobic bacteria in Konya (Turkey) and the results of antibiotic sensitivity tests

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Study of clinical symptoms and pathological changes in lambs with acute ovine cysticerciasis

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Study of cluster analysis of the usual rice parents used for crossing in the Taihu Valley

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Study of combining ability in the production of cucumber hybrids

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Study of communities of phytophagous beetles of the eastern Sicilian Appennines

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Study of competitive ability in tomatoes

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Study of composition and physical characteristics of dehydrated milk byproducts

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Study of compounds contained in Hungarian-grown Leuzea carthamoides D.C. (Asteraceae), with special regard to the ecdysteroids

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Study of contagious agalactia in sheep and goats in Spain. II. Frequency of occurrence of infective agents

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Study of contamination of food with patulin

Cvak, Z., 1984:
Study of contamination of milk and milk products by chlorinated pesticides

Lavin A.A.; Kogan A.M., 1984:
Study of control alternatives for annual weeds and bindweed (Convolvulus arvensis L.) in dryland vineyards

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Study of controlled natural regeneration in the tropical rain forest of Guadeloupe. 2. Establishment and growth of seedlings after seed felling

Ducrey, M.; Labbe, P., 1985:
Study of controlled natural regeneration in the tropical rain forest of Guadeloupe. Part 1. Literature review, environmental conditions and development of an experimental design

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Study of correlated characters and their effects on quinua yield

Montes, S.; Miliam, R., 1985:
Study of correlations and path coefficients in hybrids of Coffea arabica L

Anonymous, 1984:
Study of cotton ageing

B"rkalov, N. (Burkalov, N), 1981:
Study of crossability and fertilization capacity in the hybridization of cotton

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Study of crystallization of potassium sulfate by a reaction in a circulation apparatus of the bubbling type

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Study of culture techniques for the production of amastigotes and promastigotes of Leishmania. Application to immunodiagnosis and to therapeutic trials

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Study of cytochromes from mitochondria of Taenia crassiceps (Zeder, 1800) cysticerci

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Study of daily precipitation: I. Rainfall pattern of the cacao region of Bahia, Brazil

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Study of damage thresholds for weeds in winter wheat with regard to N-fertilization, fungicide and herbicide application

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Study of deep winter dormancy in 12 apricot varieties

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Study of dermatophytoses in Punjabi population

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Study of diagnostic methods in outbreaks of eastern equine encephalomyelitis in Cuba

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Study of different machine milking routines for Spanish Churro ewes

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Study of different nitrogen sources and their split application with regard to yield and quality of potato (Solanum tuberosum) cv. Desiree

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Study of different planting methods for cassava (Manihot esculenta) and its relationship with yields in the ecosystem of Guantanamo Province

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Study of different technologies of rearing female calves and breeding heifers from 6 to 18 months old. 1. Growth and feed intake

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Study of different volumes of nutrient solution in the hydroponic culture of tomato

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Study of differentially stained chromosomes of an inbred sugarbeet line

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Study of direct budding of spikelets in immature panicle culture of rice

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Study of disease resistance in the genus Aegilops for its use in wheat breeding

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Study of distant hybrids from plum species of different chromosome number

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Study of durability on some kinds of powdered and malted milks marketed in Algeria

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Study of dynamics of frost tolerance in winter wheat varieties. I

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Study of early selection in Coffea arabica L. in Cuba

Anonymous, 1985:
Study of economically important fruit flies in Malaysia and development of control methods

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Study of effect of Dezinfekt-P iodophor preparation on microbial contamination of cows' milk obtained by bucket milking

Svoboda, M., 1984:
Study of effluent from a large dairy farm

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Study of elements of horizontal resistance to Puccinia recondita in some varieties of winter bread wheat

Malinski, K.; Stoyanov, I., 1982:
Study of elements of horizontal resistance. I. Number of pustules of brown rust per unit leaf area in some winter bread wheat varieties

Domini, M.E.; Nardo, A.; Espinosa, R., 1984:
Study of eleven sugarcane genotypes at different ages at harvest on a compacted red ferralitic soil. Plant cane results

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Study of endogenous cycle of an avian coccidium Eimeria tenella in chicken embryos

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Study of energy sources of the symbiotic nitrogen fixation by bacteroids of Astragalus rhizobium

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Study of enterotoxaemic Escherichia coli serotypes. I. ST toxin in newborn mice. II. LT toxin in mouse adrenal cells

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Study of enzyme polymorphism in cacao. 1. Establishing an extraction method and evidence of a locus coding for an esterase

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Study of erectoid habit in sunflower

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Study of experimental Lantana camara poisoning in sheep with particular reference to biochemical changes in blood

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Study of experimental coccidioidomycosis in Wistar rats

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Study of factors affecting induction and differentiation frequencies in anther culture of winter wheat

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Study of fat of commercial Spanish sardines and of their covering oil. Composition of the non-saponifiable fraction: alcohol fraction of canned sardines and their covering oil

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Study of feathering and fruiting habit in some apple varieties

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Study of features of germination under optimum and suboptimum conditions in seed grain of some maize hybrids and their parent lines

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Study of fertilization following restricted and supplementary pollination of wheat

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Study of floral morphology and techniques of hybridization in lentil

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Study of fluctuations in vacuum and air consumption in milking installations as a function of other variables

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Study of fluorescent antibodies directed against the gut epithelium of Schistosoma mansoni. II. In patients with schistosomiasis

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Study of foaling pattern, birth weight, gestation period and fertility in equines of an equine breeding stud

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Study of foam formation in the production of wet-process phosphoric acid from Chilisai flotation concentrate

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Study of foliar nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium contents of different citrus cultivars at the National Fruit Station in 1977, 1978 and 1979

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Study of foods for newborn and very young infants. 1. Macronutrients in humanized milks

Garcia Olmedo, R.; Diez Marques, C., 1984:
Study of foods for newborn and very young infants. 2. Macronutrients in cereals with milk

Garcia Olmedo, R.; Diez Marques, C., 1986:
Study of foods for newborn and young infants. 3. Trace element content of humanized milks

Garcia Olmedo, R.; Diez Marques, C., 1986:
Study of foods for newborn and young infants. 4. Major element content of humanized milks

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Study of forces acting on the lower linmb of the horse

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Study of foreign lucerne varieties

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Study of foreign varieties of French bean in the Krasnodar region

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Study of foreign varieties of rye for grain

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Study of formation-decomposition of fluosilicate in a phosphoric acid purification process

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Study of forms of feijoa in the Abkhazian ASSR

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Study of four Monacrosporium strains in view of their use in the biological control of phytophagous nematodes

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Study of free amino acids during fermentation of milk

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Study of fresh and dry seed yield in Lima beans (Phaseolus lunatus)

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Study of fungal colonization of Abies religiosa wood stakes

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Study of fungi of surface waters and banks of a naval and recreation base

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Study of gall midge larvae (Diptera, Cecidomyiidae) from forest litter communities of the Latvian SSR

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Study of gamma ray mutants of French bean

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Study of general and specific combining ability for yield in varieties of Phaseolus vulgaris L

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Study of genes for hybrid necrosis in the bread wheat Leesuperscript 2 X Kenya Farmer

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Study of genetic components of variations in linseed

D.Antuono, L.F., 1985:
Study of genetic contamination caused by wild-type pollen in carrots for seed production

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Study of genetic resources of cultivated plants in Czechoslovakia

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Study of genetic variability and scope of selection in Cymbopogon martinii Wats. var. motia

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Study of genotype-environment interaction and stability methods in experiments with varieties of potato (Solanum tuberosum L.)

Kovacs, A., 1983:
Study of germ percentage and crop fractions in maize hybrids

Dobos, J.; Bernath, J., 1985:
Study of germination biology in varieties of Papaver somniferum L. of different origin and growth cycle

Vlk, J., 1984:
Study of germination of low-moisture seeds of small-seeded legumes

Todorov, I., 1983:
Study of grape seeds and seedlings obtained by self pollination

Okuma, S., 1984:
Study of growth hormone in spontaneous dwarf rat

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Study of growth in Khaki Campbell ducks

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Study of growth rate and birth weight of Haryana and Murrah buffalo calves

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Study of helminths in the Askaniya Nova herd of elands and description of a control trial of Strongylate infections

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Study of herbicide degradation in soil. Comparison of laboratory and field trials

Czirak, L.; Gimesi, A., 1985:
Study of herbicide tolerance in winter wheat varieties

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Study of heterosis and combining ability in cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.)

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Study of heterosis in relation to combining ability and per se performance in rainfed rice

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Study of heterosis in winter swede rape (Brassica napus L.). Comparison of two populations, one homozygous, the other heterozygous

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Study of histamine in foodstuffs. Methods of estimation. Present knowledge

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Study of histopathological changes in young Lymnaea glabra with evolutive or abortive infection

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Study of homologous nucleotide sequences in the DNA of some cotton species by means of DNA-DNA molecular hybridization in solution

Yusufov, R.M., 1983:
Study of human hair infected by Microsporum canis

Kharshiladze, Z.V., 1981:
Study of hybrid forms of mulberry resistant to dwarf disease

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Study of hypoglycaemic activity of Cuminum nigrum seeds in normal and alloxan diabetic rabbits

Poluektova, P.F., 1983:
Study of immunoglobulins during experimental fascioliasis in sheep

Anonymous, 1983:
Study of impact of financing by the State Bank of India under DIR scheme on weaker sections (report of a field survey in East Khasi Hills district, Meghalaya)

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Study of impact of new storage technology in Madhya Pradesh

Anonymous, 1985:
Study of implementation of integrated rural development programme: summary and conclusions

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Study of incoming tourism 1984, provisional results: visits to the Netherlands by people from abroad

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Study of individual weeds: comparison of triazine-resistant and susceptible biotypes of Chenopodium album and Solanum nigrum

Himme, M. van; Bulcke, R.; Stryckers, J., 1986:
Study of individual weeds: variability of Epilobium ciliatum Rafin. (syn. E. adenocaulon Hausskn.)

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Study of industrial bean meals

Paramasivan, K.S., 1984:
Study of inheritance of certain quantitative and qualitative traits on dwarf and tall indica rice varieties (Oryza sativa L.)

Koka, K.Kh, 1983:
Study of initial material for breeding tomato for Phytophthora resistance

Voloozh, D., 1982:
Study of initial material for breeding vegetable crops in the Mongolian People's Republic

Dulphy, J.P., 1985:
Study of intake during the main feeding time by sheep given ensiled forages

Amouroux Pezas, C., 1985:
Study of intraplant numerical variability induced by supernumerary B chromosomes in Pennisetum violaceum

Kr"stanova, S. (Krustanova, S), 1980:
Study of intravarietal diversity in the variety Pamid

Dai, Y.T., 1984:
Study of iron fortification of Chinese soy sauce. 2. The iron absorption of iron fortified Chinese soy sauce

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Study of irrigation response of winter wheat varieties on cherznozem soil

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Study of lactation in superscript 3/4 Holstein-Friesian X 1/4 zebu cows in Cuba. I. Milk composition

Ponce, P.; Bell, P.L., 1984:
Study of lactation in superscript 3/4 Holstein-Friesian X 1/4 zebu cows in Cuba. II. Lactation curves for production of milk and its constituents

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Study of lactic acid formation

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Study of larval variability in the Mediterranean black fly, Wilhelmia mediterranea Puri (Diptera, Simuliidae)

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Study of leucocytozoonosis in fowls in Xiangxi Prefecture, Hunan Province

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Study of lipids in different types of human milk

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Study of lipids in the berries of some grape varieties during ripening

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Study of liquorice from Iran. II. Flavonoids from Glycyrrhiza glabra L. var. glandulifera Waldst. and Kit. and from Glycyrrhiza glabra L. var. violacea Boiss

Afchar, D.; Cave, A.; Guinaudeau, H.; Vaquette, J., 1984:
Study of liquorice from Iran. III. Flavonoids of Glycyrrhiza echinata roots

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Study of lodging in rye. I. Effect of lodging at different growth stages on yield components

Slusarczyk, M.; Marszakowski, G.; Masurek, J.; Molski, B., 1985:
Study of lodging in rye. II. Effect of lodging at different growth stages on the content and composition of sugars in the deformed nodes

Marszakowski, G.; Mazurek, J.; Slusarczyk, M., 1985:
Study of lodging in rye. III. Mechanism of stalk straightening after lodging

Joseph Nathan, P.; Santillan, R.L.; Schmitt, P.; Gunther, H., 1984:
Study of longifolene by two-dimensional NMR spectroscopy

Ngulu, N.; Pauer, T., 1985:
Study of lung lesions in pigs slaughtered at abattoirs in Lubumbashi, Zaire

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Study of macro and micro mineral nutrient contents of some cultivars of ragi (Eleusine coracana Gaertn)

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Study of macrosporogenesis in Citrullus lanatus (Thumb.) Mansf. 3n

Kumar, N., 1984:
Study of malaria incidence in Bishrampur Block (Palamau)

Allaya, M., 1984:
Study of markets and trade prospects for cereals in West Africa: Senegal, Mali, Bourkina Fasso, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Nigeria, Cameroon

Hiyamuta, S., 1983:
Study of mechanization of paddy culture in rice-growing region of Asia: a case study in Thailand

Mashkina, O.S. , 1983:
Study of meiosis during microsporogenesis and haploid mitosis in pollen of sweet cherry and Prunus fruticosa in relation to predicting the results of hybridization

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Study of meiosis in F2 interspecific wheat hybrids

Shnaider, T.M.; Fadeeva, T.S., 1984:
Study of meiosis in self-fertile lines of rye

Lapochkina, I.F.; Pukhal' skii, V.A., 1983:
Study of meiosis in the interspecific wheat hybrids Triticum spelta L. X T. durum Desf

Shnaider, T.M.; Fadeeva, T.S., 1984:
Study of meiosis in the self-fertile lines of rye

Simonenko, V.K.; Sechnyak, A.L., 1985:
Study of meiosis in wheat-rye hybrids involving the ph bread wheat mutant

Andreeva, R.V.; Spiridonov, S.E., 1986:
Study of mermithids from the genus Pheromermis (Nematoda, Mermithidae)

Vasyakin, N.I.; Nechaeva, V.U., 1986:
Study of methods of cultivating soyabeans in Omsk region

Smirnov, A.M., 1982:
Study of microbial contamination of hives and combs, and methods of disinfection

Zizlavsky, J., 1984:
Study of microclimatic conditions inside the calf-house

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Study of microstructure of combined sausage products

Sokolov, V.I.; Sedov, A.D.; Pismenskaya, V.N.; Perekhoda, V.I., 1983:
Study of microstructure of protein products

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Study of migratory flight in the western corn rootworm (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae)

Pinto C.M.; Villena P.J.; Jofre B.H., 1984:
Study of milk composition in Anglo Nubian goats

Pavelka, J.; Koreckova, J.; Cvak, Z., 1985:
Study of milk contamination with lead

Garcia Olmedo, R.; Barrera Vazquez, C., 1984:
Study of milk fat of Spanish cows. Composition of the non-saponifiable fraction. 1. Sterol and alcohol fractions

Garcia Olmedo, R.; Barrera Vazquez, C., 1984:
Study of milk fat of Spanish cows. Composition of the non-saponifiable fraction. 2. Hydrocarbon fraction

Charpentier, S.; Garnier, J., 1985:
Study of multiplication and colony formation in Spirodela polyrhiza L

Desalvo, F.; Zucchi, P., 1985:
Study of muscles and enzymes in purebred rabbits

Vardanyan, K.A.; Vardanyan, D.A., 1982:
Study of mutant lines of Phaseolus vulgaris for a combination of useful characters

Fu, L.Q., 1986:
Study of mutants with opposite trifoliate leaves and multi-leaflet leaves in soybean

Payghami, E., 1984:
Study of mycoflora of apricot foliage and their antagonism with Stigmina carpophila (Lev.) Ellis, causal agent of shot-hole disease

Wang, J.S.; Xu, D.D., 1986:
Study of mycotoxicosis from scabby wheat infected by Fusarium graminearum. IV. Teratogenic and mutagenic study of crude toxin from scabby wheat

Liang, P.Y.; Chen, K.Y., 1984:
Study of mycovirus infected Gaeumannomyces (Ophiobolus) graminis

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Study of natural and induced resistance to brown leaf rust in rye

Ponin, I.Y.; Ivanova, B.P.; Ladygina, L.M.; Bogdan, V.A., 1983:
Study of nematode-resistance and agricultural characteristics of foreign selection potatoes

Cuello Tapanes, N.; Torano, M.E., 1984:
Study of net values of acids and bases in urine, and of alkali reserve in blood serum of cows fed on unconventional diets

Schoffling, H.; Faas, K.H.; Faber, W.; Duplessis, H., 1985:
Study of new cultivars (Vitis vinifera L.) in the German Federal Republic

Khangil' din, V.V., 1984:
Study of new mutant genes in Pisum sativum. II. The genes leaf, tl and le and their effect on the competitive ability and seed production of plants

Nadykto, M.V., 1981:
Study of new piperazine salts against Amidostomum in geese

Dzhanpeisov, R.D.; Popova, N.S.; Akkulova, Z.G.; Kricheskiy, L.A.; Sokolova, T.M.; Marchenko, A.Y.; Ramazanova, A.R., 1984:
Study of new polymeric soil conditioners based on the humic acids of coal

Heeschen, W.; Nijhuis, H., 1985:
Study of nitrate content of cheeses from different countries

Tokhver, M. (Tohver, M); Tokhver, A. (Tohver, A), 1985:
Study of nitrate reductase activity and nitrogen content in seedlings and leaves of low-protein and high-protein spring wheat varieties and mutants

Bubarova, M. (Boubarova, M), 1980:
Study of nonvolatile organic acids and free amino acids in some F1 hybrids of cabbage

Schenkel S.G.; Baherle V.P.; Gajardo M.M., 1985:
Study of nutrient deficiency in soil by pot experiments. XXV. Effect of the purity of NPKCaS fertilizers added to soil samples from the province of Cautin. Part I

Edney, A.T.; Smith, P.M., 1986:
Study of obesity in dogs visiting veterinary practices in the United Kingdom

Karakhanova, S.V.; Sholokhova, V.A., 1981:
Study of oil content in the fruit of some olive hybrids and their parents

Lodos, N.; Onder, F.; Simsek, Z., 1984:
Study of overwintering insect fauna and research on flight activity and migration behaviour of some other species at the spring emergence during the migration period of the sunn pest (Eurygaster integriceps Put.) (Heteroptera: Scutelleridae) to the plain of Diyarbakr (Karacadag). (II.)

Lodos, N.; Onder, F.; Simsek, Z., 1984:
Study of overwintering insect fauna and research on flight activity and migration behaviour of some other species at the spring emergence during the migration period of the sunn pest (Eurygaster integriceps Put.) (Heteroptera: Scutelleridae) to the plain of Diyarbakr (Karacadag). (III.) Species of Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae

Chesworth, W.; Dejou, J.; Kimpe, C. de; Macias Vasquez, F.; Cantagrel, J.M.; Larroque, P.; Garcia Paz, C.; Garcia Rodeja, E.; Quantin, P., 1983:
Study of palaeosols developed on Miocene basalts in the French Massif Central. Main physicochemical aspects of soil formation

Pareek, S.K.; Maheshwari, M.L.; Gupta, R., 1985:
Study of palmarosa grass germplasm part III: evaluation for high yielding genotypes at Delhi

Moyou, S.R.; Enyong, P.; Kouamouo, J.; Dinga, J.S.; Couprie, B.; Ripert, C., 1983:
Study of paragonimiasis in five villages of the Department of Meme (south-western Cameroon). Results of praziquantel treatment

Pandya, D.K.; Johar, K.S.; Ashok Singh, 1984:
Study of part lactation milk yield in Jersey cows

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Study of pathology and immunity in ovine sarcocystosis

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Study of physiological characters with the aim of predicting heterosis in greenhouse cucumber

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Study of polysaccharides from three tropical woods

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Study of position and shape of dry beans of some new promising cocoa clones

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Study of possibility of whey treatment with bentonites

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Study of possible agents in the dissemination of weed seeds

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Study of power consumption by machines with different types of cutting during mowing of erect and creeping tropical pastures

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Study of price and quality of carnations; 2. Aspects of price formation

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Study of productivity in sheep farms: preliminary results

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Study of protein and amino acids in some hybrids of maize and their parent forms

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Study of protein markers in cotton, Gossypium hirsutum L. and G. barbadense L. V

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Study of protein markers of the cottons Gossypium hirsutum and G. barbadense. VIII

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Study of protein value of sterilized milk

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Study of proteins and multiple molecular forms of enzymes in the grain of wheat with different cytoplasms

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Study of quality in fish and shellfish as food. 1. Concentration of formaldehyde in various tissues of cultured eel by formalin bath

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Study of quantitative characters in sugarbeet by the principal components method

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Study of quantitative variation in hexaploid triticale

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Study of radiosensitivity of the immature stages of Corcyra cephalonica (Stainton) (Lepidoptera: Galleriidae)

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Study of resistance limits to chloride salinity in rice (Oryza sativa) cultivar IR 880-C9 under controlled conditions

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Study of resistance to Fusarium graminearum in opaque maize lines and in hybrids produced from them by diallel crossing

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Study of resistance to Puccinia recondita in wheat varieties in relation to breeding problems

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Study of resistance to root-knot nematodes in tomato varieties and species

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Study of restricted diffusion in wood

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Study of rice mutants

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Study of rice yields in the Majagua region. Part II. Comparison of a problem soil with two normal soils

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Study of root systems: descriptions of some methods

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Study of schistosomiasis in the Lake Aloatra region - the rice granary of Madagascar

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Study of seasonal Bunostomum infection in sheep in the Sheki-Zakatal'sk zone

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Study of secondary Paspalum virgatum communities in the town of Kisangani (Zaire)

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Study of selected contaminants in baby foods

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Study of selection criteria for general resistance to Verticillium disease in tomato

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Study of self and cross pollination in honeysuckle by means of fluorescence microscopy

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Study of sensory quality of UHT milk in Federal Germany

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Study of sexual activity in Improved Lucanian, Ile-de-France and F1 Ile-de-France X Improved Lucanian sheep

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Study of short-strawed wheats from the world collection of the Vavilov Institute of Plant Industry (VIR) in central Kazakhstan

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Study of solar energy utilization in shed with sloping roof, used for bulk tobacco curing

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Study of somatic embryogenesis and plantlet regeneration in maize

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Study of some Cuban soils, particularly ferrallitic soils. 3. Compact red ferrallitic soils

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Study of some activators and inhibitors of beta -D-galactosidase in a physiologically buffered in vitro system

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Study of some bacterial diseases of Phaseolus vulgaris

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Study of some biological and economic characters of French bean varieties grown with and without irrigation

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Study of some characteristics of the degradation of benzo(a)pyrene by maize roots

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Study of some coat characteristics of Friesian and native cattle in Iraq

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Study of some cytogenetic and cytochemical characteristics in inbred lines of diploid rye

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Study of some economic traits of Jersey in tropics

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Study of some factors affecting post-partum oestrus and fertility in two beef breeds

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Study of some factors affecting potato yield using factor analysis

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Study of some genetic factors promoting homoeologous chromosome pairing in wheat-rye hybrids

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Study of some morphological and biological characteristics of Varestrongylus capreoli

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Study of some morphological characters in citrus leaf progenies of polyembryonic parents

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Study of some natural and synthetic compounds inhibiting the electron transfer in plant mitochondria

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Study of some paradoxical responses of photorespiration and photosynthesis to CO2 and O2

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Study of some physicochemical chemical features in Xanthosoma sagittifolium

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Study of some principles relating to the concept of bacteriological quality of raw milk

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Study of some soils developed on hard calcareous substrates near Baracoa and Punta de Maisi (eastern Cuba)

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Study of sorghum cultivars at two sowing dates

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Study of soybean and lentil root exudates. II. Identification of some polyphenolic compounds, relation with plantlet physiology

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Study of spacing in cultivation of pigeonpeas. V. Effect on quality of seeds harvested at different dates

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Study of spacing in the cultivation of pigeonpea. II. Effect on fresh and dry matter production

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Study of spacing in the cultivation of pigeonpea. IV - Effects on seed production and yield components

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Study of spray parameters and spray quality of a ground sprayer on a potato crop

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Study of spring soil cultivation methods in a maize monoculture

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Study of storage conditions of deliveries of Pure-Pak-type pouches

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Study of strongyloidiasis and of its prophylaxis in the Apsheron Peninsula

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Study of structure of soybean oil phospholipids by IR spectroscopy

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Study of tea seedling disease caused by root-knot nematode (Meloidogyne sp.)

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Study of technical parameters affecting milking

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Study of techniques of chemical weed control in vegetable fields

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Study of ten maize hybrids originating in temperate zones

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Study of the 50% efficiency level of various pyrethroid and organic phosphoric acid ester derivatives on apple ermels under laboratory conditions

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Study of the CMS-Rf genetic system in sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.). IV. Identification of Rf genes from different sources of fertility restoration

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Study of the Dactylogyrus fauna in the waterbodies of the Armenian SSR

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Study of the Fusarium moniliforme contamination of maize in New Caledonia and the disease in horses associated with it: toxic leukoencephalomalacia

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Study of the GLC spectrum of highly volatile compounds of Czechoslovak cheeses using the 'head space' method with aqueous dispersions

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Study of the Hernandiaceae. XII. Aporphine-benzylisoquinoline dimers isolated from Hernandia peltata

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Study of the NO synthesis in a microwave plasma at atmospheric pressure

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Study of the Usoy landslide in Pamir

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Study of the ability of Trichoderma species to produce extracellular RNA-polymerases

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Study of the action mechanism of the herbicide paraquat

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Study of the action of malathion on sandflies

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Study of the action of synthetic juvenile hormone analogues on fleas

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Study of the active period of the milk ejection reflex in mares

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Study of the activity and isoforms of NAD-dependent malate dehydrogenase of leaf tissue of Pelargonium hortorum and Vicia faba with stomatal opening and closing

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Study of the activity of PulsanReg. against Phytophthora cinnamomi Rands, causal agent of decline of ornamental bushes

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Study of the activity of furalaxyl (FongaridReg. 25 WP) against Phytophthora cinnamomi Rands, causal agent of decline of ornamental shrubs

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Study of the activity of some enzymes in relation to the plants' resistance to frost

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Study of the activity of two rabies vaccines in dogs in Tunisia

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Study of the adaptability of new maize hybrids

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Study of the adaptive and breeding value of alleles of the gliadin-coding locus on chromosome 1D of spring bread wheat by analysis of a hybrid population and a collection of varieties

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Study of the agronomic traits and adaptability of new indica rice varieties

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Study of the allelopathic potentials caused by Eucalyptus globulus Labill., Pinus pinaster Ait. and Pinus radiata D

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Study of the amino acid and protein fraction composition of the seeds in the tribe Paniceae R. Br. in relation to systematics and phylogeny

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Study of the amino acid composition of some recommended and promising French bean varieties

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Study of the amino acid composition of some recommended and promising varieties of chickpea

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Study of the aminoacid content of some varieties and mutant lines of lentil (Lens esculenta Moench.)

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Study of the ammonia photoproduction process over iron doped titanium dioxide catalysts

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Study of the amount of pollen deposited on stigmas under different pollination conditions; effect on seed yield of male-fertile winter oilseed rape

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Study of the annual cycle of Oestrus ovis in Tunisia

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Study of the anti-Dictyocaulus activity of some derivatives of nitro- and sulphur-containing heterocyclic compounds

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Study of the antigenic components of Besnoitia besnoiti

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Study of the antipyretic activity of matrine. A lupin alkaloid isolated from Sophora subprostrata

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Study of the aphid fauna in tomato crops

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Study of the applicability of biological control of Agrobacterium radiobacter var. tumefaciens by Agrobacterium radiobacter var. radiobacter (Kerr's strain 84) on fruit crops

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Study of the association between yield and its components in lentil by means of path coefficients

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Study of the bacterial, parasitic and viral aetiological spectrum in gynaecological infections

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Study of the beech woods in the perimediterranean mountain zone between the Rhone and Ebro Valleys. III. Average data on relations between species and ecological factors

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Study of the behaviour and spread of Armillaria obscura on maritime pine in the forest of the Landes, based on large-scale aerial photographs: methods and preliminary results

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Study of the behaviour of feed cakes with constant composition and varying mass under constant stress

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Study of the biological characteristics of Galium aparine in wheat fields and methods of control

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Study of the biological cycle of Spodoptera littoralis (Boisduval) at different temperatures

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Study of the biological properties of strains of Leishmania from patients with different types, and different clinical manifestations of cutaneous leishmaniasis in the Turkmen SSR

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Study of the biology of flowering in lentil (Lens culinaris Medic.) in relation to its yield

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Study of the biting activity and ingestion time of Lutzomyia (C) orestes (Diptera, Psychodidae). Preliminary report

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Study of the calcicolous sub-alpine pastures of the Rodnei Mountains. (Oriental Carpathians)

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Study of the cannabinoid content of hemp. I. Dioecious and dioecious X monoecious types

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Study of the cation exchange capacity and selectivity of isolated root cell walls of Cochlearia anglica and Phaseolus vulgaris grown in media of different salinities

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Study of the characteristics of Besnoitia cysts by means of the fluorescent antibody technique

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Study of the chemical modification of tryptophan residues in hyaluronidase from honeybee venom

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Study of the choroid plexus in experimental Chagas' disease in mice

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Study of the chromosome Giemsa C-banding technique for Saccharum plants and its applications

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Study of the chromosome constitution of gluten-type rye-Agropyron hybrids by means of C banding

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Study of the chromosome constitution of hexaploid wheat-rye hybrids of the triticale and wheat types by means of C banding

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Study of the chromosomes of sugarcane

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Study of the clay minerals in some soil profiles containing different amounts of organic matter (peat) of the Sierra de Guadarrama

Anonymous, 1985:
Study of the clinical and biological tolerance of an injectable antimalarial

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Study of the coccidia of sousliks in Kazakhstan

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Study of the colon in 150 patients with Chagas' disease

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Study of the combining ability of tetraploid AABB components of bread wheat for some economically useful characters

Dethier, M., 1984:
Study of the communities of arthropods of an alpine meadow in the Swiss National Park

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Study of the comparative efficacy of chemoprophylaxis and monthly anthelmintic treatments against gastrointestinal helminthiases of sheep

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Study of the complete resistance to Pyricularia oryzae Cav. in Oryza sativa X O. longistaminata hybrids and in their O. longistaminata parent

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Study of the complex of Simulium amazonicum-sanguineum in Venezuela. Description of three new species

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Study of the components of resistance of cassava to African mosaic

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Study of the composition of fused phosphates formed during thermal and hydrothermal defluorination of phosphorites under low-temperature plasma conditions

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Study of the composition of type 15:9:9 nitrophoska produced in the experimental plant of the Dneprodzerzhinsk Azot Pa

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Study of the conditions for the carbonization of sintered electrodes for phosphorus furnaces

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Study of the contamination of subterranean water by fertilizers and residual waters of the country of the Plain of Albacete (Spain)

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Study of the contamination with and development and survival of infective stages at the Luzinsskii pig farm

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Study of the cooking-rate equation including the thermal property of spherical potato

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Study of the correlation between some gilt and sow farrowing characteristics and neo-natal viability in a farm in Sta. Maria, Bulacan

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Study of the cultivars of sweet cherry (Prunus avium L.) grown in Puglia: part 2

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Study of the cycle and determination of heliothermic requirements of some grapevine varieties under tropical conditions

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Study of the cytogenetic activity of the defoliant Butylcaptax in cotton cells

Kurinnyi, A.I., 1984:
Study of the cytogenetic effect of the herbicide sodium trichloroacetate

Cordero, M.; Gaborjanyi, R., 1983:
Study of the degree of tolerance of tobacco mosaic virus shown by five tomato varieties

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Study of the development of the female gametophyte in some Amygdalus L. species

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Study of the development of the nuclei of the larval epidermis in Calliphora erythrocephala (Diptera, Calliphoridae) during metamorphosis

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Study of the diet and parasites of Perca fluviatilis in Lake Trasimeno

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Study of the different growth forms of soyabeans

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Study of the direct and residual effects of fertilizer application in long-term trials

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Study of the direct liquefaction of wood in the presence of iron additives

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Study of the dispersal and behaviour of the plum weevil, Conotrachelus nenuphar (Herbst) (Coleoptera: Curculionidae), with the aid of radioactive tracers

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Study of the distribution of lead content in blood by means of atomic absorption spectrometry

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Study of the distribution of trichinelliasis in the population of Bulgaria

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Study of the dynamics and spatial distribution of summer populations of Psylla pyri L. and of some of its predators in a pear orchard. Part 1: development of populations of Psylla pyri

Rieux, R.; D.A.cier, F.F., 1984:
Study of the dynamics and spatial distribution of summer populations of Psylla pyri L. and of some of its predators in a pear orchard. Part 2: development of populations of Anthocoris nemoralis F. and of various coccinellids

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Study of the dynamics of carbohydrates in the fruit of new citrus varieties

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Study of the dynamics of injurious Lepidoptera in agricultural crops, by the method of light traps

Zhakhangirov, S.M.; Krasnonos, L.N., 1985:
Study of the economic significance of zoonotic cutaneous leishmaniasis in the Uzbek SSR

Alova, O.B., 1984:
Study of the effect of Ditylenchus destructor Thorne, 1945 on hydrolytic processes in potato tubers

Halmagyine Valter, T.; Toth, M., 1984:
Study of the effect of a new antibiotic (Kormogrisin) on raising indices for meat chickens

Stratan, N.M., 1985:
Study of the effect of acemidophen on Dicrocoelium in fistulated sheep

Obradovic, J., 1985:
Study of the effect of antibiotics in cultures of the agent of carp erythrodermatitis

Marquez, J.L.; Enriquez, J.L., 1984:
Study of the effect of excessive moisture on soyabean cultivation

Arjona D.H.; Greig, J., 1984:
Study of the effect of four planting distances and four levels of nitrogen fertilization on yields, chlorophyll content and nitrate reductase activity in broccoli

Viranyi, F.; Oros, G., 1986:
Study of the effect of fungicides on Plasmopara halstedii (Farlow) Berlese & de Toni in the glasshouse

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Study of the effect of mineral nutrition on the enzyme activities of nitrogen metabolism and on the synthesis of protein during maize grain development

Lescure, C.; Chalamet, A., 1985:
Study of the effect of nitrogen reserves on the determination of symbiotic 15N fixation by a perennial, Trifolium pratense

Kanwar Singh; Malik, A.S.; Narwal, S.S., 1983:
Study of the effect of preceding crops and phosphatic manuring on nitrogen requirement of succeeding mustard crop (Brassica juncea)

Wang, B.K.; Yu, Y.Q., 1984:
Study of the effect of radiation on anther culture in wheat

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Study of the effect of some disinfectants on helminth ova

Tsirkov, I. (Tzirkov, J), 1982:
Study of the effect of some grape varieties on rhizosphere microflora

Taktak, A., 1984:
Study of the effect of the duration of the presence of the male on the reproduction of the olive psyllid Euphyllura olivina Costa (Hom. - Psyllidae)

Gladysheva, N.M., 1984:
Study of the effect of the herbicide 2,4-D on morphological characters of diploid winter rye. I

Blanc, B., 1985:
Study of the effectiveness of 400 mg ovules of miconazole in the treatment of vaginitis

Akbulatov, K.K.; Bondarev, I.A., 1983:
Study of the effectiveness of Ciodrin against pig lice

Grisenko, G.V.; Chaban, V.S.; Yakubova, I.V., 1984:
Study of the effectiveness of fungicides against white and grey rots of sunflower

Cebolla, V.; Estaun, M.V.; Calvet, M.C., 1984:
Study of the effectiveness of methyl bromide against Fusarium oxysporum f.sp. dianthi on different substrates

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Study of the effects of extra lighting on strawberry culture Long; Molle, E.; Konstantinova, M., 1984:
Study of the effects of genotype, environment and their interaction in some subperiods of biological earliness in tomato

Guo, G.R.; Sun, Z.Y., 1984:
Study of the effects of treating rice plants with 60Co gamma radiation before the differentiation of the young panicle

Blanc, B., 1985:
Study of the efficacy of miconazole in suppositories of 400 mg against vaginitis

Savitskii, S.V., 1983:
Study of the efficacy of some anthelmintics against Nematodirus in sheep and goats

Anikieva, D.V.; Anikanova, V.S., 1982:
Study of the efficacy of some anthelmintics and disinfectans against Toxascaris in Arctic foxes

Kadar, A.; Korosmezei, C., 1984:
Study of the efficiency of three translocating herbicides for post-emergence application to Sorghum halepense (L.) Pers. rhizomes

Brezina, P.; Novakova, A.; Perlt, S., 1985:
Study of the emulsion stability of homogenized milk

Veyrat, B.; Grillot, R., 1985:
Study of the enzymatic profile of Aspergillus fumigatus (55 isolates) using a rapid method (API-ZYM)

Castagna, A.; Sauvant, D.; Dorleans, M.; Giger, S., 1984:
Study of the enzymic degradability of feed concentrates and byproducts

Piart, J.; Duviard, D., 1985:
Study of the epigeic Collembolan community in a heathland of central Brittany. Changes in the number of springtail catches after spreading of crushed household refuse

Sidorova, K.K., 1984:
Study of the expression of mutant genes in pea in the homozygous and heterozygous state following treatment with gibberellin

Sampaio, A.S.; Myazaki, I.; Suplicy Filho, N.; Oliveira, D.A., 1983:
Study of the extent of infestation by Opogona sacchari (Bojer, 1856) (Lepidoptera: Lyonetiidae) in banana plantations on the coast of Sao Paulo

Suplicy Filho, N.; Sampaio, A.S.; Myazaki, I.; Bitran, E.A.; Oliveira, D.A.; Veiga, A.A., 1984:
Study of the factors determining the susceptibility to attack by 'fruit flies' Anastrepha spp., in five varieties of guava

Valls Palles, C.; Coll Hellin, L.; Garcia Miranda, M.P., 1985:
Study of the fat of Spanish canned sardines and of their covering oils. 2. Fatty acid composition of the covering oil

Coll Hellin, L.; Valls Palles, C.; Martin Sanchez, P., 1985:
Study of the fat of Spanish canned sardines and of their covering oils. Composition of the nonsaponifiable fraction: sterols of canned sardines and their covering oils

Gonzalez, H.; Plaza, J.; Rodriguez, P.; Toto, P., 1985:
Study of the fattening performance of calves after treatment with rintal

Flechtmann, C.A.H.; Berti Filho, E.; Maia, J.L.S., 1984:
Study of the fauna associated with Scolytidae on Pinus spp.

Bagheri Zenouz, E., 1984:
Study of the fecundity of Sitophilus granarius L

Dulphy, J.P.; Gaillard, F.; Garel, J.P.; Andrieu, J.P.; Rouel, J., 1984:
Study of the feeding value of semi-wilted silages fed to heifers and lactating cows

Hangyel, L.; Krisztian, J., 1985:
Study of the fertilizer effect of communal sewage-sludge and of the utilization of its nitrogen and phosphorus contents in a pot trial

Cordero, A.A.; Negroni, R.; Casas, J.G.; Elias Costa, M.R.I. de, 1985:
Study of the first indigenous case of tinea nigra diagnosed in Argentina

Tanacs, L., 1982:
Study of the flower-visiting Apoidea in the grassland ecosystem of the Bugac sand-heath

Jenser, G.; Erdelyi, G., 1982:
Study of the food uptake of Xiphinema vuittenezi in isotope labelled plants

Dimic, N., 1984:
Study of the food-plants of the apple leaf-miner Lithocolletis blancardella F. and results of experimental work

Ripa S.R., 1986:
Study of the food-plants of the larva of the fruit-tree weevil Naupactus xanthographus (Germar) (Coleoptera: Curculionidae)

Naskidashvili, R.R., 1983:
Study of the formative process in the second generation of interspecific wheat hybrids (Triticum aestivum X T. durum) in the Georgian SSR

Snoeck, D.; N.G.ran, K.; Snoeck, J., 1986:
Study of the forms of potassium on the foliar chemistry of robusta coffee in the Ivory Coast. Effect of chlorine

Rosales Loesener, J.L., 1983:
Study of the frequency and biorhythm of filariasis in New World monkeys in Iquitos (Peru)

Vakhitov, V.A.; Kulikov, A.M., 1986:
Study of the frequency of reiteration of histone genes in a ploidy series of wheat and Aegilops

Oplachko, L.T.; Masikevich, Y.G.; Kostyshin, S.S.; Marchenko, M.M., 1985:
Study of the functional activity of 70S and 80S ribosomes in relation to heterosis in plants

Kriklivyi, D.I.; Klimovich, O.S.; Shpak, M.F., 1984:
Study of the gas phase during reduction of magnesium sulfate by gaseous reductants

Maistrenko, O.I.; Pel' tek, S.E.; Pshenichnikova, T.A., 1986:
Study of the genetic control of gliadin synthesis in three unrelated wheat varieties by means of ditelosomic lines

Sanguineti, M.C.; Tuberosa, R., 1985:
Study of the genetic control of harvest index in the main culm in barley (Hordeum vulgare L.)

Ren, C.W.; Zhao, Y.W., 1985:
Study of the genetic effects of resistance to radial cracking and tolerance of compression in tomato fruits

Chevreau, E.; Lespinasse, Y.; Godicheau, M.; Fouillet, A., 1985:
Study of the genetic origin of plants with a maternal phenotype in apple (Malus X domestica Borkh.). 1. Study of progenies obtained from pollination by bees

Xu, G.S., 1985:
Study of the genetic parameters of the main characters of early, dwarf indica rice cultivars

Anashchenko, A.V.; Duka, M.V., 1985:
Study of the genetic system CMS-Rf in sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.). II. Restoration of male fertility in hybrids with cytoplasmic male sterility of the petiolaris type (CMSp)

Rigin, B.V.; Bulavka, N.V., 1984:
Study of the genetics of habit in some spring wheat varieties

Chen, Z.G.; Zhang, Z.M.; Yang, Z.T.; Lui, Z.D., 1985:
Study of the genetics of rice plantlets derived from pollen

Podol' skaya, A.P., 1984:
Study of the genetics of selective fertilization in annual teosinte

Zinov' ev, V.G.; Volodchenko, Z.G., 1983:
Study of the geographic distribution of stem nematodes in the Ukraine

Zhu, Y.G.; Feng, X.H.; Mei, J.H.; Lu, X.F., 1985:
Study of the geographical distribution of esterase isoenzymes of native Chinese rice varieties

Bech, J.; Cardus, J.; Lasala, M.; Bouleau, A.; Lamouroux, M.; Quantin, P.; Segalen, P., 1983:
Study of the granite derived soils of Maresme (Catalonia, Spain)

Niqueux, M.; Arnaud, R., 1985:
Study of the growth cycle of forage grasses: under upland conditions

Erina, O.I.; Polumordvinova, I.V., 1983:
Study of the growth of pollen tubes in the pistil of hybrid tomatoes by means of fluorescence microscopy

Hafez, O.M.A., 1986:
Study of the helix reversals of the fibrillar structure of cotton fibres

Sulimov, A.D.; Yakimenko, V.V.; Shuteev, M.M., 1983:
Study of the helminths of birds associated with water and of mammals in the region of Lake Tenis in the Irtysh Valley near Omsk

Mazik Tokei, K.; Furedi, J., 1986:
Study of the heritability of quantitative characters in a mutant population of pea

Markovskaya, E.F.; Sysoeva, M.I.; Kharin, V.N.; Kurets, V.K., 1985:
Study of the heterogeneity of plant material by means of the principal components method (exemplified by cucumber plants)

Gyori, T., 1985:
Study of the heterosis effect in autotetraploid red clover

Dicheva, L.; Madzharov, I., 1984:
Study of the histological structure of the small intestine and liver of lambs reared in battery cages on different diets

Avilla, J.; Albajes, R., 1984:
Study of the host-parasitoid relation between Ceratitis capitata Wied. and Opius concolor Szepl. under laboratory conditions: I. - Mortality in the postembryonic stages of the parasitoid

Avilla, J.; Albajes, R., 1984:
Study of the host-parasitoid relation between Ceratitis capitata Wied. and Opius concolor Szepl. under laboratory conditions: II. - Preliminary studies on the response of the parasitoid to host density

Zhizhilashvili, K.M.; Gorgidze, L.A., 1983:
Study of the hybridization of Triticum dicoccoides with T. aestivum and T. compactum

Prodeus, T.V., 1982:
Study of the immune response in different forms of Entamoeba histolytica infection

Rao, A.S.; Keshavamurthy, B.S., 1985:
Study of the immune response of buffalo calves to heat-killed pentavalent leptospiral vaccine

Guzman M.J.A.; Jordan F.R., 1984:
Study of the impact of efficiency increase in wood stoves

Anonymous, 1984:
Study of the impact on employment in the command area of sugar mill Zira (Firozpur)

Closets, F. de; Juvin, P.; Durand, F., 1985:
Study of the in vitro activity of an original association of medicaments against Torulopsis glabrata

Georgieva, I.D.; Madzharova, D., 1983:
Study of the incompatibility barrier following hybridization of Crambe tatarica Sebeok., Raphanus sativus L. and Brassica napus L

Xie, Z.R., 1986:
Study of the induction of polyploids in ramie

Pereira, A.B.L.; Carvalho, E.C.Q.; Vidotto, O., 1984:
Study of the infectivity of Sarcocystis cruzi in frozen hearts from naturally infected cattle

Schmit, V., 1983:
Study of the influence of the legume/Rhizobium symbiosis on associated Sorghum bicolor (L.) Moench./Vigna unguiculata (L.) Walp

Sulistyowati, E.; Wardani, S.; Soenaryo, 1986:
Study of the influence of traffic density on cocoa yields (Theobroma cacao L.) 1. The influence of traffic on the number of cocoa pods per tree

Tsvetkov, S.; Tsenov, A., 1985:
Study of the inheritance of frost resistance in hybrids between triticales of a single ploidy (2n = 42 X 2n = 42)

Clement, G.; Poisson, C., 1984:
Study of the inheritance of grain translucence in five varieties of rice (Oryza sativa). Practical applications to selection

Maslova, M.A.; Semenov, V.I. (Semyonov, V.I., 1986:
Study of the inheritance of some characters in the F1-F5 progeny of hybrids between Triticum palaeocolchicum Men. and an incomplete Triticum-Elymus amphidiploid. I. Characters of general plant morphology and of the ear

Maslova, M.A.; Semenov, V.I. (Semyonov, V.I., 1986:
Study of the inheritance of some characters in the F1-F5 progeny of hybrids of Triticum palaeocolchicum Men. with incomplete Triticum-Elymus amphidiploids. II. Characters of grain yield

Negru, E.I., 1984:
Study of the inheritance of structural characters in quince X apple hybrids by the anatomical method

Mateeva, A.; Kovacheva, D., 1983:
Study of the insecticidal activity of some plants

Mateeva, A.; Karov, S., 1983:
Study of the insecticidal effects of some essential oils

Bedin, P.; Buffard, P.; Pinon, P., 1984:
Study of the intensification and substitutability of the factors of production in French agriculture using the European Farm Accounting Network, 1970-78

Cordero, M.; Gaborjanyi, R., 1983:
Study of the interaction between TEV and TMV in tomato plants

Zhivotovskii, L.A.; Biyashev, R.M.; Zil' berman, S.A.; Pomortsev, A.A.; Malinina, T.V.; Altukhov, Y.P., 1986:
Study of the interrelations between quantitative and polymorphic characters based on the principal components method (exemplified by two varietal populations of the spring barley Chernigovskii 5)

Eremin, G.V.; Garkovenko, V.M., 1983:
Study of the intraspecific diversity of Prunus cerasifera Ehrh. for breeding purposes

Blankovskaya, T.F.; Chernikov, G.B., 1984:
Study of the isoelectric point of elements of the embryo sac in cereals

Masa, A., 1986:
Study of the isoenzymatic structure of some Vitis vinifera varieties and rootstocks. Application to the biochemical determination of scion-rootstock affinity

Mel' nichenko, A.N.; Kapralova, O.V.; Shmeleva, N.D., 1985:
Study of the karyotype and mass of DNA in normal honeybees and when their sex is artificially changed

Cao, Z.Z., 1984:
Study of the karyotype of Onobrychis viciaefolia

Pkhakadze, R.R., 1986:
Study of the keeping quality of the fruit in promising nucellar seedlings from hybridization between the orange Washington Navel and Citrus ichangensis

Afonin, D.A.; Bagaev, A.A.; Tsarev, G.I.; Kiprianov, A.I., 1984:
Study of the kinetics of the thermo-polymerization of tall oil of hardwoods

Pace, L.B., 1984:
Study of the leaf epidermis of two Citrus sinensis cultivars; Folha Murcha and Pera

Shigin, A.A.; Chupilko, S.V.; Klochkova, E.A., 1985:
Study of the life-cycle of Diplostomum parviventosum (Trematoda, Diplostomidae), a parasite of fish-eating birds

Gaylord, A.M.; Smith, D.E.; Warthesen, J.J., 1984:
Study of the light stability of vitamin A and riboflavin in low fat milks

Badibanga, B.; Dayal, R.; Depierreux, M.; Pidival, G.; Lambert, P.H., 1986:
Study of the main immunological factors and of the blood-CSF barrier in children with cerebral malaria in an endemic country (Zaire)

Wang, J.C.; Horng, C.J.; Hong, J.M., 1985:
Study of the masticatory and swallowing frequency in three meals

Egorov, S.Y.; Krasnovskii, A.A.; Kulakovskaya, L.I., 1985:
Study of the mechanism of chloroplast photodestruction: the participation of the chlorophyll triplet state

Martinez Parras, J.M.; Peinado, M.; Alcaraz, F., 1983:
Study of the mesomediterranean basophilic holm oak ecosystem series (Paeonio-Querceto rotundifoliae S.)

Sorokin, V.M.; Vostrova, L.N., 1985:
Study of the metabolic function of the digestive tract of ruminants by the method of haemodynamics

Il' yashchenko, V.I., 1981:
Study of the metamorphosis of mites of the genus Psoroptes (Psoroptidae)

Zhang, T.M.; Li, K.X.; Zhu, G.C., 1984:
Study of the method of measuring grass intake by grazing cattle

Amegee, Y., 1984:
Study of the milk yield of Djallonke (West African Dwarf) ewes and its relationship with the growth of lambs

Prada, F.; Zogno, M.A.; Russo, H.G.; Zylberkan, F.; Araujo, J.I. de; Mendonca Junior, C.X. de, 1983:
Study of the mineral composition of several forage plants from areas of the state of Mato Grosso do Sul. III - manganese

Walter, R.D.; Albiez, E.J., 1984:
Study of the mode of action of amoscanate against Onchocerca volvulus and Schistosoma mansoni

Daniel, J.F.; Boher, B., 1985:
Study of the modes of survival of the causal agent of vascular bacteriosis of cassava, Xanthomonas campestris pathovar manihotis

Aronshtam, A.A.; Chernova, T.A.; Simarov, B.V., 1983:
Study of the molecular genetics mechanisms of virulence in nodule bacteria. I. Restoration of symbiotic properties in avirulent mutants of Rhizobium meliloti by conjugation

Aronshtam, A.A.; Chernova, T.A.; Rumyantseva, M.L.; Simarov, B.V., 1983:
Study of the molecular genetics mechanisms of virulence in nodule bacteria. II. Biochemical characteristics and stability of transconjugants of Rhizobium meliloti

Teyssier, J.; Lallement, A.M.; Imbert, P.; Diaine, C.; Terrissol, M., 1986:
Study of the morbidity and the mortality in a pediatrics department in Dakar

Kosupko, G.A.; Nechinennyi, A.D., 1983:
Study of the morphology of nematodes from the subfamily Trichonematinae

Tolkacheva, L.M., 1985:
Study of the morphology of the scolex of Diorchis elisae (Hymenolepididae, Cyclophyllidea)

Vujic, B.; Ilic, G., 1985:
Study of the most important diseases of goats: coccidiosis

Grecenko, A., 1984:
Study of the motion of agricultural vehicles on steep grass-covered slopes

Copin, A.; Deleu, R.; Salembier, J.F.; Belien, J.M., 1985:
Study of the movement of three pesticides of different solubilities in soil under natural conditions

Zaspel, I.; Fichtner, E., 1985:
Study of the multiplication of Heterodera schachtii on rape, radish and mustard

Gadzhiev, I.M., 1984:
Study of the mutagenic action of ivermectin by the method of assessing the dominant lethal mutations in the sex cells of male mice

Lapina, T.V.; Grigorenko, N.V.; Morgun, V.V.; Logvinenko, V.F.; Merezhinskii, Y.G., 1984:
Study of the mutagenic effect of the herbicides Treflan, Ramrod and Banvel-D on maize

Zinov' ev, V.G.; Volodchenko, Z.G., 1984:
Study of the natural nidality of some groups of nematodes important to agriculture

Kolev, D.; Kolev, K.D., 1984:
Study of the nature of flowering and pollination in triticale

Gamarra, E. de; Bahy, C., 1985:
Study of the nitrogen fractions of human milk during the first week of lactation. Comparison of milk from mothers of term and premature neonates

Shinkarev, A.A., 1984:
Study of the nitrogen-containing component of humic acids in forest-steppe chernozems

Traitilevich, M.A., 1983:
Study of the nutritional value of rice polishing dust from Central Asia

Moral, M.M.C. del, 1982:
Study of the nutritive value of a mixed pasture: variations in digestibility and intake

Maistruk, P.N.; Yatskovskaya, N.Y.; Solomko, G.I., 1983:
Study of the nutritive value of a new protein product, a dried protein mixture

Grazia, J.; Hildebrand, R.; Mohr, A., 1984:
Study of the nymphs of Arvelius albopunctatus (De Geer, 1773) (Heteroptera, Pentatomidae)

Grazia, J.; Vecchio, M.C. del; Hildebrand, R., 1985:
Study of the nymphs of predacious Heteroptera: I - Podisus connexivus Bergroth, 1891. (Pentatomidae, Asopinae)

Buschmann, H., 1985:
Study of the occurrence of Babesia infections in man in Bavaria

Vitanova, G.; Alipieva, M.; Bubarova, M. (Boubarova, M), 1985:
Study of the occurrence of foliose plants in the cabbage variety Likorishko Byalo 7

Lunga, T.; Purcherea, A.; Gheorghiu, I., 1984:
Study of the parasitic and fungal fauna of Rattus norvegicus and their possible epidemiological significance for man and domestic animals

Margaritov, N.; Nguen Van Tkhan (Nguen Van Than), 1985:
Study of the parasitic status and morphometry of Monogenea the breeding stock of herbivorous fishes in Bulgaria

Khlebnikov, V.F.; Rudenko, N.M., 1984:
Study of the pathogen causing powdery mildew in parsley in relation to breeding for resistance

Tsai, Y.H.; Isayama, Y.; Sasahara, J.; Kubo, M., 1984:
Study of the pathogenicity of Brucella abortus isolated in Taiwan

Ruci, T., 1986:
Study of the pathogenicity of causal agents of wilt in tomato

Xu, F.N.; Shen, W.P.; Liu, S.J., 1985:
Study of the pathology of viral haemorrhagic disease in rabbits

Ballauri, I., 1985:
Study of the pedigree of lines or families of sugarbeet according to the analysis of variance of hierarchical schemes

Pijeira, L.; Treto, E., 1983:
Study of the performance of Rhizobium japonicum strains associated with spring soyabean cultivars. II b. Results with soil in pots

Marrero, P., 1984:
Study of the performance of four tomato cultivars in winter and summer, under natural conditions. II. The influence of temperature on fruit drop

Marrero, P., 1984:
Study of the performance of four tomato cultivars in winter and summer, under natural conditions. III. Yield and its components

Madec, F.; Gourreau, J.M.; Kaiser, C.; Dantec, J. le; Vannier, P.; Aymard, M., 1985:
Study of the persistence of activity of the H1N1 influenza virus in swine intensive units in non-epidemic phases

Ramirez Perez, J.; Rodriguez Ochoa, G.; Ramirez, A., 1982:
Study of the phelebotomine fauna of Sucre State (Venezuela)

Descoins, C.; Einhorn, J.; Lalanne Cassou, B.; Pralavorio, M., 1985:
Study of the pheromone secretion of the European carnation tortricid: Cacoecimorpha pronubana (Hb.), Lep. Tortricidae, Tortricinae

Ramirez Perez, J.; Rodriguez Ochoa, G.; Ramirez, A., 1982:
Study of the phlebotomine fauna of Tachira State (Venezuela)

Zelenskii, M.I.; Shitova, I.P.; Mogileva, G.A., 1982:
Study of the photosynthetic characteristics of genealogically related wheat varieties

Berthet, B.; Metayer, C.; Amiard, J.C.; Amiard Triquet, C., 1984:
Study of the physico-chemical forms and biological availability of copper in experimental cultures; application to the agricultural use of sewage sludges

Szunics, L.; Szunics, L., 1984:
Study of the physiological specialization of wheat powdery mildew (1970/71-1982/83)

Canbas, A., 1985:
Study of the pigment in the black carrot

Smetanin, N.I.; Zheleznov, A.V.; Shumnyi, V.K., 1983:
Study of the polymorphism of Melilotus alba in respect of nitrogen-fixing ability

Novosel' skaya, A.Y.; Metakovskii, E.V.; Sozinov, A.A., 1983:
Study of the polymorphism of gliadins in some wheat varieties by means of one-dimensional and two-dimensional electrophoresis

Ohnesorge, B., 1985:
Study of the population dynamics of the European corn borer Ostrinia nubilalis (Hb.) in a latency area

Videnovic, Z., 1982:
Study of the possibilities of omitting some practices in maize production

L' vova, L.S.; Bystryakova, Z.K.; Merkulov, E.M.; Shatilova, T.I.; Kizlenko, O.I., 1984:
Study of the possibility of contamination of rice grain by mycotoxins under moderate climatic conditions

Ene, L., 1983:
Study of the possibility of implication of cockroaches in the transmission of some aerogenic bacteria

Visitpanich, J.; Tittayawan, M.; Hengsawad, V., 1985:
Study of the potential key pests of soybean in northern Thailand

Galan Sauco, V.; Garcia Samarin, J.; Carbonell, E., 1984:
Study of the practice of disbudding and of the phenology of banana (Musa acuminata Colla (AAA), cv. Pequena enana) on the island of Tenerife. III. Phenology of banana in Tenerife

Galan Sauco, V.; Garcia Samarin, J.; Carbonell, E., 1984:
Study of the practice of disbudding and of the phenology of banana (Musa acuminata Colla (AAA), cv. Pequena enana) on the island of Tenerife. IV. A trial of a suitable method for producing suckers on the island of Tenerife, based on phenological observations, and a general discussion of sucker production in the Canary Islands

Galan Sauco, V.; Garca Samarn, J.; Carbonell, E., 1984:
Study of the practice of disbudding and on the phenology of banana (Musa acuminata COLLA (AAA) cv. Pequena enana) on the island of Tenerife. II. Basic study of disbudding practice in Tenerife

Anonymous, 1985:
Study of the prices of package tours offered by European tour operators in 1985

Roy, G.; Robitaille, L.; Gagnon, G., 1985:
Study of the principal factors of maple decline in Quebec

Kataitseva, T.V., 1982:
Study of the principal helminthiases in cattle at Urgutsk industrial complex in the Samarkand region

Luis, L.; Ramirez, M., 1985:
Study of the principle groups of microorganisms present in star grass (Cynodon nlemfuensis) silages and their relation with biochemical parameters

Podkhalyuzin, V.S.; Derbunovich, N.N.; Drachev, B.V., 1985:
Study of the production of fused calcium-potassium phosphates

Paci, M.; Tani, A., 1984:
Study of the production of micro- and macrosporophylls by Cedrus atlantica

Kukovics, S., 1984:
Study of the production parameters of F1 Corriedale sheep

Du, J. le, 1984:
Study of the productivity of parlours for milking ewes: the effects of milker, breed and type of installation

Elchiev, Y.Ya, 1981:
Study of the protective effect of immune serum and its influence on the serum proteins of chicks infected with Eimeria tenella

Boiko, A.Y.; Gnedenkova, V.T.; Knubovets, R.G.; Roslova, Z.P., 1985:
Study of the reaction of N-acylated amino acids with minerals in the ores of the Khibiny Massif by IR spectroscopy

Yusupov, D.; Babdzhanov, D.K.; Kuchkarov, A.B.; Akhmerov, K.M., 1984:
Study of the reaction of acetylene with ammonia in presence of fluoride catalysts

Sidorova, K.K., 1983:
Study of the reaction of pea mutants to exogenous introduction of gibberellin-containing substances

Cobos, A.E.C. de; Hippler, H.; Troe, J., 1984:
Study of the recombination reaction NO2 + NO3 + M -> N2O5 + M at high pressures

Calo, A.; Costacurta, A.; Cancellier, S., 1984:
Study of the relationship between accumulation of sugars and acid catabolism in the berries of some grapevines cultivated in the Veneto

Aymard, M.; Fredon, J.J., 1986:
Study of the relationship between roots and coppice shoots in Castanea sativa

Lemaire, G.; Cruz, P.; Gosse, G.; Chartier, M., 1985:
Study of the relationship between the dynamics of nitrogen uptake and dry matter accumulation of a lucerne (Medicago sativa L.) population

Reina, A.; Fanizza, G.; Giorgio, V., 1985:
Study of the relationships between fruit characters in a quince population in Puglia and Basilicata

Dzhondzhorov, A.; Ivanova, A.; Braikova, B., 1985:
Study of the relative resistance of introduced potato varieties to some potato viruses

Choi, B.D.; Jun, Y.; Lee, H.H., 1984:
Study of the removal of heavy metal ions by bark

Domenech, J.; Trap, D.; Gaumont, R., 1985:
Study of the reproductive disorders of cattle in central Africa: survey for chlamydiosis and Q fever

Gorbov, Y.K.; Machinskii, A.P., 1984:
Study of the resistance of Sarcocystis and the effect of endozoites on chick embryo

Chinchev, B., 1980:
Study of the resistance of Virginia tobacco varieties and hybrids to powdery mildew

Gospodinova, E.; K"rzhin, K. (Kurzhin, H), 1981:
Study of the resistance of bread wheat varieties and lines to leaf and stem rusts

Koleva, N., 1983:
Study of the resistance of some winter wheat varieties to Pseudomonas syringae pv. atrofaciens (McCulloch) Young, Die, Wilkie under field conditions

Stuchlikova, E.; Sasek, A.; Bartos, P.; Slovencikova, V., 1984:
Study of the resistance of the winter wheat variety Winnetou to yellow rust by the use of the gliadin block Gld1B3

Malinski, K.; Donchev, N.; Iliev, I.; Stoyanov, I.; Mikhova, S., 1984:
Study of the resistance of wheat lines obtained by remote hybridization to rusts and powdery mildew

Polinkovskaya, A.I., 1980:
Study of the role of nematodes in the transmission of the principal diseases of grapevine in Moldavia

Collombier, J.; Groliere, C.A.; Senaud, J.; Grain, J.; Thivend, P., 1984:
Study of the role of rumen ciliate protozoa in providing microbial protein entering the duodenum of the ruminant by direct estimation of the quantity of ciliates leaving the rumen

Swennen, R.; Langhe, E. de; Janssen, J.; Decoene, D., 1986:
Study of the root development of some Musa cultivars in hydroponics

Avilan R.L.; Luisa Garcia, M.; Leal, F.; Sucre, R., 1984:
Study of the root system of Citrus aurantifolia Wwing in an alluvial soil

Becerra Rodriguez, S., .:
Study of the root system of Mexican lime

Tuzova, T.V., 1985:
Study of the runoff distribution and estimation of water resources of the Sarydzhaz River basin from uranium isotopic composition data

Castex, M.; Fuentes, O.; Navarro, A.; Rodriguez, T., 1985:
Study of the schedule of haematophagous activity of Simulium quadrivittatum Loew (1862) (Diptera: Simuliidae) in the Isle of Youth

Farines, M.; Soulier, J.; Charrouf, M.; Soulier, R., 1984:
Study of the seed oil from Argania spinosa (L.) Sapotaceae. I. The glyceride fraction

Farines, M.; Soulier, J.; Charrouf, M.; Cave, A., 1984:
Study of the seed oil of Argania spinosa (L.) Sapotaceae. II. Sterols, triterpene alcohols and methyl sterols

Butkute, B.L.; Konarev, A.V., 1982:
Study of the seed proteins of Lolium and Festuca (Poaceae) in relation to their phylogeny

Antonov, V.V., 1983:
Study of the self fertility of plants and the use of inbred lines in breeding

Davydov, A.S.; Ermolin, G.A.; Smirnov, N.F.; Efremov, E.E., 1982:
Study of the sensitivity of the ELISA in experimental hydatidosis in pigs

Glaeser, H.; Riesterer, M., 1984:
Study of the sensory memory of the consumer

Errard, C.; Jaisson, P., 1984:
Study of the social relations in mixed heterospecific colonies of ants (Hymenoptera, Formicidae)

Sharma, S.K.; Banerjee, S.P.; Sharma, S.D.; Singhal, R.M., 1985:
Study of the soils under Dipterocarpus kerrii in South Andaman Island

Guillaumin, J.J.; Lung, B., 1985:
Study of the specialization of Armillaria mellea (Vahl) Kumm. and Armillaria obscura (Secr.) Herink in the saprophytic phase and in the parasitic phase

Kanev, I., 1984:
Study of the species composition of Echinostomatidae (Trematoda) in Bulgaria. VII. Morphology and biology of Neoacanthoparyphium echinatoides (Filippi, 1854) Odening, 1962

Sivolap, Y.M.; Charskii, V.V., 1983:
Study of the specificity of nonhistone protein component composition in the chromosomes of higher plants

Bars, J. le; Bars, P. le, 1985:
Study of the spore cloud of Stachybotrys atra contaminating straw: inhalation risks

Dmitrieva, N.N.; Vinnikova, N.V.; Matveeva, N.P.; Ermakov, I.P.; Butenko, R.G., 1983:
Study of the state of chromatin in cultured protoplasts under the influence of auxin

Shul' man, E.S.; Romanenko, N.A.; Beer, S.A.; Lukshina, R.G.; Padchenko, I.K.; Pavlikovskaya, T.N.; Mangush, E.K.; Belova, A.A.; Kravchenko, V.K., 1985:
Study of the status and control of opisthorchiasis in the Sumskaya region of the Ukrainian SSR

Beitia, F.; Garrido, A., 1985:
Study of the sterilization of Cales noacki How (Hym. Aphelinidae), by the use of pesticides

Kredics, L., 1985:
Study of the stimulatory effect of dithiocarbamate type fungicides on grey mould (Botrytis cinerea Pers.) on tomato

Guseinov, V.A.; Yurtaeva, E.I.; Tret' yakov, K.G., 1985:
Study of the structural organization of DNA in seedling roots of cotton varieties of different maturity group

Hussain, S.A., 1983:
Study of the structure of local government institutions in Azad State of Jammu & Kashmir

Sanin, S.S.; Chuprina, V.P.; Babayants, L.T.; Dukhanin, I.I.; Kashemirova, L.A.; Slyusarenko, A.N., 1985:
Study of the structure of populations of brown rust of cereals from their composition in air samples

Leyva, A., 1982:
Study of the synergistic effect of two herbicides in mixtures for control of weeds in sugarcane

Nguen Chung Tu, 1983:
Study of the systematic structure of nematodes in the forest ecosystem of the Plateau of Tainguen

Obaga, S.O., 1984:
Study of the tea bush microclimate: preliminary results. I. Light energy reception and leaf stomatal resistance on and within the tea bush

Eichel, H., 1986:
Study of the temperature behaviour of the udder and teat skin by liquid crystal thermography

Buyukli, P.I.; Kotel' nikova, L.K., 1984:
Study of the temperature-adapting characteristics of triticale hybrids

Khattech, I.; Jemal, M., 1985:
Study of the thermal decomposition of carbonated fluorapatites

Ovezmukhammedov, A.; Saf' yanova, V.M., 1986:
Study of the thermostability of promastigotes of different species of Trypanosomatidae

Becirevic, M., 1983:
Study of the transferable drug resistance of Gram-negative bacteria isolated from eggs

Levai, E.V.; Amato Neto, V.; Campos, R.; Pinto, P.L.S.; Moreira, A.A.B.; Sant' ana, E.J. de; Padilha, L.A.A., 1986:
Study of the transmission of helminth eggs and protozoan cysts on money

Kravchenko, V.G.; Vasil' ev, M.M., 1984:
Study of the trichomonicidal activity of the antiseptic Tsidizol-KV. (Cidizol-KB)

Tsvetkov, S.; Stavreva, N., 1983:
Study of the type and dynamics of flowering in triticale and F1 hybrids

Healy, R.W.; Peters, C.A.; DeVries, M.P.; Mills, P.C.; Moffett, D.L., 1983:
Study of the unsaturated zone at a low-level radioactive waste disposal site

Portieles, M.; Ruiz, L.; Sanchez, E., 1983:
Study of the uptake and coefficients of utilization of fertilizer and soil nutrients in cassava (Manihot esculenta)

Leone, A.; Cardi, T.; Frusciante, L., 1985:
Study of the variability in San Marzano tomatoes

Lucchin, M.; Olivieri, A.M.; Parrini, P., 1985:
Study of the variability in orchardgrass populations collected in northern Italy

Li, H.; Doazan, J.P.; Clerjeau, M., 1986:
Study of the variability of pathogenicity of Plasmopara viticola to grapevine. I. Comparison of monosporocystic clones; role of heterokaryosis of the parasite

Nader Filho, A.; Schocken Iturrino, R.P.; Rossi Junior, O.D.; Cavagliano, C.P.G., 1984:
Study of the variation in the freezing point of buffalo milk

Kagawa, K.; Kakuta, K.; Matsumoto, S.; Obara, T., 1984:
Study of the varietal characteristics of Italian millet. I. Varietal characteristics of domestic and foreign varieties in the same environmental conditions

Popova, M.; Baldzhieva, M. (Baldjieva, M); Kozhukharova, K. (Kojuharova, K), 1981:
Study of the vegetative reproduction of some Rosa species and hybrids

Kuliev, N.D., 1982:
Study of the vertical migration of Strongyloides stercoralis in soil

Ismatullaev, P.R.; Turgunbaev, A., 1986:
Study of the very-high-frequency method for measuring the moisture content of cotton fibres

Khuseinikova, K.K.; Saf' yanova, V.M.; Dobrzhanskaya, R.S.; Khairulin, F.Y.; Emel' yanova, L.P.; Sukhanova, T.A., 1985:
Study of the virulence and immunogenicity of Leishmania major vaccination strains preserved by freezing in liquid nitrogen

Cordero, M.; Gaborjanyi, R., 1983:
Study of the virus complex TEV + TMV. Symptoms on indicator plants and methods of separating the viruses

Sergienko, I.D.; Poyarkova, I.F.; Kosyakov, N.E.; Kolyada, M.S.; Balomsina, L.D., 1985:
Study of the viscosity and density of frozen nitric-phosphoric acid solutions produced in the decomposition of Kovdor apatite

Frachisse, J.M.; Desbiez, M.O.; Champagnat, P.; Thellier, M., 1985:
Study of the wave of electric depolarization and of the induction of correlation between cotyledonary buds following traumatic signals in Bidens pilosa L.: relationship with water status of the plant

Pirmagomedov, P.M., 1984:
Study of the wild grape Vitis vinifera L. subsp. silvestris Gmel. in the Caucasus

Anonymous, 1984:
Study of the working and living conditions of plantation labour in South India (Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu)

Korsakov, N.I.; Glotova, L.E.; Shelko, L.G.; Kravtsova, N.N., 1983:
Study of the world collection of soyabeans for resistance to the cyst nematode

Rotaru, F.G., 1984:
Study of the world collection of the Vavilov Institute of Plant Industry (VIR) for breeding sunflower for heterosis in Moldavia

Kovacs, G.; Abranyi, A., 1985:
Study of the yielding ability of variety mixtures of winter wheat

Gargantini, O.F.; Castro, A.C.G.; Milagres, J.C.; Carcia, J.A., 1984 :
Study of three periods of pre-partum feeding in relation to the performance of dairy cows

Laca Buendia, J.P., .:
Study of tolerance levels of herbicide mixtures in cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.) grown on grazing land

Brun, R., 1984:
Study of tomato magnesium nutrition: effects on the absorption of other major elements, on plant composition, on yield and on fruit composition

Klimakova, E.T., 1983:
Study of tomato varieties for reistance to Globodera rostochiensis

Sobolev, V.S.; Eller, K.I.; Boltyanskaya, E.V.; Dmitrieva, I.V.; Tutel' yan, V.A., 1984:
Study of toxin formation by Fusarium sporotrichiella

Pyl' neva, P.N.; Levitskii, A.P.; Sheremet, A.M., 1984:
Study of trypsin inhibitor activity in barley in relation to changes in the fractional composition of the protein in the course of grain ripening

Pyl' neva, P.N.; Levitskii, A.P., 1982:
Study of trypsin inhibitor activity in the grain of normal and high-lysine maize

Ereshov, M.E.; Mekhmanov, Y.M., 1986:
Study of tuberculoid leishmaniasis

Jian, Y.Y.; Zheng, H.Y.; Su, Z.W.; Shao, Q.Q.; Jiang, X.C.; Zhou, Z.Q., 1985:
Study of tumour induction by Agrobacterium tumefaciens in Glycine in Jilin province and T-DNA transfer

Valente, J. de O.; Silva, J.F.C. da; Gomide, J.A., 1984:
Study of two cultivars of maize (Zea mays L.) and four cultivars of sorghum, for silage. 1. Production and composition of the material ensiled and of the silages

Valente, J. de O.; Silva, J.F.C. da; Gomide, J.A., 1984:
Study of two cultivars of maize (Zea mays L.) and of four cultivars of sorghum (Sorghum bicolor, (L.) Moench), for silage. 2. Nutritive value and productivity of the silages

Bech Borras, J.; Bouleau, A.; Cardus, J.; Lasala, M.; Lamouroux, M.; Quantin, P.; Segalen, P., 1984:
Study of two soils derived from volcanic rocks in the Selva (Catalonia, Spain)

Rosete, A.; Garcia T.R., 1985:
Study of two strip grazing methods for milk production

Rusev, G.; Ivanova, E., 1984:
Study of udder types in Stara Zagora ewes

Dozet, N.; Stanisic, M.; Bijeljac, S., 1983:
Study of utilization of reconstituted milk in cheese production

A.T.hir, O.A.; Asif, M.I., 1983:
Study of variations in date pollen material

Sidorina, L.I., 1982:
Study of varietal resistance in wheat to Erysiphe graminis in the Krasnodar region

Duhaubois, R.; Pavot, A.; Catteau, C.; Pellot, P.; Marty, F., 1983:
Study of varietal sensitivity in winter barley, winter oats, rye and triticale

Ivanov, S.N.; Shuglya, N.N., 1985:
Study of varietal specificity of phosphorus uptake from fertilizers by oat plants (using 32P)

Nogradi, S.; Gacs, J., 1984:
Study of various fibre sources and feed mixes in rabbit feeding

Paulechova, K., 1984:
Study of virus diseases of stone fruits. II. Sweet and sour cherries

Arsent' eva, T.M.; Prokhorova, E.M.; Novoshinov, G.P.; Sklyanskaya, E.I., 1985:
Study of virus-specific and structural proteins of vaccinal strains of Aujeszky's disease virus

Khorfan, S.; Hourieh, Y., 1985:
Study of washing Syrian concentrated phosphates

Kurmanova, A.V., 1984:
Study of water balance in apricot in relation to drought resistance

Gati, G.K., 1982:
Study of water balance in different eggplant and red pepper varieties in the greenhouse

Sorochan, D.V.; Kozlov, G.F.; Chmyr, A.D.; Andronov, V.F., 1984:
Study of water binding in wheat flour by NMR

Ingelmo Sanchez, F.; Cuadrado Sanchez, S., 1984:
Study of water uptake by porous plates, evaporation and water movement under constant evaporative demand. I. Soils of different texture

Ingelmo Sanchez, F.; Cuadrado Sanchez, S., 1984:
Study of water uptake by porous plates, evaporation and water movement under constant evaporative demand. II. In surface soil layers

Singh, R.D.; Venugopal, K.; Gupta, R.K.; Singh, G.B., .:
Study of weed flora, crop weed competition and chemical weed control for wheat in Sikkm

Kerni, P.N.; Shant, P.S.; Darshan Singh, 1985:
Study of weed rating in rice farms treated with different levels of butachlor (G)

Szeoke, K.; Timar, I.; Bedo, Z., 1986:
Study of wheat stem sawfly (Cephus pygmaeus L.) damage and infestation levels in wheat varieties

Slyunyaev, V.P.; Agafonova, N.V.; Malysheva, O.N.; Saplina, V.I., 1984:
Study of wood decomposition caused by the fungus Lenzites betulina

Cernak, J., 1984:
Study of wood procurement by weight is completed

Troxler, J.; Dubois, D.; Thomet, P., 1986:
Study of yield and digestibility in five varieties of maize for silage

Spaldon, E.; Serbak, M., 1984:
Study of yield components in two winter wheat varieties under various conditions in three years of cultivation

Cilas, C.; Amefia, Y.K.; Legrand, B.; Pelissou, H., 1985:
Study of yield stability in cocoa. Preliminary findings and outlook for selection

Weissmann, G.; Ayla, C., 1984:
Study on Douglas fir bark

Fang, S.Y.; Sun, J.H., 1985:
Study on Korean pine adelgids in Northeast China, with descriptions of two new species

Baidikul, V.; Upatham, E.S.; Kruatrachue, M.; Viyanant, V.; Vichasri, S.; Lee, P.; Chantanawat, R., 1984:
Study on Schistosoma sinensium in Fang district, Chiangmai province, Thailand

Hu, Y.Y.; Sun, G.X.; Zhang, J.G.; Sun, H.J., 1984:
Study on Scotch pine bast scale Matsucoccus dahuriensis Hu et Hu of Great Xingan Mtns

Jung, H.S.; Kozlik, C.J., 1983:
Study on accelerated kiln drying schedule of oaks

Guan, C.R., 1983:
Study on accurate calculation of up-grading angle

Misra, R.C.; Kushwaha, N.S.; Singh, R., 1986:
Study on age at first calving in Murrah and Bhadawari buffaloes

Kawamura, N.; Namikawa, K.; Fujiura, T.; Ura, M.; Tsujimura, M., 1985:
Study on agricultural robot (III). Detection and detaching devices of fruits

Kawamura, N.; Namikawa, K.; Fujiura, T.; Ura, M.; Kamikubo, K., 1985:
Study on agricultural robot (IV). Improvement of manipulator of fruit harvesting robot

Kawamura, N.; Namikawa, K.; Fujiura, T.; Ura, M., 1985:
Study on agricultural robot (Part 2). Measurement of fruit locations by MOS type color TV camera and fundamental experiment of fruit harvesting

Kawamura, N.; Namikawa, K.; Fujiura, T.; Ura, M., 1984:
Study on agricultural robot (Part I). Microcomputer-controlled manipulator system for fruit harvesting

Kawamura, N.; Namikawa, K.; Fujiura, T.; Ura, M.; Sakajou, Y., 1985:
Study on agricultural robot (V). Co-operative manipulator of fruit harvesting robot

Jung, H.S., 1985:
Study on air-drying characteristics of taun lumber and air-drying calendar (I)

Frometa, E., 1983:
Study on alternate bearing in Dancy mandarin and Orlando tangelo

Frometa Milanes, E., 1984:
Study on alternate bearing in Marsh grapefruit

Frometa, E., 1983:
Study on alternate bearing in SRA-58 Persian lime and Frost Eureka lemon

Huang, W.Z.; Luo, M.Z.; Jiang, W.K.; He, J.J., 1984:
Study on an agar gel diffusion method for the identification of mosquito blood meals

Yang, C.Y., 1985:
Study on an inactivated antigen of bluetongue virus

Yamaoka, Y.; Katsuya, K., 1985:
Study on axenic cultures of Melampsora chelidonii-pierotii, M. coleosporioides and Melampsoridium betulinum

Gao, B.Q.; Xu, S.B.; Zhang, R.; Li, C.S.; Zhang, L.G., 1983:
Study on bio-ecological characters of Japanese larch eurytomid (Eurytoma larcis Yano)

Jayachandran, T.; Krishnamurthi, P.S.; Natarajan, N., 1985:
Study on biochemical changes by spores of Bacillus subtilis in pasteurised milk and boiled milk

Xiang, C.T.; Song, Y.S.; Jiang, J.Q.; Ge, L.Y.; Cui, B.S.; Chu, C.Z.; Li, R.D., 1985:
Study on bleeding canker of Korean pine

Shi, S.; Hirakata, T.; Suzuki, M.; Miyoshi, S.; Mitsumoto, T., 1985:
Study on body size of Holstein cows using non-linear growth curve models

Hwang, G.S., 1983:
Study on bonding of wood of high moisture content (I) Normal bonding strength test and bonding strength development test

Ali, S.; Akram, M.; Barque, A.R.; Ashraf, M.; Amin, Z., 1985:
Study on broiler's ration. 1. Comparative efficiency of different vitamin-mineral supplements in broiler's starter ration

Lee, J.O.; Goh, H.G.; Kim, Y.H., 1985:
Study on brown planthopper biotypes. 2. Resistance mechanism of different rice varieties to Korean brown planthopper biotypes

Patanavibul, S.; Boonklinkajorn, P.; Duriyaprapan, S., 1984:
Study on centro and siratro seed production

O.Y.S., 1985:
Study on characteristics relating to lodging resistance in leading varieties and promising lines of naked barley

Chen, Y.D.; Quin, W.L.; Li, X.L.; Gong, J.P.; Ni, M.A., 1985:
Study on chemical composition of ten species of bamboo

Zhang, Y.M.; Xin, X.G.; Wang, J., 1986:
Study on chromosome number and isoenzymes in Crataegus in China

Padmakumari, O.; Sivanappan, R.K., 1985:
Study on clogging of emitters in drip systems

Moreau, R., 1984:
Study on comparative plots of the evolution of ferrallitic soils under the influence of different types of land reclamation and cultivation in the forest and marginal forest areas of the Ivory Coast

Hou, N.J.; Jiang, J.L.; Zhang, L.M., 1984:
Study on comparative toxicity of permethrin to cotton bollworm Heliothis armigera (Hubner) and cabbage worm Pieris rapae L

Angelova, L.; Stanchev, K.; Mircheva, D.; V"lchev, G., 1985:
Study on compensatory growth of intensively reared pigs for fattening

Singh, R.D.; Sarkar, P.A.; Ghosh, A.K., .:
Study on competition by barnyard grass (Echinochloa crusgalli(L.) Beauv.) in rice hills

Lee, J.D.; Han, C.S.; Yu, I.S.; Kang, S.K., 1984:
Study on control system of bacterial wilt in flue-cured tobacco 1. Control effect of bacterial wilt in tobacco line NC82 by the cultural practice and fumigation

Yu, Y.Z.; Sun, A., 1984:
Study on controlling effect of Trichogramma dendrolimi Mats. on larch caterpillar

Miao, J.C., 1982:
Study on controlling pine-moths with encapsulated methyl parathion (Pencap-M)

Seo, G.S.; Lee, J.Y.; Kim, S.Y.; Kim, J.K.; Ahn, B.C., 1985:
Study on cultural methods for Lycium chinense

Labussiere, J., 1984:
Study on dairy traits and ease of milking of ewes of some Mediterranean breeds. Preliminary results to 16 May 1983

Zhu, K.; Song, Y.S.; Liu, H.F.; Zhang, G.L.; Xu, X.J., 1985:
Study on damage indexes of larch caterpillar Dendrolimus superans (Butler)

Zhou, X.Y.; Li, L.S.; Chen, W.Q., 1985:
Study on density-dependent effects in an experimental population of citrus red mite, Panonychus citri McG

Pandya, D.K.; Johar, K.S.; Ashok Singh, 1985:
Study on dimensional characteristics of Jersey bull spermatozoa

Wang, Z.Z.; Lin, K.X., 1986:
Study on disease progress curves of groundnut rust

Zhao, L.G., 1984:
Study on drum debarkers

Nakamura T.; Hosoya N., 1986:
Study on eating behavior and physical activities in overweight subjects

Haga F.; Komine H.; Kondo E.; Kuwano N., 1984:
Study on effect of seasoning with potassium salts by sensory test

Srivastava, A.K., 1985:
Study on effects of soil compaction on rooting pattern of sugarcane

Nomura, T.; Sakamoto, Y.; Matsumoto, K.; Osajima, Y., 1984:
Study on electrochemical measurement of sugar content of food. IV. Effect of milk solids on the conductivity of cows' milk-strong electrolyte system

Nomura, T.; Sakamoto, Y.; Matsumoto, K.; Osajima, Y., 1984:
Study on electrochemical measurement of sugar content of food. V. A new method for the determination of total solids in cows' milk

Wakhle, D.M.; Phadke, R.P.; Nair, K.S., 1983:
Study on enzyme activities of pollen and honey bees (Apis cerana Fab.)

Zhang, C.J.; Wang, R.X.; Ma, S.; Pan, S.Q., 1986:
Study on haemoglobin polymorphism of yaks of Qinghai Plateau

Duran de Vargas, L.; Navarro Merino, M.; Figuerola Mulet, J.; Lobato, J.A.; Gonzalez Hachero, J.; Arguelles Martin, F.; Cardesa Garcia, J.J., 1985:
Study on healthy newborn term infants in the province of Seville. 1. Anthropometric values and neonatal assessment

Cepero G.S.; Rodriguez G.S.; Moya P.X., 1984:
Study on herbicide leaching in a brown carbonate soil

Zhou, T.L., 1984:
Study on heritability of fertility in hybrid rice

Ling, X.L.; Li, Y.A.; Wang, M.J., 1986:
Study on heterosis and combining ability in radish

Khalil, H.M.; Makled, M.K.; Tag el-Din, M.A.; el-Missiry, A.G.; Ashmawi, S.S.; Abdalla, H.M., 1986:
Study on immune system in bronchial asthma

Li, J.; Song, J.D.; Sun, N.C., 1984:
Study on improving dimensional stabilization of wood

Chen, S.R.; Wang, X.J., 1985:
Study on in vitro propagation of F1 hybrid, self-incompatible line and male sterile line of cabbage (Brassica oleracea L. var. capitata)

Shao, G.F., 1985:
Study on individual tree growth model for Korean pine plantations

Mori, P.; Sancassani, G.P., 1984:
Study on integrated control of the pear psyllid (Psylla pyri) in Venetia

Bagchi, S.K.; Veerendra, H.C.S., 1985:
Study on intra-tree and inter-tree variations in leaves of Santalum album lin

Jung, H.S.; Kozlik, C.J.; Resch, H., 1984:
Study on kiln-schedule modification for Douglas fir

Lal, K., 1981:
Study on leaf senescence. II. Effect of gibberellic acid on detached leaves of Spinacia oleracea L. (spinach)

Hannan, M.A.K.M.A.; Alam, A.K.M.K.; Haque, K.A., 1984:
Study on making board from water hyacinth

Yamauchi, S.; Murai, T.; Tanaka, H.; Yamamoto, T.; Nishitani, Y., 1982:
Study on male reproductive organs in Japanese deer, Cervus nippon (Nara Park) - postnatal development and seasonal changes in testis and epididymis

Li, M.X., 1985:
Study on measurement of wood fiber pores

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