The contribution of small-scale forest-based processing enterprises to rural non-farm employment and income in selected non-farm developing countries

Fisseha, Y.

FAO Report (FO MISC/85/4): 83


Accession: 001480117

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The results are presented of surveys of employment in small-scale (50 employees or less) forest industries (and non-forest industries for comparison) in: Jamaica, Thailand, Honduras, Egypt, Sierra Leone and Bangladesh. They were proved to be an important source of employment in rural areas. The proportion of small-scale enterprises that were found in rural areas was very high - 95% in Sierra Leone and Bangladesh, and the proportion of all small-scale enterprise employees found in rural areas was 86% for Sierra Leone and 96% for Bangladesh. Egypt had the lowest proportion of both enterprises and employment based in rural areas. The mean number of employees per firm was 2 and in many cases (68% of cases in Egypt) there was only one, ie. the owner.