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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 1478

Chapter 1478 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Crisenoy, C. de, 1984: The 'etats generaux de developpement': an historic event

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Section 2, Chapter 1478, Accession 001477006

Anonymous, 1984: The 'new look' of these aseptic milks portrays 'nutrition' and high visibility

Dufey, V., 1985: The 'pezograph'

Nolting, R.; Karge, U.; Schonberg, R.; Hildmann, H.; Weinstock, R., 1985: The 'plant servant' plant supply system for hydroponic vegetable production

Section 2, Chapter 1478, Accession 001477010

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Klapwijk, D., 1984: The 1% rule should not be applied too rigidly

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Anonymous, 1986: The 1985-88 economic and financial revival programme of the Islamic Republic of Mauritania

Anonymous, 1986: The 1986 amendments to the marketing regulation law

Anonymous, 1985: The 1986 budget project for French overseas territories. Stability in current francs for ordinary credits and payments. Increased programme authorizations benefiting New Caledonia

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Anonymous, 1986: The 40 largest marketing groups worldwide help independent hoteliers compete with chains

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Section 2, Chapter 1478, Accession 001477099

Plag, A., 1984: The African education system and the colonial inheritance

Section 2, Chapter 1478, Accession 001477101

Section 2, Chapter 1478, Accession 001477102

Vos, M. P. de, 1984: The African genus Crocosmia Planchon

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Section 2, Chapter 1478, Accession 001477183

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Section 2, Chapter 1478, Accession 001477223

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Section 2, Chapter 1478, Accession 001477241

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Section 2, Chapter 1478, Accession 001477289

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